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Another Reason for Patriots to Boycott National Football League(NFL): It's Part-Jewish Commissioner Roger Goodell, About a Year Ago, Hired Joe Lockhart-a Democratic Party Operative and a Press Secretary for Then-President Billy Clinton-as His Top Communication Executive

Another Pro-Baseball Team Sticks It in the Faces of the Working Class: Detroit Tigers Sign Miguel Cabrera-a Foreigner from Venezuela Who Has Probably Been on Venezuelan Juice Since He First Picked Up a Bat-to a 10-Years' Contract That'll Pay Him Almost $30 Million a Year, While Playing Home Games in the Bankrupt, Crime-Ridden City of Detroit!

Major League Baseball Suspends 13 Players for Using Illegal Drugs-and All of Them,Except One,Are Foreign Latinos from Dominican Republic(8 of Them),Venezuela(3 of Them)and Nicarauga(1 of Them)(Patriots,This Is One of the Consequences of These Dirtbag Team Owners Dragging These Banditos Out of Their Countries to Play on American Teams on American Soil!)

Grossly Overpaid New York Yankees Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez,Who Has Probably Loaded Up with Dominican Juice Throughout His Time in Pro Baseball,Sells His Miami Beach Mansion for $30 Million,Making a Cool $15 Million Profit

A USA Today Reporter(Probably Jewish)Heaps Mostly Praise upon Jewish NBA Commissioner David Stern's Long-Overdue Retirement,Despite the League Being a Tattoo Freakshow and a "Global Business"(and of Course,Mr.Stern's Successor Adam Silver is Probably Jewish Too)

And Yet Another Patriot Notice!: Now my netbook that I use for the vast majority of my Internet news gathering has frozen up! It's at the shop as of 1130 hrs.on Thursday,Oct.25th.Fortunately,I have this ol' desktop that I'm typing from right now as a backup,but it doesn't provide the convenience and ease of the netbook.I also just had to call my ISP for this computer because it couldn't connect to the wireless network! Again,fortunately,a restart did the trick.I hope the anti-patriot and/or demon attacks aren't recurring! I'll also be busy almost all of Friday and Saturday too,so I won't be covering the news as aggressively as I normally do for the next few days.However,I'll definitely add a post to this site's blog A Patriot's Diary before Election Day,maybe two.Thanks again,patriots,for your patience.

Another Baseball Bandito Gets Suspended for 50 Games for Testing Positive for "Synthetic Testosterone":Fatso Bartolo(Nice Name!)Colon of Oakland Athletics

Melky(Nice Name!)Cabrera of San Francisco Giants Tests Positive for "Enhanced Testosterone" and Is Banned for 50 Games(No Wonder Why This Dominicano Is Hitting About 100 Points Higher Than What He Normally Hits! He's Juiced Up!)

More In-Your-Face Social-Activism from the Jewish Liberals Running Pro-Baseball:on April 15th,2012-in Honor of the 65th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson Day-Every Player,Manager,Coach and Umpire Wore Number 42-the Number Worn by Jackie Robinson

Bug-Eyed Baseball Player Ryan Braun Avoids Suspension for Testing Positive for Synthetic Testosterone,Thanks in Large Part to an Arbitrator Named-Get This-Shyam Das(He Must Hail from Tel Aviv)

Get a load of Braun's eyes in the photo accompanying the article.They look like they're going to pop out any second! And as far as I can remember,Braun has almost always had that bugged-out look in his eyes.Former Yankees' "slugger" Jason Giambi used to have an even-fiercer look in his eyes when seen on TV either on the field or in the dugout.But at least he admitted to using steroids.And there was talk he was a heavy Viagra user too.Patriots,the eyes are the windows of the soul;they can tell so much so often.More to the point,Braun won't be punished by MLB.And that's because MLB is too damn corrupt,sleazy and immoral.And I'm somewhat joking in my link title that "arbitrator" Shyam Das may be from Tel Aviv.The surnames of the 5 men involved in Braun's case are Selig(the commissioner),Manfred(a MLB vice-president),Weiner(head of the player's union),Das(the arbitrator)and Braun himself.Braun is one of the few Jewish players in pro-baseball.Selig and Weiner are Jewish,and Manfred and Das probably are too.So was ethnic favoritism a major reason why Braun wasn't suspended? I say yes.Manfred voted to suspend Braun,Weiner voted not to suspend,and Das's vote not to suspend on a mere technicality was the deciding vote.And all the creep owners except one voted to give rat-face Selig a 2-years' contract extension,despite the explosion of illegal-drug use in baseball under his commissionership.The once-great American pastime has become a filthy cesspool,thanks to Selig,his pal Shyam Das,dirtbag owners,moronic sports' journalists,foolish fans,inter alia.The Case of  Bugged-Out Braun and His Synthetic Testosterone is another reason for baseball spectators and patriots to stay away from the stadiums until the game really tries to clean up. 

A Defeat for American Patriots in Indianapolis:for the Second Time in the Last 4 Years,the Giants Beat the Patriots in Super Bowl

And the last time the GIANTS beat the PATRIOTS was in 2008.And about 9 months later,the Abomination was elected president.Now that the Patriots in Foxboro,MA-not far from where the first shots were fired in our War for Independence-have let patriots down once again,is this a scary omen that patriots will lose in November and be cursed with 4 more years of Abomination?! Or that the neo-bolshevik Democratic Party will expand their power in Congress? November is a long way away,and anything can happen before then.But,I recommend that we patriots heed this warning,do our best this campaign season,but prepare for the worst.BTW,a record 113 million people watched Super Bowl on TV.And the supertramp Madonna was made up like a goddess at half-time.

Baseball Corruption Continues:By a Vote of 29-1,Team Owners Give Alan "Bud" Selig a 2-Years' Contract Extension

Joke Justice from the Federal Bench:a Clinton- Appointed Female Judge Slaps Barry "Barroid" Bonds on the Wrist(No Jail Time)for His Conviction of Obstruction of Justice During the Investigation of Steroid Use in Pro-Baseball

And What a Co-incidence:On the Same Day That "Barroid" Gets No Jail Time,Another Federal Judge- This One Appointed by Ronald Reagan- Gives No Jail Time to Anthony Galea-Juice Doctor to the "Stars"-for His Conviction on Smuggling Human Growth Hormone(GHG)into America from Canada

Are Pro-Baseball Players Now Using "Synthetic" Drugs?:Ryan Braun-the National League's MVP for 2011-Reportedly Tests Positive for Synthetic Testosterone

I've recently reported and commented on this patriot site about the use of "synthetic" pot.It has killed a teenager and a young adult and may have taken the lives of others who we haven't learned about yet.So now we have Ryan Braun reportedly using not synthetic pot,but synthetic testosterone.No wonder why he hit .337 this year! Talk about a guy getting juiced up! Drug use has become so prevalent throughout America that it has probably infected every area of American culture.It's interesting why MLB tested Braun,unless they were tipped off.And it's another example of a bunch of egotistical,glory-seeking jerks in pro-sports who experiment with their bodies regardless of the harm to their bodies and to the dangerous messages they send to kids who unfortunately emulate these prima donnas.Of course,Braun is appealing,and he should be entitled to an appeal because mistakes are made.But for evidence that he's juiced on fake testosterone, just look at a recent photo of him from the chest up of his bulging neck that I saw on the web.The juice travels throughout the body!

NFL and NBC Hire Super-Tramp Madonna to Perform at Super Bowl

So this is all the morons at NFL and NBC could come up with to "entertain" the Super Bowlers:super-tramp Madonna.This ugly,sleazy anti-Christ broad who has debauched millions of girls in America and throughout the world with her slutty persona is picked to "perform" at half-time at so-called Super Bowl.It's just another example of most of those running pro-sports and broadcast television are just as slutty and anti-Christ as NFL and NBC.Boycott Super Bowl!

During and After a Pre-Season NFL Football Game at San Francisco's Candlestick Park,2 Are Shot,1 Is Assaulted,and 2 of the Victims Are in Critical Condition

A Columnist at The Houston Chronicle Berates the Corrupt US Congress for Doing Nothing About Steroids in Sports

Rick Welts-President of the Phoenix Suns Pro- Basketball Team That Wore "Los Suns" Jerseys During Arizona's Debate on Its Illegal- Immigration Laws-Is "Gay"

Hi,patriots,It has been awhile since making commentary on these news stories.As I type,it's Monday,May 15th,6:50 PM.I intend to be at this keyboard for about the next 2 hours,providing much-needed patriot commentary and also reviewing this Current News Page to prepare for the next post on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary.
As for this article in the extremely pro-homosexual The New York Times-the so-called "Gray Lady"-get a load of the staged photo-imagery of Suns homo president Rick Welts.The subliminal message here is the poor,oppressed,ostracized Ricky sitting in a plush chair,surrounded by a dark shadow.He's trapped in darkness by "homophobia." Now the real world:He's president of a pro-basketball team! That's living in a dark shadow?! Sickening! But this is the essence of the homo lobby in America:portray themselves as forced into a dark closet(even though they call themselves "gay"),to be pitied,sympathized with and,most importantly,to force society at-large to approve and celebrate their proclivities.Get a load of the length of this homosexual-propaganda article.And get a load of NBA commissioner David Stern and his "friendship" with Welts.And get a load of the $100,000 fine he slapped on Kobe Bryant for calling a ref a "faggot" after receiving a technical foul.$100,000! Just for calling someone a faggot! And what if Kobe called the ref some other epithet,like "scumbag"? Would Mr.Stern have fined him that much for that epithet? I doubt it.To the homo lobby and it's parent organization Diversity Gang,some people are special,much more important than others.The Kobe/Welts affairs are just another reason for patriots and morally concerned citizens to stay away from pro-basketball arenas,especially in Phoenix,where Ricky Welts's team Phoenix Suns opted to side with La Conquista illegal immigrants in AZ by making their players wear jerseys with "Los Suns" printed on them.How can anyone attend a pro-basketball game with all these tattoo freaks running up and down the court?! Thanks to David Stern and his deputy Adam Silver(the Silver Star duo)and other creeps,NBA is a hideous freak show.

The Jewish Liberals Running Major League Baseball Celebrate Their Annual "Civil Rights Weekend"

The Jewish-liberal NBA commissioner fines Kobe Bryant a hundred grand for calling a ref "faggot." Alan "Bud" Selig-the Jewish-liberal MLB commissioner-suspends Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell for 2 weeks over inappropriate on-field behavior,also dealing with a homosexual epithet or crudity.Now along comes Bud with his fifth annual "Civil Rights Game." To baseball liberals like Buddy Boy Selig,it isn't 2011,but 1947-the year(64 years ago)Jackie Robinson was allowed to play in the major leagues.Selig and his ilk just want to keep reminding everyone how racist white America was,and probably still is unless they are constantly monitored.And the week before on Mother's Day,every player,coach,manager and umpire wore or used something pink:bats,wristbands,breast pins,etc..There's the 2-legged rat,Jewish-liberal/Jewish-feminist commissioner for us:Feminizing pro-baseball players! Politicizing pro-baseball! America's 4 major pro-sports-baseball,football,basketball,hockey-all have Jewish-liberal commissioners,and it's possible that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is Jewish too,for his mom's maiden name is Goldman.Apart from Goodell,commissioners Selig,Stern,and hockey commissioner Bettman all have rat faces! Look what they've done to these sports! The greed,the idolatries,the drugs,the ego mania,the degeneracy,the obnoxious media people covering these sports,inter alia! Of course,they aren't the only ones to blame,for they wouldn't be heading these enterprises were it not for the team owners.Patriots and sports fans,I urge you to rarely attend these games! Boycott them! Look at some of the clips of games back in the 50s and 60s and even most of the 70s and see how much better the games were back then!

Freak-Show National Basketball Assn.(NBA)Keeps Losing Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Annually and Needs to Change,Says Commissioner Stern(Star in German)and Deputy Commissioner Silver(A Silver Star Runs NBA!)

Baseball Juicer Freak-Show Manuel Ramirez-Fearing Another Suspension for Failing a Drug Test-Retires

A guest comment to this article summed it up perfectly:this ugly freak "Manny" was caught and punished,and now,thank God,he's leaving baseball;but if those running baseball cracked down on other players,there'd be hardly any left,because the vast majority of them are juicers.Why they picked "Manny" out for sacrifice is interesting,but there must've been some reason.Last year he was caught using female growth hormone! And remember all those boobs in Beantown rooting for this creep with the tarantula hairdo? How low boobs will go just to get vicarious thrills and joy from identifying with a baseball "star." Good riddance to Manuel Ramirez,may he never come back,and hopefully he returns to Dominican Republic with his tarantula and stays there.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game:a Giants' Fan Is in a Coma After a Beating By Dodgers' Fans After Opening Day in the City of Angels

Here's more evidence of American society,especially the pro-sports part of it,becoming more violent.In our country's better days,the worst that used to happen to fans rooting for the visiting team at the home team's stadium was maybe getting beer poured on their heads;now they are beaten into comas.And that this sickening assault occurred in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium in the City of Angels is not surprising.Dion-formerly of Dion & the Belmonts-recorded a beautiful song about 30 years ago,where he laments,"I use to be a Brooklyn Dodger," referring to the Dodgers moving from Brooklyn,NY to Los Angeles,CA back in the late '50s.That's when baseball was still the great American pastime and not the sickening spectacle it is today and has been for about the last 20-25 years.

A Federal Jury Convicts Big-Head Barry Bonds of Obstruction of Justice,But Can't Reach a Verdict on Perjury

Big-Head Barry Bonds Is Finally Being Brought to Trial

The Trustee Handling the Bernard Madoff Case Claims the Jewish Owners of the New York Mets Owe Madoff Victims $1 Billion

The Record Is Broken for the Average Salary of a Pro-Baseball Player:$3 Million a Year

Here's something to think about,patriots,the next time you think about plopping down a few hundred bucks for a baseball game.I think I'm going to make an exception next season,however,for I haven't attended a game in about 8 years(I live in the Bronx!):due to the great patriot activism in the state of Arizona over the past few years,I'm planning on attending a whole series played by Arizona Diamondbacks,preferably against New York Mets,or,get this,Los Mets,as la conquistadors called them at one point this past season.

Anthony Galea-the Canadian Doctor Who Juiced Up Several Pro-Athletes in America,Including Tiger Woods-Is Indicted By a Federal Grand Jury in New York State

Here's Proof That to Get a Job at Sports Network ESPN,One Needs to Have an IQ of at Least Minus-10

More Good News on the Once-Great American Pastime:Average Attendance at Games Drops for the Third Straight Year

Another Sickening Part of Pro-Sports in America Today:Curvy Female Reporters(a Latina in This Case) in Locker Rooms of Male Pro-Football Players

What did this curvy latina or her idiot boss from Azteca television network who gave her this assignment think would happen by her appearing on a football field in super-tight jeans while a bunch of 300-lbs.brutes are practicing? What did they expect?! This is more proof that a bunch of yuppie jerks and feminist fools are in sports media.This latino-owned network wanted this babe to interview Mexican-American Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez,maybe to try and recruit him for the cause of La Conquista.Sanchez seems to be an American first and not a Mexicano first,so Azteca may be trying to change his ways.Anyway,more to the issue,female "reporters" don't belong in male locker rooms just like male reporters don't belong in female locker rooms.Indeed,the players should be left alone while they're undressing and showering! How ridiculous! But again,with pro-sports in America now an extravaganza of greed,ego-mania,idol worship and conceit,this latest act of stupidity and immaturity isn't surprising.

Another American Idol Takes a Fall:Tiger and Mrs.Tiger Divorce

It says in the Book of Proverbs that pride goes before a fall,or before destruction.This sure fits the Tiger who has now become a pussycat.He probably juiced up big time to win many of his golf championships(notice how much upper-body mass he has lost ever since Mrs.Tiger slugged him with a golf club),he never should've married in the first place because he was a tomcat,and now this demi-god of the Diversity Gang sports world is stinkeroo on the links.What a relief it is when a false idol comes crashing down.

Former Pro-Baseball Pitcher Roger "The Rocket" Clemens Is Indicted for Lying to Congress Over Using Illegal Drugs

Finally,it only took about 2-3 years,but The Rocket has been indicted for lying to Congress over his testimony on using steroids.This prima donna is so full of himself,like Barry Big-Head Bonds,that he just can't admit he used illegal drugs so he could throw a baseball about 100 miles an hour even when he was over 40-years-old.And I heard Keith Hernandez-a former player and now color man for the New York Mets games on tv-saying after the news of the indictment broke that even Mrs.Clemens was "cut up" in a Sports Illustrated photo of the couple a while back.That's appropriate today for pro-baseball:a juiced-up married couple.Let's see what happens to The Rocket when his trial comes up.We shouldn't hold our breath:Big-Head Bonds has been under indictment for so many years that I've forgotten when he was first indicted.TPTB in baseball and in Washington want the use of illegal drugs among players to be kept as much under-wraps as possible.

More Interesting Comments on Pro-Baseball From Ozzie Guillen-the Pancho Villa-Look-a-Like Manager of Chicago White Sox

If Ozzie Guillen would replace his White Sox cap with a sombrero,he'd look just like Pancho Villa.Regardless,I think he deserves credit for his blunt honesty-a rare commodity in pro-baseball and in US society n general.His most-important claim is that he's the only one warning players from south of the border who play on American teams not to use performance-enhancing drugs(PED)and that TPTB running pro-baseball don't care about illegal-drug use by players.His whining about latinos not being provided interpreters while Asian players are provided interpreters is interesting,but I have a simple solution to this problem:Ban these bloody foreigners from playing on American teams in what used to be our game! They're only here for the Yankee dollar! How can any American in his or her right mind root for foreigners wearing the "home team" uniform when they're not even US citizens and they're only here to enrich themselves?! This is what the once-great American pastime has come to! Pancho should be applauded for airing these issues and for trying to dissuade latino players from using steroids or other illegal drugs.He's fortunate he's a mixed-race latino:if an American manager,especially a white manager,said what he has said recently and in the past,he almost certainly would've been fired.I'll blog more on this issue on A Patriot's Diary.

Eating at America's Sports Stadiums Can Be Hazardous to One's Health

"Take me out to the ballgame...Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack.I don't care if I ever get back." Some "fans" might get food poisoning at a ballgame and might not make it back! I wonder if some of these food workers at these stadiums are illegal immigrants?! Here's just another reason to stay away from the ballgames until or unless the cesspool of pro-sports cleans itself up.

Good News on the Pro-Baseball Front:the Lowest TV Ratings Ever for an "All-Star" Game

Note on the Commentaries: Patriots,I've never been this behind in the commentaries.For a combination of reasons,I'm about a week behind.Egad! I'm having trouble with the software on 4 different browsers I use for the commentaries.I'll be calling the ISP tomorrow.There have also been a lot of important news links that I've posted over the last couple of weeks.And the New York City-area has been blasted with yet another brutal heat wave,which has knocked a lot of stuffing out of me.I can't stop drinking! Thank the Almighty for nice,cold water and iced tea pouring down our parched throats during all this! It's the best feeling and the best physical relief in the world! Please,no arguments on that one! Today there has been a beautiful breeze that we haven't had in about a week! Thank you,Lord!
Anyway,this is great news that pro-baseball's so-called "All-Star"Game bombed in the ratings! And it's an added goodie that Uncle Rupert Murdoch's Fox Network carried the game! Maybe this is a beginning sign that more Americans are fed up with these grossly overpaid, juiced-up "stars"-about a third to a half of them foreigners.Where have you gone,Joe DiMaggio?!

About 1/3 of Pro-Baseball Players and About Half of Minor-League Players Are Foreign-born.Is Baseball Still the Great "American" Pastime?

Baseball fans,patriots,we're getting closer and closer to losing the great American pastime to foreign players! White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen-born in Venezuela-predicted that in 10 years,his fellow latinos will take over pro-baseball.It may be a lot sooner than that! Will Americans keep going to stadiums in New York,Boston,Chicago,Los Angeles and in other cities when most of the players aren't Americans?! I'll root for an American team,wherever they play! And I'm a Bronx boy!

The Manager of the Texas Rangers Baseball Team Tests Positive for Cocaine Back in July and We Just Find Out About It Now!

Here's a great example of why baseball is the filthy cesspool it has been for about the last 15-20 years and why it's getting filthier.The black(or as Diversity Gang would call him,"African-American")manager of a pro-baseball team tests positive for cocaine.All the powers that be in baseball keep it quiet until somehow found about it and fortunately reported it.And now AP sports writer Tom Withers(I believe he's "African-American")writes a story on Mr.Washington and treats him as if he were a hero.He's on his side,and it's probably because he and the coke-snorting manager are the same race.Or maybe Withers snorts too! Maybe it's more sympathy for a fellow snorter than a fellow black man! And get a load of these two jerk players on Texas running right to the manager's side.It's all part of the cover-up of rampant drug use in baseball, from the rat-faced commissioner to the players-union head to the government prosecutors to the ass-kissing,suck-up reporters like Withers.Baseball merits a full-blown criminal investigation.Patriots,please,boycott baseball.The game is in my blood,being a Bronx boy.And that makes me all the more angry for the corrupt officials who've covered up its crimes all these years to be investigated, prosecuted with the evidence,and convicted if found guilty.

What a co-incidence! The Same AP Reporter Who Wrote the Above Story on a Coke-snorting Baseball Manager Now Shills for the Latino Manager of Cleveland Indians,Claiming That Manny Acta Being Bi-Lingual Will Help "...a Team Loaded With Latin Players"

And how perfect for a Diversity Gang sports writer at Diversity Gang news service Associated Press to now write accolades for bi-lingual latino manager Manny Acta-last year's manager of the worst team in baseball! Ha,ha,ha! And now he's manager of another team wallowing in the cellar.But,AP Diversity Gang writer Tom Withers tells Cleveland Injun fans not to worry this year:The bi-lingual manager from Dominican Republic manages a team loaded with latino players and this'll make Cleveland a contender! Ha,ha,ha! Diversity Gang almost-always shows favoritism and preferences for "people of color"-primarily for latinos,then for blacks,then for Asians,and then Jews to a certain extent.Patriots in Cleveland and its environs,I urge you to stay away from Cleveland's stadium,like you've been doing the past few years.

Thanks to the 2-legged Rats Running Pro- Baseball,What Once Was Called the Great American Pastime Is Now an International Circus

This I think broke a record on consecutive stories on the same day on the anti-American,criminal activity that has ruled pro-baseball for about the last 15-20 years.Now we have this anti-American plan from baseball's 2-legged rats to play a 3-games series between New York Mets and Florida Marlins-in Puerto Rico! Ay,caramba! Of course,the Marlins are lucky if they get 5,000 people to attend  an average game in Miami.So maybe the owners will move to PR for more customers.It's interesting why they get so few to attend their games.Maybe most in south Florida are splashing in warm water or sailing on the ocean during Spring and Summer.What's most important from this article is the players union CEO,bragging about the once-American game of baseball having now become an international spectacle.Patriots,the globalists have taken our game away from us.If the trend continues,most if not all teams will be comprised of foreigners in a few years.Please fight this by not attending the games and letting the team owners know why you're not attending.

Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen Predicts That Americans Will "Need a Visa To Play" Pro- Baseball and Also Predicts of His Fellow Latino Players:"...We're Going To Take Over" Baseball In America

It looks like news from La Conquista front keeps growing.Torii Hunter's use of the word "impostor" to describe black-latino baseball players is humorous but not the best word to describe his ostensible frustration.People probably tell him that there are plenty of blacks in pro-baseball,but he responded truthfully that they're latino blacks and not American blacks like himself.I browsed the comments to this article on Yahoo! News and I think I was the only one to comment on White Sox latino manager Ozzie Guillen's prediction that in 10 years,American players and not latinos will need sports visas to play baseball in America and that his fellow latinos are taking over the game.Guillen is a hot-headed,Pancho Villa look-alike from Venezuela with a big mouth,but at times he's brutally honest.And,baseball fans,his prediction is probably going to come true if these dirtbag owners and their ultra-liberal rat-face commissioner Alan(Bud)Selig keep scouting for players south of the border and hire them to play on our teams who still play in ballparks on our soil.Is any American in his right mind going to root for a team made up of bloody foreigners?! I want our game back! And my comment on Yahoo! News was:"Deport Ozzie Guillen!" Torii Hunter,even though he seems to have backtracked a bit,should be applauded for raising this issue,especially since he's a well-known player on a team in heavily latino Los Angeles.

World-famous Pro-athletes(Maybe Tiger Woods?)May Receive Federal Subpoenas To Testify In the Case of a Drug Doctor In Canada

Get a load of this "doctor" and get a load of these idiot pro-athletes experimenting with their bodies,even injecting themselves with a drug derived from calf's blood! How disgusting! How sickening! And wouldn't it be very interesting if Tiger Woods,who just a few days ago made his pathetically self-serving "apology," took HGH(human-growth hormone)or steroids when he was racking up all those tournament wins.Maybe the Tiger will become the Mark McGwire of pro-golf! This Canadian doctor looks like some scary character out of a horror movie.And these athletes,so desperate and so desirous for victory and glory and fame and great wealth,may have jeopardized their health and maybe their lives by going to this quack and letting him experiment on them.Maybe they'll turn into calves! The powers that be in pro sports and in law enforcement have obviously kept a heavy lid on all the drug use in sports over about the last 20 years.Now with RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted Police),FBI,ICE and DEA involved in this case,let's hope the truth emerges,the guilty are discovered and appropriately punished,and the sports world really undergoes its much-needed catharsis.

Good News for Basketball Fans:NBA Is On Course To Lose $400 Million This Year

I was in a local Irish pub here in the Bronx around Christmas time.After a swig from a cold one,I looked up at the nearest tv screen and saw one freak-show after another on a basketball court.How can anyone pay good money to look at these tattooed freaks?! This is something to root for? Give me a break! The commissioner could stop this disgusting vanity if he wanted to,but he now has to worry about keeping NBA solvent.Maybe patriots and disgusted fans are boycotting pro basketball.What a contrast to a repeat of a game I watched in another Irish pub in the neighborhood:Boston Celtics vs.Atlanta Hawks.The Celtic starting five was Robert Parrish,Larry Byrd,Kevin McHale,Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge.No tattooed freak shows, just great ballplayers.I think this game was played sometime in the mid '80s.With the pathetic state of NBA today,it would be great if it goes under and starts anew.

Some Jerk Pays $103,579 for Admitted Steroid User Alex Rodriguez's 500-Home-Run Baseball

Alexahente Rodriguez-the so-called "A-Rod"-had to admit he juiced because his name appeared on a list of players who tested positive for juice.He's also an ingrate who was born in Miami,raised in the Bronx,but played for Dominican Republic-the land of his family and amigos and amigas-in last year's World Baseball Classic;so he played for a Spanish-speaking island-nation against an English-speaking nation that has paid him all his mucho dinero while playing pro-ball.That's the ingrate the A-Rod is.And some clown pays over a hundred grand for the baseball he hit for his 500th home run.Big deal! That ball is tainted! Patriots,baseball fans,I want our game back!!!

A Former President of World Anti-Doping Agency Says "...Drug Use Is Widespread..." In Pro-Baseball

Mark Muscleman McGwire Admits He Juiced

Anyone who believed McGwire didn't juice was either foolish,ignorant or apathetic.It's curious why he finally admitted it,especially since the morons at the St.Louis Cardinals hired him to be their batting coach.And get a load of prune-faced former GOP congressman Tommy Davis implying that his great work cleaned up baseball! As I've written before,pro-baseball has been a criminal enterprise for about the last 20-25 years.The use of illegal drugs has been ignored,covered up,lied about.Hanging an occasional player is obviously meant just to convince us that those running baseball are cracking down when they're doing nothing of the kind.The players,owners,commissioners,
union heads,politicians,agents and,yes,the fans are responsible for the once-great American pastime becoming the cesspool that it is and has been for too long.Patriots:Boycott baseball until it's cleaned up!

An Arrested Canadian Doctor,Tiger Woods and Actovegin-a HGH Extracted From Calf's Blood!

Is Mrs.Tiger Still Wielding That Golf Club?

The Average Annual Salary for a Pro-Baseball Player:Just Under $3 Million

For throwing and hitting a baseball,the average pro-player now gets just under 3 million bucks a year.Just one more reason why patriots should stay away from ballparks.

Even Wives of Pro-Baseball Players Are Using,and Dying From,Drugs

Since I live in the Bronx and Scott Schoenweiss once pitched for New York Mets,I remember first reading about this tragedy and that the reports were less than forthcoming.So now they admit that Mrs.Schoenweiss died from a drug overdose;she had 3 children.So again,powers that be in pro-baseball and sports media kept it quiet as long as they could the cause of her death.If this was an everyday couple,there'd be no coverup;but they cover up for baseball players and now even for their wives.They are continuing to hide the dirty laundry:illegal drug use is obviously rampant in pro-baseball.And only a full-scale federal investigation will bring it to the surface and prosecute the guilty.

A Sportswriter Who Doesn't Kiss the Tiger's Ass.And It Looks Like Mrs.Tiger Assaulted Tiger With a Golf Club Over His "Transgressions" and She'll Probably Get Away With It

So big,bad Tiger Woods,with all his profanity-laden tirades on the links,obviously gets a whooping from Mrs.Tiger with one of his clubs,has his SUV destroyed,and he's afraid to press charges.Patriots,what would've happened if Tiger assaulted Mrs.Tiger in a similar fashion? He'd be locked up in a flash! Yes,it's obvious he has a girlfriend or two, Mrs.Tiger confronted him,he tried to get away from her clubbing by driving away,but she caught up with him.Can you believe how they insulted us with that big lie of a story? Such are the lifestyles of many of the rich and famous.Mrs.Tiger could've killed Tiger with that iron.But since he won't press charges,I assume that's why the police in Florida won't arrest her.She should be arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon.And as is so often the case with 2 spoiled-brat parents,the kids will suffer.

The Tiger Gets a Fine and Points and May Have Another Girlfriend

Mr.& Mrs.Tiger Still Aren't Talking.Does Tiger Have a Girlfriend?

Tiger Woods's Strange Car Accident Gives a Glimpse Into a "Gated Community" of the Rich and Famous

Outstanding golf-pro Tiger Woods has been an idol of the Diversity Gang in the sports media ever since he won his first major tournament.And the main reason for the constant coverage and adulation of him is obviously because he's half-black/ one-quarter white/one-quarter Thai.What a perfect combination for the Diversity Gang! In my lifetime,I've never seen or heard such unrelenting praise and admiration for a pro-golfer,regardless of how great a golfer he is.But this multi-racial Tiger( What kind of a name is that for a human being?)is another cultural icon of the remaking of America that our bi-racial president has in mind for us.
As far as this accident goes,it looks like the Tiger had a spat with the Mrs.(maybe she wasn't in the mood)and tore out of his driveway in the wee hours of the morning in a rage,and then crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree;he also may have had a drink or two too many,although this article says no alcohol was involved.So let's see if the truth on the Tiger and Mrs.Tiger comes out in the police investigation or whether the police,the news media and the Tiger's handlers launch a cover-up to protect America's #1 golf idol.And get a load of the description of the super-rich "gated community" where the Tigers live:in a $2.4 million mansion in a neighborhood surrounded by a high brick wall with its own security force.It sounds like it's a foreign country set apart from the everyday yokels,and it's symbolic of a society that continues to stratify and worships the opulence of the rich and famous.It's understandable they want their privacy,like the Tiger named his yacht "Privacy." But do they literally have to wall themselves in and away from the rest of us like we're rabble?
PS:And this 33-year-old tiger is worth about $ 1 billion; not too shabby just for swinging a golf club.

It's Getting More and More Nuts Out There:a Trans-sexual Sportswriter at The Los Angeles Times Reportedly Commits Suicide

Here's a sad,sickening testament to the type of sportswriters we have today:Trans-sexuals! Mike Penner/Christine Daniels was a tormented individual,probably for the vast majority of his life.And this torment drove him to suicide.Did he have to get married,like James McGreevey-a former governor of New Jersey who married and had kids even though he was a homo? And of all the jobs for Penner/Daniels,was covering sports up his alley? In a nutshell,this is another sign that America is losing her mind.

It's a Dark Day In Baseball and In America:New York Yankees Win the World Series.And Their MVP Can't Even Speak English!

Now,Even Pro-Golfers Are Juicing Up! Will It Ever End?

How Appropriate for Today's Pro Baseball:Steroid User Mark McGwire Is Hired as Batting Coach for St.Louis Cardinals.Will He Bring His Juice With Him?

Baseball fans,patriots:Can we begin to imagine the temerity,the gall,of the St.Louis Cardinals' general manager to hire steroid boy Mark McGwire as the team's hitting coach?! Is he going to teach the players the best way to juice up? One American establishment after another is falling apart from indecency and immorality because some dirtbags are running these institutions into the ground out of their animal desires for great wealth and great glory.Not one major-league player has been suspended for illegal-drug use,to my knowledge,since freak show Manuel Ramirez was suspended for 50 games a few months back.It's obvious that drug use is rampant and has been rampant for about 20 years in pro-baseball.And those running the game and those in high positions of legal and law-enforcement authority are obviously alowing it to continue as long as big money and big glory continues to be made.As I type,game 1 of the World Series will begin about 10 miles from where I live in Bronx,NY-at 8:20 pm! It'll be bedtime for a lot of people in about an hour or two! I remember before greed totally took over baseball when World Series games almost always started in the afternoon! Patriots,boycott pro-baseball! And shame on the St.Louis Cardinals for hiring Mark McGwire! Where have you gone,Joe DiMaggio?!

And How Appropriate This Is:Baseball's Rat-faced Commissioner Alan("Bud")Selig Is "Happy" Mark McGwire Is Back In Baseball

What Irony:Bronx County,NY-Home of the New York Yankees with Its Nearly $200 Million Annual Payroll-Is the Poorest County In America

The corruption of American society is sometimes best represented by the corruption of pro-baseball.Americans have inured themselves to baseball players making incredible amounts of money to throw,catch and hit a baseball.So it's an incredible irony that almost smack-dab in the middle of America's poorest county is the new Yankee Stadium,with Yankees' owner George Steinbrenner signing free agents in the off-season to contracts in the hundreds of millions of dollars.How sad and tragic what has happened to the Bronx-where I was born and raised and still reside.And the Puerto Rican borough president's solution to the Bronx being the poorest county in America:more government programs and more government money.That pathetic excuse of a solution is one reason why the Bronx keeps going downhill,but I'll stay as long as I can until I believe it's a totally lost cause.

Minor League Baseball in America is Becoming "...a Veritable United Nations."

President Boy George in 2007 signed a bill that'll  be bringing even more foreigners in to minor-league baseball in America.This is just another curse on the nation:the great American pastime is on the road to becoming a foreign game.Case in point.This Bronx boy watched a Yankee game about 2 weeks ago.They won a "home game" in extra innings via a walk and two hits.The players involved were the so-called A-Rod(Alex "I used steroids" Rodriguez),Jorge Posada and Robbie Cano.The latter two are a Puerto Rican-born Cuban and a Dominican,respectively,while A-Rod is a Miami-born Dominican who played for Dominican Republic in last year's World Baseball Classic(that shows where his love and affection are).So what's there to root for in pro baseball today? A bunch of bloody foreigners who can barely speak English,if at all!
The powers that be in baseball and politics have so bamboozled baseball fans that they don't even realize what they've done to our once-great game! There are some teams that are so populated with non-Americans that a fan is actually rooting for a foreign team even though they play in a US city and wear the uniform of the team playing in that city.
My advice to baseball fans:Stay away from teams with mostly foreign players and root for mostly American teams! Better yet,boycott the whole bloody spectacle until the game gets cleaned up!

Finally,a Sports Writer Who Doesn't Kiss the Ass of Tiger Woods!

On my My Yahoo! homepage,I have RSS feeds from AP sports,AFP(Agence France Press)sports and Reuters sports.Each RSS box normally contains links to 5 articles.And each AP,AFP and Reuters box had a link to the performance today of Tiger Woods.First,can someone tell me if that's his real first name? What kind of a name is that for a man? Now as to why I posted this critical article and my commentary on the Tiger.Has any golfer ever had coverage like what the Tiger gets? If he's good,like today,there's coverage.If he stinks,like yesterday,there's coverage.Coverage,coverage,coverage for the Tiger.Why? It's got to be because he's half-black,a quarter white and a quarter Chinese.I'd bet a lot of golfers voted for Abomination because they thought they were voting for Tiger Woods! To the Diversity Gang liberals in sports media and political media,the Tiger and the Abomination are idols,demi-gods,due to their racial make-up and their fame.It's undeniable that the Tiger is a great golfer,although he has been pretty lousy for about a year now.Ever since his injury,he hasn't been the same.This article on relates how the Tiger acts like a jerk on the links.He's unsportsmanlike,vulgar,unprofessional,obnoxious,like brattish retired tennis player John McEnroe.The sports media ripped into McEnroe when he misbehaved on the court,but the Tiger barely earns a criticism.And it's obvious that the same kind of liberal journalists who may have very well been all over the brat McEnroe hold their tongues and their pens with the Tiger because he's mixed race and McEnroe is an Irishman.Again,the racial favoritism of the Diversity Gang,whether they have control in sports,politics,education,media,wherever,is displayed here with their favorite tiger.Let's see if the ESPN reporter with a bit of guts gets any support for his article.I'm pleasantly surprised that liberal ESPN posted the article.

More Evidence of the Corruption of the Great American Pastime

I'm a long-time Bronx boy;baseball is in my blood.I love the game and have great memories of "And it's root,root,root for the home team[the New York Yankees-the Bronx Bombers],if they don't win it's a shame.'Cause it's one,two,three strikes you're out at the ol' ball game."
But the ol' game isn't that anymore;it is now an ugly travesty of greed,ego-mania,rampant drug use,foreigners replacing Americans on American teams,playoff games ending at midnight towards the end of October,yuppie punks covering the games,inter alia.Yes,I still watch part of a game and follow the standings somewhat,but louses took over the game about 20-25 years ago and they haven't let go.
This article deals with drug use among these primadonnas with their multi-million-dollar salaries.Of course drugs is largely responsible for all these players getting hurt so often.They're damaging their bodies for fame and fortune;more importantly,they're setting rotten examples for kids.And look at the inept,lethargic Congress and US Justice Dept.not prosecuting these multi-millionaire junkies in baseball.Look at the interminable delays in the Barry Bonds trial,in the investigation into Roger Clemmens.The corrupt political establishment rubs shoulders with the corrupt pro-baseball establishment.If the government and rat-faced commissioner Alan("Bud")Selig wanted to,they could've cleaned up baseball a long time ago.They don't want to! They would have to suspend about half the players if they conducted regular testing! As long as fans keep going to games and pay outrageous prices to support the corrupt game,nothing much will change.In the words of Simon & Garfunkel in their wretched song Mrs.Robinson:"Where have you gone,Joe DiMaggio?" How I miss the game the way it used to be.

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