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Patriot Commentary, Election Day, Tuesday, November 2018, 1740 Hrs.: Patriots, this Election Day may make or break America. I urge all of you to go out and vote against the Demonrats in close races, like the US Senate races in WV, FL, IN, MO, MT, NV and AZ, and the governor races in GA, FL, OH, IA, WI, KN, OK, NV and OR. The weather here in anti-patriot, anti-Christ, Demonrat-dominated New York City has been awful all day, with heavy rain, occasionally strong winds, and the loudest thunderclap I've ever heard, at about 1100. It sounded like a bomb went off! A message from the Almighty? I think so! Please tune in tonight to Patriots Unite Now! at 1900 for more election news and coverage: on WWCR, frequency 5.935, or at, listen online, WWCR 2(transmitter 2). May the LORD be with us all on this precarious day.

Another Company to Add to the Patriot-Boycott List: Social Media/Job Seeking Website(Its Presumably Jewish Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Hates President Chump and Actively Campaigned for Hillary the Witch in the 2016 Presidential Campaign)

US Attorney-General Jeffrey the Shrimp Sessions, Under Strong Recommendation from President Chump, Resigns(Hallelujah!)and Is Replaced, for Now, By His Deputy Matt Whitaker

Lawyers' Committee for a 9/11 Inquiry-Representing Families of Victims of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks-File a Petition with US Dept. of Justice to Investigate Alleged Crimes on That Infamous Day

Patriot Ron Paul-the Man Who Should Be President-Exposes a Bunch of Dangerous Morons in US Senate, Republicon and Demonratic, Who Keep Urging President Chump to Wage War on Russia

Patriot Rebellion in Italy Bears Fruit:! A New Populist Government(Trumpian)Tells Illegal Immigrants, " It's Time to Pack Your Bags " (Bravo!)

Even in Anti-Patriot, Demonrat-Dominated Oregon, Demonratic Governor Katherine Brown-an Admitted Bisexual-May Not Be Re-Elected(Oregon Patriots: Get Out and Vote for Her Opponent Knute Buehler on November 6th!)

And Another Patriot Victory, for the Most Part: US Supreme Court Rules That a Christian Baker in Colorado Can't Be Forced to Make a Cake for a Fag Wedding

A Former CIA Agent, Who Was Imprisoned for Exposing CIA's Torture Program, Warns Americans, and the World, That Gina Haspel-President Chump's Choice to Head CIA-Should Be Rejected By US Senate Because She Ran a Torture Prison in Thailand During the " War on Terror "

Some Good Advice from Pat Buchanan for President Chump on the "Slow-Motion Coup D'Etat " That's Out to Remove Him from Office

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions Orders Federal Prosecutors to Criminally Charge Those Who Cross the US Southern Border Illegally(What Took So Long?!)

Merry Christmas to America's Patriots from President Trump and the Republican Congress: a Long-Overdue Tax-Relief Bill Is Now Law, in Addition to Repealing the Individual-Mandate Tax Penalty of AbominationCare

Pat Buchanan Defends President Trump for Placing Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum Imported into USA

Bruce Rauner-the RINO Sellout Governor of Illinois-Will Be Challenged in the Republican Primary By a Conservative Who Has the Backing of a Wealthy, Pro-Patriot Businessman(Bravo! Challenge the RINOS! Challenge the Sellouts!)

" Uncle Trump " Puts America First: the President Slaps Tariffs on Imports of Washing Machines and Solar Panels

Patriots in Mexifornia, Fed Up with Being Ruled By Anti-Patriot Revolutionaries in Sacramento, Seek Secession and Plan to Establish " New California " as America's 51st State(Bravo! Full Speed Ahead!)

It Appears President Trump Is Waging War on the Anti-Patriot State of Mexifornia(Formerly California): Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mexifornia-the Illegal Alien State(Formerly the Golden State)-Is Officially a " Sanctuary State "(But Patriots in US Immigration Enforcement Promise to Fight Back Even Harder!)

Reversing an Obama-Era Policy of Leniency Towards States That Have Violated Federal Law By Legalizing Marijuana, US Attorney-General Jeff Sessions Will Enforce Federal Laws on Marijuana in Those States

Citizen-Activist Michael Krieger Warns of the Danger Posed to America By Jeffrey Bezos-the Revolutionary Jew Who's Founder and President of and Owner of The Washington Post-and Urges Americans to Buy Consumer Products Wisely and Carefully

The Pentagon-Headquarters of US Department of Defense in Washington, DC-Has Never Been Audited, and Congressman Michael Burgess from Texas Wants to Change That

Peter Brimelow-Author of the Book " Alien Nation " and Founder and Editor of Patriot Website American Patriots After Attending President Trump's Inaugural: " It Will Come to Blood "

New York Daily News-Once a Great Newspaper, But Now a Tabloid Rag Owned By Anti-Patriot Neo-Con Jew Mortimer Zuckerman-Is Finally Sold-for $1-to Tronc Corporation, Which Fortunately Isn't Jewish-Owned

A Great Victory for the Patriot Cause May Be on the Horizon: the Death of Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Sports Network ESPN, Which Is Owned By Disney Corporation, Whose President/CEO Is Revolutionary Jew Robert Iger

Thanks to President Chump, AT & T Will " Re-Source " About 3,000 Jobs

President Chump Meets with Drug-Company Executives and Informs Them That Drug Prices Are Too High and More Drug Production Should Be on US Soil. Bravo to the Chump!

Another Nail in the Coffin of the Bush/Clinton Dynasty? Clinton Global Initiative-an Operation within Clinton Foundation-Will Be Shutting Down in April 2017

The Patriot State of Mississippi Now Prohibits "Sanctuary Policies " That Protect Illegal Aliens

Patriot Notice, Thursday, 3/23/2017, 2011 Hrs.:  I apologize to you patriots for being off-post last Tuesday for the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast. This Saturday will not be the usual re-broadcast of the previous Tuesday's broadcast, which was a collection of patriot music, but a usual broadcast of news and commentary to be recorded on Friday morning and broadcasted on Saturday, 3/25/2017, 2000-2100 hrs. EST, on the usual Saturday frequency of 4.840. There's so much important news to report and comment on that re-airing the patriot music, while great music nevertheless, wouldn't best serve the patriot cause at this time. Please tune in if you can and spread the word about Saturday's fresh broadcast. Again, patriots, my apologies for being, for the first time, off-post at Patriots Unite Now!. Hopefully it will not be repeated. 

Patriot Notice, Tuesday, 3/7/2017, 0926 hrs.: Greetings, patriots. Good news on the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast. Today is hopefully the last day the broadcast will be heard over frequency 5.935. The broadcast will be switching to 9.350 for the next broadcast, scheduled for Tuesday, 3/14/2017, and hopefully stays there until the next Winter season begins next October. The signal should spread much better throughout our country and probably throughout the rest of the world compared to 5.935, so more patriots should be hearing the broadcast well. The bad news is that former patriot Alex Jones, who, like this patriot, also broadcasts on WWCR, has been neo-conned! He has gone over to the dark side-the side that hates real patriotism, the Gospel of Christ and the Christian moral order, the dark side that tries to brainwash listeners to join neo-con powerbrokers like Christopher Ruddy at and revolutionary Jews like David Horowitz. He has become a filthy sellout and turncoat who now even promotes sodomy! We patriots must inform our co-patriots and our countrymen about the danger that he and his cabal pose to the patriot cause.


Patriot Notice, 2/6/2017, 0100 hours:  Patriots, I've updated the Patriot Resources page; please go to it when you get the time. Mark Anthony's broadcast Heart and Soul of America is on WWRB, frequency 3.195, on Monday, 2100-2200 hours, EST. I will be calling in at 2110 hours to mainly discuss the loss of former patriot Alex Jones to the anti-patriot cause. Please tune in either on shortwave or It'll be a very important broadcast, as 2017 looks like a tumultuous, perilous year for America, fraught with revolutionary violence and cultural upheaval.

Patriots, Christian Soldiers, We've Achieved a Great Patriot Victory: the Witch Hillary Rotten Clinton Has Been Kept from the White House, as the Electoral College Officially Votes Donald Chump the Next President of USA(Hallelujah!!!!!)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Has Some Great Ideas to Fight Back Against the Anti-Patriot, Anti-American Federal Government, Especially Its "Supreme" Court

Some Hopeful News for America's Patriot Cause: About 1/4 of Registered Voters in US Believe the Federal Government Is an Enemy

Patriot Notice, Friday, 7/29/2016, 0151 Hours: Patriots, I'm a sorrowful, bitter and an angry man since my mom's death earlier this month. I thank those of you who've supported us these last several weeks in what was the worst time of my life and my mom's. I feel like Christ on the cross when He asked the Father,  "Why have You forsaken Me?." Regardless, the patriot cause goes on. And I'll keep doing my part as long as I can. And please do what you can.

Patriot Notice, Independence Day, 2016, 1410 Hrs.: A safe and joyous Independence Day to all American patriots. While our country began to free itself from King George's shackles with Tommy Jefferson's Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, America today is under a different tyranny: a liberal-fascist/feminist fascist revolutionary establishment of power that seeks the destruction of America's identity as a European, Christian, English-speaking nation. The people in power over us who are part of this stronghold of power are anti-American, anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-moral. They are full of revolutionary passion and power and lust. And one example of these wicked people are homosexual fascists in California suing the Christian dating-website and getting a Christian-hating fascist judge to rule in their favor and force the website to pay a fine and offer dating services to homos. This is part of the liberal-fascist tyranny in power over us, and it means we aren't really free in USA as I type this patriot commentary. As far as my mom is concerned, I'm leaving soon to visit her in hospital. She improved over the weekend, but her main obstacle to overcome is weak lungs. I ask you praying patriots to ask the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to strengthen and heal her lungs and respiratory system. If she's thusly blessed, she has a much better chance to survive and come home. I should record the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast on Tuesday morning. Thanks to you all.


Patriot Notice, 4/25/2016, 0950 Hours: I've removed from the Patriot Resources page of this site. Judging by the titles of their links to news and columns, it's obvious that the editors want their readers to be potheads and cop haters. I've replaced that site with The Real Truth magazine, published by Restored Church of God. Please see my description of TRT at the Patriot Resources page, Patriot Resource # 19. 

Patriot Notice, Monday, 2/1/2016, 0225 Hours: The Patriots Unite Now! broadcast is now heard on Tuesday, 1900-2000 hours, frequency 5.890, on World-Wide Christian Radio(WWCR). When the Summer shortwave season arrives around late March/early April, it'll move to frequency 9.350. The Saturday re-broadcast continues on 4.840, but one hour later: 2000-2100 hours. Thanks, patriots. Let's work hard to try and make 2016 a great year for the patriot cause.

Good News for Patriots: "Black Friday" Is Turning Red for the Corporate Goons Who Want Americans to Be Nothing More Than Mindless Consumers

John Boy Boehner-the Republican Speaker of US House of Representatives-Will Resign His Speakership and House Seat at the End of October, i.e., Around the Devil's Day of Halloween(Is This a Trick or Treat for Patriots? Time Will Tell)

 Patriot Notice, 11/18/2015, 1835 Hrs. : Patriots, the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast on WWCR has been moved back on Wednesday to frequency 9.350. I don't know why this was done, but I smell a rat. Fortunately, headquarters is rebroadcasting Patriots Unite Now! on Saturday, one hour later than Wednesday's broadcast, 2000-2100 hours, on frequency 4.840. So wherever you're listening, try both frequencies for the most optimal reception. Patriots, let's stick together and pray together. The times are getting more and more perilous.

Good News, Patriots: Those Having a "Favorable View" of RepubliCon Party Drops, with Support Among RepubliCons Dropping from 86% to 68% Since January(Are GOP Patriots Finally Waking Up?)

Patriot Notice, Sunday, 1/11/2015, 1245 hours EST: Hi, patriots. I hope you all had a safe, blessed Christmas season. I've been mostly off this post at PUN!.com for about the past 4 months. Much of the inner pain I've had over that time has subsided and I hope to return to full-time duty when circumstances permit. A few hours ago, I cleaned up and organized this Current News page and the Patriot Resources page. The Patriots Unite Now! radio broadcast is still up and running at World-Wide Christian Radio(WWCR)on Wednesday, 1900-2000 hrs. EST on frequency 5.070 and on the station's website I hope to keep the broadcast up as long as circumstances permit. Since the costs for operating and maintaining this site and its affilate broadcast total about $6,000 annually, of which this semi-retired, middle-class patriot is responsible for, I'd appreciate if any of you patriots can kick in whatever you can to support these patriot services. Checks/money orders/cashier's checks/cash can be sent to World-Wide Christian Radio, 1300 WWCR Ave., Nashville, TN 37218, with the checks made out to WWCR in care of "Patriots Unite Now!" or "Ken from the Bronx."  This patriot has decided to try and make some much-needed personal changes in his life, and I'll inform you all immediately if this results in any changes to this site or the broadcast. This year isn't getting off to a good start for the patriot cause. Recently elected Republicans to US Senate-Tommy Cotton from AR, Mikey Rounds from SD and Cory the Gardner from CO-decided to visit a Jewish-zealot outfit known as Republican Jewish Coalition, even though South Dakota has the lowest percentage of Jews compared to any other state and Arkansas has few Jews too. I could just imagine the anti-patriot ass-kissing towards Israel and America's Jewish population which occurred there, with Jews as a group almost always voting overwhelmingly for Demoncratic Party. And we lost a great patriot broadcaster in Jim Cedarstrom with his Money Talks broadcast, who died in his sleep at 61 just a few days ago; there's a moving tribute to him on President Destroyer has nothing to fear now politically, with the end of the recent elections resulting in a GOP-majority Congress and 2 years left of his wicked rule. The neo-con madmen and their Jewish-zealot allies are engaging America in one bloody revolutionary conflict and war after another, from Syria and Iraq to Ukraine. And the Destroyer president will try to grant amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens as he continues to aid, abet and empower La Conquista and act dictatorially. For brevity's sake, I'll stop there. Patriots, our work is cut out for us this year. And only the Almighty knows the outcome. I know I've shirked some of my duties the past few months, but it wasn't due to laziness, cowardice or threats, just too much personal pain and sorrow and heartache. I hope this lengthy patriot notice signals a possible full return to this post. For America's patriot cause. May He be with us. Amen. 


Patriot Notice, 9/12/2014, 0845 Hours: Hi, patriots. The election primaries are finished, and the results for patriots aren't that good. All 435 seats in US House of Representatives were up for re-election or re-nomination for their respective parties-and a grand total of 4 of them lost their bids for re-election: scandal-tainted Democrat John Tierney from MA; Kerry Bentivolio from MI-a patriot Republican who stood up to anti-patriot US Chamber of Commerce and Amnesty Lobby, but was taken down by a Chamber-supported establishment Republican; 91-years'-old former Democrat turned Republican Ralph Hall from TX; and the best for last, anti-patriot GOP majority leader Eric Cantor was taken down in VA. And all Senate incumbents were re-elected. Despite the great patriot victory in Cantor's defeat, that only 4 incumbent congressmen out of about 460 up for re-election in their primaries, despite the dismally low congressional approval ratings, is another example that too many Americans are just too confused and complacent about the great danger our country is in. However, there was progress in the right direction, as anti-patriot, establishment-Republican senators like Lindsey Graham and Lamar Alexander had to fight hard to keep their seats of power; and Chris McDaniel almost took down establishment Republican Thad Cochran in MS. So, patriots, let's keep plugging away in trying to remove anti-patriots from ruling over us.

Patriot Notice, October 12th, 2014, 1735 Hours: Some of you patriots may be wondering why there have been few links posted on this page over the last few weeks. To be as brief as possible, I've been in much inner pain and sorrow over this time, which has made reading my usual amount of Internet news almost unbearable. This pain which I've effectively repressed for many years was brought out by a chance or maybe not-by-chance meeting and conversation with an attractive, a young and a bright woman who I'll probably never see again. My sorrow can be summed up well with the verse from Book of Genesis, 2:18, where the LORD said after He made Adam: "It is not good that the man is alone." So, until or if the Man Upstairs delivers me from this dark, lonely valley, I'm taking my first extended furlough from this patriot site. I still may add some links or commentary, but it'll probably be limited. The Patriots Unite Now! broadcast on WWCR on frequency 9.350(switching to 5.070 beginning the last week of October), I'm still hoping to keep up the rest of the year, but that may change also. I'm also adding a new resource to the Patriot Resources page: Prophecy News Fellowship is a shortwave broadcast heard on frequency 5.050 on Saturday evening, 1930-2100 hours, radio station WWRB, and also can be heard on, and the PUN! broadcast can be heard also on The PNF broadcast is a good combination of news, analysis and commentary from a Christian, Bible-prophecy perspective.

Patriots, I wish you all well. I don't know when I'll be communicating with you again, if it all. LORD knows. Keep fighting the patriot cause as I take a big retreat. Fight to remove the anti-patriots from their thrones of power and influence. And to you praying patriots, pray for America, and pray for me too. Thanks.

Patriot Notice, Sunday, July 27th, 1105 Hours: I hope all you patriots are having a safe and pleasant Summer. This site hasn't been as active as usual for many reasons, and I haven't blogged on A Patriot's Diary all year. However, I haven't been AWOL from the patriot cause; just a bit more R & R and other chores and other patriot activities. The Patriots Unite Now! radio broadcast on shortwave frequency 5.050 and on has been discontinued until further notice. However, the broadcast is scheduled to be moved to shortwave frequency 9.350 on Wednesday evening, 1900-2000 hours, EST, beginning August 6th. It also may be heard at Keep fighting and praying for America, patriots! The times are getting more evil in our land with each passing day!

Eric Cantor-the Recently Defeated Republican Majority Leader in the US House-Takes a Job with Wall Street Fat Cats, Even Teaming Up with a Former Protege' of Convicted Junk-Bond Dealer Michael Milken!

A Patriot Gubernatorial Candidate in Arizona Stands Up to La Conquista!: Andrew Thomas Declines to Participate in a Spanish-Language Debate Hosted By Spanish-Language Network Univision and Latino-Republican Activist Group LIBRE Initiative(Calling All Patriots: Let's Get Behind Andy Thomas!)

Terrific Patriot Activism from Congressman Kerry Bentivolio from Michigan: He Rejects an Award from Anti-Patriot US Chamber of Commerce-an Organization That Strongly Supports Amnesty for Millions of Illegal Immigrants and Serves Its Anti-Patriot Big-Business Clients

Some Good News for America, Specifically New Jersey: By Mid-September, 4 of Atlantic City's 12 Gambling Casinos Will Be Closed or Auctioned Off

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Destroyer, But This Is Pro-Patriot News: a Record Number of Americans(42%)Say They're Independent-i.e., They're Neither Democrat nor Republican

In a Rare Defeat of the Anti-Patriot Republican Party Establishment, Patriots in Virginia Defeat Eric Cantor-Majority Leader in US House of Representatives-in a Republican Primary(This Is What This Patriot Site Is All About!)

In a Rare Victory for Patriots from US Supreme Court, It Rules That Voters in Michigan Can Ban Racial Preferences in College Admissions(Even Liberal Justice Stephen Breyer Votes for the Patriot Cause!)

Some Good News for Patriots, Bad News for Feminists, Careerists and Social Revolutionaries: the Percentage of Stay-at-Home Moms Rises in USA

Patriot Notice, Thursday, 1/2/2014, 1700 Hours: Happy New Year, patriots. I hope you made it through Christmas and New Year's safely and joyously. My R & R is now officially over and I'm getting back to work on this patriot site. I just refreshed this page by moving older links and commentary to their relevant categories and will now make this observation: a bitter Arctic blast is predicted to hit this Babylonian city of New York that I live in starting late tonight and continuing into tomorrow. It's supposed to be a blizzard of snow, high winds, and temperatures dropping into the single digits. Is this maybe a blast from the Almighty just a bit over a day after the inaugural for New York City's new mayor Billy de Blasio-a leftwing Democrat, former Hillary Clinton operative and cultural Marxist? And after he had Conquistador Sonya Sotomayor "drop the ball" to usher in 2014 in the Year of Our Lord? And after none other than Billy the Red Nose Clinton gave a speech at the inaugural? I believe so! This is a sign that 2014 may well be a battle-filled year for American patriots! Please answer the call this year! Get ready! Keep looking up! Keep praying! BTW, I did add 2 short posts for Christmas and New Year's on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary. I'll be posting a regular news and commentary post on the remainder of last year's news, events and trends hopefully by next week. Thanks, patriots. Hang in there.

Patriot Notice, Christmas Night, 2300 Hours, Eastern Standard Time: A merry and blessed Christmas Night to all you patriots. As Christmas 2013 winds down, I hope you've all been safe and sound, blessed with good health, family, friends, faith and hope, with your basic needs all met. As for me as I type this patriot message, I'm in a quiet living room, with 3 holly-berry candles burning, white-lights burning in 5 windows, Canadian radio station CHWO 740 AM playing beautiful Christmas songs over one of my portable radios, while I smoke a cheap but satisfactory cigar after wolfing down a delicious homemade pizza. I'm a blessed man in so many ways. And I've heard such beautiful Christmas songs, carols and hymns over the past few days that I've been several times brought to tears. And on that note, I bring some glad tidings re America's culture war: according to a recent poll by Pew Research Center, 3/4 of Americans, despite the spirit of Anti-Christ rampaging throughout the land, still believe in Christ's virgin birth, and a slight majority have attended church services on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day. Well, patriots, that's a wee bit of hope that Anti-Christ has still got a way to go before he conquers this nation. I hope and pray you all have a silent night; sleep in heavenly peace. Thank Him for sending His Son to Earth over 2,000 years ago and pray He returns, soon. Hallelujah. Amen.

More Pro-Patriot News: Michael Huckabee-the Gomer Pyle Phony Conservative and Former GOP Presidential Candidate-Is Ending His National Radio Show(But Beware, Patriots: This Ego-Maniac Is Likely to Pop Up Elsewhere)

Patriots in Colorado Recall 2 Anti-Patriot State Senators(Including the Senate President)and Force the Resignation of Another(It's About Time That Patriots Win Some Battles in the Centennial State!)

Patriot Notice, Monday, 11/18/2013, 1925 Hours EST: Patriots, it was another very busy week last week and I missed a few days of covering and reporting on the news. If you tuned in last week to WWRB from 2000-2100 hours EST, that wasn't me you heard. The station owner had what turned out to be a better idea for the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast: placing it at the 2100-2200 hours' slot, because frequency 3.195 is coming in very well at that time, and we'll be up against a man we believe is a pseudo-patriot broadcasting on another station at the same time.The broadcast will also be transmitted on frequency 5.050, which hopefully goes out better to the Western states. The maiden broadcast of Patriots Unite Now!-on Veterans' Day 2013-was successful! We have scheduled the broadcast for Monday evening, 2100-2200 hours EST(9-10 PM EST),again, on frequencies 3.195 and 5.050; it can also be heard off the Internet at website The broadcast is scheduled to air for the rest of this Year of Our Lord 2013. And the plan is to keep it on until at least April next year, Lord willing. So, patriots, please tune in, stay connected and spread the word of the broadcast. And to you praying patriots, please pray that the broadcast helps fight our patriot cause. Thanks.

Patriots in Congress and at the Grassroots Are Working to Impeach Eric Holder-the Anti-Patriot, Pro-Criminal US Attorney-General-and His Boss President Destroyer Too(and Alex Newman at Provides Much Evidence for Articles of Impeachment)

Patriot Notice, Sunday, 11/10/2013, 1245 Hours, EST: Patriots, it wasn't fun on a Sunday morning, posting the 4 links below on the tidal wave of murder and attempted murder sweeping over our nation. With the exception of the link below to the article on the "House Party" murders and shooting victims(and I'll bet dollars to donuts that it was a latin party or a black party, probably the former), the other links are to horrible multiple homicides that have occurred over about the last 2 weeks(again I remind you all that I've been very, very busy).
On another front, this patriot is taking this patriot message and call to action to the airwaves-specifically, shortwave. On Monday evening, November 11th, 2013, Veterans' Day(How appropriate for a debut patriot broadcast in USA 2013!), 2000 hours(8 PM)EST, on WWRB, frequencies 3.215 and 5.050, and on the Internet(The Web)at, will be heard the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast. I plan to provide this patriot broadcast on that day and time until at least April, although I may change the day, time and/or frequency over that time. So, to you shortwave-listening patriots, please tune in; for now, we won't be able to take listener calls. Or, patriots can listen off the WWRB website. WWRB owner Dave Frantz is offering patriots and Christian soldiers, airtime at reasonable rates and at prime listening hours. And these broadcasts can be heard worldwide! WWRB stands for World-Wide Radio Broadcasting. If any of you patriots are interested in joining the battle for America via radio broadcasting, call Dave between 2000 and 2300 hours EST at 931-728-6087. To all US patriots, for the cause.

Patriot Notice: Once again, I've fallen behind on this patriot site the past 10 days or so. Now that the "shutdown" is over, here's basically what happened and what should've happened and hopefully may happen next time a budget battle may arise early next year.
                          The US Constitution-the law of the land-grants US House of Representatives the authority to fund or not fund any law or program of the federal government; all spending bills are to originate in the House. So, since Republicans have a majority in the House, the House voted to not fund the monster known as Obamacare. But the GOP leaders in the House and elsewhere apparently weren't prepared for the political warfare that President Destroyer waged on them and on America: he simply shut down various operations of the executive branch of the federal government, like closing the WW2 memorial and not paying salaries of some federal workers.It was the Destroyer who ordered the shutdown, not the House-majority GOP! But the pro-Destroyer/anti-patriot big-media establishment blamed it on GOP and millions of Americans believed the lie! And as is so typical of the too-comfortable,, over-luxuriated, country-club Republicans, they folded like cheap cameras and gave Destroyer and his guerrillas basically everything they wanted. It hasn't worked in winning back voter approval, because the Demoncrats have a 6-points' poll lead in the generic congressional vote over the Elephants; before the "shutdown," the lead was only about 2 points. If GOP didn't have candy-ass, feminized leaders and decision-makers like Boehner, Cantor, McMorris-Rodgers, McConnell and Priebus, they would've impeached Destroyer if he continued his political warfare. So, led apparently by McConnell in US Senate, they've crawled away like whipped dogs, handing Destroyer his pound of flesh. But they have a chance next time when this temporary "stopgap" bill ends in February: defund Obamacare, don't raise the debt limit(the US government is now in debt over $17 trillion),and threaten Destroyer with impeachment if he wages political warfare like he did this time. But knowing GOP, this is very unlikely to happen. We'll see. Meanwhile, patriots, get in and stay in this fight! This could be the start of the break-up of the anti-patriot Republicrat establishment!

Joe Wolverton II-a Professor of Constitutional Law-Provides the Best Way to Slay the Beast Known as Obamacare:US House of Representatives Simply Doesn't Have to Fund It with Our Tax Money(No Government Shutdown Is Necessary)

Patriot Commentary,9/2/2013,2106 Hrs.: As we wind down Labor Day Weekend 2013,I hope all you patriots had a safe and relaxing R & R. I've finally cleaned up this page by categorizing links and commentaries to the appropriate pages,but I've also kept some older news on this page due to their importance.I've also renamed the page on the immoral wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to include other nations where the US government is waging immoral war(soon to include Syria)and also their phony,wicked War on Terror!.I hope to add a long-overdue post to this site's blog A Patriot's Diary before the end of the beautiful month of September:the brats return to school,the weather is normally beautiful,and more time is devoted to America's patriot cause,among other pleasures and joys in the 9th month of the year.So,patriots,enjoy the rest of Summer.But rememeber,the anti-patriots will soon return to Congress from their Summer recess and will attempt more mayhem on us through anti-patriot,anti-American law and policy.Let's start preparing now,especially on the amnesty/La Conquista front.May the Lord be with us.Amen.

Patriot Notice, 8/2/2013, Friday, 2020 hours:So much, patriots, for my last notice. I was on-post again very shortly before circumstances knocked me off-post again. I've just posted the link below to the recent slaughter in Hialeah, and I'll soon be categorizing links and commentaries on this page because much of it is several months' old. I hope to write the next post on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary within a week. While I've been off-post on this site too many days, I'm still on-post on other fronts, especially reading, studying and taking notes on the newspapers, magazines and newsletters I read. We also have a bit of a break with the imminent threat of illegal-immigrant amnesty and La Conquista possibly achieving a nation-crushing victory. US House of Representatives will probably take up the amnesty issue sometime in October.

Patriot Notice,Thursday,7/11(On the Dot)/2013,0006 Hours: Patriots,over the past 2 weeks or so,I confess I've been off-post 3 or 4 days.The main reason for this is there has been oppressive humidity in the NYC-area over this time(I think the worst ever).It has forced me off-post to tend to other things,like my health.A few hours ago,I added a lengthy patriot commentary on the sickening glee from Big Media over the June jobs' report,proving just how anti-American/anti-working class they are.It's my first patriot commentary on this page in quite a while.The big battle that patriots are now engaged in is trying to stop the illegal-immigrant amnesty bill that passed the senate and is now in the house.Patriots,this is do or die for America.If patriots stop it,we get to fight the other battles we're in;if patriots lose,the America we've known and still know will be lost.I urge all patriots to contact their US representatives and tell them:NO AMNESTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.And especially tell NO AMNESTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to GOP house leaders John Boehner(Speaker of the House),Eric Cantor(House majority leader)and Kevin McCarthy(House majority whip).Patriots,evil is intensifying across the land.Bad things keep happening.I'll elaborate in a future commentary.Meanwhile,while you're enjoying Summer as best as possible,return to the cause after some R & R.

Patriot Notice,Sunday,7/21/2013,2245 Hours: Patriots, I've been off-post again the last 5 days or so because the oppressive heat and humidity that hit the New York City-area about 2 weeks ago roared back with a vengeance.It was the worst humidity I've ever experienced.On Thursday night,I was on the backyard patio with this netbook at 2100.It was 95 degrees in the Bronx! Yes! 95 degrees at 9 PM! My health has suffered the last 2 weeks or so,but I thank the Lord I got through it.I thank the Lord for AC,fans,refrigeration,cold spring water and juices,beautiful swimming pools.All these things helped pull me through this trial that I believe is part of His judgment on a nation where the spirit of Anti-Christ continues to spread and grow more evil.The wave of heat and humidity broke late on Saturday,and as I type in the living room,I don't even have a fan on but I'll need one at bedtime.Anyway,I'm back on-post,covering and reporting on the important news for patriots to be aware of.Thanks.

Patriot Notice,Memorial Day,5/27/2013,2330 Hours:I hope all you patriots had a safe R & R this Memorial Day weekend.We remembered,honored,thanked and grieved for those men who have given their lives while wearing the uniform of US Armed Forces on this Memorial Day 2013,or as it used to be called,Decoration Day,when loved ones decorated the graves of the servicemen who died in the line of duty.May they all rest in peace.But lest we forget,patriots,let's remember and give thanks today for those who are fighting the patriot cause today,mainly on US soil against our domestic enemies who rule over us.President Destroyer and his comrades are playing real hardball in his second term,as all these current scandals indicate.Our freedom and personal safety are almost certainly in jeopardy as we defend our nation,our soil and our countrymen.It was surprisingly a quiet Memorial Day here in southeast Bronx,a windy day but sunny in the mid 70s.Our battles are legion when Congress returns from its recess next week.Please,patriots,stay in the fight and encourage others to join the cause.

Country Singer George Jones-The Living Legend-Has Died at 81(May He Rest in Peace,and This Patriot Asks Co-Patriots to Take a Moment of Silence Today in His Memory)

Patriot Notice:after a hiatus of 3+ months,a post(a very long but very important one)has finally been added to this site's blog A Patriot's Diary on March 24th.I put a lot of work into it,so I ask that you please take the time to read it,cudgel on it,and pass it on to other patriots.Sorry for the delay,but this patriot is fighting our cause on many fronts.I confess I've been busy too with some personal business,uncluttering,re-organizing,improving upon,ocassional R & R,etc..

Great News for Patriots:Anti-Patriot/Israel-Firster/Old Crow US Sen.Frank Lautenberg(D-NJ),Desperately Clinging to Power Despite Numerous Bouts of Serious Illness,Finally Kicks the Bucket at 89,and to Boot,Fatso Republican Gov.Christopher Christie Will Appoint His Successor(And Maybe Bobby Menendez-the Other Anti-Patriot US Sen.from NJ-Will Resign or Get Arrested Over a Corruption Scandal Involving Himself and a Jewish-Dominican Doctor! This Could Lead to Marvelous Deliverance for the Garden State and for USA! Hallelujah!)

Hi,patriots.I haven't given patriot commentary in a while.Forgive me.Just too much on my plate and too much going on all over.I've been prioritizing as best I can.Well,it looks like Fatso is probably going to blow it:he's going to appoint a replacement for old crow Lautenberg,but then there'll be a primary in August and a special election for the old crow's seat in October.The general election for Lautenberg's seat is scheduled for November 2014.But even though New Jersey law grants the governor the authority to appoint a replacement for the rest of Lautenberg's term,Fatso is apparently playing personal politics and image enhancement,either for his gubernatorial re-election in November or his run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016.Again,patriots,they don't call GOP the Stupid Party for nothing.The Garden State hasn't had a GOP US senator since 1972,but at least they could've had one till January 2015; now they're only assured of having one till October 2013.Patriots,please call Gov.Christie at 609-777-2500 and urge him to at least appoint a replacement senator who won't vote for the senate Gang of 8 amnesty bill which'll be coming up for debate the week of June 10th.Lautenberg-like virtually every Jewish congressman-was an avid supporter of illegal-immigrant amnesty.You all can also e-mail Gov.Christie by logging on to and clicking the Contact Us tab and filling out the contact form.Patriots,please take action,especially you Jersey patriots.

Good Riddance!:MN Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann-Warmonger,"War on Terror" Fanatic,Israel Firster-Won't Seek Re-Election Next Year

Immigration Patriots Rally in Public Against Amnesty in Southern CA,with One Protestor Telling a Reporter That Congress Should Pass Laws That Benefit Americans and Not Those Illegally in Our Country(Beautiful!)

Another Liberal Democrat in US Senate Won't Seek Re-Election Next Year:Max Baucus from MT

Lawmen Bust Up 2 More Drug Rings,This Time in the Sleepy Hamlet of New London,CT,and-What Else Is New?-the Cocaine and Heroin Comes to America from Dominican Republic and the "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico(Patriots,Please Read the Patriot Comments from Ed Feraco at Fairbanks University and Yours Truly at the Bottom of the Page of the Article)

More Good News for America's Patriot Cause:Anti-Patriot US Senator Timmy Johnson(D-SD)Won't Seek Re-Election Next Year! Anti-Patriot US Senators Keep Dropping Like Flies! Hip,Hip Hooray! May More Keep Falling and Never Rise Again!

Another Anti-Patriot Democratic US Senator Won't Seek Re-Election in 2014:Ultra-Liberal Carl Levin-Chairman of the Senate's Armed Services' Committee(Good Riddance!)

Good News for Patriots,Especially in the Garden State:US Senator Frank the Louse Lautenberg-an Ugly Old Crow of a Radical-Liberal Democrat-Won't Seek Re-Election Next Year(Get a Load of the Ugly Puss on the Old Crow! He Looks Like He'll Kick Any Minute!)

Patriots,the Good Lord may be cleaning house in New Jersey! First it was "Bobby" Menendez-the Garden State's other Democratic anti-patriot US senator-maybe getting caught with his pants down with some under-age mamitas in Dominican Republic and his shady relationship with Dr.Solly Melgen which may lead to his resignation and possible arrest.And now it's his partner in crime Franky the Louse Lautenberg! The Louse may croak before the 2014 elections and Bobby may go up the river.Patriots have a chance to replace these 2 anti-patriots in US Senate from NJ with patriots! It's what this patriot site is all about!

Patriot Notice: From Tuesday,April 16th-Thursday the 18th,I'll be fighting the patriot cause on the front lines in the nation's corrupt capital of Washington,DC.The battle on this front is trying to prevent a various collection of anti-patriots in District of Criminals from passing a nation-destroying amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants holed up in our country.News reporting and commentary during these days will be limited.In light of the Boston Massacre,I ask you praying patriots to keep me in your prayers for my safe arrival to and departure from the nation's capital where evil rules.I also ask for your participation in the NO AMNESTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! battle that patriots will fighting tooth-and-nail over probably the next month or two.Get informed! Get involved! Try to make a difference for America's patriot cause!

Catholic Theo-Conservative George Weigel Cogently Asserts Why Marriage Is Only Between One Man and One Woman,and Relates That Tony Kushner-Screenwriter of the Current Film "Lincoln"(the Latest Propaganda Piece from Leftist Hollywood Director Steven Spielberg)-Has a "Husband" in Entertainment Weekly Columnist Mark Harris(How Sweet!)

Patriot Notice:I've removed a patriot resource on the Patriot Resources page and added 2 new ones.Dr.Stanley Monteith's broadcast Radio Liberty has been removed because I believe the neo-cons have gotten to him or his employer GCN has debauched him. I haven't removed his Radio Liberty newsletter,however,for that needs further review.
I've added 2 shortwave radio broadcasts as patriot resources:Heart and Soul of America,hosted by Mark Anthony out of Stephen's City,VA,heard Mon.-Fri.,8-9 PM EST on WWCR,frequency 7.520;and Money Talks,hosted by Jim Cedarstrom out of Prescott Valley,AZ,heard Mon.-Fri.,6-7PM EST on WBCQ,frequency 7.490.I urge all patriots who don't have shortwave radios to get them and get them fast,especially for those who live in an anti-patriot/anti-Christ city like New York or Boston or Chicago or an anti-patriot/anti-Christ state like Illinois or California.I can't emphasize enough how my patriot activism has been greatly helped and my spirit lifted because of the 3 portable shortwave radios I have.Don't be discouraged if you don't know about shortwave.Go learn about it,search it on the Internet or ask a relative or pal or co-patriot or co-worker or neighbor,or stop in a local electronics store and inquire.Go to the local library and read up on shortwave.It's a great patriot resource for the perilous times we live in and  a great hobby too.

The Sleazy,Immoral Culture of American Politics Appears in Washington,DC,New Jersey and West Palm Beach,FL:Anti-Patriot/Latin Lobby US Senator Robert Menendez Is Under Investigation for His Intimate Relationship with Campaign Donor Salomen Melgen-a Wealthy Eye Doctor,Presumably Jewish,Who Lives in a $2.1 Million Mansion in a Gated Community Off Atlantic Ocean Who May Have Procured Underage Prostitutes in Dominican Republic for Menendez

Calling All Patriots Primarily in New York State-the "Empire" State-and Then Patriots in the Other 49 States:Please Sign This Petition to Impeach Liberal-Fascist Democratic Governor Dandy Andy Cuomo Who,Along with His Fellow Black Shirts in the New York Legislature,Have Just Passed into Law What's Probably the Most Oppressive Gun-Control/Gun-Confiscation Law in USA! The Liberal-Fascist Law Even Mandates a State Registry for Handgun Owners! Patriots,This Is Just More War Waged By Liberal-Fascists Upon Patriots and Free America!Please Respond!Please Answer This Call to Arms!Please Fight Back!Please Load and Lock!

Even in Ultra-Liberal Maryland,Patriots Are Fighting and Winning Battles:Carroll County Becomes the Third County in the Free State to Make English Its Official Language

Great News,Patriots!:Left-Wing,Anti-Patriot US Senator Tommy Harkin from IA Won't Seek Re-Election Next Year! That Makes 2 Anti-Patriot Democrats and 1 Fairly Conservative Republican(Saxby Chambliss from GA)Who Won't Seek Re-Election to US Senate in 2014(The More New Blood,the Better!)

Patriots Could Sure Use Some Good News Today-and Here's Some:Anti-Patriot,Ultra-Liberal US Senator Jay Rockefeller(Democrat-WV)Won't Seek Re-Election in 2014

Flags Fly at Half-Staff in Memory of the U.S.Servicemen Who Died at Pearl Harbor,HI on December 7th,1941-the Day That Brought America Officially into WW2 and Forever Changed Our Nation(and Mostly Not for the Better)

A Bit More Good News for Patriots:Quasi-Conservative U.S.Senator James DeMint from SC Resigns His Seat to Become President of Heritage Foundation-a GOP Establishment "Think Tank" Located in Washington,DC

We Patriots Can Sure Use Some Good News-and Here's Some:Former TX Congressman Tricky Dick Armey-the Typical Fat-Cat Establishment Republican-Resigns from Fake Tea Party Group Freedom Works-and Takes a Cool 8 Million Bucks with Him

Patriot Notice:Today is New Year's Day 2013 AD-in the Year of Our Lord-at 1653 hours.I'm watching the last episode of The Honeymooners' marathon on PIX 11.The year 2012 is now history;it was overall a painful year for patriots,and for this patriot personally.We have many challenges and fights ahead of us.I've been a bit off-schedule with watching and studying the news on this site during this Christmas season,but things are starting to normalize.I hope all co-patriots had a safe and joyous Christmas season and not this "Happy Holidays" garbage being thrown at us every Christmastime.I'm reading the news now while watching the remaining 4 hours of The Odd Couple marathon on WLNY.I'll cover all the news on this page on the next post on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary.

Patriot Notice:It's 2130 hours on Christmas Eve 2012 here in southeast Bronx,NY.Light snow is falling,with rain predicted overnight to wash it away.I'm reviewing news on the Internet this Christmas Eve but will probably review very little on Christmas Day.Despite the living hell that the anti-patriot/anti-Christ forces have turned America into,I wish all American patriots a safe and blessed Christmas.And please,say "Blessed Christmas" or "Merry Christmas" this Eve and tomorrow.None of this "Happy Holiday" garbage.That's one way how anti-Christ anti-patriots are trying to deChristianize our land and turn us into a neo-bolshevik prison.Christ was born,Christ has risen,Christ will come again! That's what Christmas-the birth of Christ-is all about! Hallelujah!

And yet another patriot notice:a special post was added to this site's blog A Patriot's Diary on November 4th,2012.It's entitled Hear,Ye,Hear,Ye! On November 4th,in the Year of Our Lord 2012,an American Patriot Declares a 20-Counts' Criminal and Moral Indictment Upon the Government of United States of America.Patriots,please read this indictment and pass it on to as many co-patriots as possible.

Patriot Commentary: It's Thanksgiving-Weekend Sunday,2005 hours,in the Year of Our Lord 2012.As we wind down this year's Thanksgiving rest,I hope all you patriots had some good R & R with family and friends.I've gone out of the house just twice since Thanksgiving.On Friday night,I went to Throgg's Neck Clipper and had a bloody good Philly cheesesteak sandwich and heard some good music by a laddie from County Cavan,Ireland.The owner is from Cavan too,and his place is helping preserve what's good in the neighborhood that's threatened by La Conquista et al.That's one reason I patronize it as often as I can.I urge all patriots to support in as many ways possible,local businesses serving the patriot cause and helping keep neighborhoods decent places to live and raise families and not turn into crime-ridden,drug-infested,welfare-case ghettoes.And on Saturday,I went out for some delicious white pizza that probably only the Bronx can make.And this pizzeria is owned and operated by Albanian immigrants.So,immigrants from Ireland and Albania are running nice businesses about a 5-minutes' walk from where I live.This is one reason I'm still holding out in what used to be called "The good ol' Bronx." As for the next post on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary,the next one will,like the previous one,be a monograph on the dreadful,anti-patriot results this past Election Day.After that post,I'll return to the regular review of the news.Patriots,as we return to our jobs or schools tomorrow and as we prepare for Christmas,let's be thankful for what we still have in our country.The days ahead of us look dark and bleak indeed,as enemies of America will be even more entrenched in their seats of power in Washington,DC and elsewhere come January.Our challenges are great,but America wouldn't exist and wouldn't even have become a great nation in the first place without the hard work,dedication and sacrifice of the patriots who have quite often risen to the occasion to help save the day.Patriots will have to do it again-big time-especially starting in January 2013,in the Year of Our Lord.So let's be ready,prepare ourselves,and plan to work hard after Christmas and New Year's.Let's still keep our guard up before then.I know this patriot will be holding the fort and manning this command center throughout December.This patriot works throughout the year,but does take the occasional,much-needed R & R.Thanks.I've also organized this page a bit better by separating the news links and their commentaries from the stand-alone patriot notices and commentaries.

Good News for Baseball Fans-and for America:This Year's World Series Was the Lowest-Watched World Series Ever

Bye,Bye Newsweek:After 80 Years in Print,the Establishment-Liberal News Magazine Will Stop Its Print Edition and Rename Its Digital Edition,Appropriately Enough,"Newsweek Global"

Patriot Notice:I'm happy to report that the desktop computer at my patriot command center has finally been fixed,updated with high-speed Internet access,and is now connected to a much-improved replacement all-in-one printer.All this is thanks to the good ol' local repair shop.They actually gave me another printer that they had fixed for another customer but was never picked up! Thank the Lord, deliverance has finally come,in this situation anyway.Thanks,patriots,for your patience these last few months.The Almighty willing,things just may be returning to normal.
Updated Patriot Notice:today is Sunday,August 5th,2012.For several reasons,I wasn't able to add commentaries on this page.But,I've cleaned this page up by placing older links to news stories in their appropriate categories,which I haven't done in about 3 months,and have prepared the news items for the next post on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary.It should be posted this week.I also posted an update on,explaining why I'm not running for Congress this year,along with some additional political commentary.

As in Maryland Recently,Patriots in Pinko-Liberal Washington State Gather Ample Signatures to Repeal a Homo-Marriage Law Passed into Law This Year By State Lawmakers

In 2013,There'll Be One Less Dick in US Senate:Anti-Patriot,Republican-Establishment US Senator Tricky Dick Lugar Loses His Primary Election in Indiana to State Treasurer Richard Mourdock! Hip,Hip Hooray!

Good News for Patriots:CNN Loses Half of Its Viewers,and Fox News Channel Loses 17%(May They Both Go Down!)

Thomas R.Eddlem at The New American Asks:Is the Tea Party Dead?

Patriots,rarely do I post a link on this page to a magazine article,but I did here because this article is too important and too insightful.Yes,the Tea Party has been infiltrated by an assortment of low-lifes:opportunists,GOP insiders,Republicans who'll support anybody for president who gets the GOP presidential nomination,neo-cons,and just plain old jerks.I don't know if TP is dead,but it sure looks like it's dying.The major Tea Party groups now sound just like they're reading from a GOP-establishment working paper.If some of you patriots reading this belong to a Tea Party,I urge you to demand of the leaders of the respective groups a clear,concise manifesto of where they stand and what they think are the important issues for America heading into this year's election season,both primaries and general elections.If they just talk about money issues,get out(they're just "fiscal conservatives").If they talk just about "The War on Terror!",get out(they're just warmongers or neo-cons or Islamaphobes).If they just talk about the economy,get out(they're just fiscal conservatives too or people who believe that as long as the economy is good,then everything is alright).And if they don't mention immigration-at least illegal immigration-get out(that means they either don't care about America's immigration crisis or are too cowardly to talk about it publicly).So,patriots,we'll probably have to scout around for a real patriot Tea Party this year,because it has been so infiltrated,so misguided,so ambivalent.Please pass the link to this article on to as many patriots as possible,especially those in the Tea Party or thinking about joining the Tea Party.I also recommend that patriots pick up the March 5th issue of The New American magazine,which features the Tea Party article from Mr.Eddlem.This issue also has an outstanding review of one-time president Herbert Hoover's Freedom Betrayed,exposing how FDR-the country's first creepin' socialist,per Archie Bunker-was an absolute rogue in US foreign policy before and during WW2.I just ordered some copies of this issue to pass out to co-patriots or just leave in public places.I urge patriots to do the same if they can.The number to call to place an order is 920-749-3784.There is an 800 #,but I'd like patriots to not use it so that the magazine's publishers can save as much money for the patriot cause as possible.They're not a big,rich organization.

Gary Ackerman-an Ultra-Liberal Democratic Congressman from New York City and a Real Ugly One to Boot-Will Not Seek Re-Election in November,Increasing the Number of Retiring US Representatives to 23(May More Follow,the Good Lord Willing)

Orrin Hatch-an Establishment-GOP US Senator from Utah-Will Be Opposed by 2 Tea Party Candidates at the Nominating Caucus,as Opponent Dan Liljenquist Claims:"It's Time for a New Generation to Step Up and Lead...Washington Will Not Be Changed from the Inside"(How Right He Is! Thank You!)

Another Anti-Patriot Congressman Will Not Seek Re-Election in November:Liberal Democrat Norman Dicks(What an Appropriate Surname for an Ultra-Liberal Congressman)-the Ranking Democrat on Appropriations Committee in House of Representatives

Patriots,it's great news that more and more liberals and assorted anti-patriots in Congress are retiring this year.So now we can add Dicks from pinko-liberal Washington State(its government just legalized homo marriage)to the list that includes Barney Fag from Massachusetts and about 25 other congressmen-the majority of them anti-patriot liberals,establishment suck-ups or gutless cowards.But how discouraging that GOP congressman Rogers from Ol' Kentuck had nothing but praise for Dicks,presumably because they both sit on the notoriously profligate Appropriations Committee.That's par for the course in corrupt,bi-partisan Washington,District of Columbia.Good riddance to Dicks.And may more like him leave office,either through retirement,resignation,defeat at the voting booth,or even imprisonment.

Olympia Snowe-a GOP US Senator from Maine with a Liberal-Moderate Voting Record-Will Not Seek Re-election in November,Raising to 10 the Number of US Senators Not Seeking Re-election This Year

Patriots,I had to scour the web for about an hour beforer finally coming up with an article on Olympia's retirement announcement that simply reported on her decision not to seek re-election,rather than a mawkish puff-piece that kissed her ass up and down because she's a "moderate" Republican.I had to stomach about 25 articles full of putrid praise for the "moderate" feminist Republican from Maine until I dug up this one.Many pro-Democratic journalists are so giddy and gay over a fairly safe GOP Senate seat now in play that they think this guarantees a Democratic majority next year! Just one seat! As far as Snowe goes,her voting record is mostly liberal to moderate,and this is why she'll be so sorely missed by her liberal-feminist friends in politics and the major news media.She makes the 10th US senator who won't seek re-election this year.And patriots won't miss any of them.

A Report from Dick Simpson-a Former Chicago Alderman and Now a Political-Science Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago-Calls the Windy City the Most Corrupt City in America,and Illinois the Third-Most-Corrupt State(And This Is the Political Culture of Corruption That Has Given Us President Abomination!)

I may or may not read this entire report from Prof.Simpson.What adds much weight to his argument is that he was in the belly of the beast of Chicago's corrupt government as an alderman.The political gangsterism of the Windy City is probably as old as the days when Alphonse Capone virtually had the city in his hip pocket back in the 1920s and 1930s.And this is the political machine that gave birth to President Abomination.Pretty scary stuff.Isn't it,patriots? But this report from Mr.Simpson,which can help undo the corrupt government of Chicago and the entire state of IL(the Chicago Democrat machine virtually runs the state),will come up short if it doesn't recommend the creation of at least one new political party in Chicago and/or totally new leadership in GOP and the Democratic Party.

Injustice at US Department of Justice:Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan Orders the Release of a Still-Secret Report on Prosecutorial Misconduct During the 2008 Criminal Trial of Now-Deceased US Senator Ted Stevens

A Bloody Good Show from the Mother Country:Immigration Policies and Proposals That Put Britons First,Not Foreigners

Sometimes,things drift over here from "across the pond." Patriots,let's hope this is one of them;but it's unlikely this year.According to Roy Beck at patriotic immigration-reform group Numbers USA,US House Speaker Bonehead Boehner has refused to bring patriotic immigration-reform bills like these proposals in UK up for a vote in the US House.That's maybe because he's thinking about his next round of golf with President Abomination.He's a typical don't-rock-the boat Republicrat.I was even told at a quasi-patriot gathering about 4 months ago that he attended Charles Rangel's birthday party! Did he help blow out the candles?! What a disgrace! But maybe,with this being a presidential election year,enough patriots can exhort Bonehead to start treating the anti-patriot immigration laws and policies of the corrupt government he's a leader in as the threat they are to America.And we can point to the mother country for some great ideas on how to handle America's immigration crisis! Bloody good show!

Another Bloody Good Show from Across the Pond:Met Office and East Anglia University Climate Research Unit Confirm That "Global Warming" Ended in 1997

How interesting this is,patriots.Climate Research Unit(CRU)at East Anglia University in UK is the same group of climatologists who had some of their e-mails hacked that indicated  "global warming" may not be all they and their allies have cracked it up to be all these years.Now,thanks to London newspaper The Daily Mail,they claim there has been no global warming since 1997.Where's Prince Albert Gore when Global-Warming Gang needs him?! He's hiding! This story,of course,hasn't gotten much publicity in the pro-Global-Warming Gang establishment news media,for this is "An Inconvenient Truth." This is more evidence that "global warming" is and has been one of the bigger,more militant fraud movements over about the past 20 years. 

An Iraq-War Veteran Organizes a Veterans/Active- Duty Servicemen's March for Ron Paul on President's Day,Feb.20th,Right in Front of the White House

Congressman,M.D.and Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Warns Patriots on the Threat to Our Freedoms from National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA)-Signed into Law By President Abomination on-Get This-New Year's Day

Good for Dr.Paul,especially for alluding to that warmonger Lindsey Graham.A plurality of South Carolina Republicans have just voted to nominate anti-patriot,fat-slob globalist Newty Gingrich as their presidential nominee.And they have also given us warmonger,pro-illegal-immigrant,pro-La Conquista,probably homosexual Lindsey Graham.And they also elected as their governor,an East-Indian woman who's the daughter of Sikh parents(a Sikh is a Hindu under Islamic influence).But more importantly than the terrible votes from South Carolina is NDAA.Dr.Paul is one of the few patriots in Congress to warn us that America is getting closer each day to officially becoming a war state/police state.And it's all justified in the name of "The War on Terror!." Their war is on the American people and on American patriots! NDAA is just one example!

Gallup Reports 40% of Americans Are Conservative,20% Liberal,35% Moderate

Patriots in South Carolina Fight Back Against President Abomination re State Laws on Voter ID and Illegal Immigration

Patriot Victory in Arizona:a "Mexican-American Studies" Course Taught in Tuscon's School District Is Withdrawn for Violating a Patriot State Law

Another Democratic US Senator-Centrist Ben Nelson from Nebraska-Won't Seek Re-election Next Year

Hi,patriots.I hope you all had a safe and joyous Christmas.I'm 2 days late with this page's commentaries,so here I go.Ben Nelson has been pretty centrist during his time in US Senate,but he did cast the final vote for Abominationcare that has put America on the road toward mandatory health insurance for almost all Americans.I still believe he's one of the few decent Democrats left in Congress,and he's retiring probably because he would've faced a stiff challenge next year in conservative Nebraska.This now makes 7 Democrats(all liberal except for Nelson)who won't seek re-election next year,and I think patriots can pick up 3 of these seats,including this one in the Cornhusker State.

A Sportswriter at Chicago Sun-Times Describes Well the Disgusting State of Contemporary Sports in America

Patriot Notice:a post was added to this site's blog A Patriot's Diary on this Christmas Eve.It's not a usual review of the news,but a Christmas 2011 message.I hope you all like it.A safe and merry Christmas to all American patriots.I've been behind on the news the last couple of days,hooking up with some former co-workers and getting my Gold Duster(Dusty)prepped for Winter.I'm catching up now on the news,and CW 11 is airing the Christmas episodes of The Odd Couple and The Honeymooners in the 11 PM hour.Thank you! This is must-viewing! I'm staying home,nice and warm this Christmas Eve.Tomorrow,me and Dusty head out to New Jersey and Rockland County for family visits.I should update the commentaries on this page on Dec.26th.Thanks,patriots.Let's try to appreciate this time of the year and hope for the day when peace on Earth,good will toward men is all-year round and not just from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.

Good News,Patriots:Texas Congressman Charles Gonzalez-Chairman of Congressional "Hispanic" Caucus-Won't Seek Re-Election in 2012,Lamenting an "Anti-Government" Mood in Congress

So the chairman of Congressional "Hispanic" Caucus dislikes the "anti-government" atmosphere in Washington since GOP became the majority in US House of Representatives this year.It's not an anti-government attitude that many of the freshmen brought to the House.It's an anti-corrupt-government attitude! Senor Gonzalez and virtually the rest of his racial-empowerment caucus are quite content with a $15 trillion national debt,open-borders immigration,blatantly unconstitutional laws and policies,highly unethical fund-raising practices,and an assortment of other indignities of the US 2-parties establishment that has ruled us from Washington for far too long.Also,good time Charlie doesn't like being in the minority in the House and probably believes that his corrupt,immoral party stands-as of now-little chance of retaking the House.Let's remember,patriots,that Gonzalez is an "Hispanic" leader,and he's stepping down from his seat of power next year.It's almost always good for patriots when an anti-patriot leader leaves power.While there's always the concern of the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know,new leadership and statesmanship is desperately needed in our country.Lastly,what would happen if some congressmen formed a White Congressional Caucus?

And Even Better News for American Patriots!:Congressman Barney the Fag Frank from the People's Republic of Massachusetts Also Won't Seek Re-Election Next Year! Hip,Hip Hooray! Hallelujah!

And here's another corrupt Democrat congressman retiring! This is even better than good time Charlie leaving! I think! Barney the Fruit should've been expelled from the House about 20 years ago,when it was discovered that he was rooming up with a homosexual prostitute and helped him get some parking tickets dismissed;but Barney just got the congressional slap on the wrist that they call "censure." That's a strong sign of how corrupt,immoral and anti-Christ the US Congress had already become by then and still is.Barney's leaving for several reasons,but the one he gave to the press is he dislikes the re-drawing of the district he represents because it includes some areas that may be in play next year.Last year he was seriously challenged and won with 54% of the vote,so he doesn't want the struggle next year.He too doesn't like being in the minority in the House and sees little hope by his corrupt Democratic Party to regain the majority.So it's great news for patriots and people of Christian morality and Christian faith that the fruit is leaving power.But he has left a lot of damage behind,including the 2,300 plus-pages of that monstrosity Dodd/Frank "financial reform" law.When anti-patriot liberals like Dodd(who didn't seek re-election last year)and Frank want to "reform" US law and policy,that's a warning that they're out to turn the screws into us,really hard.And the fact that this immoral pervert was continually re-elected in southeast MA shows us the immorality of those who kept voting him into power over themselves and the rest of us.Barney was also a leader when the Dems ruled the House when he was chairman of the financial services committee;so another corrupt,anti-patriot leader has fallen.Thank the Lord.So let all of us patriots give a nice send-off:Bye-bye,Barney.And don't come back.Please.

500 Patriots Turn Out in Rhode Island's Capital to Protest In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants

One Less Worry for American Patriots:Sarah the Princess Palin Won't Seek the GOP Presidential Nomination in 2012

The New TV Network of Oprah Winfrey(OWN)-Formerly America's #1 False Prophetess-Is Tanking.Hallelujah!

A Bit of Mercy Has Come to America:Garbage Soap- Opera All My Children Leaves the Air

All My Children.That's an interesting title for a garbage soap-opera.Who's "My"? Anyway,my elderly mom finally gave up watching AMC about a year ago;she said it just became too bad.From what I've seen over the last few years,it looked and sounded like soft-core porn.But while this is good news that a garbage soap is leaving the air due to poor ratings,there's a very disturbing but not surprising claim in this article:that soap-opera ratings started to nosedive right about the time of the O.J.Simpson travesty of a trial.In other words,the largely female audiences who regularly watched soaps got entertained by watching a real-life soap-opera in the Simpson circus,with that idiot broad Marcia Clarke prosecuting the case while performing for the cameras.Everyone with half a brain knew OJ was going to be acquitted by the all-black jury.But that disgusting cause celebre of a trial was just another sign of America's moral breakdown-that millions of people were glued to TVs,getting entertained by a real-life murder trial.Good riddance to garbage soap All My Children and hopefully good riddance to garbage network ABC. 

A Recently Elected Democratic Congresswoman Says She'll Stand Up to President Abomination and Her Party Leadership on "Free Trade" Treaties

A Clothing Retailer in Chattanooga,TN Encourages Americans to Buy American-made Clothes

2 Patriot Bills in US House of Representatives Seek to Repeal a La Conquista Provision in the 1973 "Voting Rights" Act,Which Mandate Bi-lingual Ballots in Many Congressional Districts

A Pastors' Activist Group Takes Patriot Action and Files a Lawsuit Against the Empire State for the Possibly Illegal Way It Passed the Homosexual- Marriage Law

As I wrote in the recent post on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary,many have thought over man's history that the Almighty sometimes allows evil to triumph.This certainly occurred with the passage of "gay marriage"(There's nothing gay about the Sin of Sodom!)in the corrupt state of New York.But now some light may be shining through the darkness of not just the evil of the law's passage,but the way it was done.Bravo to these patriots at New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms and those assisting them.Wouldn't this be a boon to patriots in the Empire State and thence the rest of America if the ugly truth emerges if this case goes to trial,and scum like Dandy Andy Cuomo the Homo Lover,GOP senate leader Deano the Skell Skelos,NYC mayor bloomy Bloomberg and other rogues who helped ram this bill into law are exposed for what they did and prosecuted if they broke any laws! From what I see so far,they may have violated the state's Open Meetings Law,and Deano the Skell almost certainly violated senate rules in the run-up to the vote.The evil-minded men who wanted this evil law passed were fanatically determined to get it done,and get it done right before the Big Apple's "Gay Pride" Parade.And Dandy Andy was there,celebrating with the "gays." Let's hope and pray that the homo lobby in New York's legislature and those who aided them from outside the legislature get their comeuppance.

Patriots,here's the roster of the Gang of Four in New York State Senate primarily responsible for the Sin of Sodom now becoming legal in the Empire State:Stephen Saland,Roy McDonald,James Alesi and Mark Grisanti.If you live in and are registered to vote in the districts they are supposed to represent,work to defeat them in the next primary elections.If that fails,work to defeat them at the next general elections by considering voting for quasi-conservative Democrats(highly unlikely)or by fielding Tea Party candidates.Also,Dean Skelos-the GOP majority leader in the senate-has been a weak jerk in his first 6 months in the post.Deano didn't have to hold this vote.And he certainly didn't have to hold it late in the evening on a Friday night a la Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi with Obamacare.He probably knew damn well what the outcome would be,yet he held it anyway.The New York State Conservative Party chairman-not nearly as influential as he once was but still wielding a bit of clout-has already announced that he will not support at the next elections,any Republican in the state legislature who votes for "gay marriage." Good.These bastards sold out not just the party but,more importantly,the families of this state and whatever morality is left.If you're like me and live outside the districts or even outside the state,please get involved with pro-family/patriot-activist groups like National Organization for Marriage(NOM)and help them any way you can to defeat these sell-outs and any of the other legislators who voted to legalize the Sin of Sodom at the altar.But it was primarily Dandy Andy Cuomo-the liberal Democratic governor of this decrepit state-who got this bill passed.I'm sure he made private deals with the GOP Gang of Four and probably with Deano too.Go to the website and let the Gang of Four and Deano know how outraged you are and you'll work to remove them from the senate.And lastly,to praying patriots/prayer warriors,I've already asked the Almighty God to bring His judgment down on all those who voted for the Sin of Sodom,but especially those who were in the forefront of its passing.I don't pray this lightly and realize the risks involved,but I ask those of you who believe to do the same.After all,I unfortunately leave in this state.I now may have to leave this state at some future time like so many millions have over the last several years;this may be the last straw.However,I still think,for now,New York patriots should still fight back with all they got before we run.I believe we need His guidance on just what course of action is best to take at this time.

Patriot Notice:Today is Sunday,July 24th,2011.I had to take some R & R from the battle front on Friday and Saturday due to the oppressive Big Apple heat and humidity.The only news I read was from liberal-rag newspaper Newsday on Saturday.But it was nice to browse a hard-copy newspaper again.I can't remember the last time I did! And I completed the Jumble puzzle! That is one of the many things I miss in my personal life:reading a daily newspaper.So,patriots,I'm back to the battle.I also should finish today the new post on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary.

A Patriot Lawmaker in AR Tells the State's Attorney General That He's Pandering with His Website En Espanol

Patriot Resistance Has Many Forms,and in California,Secession Is One of Them

Hi,patriots.I haven't posted commentary for quite a while on this page for many reasons,mostly because this patriot can only do so much in 24 hours.As America becomes invaded more and more from south of the border,and as more sell-out/anti-patriot politicians continue to support the invaders and a neo-bolshevik political agenda,secession is looking more and more like a viable alternative.And nowhere is this more apparent and more urgent than in California-the state that really was a "Golden" state before the immigration invasion,overwhelmingly from south of the border,down Mexico way,but also from the East.So bravo to Jeff Stone for trying to get 13 California counties to break from the anti-patriots and reconquistadors in Sacramento and form their own state,where patriots can serve them in government and not anti-patriots.I reported about 6 weeks ago that liberals in Tuscon,AZ are considering forming their own state because they dislike living in a predominantly GOP state with strong patriot leanings and activism.I think this is a great idea for all,even though it can lead to a further balkanization of our country;but such is the sad reality of political and cultural life in contemporary America.So to the patriots in those 13 CA counties who are fed-up with betrayal and assault from anti-patriot lawmakers and seek secession from Sacramento's rule,good luck in your patriot cause! Patriots throughout the land are with you! We may come to your aid like the patriots who went to the Alamo to fight for Texas independence!

Patriot Notice:I miss writing the commentaries,but again,time constraints.Moreover,a lot of the commentary on this page is eventually duplicated on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary.If I have the time and energy,I'll comment on these stories on this Current News page.But the blog-usually updated semi-monthly-expatiates on almost all of the news stories on this page.So if any of you patriots are looking for in-depth commentaries and analysis,please read A Patriot's Diary.Thanks,patriots.It's so far a very hot and humid Summer here in Babylonian New York City.I need some cool refreshment,and not just at the tap.

Wisconsin's Governor Signs a Concealed-Carry Gun Bill Into Law,Leaving Gangster-Liberal Illinois as the Only State That Doesn't Permit Concealed-Carry

Patriot Notice:I haven't posted much news on this page the last day or so because I'm still a bit sick to my stomach of homo marriage now legal in New York.I should be posting again within the next few hours on this Sunday night in the Bronx at 8:15.I spent a couple of hours cleaning Dusty-my '74 Gold Duster-and about an hour in supplication and imprecation.I did have a sense of peace restored to my soul,and I thanked the Lord if he granted that peace to me.Like it says in the Book of Philippians 4:7:"..the peace of God surpasses all understanding."
Anyway,I also spent several hours yesterday updating and re-organizing my main news page.I deleted the RSS feeds from the liberal-globalists at Time magazine and the neo-con warmongers at Fox News.I added feeds for about 20 newspapers but couldn't add 2 more because they wouldn't go through to the home page.Regardless,there are now feeds for papers in every region of our country,except Alaskey and Hawaii-the latter of which I believe shouldn't even be a state;at least Alaskey's on the continent.I may add the feed for Anchorage Daily News,if they provide one.BTW,if you're wondering why I write Alaska as Alaskey,it's because that's how Sylvester Superman pronounced in an episode of Superman.That was before Alaska was a state,so maybe that's why he mispronounced it.Maybe that's how they pronounced it pre-statehood.Anyway,I should be providing more news and more in-depth coverage from across the country with the updated home page.Thanks,patriots.Please come to our help in New York State if you can in any way you're able.

Patriots Even in Liberal Maryland Prevail:They Gather Enough Signatures to Suspend a Pro-Illegal- Immigration Law Passed By Anti-Patriot Legislators Until It's Voted on Next Year Via Referendum

Patriots and Immigration-Reform Activists:Look to Maryland for Patriot Retaliation Against an Anti- Patriot Law Granting In-State Tuition to Illegal Immigrants

10 Congressmen,Including 3 Democrats,Sue President Abomination Over His Libya Campaign

FL GOP Governor Rick Scott Signs a Law Requiring Welfare Applicants to Pass Drug Tests,While ACLU (AKA Anti-Christ Liberal Union)Threatens to "Challenge" the Law

There's Still Mercy in the Land:The Oprah Winfrey Show Goes Off the Air

On This Memorial Day 2011,the Anti-War Poem "In Flanders Fields" Is Dedicated to the Men Who've Given Their Lives While Serving in the US Armed Forces-and Also on This Day,We Thank Those Today Who Are Serving(Patriots:Let's Always Keep Memories of Them on Every Memorial Day)

Greetings,patriots,on this Memorial Day 2011.Here in the southeast Bronx and its environs,we've been blessed with a 3-days holiday weekend of beautiful weather:temps in the 80s,strong sun,cool breezes,no rain;and much of the rest of our country has had good weather too this weekend.It looks like the Almighty has had mercy on us,maybe because we remember and honor our war dead on this day.And this neighborhood in the notorious borough of the Bronx has had a beautiful quiet and solemnity to it almost all day.We're used to loud Puerto Rican parties on this day or on this weekend,but maybe because of a patriot crackdown,it has been quiet,thank the Lord.I hope you patriots are having an equally safe and relaxing Memorial Day holiday.And safe home from your travels,whenever that is.
There has been debate over the decades whether In Flanders Fields is pro-war or anti-war.I interpret this very poignant,somber poem to be anti-war and pro-heroism,not pro-war(and that's a big difference).Nonetheless,it elicits the great sorrow and pain of war,along with picking up after defenders have fallen against the aggressor.It's about 1845 hours on this Memorial Day 2011,and I wasted about an hour on the web,looking to post a link to the lyrics of an anti-war song-also set in WW1,like In Flanders Fields-by Scottish-Australian songwriter/singer Eric Bogle.It's entitled The Green Fields of France,with the alternate title of Willie McBride.All the sites I went on had one different problem after another:misspellings,improper or missing punctuation,trashy ads on display on the sites;so I didn't post any one of them.This patriot is very particular and discriminatory with what goes on this site and what doesn't.Ergo,I've decided to type the bloody words myself and give some background on the song which is,in my opinion(IMO),the best anti-war song ever written and performed.The best version to me is by Irish folk band The Fureys.They improve on some of the lyrics without changing any of the meanings,and there's excellent musicianship and strong emotion in the vocals.That's because nobody makes music like the Irish!
Songwriter Eric Bogle traveled to France in the 1970s and saw gravestones of soldiers who had died in WW1-the so-called "War to End All Wars." All it did was help create or lead right into WW2! Anyway,Eric sees that Willie was only 19 when he fell,and he speaks to him as if he were still alive.Get ready,patriots,for this is a tear jerker of a poem/song.Here's to all those who've died fighting in war-man's ultimate inhumanity to himself.

Well,how do you do,young Willie McBride?
Do you mind if I sit here,down by your graveside?
And rest for a while,'neath the warm Summer sun?
I've been walkin' all day,and I'm nearly done.

I see by your gravestone,you were only 19
When you joined the great Fallin' in 1916
I hope you died well,and I hope you died clean
Or young Willie McBride,was it slow and obscene?

(Chorus)Did he beat the drum slowly?
Did he play the fife lowly?
Did they sound the Death March as they lowered you down?
Did the band play The Last Post and chorus?
Did the pipes play The Flowers of the Forest?

Did you leave a wife or sweetheart behind?
In some faithful heart,is you memory enshrined?
Although you died back in 1916
In that faithful heart,are you forever 19?
Or are you a stranger without even a name,enclosed and forever behind the glass pane?
In an old photograph,torn,battered and stained
Or faded to yellow,in a brown leather frame?


Now the sun,it shines,on the green fields of France
There's a warm Summer breeze,it makes the red poppies dance
And look how their sun,shines from under the clouds
There's no gas,no barbed wire,there's no gun firing now

But here in this graveyard,it is still no-man's land
The countless white crosses stand mute in the sand
To man's blind indifference to his fellow man
To a whole generation who were butchered and damned


Now young Willie McBride,I can't help wondering why
To those who lie here,now why did they die?
And did they believe when they answered the call
Did they really believe that this war would end wars?!
For the sorrow,the suffering,the glory,the pain
The killing and dying,were all done in vain
To young Willie McBride,it all happened again
And again and again and again and again

(The Last Post and The Flowers of the Forest were British military songs of that era,usually played to commemorate the dead).

Patriots,on this Memorial Day,let's raise one to Willie McBride and to his comrades,so many of whom died way too young in the evil of war,especially war that is totally unnecessary and avoidable.Let's raise one to Eric Bogle and The Fureys for their great anthem to war's fallen and to condemn the evil of war.Let's hope and pray for a better tomorrow,when those fallen will be resurrected from their cold graves by Christ,Who will then bring his kingdom to Earth and end war once and for all.Like it says in the Book of Isaiah,chapter 2:4:"...nation shall not lift up sword against nation,neither shall they learn war anymore." Patriots,what a great promise that is! Man won't even learn war anymore! May the Almighty God speed that day,Harold Camping notwithstanding.Amen.

Another Liberal Democrat/Anti-Patriot US Senator Will Not Seek Re-election in 2012:Herbert Kohl from WI.Hallelujah!

Liberal Anti-Patriots in Arizona Give Patriots in AZ and the Other States a Great Idea:Intra-State Secession

A Good Idea from Florida's Legislature:Drug-Test Welfare Recipients

In 2003,US Citizen Rachel Corrie Was Brutally Murdered By a Member or Members of Israeli Defense Forces(IDF)Simply for Protesting the Razing of Palestinian Homes in Gaza-and Now Her Parents Seek Some Justice in an Israeli Court

In the Darkness of Detroit,Thousands March to Exalt Christ

The AZ Legislature Passes a Bill Requiring Presidential Candidates to Prove They're US-Born Before Qualifying for the State Ballot

Good News for Patriots:Glenn Beck's TV Program on Fox News Channel Will Leave the Air at the End of the Year

A Patriot Blogger Describes Well Warmonger- Propagandist Glenn Beck and Some of the Powers Behind Him

Glenn Beck's aura may finally,mercifully,be dimming.His TV ratings have dropped probably because a lot of former viewers tired of his obnoxious on-screen behavior.As I've commented before on this site and its blog A Patriot's Diary,he acts like he's either drunk,doped up or brainwashed.Maybe a combination of all three! But he has been used by his neo-con masters Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch to promote and glorify this phony "War on Terror" which has obviously become a literal war of aggression and crusade against a multitude of Muslim nations who've done nothing to America or the West.Get a load of the name of his radio-production company:Mercury-the Roman god of war! How fitting for "former" drunk,warmonger-Mormon Glenn Beck;he's no longer not even welcome at anti-patriot/anti-Christ Fox News Channel.

An Ex-Porno Actress Gives Strong Advice to Charlie Sheen's "Adult-Film Star" Mistress Kacey Jordan

And Here's the Testimony from Former Porn Actress Shelley Lubben to CA State Assembly on the Sleaze and Filth in the US Porn Industry

And Here's Her Life Story

Anti-War Protesters Rally Outside the White House and in Several US Cities

Gallup Reports That Only 11% of Americans Have Confidence in Congress-and Most of America's Other Institutions Also Score Low With Americans

In a "Dramatic Revolt," Voters in Miami/Dade County,FL Recall Miami Mayor Carlos Alvarez

Even in the Liberal State of Maryland-With an All- Democratic State Government-an Attempt to Legalize "Gay Marriage" Fails

The 8th US Senator Announces He Won't Seek Re- election in 2012:Morally Compromised Conservative- Republican John Ensign from NV

Patriots,I'm back,finally,with the commentaries;at times,there's just too much going on for one patriot to take the time and effort to comment on the news items he reports.
This announcement from Mr.Ensign is a bit sad,because he has had a pretty good patriot voting record in the senate.However,because of his extra-marital affair with a staffer and all the shadiness that surrounded it,his electability-even in the Sin State of Nevada-was risky.So while his not running next year will leave a hole in the senate,he has given patriots a chance to elect a conservative-patriot to replace him.The lesson to learn here is how sexual temptation can very quickly change a man's life for the worse,and deny him opportunities to improve upon his life and deny us the benefits his service could've provided to his countrymen.For maybe an hour or two of pleasure,John Ensign gave up a lot,like possibly his marriage and,at least for now,his political position.End of sermon.

Another Liberal Democrat Won't Seek Re-election to US Senate in 2012

GOP Governors Stand Up to President Abomination

Another Liberal Wooden-Indian Falls in US Senate:Jeffrey Bingaman from New Mexico Won't Seek Re-election in 2012

An Attendee at Conservative Political Action Conference in DC Screams Out "War Criminal!" at Snarling Slob/Walking-Death Dick Cheney

Hey,anti-war patriots:Get a load of Cheney! The warmonger and,yes,possible war criminal,who no matter how many heart attacks he suffers,he just keeps on ticking! But look at him now! Walking death! And get a load of the goon behind him! Doesn't he look like one of Stalin's secret policemen?! And the pompous-looking,gray-haired bozo on stage with snarling Cheney is none other than David Keene-whose American Conservative Union sponsors this so-called Conservative Political Action Conference.When watching the video,it's sickening to see those trained seals get up from their seats and wildly applaud neo-con warmongers Cheney and Rumsfeld(affectionately called "Rummy").But that's what partisanship does to people:turns them into worshipful,blind robots who put blind trust in their idols and leaders.CPAC,for the most part,is a big farce,yet a spectacle to behold.

Patriots in Arizona's Government Fight Back Against the Abomination Administration's Lawsuit Against the State's Anti-Illegal-Immigration Law.Bravo!

Arizona patriots fight back and defend themselves against la conquista,and Abomination sues them for doing that because he's an anti-patriot.So a great way to fight back against an anti-patriot lawsuit is to counter-sue with a patriot lawsuit.That a way,Arizona! Keep fighting the patriot cause on the front lines! And bravo to all the patriots across the land who've come to their aid in any way they can! The legal-defense fund to litigate SB 1070 has over 43,000 donors and has so far raised almost $4 million! Patriots are fighting back against anti-patriots,with the great state of Arizona leading the charge!

A Patriot Crackdown in Upstate Newburgh,NY Leads to the Indictments of 31 Members and Associates of Crime Gang Latin Kings

Pretty scary stuff,patriots,when a race-based crime gang takes over part of a town;but that's what Latin Kings have done in Newburgh.This was some great patriot work in law enforcement and in the US attorney's office to indict these mutts and help restore law and order in this town and anywhere else this ruthless gang operates.The drug gangs and crime gangs like Latin Kings that are terrorizing America are more of a threat to America than the shoe bomber or the underwear bomber or any of these other Muslim "terrorists." There are probably a lot more domestic terrorists in our land than foreign ones.

A Research Fellow at Cato Institute Defends Sen.Rand Paul's Opinion That US "Aid" to the Government of Israel Should End

Patriots,this is surprisingly good news.A Jewish-American at libertarian Cato Institute has the fairness,decency and guts to support Tea Party senator Rand Paul's opinion that US tax money should stop going to Israel's government.But not only that,but his article is published on neo-con website! Beautiful! This is one way how patriot activity spreads throughout the land:just one patriot speaks out publicly against an anti-patriot government policy or action,and then other patriots or those who simply agree with him jump on board and rally to that patriot cause.I posted an article with my commentary a few months ago that then-candidate Paul may have been flirting with some neo-cons he met up with.Hopefully,Dr.Paul's courageously patriotic recommendation has dispelled my suspicion.And Mr.Friedman should be commended too for putting America first,spelled out so well in his article.

Notice to Patriots:What do you think of the new page background on this patriot site? I've caught up on a few things and scanned some of the software options in the web-design package offered by the site's Internet host.I think this is spot-on this site's theme! I find it also much-more attractive and artistic,much-better colors.I should've chosen it a long time ago! Anyway,patriots,I'd like your feedback.Please send your opinions and comments on the new page background(entitled "Vision" by the designer)by clicking the Contact Us page at the bottom of the left-hand column.Thanks! We patriots need vision now more than ever!

US Senator James Webb-a Liberal Democrat from VA in His First Term-Won't Seek Re-election in 2012

And the Wooden Indians Keep Falling in US Senate:Jon Kyl-an Establishment Conservative US Senator from AZ and Majority Whip-Won't Seek Re- election in 2012

This makes 5 US senators-2 Democrats,2 Republicans and 1 Independent(prune-face Lieberman is really a Democrat)-who won't seek re-election next year.In the case of these latest 2(Webb and Kyl),I think this is good news.Again,patriots,we need a big shake-up in Congress,big time.The more old bodies that get ushered out and new bodies brought in,the better.Webb recently voted for the illegal-immigrant DREAM Act and Obamacare.And while he has been an occasional maverick voice,he still has had a mostly liberal voting record in his first and last term.Kyl has been fairly conservative during his tenure,but pulled a lulu when he joined in unholy cause with staunch anti-patriot Edward Kennedy-one of America's greater enemies-to try and pass an illegal-immigrant amnesty.Now we know why he may have done that treacherous act:he wasn't even too thrilled about running for re-election in 2006 and already decided,if elected,that it would be his last term;so he probably felt no fear from the voters,even if he voted with Amnesty Gang.Also,Mr.Kyl is minority whip-the second-highest leadership position in the senate.So in 2013(if America makes it till then),GOP will have a new whip,whether they're the majority or not.The best choice for patriots to capture that seat is recently retired congressman John Shadegg-a strong conservative and patriot,to my knowledge.AZ congressman Jeffrey Flake has already announced he's running,but he can't be trusted.He teamed up a few years back with Little Louie Gutierrez to pass an illegal-immigrant amnesty and has very strong libertarian views about open borders and the glories of mass immigration into our country.I believe he has toned down this support somewhat,but he still can't be trusted with a US Senate seat.And believe it or not,I read an article where none other than Gabrielle Giffords has been mentioned as a possible candidate! Is that bizarre or what?! Like TPTB already know that the wounded congresswoman will be returning from a gunshot wound to the head to run again for a higher office about 2 years hence! There are still a lot of strange circumstances surrounding the Tuscon shootings.And back to Virginia,George Allen-the incumbent senator who Webb defeated last time-wants to run again;he should stay right where he is.A Tea Party candidate has declared she'll run,and I think she's much more of a patriot than Allen,although we should consider how electable she is.

Even in very liberal Washington State,Bills Will Be Introduced in the State Legislature That Crack Down on Illegal Immigration

Patriots,there's a very positive lesson here for us:Even in a very liberal state like WA,with a feminazi governor and 2 feminazi US senators and a liberal Democratic state legislature,patriots,citizen-activists and/or just plain ol' fed-up citizens have screamed at those who rule them and demanded no more mollycoddling of illegal immigrants! And ostensibly,the lawmakers heard them and are responding! The lesson is we just can't give up,no matter how discouraged we are or become,even if we're ruled by anti-patriots.Get the facts,get active and fight the patriot cause to try and make positive change for our America! Like they've done here in the Evergreen State!

Good News:Anti-Christ Hollywood Has Its Worst January Box-Office Sales in 20 Years

Isn't this interesting,patriots:Babylonian Hollywood has a poor January,and it's a British paper that reports it.Maybe it was the bad weather that caused this drop;hopefully it's more of the American people getting more fed up with the junk from Tinseltown that they're staying away from movie theaters.

Bravo to US Senator Rand Paul!:He Calls for an End to US Aid to Israel and Has Israel Lobby Hopping Mad!

Patriots,how about this for a patriot ticket in 2012:Paul-Paul! That's right:The first father-son presidential ticket! Both doctors and both patriots! Please,patriots,defend Rand Paul! Not even a month into his first term and he has shown he's not afraid of Israel Lobby-one of America's most-dangerous enemies! Just look at all the Israel Lobby members and propagandists this article from Israeli newspaper Haaretz trots out to attack a Tea Party patriot who wants the 60-years-long US-taxpayer gravy train between Washington,DC and Tel Aviv to come to a stop! How long overdue this is! I already called the senator's Washington office to thank him for his patriot action.His office isn't set up yet for e-mail messages,but his senate office # is 1-202-224-4343.Please urge whichever staffer you speak with to urge Dr.Paul not to back down and not to apologize! End all US foreign aid except for disaster relief! We must try to defeat Israel Lobby!

A Radio-Station Owner in Colorado Receives Death Threats and Has His Gun Permit Revoked After Airing Editorials Criticizing the Martin Luther KIng Holiday

People who worship demi-gods and false gods hate to hear anything negative-even if it's truthful-about their idols;so it's no surprise that this talk-show host received death threats after airing these editorials.While I haven't heard or read the editorials,He should be applauded for having the guts to publicly oppose the Martin Luther King unholyday.And even a judge punished him by revoking his gun permit,possibly willfully endangering his life.Regardless,this was a patriot action by Mr.Reese and he should be applauded.These are the kinds of patriot resistance that'll help save America from her many enemies.

Republicans in US House of Representatives Battle Obamacare

Thanks should go to HOUSE Republicans for voting to repeal Obamacare so quickly upon recapturing the House.And it's a good strategy to be attacking it on various fronts.One Democrat who stultified himself during the House debate was Steven Cohen-a Jewish congressman from Tennessee(yes,Tennessee).I heard him speak for the first time from a video posting,and he's got a drawl and all.It reminds me of a stand-up routine by Jewish comedian Steve Landesberg about 20 years ago where he joked about it being hard to recognize a Southern Jew,like,"What are y'all doing for Roshashana?" What a riot! Back to Cohen.This typical liberal idiot compared GOP slamming Obamacare for the oppression it is,to the Nazi persecution of Jews about 70 years ago,implying that repeating a lie often enough leads people to believe in the lie.He must think the world is still stuck in 1935 at Nuremberg.Back to Obamacare.Bravo to the 3 Democrats who voted for repeal:Mike McIntyre from NC,Mike Ross from AR and David Boren from OK.

In the Patriot State of Arizona,Pima County Tea Party Patriots Plan a Patriot Protest in Front of Moron Liberal Sheriff Clarence the Dupe Dupnik's Office Over Tuscon Gunman Jared Loughner

That's the spirit,Tea Party Patriots in Tuscon! This dumb slob Dupnik(pronounced Doop-nik)is the nightmare of a lot,if not the vast majority,of cops:a liberal ideologue for a boss or supervisor.Doopnik isn't a lawman;he's just a liberal sap using his power to project political power.And that's why he hideously exploited the horrible Tuscon shootings by trying to blame the shootings on his own state being a center of "prejudice and bigotry" because the people and the vast majority of its state legislators finally had enough of illegal immigration and immigrant lawlessness in the state and decided to do something about it by passing some patriot legislation.I hope this protest in front of the Doop's office is loud and raucous and the Doop resigns! Like he should!

Liberal Democratic US Senator Kent Conrad(from North Dakota)Won't Seek Re-election in 2012,and Neither Will Quasi-Conservative Republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson from TX;But 78-Years-Old Globalist Dick Lugar-One of 2 Dicks in US Senate,the Other Being Dick Durbin from IL-Plans to Hang On in IN

And Prune-Face Uncle Joe Lieberman-an Ultra- Liberal US Senator from Connecticut-Also Won't Seek Re- election in 2012! Hip,Hip Hooray!

Patriots,we're getting Happy New Year! presents from some anti-patriots in US Senate! Beautiful! Kent Conrad-a Unitarian liberal-Democrat from ND-has thankfully informed us quite early in the game that he won't seek re-election in 2012.Thank you.Clark Kent Conrad! He was claiming that he was leaning towards voting No on the illegal-immigrant DREAM Act but ended up voting for it.I think this is one reason why he smelled the coffee and just like his fellow North Dakota liberal Democrat Byron Dorgan didn't seek re-election to the senate last November,decided to pack it in.The Republican candidate easily won the seat to replace Dorgan,and the lone US representative from ND-Democrat Earl Pomeroy-also lost to the GOP candidate;so Mr.Conrad likely thought his chances were slim to none for getting re-elected.Hopefully,if America survives till the 2012 elections,patriots will have to fight against one less liberal in US Senate.And even better news than Clark Kent Conrad leaving the senate in 2013 is prune-face/constipation-face liberal warmonger Uncle Joe Lieberman also leaving the senate.There's too much to comment on here,but I'll blog more on Uncle Joe within the next few weeks.So,patriots,we got 2 New Year's presents delivered to us with the news of these 2 anti-patriots not seeking re-election to the senate.The chances are good that a patriot will get elected in ND but not so good in pinko-rich-liberal CT,but we shouldn't give up in the Nutmeg State anyway.Kay Bailey Hutchinson has a fairly conservative-patriot voting record in the senate,but she's very pro-War on Terror!.Since Texas is a very conservative state,her replacement should be just as conservative or maybe more so than her;however,a lot can change from now till the 2012 elections.The bad news is that jughead-globalist/Herman Munster-look-a-like/CFR member Dick Lugar announced he will seek re-election.Patriots,this is a great example of an anti-patriot Republican who we must try to defeat,whether we beat him in the GOP primary like Mike Lee bumped off anti-patriot Robby Bennett in Utah and cruised to election last November,or whether we beat him by helping elect a centrist-conservative Democrat or libertarian or independent.This 78-years-old,pro-illegal-immigrant internationalist is like Arlen Specter:he can't stand the thought of being out of political power,and that's why he's running for re-election.Patriots in Indiana:Please endeavor to defeat Dick Lugar-one of 2 Dicks in US Senate! Just like Specter was defeated in the primary! So,patriots,we got good news with the announcements from Clark Kent Conrad and prune-face Lieberman,so-so news from Kay Bailey and bad news from the jughead.We're ahead! The stodgy establishment US Senate must be feeling Tea Party heat and patriot anger!

Republican National Committee Elects a New Chairman

Patriots,I believe this is a positive change for America and GOP with Mr.Steele being replaced by Mr.Priebus.Actually,I'm somewhat surprised that most committeemen voted with some common sense and intelligence for once! GOP did very well in Wisconsin-the Badger State-last Election Day.They bumped off ultra-liberal,3-terms US senator Russell Feingold and sent him back possibly to the fine-gold business.Feingold was one of two incumbent Democrats in the senate who were defeated in November,the other being ultra-liberal Blanche Lincoln,who was trounced by Republican congressman Fay Boozeman(BTW,his name is pronounced "bohz-mun," not boozeman or man of booze.Hard name to forget!).Like Feingold is a typical Jewish- liberal politician,GOP also unseated Jewish-liberal Wisconsin congressman Steven Kagan.And they also took the US House seat formerly held by ultra-liberal/big-spending Democrat David Obey.On the state level,they captured the open governorship and the state legislature.What a fantastic sweep! What a great patriot victory! That a way,badgers! So those who voted for the Wisconsin GOP chairman for once used their noggins and voted to make him RNC chairman-the most-powerful,unelected GOP official come election time.What a contrast to when Boy George was president and he personally picked fruitcake Kenneth Mehlman-a Jewish neo-con-as RNC chairman;the committee were just following their fearless leader in accepting the leader's choice.Pathetic.Let's see the direction Mr.Priebus takes GOP,whether it's towards the patriot cause or the anti-patriot cause.However,some credit should be given to Mr.Steele for the enormous GOP victories last November.

Patriots in State Legislatures Fight Back Against Illegal-Immigrant Anchor Babies

Bravo to these patriotic state legislators! They're fighting Amnesty Gang at the state level! I met and spoke with Randy Terrill at an anti-amnesty rally in DC about 2 years ago,and he was a straight-up guy fighting for Oklahoma and America.Patriots,please take the time to thank the patriots we do have in government throughout the land.They are there and they are fighting for us! Let's thank the Almighty for them! And a great idea these patriots in state legislatures have in persuading states not to give birth certificates for anchor babies! Excellent! May more great ideas come our way as we fight Amnesty Gang,Diversity Gang and La Conquista!

A short but special New Year's Eve post has been added to this site's blog A Patriot's Diary.I'm off to watch the start of The Twilight Zone marathon. Happy New Year,all American patriots.

Good News,Christian Soldiers:Gallup Reports That Most Americans Honor Christ at Christmas

PATRIOT ALERT:Anti-Patriot and Sworn Enemy of America Harry Reid has scheduled a cloture vote on the DREAM Act amnesty for Saturday morning.The SOB is trying to ram it through for La Conquista right before Christmas,while he and his co-anti-patriots think we're all having a merry old time at Christmas parties and Christmas shopping.Patriots,please make time tomorrow to notify your 2 US senators and urge them to vote no on cloture on DREAM.Reid and Amnesty Gang need 60 aye(yes)votes to begin debate.If they don't get 60,the debate doesn't start and that should kill DREAM.You can e-mail your senators from,or call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.Please,patriots,take the time to fight! Don't let La Conquista win this battle without a fight!

A Patriot Victory Today in US Senate! The So-Called DREAM Act Amnesty Fails to Get the Needed 60 Votes! Hallelujah! La Conquista Loses a Big Battle!

Patriots,another great battle on La Conquista front has been fought and we have prevailed.For almost the entire first decade of the 21st century,patriots have repelled one attack after another from Amnesty Gang and La Conquista's storm troopers.The absolutely evil-minded Harry Reid even had to hold this vote on Saturday-the seventh day of the week that many believe(like me)is the Sabbath Day-to try and please and empower his illegal-immigrant amigos and amigas.What's so scary,however,is that so-called DREAM Act-an amnesty for millions of "children" of illegal immigrants-would've passed if this was a simple majority-wins vote,like the version that the House passed several days before.This was a vote to invoke cloture-i.e.,close out debate and hold a vote,which needs 60 votes per Senate rules to pass.So the illegal-immigrant/invader/conquistador DREAM is dead for this year and is highly unlikely to come back for a vote in the next Congress,although one never knows for sure.Patriots like me who've been battling Amnesty Gang for about 10 years can now take a much-needed/much-deserved R & R.I urge all you patriots to thank those senators in your respective states for their anti-DREAM votes and lambaste those who voted for it.

Another Record Is Broken:Gallup Reports the Lowest- Ever Approval Rating for Congress

The bastards in this lame-duck Congress deserve more than the lowest-ever approval rating for Congress! Lame ducks should be outlawed! Only official business and running state affairs should be conducted right after federal elections.Power-drunk,ego-maniacal Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi know they have only a few weeks left to wage war against the American people by passing anti-patriot,evil law.So they're pulling every snake out of their dirty hats to do it.Bill Gheen at ALIPAC made a good point in a recent e-mail on this poll,claiming that Gallup didn't even mention the 216 anti-patriots in the House who voted for the DREAM Act amnesty last week;and 50 of those who voted for it aren't returning to Congress next year.So they have really nothing to fear from the voters.Here's another corrupt practice of the Washington polity:so-called lame-duck sessions.They're far from lame! Look at what they're trying to do to us in the final days of their holding on to their power over us!But the good news is that more patriots have told America's premiere polling organization that they think this Congress bites! Big time!

Good News:Ron Paul Is Named Chairman of a Subcommittee That'll Have Oversight of the Glorified Counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve

Patriots,there has been some good news coming from the incoming GOP majority in the House,and this is a biggie.Texas congressman/MD/2008 presidential candidate Ron Paul has even written the book End the Fed! This is quite anti-establishment that he has been appointed to chair this important subcommittee that'll have oversight on domestic monetary policy.So all the dirty tricks and secret deals that the Fed makes will be more scrutinized with Dr.Paul chairing this subcommittee.I can't wait for him to grill Benjamin Shalom Bernanke! I recommend we thank congressman Bacchus from Alabama for appointing Dr.Paul as chairman and giving us this nice Christmas present.

A Retired FBI Special Agent and a Former US Air Marshal Claim Wikileaks Provides an Important Service for America

Isn't this something,patriots.A retired FBI agent and lawyer and a former US air marshal have to go to a European website to have this column printed! And their thrust is spot-on:while Wikileaks or a similar whistle-blower organization can go too far,they serve a vital function in providing an outlet to expose corruption,wrongdoing,malfeasance,corruption and sometimes blatant lawbreaking in government.Wikileaks exists because the establishment media all too often is in bed with corrupt government,either to protect the high and mighty in government or they're intimidated or threatened by government.Wikileaks and other whistle blowers-those who,like a referee in a football game,blow the whistle to stop the action and penalize a player for breaking the rules or laws of the game-are indispensable in a free society.Bravo to the retired agent and air marshal for coming forward.

University of Notre Dame Runs Up a $120 Million Deficit for 2009-the Same Year They Invited President Abomination to Be Their Commencement Speaker.Have Patriots Reduced or Eliminated Donations to Notre Dame Because of Their Invitation to the Abomination?

United Kingdom's "Highest Scientific Authority" Exposes the Exaggerations of "Climate Change" and "Global Warming"

Arizona Keeps Fighting the Patriot Cause:60% of Its Voters Ban Their State and Local Governments From Practicing "Affirmative Action"

Will the Tea Party Become an Official Third Party?

Yeah! Patriot Victory in Iowa! Patriot Voters Throw Out the Pinko Judges Who Voted to Throw Out the State's Ban on Same-Sex Marriage! A Great Victory for the Patriot Cause! Thanks,Iowa! Great Job!

State Lawmakers Try to Stop Illegal Immigrant "Anchor Babies" From Receiving Automatic US Citizenship,With the Patriot State of Arizona Leading the Way

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel Says Multi- culturalism in Germany Has "Utterly Failed"

A Gallup Survey Finds Almost Half of Americans Believe the Federal Government Is an "Immediate Threat" to Our Rights and Freedoms

In a CNN/Opinion Research Poll,President Abomination and the Democrats Do Poorly,But Half of Those Polled Say They're Voting Anti- Democrat,Not Pro-Republican

Great News for the Patriot Cause!:Almost Half of California Voters Want Feminazi Anti-Patriot Nancy Pelosi Replaced as Speaker of the House!

Gallup Reports Most Independents,Liberals,Moderates and Conservatives Support a Third Political Party in America

The Tea Party Express Keeps Rolling:a Tea Partier Upsets Establishment Flab Michael Castle in the Delaware Republican Primary for US Senate

I'm not aware of where O'Donnell stands on the major issues,but this Tea Party victory I think is mostly a positive for the patriot cause.The anti-patriot GOP establishment backed Castle enthusiastically and ripped O'Donnell during the primary.This is rare for either GOP or the Democrats to do this,so apparently O'Donnell scares them a lot.And that's good.What's not good is that Sarah the Princess Palin endorsed her,and she has already spoken to Christian-establishment activist group Family Research Council.America's Christian establishment is just as corrupt as the Republicrat political establishment,so it's not encouraging that she has met with FRC.However,she's new blood;she'll probably bring fresh ideas to the campaign and to the senate if elected.But again,patriots,let's keep our eyes and ears on her campaign,especially on those who'll be running it.

Barbara Billingsley-Mrs.June Cleaver of Leave It to Beaver-Has Died at 94

Bill Gheen at Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC)Spells Out the US Government's Betrayal of America Via Its Neglect and Encouragement of Illegal Immigration

The most-important question Mr.Gheen asks here is:How can the warmonger government in Washington,District of Criminals claim they are protecting us from "Terrorists!" way over there in Afghanistan and Pakistan when they leave our own southern border unprotected?! That's because their interests are not our interests;they use their military not to protect us but to empower them.This is a powerful patriot call from Mr.Gheen and ALIPAC-the anti-illegal-immigration activist group he started in 2004.Patriots,please circulate it as much as you can.

Patriots Fight Back Against "Los Suns" at the Phoenix,Arizona Basketball Arena

Bravo to these patriots in Phoenix! This is one way that patriots are going to take our country back! By fighting these battles in the streets,in the schools,in the churches,in the city halls,in the offices and factories.And even in pro-basketball arenas! What a moron this owner of Phoenix Suns is.There are hardly any latinos in basketball,but he feels some kind of solidarity with illegal-immigrant latinos and maybe even with La Conquista.That's probably why he made his team wear these idiotic jerseys calling them Los Suns.So these guys made a public statement,got the statement on television,and got applauded for their patriotism of opposing the illegal-immigration invasion of Arizona.Patriots,we need to learn from and remember this patriot action in Phoenix and try whatever we can to not just publicly oppose illegal immigration but also other criminal and aggressive acts committed by government at any levels and by those groups which support them.This is fighting the real patriot cause,right here on our soil,for our America.

Patriots in Iowa Seek to Remove the Pro-Homosexual Judges Who Voted to Repeal the State's Ban on "Same- Sex Marriage"

Bravo to these patriots in Iowa for fighting back against these anti-Christ judges and for trying to remove them from their seats of power! May they succeed! And this is how patriots may take America back:one battle and one skirmish at a time,first in this state and then in the next one.Get a load of the b**** of these judges and the one in California to tell the voters of their respective states that their votes are meaningless and whatever the judges rule will become the law! Impeach these bastards! And it's great that Iowa has this law on their books where state voters can turn out judges come election time;every state should have a law like this.

What a Pleasant Surprise This Is!:A Patriot Blogpost on Illegal Immigration From Liberal- Establishment Newspaper The Hill!

I never thought I would've read a patriot blogpost on illegal immigration at the liberal-establishment political paper The Hill.But here it is! How sweet it is! Ms.Jacobus delineates that so many Democrats see no difference between legal and illegal immigration and they should knock it off.Patriots,please post a favorable comment on her post and thank her for it.Maybe the tide is turning when even the liberal The Hill publishes an anti-illegal-immigration blogpost like this on its site!

Attorneys General From 9 States Help Arizona Defend Its Anti-Illegal-Immigration Law in Federal Court

It's inspiring and gratifying to see these attorneys general come to defend Arizona as it seeks to defend itself from President Abomination's Justice Dept.lawsuit against its anti-illegal-immigration bill.How lucky we are when patriots unite across the land against those in power over us who wage war against us.While 3 of these attorneys general are running for governor of their respective states,thus the possibility that their actions are politically motivated,they still have taken this patriot action to help defend Arizonans from invasion and rampant crime.So lets give these men a big thank you and hopefully this Abomination lawsuit-filed the very day after the end of the 4th of July holiday weekend-goes down the drain.

A Former Investigator at Securities & Exchange Commission(SEC)-Fired From the Agency in 2005 for Investigating a Hedge Fund-Is Awarded a $755,000 Settlement

As I've written before on this site and it's blog A Patriot's Diary,patriot battles like this could very well save America from self-destruction.Here's the US agency that's supposed to have oversight over Wall Street shenanigans firing one of their own investigators for getting too close to a crooked "hedge fund"! Ha,ha,ha! Now that Mr.Aguirre has achieved some justice with this settlement,where's the criminal investigation into the SEC boss who fired him for trying to dig up dirt? Again,I guess I have to say,Ha,ha,ha! This bloody government in DC is lawless and corrupt! This firing occurred under the Boy George administration.And not much will change with the Abomination administration.From the Dan Fogelberg song Face the Fire:"These men are under the power of gold." That's probably the main reason why Mr.Aguirre was fired and why the crooks at the hedge fund he was probing were protected.America needs a truly independent patriot-prosecutor.

A New Immigration Policy in United Kingdom Will Require Immigrants Who Want to Marry British Citizens to Learn and Understand English.Bloody Good Show!

Quite often,patriots can get good ideas from the governments of other countries.And here we have a bloody good idea from the mother country:Require those who seek to immigrate to United Kingdom to learn English before they enter the country! Bloody good idea! There are many benefits for UK if this policy is enacted:first,it'll remove the costs and manpower devoted to teaching immigrants English;secondly,it'll see how sincere immigrants are in wanting to become UK citizens;thirdly,there'll be no need for providing non-English government materials and services since the immigrants will already know English before they enter UK.Good luck to the Brits in this patriot cause! And may it float over here! America needs a law like this more than the Brits do!

A Patriot Bill Is Proposed in US Senate...........By None Other Than Ultra-Liberal Democrat Charles Schumer! Miracles Do Happen!

It doesn't matter who's right; what matters is what's right.And if Woodchuck Schumer proposes a patriot idea,by ducky that's great! Buuuuuuut:He's up for re-election in November! Regardless,this bill he's proposing makes sense and will help persuade corporations to keep call-center jobs here instead of going to India or Indonesia.I recommend that patriots thank Woodchuck for his efforts and hopefully this bill comes up for a vote and it then passes.

A Reporter at The Washington Times Claims "The Washington Order" Took a Serious Hit in Tuesday's Elections

This article is a good summary of the election results from last Tuesday,and I agree that the "Washington order" took a hit;how serious a hit is TBD.The most-satisfying from a patriot perspective is the defeat of Arlen Specter-Mr.Walking Death himself.This man craves political power so much that even after 3 leukemia treatments,still wants to hold onto his senate seat, just like Edward Kennedy held out until the bitter end,even though he was dying from brain cancer.And get a load of the big baby crying on the dais from his defeat! 76-years-old Bobby Bennett from Utah cried too during his concession speech.And that illustrates that most of those ruling us in this country are a bunch of spoiled brats; without their positions of power,they feel like babies who've had their lollipops taken from them.I'll comment further on these election results on A Patriot's Diary.

A Great Idea for Fighting the Illegal-Immigrant Invasion:Force Parents Who Try to Register Their Children in Public Schools to Prove US Citizenship or Legal Residency!Let's Do It!

One way for patriots to defend themselves against threats to our nation is to develop good ideas,and I believe this is a good idea from Mr.Gibson.By drying up their sources of income, jobs and education,illegal immigrants will be discouraged from staying in our country and will be encouraged to leave and return to where they're supposed to be:in their native countries.I believe this policy of discouraging those illegally in America from staying here and encouraging them to leave is the best approach to drastically reducing their numbers in the population,the last estimate of which is about 11 million.

Law and Order-Another Liberal-Garbage TV Show-Goes Off the Air

Here's more good news on the tv front.About a month ago,anti-war/anti-neo-con patriots rejoiced that propaganda "program" 24 announced it was going off the air.Now we're relieved that liberal,curled-lip producer Dick Wolf's "program" Law and Order is going off-air too.The few times this ex-cop stomached some of the garbage on that show,it was full of typical vulgarity and gratuitous sexuality.And almost every time,the episode's theme was a liberal holy cause,like finding that perennial white racist who murdered the poor "person of color" and all those evil white racists who covered up the murder.Finally the ratings plummeted,but it's long overdue.My God,how I long for television of old.The only shows I regularly watch are The Honeymooners on CW 11 on Sunday night/Monday morning at 1 a.m.and The Jackie Gleason Show from Miami Beach on American Life Network,which is also on late night/ early morning on weekends.No profanity,no stupid sex jokes or innuendo,no politically correct themes; just plain old class acts.At least with the cancellation of Law and Order,there's one more classless act that patriots no longer have to deal with.And may more follow.

Patriots in Arizona Keep Fighting the Diversity Gang,This Time By Banning So-called "Ethnic Studies" Curricula in Public Schools

"Ethnic Studies" are primarily used by the Diversity Gang to fill "people of color" with racial and ethnic pride and chauvinism while execrating whites as "the cancer of human history," as deceased Jewish writer Susan Sontag so nicely declared about 40 years ago when Diversity Gang started to take over the vast majority of our colleges and universities.These "studies" are used primarily not to teach,but indoctrinate,inculcate.Of course,DG doesn't have such studies for whites,nor should they.Like former congressman Tom Tancredo urged the banning of race-based/ethnic-based caucuses in Congress,publicly funded colleges and universities should do what the great state of Arizona has done to "Ethnic Studies:" Ban them! If students and/or their parents want to be filled with racial and/or ethnic pride in college instead of learning and prepping for the world of business and professions,they can attend a Diversity Gang-run private college.Go Arizona! Keep fighting DG! Patriots,there'll be a few days in June where patriot groups from all over America will visit and vacation in the Grand Canyon State in June to lend support to Arizonans and their legislators for their patriot activism in passing SB 1070 and now banning publicly funded ethnic studies.Please go to for dates and details and let's go to Arizona and give them our support,our time,our spending money! How lucky Arizonans are that they have patriots in their state government!

4 Students at a California High-School Almost Start a Race Riot at the School Simply Because They Wore American-flag T-shirts on the Pseudo- Holiday Cinco de Mayo

And Patriots Rally to Their Cause

And When a Foreign Flag Is Almost Shoved Down the Throats of Americans,at Least Some Patriots Will Fight Back

Patriots, former congressional staffer William Hawkins wrote a book about 10 years ago entitled Importing Revolution.More recently,historian Victor Davis Hanson wrote Mexifornia.Since the US government has allowed this unprecedented wave of legal and illegal immigration from Mexico and many other Latin American countries over about the past 25-30 years,it was only a matter of time before serious racial conflict between whites,latinos and blacks broke out.Fortunately it hasn't been massive race war,but I firmly believe that many of those in power want it to happen to effect great social and cultural change in our land.Here we have a latino assistant prinicipal ordering students not to display American-flag t-shirts because this'll offend Mexican students celebrating a holiday that isn't even celebrated in Mexico! Hats off to these 4 students for fighting back against Mexican revanchism at a school on US soil! California still belongs to us,not Mexico! Bravo to the patriots who've rallied to their defense and their cause! And a Bronx raspberry to those white women ostensibly married to Mexican men who side with la reconquista! Patriots in California,we are with you! Hold your ground! Re-inforcements may be on the way! Patriots across America salute your patriotism! Keep it up! This is one way how we save America from her enemies!

Gordon Brown-the Hot-Shot Liberal Politician Who Called a Woman "Bigoted" Just for Inquiring About Immigration-Resigns as Leader of Britain's Labor Party

Talk about an arrogant,egotistical prime minister getting his comeuppance! About 10-14 days before Gordon Brown's Labor Party lost 91 seats in Parliament,the dope forgot to turn his mike off in a limousine after speaking to a Labor Party constituent in northern England.In conversation with his staff,he called the woman "bigoted" just because she queried him on immigration into the neighborhood she lives in.I believe this may have been an act of the Almighty that Brown left his mike on for the whole country and the whole world to learn who the real bigot is:It's him and his fellow multi-cultural fanatics! Not that Brown's fruitcake successor David Cameron from the "Conservative" party is going to be any better,but it's always a great relief to see the fall of a haughty man.As the Good Book says,pride precedes a fall.Gordon Brown is a great example of that for us today.

A Nice Blow to the Stodgy GOP Establishment:Republican US Senator Robert Bennett From Utah Is Defeated at the Party's Convention

Great job,patriots in Utah! Get a load of this 76-years-old baby Robert Bennett crying over his defeat,like a baby having his lollipop taken away.Good riddance to this establishment-loving,boring sap.How interesting that Mitt Romney campaigned for his fellow establishmentarian.Patriots need to duplicate this victory in every state if they can! We need new blood in Washington,DC!

Attention,All Patriot Investors:Pinko-liberal Magazine Newsweek Is for Sale! Here's an Opportunity to Create a Large-circulation Patriot News Magazine That America Currently Doesn't Have!

What great news that this pinko-liberal "news"magazine is losing money even with a circulation of about 2 million.Newsweek is the sister publication of liberal newspaper The Washington Post.And it's a sad commentary for our day that there isn't one major news magazine in America that can call itself conservative or patriot;almost all of them are liberal or neo-conservative.So neo-con The Weekly Standard was sold for a song just a few months ago,and now liberal Newsweek is on the block.Hopefully some patriots and conservatives with some money to invest will gobble up at least one or both of these anti-patriot publications and give us a wide-circulation information source with patriot analysis and commentary.

What a Surprise! Congress Does Something Right! For Once!

Patriots,while this is somewhat encouraging,it's important to ask what the motive was of those congressmen who voted the right way.Is it just a co-incidence that this is an election year and there's great anger in America towards Congress? Are they trying to calm us down with this vote to save us a bit of our money by denying themselves a raise? I don't think they voted this way because they really think they don't deserve a raise;these people are too full of themselves and their power and prestige to think and vote that way.Anyway,44% of Congress are millionaires! Maybe those 'aires shouldn't take a salary at all! Regardless of good or bad motives,Congress showed here that they know there's patriot anger in the land towards them.And if they're scared at least a wee bit,they deserve it.

Patriots in Minneapolis Try to Preserve Their Neighborhoods By Purchasing Homes That Are Neglected,Foreclosed on,Or Owned By Absentee Investors Who Just Want to Make a Profit

It's a beautiful thing to see patriots or people who just want to preserve the decency and character of their neighborhoods and communities take action.I think there are some good ideas here,like buying up houses and properties that are prime meat for "undesirables" to move into and bring misery and havoc to a neighborhood.Some legislative action here in the southeast Bronx has been to make banks responsible for maintaining homes they've foreclosed on.An idea I'm discussing with a neighbor or two is to notify city hall about "problem houses" in our area and maybe the city can take possession of them and turn them into foster homes or something like that.And what's important to remember from this very informative article is that many venture capitalists,buccaneers and/or real-estate investors are buying homes and properties just to make money on their investments without any real concern for the neighborhoods where their properties are located.In other words,greed isn't good.It brings harm and great hardship to people,including those who practice the greed.Like Uncle Bernie Madoff.Anyway,patriots,the lesson I think we can learn from this story is that we should do all we reasonably can to protect our cities and towns and communities and neighborhoods.Stop running and urge others to take a stand.

A Patriot Call-to-Action!:Please Sign and Send This Petition Opposing a Bill in Congress to Make Puerto Rico the 51st State!

What a great follow-up to another illegal-immigrant amnesty plan in the US Senate than to virtually force a Spanish-speaking Latin American island-nation that shares very little in common with America to be our 51st state! Patriots,it's all part of an anti-American plan to officially make our nation bi-lingual! To officially establish a Spanish-speaking latino nation on American soil! Please sign the petition and disseminate it! La Conquista(The Conquest)is real! And so are all the economic and social problems on that island that are already our problems when they shouldn't be(because PR is granted "commonwealth" status by the sell-outs in DC)but will be more of our problems if it becomes a state! Here's the latest broadside by the neo-bolshevik Democrats and the GOP hispanderers on the American people! Patriots,scream it out! No Puerto Rico statehood! Independence for Puerto Rico! That's what would benefit the American people!

Patriots in Arizona Pass a Tough Anti-Illegal- Immigration Law.Bravo!

Since the Bush/Clinton dynasty that has run the White House since 1981 has been negligent,almost criminally negligent,in defending America,especially the southwestern states, from invasion,patriots in Arizona had little choice but to pass a bill like this into law.The governor was absolutely on target in saying that the Grand Canyon State didn't create the problem,but the aforementioned negligence and possible complicity from Washington did.If Washington won't protect them from invasion from south of the border,than they'll do it themselves.I must admit,patriots,that I'm not thrilled with cops saying "Your papers,please." However,with the guidelines announced by Gov.Brewer and a 90-days waiting period before the law takes effect,I think this law can work well and safely.Bravo to the patriots in Arizona and in its legislature for really doing something to crack down on the invaders residing in their state.And bravo to Gov.Brewer for signing it about 12 hours before the bill's deadline.Good luck,Arizona.America's patriots are with you.

A Patriot Doctor in US Army Refuses to Serve a Second Tour of Duty Until He Sees President Abomination's Birth Certificate.Bravo!

This is one brave man standing up to someone who may be illegitimately in power over us.I think the evidence is growing that Barack Abomination was indeed born in Kenya.It's a patriot act like this which helps a nation recover itself from those who are misruling it.And hopefully there are more patriot acts like this from members of the armed services who put principle before simply obeying orders.

Under Pressure From Tea Party Patriots Over His Vote for "Obamacare," Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak Won't Seek Re-election

This is the main reason I fired up this website:to urge patriots to unite and breath patriot fire on corrupt,immoral and anti-American lawmakers.Bart Stupak is an anti-abortion Democrat who was holding his yes vote on the neo-bolshevik health bill until pro-abortion measures were removed from the bill.All he got from President Abomination was a promise to sign an executive order that would bar funding for abortion via the health bill.With that promise,Stupak voted yes on Obamacare.The only problem with that is the Abomination can revoke that order tomorrow morning if he wants, just like a future president can.Patriots,it's important to remember that this wicked bill passed by a very slim margin;if 4 more Democrats voted no,the bill would've been defeated.So the stupid Stupak has been getting patriot heat from the Tea Party and other patriots sickened by his treachery and cowardice.If there's one thing a professional politician hates and runs from,it's voter anger and patriot anger.So the stupe Stupak announces he won't seek re-election.Good.And bravo to the patriots in Michigan for taking the time and action to blast heat on sell-out Stupak.

A Patriot Protest on Long Island,NY Leads to the Arrest of 8 Latin Kings Gang Members

Bravo to the patriots on Long Island who took the time to protest and demand action against crime gang Latin Kings! This is one way we can take our country back! People give a lot of dopey excuses for not participating in a patriot protest or rally or demonstration,like,"I work that day." So take off! Bang out if you have to! This is our country and our land we're fighting for! Take the time or make the time to alert our countrymen to the invasion of our land and the lawbreakers in our midst! And,patriots,let's seriously consider supporting Steve Levy in the GOP gubernatorial contest in New York.Presently his only opponent is fruitcake Ricky Lazio-a has-been,spoiled brat from Long Island who has yet to grow up and is supported by the ugly likes of GOP establishmentarians like Adolf Ghouliani.

The Ink Is Barely Dry on the Neo-Bolshevik "Health Bill"-and Citizens Lash Out at Congress

Bravo to the patriot resistance to the neo-bolshevik "health" bill passed by the Democrat-majority Congress and signed by President Abomination-right before the Easter recess.And again,Nancy the Wicked Witch From the West Pelosi held the vote late on Sunday evening.Why late on Sunday evening?! Is this part of her witchcraft ritual? It's great that patriots are letting these bastards know how made they over their voting for this oppressive bill,which will force nearly every American to buy insurance regardless of cost and will do absolutely nothing to control costs.But what it will do is herd almost every one us into a collectivist medical system that almost certainly will lead to a living nightmare.Patriot resistance at this time needs to be careful,however ; committing crimes of vandalism or making death threats are wrong and will set our cause back.There may come a time when patriot blood may have to be spilled,when we may face persecution or prison for resistance to evil laws coming from Washington,DC.But patriots need to keep their heads and their cool.If in the future we have no other choice than to resist lawbreakers in government via some sort of civil disobedience and resistance,so be it.

The "Angry White Male" Has Returned

There's nothing like a pleasant surprise.This column supporting the "angry white male" was written by a columnist at the neo-con website and was printed in the liberal newspaper The Los Angeles Times.While the AWM has every right to be enraged at the Abomination in the White House and his fellow neo-bolsheviks in Congress,let's hope he doesn't blindly and instinctively run to GOP.He needs to know about each candidate that he's eligible to vote for,or not vote for.I recommend no patriot money should go to either Republican National Committee or Democratic National Committee-the headquarters of the GOP and Democrat parties,respectively.Start looking at candidates from other parties,look for independent candidates,start up your own parties or candidacies.Anger at the corrupt sell-outs in government can be productive and beneficial as long as it's properly channeled.

President Abomination Signs His Neo-Bolshevik "Health" Bill While Patriot Resistance Builds

Patriot Resistance to the Democratic Neo-Bolshevik "Health" Bill

Patriots In Canada Yell at Feminist Panderers:Don't Mess With Our National Anthem! Bravo!

Bravo,oh Canada! The feminists who've brought such damage and mayhem to Canada and America,especially to our families,tried to get the word "sons" removed from Canada's great national anthem.And patriot Canadians told them to go jump in a cold lake! I remember when I used to regularly watch pro-hockey about 30 years ago,before the game was destroyed by rat-faced commissioner Gary Bettman and other morons.We used to love it when American teams played Canadian teams and we'd hear that stirring,inspirational anthem.It's the best national anthem I've ever heard! Great lyrics and great music!Here's how it ends:"God keep our land,glorious and free.Oh,Canada,we stand on guard for thee.Oh,Canada,we stand on guard for thee!" I love it! And I love the patriots in the Great White North who told the feminazis and the hen-pecked miserable excuses they have in Ottawa,"Don't mess with Oh,Canada!"


US Senator James Inhofe Calls for a Criminal Investigation Into the Global Warming Gang

Patriots,I haven't posted many stories on so-called "global warming." I'm convinced the dire warnings coming from the Global-Warming Gang are mostly hysterical.But there are also members of this gang who aren't hysterical,but have a radical agenda to dramatically change the way our industries operate and how we conduct our daily lives.That's what this nonsense about "cap and trade" is all about:forcing our already-weakened manufacturing base to drastically lower its emissions to some magical number so Earth stops "warming." If you'd like specific facts and articles on the Global Warming Gang and their pseudo-science,I recommend visiting and accessing its many articles on global warming.The legislators and policy makers trying to force all these draconian laws and regulations on our industries and standards of living are either tree huggers or well-intentioned but misinformed,misguided people.Bravo to Sen.Inhofe for recommending a criminal investigation of some members of the Global-Warming Gang for possibly breaking federal law to empower their agenda.

Paul Craig Roberts Makes Powerful Points On 9/11 and the Neo-con Wars of Aggression That He Believes Will Lead To Armageddon

Patriots,I urge you to pass this incredibly important column by Dr.Roberts on to as many co-patriots as possible.He loads this column up with one important fact after another and informs us of two important organizations looking for 9/11 truth:Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth,and Firefighters for 9/11 Truth.These groups claim that the "official" investigation into the 9/11 attacks offered a totally unsatisfactory explanation for why the 3 towers fell in NYC and overlooked important evidence.Dr.Roberts was an assistant treasury secretary in the Reagan administration and has authored several books.And he warns us that the neo-con warmongers and torturers and conquerors in Washington,DC are leading us all on The Road to Armageddon.I haven't read a better description of what this corrupt government has already done and is still doing in southwest Asia.Dr.Roberts is a brave man to write such a powerful column like this,and he deserves our support.

Good News From the Northeast:Congressman Patrick Kennedy Will Not Seek Re-election.Is the Kennedy Dynasty Dying?

Patriots,the news just keeps getting better on the political front! Now we have Edward Kennedy's son Patrick Kennedy announcing he won't seek re-election to Congress from Rhode Island.His approval rating in one of the more-liberal states in the country is only in the mid-30s! His old man's US Senate seat from Massachusetts couldn't even be held by his neo-bolshevik Democrat Party.And now he fears he's next! How glorious this is! And how disgusting that even after he cracked up his car right outside the Capitol in 2006 because he was stoned and he has been in and out of rehab since then,the dopes in the Ocean State kept re-electing him.But now it seems they've finally had enough of the Kennedy mystique representing them and they want someone knew.And Uncle Ted's friends in the news media sure kept things quiet on Patrick's rehab,barely reporting on it,if at all.Patriots,could we be seeing another miracle in our nation?:The death of the Kennedy dynasty?!

And Here It Is!: A Patriot-Protest at Sarah the Princess Palin's Tea Party! Thank You,Patriots!

More Good News for Patriots:Liberal Radio Network Air America Bites the Dust

The week of Jan.18-22,2010 provided some good news for patriots.Of course,the election of Republican Scott Brown in the Bay State over his liberal Democrat opponent was probably miraculous,and now the good news that liberal-Democrat-propaganda radio network Air America has bit the dust.For the most part,liberals just don't succeed on talk radio.However,this network did provide at least a counter-voice to GOP-propaganda talk radio,which is dominated by grossly overpaid neo-con warmongers like Limbaugh,Hannity,O'Reilly,and now Lou Dobbs.I tout patriotic, conservative and Christian radio broadcasts on shortwave stations WWCR,WWRB.WHRI.Overall,however,it's great that Air America is dead.It was mostly a partisan-Democrat operation.But we need to tune in and support patriot radio broadcasts,not ones that advance the warmonger GOP/neo-con agenda.

Aloha! Hawaii Refuses a Vote To Legalize Same-Sex Civil Unions

A Miracle Has Occurred In the People's Republic of Massachusetts:a Republican Has Been Elected to the US Senate Seat Formerly Held By the Late Edward Kennedy

Patriots,I've reserved commentary on Scott Brown's election for several reasons.Regardless,his defeat of this tough-looking liberal broad Martha Coakley-the current Massachusetts attorney general-may be a godsend,a miracle.First,this is the People's Republic of Massachusetts! Where the wicked Kennedy dynasty has ruled for about 60 years! And a Republican defeats the Democratic candidate in the seat held by Edward Kennedy for about half a century! In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans,3 to 1 ! Second,this may be miraculous because now the Democrats don't have a 60-seat filibuster-proof majority in the US Senate ! Their neo-bolshevik health bill can now be stonewalled by GOP-that is,if they stay unanimous with all 41 Republicans voting to continue debate on a bill, for as long as they want.BBBBBBBut,let's not rejoice prematurely.Scott Brown is still a mystery;we don't know how he's actually going to vote on a lot of bills.And none other than warmonger Adolf Ghouliani campaigned for him in North Boston.I'll be blogging on A Patriot's Diary sometime this week on this incredible election,for there's a lot to cover and analyze.However,that a female liberal-Democrat attorney general loses by about 4%,in Massachusetts,after Barack Abomination and Billy Clinton visited the Bay State to campaign for her,to a candidate who ran on a basic conservative platform and who'll be the first GOP senator from MA in about 40 years,is a cause for relief,celebration,and maybe thanksgiving to the Almighty for delivering us from the evil of a Democrat-dominant US Senate.Is the spell from the ghosts of the witches of Salem finally losing its grip on the people of Massachusetts? Time will tell.

Tea Party Activists In the Lone Star State Challenge GOP and Democrat Incumbents In Congress.One Activist Says There's No Room for "...Calm,Ordinary Politics"

Bravo to these patriots in the Lone Star State,where the heroic Battle at the Alamo that led to Texas independence was fought in 1836 in San Antone.As the race-car driver said,there's no room in 2010 for "...calm,ordinary politics." How right he is! But that's what the corrupt Republicrat establishment wants:nice,affable, friendly debates-even while the country burns;this is one way they preserve their great wealth,power and positions.Good luck to these patriots as they challenge the status quo in Texas.However,I believe running in Democrat or GOP primaries isn't the way to fight the patriot cause,with some exceptions;runing independent campaigns is the way to go, for the two establishment powers are irredeemably corrupt.But the Texas rebels in 2010 are at least taking action,getting involved,and trying to shake,rattle and roll the political establishment.Again,bravo.

Another Liberal Northeastern State-Called "Socially Tolerant" By The New York Times-Defeats Homo Marriage

Get a load of the liberal writer favorably describing New Jersey as "socially tolerant." Of course,he means liberal or pro-homo marriage.But the word "liberal" when applied politically is perjorative,so liberals occasionally euphemize and use code language to get people to think the way they want them to.Anyway,this is good news that even in the "tolerant" Garden State,homosexual marriage fails in their state senate.But patriots need to be aware of the lawsuit in California,where the pro-homo wing of the Diversity Gang is trying to get "same-sex marriage" legalized via the courts.Of course,courts don't make or unmake law.Or at least they aren't supposed to.But the militant-homo movement is so fanatical,so obsessed,so demanding of everyone accepting their "lifestyle" that they'll try every trick to achieve their wicked ends.

Good News for Patriots:Ultra-liberal US Senator Christopher Dodd-a Democrat From Connecticut-Will Not Run for Re-election This Year.And Byron Dorgan-Another Liberal Democratic Senator But Not as Bad as Dodd,Also Won't Seek Re-election

Some Patriots Promise Resistance If Forced To Buy Health Insurance

Patriots Near San Francisco Battle Homosexual Agit-Prop In Schools and They Triumph

I believe it was the French who coined the phrase "Win some,lose some." Patriots lost when an open lesbian was elected mayor in Houston,TX,but they won when parents near San Francisco fought back against homosexual agit-prop being taught to their children in schools,which resulted in the schools dropping the curriculum.Bravo to these parents who took action to protect their kids from immorality;boo to those who voted for the open lesbian in Houston.

California Parents Fight Back Against Mandatory Pro-homosexual Education for Students In Kindergarten and Grammar School

 The thought that officials in schools for kids as young as 5 would even consider teaching them about homosexuality shows how the mind and spirit of anti-Christ has taken over so many schools throughout America.Young kids in school shouldn't be told anything about the birds and the bees,let alone homosexuality.But the pro-homo Diversity Gang in this California school district are concerned that homo children will be abused.Poppycock! A kid as young as 5 or 7 already knows he's a homo? It's obvious the pro-homo school officials want to primarily brainwash kids when they're as young as possible to think homosexuality is just as normal as heterosexuality.Patriot parents:be careful where you send your kids to school.And if confronted with the debauchery that these California parents had to deal with, fight back! Hard!

A Patriot Victory In the Empire State!:Despite the Pro-Homo Governor of New York Holding Hands With a Homo Senator,the State Senate Rejects "Same-Sex Marriage"!

I believe miracles great and small happen every day; a small miracle occurred recently when the state senate in one of America's more-liberal states rejected so-called "same-sex marriage" by a vote of 38-24.In New York State-the Empire State-8 Democrats voted no,with all the Republicans also voting no.18 Democrats spoke on the senate floor to urge the bill's passage,while only one senator(also a Democrat)opposed it on the senate floor.But this senator is also a minister;so maybe the Almighty helped him defeat this latest attempt of the Diversity Gang to legitimize sodomy in a nation which is still overwhelmingly of the Christian faith.For once,Republicans were unified and even unanimous;how sincere it was is certainly debatable.Regardless,this is another patriot victory in an unlikely corner of America,similar to the patriot victory in Maine when voters went to the polls to overturn a homo-marriage bill that their Diversity Gang state legislature shoved on them.Patriots,rejoice over these victories and thank those who were instrumental in them.

Goals Declared By a New Patriot Alliance In Europe Should Be Adopted By Patriots for America

Patriots,it behooves us to remember that quite often,events and trends that start in UK or in Europe make their way over here.This alliance of nationalist movements has some terrific patriot goals,while we need to be careful of nationalist movements that can get out of control and become jingoistic.And we in America need a grassroots group like this to shake,rattle and roll the Democrat/Republican(Republicrat)establishment.Bravo to Nick Griffin of BNP(British National Party)for getting involved and taking on the "treacherous swine" he has described are destroying UK.And the same type of swine are destroying USA.

Thousands Attend a Patriot Rally at the US Capitol to Protest President Abomination's Proposed Health Bill

Bravo to Patriots In Maine:Voters Repeal a Same-Sex-Marriage Law

Patriots,this is very encouraging:Even in a liberal Northeast state like Maine, patriots fought back against their pro-homo,Diversity Gang state government and overturned a same-sex-marriage law they passed earlier this year! Patriots can triumph! Bravo to the patriots in Maine! You're an example to us all!

A Poll By NBC News/The Wall Street Journal Finds Half of Americans Want a New Political Party

This is good news, patriots:one-half of Americans want another political party to emerge.The creation of another party may not be panacean,but at least it's a start; at least it's a finger in the eye of this corrupt 2-party establishment we have now that primarily seeks the preservation and expansion of their power.Maybe something even better than another party is individual or independent candidates running on their own who would be beholden only to the voters and their constituents.

BNP's Nick Griffin's Stated Purpose:" Take On the Corrupt,Treacherous Swine Destroying Our Beautiful Island Nation." Bravo! And the Same Swine Are Destroying Our Beautiful America! Patriots:Take Them On Like Griffin's Taking Them On In UK!

Despite an Unflattering Photo,a Fair and Balanced AFP Story On Nick Griffin's BBC Appearance

Some patriots may ask:Why all these links to stories in UK? Several reasons.Jolly Ol' England is our mother country and English our mother tongue.We're virtually relatives,branches of the human family.Our cultures,institutions and relgious faith are similar.What happens over there very often comes across the pond to our shores.
British National Party(BNP)is far from perfect,but at least they want to put Britons first and conserve the country's culture and Christian faith.They shouldn't be on the defensive over that! That's what the mainstream political parties should be doing instead of burning incense at the altars of Diversity and Multi-culturalism! And patriots,get a load of the so-called "anti-fascist protestors." They're thugs! They're neo-bolsheviks! They hate free speech and free expression! They would probably love to imprison patriots and conservatives and Christians or others opposed to them who just want to speak their minds in various fora! They are the fascists! Patriots in America need something like BNP,only less-controversial and less-scandalized.It's not too late to start and we shouldn't be discouraged because we'll have to start from scratch.Virtually everything starts from scratch.Rome wasn't built in a day.
And how ironic in a country with very strict gun-control laws,that London's bobbies, for the first time in the history of the Metropolitan Police,may soon be carrying guns on routine patrol.I'm sure it's no co-incidence that this is happening because London has become more "diverse"-i.e.,less-white and more non-white-over about the last 40 years.And selfish,power-loving,self-serving politicians-like the "treacherous swine" described by Nick Griffin-still exalt Diversity and sing its praises to high heaven.Such are the characteristics of those who belong to the cult of multi-culturalism.
And we also see UK getting a continued bloody nose resulting from the glories of globalism and free trade as the country is officially in its longest recession since records on recessions began getting kept in 1955.Again,patriots,it behooves us to remember that things start in UK and eventually head to US;and sometimes those things are good and sometimes they're bad.Patriots in US and UK:Unite now against those who rule us who want to destroy us!

A GOP Congressman Yells "You Lie!" at President Abomination During His Health-care Address to Congress.Bravo! Say It Louder!

For once,a congressman with some guts to call a spade a spade! Maybe the location and timing wasn't the greatest.But if one politcian believes another one is lying,then he should say so.And get a load of the AP reporter taking President Abomination's side by asserting that the health-care bill the Abomination is pushing won't provide health services to illegal aliens.How does she know? Has she read the bill? She probably hasn't read one page of it,but she took it upon herself to imply to those reading her article that it was Congressman Wilson who was lying and not the Abomination;this is an example of a reporter injecting her bias into a story she reports on.I haven't read the bill either,but Federation for American Immigration Reform(FAIR)has studied the bill and concluded that loopholes in the bill do indeed enable illegal aliens to receive health coverage and medical services.I'll take their conclusion over the Abomination's deception anytime.Moreover,the Abomination's plan is an abomination, for it forces everyone to buy insurance and will virtually nationalize medicine;it's pretty much Hillarycare redux.
A final point:Congressman Wilson is a 32nd degree Freemason, just like FDR-the country's "first creepin' socialist," per Archie Bunker.As usual,Archie was right again! Did a high-ranking Masonic congressman have another purpose in telling the Abomination that he was lying over health care for illegal aliens?

More Good News for Patriots from Gallup:Conservatives Outnumber Liberals 2 to 1.So Why Do Liberals Rule the Country?!

I'll answer my question.I don't think it's any one reason but a combination of reasons:
Reason # 1:In an average US election,voters choose between a Democrat and a Republican.Sometimes they think they're voting for a conservative by voting Republican,but the Republican is either a liberal or a moderate or nothing at all-i.e.,someone who justs wants the power of political office.I think the best example of this is when Michael Huffington-former husband of Arianna Huffington who got divorced from her when he announced he was a homo-was asked why he joined GOP when he ran for office in California.His answer was something like," Well I had to register as something." That says it all.
Reason # 2:Voters don't have a conservative to vote for in a particular election;this is the main reason I haven't voted in about 10 years.
Reason # 3:Generally speaking,liberals control the political establishment,the major news media,the major colleges and universities,the entertainment industry,even a lot of the churches.It's a bloody miracle that only 20% of the country is liberal! Maybe that means the Almighty hasn't given up on our nation! Anyway,this anti-Christ liberal establishment makes people drunk with their propaganda,their biased reporting,their favoritism,their siding with candidates and office holders they like and opposing those they dislike.These are methods used to get conservatives or voters seeking real change to vote for the same establishment liberals.
Reason # 4:Many voters are badly informed or not informed at all when they vote;they vote for the most-foolish of reasons.One of the times when a person can easily become misanthropic is at election time in USA.One shouldn't have to be a political scientist to cast a vote,but he or she should at least have good reasons for who they're voting for and why.
Gallup has given patriots great news over the past 10 days or so.One poll showed most Americans oppose US troops in Afghanistan,another showed most Americans want lower immigration levels into US,and now this extensive poll with a state-by-state breakdown of how people describe themselves politically.No surprise,of course,that the state with the highest number of liberals is Uncle Ted Kennedy's pinko Massachusetts.It's also interesting that the major media seems to have ignored this Gallup poll,as if they don't want Americans to know that only about 20% of Americans are fellow liberals like them.America's political breakdown is basically 40% conservative,40% moderate(whatever that means)and 20% liberal;that means conservatives in most national and stae-wide elections need only about 20-25% of the moderate vote to win elections.
Patriots,save this article and this poll information.Thanks to Gallup,we have a great patriot resource at our disposal.

President Abomination Loses Support Among Independents-the Largest and Fastest-growing Voting Bloc in America at 41% of the Electorate!

The very promising news contained in this article is that a whopping 41% of the American electorate are registered independents! That is a plurality of American voters! And it's growing! This indicates that more and more Americans are fed up with the corrupt Republicrat establishment and are seeking real political change and not the old Republicrat game of musical chairs! And independents,after a honeymoon of about 4 or 5 months,are more and more abandoning the Abomination!
The drawback to the encouraging news in this CNN commentary is it was written by John Avlon-former NYC mayor Adolf Ghouliani's chief speech writer and an editor at defunct neo-con newspaper The New York Sun.Boy did I rejoice when that ethno-centric,warmonger rag of a paper went under! It's more proof that the neo-cons-possibly the most dangerous political cabal in America-are beatable.Their politicians,their media outlets,their propagandists can be toppled from their perches of power,God willing.
Mr.Avlon(Avon calling?)is ostensibly a typical wishy-washy politico who is conservative only on fiscal issues and a flaming liberal on almost everything else;this has been the mantra of liberal Republicans for about the past 30 years.Avlon would probably love to see his former boss Adolf Ghouliani as the next president.Horrors! He uses deceptive and euphemistic language to claim that independents are "progressive" on social issues.Of course,he means liberal on those issues,just like Ghouliani was pro-homo rights(he lived with two homos after his second divorce),pro-abortion,pro-libertine.The Ghoul even used to dress in drag at an annual entertainment revue! And another code word used by the former Ghouliani speechwriter was "forward." This synonymizes with "progressive,"and it's used by starry-eyed idealists like Avlon because they believe,with people like them in power,our country will progress,move forward toward,the perfect society.Yes,patriots,they are that full of themselves and their own self-importance.
So,while John Avlon cites some worthwhile and hopeful information,let's reject his "progressive" and "forward" mostly liberal suggestions and help persuade independents that real conservatives,unaligned with neither the donkeys or the elephants,is a real alternative towards real improvement across our land.

Americans Bombard the US House Website with E-mails! Bravo!

Americans have bombed the website of the US House of Representatives with a ton of e-mails due to outrage over the plans of President Abomination and his congressional allies to basically nationalize medical care.Bravo to this patriot activism and citizen anger at a corrupt political establishment! Keep it up,my fellow Americans! The neo-bolsheviks ruling Washington,DC want to herd all of us into a collectivized blob where everyone will be forced in one way or another to buy health insurance.Is Abomination and his party dumb enough to repeat what Billy & Hillary Clinton tried to do right after getting elected-i.e.,nationalize medical care?! At times,people in power who are full of arrogance and pride and aggression make dumb mistakes;their judgement and reason goes out the window.It'll be an interesting trend over the next few weeks to see if this Clinton redux plays out with this new branch of the Bush/Clinton dynasty which ostensibly still rules America.Patriots and concerned citizens:Keep the heat on those who rule us in Washington who are ruining our country!

Is This the Beginning of a Patriot Uprising?

I love it! Some patriots are giving an earful to some of their congressmen who have returned to their home disticts for their August "recess"(actually,their taxpayer-paid vacation).We need more of this in the land! Put the fear of God into these rogues in the corridors of power in Washington,DC! Shake,rattle and roll this corrupt political establishment selling us down the river! But just look at the establishment-loving liberal reporter at NPR running to the defense of her friends in the corrupt political establishment.Notice how she includes her opinion in the story that "conservative groups" were behind this.Even if they were,so what?! This illustrates the arrogance of the contemporary liberal:conservative activist groups should keep to themselves and stay out of public life.Ms.Seabrook wants nicey-nice town-hall meetings with government officials,where one softball question after another is lobbed at the stuffed-shirt congressmen and where tea and crumpets is served.She reports too that some of these congressmen are planning on making sure something like this won't recur,so they're planning tele-conferences or distant meetings with constituents.Patriots:The establishment just may be getting scared of the people's wrath! This is long overdue! To you patriots who participated in these activist sessions,thank you and don't stop! Go git 'em! Keep after them! Keep letting them know how fed up you are and you're not taking it anymore! We must clean out the congress and White House with a broom and get patriots and real statesmen in!

More Whites File Claims of Racial Discrimination Against Them

This report is one example of why I started up this website:to urge patriots to fight back against the wrongs committed against them,to use as many available resources as possible to undo injustice and illegality and lawbreaking.
If a white person is denied a job or a job promotion because of his /her race,that's not just wrong and immoral and unfair.It's illegal! It's against the law! It's a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act! But some pinko judges and anti-white bureaucrats and misguided administrators and some other people with bad or thoughtless motives have justified racial discrimination against whites,and now asians too,for about the past 40 years with one preposterous excuse after another.So whites have been fighting back against these injustices by filing discrimination complaints with EEOC.While I believe this agency should be disbanded and a simpler,less-expensive means be established to handle such complaints,I recommend we use it while it's extant.The patriot cause in America will not be served by "...praying in vain for a savior to rise from these streets," per Bruce Springsteen in his song Thunder Road.Patriots:If you're harmed,fight back! Network with others when you plan a counter-attack and then go right back at those who continue to practice racial disrimination against whites and,to a lesser extent,asians.We should defend,support and salute those who fight back against the corrupt politicians,lawyers, judges and employers who've been at this racket for way too long,mainly because the opposition was too weak or unwilling to make them stop.And as far as the Pew poll that found 82% of the pollees saying they haven't been affected by affirmative action/quota systems,they're wrong.Everyone,in one way or another,is affected when unqualified or lesser-qualified people get jobs that either they don't deserve or should go to more-qualified people.The Diversity Gang believes in power through numbers;they believe in racial empowerment of latinos,and,to a lesser extent,blacks.Wanting to help any particular racial or ethnic group is just fine,as long as you don't step on other groups along the way or harm the nation as a whole.But since The Diversity Gang doesn't mind,even encourages,harming whites,that's why they'll continue discrimination against them for as long as they have the power and clout to do it.Again,bravo to these discrimination victims who took action to redress their grievances.If you know one of them or meet one of them,tip your hat,or shake his or her hand,or do both.It's battles like these that just may save America from implosion.

European Parliament Elections:Good News for Patriots in Europe and US!

Patriot political change is sweeping Europe! Let's hope and pray that that change comes to America! The reporter claims 43% is a low turnout.In America in a lot of congressional and local elections,it sometimes hits single digits! This is another thing big media is under-reporting:voter-participation rates in America.About 40% of American voters are independents.Bravo! Patriots:Get out of political Babylon! Become independent or start new parties!

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