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Another Veteran of the Immoral Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Becomes a Killer Back Home: Albert Wong, " Who Clearly Had Demons, " Shoots 3 Women Dead at a Home for Veterans Near San Francisco, and Then Shoots Himself Dead

Where Else Are US Servicemen Going to Die? 4 Are Killed in Niger, in Africa

As President Chump Appears to Prepare America for Another Mideast War, Ron Paul-the Man Who Should Be President of USA-States the Obvious: the Chemical Attack in Syria Is a Typical False-Flag Black Operation, Likely Planned and Executed By Neocons, Warmongers, Israel Lobby Operatives, Revolutionaries

The Thugs and Murderers Running US " Foreign Policy " Kill 62 Syrian Soldiers in an Airstrike in Yet Just Another " Mistake " (Patriots: This Was No Mistake! The Thugs and Murderers Will Do to Syria What They've Done to Iraq Unless They're Stopped!)

Donald Trump Cites Evidence That President Destroyer and His Secretary of State Hillary the Witch Founded Terrorist Group ISIS, and Alex Newman at Claims This Fiendish Duo May Have Violated US Anti-Terrorism Laws in Founding, Funding, Arming and Training ISIS

More Evidence That " ISIS " Is Controlled or at Least Assisted By the Criminal Government in Israel

A Ditzy, Pregnant "Anchorwoman" on Anti-Patriot/Anti-White/Liberal Fascist CNN(Communist News Network?)Passes Out on-Air...While Discussing the "War on Terror!" (And Her First Name Is "Poppy")

Another American Fighting Man Loses His Life in the Graveyard of Empire: Joseph Lemm-a NYPD Detective Serving in New York Air National Guard-Leaves Behind a Wife and 3 Kids(and President Destroyer Is Primarily Responsible for His Death for Keeping 10,000 US "Service Members" in Afghanistan

American Servicemen-After 14 Long Years-Keep Dying in Afghanistan-the Graveyard of Empire(and It Looks Like Another Shootdown of a US Plane, and Not a "Crash" Like the Military Claims)

With the Phony "War on Terror!" Coming Home to Chattanooga-the Scenic Center of the South-Bob Adelman at Puts the Blame on Where It Really Belongs: "US Foreign Policy"(Controlled By Thugs, Murderers, Revolutionaries, Warmongers, Neo-Conservatives, Jewish Zealots, Israel Firsters, Globalists, Internationalists, Anti-Patriots, Etc.)

Investigative Reporter Robert Parry Exposes 2 Husband-and-Wife Couples Who Have Helped Turn US Foreign Policy into a Machine of Jewish Revolution, Savage Violence and Mass Murder, All to Benefit the Jewish Revolutionary Movement Known as Neo-Conservatism

Investigative Reporter Robert Parry Declares the Resurgence of Neo-Con Warmongers and Revolutionaries in the Washington, D.C. Government(and We See a Photo of the Ugly Face of Robert Kagan-One Infamous Member of This Wicked Cabal Called the Neo-Cons)

American Servicemen Keep Dying in the "Graveyard of Empire," This Time via "Friendly Fire"

US Military Officials Now Admit That a Helicopter Crash That Killed 6 US Servicemen in Afghanistan-the Graveyard of Empire- Was Brought Down By "Enemy Action"(And After 2 Days Passed After This Admission, 2 More US Helicopters "Crashed," One Off the VA Coast and One Off the English Coast, Killing 6 More US Servicemen)

How Did John Boy Madman McCain-US Senator from AZ-Pay His Respects on Memorial Day? He Visited the Rebels Terrorizing the Nation of Syria

Follow-Up on the Baghdad in Boston Bombing:the Surviving Suspect Claims the Immoral Wars Waged By the US Government in Afghanistan and Iraq Was the Motivation for the Attacks Which Killed 3 and Wounded 260(Once Again,Patriots,a Murderous Foreign Policy of Aggressive War By the US Government Has Created More Monsters-and More Are Likely to Emerge

Americans Keep Dying in the Graveyard of Empire:6 US Military Advisers Are Killed in a Bomb Attack on a Convoy in the Capital of Kabul

Baghdad in Boston:2 Bombs Explode Near the Finish Line at Boston Marathon,Killing 2,Wounding 129(8 Critically,7 with Life-Threatening Injuries),on Tax-Deadline Day(April 15th),and in Massachusetts,on Patriot's Day(Commemorating the Start of America's War for Independence,or the American Revolutionary War)(What Incredible Symbolism of the Bombers,Whoever They Are!)

U.S Servicemen Keep Dying in Afghanistan-the Graveyard of Empire:3 Soldiers and 2 U.S.Government Officials(Including a State Dept.Foreign-Service Officer)Are Killed via Suicide Bombing,and 4 U.S.State Dept.Employees Are Wounded

And Here It Is,Patriots:Alex Newman Reports on the Killings of the US Ambassador to Libya and 3 Staffers(Is It a Co-Incidence That These Killings Occurred on 9/11/2012 and That the Film That Incited the Mobs Was Produced By Sam Bacile-an Israeli-American Real-Estate Developer?)

Further investigation has learned that Sam Bacile is actually Nasoula Nasoula-an Egyptian who claims to be a Coptic Christian but is just a sleazy ex-con who looks like a neo-con fall guy.He's as of early October in federal custody,and he and the shady characters behind the production of this crude,inciteful "film" obviously meant to incite Muslims to riot and rebel remain mostly mysterious.

Another US Helicopter "Crashes" in Afghanistan:7 US Servicemen Are Killed

A US Army Colonel and Major Are Shot Dead at the Interior Ministry in Afghanistan

Patriots,these high-ranking officers died probably because of the Koran burnings by some US troops.Why did the troops have to do that in a nation almost 100% Muslim? Were they just being stupid? Or were they ordered to do it? To provoke more violence? As I write,30 people have died during protests of the Koran burnings,in addition to these 2 US officers.This is one result of the American neo-con empire continuing to occupy the graveyard of empire.

The Ugly Face and the Ugly Rantings of a Madman Neo-Con Warmonger:Former CIA Director James Woolsey

Yes,patriots,this is the face of evil.Woolsey was one of the signers of the PNAC(Project for a New American Century)document that urged then-president Billy Clinton to attack Iraq-about 3 years before 9/11.One of the lies the neo-con warmongers used to justify an attack on Iraq was that its leader Saddam Hussein was complicit in 9/11.But the neo-cons wanted to invade his country and dethrone him many years before that infamous day.And of course,there was no WMD.Well now,Woolsey and his evil gang are using the same lies,exaggerations and propaganda to invade and conquer Iran.And their propaganda and of their media conspirators is ostensibly working on the minds of Americans,for a recent poll finds most of or a plurality of Americans believing Iran is America's worst enemy.How amazing propganda is.Iran is far,far away from us and poses virtually no threat to us.They have no navy or air force to speak of,and they still don't have nuclear weapons,nor the delivery systems to launch them over great distances if they did have them.The government of Israel is much more an enemy of America than Iran's government is! Patriots,expect to see a lot more of egghead warmonger James Woolsey on neo-con radio and TV,and even on some establishment-media networks,as he and his fellow anti-patriots in the neo-con movement and Israel Lobby continue its propaganda war to get us involved in yet another totally unnecessary war on a country and a people who pose virtually no threat to America.It's the neo-cons who are the ever-present danger and threat to America,not Iran,not Al Qaida,not the Taliban.

American Servicemen Keep Dying in the Graveyard of Empire:6 Die in a Helicopter "Crash"

These dead servicemen were Hawaii-based US Marines.And here we have the Pentagon and its media sycophants-yet once again-calling this a "helicopter crash." Oh,it crashed.But it crashed because it was probably shot down by enemy fire.In the quest to expand empire,TPTB at that ugly 5-sided building called The Pentagon and the major news media think we're so dumb that we always believe their propaganda and false claims about US servicemen getting wounded or killed in action.Just like we obviously haven't been told the truth about Pat Tillman.At least most of the boys are out of Iraq.God willing,they'll be out of Afghanistan too,the sooner the better.

More California Carnage,as Once More,an Iraq-War Veteran Is Charged with Murder,This One Charged in the Murders of 4 Bums in Orange County,CA

Since 2006,the Number of US Veterans Who Have Served In Iraq and/or Afghanistan and Who Are Now Receiving Mental-Health Therapy Has More Than Tripled,to 139,000

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Abomination:a Record Number of US Soldiers Are Unfit for Combat

Patriots,here's more evidence that the US military that's primarily supposed to protect America from invasion and conquest and her citizens from harm here and abroad is falling apart.And it's their low-life civilian rulers who are responsible for this.Ever since 9/11,they've been through a living hell:forced to fight in the graveyard of empire and in other nations that pose no threat to us,excessive deployments,occasional forced re-enlistment,fighting in confusing guerrilla wars where the enemy is quite often very difficult to identify and combat,roadside bombs and suicide bombers,inter alia.It's no wonder so many are unfit for duty! They're maxed out! They're stressed out! They've been put through a gauntlet that patriots need to help them recover from.I've been listening to a radio station out of Toronto,Canada for the past few hours,and I just heard a beautiful John McDermott song about welcoming the boys home.May they all come home,not just from Iraq.Pray it so!

President Abomination Declares All US Troops Will Leave Iraq By the End of 2011:Is He Sincere or Just Campaigning for Re-election?

13 U.S.Troops Are Killed in the Graveyard of Empire

A Survey By Pew Research Center Finds 1/3 of Post-9/11 US Veterans Say the Immoral Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Weren't Worth Fighting

A Bomb Attack at a US Base in Afghanistan Wounds 77 American Soldiers

Federal Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Uncle bin Laden Over His Indictment for the 1998 US Embassy Bombings.But Why Wasn't He Indicted Over 9/11?

5 US Soldiers Are Killed By Rocket Fire in Iraq

US House of Representatives Votes to Continue the Immoral War in Afghanistan,But at Least They Vote to Provide No Funds for US Ground Troops in Libya

Patriot Pastor Chuck Baldwin Compiles a Ton of Evidence That Uncle bin Laden Was Dead Long Before Navy Seals Raided Abbotabad

Did Obama Really Get Osama?

Patriots,notice this is a report from BBC-a foreign news service(albeit one from the mother country).How come CNN or ABC or CBS et al haven't gone to Abbottabad to investigate this?! That isn't Osama in that video! It's so obvious it isn't him! Do the propagandists at the Pentagon and CIA think we're all that dumb and naive?! This is more proof that this Osama killing is a big put-on! Stagecraft! Neo-con warmongers like former defense secretary Rumsfeld are using the alleged killing of Osama to justify barbaric torture! And they supposedly buried his body at sea to probably keep the illusion alive that they just killed him while they buried all the dirty secrets of involvement with Osama by CIA and Carlyle Group! What a shew they've put on! I guess we have to give them some credit for this great act of stagecraft! And a bloody good show from BBC to provide strong evidence that Uncle bin still lives or has been dead for years,only kept alive by the warmongers and neo-crusaders who want to invade and conquer the Islamic and Arabic nations in the Mid-East!

That's Entertainment!:President Abomination Watches the Raid on bin Laden in Real-Time!

President Abomination Will Announce on a Televised Address Around Midnight on Sunday,May 1st,That Osama bin Laden Is Dead

Patriots,I saw about 2 hours ago on Fox New Channel,video of a celebration over bin Laden's death.And it resembled a Nuremburg rally,circa 1935.What a co-incidence this "death" of bin Laden is for Abomination and his anti-patriot Democratic Party and the warmongers behind his throne who obviously pull his strings.Let's think on the facts given us by Abomination,his press men and the major news media.He was told way back in August 2010 of bin Laden's location.So,like his good friend Oprah Winfrey asked him about the release of his "birth certificate," why did he wait so long? Why did Abomination wait about 8 months before trying to take him out? And,of course,it took Boy George and Abomination about 10 years to locate him?! With all the amazing technology available to them today,where they can read license plates on cars from satellites situated thousands of miles above Earth?! And this take-out occurs just a few months before the 10-years anniversary of 9/11! And Abomination orders this raid on May Day-the day when communists and Earth-worshippers celebrate across the world?! And here's the whopper:He makes the announcement on TV right before the bewitching hour of midnight! Holy smoke! Just like Pelosi and Reid with their around-midnight votes on Obamacare! It resembles some kind of occult ritual! So it looks like Abomination took a page from Billy Clinton's handbook:Wag the dog.What better way to get the minds of the American people off of a bankrupt federal government,skyrocketing prices for gas and food,the crises in housing and unemployment and endless foreign wars than by giving them bin Laden's head on a silver platter?! He was a CIA operative for about 20 years! Patriots,this thing looks like a typical staged event! And they'll probably be more Nuremberg-like rallies across America over the next few days,as millions of people madly celebrate without any real idea what they're celebrating.And this won't mean the end of the War on Terror!.Abomination has already said that this is just the close of a chapter in this unholy war on much of the Muslim world and Arab people,and on us.I shed no tears for bin Laden,and bravo to the US special forces who supposedly took him out.But,I still believe a lot of this report is fake,and I still think it's possible that bin Laden has been dead for many years and someone else may have taken out by the US forces.And no Americans were killed or wounded in this raid? None? Patriots,this looks like a big propaganda stunt from Abomination and his handlers.Let's stay tuned and get as much information from various sources-mainstream and non-mainstream-as possible.And in closing,let's reflect on all the dramatic events of just the past few days,leading up to the supposed death of bin Laden:Abomination releases to the media for the first time,what he claims is his US birth certificate,after refusing to do so for about 3 years,right about the time when Jerome Corsi's book on his birth is soon to be released;the "black box"(flight-data recorder)of the Air France jet that went down in South Atlantic Ocean in 2009,was found by deep-sea divers and investigators;the killings of Gaddafi's son and 3 of his grandkids in Libya from attacks by NATO warplanes;the uprisings in Syria;and now bin Laden reportedly is killed.This can't all be co-incidence! WW3 may have already started!

7 US Soldiers Are Killed in the Graveyard of Empire

Another Record Is Broken During the Abomination Administration:Calls from US Servicemen to the Suicide Hotline Reached Their Highest Level Ever in April

A Member of "Afghan Air Corps" Shoots Dead 8 US Military Advisers and a "Civilian Contractor" at Kabul Airport

Is the US Government,Specifically CIA,Aiding the Opium Trade in Afghanistan?

In Afghanistan,a US Marine and a US Navy Medic Are Killed By a Friendly Fire "Hellfire" Missile Fired from a "Predator" Drone

Here's a Big Reason Why There's So Much Hatred Towards the US Government in the Muslim World

A Young Kosovo-born Muslim Shoots Dead 2 US Airmen and Wounds 2 More at Frankfurt Airport in Germany

US Servicemen Keep Dying in Iraq

US-led Coalition Forces Kill 9 Boys,Age 7-13,in Afghanistan

An Estimated $12 Billion of US Tax Money Is Lost to Crime and Corruption in Afghanistan and Iraq "Reconstruction"

3 US Soldiers Are Killed in Iraq

Patriots,we read here and in other MSM(mainstream media)articles and reports that US troops are scheduled to leave Iraq sometime this year.What these reports on White House promises omit is that this refers only to "combat troops," which can be defined by the warmongers still occupying Iraq any way they want.The fact is,about 50,000 US servicemen will stay in Iraq.And whether they're just called support troops or advisors or trainers doesn't put them out of harm's way,as the deaths of these 3 soldiers attests.

2010 Was the Deadliest Year for US 101st Airborne Division Since Vietnam

Another Broken Campaign Promise From President Abomination:He Signs a Massive "Defense" Bill Which Will Keep Open the Torture Prison at Guantanamo Bay

Despite President Abomination's Troop Surge in Afghanistan,the Number of Taliban Fighters Hasn't Been Reduced

Twice as Many US Servicemen Are Wounded in Afghanistan-the Graveyard of Empire-in 2010 Than in 2009,and 6X as Many Than in 2008

Good investigative work here by The New York Times and good reporting by UPI.The Pentagon and Washington have been very coy about the number of US wounded in their bloody,10-years-long imperial war in Afghanistan.War governments generally like to keep casualty figures as quiet as possible so that the citizens they rule don't get too discouraged or too angry.But it's more proof that the graveyard keeps opening up and US servicemen keep getting shoveled in,fighting a totally unnecessary war,and also coming home without an arm or an eye.Let's hope and pray,patriots,they get out of there ASAP and that those who order them there are exposed for the real reasons they put them there.And it's not to protect us.What nonsense! Only the dumbest of the dumb still really believes that propaganda anymore!

Janet Napolitano-Secretary of US Department of "Homeland" Security-Travels to Afghanistan to Assist That Nation's "Border Security"

Patriots,what a riot this is:The Secretary of US Dept.of Homeland Security visits Afghanistan-the graveyard of empire,about 8,000 miles away from our shores-to help secure and defend that country's borders! But she virtually neglects ours! Especially the southern border! But she's probably just carrying water for her masters:the globalist warmongers at CFR,Israel Lobby,the Pentagon et al.And on the last leg of this trip by someone who's supposed to defend America's security and not that of Afghanistan or any other nation,she stopped in Israel and declared that nation a "steadfast ally." Steadfast means "firmly fixed in place,strongly built,not subject to change." And this is why there's so much hate towards the US government in the Arabic and Muslim world:those who rule us and so much of the world in Washington,DC are committed to support Israel's government regardless of the immoral and criminal actions they commit.And the "ferocious wolf" Ileana Ros-Lehtinen-the new Jewish chairwoman of the House foreign-affairs committee-recently called Israel a "critical ally." To her,America dies without Israel.This nonsense has ruled our government for way too long and I pray it stops,soon.And lastly this on "Big Sis" Napolitano:she's half-Italian and a quarter Polish and..............a quarter Jewish.And according to The Fugitive:the Last Voice of the Church Age broadcast heard on shortwave station WWRB,she's a cousin of talk-radio host Michael Savage,whose real surname is Weiner.

More Billions of US Taxpayer Dollars Go Down the Drain in the Graveyard of Empire

6 US Soldiers Are Killed in Afghanistan-the Graveyard of Empire

3 Female Performers-Dressed Like Tramps-"Entertain" US Troops in Afghanistan-the Graveyard of Empire

Just a few weeks ago,I received a USO solicitation in the mail.Since it contained a postage-paid return envelope,I returned the donor slip,writing that I'm not giving,asking them why they had to include US troops who may be celebrating Kwaanza in Afghanistan in their solicitation letter.Yes,patriots,this is the new USO:they want us to donate to them so they can give donor money to soldiers celebrating this idiotic Kwaanza.Now we see USO sponsoring along with garbage-music network VH-1,a shew with 3 broads dressed like tramps,supposedly "entertaining" the troops.US servicemen used to get Bob Hope;now they get slutty-looking broads to sexually energize them so they can be ordered to kill more innocent Muslims with no or little compunction.Patriots,this has the characteristics of an anti-Christ/pro-war neo-con operation all over it.What better place to show female flesh on-stage in front of horny soldiers fighting in a Muslim country where overt sexuality is repressed? Anyway,I recommend that if you want to help US servicemen out in the graveyard of empire,find another organization than USO to do it.I think it would be great to give those guys some consolation,especially at Christmas time,not Kwaanza time.

The Madhouse That's Afghanistan Continues for the US Military:6 Servicemen Are Shot Dead By an Afghan Border Policeman

Here's one of the insanities of these kind of internecine wars-similar to Vietnam-where the guy you think is on your side one minute turns out to be your killer the next.This is what the warmongers in Washington are subjecting our guys to,while they are "protecting us from terrorism." Does anyone with a modicum of intelligence and understanding still believe that the dreaded Taliban and Al Qaida have to be eradicated in Afghanistan to protect us?!

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on US Involvement in Afghanistan:"...We're Not Ever Leaving at All."

The Pentagon Admits That All 10 "Coalition" Troops Killed in an Afghanistan Helicopter "Crash" Were Americans

Just a Few Days After President Abomination Officially Declares an End to American "Combat Operations" in Iraq,US Troops Are Caught in a Firefight

And in Another Incident in Iraq Where US Combat Operations Are Supposed to Have Ended,2 US Troops Are Killed and 9 Wounded

President Abomination,like his predecessor,seems to revel in misleading the American people,especially when it comes to the War on Terror!(WOT!).50,000 US troops remaining in Iraq are not all advisers.Many of them will still be drawn into combat one way or another.And it didn't take long after Abomination's televised speech on the so-called end of US combat operations in Iraq for that lie to be put to rest.This reminds me of when Boy George told the US armed forces that the major fighting in Iraq was over when the worst was yet to come.So the Abomination can keep trying to deceive us that Americans won't be engaged in combat anymore in Iraq.Sensible people know that simply is nonsense,and the warmonger US government will be using its military in Iraq and its environs for a long time.That's why the US embassy in that country cost about $700 million of our money and it resembles a fortress and not an embassy.

7 More US Servicemen Are Killed in the Killing Fields of Afghanistan

Erik Prince-Founder of Notorious "Security Firm" Blackwater-Moves to United Arab Emirates

The Prince who ostensibly believes it's his Christian duty to kill as many Muslims as possible has taken off for United Arab Emirates because he must fear prosecution over the umpteen alleged crimes of Blackwater and now resides in a country with no extradition treaty with US.His family is tied in with the Bush dynasty and Hillsdale College-a school with a Christian veneer but is in my opinion a warmonger training school for neo-cons.Why did Prince(he must come from a line of princes)rename Blackwater Xe? I believe the X stands for Christ,but the e is a mystery to me.Blackwater/Xe is a mercenary private army.They operated in Iraq with total impunity for many years under Boy George's occupation of that country.Maybe justice is finally coming their way,even though its founder is now hiding in,ironically enough,a Muslim country.

What a Co-incidence!:About a Month After Whistle- Blower Website Wikileaks Publishes Documents on the Immoral War the US Government Is Fighting in Afghanistan,Allegations of Rape and Molestation Are Made in Sweden Against the Website's Founder

Update:BBC has reported that just a few hours after the arrest warrant was issued for Mr.Assange,it was revoked.Interesting timing,to say the least.Wikileaks has published documents revealing some inconvenient truths about the US government's immoral war in Afghanistan that sure as hell has a lot of people boiling mad in Washington.I think there is now or will be soon a price on Mr.Assange's head.Patriots,it's important to remember that the warmonger neo-cons who are largely behind this war are rabid dogs when it comes to their personal jihad in Afghanistan-the graveyard of empire-and anyone who exposes some of the horrors occurring there especially that affect US troops is going to receive their wrath.Hopefully,Mr.Assange keeps revealing more things the US government isn't telling us about its immoral wars and occupations.So why did the Swedish authorities pull the arrest warrant? This somewhat resembles the allegations against Dr.Rand Paul-running for US Senate in Kentucky-that he kidnapped a woman during his college years and held her against her will in some kind of prank.How low the Establishment will go.

The US Government Is Waging a "Shadow War" in About 12 Countries Supposedly Fighting Al Qaida

This anti-war patriot has suspected for the past year or so that President Abomination is using US military forces to fight in countries other than Iraq or Afghanistan.Now none other than The New York Times-the paramount newspaper of America's political establishment-has run a lengthy and detailed report on Abomination's "shadow war." US servicemen are now fighting in about 12 different countries,and it may expand to even more,since Al Qaida operates to some degree in about 40 countries.With all the grave problems Americans are dealing with,this globalist-cowboy government in Washington keeps going abroad seeking dragons to slay.And what I think is most important from this article on Abomination's shadow war is that it's CIA who seems to be fighting most of it and directing it.CIA is no longer the intelligence agency it was created to be but is now tantamount to a private army waging a private war.And they recruit many of its members from occult society Order of Skull & Bones at Yale University.Ron Paul was right for recommending during the 2008 presidential-primary campaign that CIA should be disbanded.It has become a rogue outfit and needs to be replaced with an agency that mostly gathers intelligence.

The Warmonger US Government Has Now Spent Over $1 Trillion on Their Unconstitutional Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,and a Massachusetts Congressman Says We Need More Nation-Building at Home and Not Abroad.How Right He Is!

One sign of a collapsing empire is spending money it doesn't have on foreign wars.And with the US government over $14 trillion in debt,they still spend $59 billion(not $60 billion)on their Afghan/Iraq war.Bravo to congressman McGovern from the Bay State for his declaration that we need to nation-build America and not Afghanistan or Iraq! A patriot rallying cry from a Massachusetts liberal-Democrat congressman! I love it! The only problem,though,with his rallying cry is that he would take that money and spend all of it domestically.Granted,we need to spend far less abroad and more at home,for America is on the eve of destruction.But just spending more tax money or more governmental borrowing and spending isn't the answer.

5 US Soldiers Are Killed and Two Navy Personnel Are Captured in Afghanistan-the Graveyard of Empire

An update has reported that the dead body of one of the sailors has been found.Why are US sailors fighting in a land-locked country like Afghanistan? Is the US government so desperate for fighting men that they're taking sailors and marines out of their normal roles to fight and get wounded and die in a place where they aren't supposed to be fighting? It sure as hell looks like that.Just another bloody,depressing reminder of the graveyard of empire.

Britain's Ex-Spy Chief Says There Was No Evidence Linking Iraq to 9/11 and She Points the Finger at Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld

Some patriots may wonder why I called the odious Rumsfeld "Rummy." I didn't call him that because he may be a rummy,but that's the chummy name that was given him by the editorial-page editor of New York Post as he quoted Rummy's praise for the equally odious Paul Wolfowitz upon departing from Boy George's defense department.So this former head of British intelligence surprised very few people who follow closely the news when she told the Chilcot Inquiry that Rummy was one of those odious men responsible for the lies and false intelligence that led the US military to attack and occupy Iraq.And isn't amazing,patriots,how the Brits have held their Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war,while the US government which spearheaded the attack hasn't held such an inquiry? And I believe a major reason for that is Israel Lobby isn't as powerful in UK as it is in US.After all,many of those who led the charge(vicariously,that is)on Iraq-Rummy,Wolfowitz,Billy Kristol,Douglas Feith,AIPAC lobbyists Rosen and Weissman-are Jewish.Maybe,the Almighty willing,after the November elections,many patriots and truth seekers will get elected to Congress and dig up as many of the dirty secrets of the Iraq invasion and occupation as possible.

A Former British Diplomat Testifies to the Chilcot Inquiry That the British Government Intentionally Exaggerated Intelligence on Iraq's WMD and the US Government Believed Saddam Hussein's Weapons Were No Serious Threat

How amazing that the Brits established the Chilcot Inquiry to investigate the lies and false intelligence that were used by former Prime Minister Blair's government to invade and occupy Iraq,while no such inquiry or investigation has been conducted in America,even though we've suffered far-more casualties than the Brits and Boy George led the international coalition that invaded Iraq.And the reason for that,I'm convinced,is that the powerful people behind the scenes who pushed and twisted and lied and cajoled the American military and people into attacking and occupying Iraq are being protected by other powerful people in the US government and the major news media.I'll blog more on this,but the neo-cons and their prime ally the Israel Lobby,I believe,are the major players behind the unnecessary slaughter in Iraq who are being protected.These groups aren't as powerful in UK as they are in US,and that's probably why at least UK has had this formal inquiry and US hasn't.

Los Angeles Police Department Trains US Marines to Train Police in the Madhouse of Afghanistan

Since globalist,anti-patriot warmongers rule the US federal government,they view Afghanistan-a nation about 8,000 miles away from us-as if it was either just another one of the US states or a nation right next door.So having LAPD train US Marines to train Afghan police is just natural for them.This is what LA and California taxpayers and US taxpayers are paying for:their cops who are supposed to protect them from criminals and general lawbreaking in LA and our Marines who are supposed to fight to protect America from aggression are going to train Afghan police to patrol Afghanistan.The globalists who run Washington,District of Criminals know exactly what they're doing;the pity of it all is that so many Americans are still blind to their evil games of invasion and conquest.

8 More US Soldiers Are Killed in Afghanistan-the Graveyard of Empire

How many more Americans are going to have to die to satisfy the Washington warmongers who want to conquer and rule Afghanistan-the nation that has been called the graveyard of empire?

6 US Servicemen Are Killed in Afghanistan

RNC Chairman Michael Steele May Have Committed the Unpardonable Sin to the Warmonger Neo-Cons Running the Republican Party:He Spoke Out Against President Abomination's Afghanistan War!

Hey,patriots,I can see vampirish Billy Kristol at the puny magazine he still edits The Weekly Standard frothing at his ugly mouth because RNC chairman Michael Steele has finally said or done something right since becoming the GOP's highest unelected official:he denounced Abomination's war in Afghanistan.This is very important to a lot of patriots who still may think the patriot cause is being served by Americans continuing to fight and die "over there" and who still think the ugly likes of Billy Kristol, former veep Dick the Snarling Cheney's daughter Lizzy,Karl Rasputin Rove and other odious characters may be on the patriot side:Even though Steele specifically denounced the Afghan quagmire as Abomination's war-which it now is,without a doubt-all these Republicans have berated him and not their supposed Democrat opponent President Abomination! They're on Abomination's side! Because he's a big-time warmonger just like his predecessor Boy George! Just read the blistering comments of these war-loving goons like Kristol-son of neo-conservative godfather Irving Kristol-and Rasputin Rove.Yes,if anyone-it doesn't matter to them if they're Democrat,Republican,conservative,liberal,saint or sinner-dares to publicly speak out against their unholy war,they'll do everything they can to at least drive those people from public life,if not far worse; that's how demented and fanatical they are when it comes to their aggressive wars in Afghanistan,Iraq and wherever "The Terrorists!" are.And notice how this article in The Wall Street Journal is so slanted towards the warmongers and against Steele! They cite no more than about 10 Republicans who berated Steele but make it seem like every single Republican agrees with the warmongers! That's how war propaganda tries to operate! Make the masses think that almost everyone agrees with the warmongers while only a bizarre few oppose their war! Most Americans oppose our guys continuing to fight "over there" and want them home! And there's another article by Mr.Serrano in The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times-both newspapers owned by Samuel Zell-that takes the same approach; and The Wall Street Journal is owned by Uncle Rupert Murdoch.We shouldn't be surprised how these papers reported on Michael Steele's anti-Afghan-war comments.Let's see if Steele folds,is forced to resign,or holds his ground.

For the Month of June,the US Military Has Suffered Almost 500 Casualties in Afghanistan

7 US Soldiers Are Killed in Afghanistan

The Quagmire in Afghanistan Deepens:American Military Fatalities Have Now Reached 1,000

A Bomb Attack in Afghanistan's Capital Kills 5 American Servicemen

And 3 of Them Were Army Colonels

Good News on the Television Front:24-a Neo-con- propaganda Program on the Fox Network-Is Going Off the Air

How amazing that this propaganda program debuted-----------less than 2 months after 9/11? I've only read reviews of parts of certain episodes and have been told of certain scenes in some episodes by those who've watched them or are regular viewers of the series.The impression I get is that Jack Bauer justifies almost-everything he does as long as it's in the interests of fighting "terrorists." It's more than a co-incidence that Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox Network has aired this show that the neo-cons love so much.I firmly believe they've used the show's main character and all his heroics to try and persuade Americans to forever support the "War on Terror!." To my knowledge,the ratings have been pretty good.I'm sure a lot of people are curious why it's going off the air.For an interesting bit of background on the show's creator Joel Surnow,I recommend the January issue of Culture Wars magazine and its article Feminism,Torture and the American Empire.

Where've Ya Been? Thousands of Anti-war Demonstrators March on Washington.President Abomination Is Called "...a War Criminal"

The anti-war left has been rather quiet the last few years,so it's refreshing and inspiring to see them come out in the nation's capital to publicly condemn the US government's immoral and unconstitutional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and now Pakistan.Cindy Sheehan's calling President Abomination a war criminal may or may not be accurate.But like former US attorney general Ramsey Clark said at the rally,those in Washington who ordered the US military to attack,invade and occupy Iraq should be investigated.Due to the corrupt,out-of-control Republicrat-run powers who control our federal government,there has been no real investigation into Iraq.At least the Brits fired up the Chilcot Inquiry,which heard testimony from former prime minister Blair and current prime minister Brown.Those in the Boy George administration and those who worked with them who caused about 35,000 US casualties in Iraq haven't even been forced to explain their lies and deceptions in any kind of real investigation.This is just another case of certain powers that be in DC-District of Criminals-getting away with murder.

Now Isn't This Interesting?: President Abomination Ends US Military Attacks On Opium Fields In Afghanistan-and This Is Reported By BBC and So Far By No Major US Media Outlet

Isn't this incredible that British Broadcasting Corp.(BBC)reports this story and major US news media has,to my knowledge,not reported this yet? Patriots,this is one reason I stress the importance of getting news from international sources,especially European sources.While the Abomination's reason for stopping the attacks on the poppy fields may be the real reason,it still means he is aiding the poppy farmers who are growing the opium which becomes heroin and which finds its way to our shores and the shores of other nations.Remember that the Brits used opium to destabilize China in the 19th century.I believe President Abomination and rogue forces in CIA want to control the drug trade in Afghanistan and use it for nefarious purposes.And this is one reason among many others why US servicemen are in the middle of this sickening quagmire of a hellhole.Patriots,we got to bring them home! We need them here on our soil!

The Globalist US Government Will Spend $600 Million of Our Money To Build Police Stations In Afghanistan

With America falling apart in so many ways,like Vice-President Biden saying Washington is broken and our nation is in deep trouble,with a horrendous crime wave of multiple homicide and criminal gangs proliferating throughout the land,President Abomination and his globalist collaborators in Congress will spend millions of our taxpayer dollars on police stations in.....Afghanistan! What a bloody joke! These are the internationalists in power in Washington who "take all our money and send it abroad"-a line from Steve Vaus's great patriot song We Must Take America Back! These anti-patriots in DC have already bankrupted their own government and placed astronomical debt on our people.And to boot,they spend 600 mill of our money turning a nation about 8,000 miles from us into a fortress.And our servicemen will once again be used as pawns while they play their sinister games.

Here's One Reason Why So Many Muslims Hate the US Government

I've lost count with how many times these "I'm so sorry" killings of civilians in Iraq,Afghanistan and now Pakistan have occurred;and I believe a lot of these aren't accidents,but deliberate attacks on civilians.As I've written before on this,the US military is behaving more and more like IDF(Israeli Defense Forces),like when they would wipe out entire families of "Terrorists" under mere suspicion.Patriots,we shouldn't be surprised at the hatred towards Washington from many Muslim countries.However,we shouldn't be taking the sides of either Israel or the Arabs.It's not our fight! We should be mediators and not primarily Israel's big daddy! As long as the US military keeps getting ordered to invade and attack Muslim nations,we can only expect more hatred towards us.It'll be a continuation of evil answering evil;we must try to break the cycle.

3 US Servicemen Are Killed....In Pakistan

The US government and its super-secret CIA have kept it very quiet that personnel from US military and CIA are now actively involved in Pakistan supposedly fighting the War On Terror!. And now,3 American servicemen are dead because of it,and there'll probably be more.Congressman Ron Paul recently claimed during a speech that CIA is waging its own personal war in Afghanistan and Pakistan,as if they're a government acting on its own.And according to a story on,those jerks who broke into Sen.Mary Landrieu's office and reportedly tried to bug her telephones were part of a CIA operation;this may be a very interesting story to watch if it has legs.In short, patriots,Central Intelligence Agency is out-of-control;it needs to be investigated and reined in.

Patrick Buchanan Makes Very Important Points On the So-called "War On Terror!"

President Abomination Assures His Fellow Warmongers,at New York Post and Elsewhere:"We Are at War"

President Abomination intones,"We are at war." And the neo-con editorial-page editor at Rupert Murdoch's New York Post revels in that declaration.The neo-cons and their various allies absolutely relish this War On Terror! Without it,they would be like a child having his favorite toy taken away from him.And like President Lyndon Baines Johnson gave America guns and butter fighting his immoral war with our servicemen in Vietnam,Rupert Murdoch's New York Post and Fox News gives us guns and sex-lots of war,and lots of sex to go with it.Get a load of the bikini-clad babe to the right of the warmonger editorial!

The Chilcott Inquiry Is Investigating Why Britain Attacked Iraq.But There Has Never Been a Similar Inquiry In America.Why?

At least the Brits are formally investigating the lies,deceptions and false intelligence that led them to attack Iraq;but no such formal investigation has been conducted in America.I believe the main reason for this is the Israel Lobby,which isn't as powerful in UK as it is in US.About 35,000 US casualties in Iraq since Boy George invaded the country in March 2003, yet no formal investigation,no congressional investigation,no commission as to learn the facts behind the lies that were used as a casus belli against that abominable tyrant Saddam Hussein.The neo-cons and the warmongers who cheerleaded for that attack several years before 9/11 affectionately called him "Saddam," like he was their friend.It was almost as if Hitler were alive today,they would call him Adolf.But if a formal investigation were held,some powerful people,many of them Jewish,would be subpoenaed.And a lot of worms could spill out.So that's why this wicked,corrupt 2-party establishment in America won't investigate the Iraq invasion and occupation:they're protecting and covering up for their own kind.Odious men like Paul Wolfowitz,Douglas Feith,Richard Cheney have all gotten away with their treachery.But maybe some truth and some real accountability may emerge from the Chilcott investigation in UK.And hopefully the Almighty may render His judgment on those responsible for this totally unnecessary war.

Twice as Many US Servicemen Have Been Killed In Afghanistan This Year Than In 2008.And the Government/the Pentagon Isn't Reporting How Many Are Getting Wounded

All these American dead in Afghanistan are victims of a Barack Abomination campaign image that he would bring the boys home if he were elected.But the Democrat strategy,declared once by Barbara the Bitch Boxer on the floor of the US Senate about 2 years ago,was to "redeploy" our servicemen from the killing fields of Iraq to the killing fields of Afghanistan.She and her ilk got their wish:twice as many US dead in that country in 2009 than in 2008.Some good news for patriots is that no US servicemen were killed in Iraq in December,but that's little consolation to those lost in Afghanistan.And patriots,our guys are fighting directly or indirectly in Pakistan,Somali,and Yemen may be soon added to the list.The Battle of Armageddon may be sooner than a lot of us thought,and it's the US government and powers behind that throne who are leading the charge into that conflagration.

President Abomination Orders 30,000 More US Troops To Afghanistan and Promises To Start Withdrawing Troops In 2011

4 US Soldiers Are Killed In Afghanistan

22 Former CIA Agents and a US Air Force Officer Are Convicted In an Italian Court Over an "Extraordinary Rendition"(Re:Torture)Case

A Policeman In Afghanistan Kills 5 British Soldiers

8 More American Servicemen Are Killed In Afghanistan,Making October the Deadliest Month Yet for US Forces Since Boy George Bush Invaded the Country In 2001

14 Americans,Including 3 DEA Agents,Are Killed In Afghanistan In the Deadliest Day for US Forces In Almost 4 Years

While one domestic crisis after another befalls America,more of our servicemen are dying in Afghanistan.And patriots,have you noticed that the vast majority of the times a US helicopter or other aircraft crashes in Afghanistan or Iraq or somewhere else "over there," military spokesmen say it wasn't enemy fire but something else like mechanical failure or pilot error? Yes,they must think we're that stupid while they continue to wage their unjust,aggressive war.And now we learn that a brother of Afghanistan's president has been on the CIA payroll for about the last 8 years!

With the US Government Bankrupt,They Still Send $7.5 Billion to Pakistan

The Abomination is turning out to be more of a warmonger than Boy George! Now it's Pakistan that's in the crosshairs.And the 2 congressmen cited in this article who are chairmen of the foreign-relations committees in their respective houses are both Jewish,as is Uncle Joe Lieberman-chairman of the senate's homeland-security committee;as is Abomination's chief of staff Rahm Israel Emanuel,who joined Israeli Defense Forces in 1991 during the Gulf War;as is the secretary of US Air Force.Patriots,this can't all be co-incidence! The Abomination is empowering the warmonger Israel Lobby! Now they obviously want Pakistan to wage war in their behalf! And pretty soon,the Abomination's name may well be changed to Destroyer-a Destroyer of nations and a Destroyer of peoples.God help us.

As Good a Reason as Any to Bring the Boys Home from Afghanistan

8 US Servicemen Are Killed In Afghanistan

US Servicemen Are Now Dying in the Philippines

The American Body Count in Afghanistan Hits its Highest Monthly Total

As expected,President Abomination's imperial war in Afghanistan is getting more US servicemen killed.July and August had the highest casualities yet in this 8-year war which has become a war of invasion and conquest.It began as an invasion to remove the Taliban from power.Well that happened a long time ago.So,as this website seeks to ask the really important questions re the important issues of the day,why are our guys still fighting and dying "over there"? It's got to be conquest! Presidents Boy George and the Abomination are using 9/11 and the obviously phony "War on Terror" as a casus belli against the Arab and Muslim world! They're using our servicemen as pawns in their imperial game! And while this occurs,America is in the grip of a grisly crime wave and a drug problem reaching crisis proportions!
Patriots,demand that the Abomination bring the boys home and demand Congress impeach him if he doesn't!

President Abomination Gives a Chilling Warning to VFW:" Those Who Attacked America on 9/11 Are Plotting to Do So Again"

Patriots,did you grasp that warning from the Abomination,that the CIA-created Al Qaida is "plotting" to attack us again? How appropriate that the Abomination and his handlers like chief-of-staff Rahm Israel Emanuel selected  a forum with Veterans of Foreign Wars to give this bellicose,war-preparation pep talk and warning.Congress should hold an emergency session and try to ascertain from the Abomination administration just how is bin Laden(who's probably dead)plotting to attack us again like on 9/11.Where did they get this intelligence and how? When is the hit coming and where? Did the Abomination address a veterans group with the word "Foreign" in its title to deliver some kind of conscious or subconscious message to America that the next 9/11 is soon coming and a much bigger foreign war in the area of the Mid-East is approaching? Patriots,I've said it before and I believe it needs repeating:the shadow government in Washington,with internationalist,interventionist groups like Council on Foreign(there's that word again)Relations virtually running US foreign policy,obviously wants to invade and conquer as many lands as possible in that part of the world.They'll use one dirty trick after another to achieve their goals,just like they used one lie after another when they invaded Iraq.Whether it's a Democrat or Republican in the White House makes hardly any difference.And as far as this warning from the Abomination is concerned,I wouldn't put it past the gang running our foreign policy to either allow a terrorist attack on America or even arrange one.These men are under the power of war and conquest,and we need to watch their every move.
On a less-conspiratorial level,the Abomination may have given this VFW speech to drum up public support for his war that's becoming just as unpopular as the US war in Iraq.And now a US commander in Iraq wants our servicemen to get between Iraqis and Kurds fighting in the northern part of Iraq! They're using our fighting men as pawns in their international game!

4 US Servicemen Are Killed in Afghanistan and a CNN Poll Shows Most Americans Oppose US Military Operations in That Country

This story and the one following show most Americans want us out of Afghanistan and immigration to America reduced.I assume the reasons are similar to mine:Americans have been fighting and getting wounded and killed in that country now for 8 years.8 years! Enough is enough!The stated purpose was to dethrone the Taliban.That happened a long time ago,yet our troops and NATO troops-yes,NATO troops-are still fighting there for the ostensible purpose of rule and conquest.What a co-incidence that only a few days after beginning his job as NATO secretary-general, former Danish prime minister Anders Rasmussen visited Afghanistan and told Afghan officials,in effect,that the NATO troops are staying until the job gets done.NATO was formed to discourage and/or repel a Soviet-bloc attack on Western Europe,not wage aggressive wars in central Asia! But the leaders of NATO and the Abomination administration will probably continue to do what they want in Afghanistan and will ignore and have contempt for the public's opposition to the war with the same contempt that snarling slob Dick Cheney had for the American people when he responded with a flippant "So?" when a reporter reminded him of Americans' opposition to the Iraq war.This is another major reason why patriots must work hard to replace this corrupt Republicrat duopoly with a government of statesmen and public servants.
The same holds true with immigration.Most Americans are saying reduce immigration;there's too much of it and it's damaging our culture and many of our neighborhoods,making us feel like strangers in our own country.But the Abomination said either yesterday or the day before that he's looking for an amnesty bill either by year's end or early next year.And they're not even talking about reducing the ridiculously high legal-immigration level of about 1 million annually to a more reasonable and more manageable number,say 200,000-300,000.Let's see if the powers that be in DC heed these Gallup poll results or scoff at them.I expect it'll be the latter.

Globalist Groups CFR and CSIS Advise the US Commander in Afghanistan That Americans Will Be Fighting There a Long Time

Here we go again:when it comes to foreign policy,it doesn't make that much of a difference whether it's a GOP or Democrat president.The internationalists at Council on Foreign Relations(CFR)and Center for Strategic and International Studies(CSIS)are "advising" President Abomination's commander in Afghanistan.They want,of course,more US servicemen and US tax money sent to that nation.A story in The London Times quoted the top commander of Britain's armed services as predicting that the Brits may be in Afghanistan for 30-40 years! No joke! John McCain opined that America may be in Iraq for a hundred years.And what a co-incidence:he's a member of both CFR and CSIS.And Mr.Bush's secretary of state Condeleeza(nice name)Rice is a CFR member.My point,patriots:US foreign policy is heavily influenced if not totally run by CFR out of its headquarters Pratt House in NYC.So,like Billy Clinton's mentor Carroll Quigley wrote in his tome Tragedy & Hope,the voters may elect a new president quadrennially,but the basic foreign policy won't change.This is the contempt that these 2 rotten political parties play on us all the time,and they probably revel in this circle of deception.And it's our country and our servicemen who pay the price.God help us to expose the treachery of America's political establishment,dominated by secret societies like CFR and CSIS,who want Americans to die in various parts of the world just to advance their agenda of conquest and rule.

This is No Embassy in Iraq ! It's a Regional U.S. Military Headquarters and Compound!

Patriots,a picture is worth a thousand words.Look at the photo of this unfinished fortress.The Boy George administration had the temerity to call this an embassy! Embassies don't cost $600 million and don't cover over 100 acres! This is almost certainly going to be the headquarters for offensive US military operations in that part of the world! And as President Abomination continues to expand the war into Afghanistan and Pakistan and perhaps other "stans" over there,the battles will intensify and other regional powers will participate,like Russia and China.This is what the neo-bolshevik neo-cons want:Total war and revolution! Apostate John Hagee and his anti-Christ collaborators and followers may get their wish to bring rivers of blood to the Mid-East and its environs.In their deceived and apostate minds,they think they're going to bring Christ back by their own machinations.Patriots,contact your representatives in Congress and tell them to stop this madness and bring the boys home from that violent part of the world! That's not our fight! Our government is the leading aggressor!

A CNN Warmonger "Commentary" Advocates Endless War for US and UK servicemen in Afghanistan,Pakistan,This-"stan",That-"stan" and Maybe Every Other "Stan"("Land" in Arabic)

While Fox News(which I'm coming more and more to believe is run by the Pentagon and/or CIA) is probably warmonger network #1,I think CNN is a close second.Here they post a "commentary" from a Brit on forever fighting the "War on Terror!" in the same bloody spot where the Brits and the Russians and the Turks fought their "Great Game" about 150 years ago;three empires fighting for power,glory,conquest and prestige.Now they got America in the game! And this game,which probably officially started on 9/11,is now almost 8-years-old with no end in sight.Almost 5,000 Americans are dead and over 30,000 wounded for a bunch of lies! Let's fight to bring the boys home! That's the real war we're in,patriots!

Why Are US Marines Fighting in the Land-locked Country of Afghanistan?

President Abomination Gets $106 Billion of Our Money for More War.And That's Just for the Next 3 Months! Plus $108 Billion for the Hot-shot Bankers at IMF!

Bin Laden is Most Certainly Dead!

For about the last 5 or 6 years,the US political and media establishment with their warmonger neo-con allies and conspirators have been claiming Osama is releasing all these statements.Why doesn't he show himself? Because the bloke is probably dead! Pakistan president Benazir Bhutto claimed the CIA and Pakistan's intelligence service killed him in a raid;she reportedly made that claim to British tv interviewer David Frost.
The Brits played their "Great Game" against the Russians,the Turks et al in that part of the world to conquer and rule that part of the world.Now it's USA's turn.Dr.Ron Paul angrily denounced Boy George's attack on Iraq as "aggressive" during one of the debates during the 2008 GOP presidential primaries.Patriots:No more American dead in Iraq or Afghanistan! Bring the boys home! The war is right here on American soil! Our federal government is our main enemy! Pray that the bloodthirsty neo-cons are brought to justice for helping start these immoral,unnecessary wars!

CIA Director Panetta on Dick Cheney:"...he's wishing that this country would be attacked again,in order to make his point."

Panetta is probably right.Look at that snarling slob Cheney! Cheney is a CFR member and a former director of that globalist cabal that's headquartered in Pratt House in NYC.It's bi-monthly flagship journal is Foreign Affairs.On the front cover is the magazine's logo:a naked man making a hand sign towards the sky while riding a white horse.What gives with that?! It's probably a pagan image of some kind,or mythological.
Regardless,the snarling slob Cheney was almost certainly instrumental in Boy George's attack on Iraq and the continuing occupation of that country.It's obvious that CFR wants to rule the world.I urge patriots to expose them every chance they get.

Neo-con Tycoon Rupert Murdoch Unloads His Puny Magazine The Weekly Standard for a Puny $1 Million

Neo-con tycoon Rupert Murdoch-in my opinion one of the most-dangerous men in the world-has finally had enough of his puny warmonger magazine The Weekly Standard and will be selling it for a paltry $1 million.To a tycoon like Murdoch,that's chicken feed.That magazine didn't have one profitable year in its nearly 15 years of existence,and the Murdoch-owned New York Post newspaper loses about $50 million annually.Men like Murdoch ostensibly keep publishing unprofitable newspapers and magazines because they want to effect the way people think and vote through the kinds of news and commentaries they publish;mind control,for the most part.The odious William Kristol is editor of The Weekly Standard and father of Irving Kristol,who has been credited as being the father of neo-conservatism.I saw William Kristol on tv lie right through his teeth when he claimed he's a conservative;he's,in my humble opinion,a sly,warmongering,Israel-first,fanatical neo-con.
Let's hope and pray that the new owner of The Weekly Standard cleans house and provides readers with something more substantial to write on other than bombing Iran.

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