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Sears-Once the Leader in the American Retail Industry-Files for Bankruptcy

Is This Evidence of What President-Elect Chump Refers to as the "False Economy?:" Almost All the Jobs Created in America Under the Rule of President Destroyer Have Been Part-Time, Temporary, or Contracted Out

The Bluest Skies Aren't in Seattle: the Revolutionaries Ruling the Anti-Patriot Capital of the Northwest US Impose a Business Tax to Address Its Homeless Crisis, Causing Amazon and Starbucks-2 Anti-Patriot Revolutionary Companies Run By Revolutionary Jews Jeffy Bezos and Howie Schultz-to Cry Like Babies(As Ralph Kramden Chortled 63 Years Ago: " Har Har Har de Har Har! ")

 After screaming and hollering from Howie and Jeffie, Seattle's revolutionaries repealed this law, just a few weeks after they enacted it! 

Patriots, Add " Netflix " to the Patriot Boycott List: First They Hired Susan Rice-President Destroyer's National Security Advisor-for Their Board of Directors, and Now They Hire Destroyer and Mrs. Destroyer to Produce Revolutionary Films and TV Shows!

Bob Adelman at Believes That Some of the Big Banks, Concerned About Their Money and Power, May Be Behind the Huge Stock-Market Selloff of the Last Few Days

About 6 Months Ago, a Mall in Colorado Closes Due to a " Devastating Hailstorm, " But Re-Opens, Even Though About 20% of Malls Are Expected to Close in US Over the Next 5 Years

Patriot Report, 12/26/2015, 0925 Hours: the following stats are taken from a recent report by blogger Michael Snyder on the collapsing US economy.

1: In 1970, the middle class took home 62% of their income; today they take home 43%.

2: There are now about a million less middle-class jobs than when the recession started about 2006.

3: About 1/2 of US workers make less than $30,000 a year.

4: In the past 6 years, more businesses have closed than have opened.

5: About 1/2 of those 25-years'-old are living with their parents.

6: About 1/2 of public-school students are so poor that they qualify for school-lunch subsidies. 

7: 40% of kids raised by a single parent live in poverty.

8: In 1950, 80% of men had jobs; today, only 65% of men have jobs.


Patriots, it's obvious that the Republicrat establishment is waging economic warfare against the American working class, especially the white working class, with it's anti-white/anti-male practices of "affirmative action," quota systems, "Diversity," illegal immigration, most of it from Latin America,inter alia. I recommend we save as much money as we can, shop around and spend wisely, keep channels of communication and networking with co-patriots going as long as we can, don't quit jobs unless it's indispensable, don't get into or get out of debt, and of course, work hard to push the filthy scum ruling us in Washington, DC off their thrones of power and replace them with patriots and statesmen. May the LORD be with us.











Bad News for Patriots on the Newspaper Front: Liberal-Fascist/Feminist-Fascist Gannett Co.- Owners of Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Newspaper USA Today-Buy Journal Media Group, Giving Them Ownership of Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Memphis Commercial Appeal, and 13 Other Daily Newspapers, Thus Increasing Their Newspaper Ownership in Our Country to 107

More Proof of Americans Having Very Little Discretionary Income: Sears Holdings-Owner of Sears and Kmart Department Stores-Will Close 78 Stores

Thank You Very Much, NAFTA: 2 HVAC Plants in Indiana Will Close Down and Relocate to Mexico, Costing 2,100 American Jobs

Now Isn't This Just Ducky: About 2/3 of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Their Savings Accounts and About 1/4 Don't Even Have a Savings Account!

Americans Keep Making Themselves More Dependent on the Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Financial Establishment: Consumer Borrowing Is at a Record-High

"The Fed [US Federal Reserve Board-America's Unconstitutional Central Bank] to Savers:'Drop Dead'"(Claims Finance Writer Doug Kass)

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Destroyer: the Percentage of Americans Who Own a Small Business Hits an All-Time Low

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Destroyer: Due Mainly to Much Regulation, a Struggling Economy and Historically Low Interest Rates That Punish Savers, the Number of Banks in America Drops to a Record-Low

While the Anti-Working-Class/Anti-Patriot Establishment Media Crows Over the June Report on Jobs, They Omit the Dirty Secret: The US Economy Lost About Half-a-Million Full-Time Jobs in June While Adding 800,000 Part-Time Jobs! To the Wretched Ruling Class, It's Only the Quantity of Jobs That Matters, Not the Quality

The Glories of the "Global Economy:" the Unemployment Rate in USA for Recent College Graduates in Their 20s is Almost 11%, and of Those Who Are Working, 40% Are Under-Employed, 20% Are Part-Time and 20% are in Low-Wage Jobs

Blogger Michael Snyder Cites Much Evidence in Claiming That America's Middle Class Is Dying

Patriot Notice, 3/17/2014, Saint Patrick's Day: A Happy St. Patty's Day to all you green patriots celebrating the people, culture, history and/or Catholic religion of the nation of Ireland. One great part of Irish culture is the great music made by the Irish, especially what we call "Rebel Music." We American patriots need rebel music today! To help bring down the anti-patriot, anti-Christ Republicrat establishment ruling us! What Mike Jones at Culture Wars magazine calls " a despicable, soft-totalitarian regime!" Anyway, below are some cold facts I've gleaned from, 3/13/2014, that show the danger working-class Americans are in.     

1: The rate of homeownership has fallen for 8 straight years, meaning more Americans are renting their homes and not owning them

2: 56% of Americans have subprime credit

3: 60% of jobs lost during the recession have been middle-class jobs, while only 22% of the jobs created during the recession have been middle-class jobs

4: 50% of Americans in the 18-29 age group consider themselves lower-class(a rise from 25% in 2008)

5: The US poverty rate has been 15% or higher for 3 straight years(the first time that has happened since 1965)


Patriots, the US economy and our society in general are undergoing radical change; we're slowly but surely turning into a banana republic where the wealthy and upper-classes rule over and oppress the majority working-class people who barely get by. Unless patriots rise up and work and fight for a reversal of this trend, our fate will be sealed. 





Patriot Notice, December 24th (Christmas Eve), 2013, 0015 Hours: Hi, patriots. I've been a bit behind on the news the last few days, and I plan to be rather busy on Christmas Eve, while Christmas Day looks like it's going to be quiet. I'm going to post these bullets from a recent post at the blog, then smoke a cheap cigar, take out the garbage and then hit the hay for a busy day tomorrow. President Destroyer keeps breaking records:

                 1: The US banking system has $14.4 trillion in total assets. The 6 largest banks-JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley-own 2/3 of those assets.
                2:The number of children in US taking anti-psychotic drugs has nearly tripled over the past 15 years.
                3: Median household income in USA has dropped for 5 straight years.
                4: The rate of homeownership in America has dropped for 8 straight years.
                5: Investors pulled $72 billion out of bond mutual funds in 2013-the worst year for bond funds ever(another record gets broken under Destroyer's rule).
                6:Only 7% of all non-farm workers in US are self-employed; that's an all-time low(Yet another record gets broken under Destroyer!).
                7: In Detroit, MI, 60% of the children are poor, and there are 78,000 abandoned homes(that's no misprint, 78,000).
                8: Violent crime in US increased 15% last year("They" can't say "Crime is down" any more! "They" are going to have to come up with a new line to try to make us think that all is just ducky in good ol' USA!).

To Post This Link on Labor Day 2013 Is Quite Appropriate:as One of the Terrible Consequences of Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society," in Most States in USA,Welfare Provides More Income Than Jobs That Pay Minimum Wage

While Anti-Patriot/Anti-American Establishment Media Crows Over a 7.6% Unemployment Rate, an Editorial at Investor's Business Daily Tells the Real Story

Patriots,here's more proof that big media tell each other about America's working class:"Let them eat cake." This lovely phrase was supposedly made by a French princess around the time of the French Revolution.Upon learning that the peasants were complaining that they had no bread,the princess offered the lovely alternative of eating cake instead.Apparently we have a bunch of arrogant,modern-day princesses and princes who are running the big-media establishment and the political establishment too who have a similar hatred towards the working man and woman in contemporary America, just like the French princess had for her countrymen over 200 years ago; such class hatred and arrogance culminated in the Reign of Terror,which its supporters euphemistically call "The French Revolution." Following is a summary I've compiled from this IBD editorial and from one in,surprisingly,big-business-loving The Wall Street Journal(the Journal didn't join the rhapsody of the June jobs' report mainly because they're anti-Obamacare)that cites the numbers that BIg Media doesn't want the average American to know about the June employment report:\

                 1)the number of workers employed full-time dropped by 240,000

                 2)the broad unemployment rate-a combination of underemployed workers and discouraged workers(i.e.,workers who need full-time work but can only find part-time work,and those who've given up looking for work,respectively)-rose from 13.8% to 14.3%

                 3)the number of discouraged workers rose by 247,000

                 4)the number of underemployed rose 322,000

                 5)the unemployment rate for those age 18-29 is 16%

                 6)and here's the kicker,patriots:Of about 700,000 jobs created so far this year,only 130,000 are full-time! It looks like USA is becoming a part-time nation!

Patriots,I overheard the CBS-owned all-news station in New York City absloutely gushing over the June jobs' report as if everything is all OK now.Even though there was no drop in the unemployment rate! Can't we see that the people running Big Media in big markets hate America's working class and are just interested mainly in preserving their own power and wealth and their opulent lifestyles and that of the rest of the upper classes?! Let's throw the cake back in their faces! 



3 More Records Get Broken Under the Rule of President Destroyer: 1)Delinquent Student Loans Hit a Record-High, 2)About 1/3 of Young Adults Aged 20-24 Are Unemployed or Not in School, 3)The Percentage of Adults Aged 55 and Over Who Are Working Is at an All-Time High

Moving to,or Running to,the Suburbs,Doesn't Automatically Make One Wealthier:in USA,2000-2011,Suburban Poverty Rose 64%-Double the Urban-Poverty Growth Rate

Blogger Michael Snyder Claims a "Retail Apocalypse" Has Hit America,with Thousands of Chain Stores Scheduled to Close This Year,While the Top 10% of Income Earners "...Are Still Doing Very Well" and Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Mr.Magoo Greenspan Claims All Will Be OK If the Stock Marker Stays High(Magoo:You've Done It Again!)

Detroit,MI-Once Known as Motown,Motor City and,During WW2,the Arsenal of Democracy-Is Officially Bankrupt,Collapsing,and May Well Be the Future of the Average Big City in USA

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Abomination's Rule:Foreign Ownership of US Treasury Securities Hits a Record-High in October 2012(Foreigners Own About 1/3 of US Treasury Securities)

Jonathan Corzine-a Former Democratic Governor of NJ and a Former US Senator from the Garden State,Who Spent About $130 Million of His Own Money to Capture Those Seats of Political Power-Was Primarily Responsible for the Collapse of Brokerage Firm MF Global and the Loss of $1.6 Billion in Customer Funds-Yet He Still Hasn't Faced Criminal Charges

Some Good News for Patriots:Mary Schapiro- Chairwoman of Securities & Exchange Commission(SEC)Who Failed to Uncover and Prosecute So Much Wall Street Crime(Probably Intentionally)-"Resigns"(This Article's Facial Photo of Mary Is the First Time I've Seen Her Kisser/What a Stern-Looking Broad!)

William D.Cohan at Claims That Securities & Exchange Commission(SEC)"...Has Finally Lost Its Mind":They Sue the Only Credit-Rating Agency Not Paid By Wall Street Mega-Firms Probably Because They Downgraded US Debt

The Old Sheepskin Isn't as Valuable as It Used to Be in America:Half of New College Graduates Are Either Unemployed or Underemployed

It's About Time:President Abomination Signs Stock Act into Law,Thus Banning Congress and Their Staffs from Benefitting from Insider Trading

President Abomination's Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS)Reports a Gain of 227,000 Jobs in February,and His Big-Media Allies Trumpet the Report Without Question.But Economist Paul Craig Roberts Objects,Claiming "...US Is Well on Its Way to Becoming a Third World Country..."

And...Gallup Inc.Reports February Unemployment Was Actually 9.1%,Not the 8.3% Reported By BLS(Who's Right?)

Sarah Bloom Raskin-a Governor at Federal Reserve Board(aka the Glorified Counterfeiters)-Shows Her Contempt for Americans Who Try to Save Money During a Speech in Liberal-Rich Westport,CT

President Abomination Keeps Rolling,with 2 More Records Getting Broken Under His Lordship!:the Percentage of Yound-Adult Americans with Jobs Is at Its Lowest Level Since Records Started Being Kept After WW2,and the Employment Gap Between Young Adults and Other Age Groups Is the Widest Ever(Atta Boy,Abomination!)

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Abomination!:Despite a 2/10-Point Drop in the Unemployment Rate for January,1.2 Million Americans Left the Labor Force from December to January

Patriots,the Democratic wing of America's anti-patriot political establishment and the bulk of America's financial establishment are absolutely ga-ga over the latest unemployment drop:A whopping 2/10 of a point! What a riot! They are pulling every trick out of their hats to brainwash us into believing that Happy Days Are Here Again! And we can expect more of these head games the rest of the year to help get their demi-god Abomination re-elected.Hopefully,blog posts like this one will help break the spell that they're trying to cast on us.Regardless,congratulations to the Abomination for yet another record getting broken under his anti-patriot presidency!

After a Wild Spending Spree Over Black-Friday Weekend(Including "Cyber Monday"),Americans Cooled Off Christmas Spending in December.Good.And the Glorified Counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve Now Will Not Raise Interest Rates Until Late 2014

Well,patriots,I wrote on this site and its blog a Patriot's Diary that we'll wait and see if US consumers will keep spending as madly as they did on Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.It turns out that my speculation it wouldn't last came true,and the major media has just now let it slip out.It seems that shoppers splurged over Thanksgiving weekend and then calmed down.This is mostly good news,in that it shows Americans were more cost-conscious during the Christmas season and didn't spend foolishly and unnecessarily like the corrupt powers-that-be want us to.When the spending was splurging,the major media didn't shut up about it.Now that consumer spending increased only 0.1% in December from the previous year,they are very quiet.And that Uncle Ben Shalom Bernanke and his fellow counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates near zero until late 2014 is more proof that they and their comrades want to keep punishing savers,make us more dependent on loans and credit and,in essence,keep us as financially weak and vulnerable as possible.

President Abomination Does It Again!:Another Record Gets Broken,as 2011 Saw a Record-Low Number of Single-Family Homes Built in America

This fits the pattern all too well,patriots.As America continues to become a society of renters and not home owners,having a record-low number of single-family homes built for 2011 just makes us more dependent on banks,infestors and landlords and less-self-reliant.The so-called "American Dream" of a recently married couple settling down in their own little castle and raising a family in a relatively safe neighborhood is getting more out-of-reach.It seems like America is heading towards a feudal society,where the rich landowners and their lords live luxuriously on the top of the hill while the peasants live subsistently.So let's give Abomination credit for helping to break yet another record as America keeps sliding into more dependence and a much-lower standard of living.

And Yet Another Record Gets Broken Under President Abomination!:a Record Amount of Imports Entered America in November 2011

6 Mega-Corporations Dominate US Media,and Most of Them Are Jewish-Owned

2 More Records Get Broken Under President Abomination:Americans Spent a Record Amount on Gasoline in 2011,and for the First Time Ever,Fuel Is America's Top Export

The Greed of "House Flippers" and the Possible Criminal Negligence of the Glorified Counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve Caused Much of America's Housing Crisis,Especially in the States of Florida,California,Arizona and Nevada

"House flippers." Here are another bunch of selfish,greedy low-lifes heavily responsible for destroying many neighborhoods.I first heard this term "flipping" from an across-the-street neighbor about 8 months ago as he described the process where an "infestor"(per Jim Cedarstrom at Money Talks)buys houses with the only intention of selling them as soon as he can for a fat profit without consideration for what it does to the neighborhood.And while the houses are unsold but on the market,he rents the houses out to any Tom,Dick and Harry as long as they pay the rent the infestor wants.And again,the infestor,the house flipper,cares little about the type of people he rents to as long as he gets his rent money.But all the infestors and flippers out there didn't anticipate the steep price drops in existing homes,the foreclosures,the mortgage deadbeats.And this is why the housing market is so depressed in America:as they used to say in Brooklyn,it's stinkin',rotten greed.And the writer of this article concludes with a very important bit of info:Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission(FCIC)declared that the glorified counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve knew about many of these risky loans that were doled out to people who never should've gotten them,and the Fed did virtually nothing about it.Steve Green wrote this very important,well-written,well-researched article,and I recommend that patriots e-mail him from the link on the article's page to thank him for writing this article.

The US Economy in 2011:50 Reasons Why It Wasn't a Very Good Year

Compiling this list of 50 negative economic indicators must've been quite an endeavor for this blogger.But he sure spells it out for us.Doesn't he,patriots? The long and the short of this list is that we the people of America are very vulnerable and in serious trouble,economically,financially,professionally,socially.Here's my 10-points' synopsis of this blogger's list:1)about half of us are poor or low-income(Almost half!);2)the average length of time a US worker is unemployed is 10 months;3)40% of jobs are low-income jobs;4)construction of new homes is set to hit a record-low for 2011(Another broken record for  President Abomination!);5)for 5 straight years,electricity bills have risen higher than the inflation rate;6)medical-care costs account for 16% of Americans' spending;7)about half of us have trouble paying medical bills or carry medical debt;8)about half of us have less than 10 grand saved for retirement;9)7% of Americans live in "extreme poverty"(Another broken record for Abomination! What a roll he's on!);10)about half of us receive some form of government benefit,like unemployment insurance,food stamps or housing aid.Patriots,we don't know what's going to hit us in 2012,but I recommend we hold on to our hats and do everything we can to get anti-patriots out of power and patriots and statesmen into government office before it's too late.Meanwhile,please pass the link to this blog post on to as many patriots and concerned citizens as possible.Let's reward this blogger for his hard work by at least spreading his message.



Americans Went Nuts on Black Friday Weekend

Major retailers went more nuts and greedy than they already are,and millions of Americans fell into their traps of opening up Thanksgiving night at the bewitching hour of midnight and offering all sorts of "bargains." There were record amounts of shoppers and sales this Thanksgiving weekend.I guess this is another broken record for President Abomination to add to his list! But it's TBD whether this is a positive or a negative for America.It could be a positive in that maybe shoppers scooped up the deals while they were offered and now will relax for the rest of the Christmas season.Yes,patriots,this is the CHRISTMAS season.Not the holiday season! Over the 4-days' weekend,the only things this patriot bought were 10 gallons of gas and a delicious Bronx pizza! That's it! I was driving on Rte.4(Mall Row)in New Jersey on Saturday and saw the parking lots jammed to the brims with autos.Sad and dangerous what mass consumerism and hedonism can do to a society.However,maybe this was buyer discretion.We'll see.

What the US Government and Its "Free Trade" Treaties Have Done to America:Over the Past 10 Years,an Average of 15 Factories a Day Have Shut Down

I first learned of this website from a recent issue of Last Trumpet Newsletter.There's a lot of good stuff on this site and I recommend patriots visit it as often as possible.Its researchers and writers seem to genuinely care about what the globalist sellouts and their "free trade" treaties and "agreements" have done to the American blue-collar factory worker.And to the American consumer too,for we have so many less choices in what products we wish to buy,like electronics and clothes.Of all the patriot battles that we'll be fighting or trying to fight now and into the near-future,fighting to repeal these anti-American-worker "free trade" conspiracies will be extremely difficult,especially with the very evil Democratic Party and the lesser-evil Republican Party ruling our country.However,this is one of those issues where GOP is worse than the donkeys.Patriots must still try to fight this battle before hardly anything is made in America anymore and the traitors in DC make us dependent on foreigners for virtually everything we buy or use.

A Reporter at The Indianapolis Star Wonders If 24- Hours Retail Stores Will Start Closing at Night.Let's Hope So!

Yes,patriots,let's hope so.I want to wake up in a city that does sleep,Frank Sinatra notwithstanding.The 24-hours retail operation is one of the symptoms of a profit-crazed economy that treats consumers and workers as if they're just money machines to make businessmen rich and the rich richer.Maybe now they're starting to wake up out of their greed and their inconsideration for those forced to work the graveyard shift because nothing else is available.There's no need for a department store to stay open past midnight.None.I recommend patriots stay out of these stores(unless it's an emergency,of course)and hopefully this will make the store owners realize that 24-hours' operations aren't worth it,in any sense.

The Rise and Fall of Ultra-Liberal Plutocrat Jonathan Corzine

How sweet it is when the arrogant fall from their high places and come crashing down.Jonny Corzine spent about $60 million of his money to get elected to US Senate from NJ.Then the former hot-shot executive from plutocrat investment-bank Goldman Sachs spent about another 40 mill of his own shekels to get elected Jersey governor.And the dopes in Jersey elected him both times.But they finally woke up and replaced him with fatso Chris Christie at the last election;they had suffered enough under the rulership of this fat cat super-liberal with all the dough in the world to play in his personal political playground.And now he resigns as head of MF Global(I wonder what MF stands for?!)-like his former employee and wealth empire Goldman Sachs, just another money-grubbing wealth chaser that looks to make the fast big bucks all over the world.It shows us that this former US senator and state governor has no love or affection for this country and hates patriotism;his love is what St.Paul condemned as "the love of money[that's]the root of all evil"(1 Timothy 6:10).He placed bets on European financial instruments,and he lost,thank God.And now there may be a criminal investigation of MF because of missing customer funds.And what's great news for patriots is that he won't be funding nearly as much,if at all,a lot of his fellow anti-patriot Democrats who'll be running in the 2012 elections,like the Abomination.And remember,patriots,that this liberal creep with all his millions,when he was governor,did take the time to drive to a debate at Princeton University over former radio host Don Imus's on-air name-calling of some female-black basketball players("nappy-headed hos").Definitely a poor choice of words,but nothing that deserved the howling from Diversity Gang.And both Corzine and his state-trooper chauffeur were injured in a car accident en-route to that debate and they were both seriously injured.Was this the Almighty's judgment on an arrogant plutocrat who was so offended by Imus's remarks about one of his "protected groups"(black females,in this case)that he had to attend a debate about it because he thought it deserved special attention and immediate redress? I think it's possible.And if anyone in high power in America deserves the Almighty's wrath,it's Jonny Corzine.May he learn from his humbling,whether he winds up in prison or not.

Despite the Utter Failure of "Free Trade" Treaties Like NAFTA and CAFTA,the Sellout US Congress Passes 3 More Treaties,This Time with Colombia,Panama and South Korea

The State Capital of Harrisburg,PA Files for Bankruptcy

Only 2% of Food Imports Into America Are Inspected.Only 2 %!

President Abomination Breaks Yet Another Record!:America Has Never Had More Poor People Than Now

And Average Household Income Drops to Its Lowest Level Since 1996

More Bad News from the Once-Golden State:the Percentage of Working-Age Californians with Jobs Drops to a Record-Low(Another Broken Record for President Abomination!)

Americans Are Making Late Mortgage Payments at 8 Times the Normal Rate

In Baltimore,MD in the First Half of 2011,20% of Homes Have Sold for Less Than $20,000

Abomination Breaks Another Record!:the Yield on the 10-Years US Treasury Note Drops to a Record-Low

Is America Becoming a "Rentership Society"-i.e.,a Society of Renters and Not Homeowners?

The Government of Sodom By the Bay Goes to Red China for 5,300 Tons of Steel for San Francisco Bay Bridge

Melting Ice in Arctic Sea-a Big Bugaboo of Global Warming Gang-May Greatly Expand Access to Fishing and Exploration of Oil & Gas in Arctic Sea

More Broken Records in the US Economy:18% of Total National Income Comes from Payments from the Federal Government,While Total National Income from Wages Drops to Its Lowest Level,at 51%

31 States Have Under-funded Pension Costs for State Workers

Detroit,MI Lays Off About 6,000 School Teachers and Administrators

Another Negative Economic Record Is Broken:Only 67% of Men in America Are Employed,as More Americans Continue to Leave the Workforce

Just What the American Working Class Needs:Another "Free Trade" Treaty,This Time With Colombia-a Nation Where Half of Its Territory Is Ruled By a Marxist Revolutionary/Drug-Dealing Guerrilla Army

Yes,patriots,the "free traders" are ideologues,they do the bidding of their wealthy benefactors,and of the globalists who are beavering to destroy one border after another.Of all the countries to establish "free trade" with,they pick drug-infested Colombia-a country where FARC(Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia-a Marxist rebel group and drug cartel)rule half the country! Again,patriots,like I write in the commentary below on Operation Fast & Furious,has the Abomination and his globalist handlers picked an open-borders trade treaty with Colombia so more drugs,revolution,violence and instability can cross our borders and enter our neighborhoods? I say yes! America has nothing to gain from this treaty,but the rich and the powerful and the revolutionary and the anti-patriots have everything to gain.It can still be stopped in the senate,and I urge all patriots to contact their 2 US senators and urge them to vote No! on "free trade" with Colombia! Again,patriots,those who rule us are betraying us! Now it's "free trade" with drug-infested,FARC-ruled Colombia! What's next up their sleeves?!

A British-Christian Financial Adviser Describes the Immorality in the Banking Establishment and Offers Good Advice on How Banking Should Operate ("It Is Time to Live Within Our Means")

Things Aren't So Sunny in Sunny Florida:Nearly 20% of Homes Are Vacant as the Vacancy Rate Rises 63% from 10 Years Ago,and the Average Price for a House Plummets to $122,000

The Basics of the Wisconsin Public-Unions Bill-And They're Very Sensible

Another US Economic Record Is Broken:Sales of New Homes Dropped to Their Lowest Level Ever in February

Patriots,I think it's time we give the Abomination and his fellow neo-bolsheviks credit for where credit is due:since Abomination entered the White House in 2009,more negative economic records have been broken than ever before in modern times.Congratulations,Abomination,Boy George,Daddy Bush,Pelosi,Reid,Billy & Hillary et al! What great damage they've all done to America! The American Dream of a family buying and living in a nice home for a lifetime is getting more out-of-reach! The 2 negative records broken in January are new-home sales plunged to their lowest level since records have been kept(since about 1963),and the number of foreclosed homes hit a record high.And what about citing Community Re-Investment Act-the federal law passed by an all-Democratic federal government in 1977 or 1978? This is probably the root cause of the housing crisis! Not even most Republicans are talking about it.The Republicrat establishment is playing defense on this.Their game of trying to establish "social justice" in housing has blown up in their faces,and ours.But the Abomination and laughing-stock president James Carter-who signed CRA-at least get the credit they deserve for what they've done and are still doing to our country.And a lot of the American people are to blame for willingly putting these louses into power over us to work their mayhem.And who knows if the housing market will ever recover?

The Very Troubled US Housing Market

In February,Food Prices Rise the Highest in 36 Years,Home Construction Plummets 22% from the Previous Month,and Clothing Costs Rise the Highest in 21 Years.And the Establishment Keeps Telling Us There's an Economic Recovery! Ha,ha,ha!

Another US Financial Record Is Broken:the February US Budget Deficit Was the Highest Monthly Deficit Ever

While the "Official"Unemployment Rate Drops Below 9% for the First Time in About 2 Years,the Under- Employment Rate Rises to Almost 20%

The Average Mortgage Holder in Default in America Hasn't Made a Payment in 17 Months-and It'll Break a Record When It's Likely to Hit 23 Months at the End of 2011

A Very Reasonable Evaluation of and Approach to the Wisconsin Public-Union Protests Against the State Government

I believe this editorial from John Woods offers the best description of and best recommendations for the Wisconsin budget fight.Here it is-not even 2 months after the new GOP legislature takes office in the Badger State-and they are getting a bit too big for their britches.Wisconsin garnered a great patriot victory last November by voting out a Democratic-majority legislature and replacing it with a GOP majority,along with capturing the open governor seat.The radical-Democrat beast took a whipping last November throughout America and limped back to his lair.Now,the new GOP government in WI may be suffering from a similar kind of arrogance and invincibility that Abomination,prune-face Reid and the witch Pelosi exhibited after the 2008 election victories for the Democrats.The WI GOP has thrown a bone dripping with blood and red meat to the Democratic beast in his lair,and he smells it and is now out of the lair again and may seek revenge.Yes,it's right that the WI GOP is addressing the state's deficit and wants to reduce it and bring it under control.But as Mr.Woods says in this editorial,they've gone "over the top." The public unions have made substantial concessions in agreeing to pay half their pension costs and about 12% of their health-care costs.Of course,they never should've received these ridiculously generous benefits courtesy of the taxpayer in the first place.But trying to strip the unions of certain collective-bargaining rights smacks of union busting,and that's totally unnecessary at this time.We all know the stereotypes that GOP is pro-big business and anti-labor/anti-union;this bill that the legislature is trying to pass reinforces that stereotype.And yes,the Democrats running away are acting like the big babies they are.Regardless,the best thing for the WI Republicans should do is accept thankfully the union concessions and postpone to a later date the collective-bargaining issues,when hopefully,cooler heads on both sides prevail.

It's Getting a Bit Scary Outside the State Capitol in Madison,WI

The Wonders of the "Global Economy":America's Trade Deficit for 2010 Was Just Under Half-a-Trillion Dollars-a 33% Increase from 2009

Notice,patriots,that to read more of this article,we have to pay for it;that's thanks to Rupert Murdoch-owned The Wall Street Journal.But at least they gave us these crumbs,about our country continuing to import far more than we export.And that's just how the sell-out globalists in power over us want it to be:they want us dependent on the rest of the world,including Red China,and they want us to be less independent economically and financially.

Bad News in the Battle Against the Anti-Patriot Financial-Powers-That-Be:In January,Americans Roared Back Into Stock Mutual Funds-the Biggest Amount in 7 Years

As I've elaborated on this point many times on this site and its blog A Patriot's Diary,the corrupt,anti-patriot/anti-Christ financial establishment has been trying mightily for the last several years to virtually force us to spend our money like mad and even spend money we don't have.Americans have ignored their demands and enticements for about the last year and a half,but unfortunately there are some indications that they're finally breaking under the pressure.Christmas spending was the highest since 2007,and now,probably because of historically low interest rates,Americans are apparently returning to buy stocks on The Street with its raging bull.TPTB have been building up the stock market ever since the first 3 months of Abomination's administration.Indeed,the Dow has almost doubled since that time! What these arrogant money men are telling us is:if you want to make money on your savings,put your savings into stocks;you'll have to take that risk.Patriots,don't get fooled again! Don't get burned again! They're obviously setting us up for another fall! Be patient! Shop around! Limit your stock investments! It's a big gamble when we invest in the stock market!

The Revolving Door Between Washington & Wall Street Continues:Even After Goldman Sachs Gets Fined $550 Million for Violating SEC Rules,the Same Federal Agency Hires a Recently Retired Goldman Sachs Executive to Head Its Investment Division.They Couldn't Get Someone Else?!

One would think that whoever hired this babe(Was it SEC chairwoman Mary Schapiro?)would be a bit more discreet in hiring someone to oversee the mutual-fund/hedge-fund industry,especially with all the shenanigans on Wall Street over the past 3 or 4 years.But they didn't,for SEC hires this woman who very conveniently left Goldman Sachs just a couple of months before being hired for SEC.It was probably planned well in advance! This is more evidence that Goldman Sachs is probably running or at least heavily influencing America's financial establishment,especially Wall Street and the agency that's supposed to oversee its operations.With all the other companies out there,TPTB at SEC and US Treasury and probably even in the White House want Goldman Sachs to keep running the show.If a patriot presidential administration ever comes to Washington(highly unlikely),one of the first patriot actions would be to slam shut the revolving door between US Treasury Department and Goldman Sachs!

FDIC Closes Its First 2 Banks in 2011 in Addition to the 157 Closed in 2010,and the Number of Banks on Its "Problem" List Rises to 860

Even Though the US Unemployment Rate Drops to 9.4%,the Employment Picture Remains Bleak

This is a case where a statistic doesn't tell all the story and is somewhat misleading.The creation of 103,000 jobs,especially in the Christmas month of December,is nothing to write home about.This article is very informative and balanced,and I e-mailed the reporter to thank him.And he was nice enough to thank me in response.What's most-disturbing to me in this report is that more Americans are giving up looking for work.And President Abomination says the economy is headed in the right direction?! For who?!

Personal Bankruptcies in US Rose to a 5-Years High in 2010

A Lot of Baby-Boomers Are Facing Financial Hardship When They Retire

Blogger Michael Snyder,Citing the Financial Plight of Many State and Local Governments in America,Warns That We Are "...Going Backwards as a Country"

Another US Economic Record Is Broken:the US Budget Deficit for the Month of November Is the Highest Ever-and More Surprises Are in Store If President Abomination's Tax Deal With GOP Passes

More Bad Economic News,as the Unemployment Rate Rises to 9.8% and More Records Are Broken:for 19 Straight Months,the Unemployment Rate Has Remained at Over 9%,and the Number of Discouraged Workers Grows to 1.3 Million

"Black Friday" Sales Rise Only 0.3% From Last Year.Good!

I say good because the money men and their political hacks want us to go out and spend like maniacs and they don't want us to save and be careful when spending.The anti-patriots running the US economy would love it if we had no money at all in banks and bought almost everything on credit.This empowers them and weakens us;that's just what they want.Patriots:please put a tight hold on your wallets.Don't submit to the shylocks who want to obviously impoverish us through mad spending,no or little savings,and making us dependent on credit.

Personal Bankruptcies Jump 14% in 2010

The Latest Trick From the Glorified Counterfeiters at Federal Reserve Board:Buying $600 Billion of US Treasury Bonds to Goad Americans to Spend Money Like Mad and Banks to Loan Like Mad

And Here's Another Reason for the Fed's Latest Trick:Trying to Shove Us Back Into the Stock Market and Punish Savers

Something That Many Patriots Have Predicted Has Come to Pass:US Treasury,for the First Time,Sells Bonds at a Negative Yield!

A Record 30% of America's Unemployed Are Out of Work for Over a Year

$22.3 Million in "Stimulus" Payments Went to Dead People and Prison Inmates

Marriages Hit an All-Time Low in America,the Income Gap Between Rich and Poor Is the Widest Ever,and a Record Number of Americans Are on Food Stamps

Nearly 4 Million More Americans Are in Poverty,4.4 Million More Americans Don't Have Health Insurance,and Home Foreclosures Skyrocket in August.Is This What President Abomination Meant When He Promised to "Remake" America?

More Americans Are Losing Faith in "Social Security"

"Social Security"? You gotta love that title! This monthly check coming to us in our retirements will make us socially secure? Come on! This is promising that so many Americans,especially young Americans,are realizing the serious shortfalls in this glorified pyramid game that has worked reasonably well since 1935;but like all pyramid games and Ponzi schemes,they eventually collapse.There are probably very few people in the country who can live just on Social Security payouts.That's one reason why the federal government worked with the banking industry to start up IRAs back around 1980.And get a load of this dame writing the article,defending SS probably because she's a Democrat and her boy FDR-the country's first creepin'socialist per Archie Bunker-created the program and passed it into law with his Democrat Congress.I'll blog more on A Patriot's Diary on so-called Social Security.For an informative reference,I recommend William P.Hoar's article on SS in the April 26th issue of The New American magazine(

JP Morgan Chase-One of the "Too-Big-to-Fail" Banks-Makes $4.8 Billion in the Second Quarter.No Wonder:They're Paying Their Depositors Almost Zero Interest!

My mom has a money-market account at a local Chase.While there's only about $3,000 in it,the yield is still an insulting low of-get this-0.10! That's almost zero! Are these "too-big-to-fail" banks going to soon charge their depositors for keeping their money in the banks?! Notice how this article doesn't even mention the pathetically low interest rates and yields on depositor accounts at Chase and other big banks.But it's obviously all in the game:TPTB at the Fed and Wall Street and their political whores don't want us to save money in banks,but want us back on the Street and dependent on credit because it keeps TPTB wealthy and powerful and continues to impoverish us!

Goldman Sachs Ponies Up $550 Million to Settle the Civil Suit Against Them Filed By Securities & Exchange Commission(SEC)

Wow! How quick the fat cats at Goldy Sachs settled this suit! And get a load of most of the money going to US Treasury and not the victims of Goldy's fraud! Ha,ha,ha! I think they settled to put the kibosh on more bad publicity over their shady deals and were willing to shell out over half-a-billion bucks to close out the investigation.We patriots have got to give Goldy Sachs some credit here for their smart strategy to settle this case as quickly as possible even though it cost them a lot of dough.But what's half-a-bill to Goldy Sachs?

A Democratic Member of President Abomination's Commission Warns That the US Government's National Debt Will "Destroy the Country From Within"

That's pretty strong language coming from Billy and Hillary Clinton's chief of staff when they were co-presidents.But what will President Abomination do if this debt commission makes austere recommendations to rein in the US national debt,like strong spending cuts and eliminating many sacred-cow liberal boondoggles and programs? He'll probably do what Billy & Hillary did when former Texas congresswoman Barbara Jordan was named to chair an immigration-reform commission and provided patriot recommendations on US immigration policy:ignore the recommendations.But this sure made great theater for the Abomination when he formed this commission,while he and his fellow neo-bolshevik Democrats like Pelosi and Reid and Boy George Bush Republicans like John Boehner keep borrowing and spending like there's no tomorrow.

In the First Half of 2010,Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Rise 14% From 2009

Since the political and financial powers that be want Americans to be primarily spending machines and save money just for our retirements,this large rise in consumer bankruptcy filings is to be expected.Of course,one of the reasons for rising bankruptcies is low savings among Americans.Even with a strong rise in the savings rate over the past year or so,it has dropped recently because of the sickeningly low interest rates and yields on savings accounts and money markets.Again,the Fed,the White House,Congress,Wall Street don't want us to save money.They want us to spend,spend,spend.And if we want any decent return on our investments,they're telling us to return to the precarious stock market.I say,shop around for the best yields and be very limited and careful with stocks,mutual funds or any other kind of non-FDIC-insured investments.

Patriots:Happy Independence Day! While America declared her independence from Great Britain on this day in 1776,we now need to free ourselves from a corrupt,lawless polity that rules us from their capital of Washington,District of Columbia.Let's fight for today's independence! It's 97 degrees at 3:07 pm in New York City as I type.And it's going to be a scorching week,with the projected break in the heat spell to not come until Friday.Like I've written before on this site and/or its blog A Patriot's Diary,we had a brutal Winter in America,and we'll probably get a brutal Summer.

More Financial Records Are Broken in an America Ruled By President Abomination and a Neo- Bolshevik Democrat Congress:Only 42% of Our Income Is From the Private Sector,and 18% of Our Income Comes From Government Programs

Here's another tocsin for Americans.Government employees get paid by taxpayers,and the more government employees there are means more taxes have to be raised to pay them.That so many American workers now receive their paychecks from the taxpayers and now that so many receive government payouts means private-sector employees are coming close to the point of getting maxed-out.This is another sign of America sinking deeper into a Third World economy and society,where industry and entrepreneurship get weaker and weaker and government takes more of its wealth to support the political class and those who work for it.And this leads to incredible impoverishment for the masses of people,most of whom can't work for government because there isn't an unlimited number of government jobs available.America and the Western world have been blessed with intelligent,creative and innovative people who create jobs that create wealth by producing and providing goods and services; it's a simple law of economics.The US government needs productive,profitable business for it to survive and expand its power.If this trend continues where more and more Americans rely or have to rely on government for their employment or other payments,the imminent danger we face is a society where more people struggle just to survive because there just aren't enough good-paying jobs available.And maybe this is what President Abomination and his neo-bolshevik congressional allies want.

Home Prices in America Keep Dropping

Presidents Abominaton and Boy George and a Neo- Bolshevik Democratic Congress Break More Fiscal Records:the Highest Ever Budget Deficit for the Month of April,and the 19th Consecutive Month of Deficits

A Former Mexican Governor Is Extradited to US to Face Charges of Helping Smuggle Drugs Into America and Then Laundering Drug Money Through Lehman Brothers

Isn't this a great country that the globalist goons at Council on Foreign Relations and other anti-American groups want America to merge with? The Mexican drug cartels are so powerful and pervasive that they probably threatened this former governor with death if if he didn't cooperate with them! And how interesting that defunct investment bank Lehman Brothers may have laundered drug money! Maybe the fat cats at Goldman Sachs were involved too! Patriots,let's watch how this case unfolds,especially if some big boys at Lehman Brothers are charged and spill their guts in a federal courtroom.Bravo to the patriots in DEA and US Marshal's Office for their work on this case and getting this former Mexican governor extradited to face the music.And hopefully this helps destroy a dangerous illusion among many Americans that one of "our" governors wouldn't dare do such a thing.Mexicans recognize crime in government as an almost-daily fact of life.Americans need to recognize that there are criminals in governments in our nation too.

What Irresponsible Spending By a Socialist Government and Meddling By Globalist Investment Bankers Like Goldman Sachs Has Brought to the Birthplace of Democracy

Greece is the G in PIGS:Portugal,Ireland,Greece,Spain.With the exception of Ireland,the other three all have socialist governments and prime ministers.Greek prime minister Papandreau is even a member of Socialist International.All the governments of these countries are basically out of money.And at least in the case of Greece,Goldman Sachs was intimately involved with their financial operations.Spain has a 20% unemployment rate.And now these countries whose socialist/communist governments basically bankrupted its people with reckless borrowing and spending may have no other choice than to be bailed out by globalist bankers at IMF and World Bank.What a horrible dilemma to be in! And while Greece's debt is about $230 billion,the US debt is $14.3 trillion! It boggles the mind! If these wastrels and spendaholics pulled this in the private sector,they'd be at least fired and probably prosecuted! More importantly,patriots,we should ask ourselves:Is what's happening in Greece going to hit America,now that Washington,DC is also ruled by socialists or neo-bolsheviks?

FDIC Shuts 7 More Banks, the 3 in Puerto Rico Held About 20% of the Island's Bank Assets, the Number of Problem Banks Has Increased to 702, About 1/3 of US Banks Lost Money in the First Quarter

Over the past few months,more and more headlines of news stories and articles on economic and financial news have been saying things like,"The economy is turning or has turned a corner," " the economy continues to show a rebound," "the economy is picking up steam," among other rosy declarations.After reading this article on a banking industry that still seems to be in crisis,how can these claims be made with a straight face? Yes,there has been some improvement,but nothing that justifies the meteoric stock-market rise over the past year(what I've called Abomination Rising)and all the pollyannishness about happy days are here again and let's break out the booze.The headline for this link spells out the serious problems in our banking sector,and they're likely to exacerbate next year when a lot of loans for businesses and commercial properties go south.Patriots,please tighten the belts.

Holy Moly! Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)Sues the Fat Cats at Goldman Sachs for Defrauding Investors

Finally,finally,these glorified con-men at Goldman Sachs are being investigated; it's long overdue.This firm gave the Abomination's presidential campaign about one million bucks in donations in 2008,and a lot of Abomination's money men either come from Goldman or are or have been affiliated with them.So it's going to be very interesting how this investigation and civil suit pans out.Many times a lot of secret information comes out during a civil trial.

Oh the Glories of the "Global Economy!" A US Agency Deems Drywall From China a Health Hazard and Urges Homes Containing It to Be Gutted

This is a corollary of a "global economy"-i.e.,an international meat-market where all that matters is big profit and the cost of "things." So quality and the effect of this virtually unrestricted "free trade" global economy on our culture and living standards is secondary to the big shots running this exploitative system that mostly serves the very wealthy and the very powerful.Maybe the Chinese Reds are trying to poison us with drywall!

Even With a Hollowed-out American Auto Industry,US Dept.of Transportation Makes a New "Rule":a Car Company Average of 35.5 MPG By 2016

35.5 mpg? What's with the fraction?! These moronic oligarchs in Washington can't even round off an arbitrary number to foist on car companies and on American car buyers! Even with Detroit now a ghost town thanks in large part to these autocrats at US Dept.of Transportation and the lawmakers who empower them,they still force car companies to make cars and trucks smaller,lighter,with much-less protection for the driver and passengers.No matter how harmful these mpg rules are,the auto czars only care about their quixotic edicts.This is why the only car I have is my '74 Gold Duster! Yes sir,that's my baby! But maybe President Abomination and his czars are going to try and take it away from me!

The Spendaholic US Government Rings Up a Record Budget Deficit In February:$221 Billion

What a riot this is.President Abomination formed a panel to address the sky-rocketing budget deficits that he and his fellow Democrats in Congress have placed upon us,something the Democrat leaders in Congress opposed.And they give us a record-breaking deficit for February! Patriots,it doesn't get better than this! What double-talkers and double-dealers they are! They just keep plunging our country into bankruptcy! The really important question that we must ask ourselves and them,if possible,in a courtroom,is,Are they doing this deliberately to destroy America?

Poverty Now Comes To the Suburbs

Martha and the Vandellas sang back in the 60s,"Nowhere to run,baby,nowhere to hide." And prizefighter Joe Lewis said of one of his opponents,"He can run,but he can't hide." A lot of Americans,mostly starting after WW2,moved out of the cities to the suburbs.This movement grew greatly in the 60s and 70s thanks to forced school integration, forced busing,riots,and other unpleasantries.Many suburbanites thought that they were now on Easy Street.But now,poverty, joblessness,bankruptcy,foreclosure,crime-many of the problems they thought they left behind in the city-are now encroaching on their suburbs.There's nothing wrong with wanting to relocate to a better neighborhood,especially when kids are involved.But there was an over-reaction,a mad rush to follow the crowd.Patriots,escaping to the suburbs is I believe just buying time.We'll have to confront the problems that make us run sooner or later.We shouldn't be running! This is our country and our land!

A Famous Economist Calls the US Federal Reserve "Corrupt"

More and more momentum is building for an investigation of and/or a revamping of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Board.Here's a prize-winning economist claiming its very operation and structure is corrupt.Author G.Edward Griffin describes the Fed in his book's title as The Creature From Jekyll Island(not The Creature From the Black Lagoon).The Fed is supposed to supervise its member banks.But quite often,like in the case of Chase Manhattan CEO Jamie Dimon(Demon?),heads of banks sit on the Fed's board-the board that supposedly has oversight over the banks! Patriots,we must slay the Creature from Jekyll Island! The time may be now! Call your congressmen and urge them to vote for Ron Paul's bill to audit the Fed!

Whistleblower Harry Markopolos Describes the Criminal Underworld of Uncle Bernie Madoff and the Refusal of US Governmental Authorities To Investigate It

Patriots,how amazing that this CNBC interview and story that I first saw listed at has been seen so far nowhere else.Maybe the producers at major news media are burned-out on Uncle Bernie Madoff.Perhaps that's true,but I believe another and much-more-important reason is that Uncle Bernie had a lot of underworld connections and clients.I'm sure the former NASDAQ chairman still has comrades in high places,and they don't want it revealed that Uncle Bernie was dealing with thugs,Mafia gangs,drug cartels and other assorted rogues.Patriots,please watch the video clips attached to the article.This is scary stuff! It's not a fake tv show! Bravo to Harry Markopolos and his foxhound Frank Casey for going after Bernie and his comrades.And bravo too goes to CNBC for this very important interview that so far has blacked out from the rest of the media.

Tough Times In Motown:Over 33,000 Homes Are Vacant

In the city that once was called the 'arsenal of democracy," where GM and Ford and Chrysler churned out one great car after another,where the Motown record label gave us great music,Detroit has become a virtual junkyard.Thanks to the we-know-what's-best prima donnas in Washington who forced car makers to make cars the way they wanted them to and not according to the wishes of the consumers,thanks to the greedy union leaders who browbeat car companies to pay outlandish wage packages to its employees,thanks to company presidents who off-shored jobs and factories to increase their bottom line.Detroit-a city with a population of about 1 million-has over 33,000 vacant homes.The last I heard,the average price of a house in the Motor City is about $10,000.These vacant homes have probably been foreclosed on,the previous owners had no money or desire to repair them,or maybe the former residents just packed up and moved out.Throw in high rates of crime and out-of-wedlock births,and we have all the ingredients for social breakdown.Will more of America's cities resemble Detroit in the not-too-distant future?

Rats From Goldman Sachs May Have Caused and/or Covered Up the Debt Crisis In Greece

Not only are globalists riddled throughout the US government;they're also riddled throughout the financial industry.Here we have Goldman Sachs using their money tricks and convoluted schemes to plunge Greece-the birthplace of Western civilization-further and further into debt and conceal the extent of that debt too.It's no co-incidence that Boy George Bush's treasury secretary was Henry(Hank)Paulson-a former GS exec who looks like he just came out of a horror movie.Cyclops! If there's any "investment bank" that needs to be thoroughly investigated,it's the fat cats at Goldman Sachs.But with the revolving door between GS and the federal government,that's highly unlikely because so many skeletons would emerge from the closet.But things are happening in District of Columbia.A lot of the two-legged rats in that town are running for the hills.So maybe some skeletons will be dug up if real reformers and public servants get to Washington next year to serve the American people and not the rich and powerful.God speed that day!

President Abomination and His Abominable Congress Put America Further and Further Into Debt.They're Destroying Our Country!

Yes,patriots,the Abomination and his fellow neo-bolsheviks in Congress may very well be trying to destroy America by putting us over $14 trillion in debt! I saw the headline to an article on that it's now physically impossible for Washington,DC to pay down this debt.I also saw a comment from moron congressman McGovern from Massachusetts that it would be unconscionable(I think that's the word the moron used)not to raise the debt limit another $1.9 trillion! But the moron McGovern doesn't think it's unconscionable to bankrupt our country! This is the type of ignorant slob in power over us in Congress.And get a load of the debt-limit increase:$1.9 trillion! They couldn't round it off to a cool $2 trillion?!

A Columnist at Bloomberg News Reports On America's "Secret Banking Cabal"

Bloomberg News runs a lot of good stories and reports on shenanigans in our country's financial and business establishment,whether they happen on Wall Street,at the Federal Reserve,in corporate boardrooms,in government agencies that are supposed to have oversight on financial markets,and elsewhere.This column describes well the banking cabal that pretty much runs our economy and controls our money supply.

2010 Isn't Even a Month Old,Yet 15 Banks Have Already Gone Belly-Up

Uncle Ben Shalom Bernanke Gets Approved for Another Term as Chairman/Glorified Counterfeiter at Federal Reserve Board

This reconfirmation of Fed chairman Benjamin Shalom(that's his real middle name)Bernanke is just another example of the Republicrats collaborating to protect and continue to empower a fat cat.Uncle Ben has presided over one major financial and banking scandal after another.Yet,70 senators voted to reconfirm him because he's one of their own-an elitist credited with "saving" the financial system from collapse;in other words,he kept and continues to keep the corrupt financial establishment in power because it preserves and protects the very wealthy and the very powerful and maintains the status quo.I'll blog in a few days on A Patriot's Diary on just another sickening example of the rich and powerful in government and big business and big banking being rewarded for causing great harm to the American people.

11 Warning Signs That the US Economy May Be Heading for a Full-blown Depression

Even With Christmas Hirings,85,000 Jobs Are Lost In December.And a Record-breaking 6 Million Americans Are Out of Work for More Than 6 Months.And 4 Million Jobs Were Lost In 2009

The DJIA rose 11 points at the close of trading on this day when these employment figures came out.If the economy gained 85,000 jobs in December instead of losing them,DJIA probably would've skyrocketed.This is more proof that the stock market is rigged,big time.The 4,000-point rise in DJIA that started about 2 months after President Abomination's inauguration is obviously just another bubble,another ratcheting up of stock values to shove investors and speculators back into the market,in addition to blind trust being placed in the Abomination and his money men.December is when a lot of companies hire for Christmas! By almost-all indicators,this number of jobs in December shouldn't have been lost! Hunker down,patriots,and tighten the belts:it looks like 2010 is going to be quite a ride.

More Asian-made Cars Are Sold In America Than American-made Cars

Americans Keep Tightening Their Belts:Retail Sales Drop In December and for 2009.Bravo!

This news possibly reflects some degree of patriot activism,but more-likely just some good ol' common sense to save more money and spend less,even in the "holiday season" of the month of December.The political,financial and news media establishments want us to go out and spend like mad trying to prop up their corrupt,consumerist-driven economy while also making us more and more dependent on credit and loans.And even with interest rates rigged to historic lows, Americans continue to save and trim their spending.Good; this is a start to a return to fiscal common sense and sound money management.

The Glorified Counterfeiters at US Federal Reserve Board Haul In a $52 Billion Profit In 2009

US Bankruptcies Jump 32% In 2009

President Abomination's Money Men Once Again Bail Out the Big Boys at Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac With Billions More Taxpayer Dollars

Barack Abomination campaigned as just an everyday Joe out to help the little guy; this is one more bit of policy that that was just a campaign image and illusion to fool the gullible and the naive.The Abomination is a pawn of the Chicago Democratic Party mafia,like former CBS correspondent Bernard Goldberg mentioned during a Fox News Channel interview a few months back.He and his money men bail out the big boys,or the "machers," as many in that Chicago political mafia call themselves,with our tax money.And this is one reason among many others why the Abomination keeps dropping in the polls.

FDIC Has Now Shut 140 Banks In 2009

Without a $290 Billion Debt-Limit Increase,the US Government Would Officially Default

Americans Keep Wising Up By Reducing Their Borrowing

Patriot resistance seems to be growing in the land.Bravo! The big money-men want Americans to run out and borrow and spend,borrow and spend,but we continue to save and rein in our borrowing.The Good Book says the borrower is servant to the lender.We should only be borrowing for big things like houses.Acquiring things from our savings is the way to go! But the money men and their political waterboys want us to enrich the lenders while trying to make us more dependent on them! Get a load of the establishment economist cited at the article's end:He sounds like he's threatening us if we don't run out and start borrowing and spending! Patriots,keep socking it away!

Is Benjamin Shalom Bernanke-Chairman of Federal Reserve Board-Threatening the US Congress?

Hey,patriots,get a load of the middle name of the chairman of US Federal Reserve Board:Shalom! Hebrew for peace! Has this unconstitutional body brought peace to America?! Uncle Ben Bernanke sounds like he's getting a wee bit nervous over some federal legislation being considered in Congress that would audit the Fed's books and their meetings.Doctor/Congressman Ron Paul has been trying to get legislation like this passed for many years,and it has bi-partisan support.Uncle Ben wants to keep the Federal Reserve as secret as possible and wants to keep patriots in the dark about its operations.So he seems to be implying that there'll be trouble if this legislation passes.Let him make all the threats he wants! I do give Uncle Ben credit for this:he has the best-trimmed beard I've ever seen.Maybe he has it professionally done.Maybe by a rabbi! More importantly,The Creature From Jekyll Island(yes,as in Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde)is a book written by G.Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve that describes the chicanery and back-door dealing that led to the Fed's creation in 1913.It may be a good Christmas gift for a co-patriot.

The Rich On Long Island,NY Aren't Playing as Much In Their Playpens

Here's One Reason Why Drugs Have Easy Access Across Our Southern Border,Courtesy of the US Government

Some Worthwhile Advice for Money Savers and Borrowers

In Fiscal Year(FY)2009,the US Government Wasted $98 Billion of Taxpayer Money On Improper Payments

Bank Failures Rise to 123 for 2009,and FDIC,for the First Time,Demands Pre-paid Insurance Fees

The US Trade Deficit Rises To Its Highest Amount In 10 Years

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.Is In the Red and(You Guessed It)May Need a Taxpayer-funded Bailout

The fund that insures our bank deposits is in the red,and now the fund that insures our pensions is in the red.What's next for our financial security?! And how are the money men going to bail out the pension-insurance fund when US Treasury is in the red too? And they keep saying the economy is on the mend?!

President Abomination and His Abominable Democratic Congress Continue To Break the Bank With Record Deficts

Consumer Borrowing Drops for a Record 8 Straight Month

Bank Failures for 2009 Hit 119

Unemployment Hits 10.2%.But the Unemployment/Under-employment Rate Is 17.5%

More Proof That the US Government Wants Us to Save Money for Retirement Only.And What Better Way to Express That Than By Passing a Meaningless Resolution?

Here's another instance of the US government(Congress specifically)encouraging us to save for retirement,but not encouraging us to save for the here and now or for the near-future.It's obvious that they and their allies in big business and big finance want us to spend our money needlessly and want us to spend money we don't have by buying on credit and taking out loans-i.e.,they want us to be credit-dependent.If we want a decent return on our savings,they're basically telling us to return to the stock market.The New American magazine recently had an interesting article comparing what the US political and monetary establishments are now doing to what the establishments have done in Japan for about the last 20 years:tons of "stimulus"spending,and near-zero interest rates,inter alia.It hasn't worked to bring the Japanese economy out of recession and it almost certainly won't work here.And why did the US Congress establish this "retirement savings week"? Since there'll be no COLA increase for Social Security recipients next year,are they starting to worry that Social Security may be in trouble and they want us to save for our own retirements? That's a good idea.But they should return,with interest,all the money they've taken from those who haven't yet collected SS payments.And patriots,keep saving as much as you can and hunt for decent returns on those savings.I recommend going to to compare interest rates and yields.

A Billionaire Pal of Uncle Bernie Madoff Is Found Dead In His Pool.Another Fishy Homicide?

As of this commentary,this pal of Uncle Bernie Madoff reportedly died from a heart attack when his body was found floating in his pool at his multi-million-dollar southeast Florida mansion.What a fitting end to another one of Madoff's cronies.He and his uncle Bernie sure knew how to live in great opulence:Bernie's Montauk,NY mansion was just sold for about $8 million,and his late pal Jeffrey Pickower reportedly was worth about $8 billion; well,he didn't take his billions with him in that pool when he croaked.These greedy rogues rarely learn.Christ described these types of men very well:"For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world,but lose his own soul?"(Mark 8:36).But maybe Uncle Bernie and his late pal Jeffrey Pickower never had souls in the first place.Bernie already had to sell his ill-gotten Montauk mansion,and now Pickower's heirs may have to sell his probably ill-gotten Florida mansion.

It's Now 106 US Bank Failures In 2009-the Highest Since 1992.And the FDIC Chairwoman Says More Are Coming

The Mother Country Is In Its Longest Recession On Record

Two Madoff Victims Sue Securities & Exchange Commission.Good Luck:SEC Has Immunity

The US Budget Deficit for 2009 Hit a Record-high of $1.4 Trillion

Despite What the Powers-that-be Want,Americans Continue to Rein In Their Spending and Keep Saving Money.Bravo!

What an outrageous double-standard is at work here.For the last several years,a combination of fanatical people have been urging a US attack on Iran.Hitherto,they've been rebuffed, fortunately.The clamoring for war is because the fanatics believe Iran already has nuclear weapons and will use them against Israel.Patriots,doesn't this sound familiar? It's the same playbook they used to attack and occupy Iraq ! The US government's virtual unilateral support for Israel gets the American people into way-too-much trouble.President Abomination,with his heavily Jewish administration,wants to help keep as secret as possible Israel's nuclear arsenal which is estimated to contain 200-400 weapons.So why the continuous uproar over Iran and nothing over Israel? Why hasn't the Israeli government ever signed the nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty? It's obvious that due to the immense power and clout of The Israel Lobby,the US government has one standard towards Israel and another standard for everyone else in the area of the Middle East.And this is not in the best interests of the American people;neither is it in the best interests of the Israeli people,despite short-term assurances.

FDIC Closes the 98th Bank In 2009

And Mortgage Delinquencies Rise to a Record-high and Consumer Bankruptcies Soar

Starting September 30th,the FDIC Insurance Fund Will Be In the Red

For the First Time In About 30 Years,Social Security Will Pay Out More In Benefits Than It Takes In from Taxes

Like all pyramid schemes,eventually they collapse.Social Security is a glorified pyramid scheme.While it has provided retirement money for millions ever since its enactment in 1935,its creators didn't plan for or foresee the problems that are now threatening the system's solvency:low birth rates,lower worker-retiree ratios,recessions,lower tax revenue,lower retirement ages,higher disability cases,higher instances of fraud and abuse.But this isn't the worst of the SS mess.That dishonor goes to the larcenists in Congress who have spent the SS surplus over the years on non-retirement budget expenses and replacing the tax money they stole with IOUs.Yes,they have stolen it.If they did this in the corporate world,they'd be prosecuted for embezzlement! As for preparing for our retirements,everyone should be responsible for his or her retirement.We have a passel of retirement vehicles and options to choose from,like IRAs,PSPs,RSPs,retirement cds,annuities,pensions,etc..And almost all of them have some kind of insurance.That's what we should be encouraging as a society when it comes to retirement planning and saving:more individual responsibility and preparation,with government oversight and some kind of insurance program.This would save taxpayers oodles of money and let people decide for themselves how much they want to save for their retirements and where they want to save or invest their retirement money.

For Every Job Opening In America,There Are 6 Job Seekers.What Great Stimulus from the Abomination!

It's Now 95 Failed Banks for 2009 and the FDIC Insurance Fund Will Probably Be In the Red By Year's End

2 More Banks Bite the Dust,Making 94 for 2009,and FDIC May Borrow from US Treasury to Replenish its Insurance Fund

California's Unemployment Rate Hits 12%-a Rate Not Seen Since the Late 1940s

For the First Time Since WW2,More People Are Leaving Florida than Entering

It seems like America is breaking a lot of records.Here we have a somewhat-shocking statistic that in sunny Florida,more people are leaving that state than are moving in.In sunny California,the same thing has been happening for about the past 5 years.This proves that fun in the sun isn't everything when it comes to deciding where to hang one's hat.
The story claims high taxes and fees and other financial issues are driving Floridians out and keeping people out of the state.I'd bet dollars to donuts that the Third World immigration that has poured into Florida,mainly from south of the border,is another big reason for the exodus.Most people in Miami speak some kind of Spanish as their primary language,and that's why Miami, for all intents and purposes,is now a Latin American city and no longer an American city.
On the Saved News On Immigration Issues page on this website is found Patrick Buchanan's column on where will Americans keep running to escape the tidal wave of legal and illegal immigration continually pouring into our nation.Maybe Florida is another state to scratch off the list of possible destinations.

What Happened to Global Warming?

The hysteria over so-called "global warming" may be one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on America and the rest of the world.The major media is always trying to condition our minds to accept the global-warming hysteria without question or without scrutiny;there's tremendous unanimity in the major media on this issue.And get a load of this from President Abomination on this:" There is no longer a debate about whether carbon pollution is placing our planet in jeopardy.It's happening"(The New American,8/3/2009,p.42).The planet is in jeopardy from "carbon pollution"? What's the Abomination predicting? Earth is going to burn up or explode? In the almost-50 years that I've lived in New York City,this was the coolest Summer I've ever experienced.Only a few days surpassed 90 degrees.Is this the result of global warming? More moronic hysteria came from columnist Amy Goodman a while ago when she claimed,get this,that someone who denies so-called global warming is like a so-called "Holocaust denier." Even if there was global warming,so what? It's not the end of the world if the globe warms a bit! But to people under the spell of hysteria,paranoia,ignorance,misinformation, fear and/or the determination to affect great social or cultural change in America,believing in global warming is tantamount to religious zealotry.The Abomination has stated numerous times that he wants to remake America.Imposing great regulations and restrictions on US industry is one way not just to remake America,but destroy her or at least bring her to her knees.Yes,the Abomination is a destroyer.Will patriots rise to the occasion and resist him to the bitter end?

US Median-Household-Income Falls and the Poverty Rate Rises

The Number of Available Jobs In America Drops 50% Over the Past 2 Years.What Great Stimulus!

Despite What President Abomination and His Money Men Want,Americans Are Wising Up:They're Saving More and Spending Less

Sometimes I feed squirrels in front of the house I live in.A lot of times,they stop eating and bury food.It took a bit of a crisis in America's banking,housing and financial industries to help us remember that squirrels teach us to squirrel money away for another day,to save for a house downpayment,college tuition,a vacation,inter alia.Americans are now saving and are reining in their spending so they stop using plastic a lot of the time,stop buying a lot of non-essentials and save for really important things,thus cutting their interest payments and keeping more of their money for themselves.This must be driving President Abomination and his money men wild! For they obviously want us dependent on them for credit and loans to further enrich and empower the rich and powerful! Patriots,keep saving!

President Abomination Wants Americans to Save Money-But Only for Retirement

Here's more proof that the Abomination and his money men like Treasury Secretary Timothy "I Can't Sell My Mansion" Geithner and  Federal Reserve ChairmanUncle Ben Bernanke,among other sordid characters,don't want Americans to save money in banks to buy homes,cars,computers,home appliances,inter alia;but they do want us to save for our retirements,when payouts are deferred for many years and there's limited liquidity.The big-shot money men want us dependent on them for credit and loans and don't want us to be financially independent and want us to spend,spend,spend like silly teenagers;that's part of the contempt they have for the working class.The money men and their partners make a lot of money off us when we're left no choice but to take out loans from them for the aforementioned items.There's everything good about saving for retirement,but we should be saving money now too.We need a proper balance of spending,saving for the present and near-future and saving for retirement.Patriots,go to and hunt for decent yields;there are banks out there not part of the Federal Reserve System that are still offering yields around 1.5-2.0 %.That's still way too low,but at least it's relatively safe and provides some income.Short-term bond funds may also provide a respectable yield without incurring too much risk.

Teenage Unemployment Hits a Record-high.And President Abomination and His Congressional Allies Want Amnesty for About 12 Million Illegal Aliens!

US Treasury Dept.Under Timothy Geithner-Who Can't Sell His Million-plus Mansion in Westchester County,NY-Cuts Interest Rates to Record-low Levels,So Americans Make Almost Nothing On Their Savings

The financial powers that be in America continue to hammer the middle class and the working class.Treasury Secretary Geithner and glorified counterfeiter Uncle Ben Bernanke are obviously and indirectly telling us that if we want to make money on our savings,get back in the stock market.They have set interest rates so low that we are actually losing money on our bank savings when inflation is propounded.I read today my mom's Chase statement.The yield on her savings account is 0.10%! My Capital One savings account is getting 0.78%! This is Uncle Ben and his boy Geithner thumbing their noses at us! They're waging financial war against the American people! They don't want us to save money! They want us to borrow and be dependent on credit for a long time! They keep borrowing from Red China to fund government operations! They're propping up their corrupt system that enriches and empowers them! And they've already predicted they won't raise rates for about another year! The bigshots providing the credit and the loans,they'll make their money,while the working classes are more and more dependent on them for homes,cars,college tuition,maybe even groceries! This is what President Abomination's money men are doing to us.And this may be just the beginning.

5 More Banks Bite the Dust,Making 89 for the Year

A Federal Judge Helps the Federal Reserve Hide Their Dirty Laundry

First a federal judge rules in favor of Bloomberg News when they sued the federal government under the Freedom of Information Act(FOIA)to release the names of the banks the Fed loaned money to,but now she decides to hold off on her ruling.The Federal Reserve operates very much like an occult secret society.Their meetings aren't open to the public,they've never been audited by Congress or any presidential agency,they make arbitrary policy for all banks in the Fed system,they determine the interest rates that affect every single American in one way or another,their chairmen are appointed by the president,they print money out of thin air(basically counterfeiting),and now they're fighting to keep their secret dealings with banks from the public.I recommend G.Edward Griffen's book on the Federal Reserve:The Creature from Jekyll Island.And urge your congressmen to pass Ron Paul's bill which seeks to have Congress audit the Fed.This is long overdue for a group that began in 1913!

America Has 416 Problem Banks

FDIC keeps shuttering banks,and now they declare that a whopping 416 banks have trouble with their books.Its chairwoman Sheila Bair announced that the FDIC insurance fund may soon go in the red and that may lead her to raise fees on banks to replenish the fund.While it's good to have oversight over unstable banks,I'm starting to get the impression that this babe Bair is getting just a wee bit dictatorial and maybe has something up her skirt.Do these banks getting closed have any recourse or appeal? Is there an attempt by the financial powers in the US government to gain control over the entire banking industry? I think this is something we patriots should be alert to as America's economy and banking business continue its precarious slide.

US Banks Keep Dropping Like Flies:the Total for 2009 is Now 81,the FDIC Insurance Fund is Down to About $6 Billion and a Foreign Bank Takes Over One of the Failed Banks

We heard as justification for all the bailouts of the big banks that they were "too big to fail."So the federal government admits that just because a bank or brokerage or investment bank is big,it deserves a taxpayer bailout.What gall! Not that the little guys should get bailouts either,but the government is clearly showing favoritism in who they offer bailouts to and who they don't.
And,patriots,just like very few are asking the $99,000 question re the Uncle Bernie Madoff affair,very few,if any,are asking regarding America's banking and mortgage crisis:What caused it?

California Unemployment Hits a Post-WW2 High

The US Budget Deficit for 2009 Jumps to a Record $1.3 Trillion! What Great Change from the Abomination and a Democratic Congress!

While President Abomination Gets $106 Billion for Aggressive Foreign Wars,America's Crumbling Roads Cause Half of Our Traffic Deaths

The Big Banks Keep Doling Out Their Big Bonuses

Is this why the big banks got billions of taxpayer dollars? To give billions in bonuses? NY attorney general Andrew Cuomo should be commended for his report.I wonder if the Abomination administration is happy with this report coming from a Democratic attorney general.The pattern seems to be:close down small banks and bail out  big ones-even allow them to give billions in bonuses.It's a big rip-off! And again,it's the American taxpayer who gets ripped-off! What else is new in contemporary America! 

How Lovely "Free Trade" is for America! Are the Chinese Communists Trying to Kill Us with Drywall?!

15 States Run Out of Unemployment Funds and 46 Are in the Red.Great job,Republicrats!

106 Democrats Fight for US Jobs and Oppose Sell-out Trade Treaties!

I remember when President Billy Clinton trotted out James Carter,Ronald Reagan and Daddy Bush when NAFTA was coming up for a vote.The symbolic message clearly was:How can you oppose NAFTA when all these great men are in favor of it?
NAFTA has been a nightmare for America,especially her manufacturing sector.Since NAFTA was enacted in 1993,we've lost about 4 million manufacturing jobs.Our trade deficit with Mexico has skyrocketed and so has illegal immigration across our southern border.Yet the GOP leadership is still ga-ga over NAFTA and almost any other treaty that promises "free trade." And while the Democrat rank-and-file has generally opposed these treaties,its leadership hasn't.And that's probably because the leaders of both parties are globalists and internationalists,not Americans.Their allegiance is primarily to the world and not to America.For patriots,our love and devotion is to America first and then we look to help the world. 

All these elitist ideologues pushing so-called "free trade" all these years,especially since NAFTA was enacted in 1993,they rhapsodized on all the great benefits "free trade" would give us.Look at the facts,patriots! We've lost about 3 million manufacturing jobs! Our auto industry is near-extinction! Michigan has a 14% unemployment rate! Communist China-a despotic nation that daily subsidizes the operations of the US federal government by buying our treasury securities-makes seemingly the majority of our consumer goods,especially electronics!
We've allowed this to happen to our countrymen because the bulk of the American electorate keeps electing the same Republicrat sell-outs and turncoats! It'll only get worse unless American voters turn to new parties and new candidates outside the corrupt,treasonous 2-party system! Start doing it now before it's too late and we lose this land to a liberal-fascist tyranny!

Food-stamp Nation

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