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Once Again, the Filthy Anti-Patriot Scum Ruling Sodom By the Bay, with Their "Sanctuary City" Protecting Illegal Immigrants from Deportation, Have Indirectly Murdered an American, as Kathryn Steinle Is Shot Dead By 5-Times-Deported Wetback Juan Sanchez

President Destroyer's Administration Sets Up a Hotline for Illegal Aliens to Report When They've Been Apprehended in Violation of Destroyer's Amnesty Edict

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Destroyer as He's Doing His Best to "Transform America:" Thanks Primarily to the Anti-Patriot US Government Aiding and Abetting La Conquista via Immigration Policy, White Students for the First Time Will Be a Minority in US Public Schools When They Enter School Come September

Patriot Special Report:It is 1840 hours on Tuesday,4/9/2013,as I type.Amnesty Gang and Latin Lobby-two very radical,revolutionary, anti-patriot/anti-American movements-are on the move to try and pass another amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country,80% of them latino.This,of course,is the main reason why Latin Lobby wants amnesty and wants illegal immigrants to become US citizens:racial empowerment,i.e.,they want to fight for their people("La Raza")by increasing their numbers in the US population.Due to large-scale immigration into our country from Latin America and migration from the Latin-American "commonwealth" of Puerto Rico,and latinos having the highest birth rates in America compared to the other races living here(whites,blacks and orientals),America's latino population has ballooned to 16% of the population;they surpassed blacks as America's largest minority group about 6 years ago.So if Amnesty Gang/Latin Lobby gets their way,an additional 10-million-plus Spanish-speaking latinos will be put on a "pathway to citizenship" and then to boot will be allowed to bring their relatives into America and become citizens too! Ay caramba! There are other important reasons to oppose this latest attack on America from the scoundrels who rule us in DC,but this is a biggy.I'll be in District of Criminals next week for 4 days to try and stop amnesty.I ask patriots for your support and your prayers.

I'm writing this patriot special report mainly because US Dept.of Homeland Security(DHS)has just released the data on immigration into USA in 2012.And it shows that the grand scheme of the anti-white/anti-patriot/anti-Christ radicals and revolutionaries is proceeding at a gradual but steady pace to make whites a minority in America via mass immigration from non-European countries.The data is available in several charts on DHS's website,but here's a basic summary I compiled to save patriots some time,energy and effort:

                   Despite America being mired in recession for about 6 straight years,the anti-patriot US government continues to allow about 1 million immigrants into our nation annually,and only about 10% of them are from Europe.This pattern started under Daddy Bush in the early 1990s and hasn't stopped since then.And get a load of this:About 2/3 of these immigrants were admitted into USA in 2012 just because of "family re-unification" policy! It had nothing to do with educational or employment considerations! About 700,000 foreigners admitted here last year just because they have relatives living here! This is part of the planned insanity of US immigration policy and this won't be "reformed" by "Gang of Eight" in the US House and Senate who are conspiring to pass amnesty as I type.

Here's a breakdown of where the immigrants came from last year:


The Caribbean:127,000

Central America:41,000


South America:79,000



Oceania(basically Australasia):5,000

The bastards in Washington,District of Criminals admitted more people from 4 Caribbean islands than all of Europe combined! The bastards let in 42,000 from Dominican Republic(DR,as we say here in occupied Bronx,NY),33,000 from Cuba(like DR,a Spanish-speaking island),23,000 from Haiti(a Creole-speaking island dominated by voodoo)and 21,000 from English-speaking Jamaica.Meanwhile,the bastards let in only 1,500 from Ireland and only 1,000 from Greece! Even with their economies in deep recession and depression,respectively! Because of the anti-white/anti-European/anti-patriot 1965 "Immigration Reform" Act rammed through Congress by swine Teddy Kennedy and his brother Robby and signed by swine president Lyndon Baines(nice middle name)Johnson in 1965,the immigration quotas for Europe are set low while they're set high for everywhere else! This is why the latino population has exploded while  America's white population has plummeted to 64%! And the Asian population is growing too,although that doesn't pose as much of an immediate threat to America as the latino threat.So,patriots,a grand de-population scheme is grinding along,which'll turn our nation into a big banana republic and/or a Tower of Babel.

The last item in this patriot special report is testimony given to the immigration subcommittee in US House of Representatives by Chris Crane-president of the union representing ICE(Immigration and Customs Enforcement)agents.Here's what he told the committee:"ICE agents can't arrest aliens solely because they enter United States illegally or because they overstayed their visas.It's basically not illegal anymore." That's my emphasis,patriots,but I want that to sink in good and hard to every patriot or potential patriot in this land:Illegal immigration under President Destroyer is no longer illegal! Once a wetback or anyone else bypasses our borders or ports,he's here for good! Destroyer,Amnesty Gang,Latin Lobby and other anti-patriots are telling the invader:"Si,se puede!(Yes,we can!).Congratulations! You got in! You fooled them! Now,take over!" Crane testified too that ICE agents feel like enemies of the Abomination administration.They certainly are! They're protecting our borders! They're arresting lawbreakers and invaders of our country! They're on the front lines,battling La Conquista! Patriots,we are under attack from Washington,DC! We must fight them on this front with the remaining patriots in Washington and convince those considering voting for amnesty to bellow out:"NO AMNESTY!." To every patriot still standing and willing to fight our domestic enemies,please contact your US representative and your US senators ASAP and tell them NO AMNESTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Urge the impeachment of President Abomination/President Destroyer! Remember Travis at the Alamo and let's draw the line in the sand and man the parapets! Before it's too late! America is on the brink!     END OF PATRIOT SPECIAL REPORT  



Illegal Immigrants Riot at a Federal Jail in Mississippi,Leaving 1 Guard Dead and 5 Injured

The Invaders-on US Soil-"Come Out of the Shadows"

US Supreme Court Sides with Illegal Immigrants and the Corrupt State Government in CA By Refusing to Hear a Lawsuit Against In-State Tuition Rates for Illegal Immigrants

In Fruits & Nuts Los Angeles,Illegal Immigrants Caught Driving Without Licenses Will No Longer Have Their Cars Impounded,But US Citizens and Legal Immigrants Caught Driving Without Licenses Will Have Their Cars Impounded!

Immigrant Employment Rises While Employment for US Citizens Drops:How's That for a Government Looking Out for the American People?!

Patriots,here's another exhibit in the trial room to help prove that the US government cares more about foreigners than American citizens.Economist Ed Rubinstein performs great research on the economic consequences of mass immigration into America.Here we are,with an unemployment rate still at or above 9% for about the last 20 months and under-employment almost-double that,and these sell-outs in Washington still admit over 1 million legal immigrants into our country and only 9% of them from Europe! 53% of the legal immigrants last year were from Latin America and that excludes migration from the "commonwealth" of Puerto Rico! It's like they're deliberately trying to displace us! Rubinstein's patriot research has spelled out the raw data indicating an America besieged by an anti-patriot immigration policy from the treason lobby that still rules DC.Let's hope that the new GOP leadership in the House takes this data and runs with it to reform immigration law to a policy that at least halves the number of legal immigrants into our country and increases the numbers of immigrants from Europe and Asia.We should bombard Speaker Boehner's office with calls,e-mails,faxes and if possible personal visits to urge he take action on immigration.Congressman Steve King from Iowa-an immigration-reform patriot and vice-chairman of the House immigration subcommittee-was quoted in an article,claiming Boehner was "soft" on the immigration issue and that's why he was bypassed to chair that same committee.It's time for us,armed with Ed Rubinstein's facts,to try and unsoften him on the make-or-break issue of immigration.

What Tragic Irony:the Pro-Illegal-Immigrant Roman Catholic Church Loses One of Its Nuns to an Illegal- Immigrant Drunk Driver

I recently read an issue of the magazine Good News,published by Order of Sisters of St.Francis in Philadelphia,PA.It ran a feature article on a Mexican-American woman assisting "hispanics" to grow in the Catholic faith.And of course,a sidebar requested that readers contact their congressmen to get passed "comprehensive immigration reform." Like the average sly pro-amnesty politician,we also have Catholic writers using the same euphemism and deception in trying to get passed an illegal-immigrant amnesty.I performed a patriot function by e-mailing the magazine's editors and informing them of my displeasure at reading their call for "comprehensive immigration reform(CIR)." Good News isn't alone,for almost every Roman Catholic newspaper,magazine,journal and order has been pushing for amnesty for many years now for reasons which I won't elaborate on now.But now it's not just an everyday Joe or Jane who gets killed by an illegal immigrant,but one of their own nuns.If that illegal wasn't here,that nun would still be alive.And,patriots,notice how US immigration authorities let this creep stay in our country instead of deporting him immediately.And notice the pathetic response of the nun quoted in the article,and that the order she belongs to served people regardless of their immigration status.This nun's death is another casualty of the war being waged against the American people by the US government.

Baptist Prelates Have Joined Catholic Prelates in Pushing for an Illegal-Immigrant Amnesty,Brought to Us By Neo-con Newsmax Magazine

Some neo-cons have opposed illegal-immigrant amnesty mainly because they think there may be a "terrorist" in the bunch.But some of them are now going over to the other side,like Louie Dobbs and Wild Bill O'Reilly.Now we have neo-con warmonger Newsmax magazine printing a puff piece of an article informing us of the latest treachery coming from church prelates-only this time it's not from Catholic cardinal Roger Baloney,but now the Baptists have joined the amnesty bandwagon.Richard Land is a very interesting case study of the treachery involved here.He joined a few years ago Council on Foreign Relations-the shadowy group of globalist conspirators headquartered in New York City.One must be invited into this group of anti-American elitist hot shots who obviously want to rule the world and reduce America into just another province of Latin America.That's why,among other reasons,they support making citizens of about 10 million latinos in our nation and then allow them to bring in their spouses and relatives(so-called "chain migration").And now the CFR swine have brought the law-school dean at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University on-board.Whatever one thinks of Falwell,I don't think the CFR conspirators would've tried this dirty trick if Falwell were still alive.So they've recruited these two high-ranking Baptists to get them to persuade their flocks to lobby Congress for an illegal-immigrant amnesty.I attended a forum in New York City  a few weeks ago where Cardinal Baloney from LA was keynote speaker on the amnesty issue.The forum closed with a Jesuit priest urging the attendees who numbered about 500 to go out to their congressmen and urge amnesty for illegal immigrants.This is one part of the "unholy alliance" that congressman James Sensenbrenner described was pushing for amnesty back in 2006,the others being the race lobbies like National Council of la Raza and big-business groups like US Chamber of Commerce.And notice,patriots,how the Baptist sell-outs use the same pro-amnesty language and platitudes that ultra-liberal Democrats like Harry Reid use.This is another stark example that the leadership in the Christian church in America is just as corrupt as the leadership in the political establishment.Patriots in Southern Baptist Convention,I urge you to leave that organization and let them know why you're leaving.

White Flight-From the Suburbs to the Cities! And America Continues Down the Road of Radical Social and Cultural Transformation

Patriots,I think it's good news that people are returning to the cities.Too many Americans have given up on them and fled to the suburbs,the exurbs,the hinterland.Our cities offer a lot of benefits and conveniences,like public transportation,shorter travel distances to and from school and work,lower property taxes,more sense of community.However,look at the so-called "demographics." This is euphemistic for "race." The US government continues to import millions of immigrants,and the vast majority of them aren't from Europe.They're playing a game of great racial,ethnic,social and cultural change in our nation,regardless of the consequences.America will probably become more and more like the poverty-stricken states in the Third World unless we get the government's immigration laws and policies changed.

Mortgage Fraud Keeps Rising in America,and the Top-4 States Have Large Illegal-Immigrant Populations

With all the militant sympathy in government and the news media for illegal immigrants after the passage of the tough anti-illegal-immigration law in Arizona,here's another dirty little secret that those same powers want to keep as secret as possible:mortgages that never should've been given to applicants were given anyway because the Diversity Gang wants "people of color" to own homes in the same proportion as white homeowners.So that many of these loan applicants had bad credit histories,insufficient incomes and no money for down payments mattered little to Diversity Gang politicians and executives in banks and loan companies.Their obsession with helping equalize home ownership along racial lines has brought down their house of cards(pun intended)on the entire country.I recommend patriots contact their congressmen and ask them about the Community Re-investment Act that was passed by an all-Democrat federal government in 1978(or '77,I forget right now).This is one of the many rotten fruits that DG has thrown on our country.And all of us are paying the price.

For the First Quarter of 2010,Home Foreclosures Skyrocket to Record-breaking Levels in America,Mainly in States With Large Illegal- Immigrant Populations

Here's another one of the umpteen dirty little secrets that the powers that be in Washington are covering up: a great deal of the belly-up home loans have gone to illegal immigrants.These people shouldn't have gotten loans,not only because they're illegally in the country,but also because they weren't qualified to get loans because they lacked good credit histories or adequate incomes.But they got loans anyway,and in many cases didn't even put down a down payment.And also interest-only loans.So largely because the Diversity Gang ruling us from Washington,DC and in the corrupt banking industry has practiced racial favoritism to "people of color"-in this case,mostly the color brown-over many years,we have record-breaking foreclosures.And the whole country is now suffering because of their stupidity and opportunism.

A Study at Louisiana State University Finds Latino Immigration Increases Unemployment and Violence in America's Black Communities.So Why Does Congressional Black Caucus Ally With Congressional Hispanic Caucus and Support Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants?!

I'll answer my rhetorical question:because Congressional Black Caucus has obviously formed a racial-solidarity alliance with Congressional Hispanic Caucus against their dreaded enemy: the white man,or as the anti-white latinos like to call whites,"anglos." What other explanation is there for virtually every black congressman's support for amnesty for illegal immigrants-80% of whom are latinos-even when this huge wave of illegal and legal immigration from Latin America is harming black Americans,in many cases,more than anyone else?

A Judge In San Francisco Rules Against the Family of 3 Americans Murdered By an Illegal Alien

When I first saw this headline,I just knew it was a female judge who rendered this sickening decision.Here's an illegal alien who was a member of the violent criminal gang MS-13 who murdered a dad and his two teenage sons and who never should've been in America in the first place.And this louse of a judge cares more about protecting him and the lawless,corrupt government of San Francisco! Patriots,this is more proof of the black-robed,anti-American anti-patriots who are in power over us from behind the benches.This joke of a judge should be impeached and those in the San Francisco government who passed laws making San Fran a so-called "sanctuary city"-a haven for illegal immigrants-should be arrested and prosecuted for violating federal immigration law!

Crybaby Liberal Senator Charles Schumer From New York Never Fails To Sympathize With Some of His Best Friends:Immigrant Deportees

One of the signs of a corrupt,sell-out politician is when he cares more about foreigners-even those who are in the process of being deported-than citizens.Democratic US Senator Charles Schumer from New York City fits such a profile.Here he cries like a baby because his good friends who are about to be deported for various reasons are being moved from a Manhattan,NY detention facility to another one about 7 miles away; their relatives will have a harder time visiting the little darlings.In short,Mr.Schumer deems deportable aliens his friends and he wants to help them."Chuck" Schumer is also the Democratic Party point man in the senate for the next amnesty bill,which may come up for debate and a vote this Winter.Patriots,we need to oppose this power-mad, power-loving man with every bit of our strength.He's a sworn enemy of the American people.And there are many more of them in the US Senate.

What Out-of-Control Immigration Has Done To the Naked City:36% of Its Residents Are Immigrants,as Are 43% of Its Workers,and 60% of Its Homes Are Owned By the Foreign-born

And of course,no article in a big-business newspaper like Crain's New York Business would be complete witout an appeal to an illegal-alien amnesty.While the article contains a lot of data from the New York State comptroller,the writer and those men he cites want patriots never to question the issue of immigration and not even illegal immigration.One of the commandments of the Amnesty Gang in big business is:immigration is always good;don't question it.This is because big business makes a lot of money from the cheap labor that immigrants provide,especially those here illegally.And more and more tycoons have no country and no affection but to their own greed and power.And that's probably why this shill of a reporter wrote this puff piece extolling the glories of  huge multi-cultural immigration into the Naked City,despite the harmful consequences.Most homes in the city I live in are owned by the foreign-born! We Americans are strangers in our own country in the Big Apple!

An Illegal Alien-Thrice Deported-Allegedly Kills a Deputy Sheriff In Utah

Another illegal immigrant-a criminal who isn't supposed to be living in America-allegedly murders a female deputy sheriff in Utah.The New American magazine about a year ago ran a cover story on the illegal-alien crime wave terrorizing America.It described some ghastly murders,many of them multiple homicides,committed by illegal immigrants-the so-called "undocumented immigrants" by the Amnesty Gang.Now this crime wave has taken the life of a law-enforcement officer.This is what the criminally negligent federal government has not only allowed to happen to our country,but has encouraged it to happen too.Those in this corrupt government who've allowed these millions of lawbreakers to enter and stay in our country should be prosecuted or at least sued.

Thanks To Large-Scale Immigration From the Caribbean Into America,a Jewish-owned Botanica In New York City Sells To Those Who Practice Voodoo,Santeria,Witchcraft and Other Works of Darkness

There are several reasons why the US government should minimize immigration from Latin America,especially Caribbean Latin America.When I worked in the South Bronx back in the mid 80s,I saw and entered  many"botanicas." They are creepy,scary places, full of superstition,ignorance,occultism,ugliness.And thanks to the traitors and troublemakers who make US immigration policy,and migration policy when it comes to the so-called "commonwealth" of Puerto Rico,80% of the illegal-immigrant population in our country is from south of the border,and about half of the legal immigration is from there.So now,in neighborhoods with multitudes of Caribbean latinos-Puerto Ricans,Dominicans,Cubans-we have these hellish stores.And what a riot that this particular botanica-formerly an A & P supermarket-is Jewish-owned! I guess business is business!

Thanks To Out-of-Control Immigration,Most Children In Texas's Public Schools Come From Low-Income Homes

Like I just wrote in the commentary below on botanicas in The Big Apple,the US government has admitted too many latinos into our nation.And this is obviously the main reason why most kids in Texas public schools come from low-income homes.The adversarial US government is importing poverty! Now it's Texas.Which state will fall next? California? Arizona? Florida?

A Democratic Congressman From Ohio Laces Into the Latest Illegal-Alien Amnesty Proposal From Fellow Democratic Congressman Little Louie Gutierrez

Bravo to congressman Zach Space(interesting name)for lambasting the latest amnesty bill,this one coming from Puerto Rican congressman Little Louie Gutierrez from Chicago.Little Louie submitted his amnesty plan 15 days before Christmas,thinking that patriots are shopping till they start dropping and will let their guard down and let an amnesty slip through without a fight.This is a typical dirty trick of the Amnesty Gang:submit amnesty bills and vote on them right before holidays,thinking Americans are relaxing too much.Patriots,the amnesty battle will probably begin in February or March 2010.Let's be ready for them and give them all we got.Our country is at stake!

Lou Dobbs's Pro-Amnesty Declaration Is No Surprise

This is the first link I've posted on the Lou Dobbs Affair since he was ostensibly forced out by Jonathan Oy Vey Klein at CNN a few weeks ago.While I've been an immigration-reform patriot for about the last 30 years,I've rarely watched Dobbs on CNN.I listened for a while to his radio broadcast on NYC neo-con-Republican radio station WOR and then stopped listening.I did mention him once or twice on my blog A Patriot's Diary,asking why the latino-empowerment network CNN with its resident-conquistador Soledad O'Brien(nice name)continues to employ Dobbs.Maybe this interview Dobbs gave to Spanish-language tv network Telemundo,where he tells his amiga interviewer he now supports an illegal-alien amnesty after vociferously opposing it year after year,helps provide an answer.On my blog A Patriot's Diary,which is a weekly review of the previous week's important news,I'll expatiate on The Lou Dobbs Affair.Meanwhile, patriots,don't be disappointed or discouraged by what appears to be a well-calculated trick on anti-amnesty patriots. 

For the First Time Since WW2,Florida's Population Will Drop as 500,000 Flee the Sunshine State

In about an hour,on the tv network ALN(American Life Network),I'll hear Johnny Olson announce:"From the sun and fun capital of the world-Miami Beach-we bring you:The Jackie Gleason Show!" That was about 50 years ago,before Commie Castro took over Cuba and about a million Cubans moved to Miami and its environs;it was before then-President Carter let in thousands more in the Marielito boatlift;and it was before that sworn enemy of America Edward Kennedy rammed through Congress the 1965 immigration law that still rules us today and opened up the floodgates to Third World immigration.While this UPI article and another article accessible on this website doesn't mention the racial,ethnic and cultural change that has hit Miami and many other cities in Florida that started in the early sixties and  continues to this day,this has got to be one major reason,along with a rising cost of living,why Americans are leaving Florida and why the Sunshine State is becoming less and less a destination of choice.And all the sun,fun and entertainment it offers will be small consolation when a Third World society is a stone's throw from the beaches.Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton:Come back! We need you!

There May Be a Showdown In San Francisco Over Illegal Immigration

Boy,would I love to see US marshals travel to the City By the Bay and slap handcuffs on those board supervisors who voted to violate federal law to protect their friends the illegal aliens.Patriots,this shows the defiance,the arrogance,the lawlessness of the Amnesty Gang who rule many of our major cities.Let's hope the US attorney follows through.And bravo to liberal mayor Gavin Newsom for vetoing the action,although he may have done it to cover his ass.

Once Again,GOP Leadership Betrays America,This Time On the Illegal-Immigration Crisis

Patriots,this is more proof that the GOP leadership can't be trusted as far as it can be thrown.And if the rank-and-file Republicans are truly outraged at US House leaders Boehner(minority leader)and Cantor(minority whip),they would hold a vote and select new leaders.Boehner-the consummate establishment politician and Ohio congressman who looks like he flies down to Florida every weekend to work on his suntan-never should've been picked as the #1 House GOP leader,but he's the one they voted for over California congressman Dan Lungren.Moreover, Eric Cantor from Virginia ran unopposed probably because he'd become the first Jewish GOP congressional leader.This informative article doesn't specify who made what kind of deal to backstab patriots in the anti-amnesty/anti-illegal-immigration cause.This shouldn't surprise us;we should expect it.And it's all the more reason why Republican Party isn't the patriot answer to the neo-bolsheviks who run Democratic Party.Patriots need a patriot party! ASAP! I urge patriots,especially those represented by the likes of Boehner and Cantor,to give them an earful over their latest case of either stupidity or treachery or both.

A Former Adviser to UK Prime Minister Anthony Blair Admits the Government Used Large-scale Immigration to Make UK "More Diverse"

Former Bush Speechwriter and Now CFR Globalist Michael Gerson Laments the Departure of Former US Senator Melquiades Martinez and Urges GOP to Hispander

President Abomination Plans to Put Illegal Immigrants In Hotels and Nursing Homes.No Joke.

Hey,Patriots,Get a Load of This:Great Britain's Home Secretary-the Counterpart of the US Attorney General-Is Fined By Britain's Border Police for Hiring an Illegal Alien! Talk About Poetic Justice! This Is Too Much!

It shouldn't really surprise us that United Kingdom's highest law-enforcement officer after the prime minister hires an illegal immigrant as a maid;the Home Secretary ostensibly didn't check the background on this woman from Tonga before she hired her.How delicious that Britain's Border Police fined her for this! But this is just another shining example of the culture of incompetence and lawlessness that permeates UK's parliament and US's federal government.Fortunately there are patriots in these governments fighting the lawlessness,and they deserve the support of citizen-patriots and citizen-activists.

A Column That Sums Up Very Well What Out-of-control Immigration Has Done to America and What the Dire Consequences Will Be If an Illegal-Alien Amnesty Passes

Now here's a great column to save and remember for future reference on the nightmare of an illegal-alien amnesty passing.In a nutshell,here's why NO AMNESTY! is a mandatory battle cry for patriots:
  • Amnesty-a forgiveness of a criminal offense-rewards lawbreaking and an invasion of our country.
  • Amnesty penalizes legal immigrants who abided by US immigration law to enter the country and waited for the proper time instead of entering without permission like the illegals did.
  • Many illegals have stayed in US for an extended time in defiance of US immigration law and have remitted billions of US dollars to their native lands,much of that money being untaxed.
  • Amnesty allows immigrants to stay in US even though they've greatly surpassed the immigration quotas from their respective nations.In other words,only a fixed number of immigrants are allowed to enter US from,say,Mexico every year;this is wise policy,for it keeps immigrant numbers manageable so as not to overwhelm or create undue conflict with American society and our native language.So,there are millions of illegals in this country who have greatly surpassed the quota limits set by the federal government and it's unfair and actually unlawful to grant them citizenship.
  • Since about 80% of the illegals are from Latin America,and since the US government grants commonwealth status to the Latin American island of Puerto Rico,granting US citizenship to about 10-12 million Spanish-speaking people will almost certainly lead to an official Spanish-speaking nation on US soil.There's one already extant on our soil,with latinos surpassing blacks as America's largest minority group at about 15% of the population,due to legal immigration(about 40% of the legal immigration to US is from Latin America),illegal immigration(about 80% of illegal immigration is from Latin America) and birth rates higher than the other races in the country.I want our America to stay a nation that retains its European identity and remains English-speaking.President Abomination wants to change that identity;that's why he said during a 2008 camapign appearance that Americans should learn Spanish instead of forcing English on latinos.He was serious! He has said numerous times that he wants to "remake America" or "renew America." And one sure-fire way to do that is to massively change the racial and ethnic makeup of the nation.
  • Granting amnesty will almost certainly lead to massive chaos in the immigration bureaucracy,with millions of people being processed for background checks,physical exams,application filing and filling out paperwork,inter alia.The system can easily become overloaded and crack under its own weight.

Patriots,say it loud and clear and without hesitation:NO AMNESTY!.Those who are trying to remake America are the ones who should be on the defensive and be forced to explain why they want to change her instead of those who are more than content to keep her the way she is,warts and all.


According to Gallup,Most Americans Want Immigration Decreased

The Same Ol'Amnesty Gang Starts Planning Their Crime

Here they go again,patriots.Juan McCain,Lindsey Graham(I think he's a Log Cabin Republican),Charles Schumer meet with President Abomination to plot another amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal aliens in our land.The most-important point in this article is the Amnesty Gang is planning on a different time of year to pass their amnesty.Instead of right around Memorial Day Weekend when so many people are in vaca-mode and are thought to drop their guard just a wee bit,the gang is now shooting for the end of this year(around Christmas and New Year's,oh,excuse me,"the holidays")or early next year to reward lawbreakers and invaders and cheapen US citizenship.
But by their own admissions,they know they have to be careful because patriots are ready and vigilant to fight their treachery! What's important too is they're admitting they don't want to campaign on this issue in the mid-term 2010 elections,so this may be their last stab for quite a while if it fails.Patriots:Let's pounce on them while they're on the ropes! If we beat them near year's end or early next year,we can R&R on this issue for a while and chalk up a win for the patriot cause!
I urge each patriot to stay in contact with your US representative and US senators and tell them "NO AMNESTY!"

Patrick Buchanan Ends His Column by Asking:"... Where Do the Americans Run To?"

Famous prizefighter Joe Lewis said about one of his opponents:"He can run but he can't hide."In other words,"I'll get him eventually,either in the corner,on the ropes,in the middle of the ring,wherever."
Buchanan's column details how Californians have fled that state in huge numbers and resettled in other Western states.Why has this happened? It's probably a number of different reasons,but one is certainly a tidal wave of immigration,both legal and illegal.
I remember reading an article about 18 months ago in The Orange County(CA)Register about a resident in a certain town who said to her neighbor that she was moving to an American neighborhood.Can you believe that,patriots?! A woman telling her neighbor in a California town that because of all the foreigners allowed to enter her town and make her feel like a stranger in her own country,she moves.And that's the gist of PJB's column:Too many Americans are running away! They are giving up on their land and their neighborhoods! While I acknowledge that sometimes that's the only option left,there are also times when Americans move too quickly.I'm still here in southeast Bronx County,NY.White Americans are down to 14% of this county's population,and more and more it's becoming like a colony of Puerto Rico.But,I'm still here,and I'll stay and fight for this neighborhood I've lived in about 50 years for as long as I can.Patriots:Hold your ground! Retreat should be only the last resort! Don't surrender! Fly our flag when a foreign flag flies in your faces in your neighborhoods and cities! Remember that just because you move away doesn't mean the bad guys won't follow you!

I remember the Diversity Gang celebrations when whites became a minority in the Golden State about 10 years ago.The promised land has come to California!,they exulted.Whites are now about 40% of the state's population;blacks are down to about 7%.The latino population has soared to about 35%.Why have so many whites and blacks fled California? Why, for the fifth straight year,have more people left California than moved in? Why is it now California,Here We Go and not California,Here I Come? I remember when the Ricardos and the Mertzes were singing that song that Al Jolson made famous a long time ago when they left New York to move to LA.
A lot has befallen Ca..But the tidal wave of legal and illegal immigration into the state has undoubtedly been largely responsible for the breakdown.It may be too late,but patriots should fight to the end in California and patriots in other states should help out.God save California!

A Bit of Good News for Patriots on the Amnesty Front

Remember,patriots:almost every time the amnesty gang mouths the phrase "comprehensive immigration reform," they mean amnesty.
While Boy George got the amnesty ball rolling as soon as he entered the White House,it was Senator Juan McCain(Son of Cain-the first murderer)who led the amnesty charge for Boy George in the Senate.The amnesty bill he worked on was even called the McCain/Kennedy bill.
The May issue of the newsletter Immigration Report reports on McCain meeting with latino business leaders back in March.IR cites a report in the establishment-worshipping magazine National Journal that McCain angrily told the latinos that he won't be leading the charge for amnesty anymore because he only got about 1/3 of the latino vote in the 2008 presidential election.
Wow! What a difference a few months make to a power-loving man like Juan McCain,driven by grandiose ambition and vainglory.He was all for amnesty when Boy George was president and even collaborated with the infamous Edward Kennedy to try and ram amnesty down our throats.But that was then,when he was running for president.All that mattered to him was getting most of the latino vote so he could gain the power of the presidency.As far as the negative effects this would have on America,that was irrelevant to McCain.Now that he's back to just being a senator from Arizona,the latino vote isn't that important.
McCain joined Council on Foreign Relations in 2000,when he first ran for the GOP presidential nomination;obviously,he wanted to get cozy with the globalist power brokers at that cabal headquarterd in NYC.
To paraphrase what Dr.Stan Monteith said to me during an on-air conversation right after the 2008 elections,John McCain is a man with no integrity.

John Ellis Bush [Affectionately Called "Jeb"] Gets Grounded on a CFR Pro-amnesty Mission.Hallelujah!

President Abomination Says Amnesty Legislation Will Have to Wait Till Next Year and Calls Anti-amnesty Patriots "Demagogues"

To patriots who've been fighting the Amnesty Gang all these years: I think we're getting under the Abomination's skin.He calls us "demagogues" for opposing the Amnesty Gang's attempts to reward lawbreakers with one of America's greatest gifts to mankind:US citizenship.Citizenship is cheap to the Amnesty Gang;they see no difference between an illegal alien and an American citizen.So let the Abomination and the Amnesty Gang call us whatever they want;we'll just have to call them what they truly are.
The good news is that patriots and anti-amnesty opponents have beaten them back for at least this year,although pro-amnesty Senator Charles(known affectionately as "Chuck")Schumer may announce some intended legislation before the year's out.Patriots,let's remember that getting informed and staying active and getting publicly in the fight,we can win this battle and hopefully even the war.

A Patriot Writer Claims Excess Immigration Has Racially Cleansed Black Americans from Detroit and LA

I met Mr.Wooldridge in DC during an anti-amnesty rally.He has been in the real immigration-reform fight quite a while.I've been at it for about 25 years,but especially so since Boy George Bush started up an amnesty push as soon as he entered the White House.Frosty(I don't know how he got that name)has wriiten well  in this article on one of the biggest acts of betrayal in America:black congressmen siding with the Amnesty Gang and militant-latino activist groups and stabbing their fellow blacks in the backs.The reason for this was enunciated by Rev.Jesse Lee Peterson in an interview about a year ago in The New American magazine.Mr.Peterson is a black Los Angelean who claimed that virtually every black congressman is allied with groups like National Council of la Raza because they want to join with other "people of color" against the people who have no color-i.e.,white people;this has got to be the explanation.Why else would black congressmen support illegal-aliens and amnesty for them when the illegal-alien crisis has had probably the most harm on inner-city blacks?! In their zeal to get at whitey and side with their brown brothers,they're harming their own people.And,I strongly doubt this alliance will last.Some of the worst inter-racial violence,if not the worst,in America is in LA between Mexicans/ Central Americans and blacks,as Frosty illustrates in this article.
Patriots,being informed of this ungroovy situation is the first step in trying to make it a groovy situation.Spread the word and let your congressmen know you're fed up with out-of-control immigration and race politics and you want it stopped! 

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