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What Has Sodom By the Bay-Formerly Known as San Francisco, a City Dominated By Demonratic Revolutionaries-Come to? Junkies Shooting Up, Early in the Morning, in a Station Corridor of Its Transit System

Another Group Has Been Added to the Sexually Depraved Acronym LGBT: Now It's LGBTI(The " I " Stands for " Intersex ")

A Revolutionary Jewess at CBS Gets Fired for Ugly Facebook Comments on the Mass Murder at a Country-Music Festival in Sin City(Las Vegas), Nevada, Which May Well Have Been an Act of Revolutionary, Racist Mass Murder

An Australian Diplomat Living in New York City, Falls to His Death After Viewing Empire State Building, Which Was Lit Up to Celebrate Australia's Legalization of Homosexual Marriage

Michael Oreskes-a Former Bureau Chief for The New York Times and Currently Chief of News at National Public Radio(NPR, or National Public Revolution)-Is Forced to Resign Over Sexual-Harassment Allegations

Chloe Angyal- a Jewish Editor at Liberal-Fascist Website Calls Former White House Strategist Steve Bannon a " Goy " (Short for Goyim-a Jewish Epithet Directed at Non-Jews)

Citing " Suffering Among White Americans," The New York Times(What a Surprise!)Reports the Results of a Federal Study That Finds a Skyrocketing Suicide Rate in America, with the Rate for Middle-Aged White Women Rising 80%

The Attacks on Whites By the Forces of Liberal Fascism and Feminist Fascism Over the Past 40 Years or So Are Getting Results: the Death Rate for Whites Aged 45-54, from 1999 to 2013, Skyrocketed, Apparently Due Mainly to Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs, and Suicide

In the Span of One Week on the New York City Borough of Staten Island, NY-the Only City Borough That's Still Mostly White-a 38-Years-Old Woman, a 27-Years-Old Man(Who Served in US Navy)and a 13-Years-Old Boy Who Went to Catholic School, They All Committed Suicide

Patriots, Add PayPal to Patriot Boycott List: Its Jewish CEO Decides to Cancel Plans to Open a Center Providing 400 Jobs in the Patriot State of North Carolina Because They Passed a Law Banning the "LGBT" Community from Using Opposite-Sex Bathrooms-i.e., Boys Wanting to Use Girl Bathrooms and Girls Wanting to Use Boy Bathrooms

In America, Overdoses from Anti-Anxiety Drugs Have Quadrupled Over the Last 2 Decades

1,000-2,000 Teenagers Force a Mall to Close in Louisville, KY

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ: With a Bunch of Morons Running the US Public-School Establishment, Schoolkids Aren't Getting Enough Sleep Because They Start School Way Too Early in the Morning!

There's a New Drug Scourge in South Florida: Flakka-AKA $5 Insanity-and It Comes from Communist China

How Sweet It Is: President and Mrs.Destroyer and Their 2 Daughters Attend a Homo Wedding in Very Rich Westchester County, NY

Hi, patriots. I hope you all had a safe and refreshing Labor Day and/or Labor Day weekend. Get a load of Destroyer, bringing his young daughters to a homo wedding. And get a load of Mrs.Destroyer's hairdo! Did she just return from boot camp?! And I believe this is the first time I haven't seen Destroyer wearing a pin of our flag on the left lapel of his sports jacket or suit jacket. With only about 15 months left in his destructive rule, maybe he's starting to reveal his true colors to those who are still ignorant of him.

Near Albany, NY, a Catholic Couple Are Ordered By a Female Judge with the Screwball First Name of Migdalia(Surname:Perez)to Pay a $10,000 Fine for Refusing to Rent Out Their Farm for a Dyke Wedding(Judge Migdalia Perez Also Ordered the Couple's Staff to Undergo "Sensitivity Training")

"The Stage Appears to Be Set" for Another Attempt to Incite Blacks to Riot and Rampage and Attack Whites: a Black Teenager Is Shot Dead By Police Near St.Louis, MO, and Before the Facts are Known, Blacks Riot and Burn(Trayvon Martin Redux?)

Once Again, an Anti-American, Anti-Christ Federal Judge, With One Opinion, "Strikes Down" Michigan's Constitutional Amendment to Ban Homosexual Marriage That Was Passed By 59% of the Voters in 2004(Federal Judges Have Now Done the Same Thing in 5 Other States, Showing Their Contempt for the Voters of Those States and Their Contempt for Christian Marriage)

Patriots, there is an effective patriot response to these bastard, lawless judges: Impeach them! The US Constitution grants Congress the authority to remove judges from their thrones. And there's no better time for these judges to be removed than now for their hatred of the wishes of the majority of the voters in their respective states; their obvious contempt for Christian, traditional morality and the sanctity of marriage; their presumptuousness and outright lies that denying homos and lesbians the right to marry somehow violates the US Constitution. Removing these evil, arrogant judges via impeachment, like voters in Iowa did to several state judges after they "legalized" sodomite marriage, would be a much-needed victory in America's culture war.

The Madhouse That's California: an All-Day "Spring Break" Party of 15,000 Revelers Turns into a Savage Riot, Resulting in 6 Cops Injured, Dozens of People Hospitalized and 100 Arrested

Jeffrey Corzine-the 31-Years'-Old Son of Former NJ Governor/Former MF Global Tycoon Jonathan Corzine(Who, of Course, Escaped All Criminal Charges Re the $2 Billion Stolen from MF Global Investors)-Is Found Dead from an Apparent Suicide in a Mexico City Hotel(Another Child of America's Corrupt Political/"Christian" Establishment to Die via Suicide, This Victim Apparently Due to "Substance Abuse")

Isaac Hunter-the Pastor-Son of President Destroyer's "Spiritual Adviser" Joel Hunter-Commits Suicide(the Son of Rick Warren-the "Purpose-Driven" Pastor Who Gave the Benediction at President Abomination's First Inaugural-Also Committed Suicide)

Washington National Cathedral-Mother Church of Episcopal Diocese of Washington, DC and the Unofficial National Home of the US Episcopal Church-Will Now Charge Visitors an Admission Fee, Trying to Raise Money to Repair Damage from the August 2011 Earthquake

A Brazilian Tourist to USA Perfectly Describes "Black Friday": "This Is Madness"

And Blogger Michael Snyder Describes an America Under the Spell of "Black Friday": "a Morally Bankrupt Nation...Utterly Consumed By Materialism and Greed"

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Destroyer's Rule: for the First Time, a Majority of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana(No Wonder We Have So Many Rogues and Misfits Like Destroyer Ruling Over Us: America Is Full of Potheads!)

Governor Fatso Christie Surrenders to Pro-Homosexual-Marriage Judges in NJ, Refusing to Appeal an Order from Female Judge Mary Jacobson(Jewish or Married to a Jew)to Legalize Homo Marriages Because the State's Chief Judge Stuart Rabner(That's a Jewish Surname)and the Rest of the High-Court Judges Will Rule in Favor of Jacobson(Patriots,Here's Another Case of Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Jews Teaming Up with Apostate Italian-Catholics to Exalt Sodomy at the Marriage Altar

Patriots Lose a Battle in America's Culture War:Boy Scouts of America Cave in to the Homo Lobby and Will Admit Homo Boys as Scouts Starting Next Year

Just Several Days After a Federal Female Judge Blocks an Anti-Abortion Law in AR from Taking Effect,2 More Federal Female Judges Join a Male Judge to "Strike Down" an Anti-Abortion Law in AZ(Oh,Possibly All 3 of the Latter Judges Are Jews)

The Insanity of Female "Correction Officers" Guarding Male Inmates Bears Fruit:at Baltimore City Detention Facility,13 Female Guards Are Indicted for Smuggling Guns and Other Contraband to Crime Gang Black Guerilla Family,and 4 of the Guards Were Impregnated By the Gang's Leader,Who Fathered 2 Children from the Affairs

Thanks to Allowing Babes in US Marine Corps,We Now Have Love-Triangle Murders on Marine Bases:a Marine Shoots Dead a Male and a Female Marine Before Taking His Own Life at Marine Corps Base Quantico in VA(This Only Several Days After 7 Marines Were Killed in a Training Exercise in NV)

Hi,patriots.What a co-incidence this is.I was blogging a day before I learned the identities of the 3 dead marines at Quantico,about the possibility of all-out race war coming to America.The killer/suicider in this case was a latino with the first name of-get this-Eusebio(another one of these screwy names from south of the border).He had a normal surname,though,in Lopez.Apparently he was vying for the affections of the latina Marine he shot dead,as was white Marine Jacob Wooley from Mississippi.Combat stress also may have been a factor,as both men fought in Afghanistan and Iraq.But this may have been a latino(presumably Mexican)who didn't want a white boy messing with his muchacha,so he took both of them out and then himself.So this is a part of President Abomination's new USMC:female Marines as young as 19,as in this case of Sara Castromata ,serving alongside young men with a lot of testosterone,along with some possible racial friction.And now with Abomination throwing babes into combat and on subs,there'll probably be more of these love-triangle conflicts and killings.This is America's new military,thanks to radical liberals and militant feminists and gutless cowards.The outcome doesn't look good unless patriots put a stop to the anti-patriot morons and their social engineering of US Armed Forces.

Sodom and Gomorrah USA,Courtesy of Jilian Fama at ABC News:Sean Eldridge-the "Husband" of Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes,Who Also Publishes Anti-Patriot Magazine The "New" Republic-Will Run for Congress in New York State in 2014

There's Nothing Triumphant About Cruise Ship Carnival Triumph:a Huge Symbol of American Hedonism Is Adrift in Gulf of Mexico,with Raw Sewage Running Down Hallways and Malfunctioning Toilets

Colorado Keeps Slouching Towards Gomorrah:Pro-Homosexual The Denver Post Celebrates the First "Gay" Speaker of Colorado House of Representatives

Louis Michael Seidman-a Presumably Jewish Professor of Constitutional Law-Writes an Op-Ed in Jewish-Owned The New York Times,Blames the US Constitution for America's Broken Government,Writing It Has "Downright Evil Provisions"(And the Morons at George Washington University Hire Seedy Seidman to Teach Constitutional Law?!)

The Latest Attack on America's Christian-Majority Population from an Anti-Christ Jew:David Silverman-President of American Atheists-Places a Huge Billboard in Times Square,NY Showing an Image of a Crucified Christ and Calling Him a "Myth"

Oscar-Winning Black Actor Jamie Foxx-Who Called President Abomination "Our Lord and Savior" After His Re-Election-Hosts TV Show Saturday Night Live and Brags About His Character Killing "All the White People" in Quentin Tarantino's Latest Film Django Unchained(and Barely a Word on This Racist Rant from the Big Media)

How Sweet It Is!:CIA Now Recruits Members of the "LGBT Community"

Patriot Boycott Announcement:UPS(They "Run the Tightest Ship in the Shipping Business")Stops Funding Boy Scouts of America Because the Scouts Won't Hire Homos as Scout Leaders(All Patriots:Boycott UPS and Let Them Know You're Boycotting!)

Just Another Curse on USA:8 of the 10 Richest Counties Voted to Re-Elect the Abomination

Before Game 1 of the American League Baseball Playoffs in Detroit,Detroit Police Officers Union Holds a Rally in Front of Comerica Park to Warn Visitors to the Motor City:"Enter at Your Own Risk"(What a Great Way to Start Off Game 1 of a Major League Baseball Playoff Series!)

In Response to Gun Violence,the Black Mayor of East St.Louis,IL Imposes a Curfew,Claiming That "There Are People Shooting at Each Other for No Reason Whatsoever"

Here's Some Proof of How Radical Liberal American Bar Association(ABA)Is:They Give Their Highest Award to Notorious Radical Lawyer Morris Dees-Co-Founder of Notorious Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC)

It's Time for Patriots to Boycott's Jewish Founder Jeffrey Bezos Donates $2.5 Million to the Election Campaign to Legalize Homo Marriage in Washington State

A "Witches' Brew" of Booze and Drugs Takes the Lives of 2 Young Men and Hospitalize 21 People and 45 Are Arrested at the IDentity Festival Concert in Mansfield,MA

6,000 Sad Souls Attend a 4-Days' Seminar in San Jose,CA Led By False Prophet Tony Robbins-and 21 of Them Suffer Serious Burns By Walking Over Coals

President Abomination Breaks Another Record,This Time as Commander in Chief of US Armed Forces:the Pentagon Holds Its First "Gay Pride" Celebration

Patriot Notice: On June 23rd,2012,this patriot has somewhat bounced back from more affliction.The health issue has stabilized,as I just finished 2 weeks of an anti-biotic.I can have a cold one again! Mercy has arrrived! However,I'm not out of the woods,as I may have a condition that may need to be monitored for the rest of my life.I was hoping to start blogging again with the desktop computer back from the shop after a malware attack and subsequent breakdown.But,of course,it still doesn't work,even after I shelled out $313.The year 2012 continues to be the worst year in this patriot's life.But that I'm providing this commentary now shows that at least I'm rebounding,and with the Almighty's grace,I'll be back to normal.I'm sure I've missed a good deal of important news over the past couple of months or so,as the afflictions and hardships have at times literally forced me from this patriot post.Under the circumstances,with at times much difficulty and stress,I think I've done the best I could've done.As Johnny Cash sang," You've got to walk that lonesome valley...You've got to walk it by yourself." I hope and pray that He brings me out of that lonesome,dark valley,and any support from co-patriots will be greatly appreciated.As long as I have the ability and the strength,I'll be at this patriot post,fighting America's patriot cause.

Anti-Christ/Feminazi Madness in Black Earth,WI:a Moron Jury Finds a Pastor Guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Child Abuse Because He Recommended Spanking Misbehaving Children-and a Vicious Female Judge Sentences Him to 2 Years in Prison(More Proof That Anti-Christ Is Taking Over America)

It'll Be a Gay Celebration in the Nation's Capital!: the Jewish Chairman of Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee(DCCC),a Jewish Congressman from CO,and the Apostate-Catholic Minority Leader in US House of Representatives Will Hold a Fundraiser for Jewish-Homo Congressman Barney the Fag Frank-and a Jewish Reporter at The Hill Newspaper Eats It All Up

In Parker,CO,2 Dykes Are Arrested for Staging a "Hate Crime"

A 2-Legged Animal in Tennessee Pleads with the State to Help Him Pay Child Support for His 30 Kids with 11 Different "Baby Mamas"

The New York Times Celebrates "Gay TV" as "All in the Family"

Re the Trayvon Martin Case,Chip Wood at Asks:"Do the Media Want a Race War?"

Despite All the Pandering by Evangelicals and Christian Conservatives Towards the Nation of Israel and America's Jewish Population,Not Even a Quarter of American Jews Have a Favorable Opinion of Them

Goldman Sachs-the Super-Rich Wall Street Investment Bank Where a Multitude of High Officials at the US Treasury and Federal Reserve Are Hired from-Invests in a Company Dealing in Prostitution and Sex Trafficking of Underage Girls

More Anti-Christian/Anti-Conservative Hatred from the Mental and Moral Midgets at ESPN

The Latest Madness to Hit America:Barstool Blackout Tour

Patriots,please take a good look at all these moronic party animals in the video accompanying the article.These are college students getting drunk and "stoned," even suffering alcohol poisoning;slutty,barely dressed,filthy-mouthed broads;spoiled brats who probably don't even have the knowledge about how to have a simple good time.And here's what's really scary:these are our future politicians,lawyers, journalists,TV producers and editors,movie producers,school teachers,stock brokers,corporate managers,etc..Just like the "hippies" and "flower children" of the 1960s eventually stopped protesting,burning US flags,chanting "We shall overcome" and using LSD and graduated college and graduate school and obtained powerful positions in our society,these immature clowns at Wellmont Theater in Montclair,NJ are of the same hedonistic slobbery.Maybe the spirit of the '60s is back.

A Filthy Disgrace in Little Rock:a Commission Unanimously Votes to Rename Little Rock National Airport After Billy & Hillary Clinton

The Latest Scourge to Hit America:Mothers on Meth(MOM,How Appropriate)Kill Their Infants via Breastfeeding

Maryland Becomes the 8th State to Legalize Homosexual Marriage,But Patriots May Overturn the Law in November

How incredible:the government of a state founded by Catholics and named after the Virgin Mary passes a law allowing fruits to walk down the aisle in holy matrimony.And they did it in a similar fashion to how it was done in New York last year:an apostate-Catholic Democratic governor(Dandy Andy Cuomo)twisted arms,made sweet deals and promises,and maybe made a threat or two to persuade legislators who voted against it last year to vote for it this year.And now it was apostate-Catholic Martin O'Mallley's turn to exalt the sin of Sodom at the marriage altar.But the MD law won't take effect until next year,and patriots in the Free State are already gathering signatures to put this issue on the November ballot;they did the same thing  when moron O'Malley signed a bill into law to grant special college-tuition rates for his illegal-immigrant friends.Let's hope they do likewise with "gay" marriage.

It's The Wild,Wild West in the Motor City.Will It Spread to the Rest of America?

Get a load of that,patriots:Waiting 25 minutes for police to respond to a report of an armed robbery! And then the cops asking the victim when they do arrive,"Why did you call us for?"! Private security patrolling upper-class neighborhoods in armored cars?! Is this a sign of America's future in our big cities? Is it coming to a city we live in or are near to? Some police stations in the former Arsenal of Democracy are closing to the public at 4 PM! This is like something out of a futuristic horror film where society breaks down and it boils down to Darwinian survival! Patriots,we may have to arm and protect ourselves in our neighborhoods if this trend continues.Meanwhile,best of luck and God speed to the remaining patriots in Motor City.

Calling All Patriots:Boycott J.C.Penney and Home Depot! They're on the Bandwagon of the Militant Homosexual Movement!

Patriots,please never forget that boycotting is a great weapon for patriots! I went on JCP's website and saw that they're also brazen supporters of so-called Human Rights Campaign-the #1 pro-homosexual activist group in America-and-Get a load of this!-National Council of La Raza! Ay caramba! So one of America's major department stores is on the homosexual bandwagon and La Conquista bandwagon.I've already e-mailed this moron company off their website that I'm boycotting their store as long as they employ Ellen Degenerate and support HRC and NCLR.Please take patriot action and let them know you're staying away from their stores.

While the Putrid TV Show American Idol Remains America's Most-Watched Show,Its Viewership Has Dropped 17% from Last Year

And speaking of idolatry,isn't it a stark testament of what has happened morally and spiritually in America when her top-rated TV series is called American "Idol"? The viewers actually consider these amateur entertainers,"idols"? Give me a break! Please! People who "idolize" human beings for whatever reason(s)are committing idolatry! It's that simple! John Pinkston is pastor of a small non-denominational church in Georgia who wrote a booklet about 10 years ago entitled Idolatry:America's Sin.I recommend it.I believe it can be requested,free of charge,off the church's website remember,patriots,this putrid show is broadcast over Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox Network.But at least there's good news in that the ratings are falling.Idolatry eventually wears off.

Crime Nation:About 1/3 of Americans-Before They Reach Age 23-Have Been Arrested

Kasia(Nice Name!)Rivera of East Orange,NJ Is Arrested for Manslaughter for Injecting Silicone Into a Young Man's Penis! Ouch! Does It Get Any Sicker Than This?!

I guess this latina wanted her man to be big! So much so that she injects his you know what with silicone from a needle! Ouch! What a way for a 22-years-old man to die! In a society becoming more sex-obsessed and sexually depraved,we'll probably be hearing about more sexcapades like this one.And did you patriots get a load of another one of these latino-subculture first names? Kasia.But the male first-name of a Dominican in the crime story below is even better:Adepso! But as far as the manslaughter victim in this case goes,I hope he rests in peace,although that may be hard to accomplish.Very hard!

Anti-Christ Hollywood Is Making People Sick,Literally:Viewers of "Breaking Dawn"-the Latest "Twilight" Installment on Teenage Vampirism-Suffer Seizures in Theaters

And on the subject of anti-Christ,anti-Christ Hollywood now gets people physically sick.I've been saying to co-patriots and morally concerned Americans over the last 15 years or so that watching contemporary films is hazardous to our health,like the language of the warnings written on cigarette packages.I've been speaking mainly in a moral sense.But now it applies to our physical health too! This "Twilight" series of novels and films,per the reviews I've read,prettifies teenage vampirism.And parents are allowing their kids to see this dangerous garbage?! And shouldn't the kids themselves comprehend the evil of sucking blood from people in order to survive? Patriots,let's stay out of movie theaters.They used to be places of great,uplifting entertainment and learning.But since anti-Christ totally took over Hollywood about 40 years ago,they're now dens of corruption and turpitude,in addition to literally sickening viewers,generally speaking.

At Brooklyn Museum in NYC,the Museum's Jewish Director and a Jewish Curator at a Museum Exhibit Display the "Art" of an "Artist"(Also Probably Jewish)Who Died from AIDS:a Crucifix with a Figure of the Crucified Christ on It-Covered with Ants,Funded Partly with Tax Money

It didn't take long for this story of another Jewish attack on Christ and the Christian faith to die.We can only imagine the hysteria if Jews or Judaism were attacked in similar fashion.But the wicked killed Christ 2,000 years ago by crucifying Him.That's not enough;now they're trying to re-murder Him by having Him eaten by ants.Only a sick,evil mind would even think about something like that.The probably Jewish homosexual "artist" blamed Christ and/or contemporary Christians for the AIDS that afflicted him and eventually took his life.And the Jewish director at Brooklyn Museum and the Jewish "co-curator" of the "exhibit" probably share the same sick,anti-Christ mind as the deceased "creator" of this "art." And the Jewish borough president Martin Markowitz ostensibly hasn't objected to this anti-Christian bigotry and hate probably for the same reason.But at least the Italian-American borough president from Staten Island and a Staten island congressman condemned this current execration of Christ and the faith He left for His followers.Good for them.Nice patriot activism.And notice,patriots,how all too often,the anti-Christs and anti-patriots among us,frequently take our money to promote their anti-Christ/anti-patriot agenda? Patriots and Christians should stay away from Brooklyn Museum.It's a pit of evil.And not just for this crucifix of ants. 

Another Teenager Dies from "Synthetic Marijuana"- and His Mother Urges the City of Chicago to Ban It

It's a Dark,Dark Day for the Patriot Cause in Arizona and the Rest of America:Russell Pearce- President of Arizona State Senate and a Patriot Leader Against Illegal Immigration Into the State- Is Recalled By Voters and Replaced with a Liberal Republican

Rupert Murdoch Will Soon Control Half of America's Christian Book Publishing,as Harper Collins Will Soon Buy Thomas Nelson Publishing

Good Ol' Uncle Rupert:he's about 80-years-old and he's still wheeling and dealing.So now he'll own about half of the Christian establishment's book-publishing industry when he takes over Thomas Nelson.So why is he doing this? With all his billions,why is he buying another Christian publisher to join his ownership of Zondervan? Because he obviously wants to destroy Christianity from within! He and his Fox News Channel are very pro-homosexual.So watch somewhere down the road that Uncle Rupert comes out with a "Gay Bible." Or a Bible just for "gays." And all the biblical references that condemn homosexuality will be expurgated or explained away in one way or another.And I'm sure he'll do a lot more to debauch Christians,especially the younger generation,when he takes control of half of the publishing wing of an already-corrupted Christian establishment.I think I'll start calling Uncle Rupert,"Murdoch the Warlock."

More Intrigue from a Rupert Murdoch-Owned Company:"Christian" Publisher Zondervan Will Publish 2 Books By Former Anti-Patriot Liberal President James Carter

Hi,patriots! I haven't commented on this page in quite a while! I'm glad to be back,for now anyway.This is because I have to use discretion in this pro-bono patriot work in how I allocate the time given to me.

As far as this story goes,I've claimed on this site that power-drunk Rupert Murdoch has infiltrated mainstream Christianity for the purpose of subverting it,in the classic style of a false prophet.He spent a lot of his dough to buy Christian book publisher Zondervan about 8 years ago.And via Zondervan,he gave us false prophet Rick Warren and his "purpose-driven life." That pseudo-Christian book has sold millions of copies,thanks to Murdoch's boys in advertising and marketing.And like Murdoch,Warren is a member of globalist Council on Foreign Relations.What a co-incidence! And now he gets "Jimmy" Carter-another CFR member-to write 2 books for his company,and Zondervan has already released a biography on Carter that's marketed to kids.Murdoch and Carter.What a perfect combination for the age of anti-Christ we're in.And it's another indictment of America's anti-Christ Christian establishment.It'll be a riot to see how Murdoch,Carter and their collaborators try to turn Christ and his apostles into the New Age liberal globalists that they are.

In Pittsburgh,PA,a 13-Years-Old Boy Dies from Smoking "Synthetic Marijuana"

Life in the Black Ghetto of Brownsville in Brooklyn,NYC:a 33-Years-Old Mother of 13 Is Shot Dead,as Were Her 2 Brothers Several Years Ago

In the Mother Country,a 17-Years-Old Girl Dies 20 Minutes After Applying Hair Dye

More Pro-Homosexual Agit-Prop from Associated Press(AP):"Writer" Elliot Spagat(Sounds Like Faggot)Praises Homosexual GOP Candidates for the Mayoralty of San Diego,CA

And While We're on the Subject of Sexual Depravity,a 56-Years-Old Lesbian Legal Activist Dies from Cancer,Reported By Pro-Homosexual The New York Times

Pro-Homosexual Associated Press Reports That a Jewish "Gay" Congressman from Colorado Has Announced the "Birth of a New Son"

Just What America Needs:a Surge in Sales of Lottery Tickets

Witchcraft Murder Now Comes to America!

With the glorification of  wizard Harry Potter over about the past 10 years and other positive portrayals of "...the sin of witchcraft"(1 Samuel 15:23),should a murder via witchcraft ritual shock us? No it shouldn't! I tried to post a link to an article on this story from The Albuquerque Journal website,but the link led to a subscription offer to the paper and not to the article.That article had a photo of this murderess-witch in her orange-colored prison garb.And did she look like a witch! The facial photo of her on this website shows her evil too,but not nearly as much as the other one.Look out,patriots,for all the witches out there! They may take any one of us for a ride like this witch gave to her sacrificial victim! Please check the blog A Patriot's Diary in a few days for a lot more commentary and analysis on this bizarre case and its ramifications.

Thanks to Anti-Christ Hollywood,Not Even Cartoons Are Safe for Kids Anymore

Christ warned that it would be better for a man to have a millstone hung around his neck and thrown into the sea than to lead a child astray.That should be a warning to the fiends in Hollywood who now are marketing dirty cartoons to corrupt our kids.

TV Network ABC Family Is Very Pro-Homosexual:55% of Its Air Time Includes Homo Characters or References to Homosexuality

Starting Sept.18th in Rahm Emanuel's Windy City,a Curfew Will Order Kids 12 and Under to Be at Home

Another Terror Stalking America:"Designer Drugs"

A Female Reporter at The Denver Post Rejoices That Colorado Has Become a More "Gay" State

In the Sin State of Nevada,the State's Tourism Commission Fires Up a Website for Lesbian/Gay/Bi- sexual/Trans-gender Visitors.How Sweet of Them!

25% of Drivers Who Died in Single-Vehicle Crashes in US from 1999 to 2009 Tested Positive for Drugs

A New Book Further Exposes Anti-Conservative/Anti- Christ Hollywood

Bad News for Patriots:a Slim Majority of Americans Now Support Legalizing Homosexual Marriage

Yes,patriots,years of steady pro-homosexual agitprop from anti-Christ Hollywood,anti-Christ "entertainers" like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry,pro-homo legislators-in short,the Homo Lobby-has ostensibly achieved their goal of capturing the minds of most of America's young people.This latest Gallup poll shows about 2/3 of young Americans(basically those 18-30)now support legalizing homo marriage.The propaganda has caused a significant swing towards the pro-legalizing side.Albeit it's a slim majority(53%),but in an overwhelmingly still-Christian country like USA,this number should only be about 20-25%.But the young are being debauched,brainwashed,conditioned,misled by the proponents of the sin of Sodom.Sexual immorality is one of the last warning signs that a nation is on the brink of total collapse.America is more and more resembling ancient Rome(pagan Rome,that is).But did even pagan Rome allow 2 men to marry each other?!

More Bad News for Motor City:Nearly Half of Its Residents Are "Functionally Illiterate"

Harry Potter Keeps Weaving His Magic Spell on America

Two 14-Years-Old Girls Hang Themselves in Marshall,MN

Crystal Mangum-the "Exotic Dancer"(A Stripper!)Who Falsely Accused 3 White Lacrosse Players at Duke University of Rape-Is Indicted for Stabbing to Death Her Boyfriend

Is Hayward High School Near San Fran,CA a School or a Prison?

The Porno Industry in LA Is Refusing to Cooperate With Health Officials Investigating AIDS-Infected Actors and Actresses

The Answer to Col.Gadhafi's Killing of Libyan Civilians By the Governments of US,UK and France:Kill More Libyan Civilians

America's Capital of Washington,DC(District of Corruption)Becomes the First US Jurisdiction to Legalize Internet Gambling

In an Elementary School on Chicago's West Side,a Principal Bans Students from Bringing in Brown-Bag Lunches from Home

The Daddy Bush-Appointed Federal Judge Who "Struck Down" California's Anti-Homosexual-Marriage Law Admits He's a Homosexual

Patriots,it was first reported that this fruitcake judge was appointed by Reagan;now it's reported that Daddy Bush appointed him.It would be surprising if the Gipper appointed him;it's not surprising that Daddy Bush appointed him.Daddy Bush the anti-patriot/anti-conservative also nominated ultra-liberal David Souter to US Supreme Court.So did this homo judge just happen to be assigned this case at random? Or was he deliberately picked so he could rule CA's Prop 8 "unconstitutional" so homos can marry in the Golden State? Come on! It's obvious he was picked because he's a homo! And there's really no oversight or check on the federal court system to corroborate if he was picked at random;the men and women in black on the benches pretty much are left to themselves to monitor their actions.This case proves that the people's elected representatives need to have oversight over the courts-the sooner the better.And when they violate their own rules,they should be investigated and prosecuted,if necessary.

Those Guarding CA Assemblymen Will Now Carry Handguns Full-Time

I was listening to Howie Rose-an excellent baseball sportscaster on radio-just a few days ago,providing color commentary during a New York Mets game.He related how retired player and former Mets announcer Ralph Kiner was smoking a cigar in a broadcast booth during a baseball game in California sometime ago,and this was after the liberal fascists in that state passed a no-smoking law in ballparks.When native Californian Mr.Kiner was told by a stadium security official to put out the cigar because it's against the law,Ralph looked him in the face and said,"This used to be a great state." What a great testament to what liberal fascism and pro-illegal-immigrant/pro-La Conquista Washington,DC have done to what really was a great state;old timers like Kiner remember well when CA really was the Golden State.Now,the all-liberal-Democratic state government has to arm those who guard assemblymen because a lot of people in the state have been driven and are being driven mad with all the terrible things happening there,caused in large part by anti-patriots in DC and Sacramento with their evil laws and policies.More and more,California is becoming like a violent,desperate banana republic.That their assemblymen have to protected by armed guards is an ominous sign in that direction.The shine is off the once-golden state.

Jeffrey Epstein-a Rich Hedge-Fund Manager, Convicted Sex Offender and a Friend of Katy Couric,Woody Allen,George Stephanopoulos and Prince William-Escapes Justice(Similar to Bernie Madoff)With the Help of the High and the Mighty

Just What the City of Angels Needs:a Proliferation of "Erotic Massage Parlors"

The Population of Detroit,MI-Once Called the Arsenal of Democracy-Drops to What It Was in 1910

"Pop Star" Katy Perry Goes from Christian Singer to Slutty Performer

A Poignant Tale of the Slow Death of the Once-Great City of Camden,NJ

Using a "Designer Drug" to Celebrate Spring Break in Blaine,MN,One Young Man Is Dead,2 Are in Critical Condition,and 8 Others Are Hospitalized

A Bus Returning from a Casino in CT Crashes at 5:30 in the Morning,Killing 13 and Critically Injuring 6

In the Mother Country,a "High Court" Rules in Favor of a City Council Decision to Bar a Christian Couple from Foster Care Because They Refuse to Promote Homosexuality to Children

A Near-Record Level(About 1 in 5)of US Counties Are "Dying"

The Latest Drug to Terrorize America:Bath Salts-and It Comes from Red China

Another lovely gift to America from Communist China! They gave Florida contaminated drywall about a year ago and now it's a cocaine-like drug sold OTC! How did this stuff get on the market in the first place?! And what nut would even think about taking it?! And only about a month ago-right around Happy New Year time-4 teenagers on the Sunshine State's Gulf Coast got stoned by snorting a crazy cocktail of chemicals.This is another sign that a madness is rampant throughout America,and it may not be just a co-incidence.There are people behind the scenes who may very well want to create chaos in our land so that when the smoke clears,they pick up the marbles.And distributing drugs like Bath Salts is one sure-fire way to cause chaos.

In Carson City,NV,It's "Attack a Teacher Day"

I guess this sick stunt from middle-school students shouldn't surprise us in today's America.And it also shouldn't surprise us coming from a state where arrogant slob Harry Reid was re-elected with 51% of the vote,even though Nevada has America's highest unemployment rate.Maybe the slobs who voted for the state's #1 slob thought he was going to get built more gambling casinos and brothels so they can throw more of their money away.

Teenagers in Ft.Myers,FL Go Nuts to "Get High"

How pathetic and empty the lives of these kids must be to get stoned on this stuff.Were they trying to commit suicide?! In less-mad times in America,the worst that teenagers used to do was maybe sneak a smoke of a cigarette;now they inhale or snort anything they can get their hands on.Patriots,the question I believe we should be asking is,Who or what put into the minds of these kids the temptation to do this to themselves? Are there people out there with an agenda who want to destroy the lives of as many of our kids as possible?

Fruitcake Elton John and His "Husband" David Furnish "Have Become Parents"

It's sickening how pro-homosexual AP is.The reporter even takes lines from John's song Your Song to describe how much John loves his "husband." Yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now these two perverts have to adopt a child! I find this the most-evil aspect of the militant homosexual movement:bringing kids into their sordid world.And remember,patriots,and you Rush Limbaugh devotees:this is the entertainer whom Limbaugh invited to perform at his most-recent wedding about a year ago.He couldn't have invited someone else?

Bad News for Law Enforcement:a 37% Rise in Line-of- Duty Cop Killings in 2010

America's First "Trans-Gender" Trial Judge Gets Elected to Sit on a State Court in-Where Else?-the Land of Fruits & Nuts

The land of fruits & nuts has given America a lot of grief these past 30 years or so,but this fruit takes the cake:America now has its first "trans-gender" judge,getting elected nonetheless.And we can throw in to the bowl of mixed nuts the latina lesbian with the Spanish surname that means something like "Kills Saints" getting re-appointed as the state's budget director even with California imploding financially and governmentally.Patriots in California:I think the day may be approaching very rapidly when you may have to flee California like a visitor to the witchcraft-ruled town of Whitewood in the classic horror film Horror Hotel was told to do by the last remaining man of the cloth in that town:"Leave Whitewood!...Get out tonight before it's too late!" If you haven't seen that film,which for some reason(s)is never shown on any of the tv channels,please get it on VHS or DVD.I believe it's the best horror film of all time.You may have to flee California like the people who were told to flee Whitewood!

Wizard Harry Potter Keeps Casting His Spell on America

J.K.Rowling's boy-witch/boy-wizard keeps casting his spell on millions of Americans gripped by either ignorance,foolishness,naivete,immaturity,peer pressure,stupidity,a fascination with the occult or the dark side,or a combination of two or more of these things.J.K Rowling-a dame who has been catapulted to incredible wealth and world-wide infamy by writing books glorifying witchcraft,sorcery and spell-casting-is I believe the world's #1 false prophetess,behind Oprah Winfrey.What's more dangerous and evil about Rowling is she has debauched millions of innocent kids,while Winfrey has debauched and misled mainly middle-aged women.The good news is that Winfrey's star may finally be falling,with her idiotic gab-fest tv show going off the air next year.But the writer of witchcraft and wizardry keeps writing her occult books which then become movies.If there's any false prophetess who deserves the Almighty's judgment,it's J.K.Rowling.I believe it hasn't happened yet because He is testing us to see just how far America will continue to go by spending exorbitant amounts of money and time on witch books and reveling in the cult of Harry Potter.

Tragic News for America on Veterans Day:Record Suicides Among Those Who've Worn the Uniform

Patriots:Here's One Reason Why We Should Consider Boycotting

Amazon pulled this pro-pedophile book a few days after it was reported that they offered it.And they probably pulled it because they got so many complaints.I know they have a good selection of stuff,and maybe this won't happen again.So let's see how Jeff Bezos's company behaves in the future.And a good lesson to learn is that people screamed and complained to them to remove that "manual" from its book list.Patriots,we need to be active,at least in some capacity.

Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral Monstrosity Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Another First for America From President Abomination's Administration:Openly Homosexual Candidates Will Now Be Allowed to Enlist in the Military

At a Suburban-Seattle High School,50 Students Are Hooked on Heroin

In California,Welfare Recipients Use Their Benefit Cards at Gambling Casinos and on Cruise Ships!

In the Bronx,NY,the US Drug Czar Brings 6 Bodyguards While Visiting a Drug-Infested Area of a Neighborhood

A 2-Legged Animal in Michigan Gets Jail for Not Paying Child Support for 2 of His 23 Children From 14 Women

The "Gay" Lifestyle:1 in 5 Homosexual/Bi-sexual Men in America Have AIDS

Pro-Homosexual Judges in Florida "Strike Down" a 33- Years-Old State Law Banning Adoption of Children By Homosexuals

There's a "Gay Vibe" in Tel Aviv

One of the hallmarks of the anti-Christ Christian establishment in America is its virtual slavish devotion to the government and/or the nation of Israel.If this "gay vibe" were held in any other country,one "televangelist" after another would be condemning this latest venture of the homosexual movement.But because of the ethnic and tribal favoritism towards Israel,they look the other way and/or pretend it isn't there.They believe that all Jews are "God's chosen people." That's nonsense! They rip Genesis 12:3 totally out of context to justify tribalism and ethnic empowerment! Meanwhile,patriots and believers in Christ,if you want to visit and stay in the Holy Land,I recommend avoiding Tel Aviv-which is becoming Sodom By the Sea.

US Army Suicides Reach a Record-High

With all the incredible stress that has been placed on America's fighting men,it's to be expected that suicide in the ranks would skyrocket.Being ordered to fight far away from home against a phanton enemy in countries embroiled in civil war and strife,being frequently re-deployed,extended tours,9+ years in Afghanistan-the graveyard of empire-fighting in searing heat with a commander-in-chief who probably isn't even a US citizen.No wonder so many US servicemen are cracking! They're not supermen! I urge patriots to scream and yell at those in anti-American/anti-Christ Washington,DC who are responsible for putting our guys in harm's way to bring them home and fight for Americans and our country and not some War on Terror! that's obviously as phony as a 3-dollars bill!

On Memorial Weekend Saturday in Suburban Connecticut,a 17-Years-Old Girl Snorts an Hallucinogenic Drug and Is Later Found Dead in a Nearby Pond

A 17-years-old girl in wealthy suburban Connecticut spends Memorial weekend Saturday by going to a party,snorting an hallucinogenic drug,and then winds up dead in a nearby pond.What a telling symbolism this is for our country today in that on a weekend centered around remembering our war dead and those who have served and still serve,in the richest state per capita in the land,and a teenage girl for whatever demented reason decides to snort this drug that leads to her death.When I was her age and we went to a party,I think the worst thing we did was smoke cigarettes or drink  a beer or two.I remember the butts made me nauseous! That's one reason I never smoked butts after that! Yet,I do like a smooth cigar.Anyway,what tragedy for a young girl to lose her life from a drug snort.Tragedy indeed.It's one of the many wars being waged against our young in USA 2010.

Another Drug Scourge Comes to America:Tainted Cocaine Kills 2,Sickens 3 in the the Twin Cities

"Ultra-pure"(raw) heroin was reported a few weeks ago to have hit our streets and now we have tainted cocaine.It's getting more and more obvious,patriots,that the gangs dealing this poison aren't just making a lot of money,but they're trying to destroy American society too.What a great combination for these scoundrels:make scads of money while ruining as many American lives and families as possible which will over time bring our society down to an impoverished narco-state.This war,among others we're fighting,is far more a threat to us than the Taliban and CIA-created Al Qaida hiding in caves about 8,000 miles away from our shores. 

Actress Rue McClanahan-a Dirty Old Broad and One of the Regular Characters on TV Program The Golden Girls-Croaks at 76.Her Death Is Nothing to Rue About

There was nothing golden about The Golden Girls.Like Ed Norton told Ralph Kramden,"All that glitters isn't gold." The Golden Girls were just a gaggle of dirty old broads who barely got through an episode without dirty jokes,sexual innuendo and double entendre,at least the times when I came across it or read reviews or heard others talking about the show.Rue McClanahan was one of the dirty old broads,and it's typical of her sordid life that she was married 6 times.She represented the moral deterioration in television that in my opinion,started around the late 1960s-and that's because the Production Code was removed as a censor of tv broadcasts and Hollywood was pretty much left to themselves after that,with only FCC regulations to worry about.If memory serves me well,broadcast television(pre-cable/satellite)started going downhill with the debut of the show Soap,which featured actor Billy Crystal as television's first homosexual character.And it has been one garbage show after another since then,about 1977.Patriots,there's nothing to rue about Rue McClanahan's death.

A Famous Investor Says Wall Street Has "Gone Rogue"[You May Have to Click Off an Annoying Pop- up Ad From Crain's New York Business Before You Get to This Article]

Bravo to this Wall Street insider fro publicly citing the lack of ethics on the street as one reason for our severe financial and economic problems and for the street's bloody nose.When people who earn their livings by trading and dealing other people's money are motivated strictly by profit and the love of money that's the root of all evil(see the Bible book of 1 Timothy 6:10),they will cause serious trouble, for their clients,themselves and the rest of the country and now the rest of the world,since the powers that be have created their"global economy" and their "global community" which is becoming just another tower of babel.It's a corollary of taking what many patriots call the Christian moral order(CMO)out of our economy and out of other areas of our society.

Another Congressional Resignation,This One Due to Marital Infidelity

A Homosexual Character Comes to the Archie Comic Strip

This is what I find most-depraved about the militant homosexual lobby and movement,whether it's in America or Canada or anywhere else:They want our kids! A homo character in a comic strip that kids read! They want to teach kids who shouldn't even know about the birds and the bees that sodomy is something normal and prideful! How depraved is that?! It reminds me of Christ warning those around him that anyone who leads a child astray,it'll be better for that person to have a mill stone hung around his neck and thrown into the sea! And notice the liberal morons at Canadian Broadcasting Corp.puffing up this latest glop of homosexual agitprop.Lord Jesus,come quickly!

The American Nightmare Continues:in Wilkinsburg,PA,an 8-years-old Boy Gives Bags of Heroin to Some of His Classmates

An 8-years-old drug dealer? A 7-years-old girl getting gang-raped? America's children are losing their innocence! How has this happened?! I believe it's a combination of reasons.I also believe the main reason is too many bad influences in entertainment media,especially gratuitous violence and sex in film and on television.So much for that frivolous argument,"If you don't like it,shut it off or turn the dial or don't see the film."

The Wonders of "Day Care":E Coli Kills a Child,Sickens 3 Others,at a Facility in Vancouver,Washington

Yes,patriots,"day care" can kill.Day care.What a paltry euphemism! In the good ol' days in America,mommy stayed home and raised her kids while daddy went out to work to support the family.Leave It to Beaver,The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet,The Donna Reed Show.While they weren't perfect times(no "time" is),it was sure a much-better environment to raise kids.But,Hillary Rodham Clinton and her fellow misanthropic feminists dread the thought of the housewife or homemaker,even if it's only for a few years to raise kids in the so-called "formative"years.I'll never forget seeing a young couple in an office building in White Plains,NY-not far from NYC-bringing their young daughter in to dump her off at day care."I'm so scared," she cried,while her daddy was holding her in his arms.And the day-care center was almost like a prison,with its security doors and hardly any windows.I assume this yuppie couple needed two full-time incomes to live in their ritzy suburban house,so they forked over their own flesh and blood to strangers.Kids should be supervised by non-family members only when the parents have no other choice.And these childhood diseases spread easily,especially in close-quarters environments.Super-feminist Hillary opined back when she was co-president:"It takes a village." Some village.It's where kids are entrusted to strangers and "professional child-raisers" and where those same kids get sick much-more often than if they were at home during the day.

Puerto Rican "Pop Star" Ricky Martin Admits He's a Homosexual,and Is a "Father" of Infant Twin Sons Via a Surrogate Mother

How fitting that Ricky Martin sings about "Mi vida loca"("My crazy life")! A sickening crazy life,I may add.I remember about 8-10 years ago,I met two sisters from Florida who knew Martin was homosexual  because he frequented a notorious homosexual area in Miami.So not only does Tricky Ricky finally admit what almost everyone already knew,but he has to bring "motherless children"(the title of an Eric Clapton song) into the world to raise them in the "gay lifestyle." And what's disturbing too is:How many females of various ages will still adulate this guy for being a "great entertainer"?  

In the Current Academic Year at Cornell University in New York State,6 Students Have Committed Suicide

Students and their parents I think used to be mostly concerned with the students' grades in college or university.Now,thanks to the rampant corruption and raging insanity in America,a big concern is student suicide,in addition to killings of students and teachers by other students.And a story I posted about 2 weeks ago cited a psychologist's warning that these are dangerous times for America's young people.What has happened?! What has caused this?! I'm sure that patriots have many suggestions and theories on this crisis,but I believe it's the result of a society becoming more anti-Christ and more influenced by a culture of immorality and death that has raged across the land for far too long.

New York Daily News Showcases a Piece of Human Garbage as Entertainment

Boy how times have changed in America! Can anyone imagine this freak show Lady Gaga not being tarred and feathered if she even attempted to climb on a stage about 40 years ago?! New York Daily News passes this creature off as an entertainer.And this is another example of a nation entertaining itself to death by idolizing human monsters like Lady Gaga.Nice name!

In Response to Elton John Calling Christ a Homosexual,a Georgia Man Gets Arrested for Posting a Video On You Tube

What a co-incidence this was.Just a few hours before I read this story,I was waiting to get buzzed in a local barbershop.And the owner had this garbage show The View on telly.The host of this show is this freak Whoopi Goldberg.Nice name! This freak exemplifies the glorification of ugliness that Babylonian Hollywood has foisted upon the country for about the last 30 years that's getting worse and worse by the day.And on The View(interesting title)was another freak:Elton John.The last I heard,he likes men one day,women the next and trans-genders the day after that.He has made a lot of nice songs,but he has been a sexually distraught man probably most of his life.And of course,the round-table discussion that included him and Whoopi and about 4 others was on Elton's poor homosexual friend in the US military who has to hide his homosexuality to avoid getting discharged.While waiting to get buzzed,I couldn't stand this gross conversation anymore and got up and went outside until the barber was ready for me.And a few hours later,I read that Sir John(yes,the perverted Brits made him a knight about 10 years ago)called Jesus the Christ a homosexual in an interview with Parade magazine! And isn't it interesting that the major news and entertainment media haven't given this any substantial coverage? And now this guy in Georgia holds up a sign saying "Elton John must die" on a You Tube video and gets arrested! He obviously was enraged at John's blasphemy.This is not a direct threat against another person.How many times have almost all of us gotten so mad at the evil of another man and said something like this? The language and the phraseology is so open-ended,it could mean that he wants Sir John to die of a heart attack or some other natural cause.Now if he held up a sign saying something like,"I'm going to kill Elton John,"then that's a direct threat on someone's life and warrants an arrest.But a direct threat like that wasn't made.Elton John is one of the many immoral demi-gods worshipped by the anti-Christ powers that be in our country,like the producers and host of this moron show The View.And if someone says something very negative in public against one of their demi-gods like John,they'll persecute that person.When it comes to the worship of their idols, free speech is thrown out the window.Of course,they don't mind when someone they hate is threatened,like when liberal moron Alec Baldwin implied on national tv that GOP congressman Henry Hyde should be stoned to death;nothing happened to Alec.Patriots,let's hope and pray this guy in Georgia has a good lawyer and he gets these charges dismissed asap.This is another case of anti-Christ neo-bolshevik tyrants-in-waiting engaging in one of their favorite activities:using the power of law enforcement and the courts to persecute and imprison those who speak out publicly against them,even when they're just opining.

A Vain Woman Gets More Than She Bargained for After "Breast Augmentation" Surgery

It's amazing what many women today will go through to try and improve their appearance.It reminds me of the title of a British tv comedy:Keeping Up Appearances.Here's some vain dope of a married woman with kids who wanted to make her knockers bigger,and she winds up getting disfigured and divorced.What a sick obsession with physical appearance has come to our country,with implants,injections,dyed hair,even,like in this case,cosmetic surgery.There's nothing wrong with someone wanting to look his or her best;there's everything wrong with risking one's health and family to achieve it.

A Psychologist Declares:"This Is a Very Dangerous Time for Our Young People"

Texas "Televangelist" Kenneth Copeland and His $6 Million Mansion,His $3.3 Million Jet,and Other Goodies

Every time I see this clown on tv,he has got that gleam in his eyes like something evil is inside his soul.They don't say the eyes are the windows of the soul for nothing.It's the same look I saw in the eyes of homosexual former GOP congressman Mark Foley and homosexual Teddy Haggard-the previous head of National Association of Evangelicals.Maybe Teddy thought the organization he headed was named National Association of Homosexuals! And oh how they justify this carnival barker living in a $6 million mansion on a "ministry" campus of over 1,500 acres.Like Michael Gomer Pyle Hucksterby,Kenneth Dopeland is just another example of the greeedy,corrupt Protestant-Christian establishment.

Boy George Bush Keeps Fooling the Gullible,Foolish "Christians"

Patriots,fellow Christians,something weird is going on here with my commentary on this story:I've tried several times to finalize this commentary on Boy George and send it to the web,but it refuses to go through.The other commentaries are going through,but not this one,for whatever reason(s).What's going on here?! Well, I'll try again.Boy George keeps fooling the ignorant,foolish,gullible "Christians." And he does it by probably exploiting their good hearts and good intentions,which are used to pave the road to hell.But the Lone Star State gives us Joel Osteen,John Hagee,Kenneth Dopeland and other odious snake-oil salesmen masquerading as ministers of the Gospel.Boy George represents the corrupt GOP establishment which just seeks the votes of the gullible Christians and then,once in power,forgets them.In short,Boy George is still "...a strong delusion...",like Paul warns about in the Bible's Book of 2 Thessalonians,chapter 2.Shame on the great state of Texas! And get a load of the photo of him accompanying the article.His ears,nose,chin and head are all getting pointier! A British New Ager called him a few years ago a reptilian shape-shifter! I don't know if he is.But he sure looks like one!

America Sinks To Another Low:2 Stewardesses Duke It Out On a Plane

Big Brother In America:From the Classroom To the Bedroom

How Low Life Can Go In the Naked City:a Dog Gets Mugged for the Coat On His Back

When man's best friend gets mugged in a city,that could be the sign that civilization is on the way out.They don't call New York the Naked City for nothing! But this crime is the lowest of the low! NYPD must get this guy! And get him fast!

It Gets Worse for Man's Best Friend In the Naked City:Now There's Dognapping

Degenerates at The New York Times Call Ellen Degenerate "...a Rising Star"

The New York Times is a very pro-homosexual paper,so it's to be expected that this lesbian bimbo Ellen Degeneres would be called by this jerk reporter "a rising star." In a country of over 300 million people,she has a whopping 2.7 million people watching her drippy show.Big deal! But the cultural revolutionaries at the Old Gray Lady want to glorify this "lifestyle" so much that they even call a no-talent has-been like Ellen a "star." It's bad enough that celebrity worshippers and their creators call human beings "stars" just because they're actors and actresses;it's a double whammy when a lesbian gabber like Degeneres gets called that.I remember growing up when afternoon tv was free and only a few channels and there was one good show after another on.I remember sometimes me and my older siblings arguing over which ones to watch.Now it's one garbage show after another on free tv! And "pay tv" isn't much better! And that's because the anti-Christ Diversity Gang controls today's television establishment! Especially in the big-city markets.

2009 Was a Record Year for Suicides In the US Army and Marine Corps

I thank the Almighty for our guys in uniform.They volunteer to protect us and fight our battles and are willing to make the supreme sacrifice if necessary.So why these record-breaking suicides? It's probably a number of reasons,and probably none of which will be revealed even if some kind of commission researches the scourge and learns the facts.But how about the obvious? Fighting endless foreign wars far away from home? Shoddy care from veteran's hospitals? The Diversity Gang admitting and promoting unqualified candidates in the armed services? Forcing GI Jane to serve alongside GI Joe? Using our servicemen as guinea pigs for experimental weapons and vaccines? Patriots,one way for anti-patriots to destroy our nation is to destroy our military by destroying morale and unity in the various branches;these suicides may be a sign that their plan is working to a large extent.

A "Sweat Lodge" Leader-Promoted On The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live-Is Arrested On 3 Counts of Manslaughter

A "Sweat Lodge"? Some American Injuns used these lodges for religious rituals.And the New Age is fascinated with pagan and neo-pagan religions and many of their practices.So this charlatan James Arthur Ray,like his comrade Jim Jones about 30 years ago,exploits weak-minded,frail,overly curious or just plain bored people,and takes them for a ride.And it fits into the spirit of the age in America that this con-man goes on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live to lead people to their own personal hells.It's one reason I've called Oprah our country's #1 false prophetess,with Madonna right behind her.But at least in this case,this false prophet Mr.Ray has probably held his last sweat-lodge ceremony and may face the justice due him.

The Crystal Cathedral Is Losing Its Shine

I posted this link on Robert Schuller's monstrosity the Crystal Cathedral for a few reasons,but mainly to show that America's Christian establishment is just as corrupt as its political establishment.How many people could've been helped with the millions wasted on that monstrosity of a cathedral? It has been also said a few times that Schuller is really a Freemason,not a Christian.And one look at his "Hour of Power" telecast with his flowing purple-and-black robe and his prancing about the stage and his strange inflections and visages in his ostentatious temple sure persuades a viewer that he's just another establishment "televangelist" who has probably gotten filthy rich off the generosity and ignorance of his donors.But now he's coming into some trying times,as is his fellow Southern Californian mega-church "pastor" -and CFR member-Rick Warren.And smiley-face "pastor" Joel Osteen publicly thanked the Almighty for the election of Houston's lesbian mayor Anisse Parker.But maybe we can thank the Almighty if Israel-worshipping anti-Christ John Hagee at his mega-church Cornerstone Church in San Antone,Texas runs into some much-deserved difficulty too. 

Joel Osteen-America's Always-Smiling Mega-Church Televangelist-Thanks God for the Lesbian Mayor of Houston,Texas

The corrupt political establishment in America is bifurcated:Democrats & Republicans.Likewise,the corrupt,anti-Christ Christian establishment is bifurcated:Protestant & Catholic.This time it's so-called Protestant Joel Osteen who tips his hand to show the nation and the real followers of Christ that he is anti-Christ,another one of these "prosperity preachers" with the pearly white,ear-to-ear smile misleading thousands if not millions of people due to their ignorance,nescience,immaturity,gullibility and/or being too-good-hearted.This may have been a judgment on him that he attended the lesbian mayor's inauguration and thanked God for her election.And,like his fellow mega-church leader Rick Warren,I believe he's Jewish.Both these clowns look Jewish and preach materialism as if it's the teaching of Christ! This is another curse on America:false-prophet preachers who get thousands of people to attend their mega-churches every Sunday and give millions to their operations.I guess some of Christ's last words apply to these poor folks:"Forgive them,Father, for they don't know what they're doing."But at least this smiley-face Osteen has revealed himself.Let's see how his friends in the anti-Christ Christian establishment react to his latest blasphemy.

Watch Out When Driving On Weekend Nights:16% of Drivers Are Stoned

This could almost be declared a national emergency! 16% of drivers on our highways on weekend nights are stoned on either pot,coke or prescription drugs! It's incredible that this finding got such little coverage.President Abomination declared last week,alluding to the alleged underwear bomber,that "we are at war." He's right in a way:the American people are at war,but the real war is being fought in our own nation and on our own soil by domestic enemies,like the drug gangs and cartels who supply the drugs and those who use those drugs to get high.So patriots need to be big-time defensive drivers on Saturday and Sunday nights,especially Saturday-the night when a lot of party animals go to clubs where drug dealing and drug use occurs and horrible music is played.That's probably why the music is so bloody awful:Those who make it,play it and listen to it are stoned!

Moron Protestors Attack the Home of the Chancellor of University of California at Berkeley.The '60s Are Back!

How Appropriate This Is:The Murdoch-owned Tabloid Newspaper New York Post Hires the Hooker Who Helped Topple Former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer!

When swine president Lyndon Johnson escalated US involvement in Vietnam while he was trying to create his Great Society at home,it was derisively called Guns & Butter.With Rupert Murdoch's New York Post and his buddy Roger Ailes's Fox News Channel,it's War & Sex.The "War On Terror!" is Murdoch's personal crusade against the Arabic/Muslim world,while his butter is flaunting female flesh.Murdoch Inc.can be summed up with the scripture 1 John 2:17,where it describes this fallen world we live in as"the lust of the flesh,the lust of the eyes,and the pride of life." That's what one gets when reading a rag like New York Post,which loses about $50 million annually,and when watching Fox News Channel.Maybe Eliot Spitzer will seek Ashley Dupre's advice from her weekly column in New York Post.

The Pro-Homo Associated Press Roots for a Lesbian Mayoral Candidate In Houston,TX

Patriots,the lesbian has won this election.I haven't posted a newslink on her victory because every single article I've come across so far has gushed over her election;and the boobs at news service One News Now-run by people who obviously are Republicans more than they're Christians-even used the insipid euphemism "gay" to describe Ms.Parker.But some facts on her election to lead America's fourth-largest city:she got 53% of the vote; only 16% of eligible voters voted; she joins homosexual/lesbian mayors in Portland,OR,Providence(How ironic!),RI and Cambridge,MA; and she lives with her lover and "their" two children.Remember the homosexual agit-prop book Heather Has Two Mommies? Well here it is:the kids of the mayor-elect of Houston,TX have two mommies.America keeps slouching towards Gomorrah,even in the Bible-Belt Lone Star State.

America Now Has a 30% High-School Dropout Rate,Along With a Multitude of Other Serious Problems In the Public Schools

This is another warning that America is headed for big trouble,especially in many,probably most,of her big cities.The national 30% high-school dropout rate in public schools is bad enough,but it's about 50% in hundreds of so-called "inner cities," which the vast majority of the times means latino and/or black neighborhoods.So what are all these millions of teenagers going to do with their lives when they don't even finish high school in a job market and society that's getting more high-tech and sophisticated and less manual labor and low-skill? Many will join the military,which will be very glad to take them;many will join gangs.Many will persevere and land decent jobs;many will join some kind of sub-culture as they try to "fit in"somewhere.Either way,patriots,be prepared for any eventuality resulting from these high dropout rates.

The Heart-breaking Tragedy of 1 Million Homeless Teenagers In America,5,000 of Whom Will Die On the Streets

Here's another war America is fighting right on her own soil:about 1 million homeless teenagers,and about 5,000 of them will die on the streets.These kids are described in this article as "throwaways" in addition to runaways.In other words,these teens who wind up at Covenant House in NYC haven't just run away from home.They've been thrown away from home! Like they were unloved pets booted out of their houses! And while this article doesn't mention how they die on the streets,the causes are probably murder and drug overdoses.What kind of parents do this to their own flesh and blood,even if some of the kids are brats?! Covenant House does noble work in trying to rescue these kids from despair and poverty,and their work is cut out for them right now,with the recession and more kids seeking their help.Christ said to let the children come to Him; the kids at Covenant House sure need His help.Let's hope they continue to get it.

Black Friday Madness Causes a Shutdown at a Southern-California Walmart

Black Friday.Like in Black Sabbath? Desperate, foolish people who queue up at or around the bewitching hour of midnight to stampede into department stores to save a buck or two on mostly cheap junk is yet another characteristic of a country collapsing into materialism.covetousness,avarice,immaturity and,yes,even a form of insanity.A lot of the press reports have described Black Friday as a "frenzy." A frenzy is defined as a temporary madness,a violent mental or emotional agitation.But isn't this what the powers that be want from the American people, for us just to be spending machines and consumer animals? I can see them gloating over all those mamalukes waiting outside in the cold in the dead of night,waiting for a store's front doors to open and let the herd in.How pathetic.

Some Jerk Pays $420,000 for Michael Jackson's Glove!

The '60s Are Back!

The US government fighting unpopular,unconstitutional,prolonged wars far, far away from America's shores;an exploding crime wave;a spreading drug culture;high divorce rates and very high rates of out-of-wedlock births especially among latinos and blacks;hedonism and libertinism throughout our culture;and now we have spoiled-brat students taking over buildings on university campuses in California.Patriots,the '60s have returned! Be prepared!

Some Good News for America:Oprah Winfrey-America's #1 False Prophetess-Will End Her TV Show In 2011

It's a testament to the times in USA when a no-talent glamorpuss of a windbag like Oprah Winfrey is worth nearly 3 billion bucks.But maybe the aura surrounding America's #1 false prophetess is finally starting to burn off.At one time,42 million Americans wasted their time and their minds watching her drippy show;that figure has dropped to 7 million,although that's 7 million too much.And her ratings have dropped 7% from last year.She has debauched a multitude of people(the vast majority of them probably white women)with her gabfests on liberalism,feminism,gossip,celebrity worship,New Age philosophy and movements like Rhonda Byrnes's The Secret,and other anti-Christ topics and conversations.She relishes in the wealth and power that her creators and handlers have provided her with.Patriots should hope and pray her planned ventures for 2011 fail even worse than her current show is failing,which may have led to her decison to end its production in 2011.Good riddance to The Oprah Winfrey Show! The only disappointment to this news is we'll have to endure it for another whole year!

A Record Number of Suicides In US Army

"Evangelist" Tony Alamo(Real Name:Bernard Hoffman)Gets 175 Years In the Slammer

We had con-man Uncle Bernie Madoff in the financial world,and now we have Uncle Bernie Hoffman in the false-prophet world;at least Bernie Madoff used his real name.I'm curious why Bernie Hoffman chose the fake name Tony Alamo(pronounced  differently than the San Antone mission where the Texans gave their lives for Texas independence).It's a common and powerful tactic used by con-men and exploiters and rip-off artists:they hide their true identities and true purposes by using fake names.And it does fool a lot of the gullible and weak and vulnerable out there. 

In Palo Alto,California,4 Teenagers Have Committed Suicide In the Last 6 Months By Stepping In Front of Moving Trains

Late Actress Bea Arthur-One of the Dirty Old Broads On TV's "Golden Girls"-Wills $300,000 to a Homosexual Youth Group

Hey,patriots,get a load of the photo accompanying this article on feminist moose Bea Arthur! The only question I have when looking at this 5 miles of bad road is:Where's her broom and hat?!
Along with the many-times-married Rue(what a perfect name for her)McClanahan and Betty White,these dirty old broads comprised the leading cast on the trash tv show so disgustingly called The Golden Girls.This is a good description of anti-Christ Hollywood:describe some dirty old broads as golden.And isn't it telling that Arthur( her real name was Frankel and I think she was a communist)willed money to a youth group that cares for "gay" youth-actually,sexually confused and misled youth? What about heterosexual kids in need? Did she care about them when she made out her will? Ms.Frankel,may she not rest in peace.

A Guru's Deadly "Sweat Lodge"

Christ said false prophets will arise in the later times and will lead many astray.How pathetic,how depressing,that people would follow some "self-help"guru into a "sweat lodge" and die or get seriously ill.And I'd bet that most of his followers are well-educated professionals looking for some meaning in their lives that they consider too unfulfilling or too boring or not exciting enough.They're prime meat for the likes of James Arthur Ray.And as America's moral and spiritual crisis deepens and spreads,there'll be more false prophets like him coming on the scene to lead more gullible, foolish and frail people astray.

Another Anti-Christ Radical Nominee from President Abomination

And Here's Another Anti-Christ Member of the Abomination Administration

Well, patriots,here we have more proof that President Abomination is anti-Christ,not necessarily the Anti-Christ,but one in the mind and spirit and purpose of Anti-Christ.In the Bible book of 1 John,chapter 2,verse 18,it says"...many anti-Christs have arisen..." The Abomination sure has an infatuation with homosexuality.And notice the important position he put homo Kevin Jennings in: Heading the US Dept.of Education's program to make schools safe and drug-free! Remember about 2 months ago when the Abomination wanted to speak to students in America via television? It's pretty obvious the Abomination Gang wants to get our kids while they're young! And then they throw in Ms.Feldblum for commissioner at so-called Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC),who said in 2004 that " sex is morally good." And get a load of those earings on her in the photo accompanying the article! If she removes them,her head will crash into the ground! So why is President Abomination empowering all these homosexuals and pro-homo individuals? Because he must want to empower homosexuality! He wants to "renew America" and "remake America" and turn it into a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah! And if Ms.Feldblum is confirmed,she'll be deciding on discrimination cases involving litigation filed by homosexuals and/or pro-homo legal groups and activist groups.Do we have any doubts how she would rule on those cases? Like St.John warned 2 millennia ago about anti-Christs rising,the Abomination in the White House rises too.And for that, America may very well be under a curse.

A "...Shocking Rise In Heroin Use..." In Affluent Suffolk County,NY Is Described as "...a Living Hell"

Suffolk County,NY on Long Island is per capita one of the richest counties in America,yet it has a serious problem of heroin use.Ostensibly,money,ornate homes,flashy cars and high society doesn't satisfy a lot of people in Suffok and probably in similar counties across the country.So these unsatisfied people,many if not most of them teenagers and young adults,seek satisfaction by damaging their minds,bodies and eventually their very lives by injecting,snorting or smoking dope;and they also mess up the lives of their families and loved ones and co-workers and virtually everyone they come into contact with.This reminds me of when I was on NYPD in the South Bronx and we arrested some kids from affluent Westchester County for attempting to buy drugs.When I asked one of the guys why he comes down to a dangerous neighborhood like this to buy drugs,his answer was:" Because there's nothing to do up there[north of the city where he lives]." Isn't that amazing? A kid no more than 20,with his whole life ahead of him,living in a nice neighborhood with beautiful homes and manicured lawns and well-kept gardens,jeopardizing his health and his very life out of boredom.This could very well be part of a crisis in suburbia.Suburbanization may well be one of the worst things to come to America.People have abandoned the cities they grew up and raised families in,they've isolated themselves from each other in sprawling towns and villages,leaving themselves with very little,if any,sense of community.So in an attempt to crack the futility and the boredom,a lot of mostly young people experiment with mind-altering drugs to "get high,"thinking this will rescue them.It's a typical Devil's bargain:"I'll make you feel great and fantastic without a worry in the world,but I expect something in return." Like one's very soul.A large part of America seems to be regressing to the '60s.What's to be done with our nation's drug crisis? I'll blog on this over the weekend on A Patriot's Diary;there's too much to go over and recommend in a news commentary.And patriots,please provide ideas of your own to this site on this issue-just another domestic crisis for America to deal with.

La Toya(Nice Name)Jackson Tells Baba Wawa That Her White-gloved Brother Michael Was "...the Closest Thing to a God That I Knew"

Do we need any more evidence of idolatry in the land when Michael "White Glove" Jackson is virtually deified by his goofball sister? And how many of Jackson's admirers feel the same way as La Toya that her brother was near-divine? He was a singer and a dancer! That's all! And how fitting that La Toya(nice name)said this to Baba Wawa-an egotistical,self-serving broad who must've ate up the praises to the Gloved One.The Bible is full of stories on how people are punished due to idolatry;the punishments and the idolatry can take many forms.Worshipping a neurotic like the Gloved One as if he were a god is one stark example of such idolatry.

Homo Ex-Congressman Mark Foley Becomes a Talk-Radio Host

Here's an example of the morons in the radio business.There's no one else out there but homo ex-Congressman Mark Foley for the producer at this station to get for a radio talk-show on politics and business? They hired him probably because of Foley's notoriety,and this,they think,would attract listeners and thus high ratings and thus advertisers;no moral consideration here when it comes to the radio business in general.Remember,patriots,that Foley was solicting teenage boys when he was still in Congress! And this station makes him a host of a talk-radio show?! Hopefully no one listens and this jerk producer learns a good lesson.Or maybe he won't learn a lesson and will hire former US senator Larry Craig to be Foley's co-host! Remember Craig-the senator from Idaho who cruised for homo sex in a bathroom in a Minneapolis airport? What a great "shew" that would be!

A Republican Congressman from New York Speaks His Mind on Michael Jackson

One of the signs that a country is declining is when a weirdo of a human being is idolized almost to the point of deification.Jackson started as a child singer for a pop-vocal band and they sang simple songs.Then at a certain age he flipped,with his identity crisis,his obvious infatuation with boys,his skin bleaching,his plastic surgery,and his horrible music.The people who worshipped him over all these years may have been his undoing.He joins the likes of Madonna,Brittney Spears,Marilyn Manson and a skad of other freak shows masquerading as entertainers.And his death sounds a wee bit suspicious.We'll see if we ever get the true story,but I'm not holding my breath.The establishment loves covering up the sins and skeletons of their "stars."

A Stage Set for Supertramp Madonna Collapses,Killing One and Injuring Others

"King of Pop" Michael "White Glove" Jackson dies about 2 weeks ago under mysterious circumstances.And now the Queen of Pop and Super-slut Madonna has her concert cancelled from a stage collapse.Divine judgement? How many lives of young girls and teenagers has this slut debauched over the course of her life,with her slutty songs and costumes? Where were and are the church leaders calling a spade a spade? And here's an interesting co-incidence:Madonna is 51 and Jackson was 50.As I wrote in a commentary on the Gloved One,a sure sign that a country is going downhill is when freak shows like Jackson and Madonna are idolized by millions.The Material Girl said she was praying for the victims and their families of this accident in Marseilles.That's all well and good.Right? She's an apostate Catholic who now practices the cabala,which some have defined as Jewish witchcraft.So which god does she pray to? It's probably Lucifer! Good news from this story:the tickets to her concerts in France were barely selling.Maybe the Material Girl is finally,God willing,de-materializing!

A 16-Year-Old Male in California Dies from a New Lethal Combination:Alcohol and Erectile-Dysfunction Medication.More Proof That America is Going Mad.

I guess this horrible news shouldn't surprise,coming from the state known as the land of fruits and nuts.Here was a 16-year-old kid who,desperate for kicks or a good time or wanting to try something new,pays the ultimate price.Who or what is driving so much of America's youth to ruin and/or  end their lives like this? That's a question that must be asked more and more and we need to find the truth,or else more horrible incidents like these will become more commonplace.

The Nation's Capital Now Recognizes Homo Marriage

Here's more proof,patriots,that our nation's capital-District of Columbia(named after a pagan goddess)-is,to cite a book title from former federal judge Robert Bork,"slouching towards Gomorrah."Congress could've voided this pro-homo-marriage law,but chose to let it ride.We can add this to all the scandals,the immoral and unconstitutional wars and policies,the bankrupting of our treasury,helping eviscerate our auto industry,attempting to reward about 12 million illegal aliens with amnesty and citizenship and put a conquistador on the Supreme Court,abortion on demand,and more.
The US government as a whole,for the most part,doesn't represent the people;they represent themselves.And they're trying,every which way they can,to,in Barack Abomination's words,"remake this nation."
Patriots:Let's give them a fight that they'll never forget! This is our country they're trying to destroy!

Portland's Homo Mayor and His "Breedlove"

Just look at this pathetic creature who's mayor of Portland,Oregon.But this is to be expected:the Pacific Northwest and New England-the two northern corners of our country-are the most unchurched,ultra-liberal,anti-Christ regions in the land.So when voters elect an out-of-the-closet homo as their city's chief executive,this shouldn't surprise us.And get a load of the name of his former teenage lover:Breedlove! What a perfect surname for a homosexual lover! Patriots,have you noticed how so many homos in positions of power or public life pursue teenagers? Remember Mark Foley?The day may come in America when patriots,Christians,or people who just want to live in a traditional moral environment will have to escape pinko New England and the pinko Pacific Northwest.To patriots in those areas,keep up the fight as long as you can.Pray for help.

HBO,Showtime,TNT,ABC,Et Al Promote Homosexuality.Patriots:Boycott These Networks and Their Advertisers!

I blogged two weeks ago on the imperative subject of patriot activism,being a citizen-activist.Boycotting is one of the most-powerful weapons patriots have at their disposal to weaken and hopefully eventually defeat the enemies of our nation and her moral fabric.TV networks which try to glamorize homosexuality by portraying homo characters as sweet and beautiful and lovable and those who oppose that "lifestyle" on moral grounds as "haters" on their programs(they're not called "programs" for nothing)should be boycotted,and their advertisers.And let them know you won't be watching and why.With the Internet,patriots have an accessible communication tool in participating in citizen activism.Optimize its use.There are plenty of educational and entertainment alternatives to homo agitprop on television.

Is it a Male? Is it a Female? Is it Male/Female? What is it?

When society starts turning away from a Christian moral order or consensus,this is a type of the madness that ensues.

Transgender Nation

Associated Press(AP)seems to be infatuated with sexual perversion,whether it's homo marriage or now,as this story relates,transgenderism-a fancy word for a guy who changes to a girl or vice versa.Just because two hosts on a Sacramento radio station denounce this perversion,the Diversity Gang at Verizon,Bank of America and other businesses pull their ads! But if they said transgenderism was the best thing since sliced bread,they probably would've given them awards for "promoting diversity."
The prophet Isaiah wrote:"Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil"(Isaiah 5:20).
Patriots:Boycott businesses who are members of the Diversity Gang!

New Hampshire Falls to Homo Marriage

Pinko New England continues to slouch towards Gomorrah with its legalization of homosexual marriage.Every New England state except Rhode Island now allows homo marriage.Some good news is that the NH law doesn't force churches,synagogues or other religious organizations to perform so-called same-sex marriages.The ghosts of the witches of Salem rule New England! Who's next to fall under their spell?!

A Dope-dealing College Student From Long Island,NY Gets Probation and Admits to a College Life of "...Decadence and Debauchery"

Patriots,the most-important question I think we should ask re this story is:How pervasive and rampant is drug use on college campuses? It behooves us to remember that,in the vast majority of cases,our politicans,lawyers,doctors,academics,tv producers-i.e.,people who have a lot of power over the American people and a lot of influence on our society-come from places like University of Vermont-where this drug-dealing student was enrolled and head of a "fraternity"(a brotherhood).How much "decadence and debauchery"exists on America's college and university campuses? If there's large-scale drug use,just how much does this affect the minds and behavior of our future leaders in government and business and other important areas in society?Personally,I think drug use is common in college.Just look at all the flakes and rogues we have ruling us in government! They come from colleges,universities and graduate schools ruled by the Diversity Gang and where "decadence and debauchery"is probably commonplace! Chronic drug use has damaged their minds!
And,is it just a wee bit possible that Christopher Duncan only got probation because his daddy worked for the Nassau County DA's office?

A Photo of the Abomination's Anointing at Notre Dame

Patriots,what do you see on Obama's face? This is what I see President Abomination thinking:"Notre Dame,you're mine now." Look at the arrogance and defiance etched all over his face! But we shouldn't be surprised that Notre Dame honored him almost as if he were a deity.Notre Dame("Our Lady"in English)is only nominally Catholic.If they were a real Catholic university,they certainly wouldn't have invited the Abomination.But they invited one of their own:a member of the Diversity Gang.The apostasy of the corrupt Christian establishment continues unabated.

President Abomination addressed a joint session of Congress on 2/27 and said:"It is our responsibility as lawmakers and educators to make this system work.But it is the responsibility of every citizen to participate in it." The Abomination also said at a so-called "signing ceremony"(they love self-praise when they pass their laws)for the(get this,patriots)Edward M.Kennedy Serve America Act that this bill is"...just the beginning of a sustained,collaborative and focused effort to involve our greatest resource-our citizens-in the work of remaking this nation"(my emphasis).Well,there it is,patriots:The Abomination Gang are working to remake our nation! In their image! Just like the Almighty made man in His image! And the former quote from Abomination delineates the corrupt Republicrat system that's destroying our nation:no matter how lawless and corrupt "this system"gets,they'll always keep trying to make it work.And they'll try to force us to join it and support it,like the commissars forced the Russian people to swear allegiance to their godless and immoral tyranny.
Patriots,I'm not exaggerating when I say we're in the eleventh hour in our country.As patriot songwriter/singer Steve Vaus says in his song We Must Take America Back:"We're on our way down." Let's pick ourselves up and fight for this land! Our main enemies are right here on our own soil!
The quotes cited in this commentary are taken from Thomas R.Eddlem's article "Serving"Political Ends in the 5/25 issue of The New American magazine.I urge all patriots to read this article and keep it for future reference.Go to the website or call 1-800-727-TRUE to order a back issue.I believe the charge is only about $5.

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