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A " Polar Vortex " Slams the Upper Midwest and the Northeast: 8 People Die Due to the Vortex, About a Third of Americans Are Hit with Zero/Sub-Zero Temperatures, and Rahm Emanuel's Windy City Breaks the Record with -21 Degrees

From the Book of 2nd Peter 3:12: "...the Elements Shall Melt with Fervent Heat: " the Town of Paradise, Mexifornia(How Appropriate)Has Been Destroyed By Wildfire, and 5 People Are Burned to Death in Their Cars, and 150,000 Are Evacuated from Other Cities in the State, as 2 Large Wildfires Rage Through the Former Golden State

" Armageddon " North of Boston, MA: 1 Person Is Killed and 25 Are Injured When 3 Towns Get Hit By Gas Explosions

More Mayhem in the Bay State, This Time at Cape Cod-Playground of Rich and Famous Radicals and Revolutionaries: as Sightings of Great-White Sharks Soar This Year at the Cape, 1 Man Is Killed and Another Seriously Injured By Shark Attacks in August and September 2018

Apocalypse in Phoenix: a Massive Dust Storm Sweeps Over Arizona's Capital

In the Razorback State, Several School Districts Have Closed Over the Last Month Due to Flu-Like Illness Among Students, Faculty and Staff

Record Cold, Along with Snow and Ice, Slam the South, Killing 10 People

Apocalypse USA: a " Bomb Cyclone " Blasts the Southeast and the Northeast, Prompting the Moron Mayor of Boston, MA to Blame It All on " Global Warming "

In Just 30 Hours, Erie, PA Gets Walloped with 53 Inches of Snow, Breaking All Records

More Danger and Chaos in Mexifornia: Raging Flu Leads to " War Zones " and " Surge Tents " at Many of Their Hospitals to Treat Multitudes of Very Sick People

A Fireman in Montecito, Mexifornia(Formerly California), Where False Prophetess Oprah Winfrey Has a $90 Million Property, Claims the Deadly and Devastating Mudslides Have " Changed Us All Forever"

In the Lost Angeles-Area of Mexifornia(Formerly California)," I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain: " the Thomas Fire-the Largest Fire in California History-Is Followed By Heavy Rain and Then By Mudslides, Bringing Death and Destruction, Including to Montecito, Where False Prophetess Oprah Winfrey Owns a $90 Million Property and Lesbian Gabber Ellen Degenerate Also Owns a Home

Southern California-the Vanguard of La Conquista in Mexifornia-Is Burning, and Mexifornia Governor Moonbeam Brown Blames " Climate Change " for the Raging Fires and Smoke, Claiming It's " the New Normal "

Raging Wildfires Rip Through Mexifornia's Wine Country and May Hit Sodom By the Bay(Formerly San Francisco)

Gambling Doesn't Pay: in Southwest Florida, a Shuttle Boat Taking Gamblers to a Casino Boat Catches Fire, Killing a Woman and Injuring Several Other People

Anti-Christ " Rock Star " Marilyn Manson Is Struck Down On-Stage During a Concert in Anti-Christ New York City, When a Stage Prop Falls on Him, Sending Him to Hospital! Ha, ha, ha! Talk About GOD's Judgment!

Another Collision with a US Navy Warship: First It Was USS Fitzgerald, Killing 7 US Sailors, and Now It's USS McCain-Named After the Daddy(a 33rd- Degree Freemason)and Granddaddy of Brain-Cancer- Stricken US Senator Insane McCain!

President Trump Declares That " Texas Can Handle Anything " as Hurricane Harvey Brings Unprecedented Rainfall to Parts of the Lone Star State-And That Includes The Flooding of Houston's Lakewood Church Led By Smiley-Face Pastor Joel Osteen!

Torrential Rain Keeps Pounding Texas:9 Soldiers Drown When Their Truck Overturns from Floodwaters at Fort Hood

Lake Mead Drops to Its Lowest Level Ever

A Winter Storm Slams the Eastern US, Kills 36 People, and Brings the Nation's Capital to a Virtual Standstill-and It Happens 5 Days after the Anti-Patriot, Anti-Christ, Neo-Pagan "Holiday" of Martin Luther King Jr.Day

Winter Storm Goliath Kills 30,000 Cows in Texas and New Mexico, Which Will Cause an Area Milk Shortage and Rising Prices

Tornadoes Hit Dallas, TX, Killing 7 People

Christmas Eve Tornadoes and Storms Kill 7 People in Mississippi and 6 More in Tennessee

A State of Emergency Is Declared in Washington State, as Violent Storms Kill 3 People and Leave Hundreds of Thousands without Power

Even Though Winter Is Still About a Month Away, a "Wintery" Storm Kills 14 People as It Roars Through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas and Up into the Midwest

A Rain of Terror Falls on South Carolina-a State Ruled in Large Part By an East-Indian Female Governor Whose Parents are Hindu Sikhs and GOP Girlie-Boy Senator Lizzie Graham

14 Dead in Texas and Oklahoma from Flooding("I've Never Seen This Before," Says a Government Official in Flood-Ravaged Houston-America's Fourth-Largest City, with a Lesbian Mayor)

Hurricane Norbert Brings Record-Rain to Phoenix, AZ

California's "Wine Country" Gets Hit with a Strong Earthquake, Injuring Hundreds, 3 Are in Critical Condition

"Historic" Rain Pummels Long Island, NY: 13 Inches in Less Than 12 Hours!

Liberal-Fascist Washington State Is "Wildfire-Scorched"

At World-Famous Venice Beach in LA, California, a Lightning Strike Turns " a Day of Carefree Fun into One of Terror:" a Young Man Is Killed, 9 People Are Injured, One of Them Is Critical(a Witness Says, " All of a Sudden, There Was a Huge Explosion...The Sky Got Black and Then It Started Downpouring")

More Bad News for the Once-Golden State: Record-Drought in Downtown Los Angeles, and 80% of California Suffers from Extreme or Exceptional Drought

A California Drought Is "Swallowing the West"(May the Almighty Swallow Pinko California First!)

As a Brutal Cold Wave Grips US(Called a "Polar Vortex"), Every US State, Even Hawaii, Is Experiencing Below-Freezing Temperatures

California-a State Ruled By a Gang of Anti-American Thugs and Maniacs-Had Record Drought in 2013, and January 2014 Is the Driest January Ever, and There's No Relief in Sight

A Deep Freeze Grips United States, Killing 4 People

An Icy Storm "Shuts Down" North Texas, Record-Cold in San Jose, CA, Up to 2 Feet of Snow in MN and WI

At 6:30 AM on Thanksgiving-Weekend Sunday(Or Should We Say "Black-Friday Weekend"?),Ice Buildup Causes a 65-Vehicles' Pileup on I-290 in Worcester, MA, Causing 40 Injuries

And Just Under an Hour Later in the Spuyten Duyvil Section of Bronx, NY, a Commuter Train Derails, Killing 4 People and Injuring 60(Spuyten Duyvil, Translated from Dutch to English, Means "Spite the Devil")

Powerful Storms Kill 6 People in IL and 2 in MI

Record Heat Blasts Ohio,Michigan and Illinois

Colorado-a State That "Went Liberal" Several Years Ago and Has Been Hit Recently with Severe Wildfire-Now Gets Slammed with "Unprecedented" Rain(15 Inches in 3 Days)in and Around the City of Boulder,Causing 4 Deaths and Thousands of Evacuations

Idaho Wildfire-Started By a Lightning Strike-Forces the Evacuation of Over 2,000 Homes and Threatens the Ritzy Resort Area of Sun Valley(This Wildfire Is One of Several Throughout the West That Has Brought Substantial Loss of Property and Acreage)

Red Smoke from "Massive Wildfire" Hovers Over Las Vegas/Sin City,USA

As the West Burns,19 Firemen Die in Arizona

First It's Massive Duststorms,Now It's Wildfire:92 Homes Are Destroyed and About 10,000 People Are Evacuated(Even from an Evacuation Center at New Life Church)in Black Forest,CO

And Now It's Nevada's Turn:a Sandstorm Causes a 26-Vehicles' Pileup on I-80,Killing One Man and Critically Injuring Several Others(Witnesses Described the Conditions as "Near-Apocalyptic")

Massive Dust Storms Hit Southeastern CO,and a Witness Describes What Has Been Heard Many Times Re America's Weather Disasters Over the Last Few Years:"I've Never Seen Anything Like It"

Hi,patriots.Get a load of the photo of that rolling cloud of dust.Why it has come on southeast CO,I don't know.But it sure looks like more judgment from up above on our country.And this follows right after those horrible tornadoes in TX and OK.I think there are few places left,if any,where His judgment and wrath will be spared.I recommend we all start praying for protection.

Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone? 10 Inches of Rain Over About 15 Hours Bring the City Where Texas Patriots Died at the Alamo in 1836 "to a Standstill"

A Mile-Wide Tornado with 200-Miles-per-Hour Winds Strikes the Oklahoma City Suburb of Moore,Killing 51 People and Causing Damage That a Weatherman Describes as "Unlike Anything That I've Ever Seen Before"

The Worst Tornado to Strike North Texas in 50 Years,Wreaks Havoc in the City of Granbury,Killing 6 People

Baseball-Sized Hail and 2 Inches of Rain in 30 Minutes Hit Northern FL,While Heavy Snow Causes a 50-Vehicles' Pile-Up North of Denver,CO and 200 Miles of an Interstate Between CO and KN to Close

Blizzard Nemo Slams Liberal-Fascist New England:10 Dead,700,000 without Power,and Hamden,CT Gets Buried with 40 Inches of Snow

A Violent Winter Storm Slams About Half of US,Causing 8 Deaths

Another of America's Idol Images Takes a Hit!:Statue of Liberty-an Ugly Statue Given to USA By French Freemasons-Is Shut Down By Hurrycane Sandy

Some Apocalyptic Descriptions of the Terror Inflicted on Parts of New York City and New Jersey By Hurrycane Sandy(It Sure Sounds Like Almighty God's Judgment to Me!)

Another Pre-Halloween Storm Slams the Northeast:Hurrycane Sandy Causes 40 Deaths,Forces New York Stock Exchange to Close for 2 Straight Days(the First Time That Has Happened in Over 100 Years),Shuts Down the New York City Subways with Flood Water,Washes New Jersey Amusement Parks into Atlantic Ocean,Will Cause About $50 Billion in Damages and Lost Business,in Addition to Other Apocalyptic Occurrences

Patriot Notice:Just an update,patriots,on the situation for this patriot in the Southeast Bronx neighborhood I live in.We had no mail delivery on Monday and Tuesday,and Wednesday and Thursday(today)we've had limited delivery.Our mailwoman told me that the main USPS distribution center in Manhattan still has no power,so the sorting machines aren't functioning and any sorting is being done by hand.I guess we won't get full mail delivery until the power comes back to the center,whenever that is.Also a first for this area,the NOAA weather station for this area(located on Long Island,NY)must've been knocked off the air for about 3 days because the signal was all static;maybe Sandy brought their broadcasting tower down or they had no power to run their transmitter.Long lines of cars have formed near gas stations because the electric-powered pumps weren't working for several days due to Sandy.Roof tiles and pieces of tiles are on the ground everywhere,as are store signs and pieces of signs.Fortunately for this patriot,I'm semi-retired and don't need to get gas or go anywhere important,for now anyway.I can walk for almost all my necessities.On this patriot site,I'll soon be removing the Startpage search engine on the home page and hope to replace it with another one.Startpage isn't searching this site because a researcher from the web host told me the code is corrupted.Anyway,Startpage isn't as good as it used to be and I may remove it from this site's Patriot Resources page.I may add some limited ads on this site and will soon take down,patriots.

Patriot Notice:I survived Sandy with just 2 big branches falling off the tree in front of the house I live in,and Dusty-my '74 Gold Duster-getting wet because her car cover kept getting blown off by the high winds,despite the cover being tied down with a cable.It was a bit hairy at times.I've never heard wind like I did on Monday,Oct.29th,2012.I thank Him if He protected us from Sandy.Anyway,a post was added to this site's blog A Patriot's Diary on that Monday,Oct.29th.Patriots,beware of Halloween 2012!

And Yet Another Patriot Notice!: As I type,it's Sunday,Oct.28th,2012,1300 hrs..The weathermen and the politicians are warning us in the New York City-area that a brutal storm is headed our way.Rain should begin late this afternoon and then pickup in winds later on.Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be the worst days of this storm,with heavy rains and very high winds,some of them gusting up to 75 MPH! Batten down the hatches,co-patriots in the NYC-area! Say your prayers! We may lose power due to the high winds,which in my lifetime have never hit 75 MPH in "The Big Apple." Patriots,remember last year,right before Satan's holiday of Halloween,when we in the Northeast got blasted with a rare and heavy snowstorm that wreaked such havoc? Now this year, just a few days before that stupid,ugly pagan holiday,it looks like we'll be blasted with a far-worse storm that's predicted to last about 4 days! We might get up to 8 inches of rain along with the wind gusts of 75 MPH! If we lose power,you'll know why this site isn't updating.However,I should finish a post to this site's blog A Patriot's Diary today.Please be safe,patriots.Doesn't it look more and more that Almighty God is continuing to punish our nation with exceptionally severe storms,especially this one,right before Halloween and yet another horrible presidential election with horrible choices for the voters,especially with The Abomination up for re-election and opposed primarily by Mormon Mitt? 

Poor,Poor President Abomination!:Threats of Thunderstorms Force Cancellation of His Speech to Democratic National Convention at a Large Outdoor Stadium in Raleigh,NC to a Much Smaller Venue(Or Was It Moved Because Convention Planners Couldn't Fill the Stadium with Enough Abomination Idolaters?)

This Is a Riot!:US Secretary of State Hollerin' Hillary Clinton Travels to Pretoria,South Africa-and the Skies Fill Up with Snow Flurries-the First Snow to Hit South Africa Since 1968! Ha,Ha,Ha!

Yes,patriots,this is a riot-maybe even a regular riot.But it's a tragic riot.This is another incident where Almighty God has obviously brought bad or surprising weather down on some of the wicked rulers of America.I've documented several of these incidents on this site and its blog A Patriot's Diary when Abomination or Biden or Hillary et al went somewhere to give a windbag speech and to be worshipped by their idolaters when some bizarre and at times dangerous weather struck,sometimes cancelling their speeches.This time,Hillary goes to South Africa.And it snows on her! Ha,ha ha! And there's a viral video,avaialble on You Tube and other video sites,of this power-drunk bitch dancing like a drunken clown at a party of her fellow radicals in South Africa who are driving that country into the ground.I tried to post the link for the video on this site but the quality was poor for whatever reason.Just go to You Tube or another video-sharing site and type in "Freaky Hillary" in the search box,and you'll see the super-slob masquerading as US Secretary of State.She was picked for this position and breezed through her Senate confirmation despite having no foreign-policy experience or credemtials or background.But she's Hillary! Billy's husband! Her husband just for the sake of appearances and maintaining and expanding their power over us and much of the world! Patriots,I'm convinced this is one big reason why our country is under divine judgment.When a people empower the wicked over them and actually adore them,those people will suffer some kind of punishment.And let's pity and pray for South Africa-a nation where 3,000 white farmers-the dreaded "boers" who,without them,South Africa would probably starve-have been killed since Mandela and his gang took over the country.But to the evil Hillary and her gang of radical liberals,they don't care about those farmers or about the whites in South Africa in general.Indeed,they may very well be celebrating their murders, just like the party animals you'll see at the Freaky Hillary video. 

July 2012 Was the Hottest Month Ever in US History

"Signs and Wonders" of the Last Days in New York City and Elmira,NY?: Lightning Strikes Empire State Building! Black Clouds Hover Over the Big Apple! A Tornado in Elmira!

Wisconsin's Governor Declares a State of Emergency in 42 "Bone-Dry" Counties

The First Half of 2012 Was the Hottest Ever in USA for the First 6 Months of any Other Year,with 170 Temperature Records in June Getting Tied or Broken

56% of Continental America Is Suffering from Drought,While About Half of Our Pastures and Rangelands Are in Poor or Very Poor Condition

Patriot Notice:as I type,it's just past midnight,July 5th.I hope all you co-patriots have had a safe and joyous Independence Day.It behooves us to remember that on this day in 1776,Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.Jefferson and his supporters pledged their "lives,fortunes and sacred honor" in declaring independence of the 13 colonies from the rule of King George III of Great Britain.Despite the spooky-sounding "sacred honor"(that sounds like Masonic phraseology),these brave men who signed the Declaration put their wealth and their very lives on the line in publicly declaring self-rule.In short,they risked execution for rebellion against the crown.But their bravery prevailed,as the War for Independence ended in 1783 and the US Constitution was signed 4 years later in Philadelphia in 1787.Patriots,let's never forget what our founders did for Americans present and past.And let's also never forget that while we're not ruled from London,England anymore,we're ruled from a corrupt,anti-patriot capital in Washington,DC that threatens our freedom and independence with each passing day.We need to declare our independence from them and elect real statesmen to serve us and not enslave us and impoverish us and wage war against us.That's our patriot cause for 2012 and beyond.Happy birthday,America!

More Terrible Weather,as 1/3 of America Is Hit By " Dangerous Heat"

And More Terrible Weather:Hurricane-Force Winds Slam Columbus,OH,Leaving 200,000 without Power

And More Terrible Weather,This Time in the Area of the Nation's Capital:Record-Breaking Heat Leads to Violent Storms That Take 12 Lives and Leave About 3 Million without Power

Hi,patriots.This is the first commentary on this page since Flag Day,June 14th.Isn't all this horrible weather incredible?! Did you get a load of that photo alongside the BBC article on the Washington storms?! That menacing sky and the lightning?! Isn't this more evidence,more signs,of the Almighty's judgment on our nation? Is it just a co-incidence that the horrible,record-breaking heat and now the storms of rain,hail and wind have tore through the area of District of Columbia-the seat of power for President Abomination and the other wicked and corrupt rulers and lawmakers of our country? I don't think so! Let's all cover our heads and plan on running for the hiils! This may be just the beginning!

Record-Breaking Wildfire Hits Colorado:346 Homes Are Destroyed Outside Colorado Springs,35,000 People Are Evacuated

And Tropical Storm Debbie Takes 7 Lives in Florida,and Dumps More Than 2 Feet of Rain in Some Parts of the State

And Twice Over the Last 4 Days,Little Rock,AR Gets Blasted with Record Heat

As Denver,CO Gets Wrapped in "...a Cloud of Smoke," 19 Large Fires Are Raging in 9 Western States

Record Rainfall Hits America's Central Coast of Gulf of Mexico-and More Rain Is Coming

Record-Breaking Wildfire Hits New Mexico-the "Land of Enchantment"

The Day After Denver,CO Gets Hit with Record-Breaking Heat,Rain,Hail,Thunder and Lightning Arrive on the Same Day President Abomination Arrives to Address Air Force Cadets and Attend a Fundraiser.Co-incidence? I Don't Think So!

Rocky Mountain High! Denver,CO Breaks a Record with 92 Degrees on May 22nd

An Interesting Sign?: the White House Christmas Tree-Planted Only a Year Ago After the Previous One Was Brought Down By High Winds in 2011-"Has Died" and Will Be Removed

At Kilroy's Sports Bar in St.Louis,MO After a Cardinals' Baseball Game,High Winds Knock Down a "Beer Tent," Killing One Person,Critically Injuring 5,and a Follow-Up Storm Neaby Brings Hail as Big as Tennis Balls

Tornado Terror in the Heartland:5 Killed in OK,Severe Damage in KN,NE and IA

Drought Hits 48 of the 50 States

Devastation in Dallas

Here's How Weathermen Describe the Bizarre Weather for March in USA:"Staggering," "Astonishing," "Incredible," "Almost Like Science-Fiction"(Temperature Records Are Broken All Over 2/3 of USA)

An "Unprecedented" Hail Storm and Likely Record-Breaking Rainfall Teem Down on the Aloha State

More Tornadoes Kill 38 People in the Upper South/Lower Midwest,and Wipe Out Some Small Towns

Tornadoes Rip Through 6 Midwestern States,Killing 6 in IL and 3 in MO

Tornadoes Kill 6 More People,This Time in Indiana,as Violent Storms Tear Through Parts of the South and the Midwest

For the Second Time in Nearly 2 Months,Wildfire Rages Near Reno,NV,Forcing 4,000 Residents to Evacuate Their Homes,Burns 3,000 Acres,and Cuts Short a Speech By Vice-President Joseph Biden

I would've loved to see the puss on Biden when he was told to skedaddle because fire was en route! This fire,more importantly that canceling Uncle Joe's propaganda speech,has now destroyed about 30 homes and forced evacuation of about 10,000 people.This fire is just about 2 months after another wildfire near Divorce Capital,USA caused extensive damage.Fortunately this time,no one as yet has died.But it's more horrific weather coming down on one geographical area of our country after another.As I type,a rare snowstorm has pounded the Pacific Northwest,cutting power to hundreds of thousands.And tornadoes have hit Arkansas-the land of Clinton and Huckabee.Atlanta,GA is getting slammed too.Let's cover our heads,patriots.It's only January 23rd.

In Brooklyn,NY Near Brooklyn-Queens Expressway,a "Mega-Millions" Lottery Billboard Covering 7 Stories on a Building Comes Crashing Down.Was It the High Wind? Or Something Else?

An Alaska Town Is "Buried" in Snow,While Nearby Nome Is Cut Off By Ice

The Lone Star State Breaks Its Record for Drought in 2011

Blizzard Conditions Kill 5 in NM and 2 in CO

Los Angeles County,CA Declares a State of Emergency Due to a Windstorm Which,Inter Alia,Topples the Christmas Tree of the City of San Gabriel

Another Christmas tree of a city comes down from wind.Is the Almighty telling us something? I say yes! But apart from the tree,Los Angeles County gets slammed again with bad weather.And is the Almighty telling us something here? Again,I say yes! Anti-Christ Hollywood! The porno industry based just outside LA in Chatsworth! The hedonism! The huge divide between gross opulence and indigence! Idolatry! Neo-pagan religions! La Reconquista! Crime gangs ruling virtually entire neighborhoods of cities! Welfare queens! Child abuse and child neglect! Glorifying the sin of Sodom! How much can the Almighty take before He renders judgment on a state,a people,a nation?!

The Big Apple Basks in Record-Breaking Warmth,While the Deep South Gets Snow and Bitter Cold(Go Figure!)

What a riot this is,patriots! 70 degrees in the Big Apple on November 28th,while the deep South has cold and snow! It should be the other way around! Is this just another small sign that we're in "the last days"? Meanwhile,I'm yukking it up here in the southeast Bronx! I cut the grass and chopped up the leaves with the lawn mower and sat and worked on the stoop till sundown! I hope Global Warming Gang didn't lose any sleep over this!

Outside Reno,NV-Divorce City,USA-Wildfire Burns Up 2,000 Acres,Damages or Destroys 25 Homes,Closes Dozens of Schools,Forces the Evacuation of About 10,000 People,and a Man Dies from Heart Failure While Evacuating

The report of the man dying from heart failure evokes the Bible verse in the Gospel of Luke 21:26,where Christ prophesies about "Men's hearts failing them for fear,and for looking after those things which are coming on the Earth,for the powers of heaven shall be shaken." Reno,NV-the city notorious for quick and easy divorce,gambling and other less-than-noble pursuits-gets slammed with wildfire driven by fierce winds,forcing authorities to wake people up in the middle of the night and warn them to run for their lives.The governor declaring that people are in "a state of shock." Patriots,it behooves us to prepare for more apocalyptic weather as America's moral breakdown accelerates.

Brutal Storms Rip Through the Deep South,Killing 6

Two Days Before Satan's Halloween Holiday,a Storm of Rain,Snow,Sleet and High Winds Rips Into the Upper Northeast,Leaving About 2 Million with No Power(Including the Home of NJ Fatso Governor Christopher Christie!),States of Emergency Declared in NJ & CT,and Record-Breaking Snowfall in NYC

Patriots,it's Saturday,October 29th,2011,8:45 PM.About 6 hours ago,I shoveled a heavy mix of rain,snow and sleet from the sidewalk in front of the house I live in,along with the driveway,and it's 34 degrees.In the 51 years that I've lived in what used to be called "the good ol' Bronx," I've never shoveled snow in October.Until now! What a riot this is! And what a riot that fatso Gov.Christie's house loses power! Ha,ha! What's he going to do with all that food in the fridge?! On a more-serious note,Is this Winter storm,with the official start of Winter about 2 months away, just 2 days before Satan's Halloween holiday, just a co-incidence? I don't think so! I think it's another sign of the times! My night is set:there's a homemade pizza in the fridge,the humidor is packed with good cigars,and I'm going to watch the classic 1951 film The Thing on DVD that a neighbor gave me a few months ago.Thank you! 

National Cathedral in Washington,DC-That Ugly Representation of America's Anti-Christ Christian Establishment-Remains Closed from Earthquake Damage and May Need Repairs for 10 Years

"Blinding Dust" Causes Multiple Collisions on Interstate 10 in AZ,Leaving 1 Dead and 8 Seriously Injured

Strong Winds in the Upper Midwest Force the Closure of State Parks,Nature Trails,and a Path for Running and Hiking Along Chicago's Lakeshore Dr.,and Thousands Are Without Power

A Bizarre Hail Storm in Early October 2010 Caused About $3 Billion in Damage to the Phoenix,AZ-Area

Two 51-Years-Old Women-Both of Them Daughters of 2 Former,Very Powerful US Senators(Edward Kennedy and Walter Mondale)-Die from Disease on Consecutive Days

And Also on Consecutive Days,2 WW2-Era Planes Crash at Air Shows in Reno,NV and Martinsburg,WV,Killing Both Pilots and Killing 8 Spectators and Injuring 50 Others.Patriots,Is This All Co-incidence?!

Lightning Kills 1 Worker and Injures 2 While Working on a 53-Stories Casino Due to Open in Atlantic City,NJ in May 2012

More Divine Judgment on Washington,DC's National Cathedral?:A 500-Tons Crane-Repairing Earthquake Damage to the Cathedral-Collapses During a Thunderstorm! This Is Too Much!

Yes,patriots,this is too much! Just a few days before this neo-pagan,apostate-Episcopalian National Cathedral was to host a 9-11 memorial service-inviting officials from all kinds of various religions to give speeches and sermons-a huge thunderstorm comes crashing down on this huge crane that was repairing damage to the cathedral from the recent DC-area earthquake.But it looks like the Almighty said,"Oh no you don't! I won't let you repair your neo-pagan house of idol worship!" Fortunately,no one,incredibly,was hurt when the crane collapsed.But the message I firmly believe was sent by the Good Lord.It should be a sense of comfort that the Almighty is obviously punishing the wicked power structure in Washington,DC,both its political establishment and its religious establishment.Notice how the anti-Christ Christian establishment-both Protestant and Catholic-isn't talking about this obvious divine judgment.They're probably just as a scared as President Abomination! The high and the mighty may be headed for the fall that they so richly deserve! Hallelujah!

Federal Disaster Relief Fund Is Running Dry

Wildfire in Texas-Described By a State Official as a "Monster"-Has Now Destroyed 1,000 Homes,and Parts of the Lone Star State Haven't Had Rain in a Year

Patriots,get a load of that wall of fire! It reminds me of that huge dust cloud that twice covered Phoenix a few weeks ago! This is apocalyptic! Yet another "natural disaster" to befall America! And yet another one to befall Texas! The Almighty sure looks like He's raging mad at the Lone Star State! And what another co-incidence that the state's GOP-establishment governor was campaigning for president in SC when this wall of wildfire started to rage just outside the state capital of Austin! And how pathetic that Little Ricky Perry is now the GOP front-runner for the 2012 presidential nomination! Haven't they learned enough from 3 Bush presidencies?! Is the Almighty punishing TX because of the evil men like those from the Bush dynasty who've ruled in the White House after ruling in Texas? Patriots don't need more presidential candidates from Texas at least for the next 20 years! Enough already!

Wildfire Destroys 300 Homes Near Austin,Texas While the State's GOP-Establishment Governor Campaigns for President in South Carolina

Hurricane Irene Slams the Northeast:38 Killed,5 Million Homes and Businesses Are Without Power,and an Estimated $20 Billion in Damages

And Now an Earthquake(Magnitude 2.9)Strikes Just Outside the Capital of New York State(and Check Out the Mug Shot of the Ugly Governor Who Recently Rammed Homosexual Marriage Through the State Legislature)


But what a co-incidence(Or is it a co-incidence?)this is that a rare earthquake strikes just outside the corrupt capital of Albany,NY about 6 weeks after the corrupt legislature seated there legalized the Sin of Sodom at the marriage altar.And we can add this quake to the quake about 80 miles from Washington,DC that hit the very next day after Martin King's idol statue was unveiled on the National Mall,which caused damage to the ugly obelisk Washington Monument and the New Age,apostate National Cathedral,forcing them to be closed to the public for safety reasons.And cracks developed in the hearing room of US House Financial Services Committee! Patriots,this can't all be co-incidence! This had to be the Almighty's judgment! OK,I said I was going to be brief with the commentary,so I'll close with this:Get a load of the evil puss on Dandy Andy Cuomo! Cuomo the homo?

Washington Monument-a Hideous,555-Feet Monstrosity-Sustains Significant Damage from the Earthquake.Once Again I Ask,Patriots:Is This the Almighty's Judgment?

Have any of you patriots ever asked,Just what is this Washington Monument? A monument to what? Well,it's an Egyptian obelisk.And the word of the pagan god Baal is contained in the word obelisk.There's a pyramid on top of this monument(another Egyptian symbol-the power of the Pharaohs).Freemasons built it,and it represents phallic power and that the occult world has a presence in Washington,DC.But now it has cracks in it from an earthquake! And it's closed to the public for safety reasons! A photo is on showing it has been tilted,like the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy! Again,this occurred the day after the King idol-image was unveiled not very far from Washington Monument! Did Almighty God shake His mighty hand on pagan images in the nation's seat of power?!

A 5.8-Magnitude Earthquake Centered About 80 Miles from Washington,DC Shakes,Rattles and Rolls Most of the East Coast! More Judgment on America on the Very Next Day the Martin Luther King Memorial Statue Is Unveiled on the National Mall in Washington? Is More Judgment Coming?

And The Almighty God May Send a Hurricane on Washington During the "Dedication" of the King Idol-Image

Record Heat Hits Sin City

One of the Victims of the Stage Collapse at Indiana State Fair Was a Latina Lesbian-Activist Originally from New York City,and "Her Partner" Is in Critical Condition

Record Drought Afflicts 12% of US,Causing 2 Million Acres of Texas Farmland to Be Abandoned

Record-Breaking Temperatures Roar Through the Northeast

A Brutal Heat Wave Hits the Midwest and the East Coast,So Far Killing 22 People

An "Historic" Dust Cloud Rolls Over Phoenix,AZ.Patriots,Get a Load of the Photos of This Cloud! Is This the Beginning of the End?!

The Lone Star State Hit Record-Breaking Temperatures in June

Wildfire Forces the Evacuation of Los Alamos,NM- Site of the Creation of the First Atom Bomb-and Comes Very Close to Los Alamos National Laboratory

53 Large Wildfires Are Burning in 11 US States,Forcing the Evacuation of 1,800 Homes and Businesses,Killing 2 Firemen in FL,and Burning Acreage About the Size of Delaware

Record-Breaking Wildfire Consumes Almost Half-a- Million Acres in AZ

A Volcano in Eritrea-Dormant for 150 Years- Erupts,Forcing Hollering Hillary to Cut Short Her Stay in Ethiopia

Is This Judgment from the Almighty on the US Government's Immoral Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?:Camp Shelby,MS-the Largest State- Owned Military-Training Facility in US That's Used for Combat Training for Iraq/Afghanistan Operations-Is Struck By Lightning,Sending 77 Cadets to Hospital

Killer Heat Rages Through the Midwest,the Mid- Atlantic and the Northeast,Causing 2 Deaths in Baltimore,2 in TN and 1 in Milwaukee,and Breaking Records in Baltimore and Newark,NJ

Tornadoes Now Hit the People's Republic of Massachusetts,Leaving 4 Dead,Severe Property Damage and Thousands Without Power in the Springfield Area

Heavy Rains and Strong Winds Sweep Down the East Coast,Leaving Thousands Without Power and Killing 3 People in GA

And Record Rains Wreak Havoc in Parts of the Rocky Mountain West & the Midwest

Violent Thunderstorms Kill 7 in Oklahoma and Kansas

America's Deadliest Tornado in About 60 Years Kills 116 People in Joplin,MO

In Parts of the South and Lower Midwest,3 Million Acres of Farmland Are Covered with Floodwaters,and a Baton Rouge,LA Resident Says About Mississippi River:"I've Never Seen the River Anywhere Near Where It Is Now"

US Army Corps of Engineers,to Prevent a City of About 3,000 People in IL from Getting Flooded,Blasts a Levee,Causing Severe Damage to 130,000 Acres of Missouri Farmland

The Tornado Outbreak That Slammed Into Southern States,April 25th-28th,Was the Largest in US Recorded History and Claimed About 350 Lives

In "...the Nation's Deadliest Tornado Outbreak in Almost Four Decades...", About 300 Are Killed in 6 Southern States-and a Mississippi Sheriff Says,"I've Never Seen Anything Like This"

The Death Toll in Dixie from Violent Storms Now Hits 64

Violent Storms Kill 20 in the Deep South

Rats-the 4-Legged Kind-Are Booming in the Big Apple

Large Fires Have Affected All But 2 of Texas's 254 Counties-"With No End in Sight"

The Death Toll from Extreme Weather in the South Rises to 43,as 62 Tornadoes Tear Through NC and Grapefruit-Sized Hail Falls Throughout the Region

The Death Toll Rises to 20 in the South,as Tornadoes Slam Into the Carolinas,Alabama,Georgia

High Winds,Tornadoes and Lighting Rip Through OK,AR,LA,MS,TN,Killing 9

Tornadoes Rip Through Western Iowa,"Virtually Destroying" 2 Towns and Forcing Thousands to Evacuate

"I've never seen anything like it." Patriots,how many times have we heard that or read that after some horrible display of bad weather hit our land somewhere? I've lost count.Maybe I'll search this site one day and see just how often a witness has said that he or she has never seen such devastation or violence from bad weather.It's just more evidence that divine judgment has been falling on our land via bad weather for the past few years or so.And who knows if it'll ever stop?

Raging Storms Pummel Western & Central Florida

The Latest Affliction to Hit Primarily SoCal,But Also NYC and Elsewhere:a "Superbug"

Wildfire in West Texas Destroys 90 Homes and Chars 65,000 Acres,While Over an 8-Days Period,Wildfire Chars 150,000 Acres Across Drought-Stricken Texas

Rain,at Least 8 Tornadoes and "Spectacular Lightning" Rip Through Georgia and the Carolinas,Leaving 9 Dead

Wildfire and 90 M.P.H.Wind Gusts Char 2,000 Acres and Force the Evacuation of 336 Homes Near Ft.Collins,CO

The First Day of Spring Brings to Los Angeles a Brutal Winter Storm of Rain and Wind That Brings Down a Huge Tree Near a Criminal Justice Center Downtown

54 Homes in OK Are Destroyed By Grass Fires

The Latest Woe to Hit the Los Angeles,CA- Area:Millions of Dead Sardines Load Up King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach

Oakland,CA and Several Other Northern,CA Cities Are Hit With Record-Breaking Cold,3 Inches of Rain Fall in LA County,and Sodom By the Sea (Formerly Saint Francis)Gets Its First Snow Since 1976

A Windstorm Brings Down the 42-Feet-High National Christmas Tree Right Near the White House!

And the Same High Winds Bring Wildfires and Loss of Power to the Washington,DC-area and Some Nearby States

"Glory"-the NASA "Global Warming" Satellite-Crashes Into Pacific Ocean,3 Minutes After Lift-Off

Isn't this amazing,patriots?! NASA,looking for more "evidence" to support this "global warming" propaganda,build a satellite,name it "Glory," attach it to a rocket,fire that rocket into the sky and it comes crashing down back to Earth! Ha,ha,ha! It's like the Almighty said "Oh,Yeah?!" and stuck that rocket back in the face of haughty mankind! Some Glory! Here is maybe another sign from the Man Upstairs that so-called global warming is a big load of hot air!

The "Super Bowl" Wasn't So Super for a Lot of People

Dozens of People Come Down With Respiratory Illness After Attending a Fund-raiser at Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles

Of all the places for these entrepreneurs to get together,Playboy Mansion is the best they could do? The palace of sleaze-ball Hugh Hefner-the man who can be credited for bringing sexploitation from back-room smut shops to the candy store magazine rack-was chosen by these hedonists,and now a lot of them got sickened for it.There are many ways for the Almighty to bring down His judgment on sinful man.Was this one of them?

Another Brutal Winter Storm,This Time Causing Temperatures to Drop 25 Degrees Below Zero in the Central Plains

Did the Man Upstairs Bring Unusually Bad Weather to the City Hosting Super Bowl Sunday?

I think so! It hardly ever snows in the Dallas,TX-area! And that this bad weather hit just a few days before "The Bowl"? Super Bowl has become just another hideous spectacle in the corrupt world of pro-sports,like starting the game around 6 PM for more ad money.But,I'm relieved that teams from Pittsburgh and Green Bay played the Bowl this year and not teams from radical-liberal anti-Christ cities like New York or Chicago.I think ol' Pittsburgh,PA and Green Bay,WI are still patriot cities,and Pittsburgh has had a strong renaissance over the past decade or two.So may the better team win.

Yet Another Brutal Winter Storm Rips Across America,Causing at Least 10 Deaths,National Weather Service Warning People in 4 States "Do Not Travel" and Telling Chicagoans That They Are Risking Their Lives If They Travel,and the Newspaper The Tulsa World-for the First Time in Its 105-Years History-Is Unable to Publish Due to the Storm

Patriots,Winter 2010/2011 is already in the record books.In the 50 years I've lived in the southeast Bronx,NY,I've never encountered such consistently severe Winter weather.It has been cold and snowy and rainy and windy since around Thanksgiving,with only an occasional day or two of relief.Just read in this article all the incredible hardships from this latest blast,like most roads in the pinko-liberal state of Illinois being declared impassable,Chicago's Lake Shore Dr.getting shut down,a major daily newspaper failing to publish for the first time ever,thousands losing power(sometimes for several days),one weather record after another broken,and on and on.I think it's obvious that the Man Upstairs is punishing our country with all this incredibly consistent bad Winter weather.And despite Punxsatawney Phil's prediction,we still have another 6 weeks till Spring! Prepare for the rest of Winter,patriots.

Another Brutal Winter Storm Slams the Northeast,Causing 8 Deaths,About 1 Million Homes and Businesses Losing Power,and President Abomination Being Forced to Drive Back to the White House Instead of Flying Back in a Helicopter

Patriots,I've never lived through a first-half of a Winter like this:one bad storm after another,with a lot of snow,bitter cold,high winds,sleet,cold rain.And poor,poor President Abomination:ever since he first entered the White House,so many of his plans have been thwarted;this time he couldn't return to the White House via Marine helicopter and had to return via motorcade.I think the Man Upstairs is showing him who really is in charge!

Ol' Man Winter Keeps Blasting America:11 Are Killed From a Snow-and-Ice Storm in the South (Record Snow in MS)and Now It's Heading Towards the Big Apple and New England

In Arkansas and Louisiana,Thousands of Birds Drop Dead From the Sky,and Dead Fish Proliferate in Arkansas Too

I've read 3 articles on this incredible story,and not one of them has mentioned a fascinating co-incidence:The Arkansas town where the birds fell dead from the sky has the same name as the current governor of Arkansas! Patriots,isn't this incredible?! Of all the towns in Billy Clinton's home state,these birds picked the town of Beebe to drop dead in by the thousands?! So was it fireworks or thunder? Or another sign of the "last days"? Another sign and wonder from the heavens?

Tornadoes Kill 6 in Missouri and Arkansas on New Year's Eve

A Brutal Blizzard Bites Into the Big Apple

And the Western US Gets Slammed Too

Patriots,all this bad weather happening at the same time throughout our land I can't believe is just co-incidence.One weatherman's theory for not just our bad weather but the bad weather all over the world-like the "biblical floods" Down Under and the brutal cold in UK-is high pressure repelling warmer air from the jet stream that allows cold Arctic air to swoop down on us.That may very well be true and it sounds sensible.But who or what caused the high pressure?! And here in the Bronx where I've lived for the last 50 years,I experienced the worst Winter storm in my life a couple of weeks ago,with a wicked combination of snow(almost 2 feet),roaring winds and gusts,snow drifts(I could barely see out the basement windows)and brutal cold.I thank the Lord I'm semi-retired! My only work during and after the blizzard was snow shoveling! No fun!

Poor,Poor President Abomination:Wherever He Goes on a Beach Vacation,It Seems He Gets Almost Surrounded With Untreated Sewage

The Latest Woe to Hit Southern California:Floods,Mudslides,and a Year's Worth of Rain in One Week

Another Deadly Winter Storm and It's Not Even Winter Yet:5 Are Killed in MS and AL,Hundreds of Car Crashes in and Around Atlanta

Patriots,it seems every region of the country is getting hammered by terrible Winter weather.And it's not even Winter yet! What awaits us late January/early February?! Where's the global-warming/climate-change gang?! On an even-more-serious note is,again,the possibility which looks to me more like a probability that the Almighty is bringing judgment down on America.And terrible weather is hitting the mother country too! Terrible weather is hitting many other parts of the world! Keep looking up,my fellow Americans! And watch your backs and that of your neighbors!

A Powerful Storm of Rain and Wind Kills 3 in the Eastern US,While Wind Gusts Snap a Huge,Lighted Christmas Tree in New York City and Force the Closure of the Statue of Liberty

Another bad storm comes to America.And here in The Big Apple,a big,tall,decorated Christmas tree gets sliced apart from strong winds.And the so-called Statue of Liberty-a big,ugly pagan statue given to America from French Freemasons after the War Between the States-had to close out of fears for the safety of the visitors.So maybe the Almighty is once again bringing his judgment down on pagan images in various parts of our nation.And there's plenty of them here in Babylonian New York City.

Record-Low Temperatures Come to Los Angeles County,CA

What's next for The City of Angels? How about rabid bats?! See the link below!

Freezing Rain on Late Saturday Night in Minnesota Causes 438 Car Crashes,2 Deaths,Several Injuries

The Latest Curse on Los Angeles?:Rabid Bats!

What else can hit the City of Angels?! Rabid bats! It's right out of a horror movie or science-fiction movie! What's next for LA?

Happy Thanksgiving,President Abomination!:While Playing Basketball in Washington,DC,an Elbow to the Lip From Another Player Leaves Him With 12 Stitches!

Ferocious Winds Rip Through America's Heartland

Preceding and During a Speech By President Abomination,Dozens of People Get Treated for Dizziness,Dehydration and Fainting

Record-Breaking Rain and a Nearby Tornado Hit Washington,District of Columbia

More Trouble for the City of Angels:Record-Breaking Heat of 113 Degrees

More Record-Breaking Weather Scorches Parts of US,Including "Desert-like" Conditions in S.Carolina

A Wicked Storm Hits Washington,DC and Some of Its Suburbs,Leaving 4 Dead and About 430,000 People Without Power

Last week an earthquake shook DC.Now this wicked storm hits DC and some of its environs.A tornado that lasted just a couple of minutes tore through the northeast Bronx around the same time and caused extensive damage but no deaths.And a tornado tore through Montana and killed two people.More and more witnesses are reporting that they've never seen such terrible weather before.Patriots,I think the Almighty is shaking His mighty hand at America.

There.I'm finally done updating the commentaries.The next post on A Patriot's Diary will be quite lengthy.Get ready.It's such a relief to finally catch up on things.

A "Rare" Earthquake Shakes,Rattles and Rolls Washington,DC! Hallelujah! May the Almighty Keep Bringing Judgment on President Abomination and the Corrupt Government He Leads!

Oh how sweet it is! How sweet it is! I can see the Abomination cowering under his chair in the Oval Office,looking out a window up at the sky,begging the Almighty not to punish him! And not to punish all the other anti-Christs in the corridors of power in Washington,Devils of Columbia! How often does an earthquake hit the nation's capital?! Is this a warning from the Almighty of more to come on DC?! Oh,Lord,deliver us from the evil!

More Weather Records Are Broken in USA,This Time From Blistering Heat Mainly in the Northeast

Since I've been living through this heat wave here in Bronx,NY over the past week,in addition to an earlier one at Summer's beginning,this article doesn't mention a tornado tore through a block about a quarter mile from where I live.And tornado-like winds tore through the campus of Maritime College of State University of New York at Fort Schuyler on Long Island Sound,about a mile from where I live.A witness reported that a black cloud hovered above the campus before the pounding rain and 100-miles-per-hour winds came roaring down.Patriots,this sounds apocalyptic! Fortunately no one was hurt,but there was serious property damage.Like I wrote in previous commentaries and/or on the blog A Patriot's Diary,my prediction of an extreme Summer proceeding from an extreme Winter is so far coming to pass.

Tornadoes Roar Through Minnesota,Leaving 2 Dead Amidst the Havoc

Holy Cats! Lightning Strikes and Burns to the Ground a Huge "Jesus Statue" in Ohio!

Here it is again! The Almighty working through nature! What a fantastic judgment on the corrupt Christian establishment than bringing down one of its big idols with lightning to burn it to the ground! The second commandment clearly states to make no carved("graven")images or kneel down before them and pray to them or worship them.But here's this huge idol image supposedly resembling Christ being brought to the ground.We have no idea what Christ looked like because there was no photography then and we have no painting or drawing or sculpture of what he looked like.Any photo or statue claiming to show what He looked like is just vain imagination..Fortunately no one was hurt when the "Jesus statue" came crashing down in flames to the ground.But hopefully the lesson is learned.

17 Dead,More Are Missing in a Flash Flood in an Arkansas Recreation Area Named After a Sovereign Grand Commander of the Masonic Lodge

High-ranking Freemason Albert Pike wrote the Masonic tome Morals and Dogma about 100 years ago.A recreation area is named after him,of all people.And at least 17 people are dead from a horrible flash-flood while camping there.Co-incidence? I don't know.But with the horrible tornado in Ohio about 10 days ago and now this,America just continues to experience these deadly bouts of weather.I believe America may very well be under the Almighty's judgment.

And 10 Inches of Rain Falls on Oklahoma City in Just a Few Hours."I've Never Seen It Like This.This Is Incredible," Says One Resident

And Flash Floods Kill 19 in France

President Abomination's Memorial Day Speech at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery Gets Canceled Due to Severe Rain,Thunder,Lightning and Strong Winds.The Almighty Foiled the Abomination! Hallelujah!

Patriots,we got to love this! The Abomination chooses the national cemetery of "the one who freed the slaves" to make his Memorial Day speech.But the Almighty said "No way!" Torrential rain,thunder,lightning and strong winds all in one big punch foiled the Abomination! Glory,glory hallelujah! His truth is marching on! Maybe the Almighty is giving patriots a real chance to save our nation!

Haze Caused By Quebec Forest Fires Covers Boston,Massachusetts on Memorial Day

President Abomination's Memorial Day speech in Illinois is canceled because of a terrible storm.And the city of Boston,MA on the same day is covered with haze from forest fires way up in Quebec,Canada caused by lightning strikes.Patriots,this is stuff right out of a Tim LaHaye novel! But the big difference is this isn't mass-market fiction but the real thing! It reminds me of The Twilight Zone episode I Am the Night-Color Me Black! It's about the Almighty's judgment on sinful man.

More Deadly Weather Hits America

For you patriots who've been around a while,can any of you recall the amount,severity,consistency and ubiquity of all this terrible,at times deadly,weather that has hit America this past Fall and Winter and now into mid-Spring? I sure can't.I believe the Man Upstairs is allowing at least some of this to happen because he's angry at our nation for many reasons,one of which is the depraved people in power over us.And as America becomes more anti-Christ,I expect more bad weather.For you praying patriots,I recommend we seek His protection from the coming storms.

More Record-breaking Weather:28 Are Killed in 3 Southern States

What does it say for America when not even Grand Ol' Oprey is safe from nature's wrath or the Almighty's wrath? Imagine the record rainfall for Nashville on a weekend being broken by about 8 inches?! I listen to shortwave radio station WWCR(World-Wide Christian Radio)almost daily,and I knew something was wrong when their frequencies went dead on Sunday evening due to flooding and power outages.Fortunately they came back on air the following Thursday.I missed greatly listening to WWCR,and I think,patriots,that we'll probably have to adjust to more things like this happening in the near-future,whether it's from natural or man-made causes.Like the Boy Scouts say,"Be prepared." 

More Record-breaking Snow,This Time in the Northeast

I think the Almighty gave the liberal Northeast one more big shot of snow-at the end of April-as a late reminder to the tree huggers and Mother Earth worshippers that "global warming" and "climate change" is a load of plop.What a Winter we've had in the liberal Northeast and the rest of America! Patriots,I recommend we prepare ourselves for weather emergencies.Thousands of people were without power for several days during this storm and after it.One very helpful if not indispensable resource is a portable,battery-powered radio with the NOAA weather reports and forecasts.I listen to a AM/FM/ Shortwave/ NOAA digital radio almost every single day.I tout that every patriot pick one up and use it as often as possible.Shortwave radio is terrific!

61 Tornadoes Rip Through the South,Leaving 12 Dead in Mississippi and Alabama

Volcanic Ash Creates "Unprecedented" Air-Travel Chaos Throughout Northern and Central Europe

Talk about "Mother Nature's" wrath! Is this another "sign and wonder" of the "last days"? This is a late commentary on this volcanic ash,but the loss to airlines has now hit almost $2 billion.Has anyone ever heard of a volcano erupting like this and causing such havoc on Earth and in the sky? And more and more,patriots,we're reading and hearing people say in response to these natural catastrophes,"I've never seen anything like this before." "This is unprecedented." Keep looking up?

In the Northeast,More Apocalyptic Weather Breaks More Records

I think a lot of people watching all these natural disasters have lost count of all the records that have been broken.Fall 2009/Winter 2009,2010/ Spring 2010 has ostensibly produced an unprecedented amount of weather catastrophes.And what will Summer bring? Summer 2009 was the coolest and wettest in my life here in the Bronx,NY.And some mopes are still claiming this is all caused by "global warming"? 

The Land Down Under,Like America,Gets Slammed By a "Freak Storm," Including Golf-ball-sized Hail

Winter's Last Weekend Brings Fierce Rain and Wind to the Northeast,Causing 11 Deaths

Winter was rough here in the ultra-liberal Northeast in 2009/2010.And what a dramatic way for the Almighty to close out this Winter by giving us a wicked blast of hurricane-force winds and record-breaking rain! In my almost-50 years living in the so-called Big Apple,I've never experienced wind like this past weekend.Lucky for me,I had a new roof installed about 3 years ago.About a mile from where I live,a roof from a house was totally blown off! And even more amazement came just a day after the 4-days storm when the sun burst forth and we got temps near 70,as if nothing happened the previous few days.Patriots,I think the Man Upstairs is trying to get our attention.Or maybe He's doing something more serious than that.

We've Heard of It Raining Cats and Dogs.But Fish?

Shards of Glass,Not Fire and Brimstone,Rain Down On a "Star-studded" Purim Party In New York City!

The Hebrew word "purim" means "lots" in English.The Persian official Haman cast lots to determine which day he would order the killing of Jews living in Persia about 2,600 years ago.His plan failed,and about 75,000 Persians were killed by Jews.This story is the basis of Book of Esther in the Bible.Unlike Passover,this festival of Purim isn't biblical.In my opinion,it's a crude,ugly celebration of death,mass murder,deception and tribalism.I'm curious how this book got included in the Holy Bible.So was it the Almighty's judgment that an actor from the garbage tv show Sex and the City and Italian actors from another show have glass shower down on them and other revelers at a Purim party at about midnight in the city now known as the Big Apple? I think so!

Ol' Man Winter-a Euphemism for The Almighty-Slams the Northeast Again,Bringing Hurricane-force Winds To New Hampshire,8 Inches of Rain To South Maine,and Over 1 Million Homes and Businesses Are Without Power

A line from the Zager & Evans hit 60s song In the Year 2525 is,"God is gonna shake His mighty hand." It's pretty obvious to me that "His mighty hand" is causing a lot if not most of these horrible storms across our land.Some may ask,Why would He do that? My answer is He is angry at our people and especially those in power over us.The Bible is full of stories where He uses bad weather to punish people.This Winter is virtually unprecedented in America as far as its severity and its constancy of damaging storms.And this incredibly bad weather is hitting Europe too,and of course there are the earthquakes in Haiti and now Chile.Christ predicted these things would happen in "the last days"-meaning the time of great trouble on Earth a few years before His return.He also told his disciples to pray to be deserving of the Almighty's protection from these things when they come to pass.Patriots:Keep looking up!

Consecutive Blizzards Shut Down the Federal Government In Washington,DC.Hallelujah!

Staying on the topic of possibly the Almighty's judgment on the wicked powers that be in DC,what a great way to shut them down and close their shop by blasting them with blizzard upon blizzard?! And this leviathan government has 230,000 employees paid by the US taxpayers.230,000! And what a bunch of cowards to shut down for an entire week! But maybe the Man Upstairs is giving the corrupt Republicrats in District of the goddess Columbia a warning that this is a foretaste of what's coming upon them for what they've done and what they're still doing to our beloved America.Let it snow,let it snow,let it snow on Washington,DC!

Every US State,Except Hawaii,Has Snow On the Ground

If the Almighty is chastening America,blanketing almost the entire country with white-the color of purity-is sure one powerful way to do it.And as far as the Aloha State being the only state not to get hit,maybe that's because Hawaii shouldn't be a state anyway; at least Alaska is located on the North American continent.

The Nation's Capital Gets Blasted With a Record- breaking 32 Inches of Snow.President Abomination Calls It "Snowmageddon"

Since President Abomination entered the White House to begin his rule in January 2009,Washington,District of (the goddess)Columbia-has been slammed with one bad Winter storm after another.And now we have a record-breaking snowstorm of about 3 feet that even the Abomination calls "Snowmageddon"! Is the fury and wrath of The Almighty starting to scare the Abomination?! Maybe Snowmageddon is an omen that the Abomination and his neo-bolshevik Democrat leaders like Pelosi and Reid are under judgment.Remember,patriots,that a bad snowstorm hit DC right before the Senate was about to pass their neo-bolshevik health-care bill.I think that at least some of these terrible storms aren't just co-incidence.

Mother Nature Keeps Pounding LA,California.And Some Residents Are Sandbagging,Others Are Issued Evacuation Orders

New "Signs and Wonders" In the Universe?

Christ said that in the last days,there will be "signs and wonders" in the sky.Are these discoveries of these never-before-seen heavenly bodies a sign or wonder? I think it's very possible.I hope it is anyway.For that means Christ's return may be near and the Kingdom of God will come to Earth! Christ prayed for this in the Lord's Prayer:"Your Kingdom come...on Earth as it is in heaven." This will truly bring an end to corrupt governments throughout the world! Tyranny will end! May the Almighty speed that day! Keep looking up! Watch the skies!

Record-breaking Cold Hits Miami

Record-breaking Cold In Dixie.21 Degrees In Gulfport,Mississippi ! And More Cold Is Coming!

Record-low Temperatures and Record-levels of Snow Hit Parts of America.Temperatures Even Plummet to 40 Degrees In Sunny Florida! Did Global Warming Cause This? Ha!

More On the Terrible Cold and Snow Wreaking Havoc On America.The Snowbirds Can't Even Escape To Florida! Not Even Key West!

A Killer Storm Strikes the Central US On Christmas Eve,Causing 18 Deaths

On the Same Day In the Pinko-Liberal Northeast:Heavy Rain,Ferocious Winds and Record-breaking Warmth

The Heaviest Rain Ever Recorded Hits Britain,Described By a UK Lawmaker as a Flood "...of Biblical Proportions"

A Violent Storm of Rain and Wind Hammers the US East Coast,Killing Six

And South Britain Gets Hammered Too

I find it very interesting and maybe more than co-incidental that these storms of heavy rain and strong winds hit US and UK right about the same time.Very interesting.

Deadly Weather Down South

And Apocalyptic Weather Down Under

Reading the descriptions of the bizarre weather events in southeast US and southeast Australia resembles symbolic language from Christ and the Book of Revelation about "signs and wonders" in the sky in the "latter days" or the "end times." And in both articles,people say something like "I've never seen anything like this before." Are these prophetic "signs and wonders" or judgements upon America and Australia? If we believe they are or may be,we need to ask why.I believe that if we are being punished with bad weather,it's largely because Americans and Aussies elect "...the vilest of men..."(Psalm 12:9)to positions of great power in our nations,they adulate famous people like actors and entertainers as if they were deities,they abuse their minds and bodies with drugs,they wink at or actually celebrate homosexuality-in other words,they're under the spirit of Anti-Christ.Since there's a lot more to this than a news commentary,I'll expatiate on this at this site's blog A Patriot's Diary.Like the newspaperman in the classic 1951 film The Thing exhorted those listening to his radio broadcast after the thing from another world was destroyed:"Watch the skies! Keep looking!"

What Else Can Happen to California-the Golden State? 11 Wildfires Rage Throughout the State,One of Them Started On a Mexican Drug-cartel Pot Farm!

More Apocalyptic Fire Rains Down on California

Pinko-Liberal Seattle and Portland Get Blasted with Record-Breaking Heat! God's Judgement?

Since I'm a registered independent in politics and I'm non-denominational when it comes to the Christian faith,I believe I see things clearer than the average Joe,and that goes for others with similar backgrounds and perspectives.I've read the Bible twice,and it's undeniable that the Almighty at times uses bad weather to punish or correct peoples and nations.Of course,this is a matter of belief,not fact.I believe that most of these bad-weather events in America aren't co-incidence.Why Seattle and Portland? I think it can be a few reasons,major ones being that these cities have significant homosexual populations and many liberal Californians,after helping mess up California,have moved up north to Oregon and Washington probably trying to ruin those states too! Just like a lot of liberal Bostonians have moved into New Hampshire and Maine and have helped make those Northeastern states almost as badly anti-Christ liberal as Massachusetts.Yes,patriots,I believe God is using bad weather to wake our people up,before it's too late.I'll blog more on this over this upcoming weekend.And look for more bizarre weather events,like the hail storm we had here in Bronx County,NY last Sunday,in late July!

Get a Load of This,Patriots:A Hail Storm,a Possible Tornado-in Yonkers,NY in July! We Need to Ask:Is God Punishing America?

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