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After Paul Lyin' Ryan-the Anti-Patriot Speaker of US House of Representatives-Prevents the Repeal of Infamous Obamacare, Congressman Mo Brooks from the Patriot State of Alabama Introduces a Simple Solution: a One-Sentence Bill to Repeal Abominationcare(Obamacare)

More Madness in the US Medical-Care System:Institute of Medicine Reports the Current System Wastes $750 Billion Annually

Blogger Michael Snyder Describes Well America's Anti-Christ Healthcare System:"...a Giant Money-Making Scam"

Chief Justice John Roberts of US Supreme Court-the Notorious Deciding Vote in the Court's Decision Declaring Abomination Care Constitutional-Does What Many Other Rogues in Government Do After Betraying Those They Rule:He Leaves America to Teach a 2-Weeks' Course on-of All Places-the Island of Malta(Read My Commentary as to Why I Believe He Chose Malta for His Escape from American Patriots)

Patriots,I believe this sap Mr.Roberts went from Washington to Malta because,as an ardent Catholic(From Texas?),the "impregnable island-fortress" of Malta holds great historical and religious significance.The predominantly Catholic island of Malta repelled a Muslim attack way back in the late 1200s,and this Catholic victory over Muslim invaders led to the creation of the Catholic order Knights of Malta.It's a rather secretive society,that pledges virtual allegiance to the Pope.So,I think Roberts is a Knight of Malta,escaping to his island-fortress after siding with the 4 radical anti-patriot justices to approve Abominationcare.No liberal-Democrat Supreme Court justice would've done what Roberts did.And do you get a load of the resemblance of Roberts to Speaker of the House John Boehner-another GOP sellout-simp of a leader?! They have the same sun tan(At least Roberts is from Texas,not Ohio!)and it looks like they wear the same cheap rug on the tops of their heads! Cowardly,gutless leadership is just another curse on America!

While Americans Spend a Whopping $2.7 Trillion on "Health Care," Some Health Professionals Seek to Reduce These Exorbitant Costs

The Cost of Health Care for a Family of 4 in America Today:Almost $21,000 a Year

America's Corrupt "System" of Medical Care Is Driving Many Doctors Out of Medicine Due to Unmaneagable Costs

51 Neo-Bolshevik Democrats in US Senate Vote to Keep Obamacare,While All 47 Republicans Vote to Repeal It

4 Years After "Romneycare"-the Forerunner of Obamacare-Becomes Law in the People's Republic of Massachusetts,Health-Insurance Costs Are Still Skyrocketing

A lot of partisan Republicans are rather silent that it was GOP globalist-Mormon governor Mitt Romney who signed America's first "universal care" health-care bill into law.Indeed,Obamacare is based on Romneycare! Tell that to the average brainwashed Republican! More importantly,though,than the stupidity and dangerousness of blind partisanship is that after 4 years,Romneycare/Obamacare has bombed,in that it has failed to achieve its main goal of reducing the prices of health-insurance plans.And probably everything they try to do in the land of ultra-liberal Massachusetts won't address the root cause of the exorbitant costs:greed.They can't face the simple truth that so many people are making oodles of money off this profit-first/patient-second medical system and they don't really want it to change.Until the entrenched greed in "the system" is addressed,costs will almost certainly continue to skyrocket.Unless,of course,the neo-bolshevik Democrats who rule the Bay State take over health care and pauperize everyone by giving everything away for pennies,which will make medical care many times worse than it is now.

Over-Radiated America:in America's Consumer- Oriented "Health Care" System,a Campaign Begins to Monitor and Discourage Unnecessary Radiation Scans on Patients

This is encouraging news,in that some in the profit-crazed medical care in America today are bringing attention to the unnecessary use of CT scans.While these scans give crystal-clear images of various parts of the human body,they're also very powerful.A CT scan can be 200-300 times more powerful than an x-ray! Doctors should inform their patients of this before they recommend one of these scans,which the specialist I went to about 4 years ago didn't do when he recommended a scan for me;but at least he recommended a low-dose scan.Isn't this sick:Medical professionals looking for cancer in someone can possibly cause it with a CT scan!

The Dangers of Drug Use,Including Marijuana,on the Brain,Especially on the Brains of Teenagers

Due to Higher Health Costs and Low Interest Rates on Investments,Met Life Will No Longer Offer Long- Term-Care Insurance

Here's another casualty of Romneycare/Obamacare.Companies who'll find it too expensive and unprofitable to offer certain health-insurance policies will simply stop offering them.But maybe this is what the neo-bolsheviks who've empowered Rom/Bam care want:Take the policies away from private companies and only have the federal government provide them! So once again,we'll all be dependent on Washington,DC for our health care and long-term care!

A Sobering Analysis of the Inhuman State of Medical Care in America

As I've written before on this site and its blog,the more America's Christian conscience and moral order weakens or is ignored,the more heartless and inhuman and greedy are medical care will be.All 20 of these points spelled out in this article make this perfectly clear.Christian teaching puts people and their health first and profits come second.As America becomes more anti-Christ,the reverse is true.That's why so many drug companies want as many of us to take their drugs even when it's unnecessary because they just want to make billions in profits.That's why they market drugs even when there's a strong possibility of serious side effects;yes,sometimes they do experiment on us.It's why labs and hospitals charge exorbitant fees for their services because they want to make billions in profits.And then we have ambulance-chaser lawyers and insurance companies that also want to make billions in profits.1 Timothy 6:10:the love of money is the root of all evil.To see how true that claim from St.Paul is,we just need to look at America's medical-care establishment and the corrupt politicians who enable it and empower it.

A Federal Agency Reports That Almost Half of Americans Regularly Use Prescription Drugs

What a country we've become when almost-half of us are regular users of prescription drugs.Scary stuff,indeed.And it's probably one reason why Obamacare didn't go after drug companies like Hillarycare did in 1993:drug companies are making huge profits,off of sick,injured,dying people.There are side effects to the chronic use of prescription drugs.America is becoming a stoned country! While I disagree with some of the recommendations and views in this article from,regular and chronic use of prescription drugs is harming too many Americans and the country as a whole.

A Ghoulish Discovery at a Little Rock,Arkansas Airport Reveals a Ghoulish Medical Practice in America

This ghoulish medical practice that sounds like it comes out of a Gothic horror film has very little government oversight?! Who knows where the ghouls get the bodies?! Who were these people whose corpses are being vivisected? I think the medical lobby must be very powerful in America if this creepy practice has virtually no government regulation or oversight.

About Half of Americans Have Either High Blood Pressure,High Cholesterol Or Diabetes

Here's another way America is self-destructing:about half of her citizens have serious health problems,and this doesn't include mental-health disorders like depression and anxiety.With all the improvements and modernizaton in medical services and the plethora of health-news websites and journals and other resources,one would think our people would be a lot healthier because there's more knowledge out there and easy access to it to stay as healthy as possible.But contemporary American living isn't contributing to good health habits for a lot of people.I think it's caused mainly by bad habits in eating and drinking,eating out too much,rushing too much,too much stress,not taking enough time to stop and smell the roses.Patriots,a lot of us to need to find an occasional hideaway,take some deep breaths,reflect and unwind.With the fight we're in and which will almost certainly intensify in the next few months,we need to optimize our health,physically,mentally and emotionally.

Analysts at Dept.of Health and Human Services Claim Obamacare Will Raise Health-Care Costs,Not Lower Them

Ha,ha,ha! But the joke is mainly on us! So why wasn't this HHS report completed before the neo-bolshevik Democrats voted this horrible bill into law? Or was it completed and they just didn't divulge it? Here we have another glaring example of corrupt,degenerate Washington:They pass a bill thousands of pages long and don't even know what's in it! And the neo-bolsheviks said time and again while the bill was being debated that the bill would lower costs for health care and health insurance! So were they misled or were they lying? Just another reason for this wicked law to be repealed and to repeal the powers that be in Washington!

The Neo-Bolshevik Democrats in Congress Pass Their Collectivist Health Bill in Another Late-night Weekend Vote

Patriots,we've lost this battle,but the war is far from over.The senate still has to pass it,several state attorneys general have already threatened to sue if President Abomination signs it into law,and it can be repealed since the bill's major provisions won't take effect until 2014.And isn't it fascinating that no one is asking why this vote was held,again,late on a weekend night? I also had to search for an article that didn't have some moron partisan-Democrat reporter gloating about this evil bill being "historic," "landmark," "sweeping," an "overhaul," blah,blah,blah.

Patriot Alert!:the Neo-Bolshevik Democrats in Congress and the White House Plan Another Sunday Vote on a Collectivist Health Bill With an Illegal-Alien Amnesty Bill to Follow Soon After

Patriots,let's get ready for another weekend battle to help protect America from an attack from the neo-bolsheviks running the Democratic Party! After Scott Brown's near-miraculous election to the US Senate from Kennedy's land of Massachusetts,the neo-bolsheviks lost their filibuster-proof majority in the senate,so they backed off on their "historic" health bill.Now they've come roaring back and it looks like they're going for broke.National polls show the donkeys getting hosed in the November mid-term elections,and President Abomination's approval rating keeps dropping.It's obvious they're worried about losing their congressional majority next year,and so they're going to try and pass as much of their evil laws as possible while they still have the majority power.Please perform a patriot service by contacting your congressman or congresswoman and urge them to vote NO! on the neo-bolshevik health bill.I recommend you tell them you won't vote for them in November if they vote Yes.

16% of Americans Aged 14-49 Have Genital Herpes,and About Half of Blacks In That Age Group Are Infected

The Diversity Gang likes to harp a lot about so-called "disparate impact" and they forever lament "inequalities." The overall infection rate of genital herpes is bad enough for America,but it's over 3 times higher for blacks.Some DG moron here in the Bronx just blamed "racism" for this borough I've lived in for about 50 years being rated the least-healthy county in the state.These morons never address the harmful behavior like teenage out-of-wedlock births and persistent drug use and poor eating habits that lead,inter alia,to poor health.So DG will probably soon be blaming racism(specifically,racism practiced only by whites)for this higher rate of infection among blacks when the obvious reasons are promiscuity,premature sexual activity and lack of or improper use of prophylactics.Regardless,this high rate of infection of the STD genital herpes is another curse on our nation because our society is oversexed.

More Madness From the Medical Establishment:Specialist Nurses Are Paid More Than Primary-Care Doctors,Even Though America Needs 60,000 More Such Doctors

As I've written before in response to several of America's many huge problems,the country's going nuts.There's no way to justify specialist nurses making more money than doctors! Especially when there's a shortage of about 60,000 doctors! But maybe there's a bit of plain old sexual favoritism here,in that the vast majority of nurses are female and the majority of doctors are still male.But male or female doctors should be outraged over this ridiculous unfairness.Nurses specializing in anesthesiology deserve to be well-compensated too,but doctors have gone through much-more schooling and work much harder than them.But in a society becoming more insane as I write,a situation which never should've developed in the first place is now the norm in the medical establishment.CNN occasionally runs good stories on medical care,and that's why I threw this one on 

A US Senate Committee Report Declares a Corrupt Relationship Between a Drug Company and US Food & Drug Administration Led To the Sale of a Drug Which May Cause Heart Attacks

About One-Half of Americans Are On Medication,and One-Third Have Difficulty Sleeping

Here's more evidence that America is messed up:Almost half of her citizens are on medication! 50%! 1 out of 2! Americans are way too quick to pop a pill or down a cough syrup for the littlest of colds;they risk their health and well-being thinking some OTC "medicine" will make them instantly well.I'm not one of these "nature all the way" ideologues,but Americans are way over-medicated.Of course,drug-company executives eat this news up! The more people using their "products," the more dough they make.More sick people,more profit.A retired NYPD sergeant lives up the block from me,and he takes pills daily to regulate his immune system because of a transplant he received a few years ago.The annual cost for these pills:$15,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fifteen-thousand dollars for pills!!!!!!!!! No wonder why health insurance is so bloody expensive! Patriots,medicine is very helpful at times,even life-saving;but it's being terribly abused.And there are too many two-legged rats making way-too-much profit of off sick people.

Powerful CT Scans From the Medical Establishment May Cause 29,000 Cancers a Year

If these ct scans are so powerful,why has FDA taken so long to regulate and supervise their use? Probably because the medical establishment today is primarily big business-a huge business.So when medical-equipment manufacturers and doctors and medical lobbies seek government approval to use these machines and the scans they produce,making tons of money is on their minds and the inherent risks are minimized.This is one result among many of a country that has been led down a dangerous path because it has been made to believe that making money is all that matters in the pursuit of happiness.I got one of these scans about 3 years ago,and while it was supposed to be a low-dose scan,I don't know yet how much radiation zapped me.And if I knew then what I now know,I wouldn't have gotten the scan at all.Patriots,only get these ct scans if it's indispensable and there's no viable alternative.

Merry Christmas Eve,Patriots,From the Neo-Bolshevik Democratic Congress:Socialized Medicine and Mandatory Health Insurance Passes In the Senate In the Wee Hours of the Morning

Notice,patriots,that almost all the neo-bolshevik Democrats quoted in this article single out the health-insurance industry for blame and condemnation.To these power-drunk morons and ignoramuses,our health-care problems are all caused by those wicked capitalists in the insurance companies.But they say nothing about the bill padding and inflated costs of medical services caused by greedy doctors,hospitals,lobbying groups like AMA and AARP,clinics,drug companies,et al.They also say nothing about the greedy trial lawyers who chase ambulances to make a quick million which drives up costs for malpractice insurance for doctors and other medical-care providers.This bill is obviously meant to herd us all into their corrupt and inhuman medical system that makes a few very wealthy and powerful and the rest of us stuck with exorbitant premiums and mandatory insurance! Patriots,public enemy #1 is the neo-bolshevik government in Washinton,DC!

The Fines In the "Health-Care" Bills and Comparing the Mandatory Requirement To Car Insurance

The fine in the House bill is 2.5%(How did they come up with that figure?)of a person's AGI and the Senate fine is up to $750 annually.This is the first article I've come across where the fines are reported.Both of these bills are nearly 2,000 pages! Only a select few will read these bills! It's promising that a lot of doubt and skepticism is coming even from establishment corners on the legality and propriety of mandatory health insurance via federal legislation.But patriots should still keep the heat on their US senators and the senate's leaders to prevent this neo-bolshevik law from passing.

Some Good Reasons Why the Democratic Congress's "Health Plan" Is a Great Danger

Like Frankenstein's Monster,the Democrat/Abomination Health Bill Comes Back To Life,Even During a Blizzard In Washington,DC

Evan Bayh-a US Senator From Indiana-Says of President Abomination's Health Bill:"We're All Being Urged To Vote for Something and We Don't Know the Details of What's In It"

Record Snow Falls On the Nation's Capital While the US Senate Votes On Their Neo-Bolshevik Health Bill

Another Saturday-night Vote On a So-called "Health-care Bill" in the Democrat-majority Congress.Like the House Vote,Will It Occur Near the Stroke of Midnight?

In a Midnight Vote,the US House of Representatives Passes a 1,990-page Healthcare Bill That Forces Almost All Americans to Purchase Health Insurance

Patriots,is it co-incidental that this vote was held at about midnight-the bewitching hour? I don't think so! One of the dirty secrets in Washington is our illustrious leaders don't even read the legislation that they vote on.Did any one of those who voted "aye" on this 1,990-page bill read it? Maybe a handful,at the most.But more importantly,if this bill becomes law,it'll be another act of war waged against the American people by a lawless,out-of-control federal government.They'll force almost all Americans to buy insurance! And they'll fine those who don't.And what will they do to those of us who won't pay the fine? Will they imprison us?! When congressional Democrats broached the insurance mandate a few months back,I called them "neo-bolsheviks." The passage of this bill in the House is evidence that I was on target.They want to force us into their collective farm,and they'll actually take thousands of dollars out of our pockets to punish us for not participating and may throw us in jail if we don't pay the fine.Patriots,we may have a window of about 3 weeks to stop this neo-bolshevik power grab.Let your senators know that you consider this neo-bolshevik legislation an act of war against we the people.We're mad as hell and we're not taking this anymore! It looks like they're asking for a revolt!

A Great CNN Article on Why Medical Care in America is So Messed Up and Why President Abomination Will Try to Make it Worse!

This excellent article on America's medical-care problems should be must-reading for everyone in the nation,not just patriots;it touches on so many of the real problems we face when we seek medical care and treatment.
The article starts off by informing us that only 10% of med students want to be "family doctors"-i.e., like the doctors in the good ol'days who made house visits and tended to their patients as if they were members of their own families.10%! The rest want to be "specialists" because that's where the bucks are! Can we believe that this is what we've sunk to in America?! Medical care shouldn't be a big business! Where people enter pre-med school and medical school to become rich! Doctors and health-care providers are supposed to help heal people,not exploit them or "the system"!
The article goes on to cite the sickening problems that doctors and their staffs go through just to process payments and insurance claims.And the president of American Academy of Family Physicians says of the Abomination's health plan:"It will be total chaos." But isn't that what Barack Hussein Abomination is all about?Chaos?
The article also cites some worthwhile recommendations to improve health care and avoid the chaos that the Abomination's bill will bring.To all patriots and concerned citizens who closely follow medical-care issues,please read this entire article and pass it on.

A Democratic Health Plan in the US Senate Wants to Fine Americans for Not Having Health Insurance

Ah,yes,patriots:the Bolshevik roots of so many Democrats are popping up more and more,especially with the Abomination in the White House.Like the neo-Bolsheviks who rule Massachusetts,who were the first to fine people for not buying health insurance(And that was signed into law by Republican governor Mitt Romney!),now the same group of collectivists wants to take money out of all of Americans' pockets if they choose to pay their own way for their medical care and treatment.And notice how the health-care debate and discussions never mention,or hardly ever mention,the over-charging and padding of prices and fees and bills that so many doctors,clinics,labs,drug companies,hospitals et al are engaging in almost every single day.No wonder why health insurance is so espensive:Health care is now first and foremost a big business and a lot of people are getting filthy rich off a system that treats patients as consumers and money machines and not people who need healing!
We need to return to the day when the family doctor with the good bedside manner is the norm and where doctors shouldn't have to hire a battery of lawyers,accountants,administrators,billers,collection agencies, practice medicine.The government should just have oversight over health care,just like every state has something like a department of health or a medical board to investigate malpractice,negligence,price gouging,inter alia.

As Long as There's Medicare,There's Going to Be Massive Medicare Fraud

While it's commendable that federal investigators caught these lowlifes ripping off patients and taxpayers,a huge national-government program like Medicare will naturally be loaded with fraud like this.There's so much of it going on so often,it's virtually impossible to catch most of it.A pay-as-you-go set-up,similar to a point-of-sale transaction,while not panacean,will avoid the bulk of the fraud that is rampant in the Medicare/Medicaid system.Billions are lost every year to Medicare/Medicaid fraud.We should work out a better,simpler system that doesn't have the ingrained and pervasive fraud and corruption of the present system.

A Taboo Subject in the Health Care Debate is Covered in The New York Times:Doctors,Hospitals Ripping Off Patients

To you patriots who are attending the town-hall meetings with your congressmen and/or government officials,ask them:Why aren't you talking about the problems of overcharging and price-gouging in the medical profession when debating health-care legislation?

The Anti-Smoking Fascists Prevail,Even In North Carolina

Boy how the times are a changin'! A smoking ban in bars in North Carolina?! The Tar Heel State has certainly changed,and for the most part,not for the better.A lot of Yankees have moved down there over the years.Even from right here in the Bronx! I believe this is one reason why the state where the RJ Reynolds tobacco company is headquartered now bans smoking in bars and restaurants.Patriots,the point of all this anti-smoking fascism is:it should be up to the owners of bars and other drinking places whether to ban smoking or allow it.If people dislike being around cigarette or cigar smoke,no one is forcing them to frequent places where people are smoking;and no one is forcing people to work in those places either.If people want to smoke and drink in a place where it's allowed,then they should be allowed to; likewise,if an owner wants to ban smoking in his place,then he should be allowed to do that too.But today's liberal fascists and anti-smoking fascists want to force us all to live in a sterile bubble; also,they love their crusades,they love to exalt their egos that they are such great people.Meanwhile,smoking in moderation isn't going to kill anyone.I smoke cigars,no more than 2 a week.I hate cigarette smoke,and I know that tobacco smoke is unhealthful.But a good cigar to me has a pleasant aroma,tastes good,is relaxing,and is a nice way to socialize.I'll be lighting one up tomorrow after wolfing down some white pizza.Here's to the smokers,while it's still legal to smoke!

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