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Slaughter in a Synagogue on the Sabbath in Pittsburgh, PA: a Heavily Armed Gunman(Again, Carrying a AR-15)Shoots 11 Dead, Wounds 3 Cops, Is in Custody

At an " All Night Art " Festival in Trenton, NJ, at 0300 Hours, 22 People Are Shot, 1 Suspect Is Shot Dead(No Surprise, Patriots: This Was Ostensibly an " African-American " Festival)

And at Another Ostensibly " African-American " Event-This Time a " House Party " in Normally Quiet North Hollywood, Mexifornia-5 People Are Shot, 2 Others Injured Possibly from Gang-Related Violence

In St. Louis, MO, the City Is About Half-Black and 43% White, But Blacks(No: This Patriot Doesn't Use the Ass-Kissing Term " African-American ")Are 99% of the Homicide Suspects

7 Lawmen Are Shot, 1 Fatally, in the Palmetto State, Trying to Serve a Warrant at the Home of the Suspect-a Disabled Vietnam Vet, Now in Custody

A Black-Female Worker at a Rite Aid Warehouse Near Baltimore Shoots 3 Co-Workers Dead, Wounds 3 Others, and Then, Of Course, Shoots Herself Dead

Nowhere Is Safe During America's Wave of Violent Crime: a Man Shoots Dead His Elderly Dad and Stepmom Inside a Nursing Home in South Texas After Killing a Teenage Boy and a Male Adult Inside His Dad's Home, and Then Kills Himself

At the Offices of The Capital Gazette Newspaper in Annapolis, MD, a Gunman Shoots 5 People Dead, Wounds 3 More, Before Getting Apprehended

More Revolutionary Mass Murder at Schools?: a Self-Described Teenage Atheist Shoots Dead 10 People(Mostly Students),Wounds 10 More at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, TX and Is in Custody(Patriots: " Santa Fe " Means " Holy Faith " in English! Was This Latest Slaughter Just Another Co-Incidence?!)

And at President Chump's Golf Club Near Miami, FL, a Gunman Rambling About the President Just After the Midnight Hour, Fires Several Shots Before Being Wounded By Lawmen

Multiple-Homicide in Waffle House: Once Again, an AR-15 Semi-Automatic Rifle Is Used to Kill, and Once Again It's in the Heartland(Suburban Nashville)

In West Seattle, WA, a 15-Years-Old Male Is Stabbed to Death for His Marijuana

In the Madhouse Known Formally as California(the Illegal-Alien State), an 86-Years'-Old Japanese-American Woman, Walking with a Female Friend on a Walking Track at a High School at 0600 Hours, Is Beaten to Death-and No Surprise, the Suspect Is an " African-American"

And Yet Another" African-American " Male Goes Savage By " Going Postal," Murdering a Male White-Latino Supervisor and a White-Female Postmaster in Dublin, OH

2 Black Men and a Black Woman Are Arrested for Beating and Shooting to Death a White Man and His Young-Adult Grandson Inside a House in Alabama Flying a Rebel Flag Outside

At a " Gender Reveal " Party Near Cincinnati, OH, a Woman Is Shot Dead and 8 Other People Are Shot and Wounded

More Family Murder in Madhouse USA: a College Student in Michigan Shoots Dead His Parents Who Arrived to Take Him to Spring Break, and He May Have Been on Drugs When He Committed the Murders

The 18th School Shooting This Year in Madhouse USA Leaves 17 Dead and Several Others Wounded Near Miami, FL(the Shooter Was Expelled from the School and Legally Bought the AR-15 Rifle Used in the Killings)

Two More Lawmen Are Gunned Down in the Line of Duty, This Time in a Suburb of Columbus, OH

And Here's the Two-Legged " African-American " Animal Who's the Suspect in the Murders of Two More Lawmen

More on the Two-Legged Animal

Voodoo Slaughter in the Bay State: a Woman Stabs to Death Her 2 Young Sons During a Failed Voodoo Ritual(But the Anti-Patriot Revolutionaries Keep Saying, DIVERSITY Is Our Strength!)

Another Deputy Sheriff Is Gunned Down in the Line of Duty in the Centennial State-the Third in the Last 5 Weeks-and He Leaves Behind a Wife and 7-Years-Old Twin Boys

More Multiple-Homicide: 5 Young Adults Are Shot Dead, Including the Shooter Who Shot Himself, Near Pittsburgh, PA

The 283rd School Shooting in America Since 2013: a Teenager Shoots 2 Classmates Dead, Wounds 12 Others in Southwestern Kentucky Before Being Taken into Custody

More Mothers Murdering Their Own Kids: a North Carolina Woman Beats Her 2 Small Children to Death and Then Kills Herself By Jumping Off a Bridge

More Slaughter of the Innocents, This Time In Troy, NY: 2 " African-American " Men Are Arrested for Allegedly Murdering 2 " African-American " Lesbians and the 2 Young Children of One of Them Inside Their Home the Day After Christmas

Early New Year's Eve Near Denver, CO, 5 Deputies Are Ambushed: 1 Dies, 4 Are Wounded, and the Suspect Is Shot Dead

New Year's Eve Slaughter in Long Branch, NJ-the Garbage State:a 16-Years-Old Male Uses a Semi-Automatic Rifle to Slay His Parents, Sister and a Family Friend

Another " African-American " Male Goes Savage, Murders His Estranged White Wife and Their Two Children in Phoenix, AZ

Violence at a " Rap " Concert at Power Ultra Lounge in Little Rock, AR Leaves 25 Gunshot Victims(and There Was a Shooting Back in June at Another " Rap " Club, Near Little Rock, Called " Club Envy ")

Radee Prince(Yes, Patriots, That's His Real First Name)-an "African-American-" Is in Custody, Suspected of Shooting Dead 3 People at His Former Workplace in Maryland, Where He Wounded 2 Others and Then Wounded Another Man in Delaware(His Face Is Obviously That of a Demon, and He Has 42 Arrests and 15 Felony Convictions on His Record)

The Anti-Patriot Revolutionaries Keep Engaging in Violence: Republican US Senator Rand Paul Is Savagely Assaulted at Home By His Demonratic-Socialist Neighbor

It Looks Like a Serial Killer Is Loose in the Seminole Heights Neighborhood of Tampa, FL, as 4 People Are Shot Dead within 2 Weeks

Not Even Church Is Safe in America Anymore: Yet Another Former US Serviceman Commits Multiple Homicide, This Time Murdering 26 People and Wounding About 20 More in the Worst Shooting at a Church in US History

Battleground America Keeps Raging: a Man Described as a " Hostile Loner " Shoots 3 People Dead in a Walmart in Thornton, CO

There's No " Happy Halloween " in Lower Manhattan, New York City: an Apparent Terrorist Attack via Rented Truck Kills 8 People and Wounds 11 More on a Bicycle Path

More Problems with " African-Americans:" About 200 Young " African-Americans" Gather for a Loud Outdoor Party in an Apartment Complex in North Fort Lauderdale, FL, and One of Them Throws a 68-Years-Old White Woman into a Pool Who Ostensibly Tried to Restore Order

After 3 Young Adults Are Shot Dead at a "House Party" Near Seattle, WA, the Number of Mass Shootings in Madhouse USA Jumps to 216 in 2016

At the Florida "Gay Nightclub" Called "Pulse"-"Orlando's Latin Hotspot"-50 People Are Shot Dead and 53 Are Wounded, While "...Loud, Thumping Dance Music" Played the Savage Sounds of Salsa and Meringue-the Popular Music of Puerto Rican and Dominican Culture, Respectively

A Man from India Shoots Dead His "Estranged" Wife in MN, and Then Travels to UCLA to Shoot Dead a Professor(He Claims He Stole Software Ideas from Him)and Then Shoots Himself Dead

8 Members of the Same Family-7 Adults and 1 Teenager-Are Found Dead-All Shot in Their Heads-in Houses About 70 Miles from Cincinnati, OH

And at a Spring Break "House Party" in Plantation, FL, a "Hip-Hop" Performer Is Shot Dead and 4 Other Partygoers Are Wounded(Judging By the Names, It Looks Like It Was a Mostly Black Party, Attended By 400 People-Yes, 400)

At a "Backyard Cookout" in a Pittsburgh, PA Suburb, 4 Women(One 8-Months' Pregnant)and a Man Are Shot Dead in Their Heads and 2 Other Victims Are in Critical Condition(Judging By the Names, the Victims Appear to Be Black and It's Probably Over Drugs)

Near Seattle, It Appears a Man Has Shot Dead His 2 Stepchildren, His Wife, Another Person, and Then Himself(This Carnage Was One Day after a Man Shot 3 Dead and Wounded 15 More at a Factory in Kansas Before Being Taken Down By a Lawman)

The Savage Madhouse of USA 2016: Alex Buckner-a Half-White/Half-Asian 26 Years Old in Phoenix, AZ-Shoots Dead His Parents, His 2 Sisters(One of Whom Was Only 6),Sets Their House on Fire, and Is Shot Dead By Lawmen and, of Course, He Had "Drug Problems," Including a Previous Arrest for Public Intoxication via "Skunk Weed"(Synthetic Marijuana)

A Uber Driver Shoots 6 People Dead in Kalamazoo, MI(He Looks Like He's on Drugs)

Patrons and a Performer at an Eatery with "Nazareth" in Its Name(as in Jesus of Nazareth)in Columbus, OH Are Attacked By a Man from West Africa with a Machete and on a FBI Watch List for "Expressing Extreme Islamic Views"(the Suspect Was Later Shot Dead By Lawmen)

In Orlando, FL at Glitz Ultra Lounge, 2 Partiers Are Shot Dead, 10 Are Wounded, During a "Reggaeton" Event of "Latin/Caribbean" Music

After a Mardi Gras Parade in Pass Christian, MS(Near New Orleans), 2 People Are Shot Dead and 4 Are Wounded(Patriots, Note That This Shooting Was in a Town Partly Named "Christian")

4 Men, 1 Woman and 1 Child Are Found Dead Inside a House in the South Side of Chicago, IL in What Authorities Believe Is a Multiple Homicide-Suicide

A Man Who Looks Demon-Possessed in His Mugshot, Is a Suspect in the Deaths of 3 People in the Sunshine State: His "Common Law" Wife, Her 16-Years-Old Daughter from "Another Relationship", and Their 3-Years-Old Daughter

Another Savage Murder By Blacks(This Time By Teenagers)on Whites: a White Bicyclist Gets Stabbed to Death on the Streets of Baltimore(But Unlike Heroin Dealer Freddie Gray, Hardly Anyone Knows of Robert Ponsi)

More Savage Murder By Blacks Against Whites, This Time Near Philadelphia, PA-and of Course, the News of the Obviously Racist Savagery Doesn't "Go National"

A Mixed-Race Male Teenager, Who Resembles President Destroyer, Is Convicted of an Incredibly Savage Murder of a White-Female Math Teacher in Massachusetts When He Was Only 14-Years-Old(a Psychiatrist Testified That Phillip Chism "Heard Voices" Before His Savage Murder)

It Looks Like More Racist Murder by Blacks Against Whites, This Time in Mississippi

2 Sheriff's Deputies Are Shot Dead in Maryland in the Line of Duty, Along with the Killer

A Day in the Life of the Puerto Rican/Dominican Ghetto Culture in New York City: 15-Years-Old Destiny Garcia(Yes, Patriots, Her First Name Is Destiny)Shoots Dead Her Mom and Her Boyfriend-and Later Goes Out to Celebrate New Year's Eve

How Symbolic: the Last Homicide Victim in New York City for 2015 Is a Black-Male Teenager with the First Name of...Get a Load of This...."Jihad"(the Arabic Word for "Holy War")

Happy New Year in Rowland Heights, CA-the "Golden State:" at a New Year's Eve Party, a Man Shoots Dead His Dad, Who Had Just Seconds Before Shot Dead His Son's Mom, Girlfriend and a Friend

All-in-the-Family Murder-Suicide in the Garden State: a Man Shoots Dead His Wife and Their Young Daughter-While They're Sleeping-and Then Turns the Gun on Himself-in Their "Luxury High-Rise"

A Black Woman Named "Lakeisha" Plows Her Car into Pedestrians Walking on the Las Vegas Strip, Killing One Person and Injuring 35 Others(Just Another Racist Attack By Blacks on Whites?)

A Shooting at a "Holiday" Party in a Conference Room in San Bernardino(St.Bernard),CA Leaves 14 People Dead and Wounds 17 Others

A Veteran Survives Combat in Iraq, But Dies in a Shooting at a "Planned Parenthood" Clinic in Colorado(More Proof That America's War Is Right Here on American Soil and Not "Over There" in the Middle East and Its Environs)-and a Policeman Was Killed Too and a Suspect Is in Custody

A Rifleman in Colorado Springs Shoots 3 People Dead Before Being Shot Dead By Lawmen, as Witnesses Describe It as "...a Terrifying Scene")

Par for the Wicked Course in Madhouse USA, the "Oregon Gunman" Shot Himself Dead After Slaughtering 8 Students and an English Teacher at Umpqua Community College in the Oregon Heartland

In a Nation Becoming More Anti-Christ Each Passing Day, a Man Who Looks Like He Was of White-Black Background(Like President Destroyer)Shoots 9 People Dead at a Community College in Oregon, Wounds 7 More, and Then Is Shot Dead By Lawmen, and, Like the Columbine Massacre, He Shot Some Victims Dead After They Identified Themselves as Christian

Afro-Caribbean Barbarism on Display on the Streets of Brooklyn, NY: at West Indian Day Parade, an Aide to Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Governor Dandy Andy Cuomo Is Shot Dead During a "Pre-Dawn" Parade Party

And More Drug-Related Savage Crime, This Time in Denver, CO

And America's Crime Wave Keeps Rolling: 3 Are Shot Dead and 7 Are Wounded After a Basketball Game in Rochester, NY

Babyface Evil: a Young Woman Murders Her 3 Young Sons So Her Husband Will Give More Attention to Their Daughter

In Madhouse USA, It's KKK(Kids Kill Kids): an 11-Years'-Old Boy Shoots Dead a 3-Years'-Old Boy in Detroit, MI

It's a Block Party in the Motor City!: a 19-Years'-Old Male Is Shot Dead, 11 Other People Are Shot and Wounded, and the Chief of Police Warns About "Urban Terrorists" Taking Over the City

A White Man Enters a Church in South Carolina and Shoots 9 Black People Dead(Including the Black-Female Pastor and State Senator)Attending a Bible Study and a Suspect Is in Custody(Patriots: Let's See How the Anti-White Establishment in Politics and Media Use This Multiple Homicide to Incite Hatred Against Whites and Look for Scapegoats)

In the City of Angels, a Man Is Attacked with a Machete for Resisting an Attempted Robbery of His Bicycle, Getting His Thumb Severed in the Process(Patriots: La Conquista Is Getting More Aggressive! Be Prepared! Load and Lock!)

The American Slaughterhouse Comes to Indianapolis: in What Looks Like a "Home Invasion" Involving Narcotics, 3 Adults and 1 Teenager Are Found Shot Dead Inside a Home

All in the Family Savage Slaughter in Suburban New York: a Retired Policeman Shoots Dead 2 of His Teenage Daughters in Their Sleep and Then-What Else Is New in Madhouse USA?-Kills Himself(and All This Happened While His Wife and Their Oldest Daughter Were on an Overnight Stay at a Gambling Casino)

All-in-the-Family Homicide-Suicide in Queens County in the Big Apple: in the Heavenly Asian Neighborhood of Flushing, a Man Kills His Wife, Their Teenage Son and Then-What Else Is New in Madhouse USA?-Kills Himself(He Ended a Note He Left with the Words "Please Understand")

All-in-the-Family Slaughter Continues in Madhouse USA: a Divorced Man from South Carolina Is Charged with Murdering His 5 Young Kids, and He May Have Been "On Drugs" When He Did It

More Information on the Maniac Who's Under Arrest for Murdering His 5 Kids(He's a Computer Technician and May Have Been Using "Synthetic Marijuana")

Over 5 Straight Days in LA, California, Alex Hernandez Shoots 3 People Dead, Critically Wounds 4 More, and to Boot Shoots Dead 2 Dogs(He Has 4 Criminal Convictions on His Record, 2 of Them for Possessing Drugs and Intending to Sell Them)

More All-in-the-Family Slaughter: in Paulding, GA, a Man Shoots Dead His Wife, Their Infant Son and-What Else Is New in Madhouse USA?-Shoots Himself Dead

Even Mormon Utah Now Has Multiple Shootings at "Night Clubs:" 6 People Are Shot, Some Seriously, at-Get a Load of This!-Inferno Cantina Night Club(Sounds Like a Wetback Hangout)

Re the Murder By the 12-Years'-Old Black Kid of the 9-Years'-Old White Kid in Michigan: a Reporter from Associated Press Downplays the Murder in His or His Editor's Headline, Claiming the Kid Was "Killed," Like He Was in an Accident(He Was Murdered! He Was Slain!)

Early Sunday Night in the Big Easy, an Adult Male and an 18-Years'-Old Female Are Shot Dead and 5 Others Are Wounded, 3 of Them Children, 2 of Whom Are Critical(America's Real War Is Right Here on US Soil, Not in Iraq, Afghanistan or Anywhere Else "Over There"!)

Racist Murder May Now Start as Young as 12-Years'-Old in Contemporary USA: a Black Kid with the Screwball First Name of Jamarion Stabs a 9-Years'-Old White Kid to Death at a Playground Near Grand Rapids, MI(I Guess the Devil Kid Thought He Was Playing When He Stabbed a White Kid to Death)

All-in-the-Family Slaughter Travels to Culpeper, VA: a Man Shoots Dead His Wife, Their 3 Young Daughters and Then.............Shoots Himself Dead

More All-in-the-Family Multiple Homicide-Suicide, This Time in Saco, ME: a Man Shoots Dead His Wife, Their 3 Young Kids and Then-What Else Is New in Madhouse USA?-Shoots Himself Dead(the Wife/Mother Had "an Addiction," Specifically, Drug Addiction, or "Substance Abuse")

The Hideous Crime of a Carjack Leads to the Tragic Deaths of 3 Innocent Kids Selling Fruit for Their Church, and 2 Women Are Critically Injured, When the Carjacked SUV Crashes

The Sordid "Upscale" Culture in USA 2014: a Neurotic 26-Years'-Old Femme Fatale Allegedly Uses Heroin to Kill 2 Men-One the Owner of a Music Club in Atlanta, GA Called "Masquerade," and the Other a Google Executive in CA Who Was Married with 5 Kids Who Died on His 50-Feet Yacht(and If the Photo of the Femme Fatale Accompanying This Article Doesn't Show the Face of a Demon-Possessed Woman, I Don't Know What Does)

Savagery in Albuquerque: 3 Teenage Males Are in Custody for Allegedly Beating 2 Bums to Death

Near Houston, TX, a Man Shoots Dead 4 of His Kids, Along with 2 Adults, in a "Domestic Dispute"

9 Are Shot in the Big Easy(2 Are Critical, 3 Are Stable and 4 Are Lucky Enough to Be Released from Hospital)

There's Not Much Liberty in the Liberty City Neighborhood of Miami, FL: 2 Are Shot Dead and About a Dozen Are Wounded in a Late-Night/Early-Morning Shooting(One Resident Claims "...Gun Violence Is an Almost Daily Occurrence in the Area")

A Man and a Woman Gun Down 2 Cops in Las Vegas, State at the Crime Scene to Witnesses That "The Revolution Has Begun," Kill Another Person and Then, of Course, Shoot Themselves Dead

The Madhouse That Is California: Elliot Rodger-a 22-Years'-Old College Student and a Son of a Director of the Film The Hunger Games-Stabs 3 Roommates to Death, Shoots Dead 2 Young Women and a Young Man, Wounds 13 Other People By Gunshots and His Car and Then-What Else Is New in Madhouse USA, and Especially Madhouse California?-Shoots Himself Dead After Getting Wounded By Sheriff's Deputies

"Something's Not Working:" That's What US Defense Secretary Charles Hagel Says in Response to the Latest Multiple-Homicide at a US Military Base, This One Committed By Soldier Ivan Lopez-from the "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico-Who Shot 3 Fellow Soldiers Dead and Wounded 16 Others at Fort Hood in Texas Before Killing Himself(Hagel Is Wrong: The Destruction of the US Armed Forces Is Working Very Well, Thanks Largely to President Destroyer!)

And Life Is Cheap in the Streets of Baltimore: a Man Is Shot Dead for Reporting to Police a Neighbor Playing Loud Music Late at Night

In Detroit, a Dad, His Son and Another Man Are Tortured and Savagely Stabbed to Death, Their House Gets Set Afire, and 4 Suspects Are in Custody

A 19-Years'-Old Male Shoots 6 People at a FedEx Sort Facility Near Atlanta, GA and Then-What Else Is New in Madhouse USA?-Kills Himself

More Savage Violence in American Schools: a 16-Years-Old Student Stabs 21 Students and a Security Guard at a High School Near Pittsburgh, PA

Slaughter in Indianapolis: 2 Men, 1 Woman Are Shot Dead at an Apartment Building

In Cobb County, GA, a 14-Years'-Old Boy Shoots Dead 2 Young-Adult Males During a Drug Deal

In Syracuse, UT, a Woman Shoots Dead Her Two Young Daughters and Then-What Else Is New in the American Madhouse?-Shoots Herself Dead

A 5-Years-Old Boy, a 9-Years-Old Girl and Their 35-Years-Old Mom Are Slain Near Denver, CO, and a "Family Friend" Is in Custody

In Spanish Fork, UT, a Policeman Shoots Dead His Wife, Their 2 Young Kids, His Mother-in-Law and Then-of Course-Shoots Himself Dead as Multiple Homicide-Suicide Madness Continues to Terrorize Our Nation

More Slaughter at Fort Hood: a Man-Married to Presumably a Soldieress Who Had Just Returned from Deployment Overseas-Allegedly Shoots Dead His 2 Young Daughters and Then-What Else Is New in the American Madhouse?-Shoots Himself Dead

In the Naked City, a Daddy Allegedly Stabs to Death His 2 Daughters(Ages 2 and 1)and Their 21-Years-Old Mommy(Named Deisy)

45 Miles from the Big Easy, a Man Shoots Dead His Ex-Mother-in-Law, a Former Employer, Wounds 3 Others, Strangles and Drowns His Wife to Death, and Then-What Else Is New in Contemporary US Society?-Shoots Himself Dead(He Was in a "Bitter Custody Dispute")

3 Women and 1 Man Are Shot Dead and Another Man Is Wounded Inside a House Where Methamphetamine Has Been Used and Dealt in Tulsa, OK

Grace Meng-a Freshman Democratic Congresswoman from the New York City Borough of Queens-Is Mugged in Washington,DC(District of Criminals)

It's Happy Birthday on Enchanted Creek Drive in a Houston, TX Suburb!: 2 Are Shot Dead and 22 Are Wounded at a Saturday Night "House Party" Celebrating a Birthday for an 18-Years-Old

And at Yet Another Saturday-Night House Party, This One in Laveen, AZ, a 19-Years-Old Girl Is Shot Dead and 3 Other Young People Are Wounded

In Greenwood County, SC, a Young Man in a "Custody Dispute" with His "Live-In" Girlfriend, Shoots Dead the Girlfriend, Her Parents and Her 2 Nephews(Aged 11 and 9), and Then-What Else Is New in the American Madhouse?-Shoots Himself Dead

And in Phoenix, AZ, a Man-Enraged By Barking Dogs-Shoots Dead 4 Family Members, Their 2 Dogs, and Then-What Else Is New in the American Madhouse?-Shoots Himself Dead

And in Brooklyn, NY-the Borough in New York City That Ed Norton Called "The Garden Spot of the World" in 1955-an Illegal Immigrant from Red China Uses a Butcher Knife to Slay His Cousin's Wife and Her 4 Kids(Unfortunately, This Maniac Didn't Kill Himself)

It's the Wild West in the Windy City:13 People Are Shot During a Late-Night Basketball Game with Apparently an Assault Rifle

Aaron Alexis Is the Latest Mass Murderer to Strike America:He Was a Black Man Who Shot Dead 12 People at Washington Navy Yard Before Lawmen Took Him Down(He Was Addicted to Violent Video Games and "Felt Racially Discriminated Against"-in Other Words,He Was Motivated at Least in Part By Racism)

A Recently Paroled Man Is the Suspect in the Shooting Deaths of a Young Woman and 3 Teenage Males in What Looks Like a Drug-Related Slaughter Near Nashville,TN

More Multiple-Homicide:in Dallas and Desoto,TX,a Man Shoots Dead His "Estranged" Wife,a Former Girlfriend and Her Daughter,Another Woman,and Wounds 4 Others,Including Critically Wounding 2 Young Boys,Before Surrendering to Lawmen

In the Poconos in NE PA,a Man Shoots 3 Dead,Including a Township Official,After Officials Force Him to Vacate His Home

Pedro Vargas Guns Down 6 People in the Hialeah, FL Apartment Complex He Lived in Before Being Taken Out By Lawmen(He Claimed to a 9-1-1 Dispatcher Minutes Before the Killings That Someone Was Using Witchcraft on Him)

Patriots,Pedro may not have been kidding when he said someone was bewitching him before he began his murder spree.Thanks to the anti-American,anti-patriot US government in Washington,DC throwing open our southern border to the Caribbean for about the last 40 years,there's a good deal of witchcraft in southeast FL in the forms of voodoo(mainly from Haiti),santeria(mainly from Cuba),spirit worship,botanicas(neo-pagan,occult shops,mainly coming from the "commonwealth" of Puerto Rico),animism.ancestor worship and a lot of plain,old use of drugs,especially hallucinatory drugs.Pedro-this lovely gift to America-was allowed to enter and live in America from Cuba in 1998.At least we don't have to be concerned with him anymore since lawmen did their jobs and took him out.But there are probably many more Pedros down in southeast FL,waiting to explode,with witches,occultists,drug dealers and other dangerous creatures ready to help them.

In Santa Monica,CA,a Gunman Shoots 4 People Dead and Wounds Several Others Before Lawmen Take Him Out,Just a Few Miles Whence President Destroyer Attended a Fundraiser for Democratic Party at the Home of Peter Chernin-a Former President of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation(How Interesting)

More Detail on the Santa Monica Slaughter,Including the Mention of President Destroyer's Fundraising Appearance at the Home of Peter Chernin-the Jewish Former President of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation

In an "Upscale Community" in Louisville,KY,a Man Shoots Dead His Ex-Girlfriend,Their 8-Years-Old Daughter,Critically Wounds His Mom and Then-What Else Is New?(WEIN?)-Shoots Himself Dead

Massacre in St.Louis:a Business Owner Shoots Dead 3 Employees and Then-What Else Is New?-Shoots Himself Dead

A Young Man Shoots a Woman Dead and Wounds 5 People Near San Angelo,TX Before Lawmen Put Him Down

AITF(All in the Family)Multiple Homicide:a Man with Past Convictions for Cultivating and Selling Marijuana and for Criminal Possession of Firearms Is Sought in the Slayings of His Wife and Their 2 Young Daughters in Northern,CA

3 Men,1 Woman,Are Found Shot to Death Inside a House in Columbus,IN

Happy Mother's Day in the Big Easy:19 People Are Shot,3 Seriously Wounded,During a Mother's Day Parade in a City Marred By What Its Mayor Calls a "Relentless Drumbeat of Violence"

Americans Aren't Even Safe in Church Anymore:a Young Man Stabs 4 Inside a Church in Albuquerque,NM During Mass

AITF(That's for All in the Family)Homicide-Suicide Near Fresno,CA:a Man Shoots Dead His Adult Daughter and Mother of 3,Critically Wounds His Other Adult Daughter and Then-What Else Is New?-Shoots Himself Dead(All This Occurred While the Killer's 3 Grandkids Were Inside the House of Horrors)

Since Tax Day(and Patriot's Day in MA),America's Wave of Mass Murder and Mayhem Travels from Boston to Nearby Seattle and Now the Nation's Midsection:in Small-Town Manchester,IL,a Man Murders 5,Including 2 Kids,Before Lawmen Take Him Out(His Criminal Record Included Convictions for Reckless Homicide and,of Course,Drugs)

Slaughter South of Seattle:a Man Shoots Dead His "Live-In" Girlfriend and Then Shoots 3 Men Dead Before Police Shoot Him Dead

More Savage Violence at American Schools,This Time with a Knife,Not a Gun:a 20-Years'-Old Male Stabs 14 People,Critically Wounding 2 of Them,at a Community College Near Houston,TX

Late Saturday Night/Early Sunday Morning Near Seattle,WA,3 Are Shot Dead,1 Is Seriously Wounded,in a Parking Lot Outside Sports' Page Tavern

It's the Wild,Wild West in the Nation's Capital!:on a Late Sunday Evening/Early Monday Morning,13 People Are Shot,1 Critically,Outside an Apartment Building

In a Span of About 4 Hours in a 10-Blocks'-Area of Buffalo,NY,4 Men Are Shot(1 Fatally)in 3 Separate Shootings

More Slaughter of the Innocents in Filthy Rich Liberal Connecticut:a 47-Years'-Old Grandmother Picks Up Her 2 Grandchildren(Ages 2 and 6 Months)from "Day Care" and Later Shoots Them Both Dead and Then-What Else Is New?-Shoots Herself Dead

In Southern California-Affectionately Called "SoCal"-the Blood Keeps Flowing:Just About a Week After Ex-LAPD Cop Christopher Dornan Kills Himself After Killing 4 and Wounding 3,a 20-Years-Old Male Shoots 2 Dead,Wounds Several Others and Then-What Else Is New?-Shoots Himself Dead in Orange County

More Husband-Wife Conflict Leads to Murder:at a County Courthouse in DE,a Man Shoots 2 Women Dead and Then Is Shot Dead Either By Police or By His Own Hand

More AITF Slaughter,This Time in Murphys,CA:a Former Airline Pilot Shoots Dead His 2 Teenage Kids,the Family Dog and Then-What Else Is New?-Kills Himself(He May Have Killed His "Estranged" Wife Too,But She Was Out of the Country)

It Looks Like Another AITF Multiple Homicide-Suicide Involving Young Children:a Man,a Woman,2 Kids Are Found Dead Inside an Apartment in John's Creek,GA-a Young Town That Never Had a Homicide Until Now,Proving Once Again That No One Is Safe in Contemporary USA

Horrifying AITF Multiple Homicide-Suicide in Boynton Beach,FL:a Man Murders His 2 Young Sons in Front of His "Estranged" Wife and Then-What Else Is New in Contemporary America?-Kills Himself

All-in-the-Family Multiple Homicide-Suicide Near Las Vegas,NV:a Police Lieutenant Shoots Dead His Wife,Their Young Son,Sets the House on-Fire and Then-What Else Is New?-Shoots Himself Dead

President Abomination Stated After the Newtown,CT Massacre That America Is Gripped By "an Epidemic of Violence"-and Here's More of That Epidemic:a 15-Years'-Old Male Shoots Dead His Parents and His 3 Younger Siblings in Albuquerque,NM

In Aurora,CO-the Same City Where James Holmes Murdered 12 People at a Midnight Showing of The Dark Knight Rises-a Man Shoots Dead His Father-in-Law,Sister-in-Law and Her Boyfriend,and Then Is Shot Dead By Police

More of the Epidemic of Violence:After a Man Shoots Dead an Elderly Man in a Mobile Home Near New Orleans,LA and Then Sets the Home on-Fire,He Shoots Dead a Policeman and Critically Wounds 2 Deputies Before Getting Captured By Police

A Christian Researcher and Commentator Recently Claimed There's "A Demonic Cloud Over America" and "America Is Going Insane." He Then Asked "What Is Going On?" and Responded with Another Question:" Is America Now Home to Millions of Devils?" Here's More Proof There Is Indeed a Demonic Cloud Over America and Is Now Home to Millions of Devils:a 20-Years'-Old Gunmen in Newtown,CT Shoots His Mom Dead and Then Travels to the Grade School Where She Worked and Shoots Dead 20 Kids Between the Ages of 5 and 10,Six School Employees and Then-What Else Is New?-Shoots Himself Dead(Patriot Commentary:I'll Add to the Comments from the Aforementioned Christian Researcher and Commentator My Own Belief:the Spirit of Anti-Christ Has Taken Over Our Country-and More Incredibly Evil Massacres Like This One in Connecticut Are Likely to Keep Terrorizing Our Land)

And in Central PA,a Man Also Kills 3 People-Including a Woman Hanging Christmas Decorations Inside a Church-and Then Is Shot Dead By State Police(the Killer Was Angry Over His Divorce and a Custody Battle)

Hi,patriots.I know this multiple-homicide and the one above it are somewhat dated.I was waiting for updated information on these horrible killings which have become so commonplace in our country.I've also been busy fighting the patriot cause on other fronts,along with some R & R and some uncluttering of personal files and paraphernalia.After all,it's a new year on the Roman calendar in the Year of Our Lord 2013.My next post on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary should be over the weekend of Jan.20/21.Thanks,patriots.Please prepare for some difficult battles this year.

Very Early on Christmas Eve in Webster,NY,4 Volunteer Firemen Are Shot Responding to a Fire,2 Are Dead,2 Are Wounded and-What Else Is New in Contemporary America?-the Killer Shoots Himself Dead

The American Slaughterhouse Rages on:a Man Shoots Dead a Man and 2 Women and Then-What Else Is New?-Shoots Himself Dead Inside a Longmont,CO House

2 Policemen in Topeka,KN Are Shot Dead in the Line of Duty

A Gunman Shoots 2 Dead,Wounds Another and Then-What Else Is New?-Shoots Himself Dead at a Mall Full of "Holiday" Shoppers in a Suburb of Portland,OR

All-in-the-Family(AITF)Multiple-Homicide Comes to an Injun Reservation in CA:a Man Shoots Dead His Mom,Her 2 Brothers,Wounds 3 of His Kids,and Then Dies in a Shootout with Police(He Was "Known to Use Drugs")

2 Men,2 Women(All Asian)Are Found Shot to Death Outside a Boarding House in the Northridge Section of Los Angeles,CA(Where the Porno Industry Used to Be Based Before an Earthquake Forced Its Relocation to Chatsworth)

Back to AITF Multiple-Homicide Suicide:a Young Man in Casper,WY Stabs a Female Professor to Death,Uses a Bow and Arrow to Kill His Dad and Then-What Else Is Knew?-Kills Himself with a Knife

After a Bit of a Lull,All in the Family(AITF)Multiple Homicide-Suicide Returns to America:a Grandmother and an Uncle Make a Pact to Kill Themselves and the Grandmother's 3 Grandchildren via Carbon-Monoxide Poisoning in Toledo,OH

Another Lovely Gift to America from Dominican Republic:a Nanny from DR Murders 2 Young Children Under Her Care in an "Affluent" New York City Neighborhood Just a Block from Central Park,and Then Slits Her Throat and Wrists in a Suicide Attempt

The Krims are from,no surprise,San Francisco.Mr.Krim is an executive at CNBC.They live in an apartment where they pay-get this-$10,000 a month rent.So why did they have to have a Dominican nanny raise their kids? Couldn't Mrs.Krim raise them herself? And the Krims went down to Dominican Republic and Mrs.Krim called that poverty-stricken,backward place "...a wonderful country!" This nanny with the idiotic first name of Yoselyn became a US citizen sometime ago.And this is the woman who the Krims entrusted their kids to.Too much wealth,too much status,too much free time,too much pleasure,too much of an attraction for the exotic for the Krims.And now they'll have to deal with this agonizing loss for the rest of their lives.The scars from this wound will never totally heal.Thanks to the US government for letting in all these Dominicanos over about the past 20 years.And we can expect probably more horror stories like this one to keep coming.

A New Phrase Has Been Added to the American Lexicon:"Salon Slaughter"-as Yet Another Maniac Murders in a Salon/Spa,This Time in the Milwaukee,WI Suburb of Brookfield,as a Man Shoots Dead His Estranged Wife,2 Other Women,Wounds 4 More and-What Else Is New?-Shoots Himself Dead

At a Hair Salon with a Dominican Clientele in Central Florida,a Man Shoots Dead 3 Women,Wounds Another and Then-What Else Is New?-Shoots Himself Dead,as the Dominican Subculture in USA Comes Out Again for All to See

Domestic Slaughter at a Central Florida VFW(Veterans of Foreign Wars)Post(How Ironic):2 Are Shot Dead and 1 Is Wounded Before the Start of a Charity Motorcycle Ride

The Slaughter Heads Down to Herndon,VA:a Man Shoots Dead His Wife and Their 2 Teenage Sons and Then-What Else?-Shoots Himself Dead(Both Husband and Wife Worked in the Defense Industry)

More Savage Slaughter,This Time in Minneapolis:a Man Shoots 4 Dead,Including a UPS Driver,Wounds 4 Others,and Then-What Else Is Knew?-Shoots Himself Dead in a Sign Shop

A Black Man Strangles to Death a 23-Years-Old White Woman and Her 2 Young Children in Sandusky,OH(the Murdered Woman Reportedly Knew Her Killer and Admitted Him into Her House)

It's Party Time for a Sweet Sixteen!:2 Teens Are Shot Dead,6 People Are Wounded in Riviera Beach,FL

More Savage Slaughter in USA:a 23-Years-Old Former US Marine Shoots Dead 2 Co-Workers(an 18-Years-Old Girl and a 24-Years-Old Guy)and Then-What Else?-Shoots Himself Dead in Old Bridge,NJ

American Slaughterhouse:2 Deputies Are Shot Dead,2 Wounded Near New Orleans,LA

America's Culture War Is Getting Violent:a Volunteer at a "Lesbian,Gay,Bi-Sexual,Transgender"(LGBT)Center Shoots a Guard in the Arm at the Washington,DC Headquarters of Family Research Council-an Activist Group That Opposes Homosexual Marriage

At a Sikh Temple Outside Milwaukee,WI,6 Temple Members Are Shot Dead,a Policeman Is Seriously Wounded,and the Gunman Is Shot Dead By Another Policeman

More Parents Killing Their Own Children:a Man Estranged from His Wife Shoots Dead His Young Daughter,Wounds His Young Son and Then,of Course,Shoots Himself Dead Inside Their Home in Oxford,MA

A Feuding Couple Leads to Slaughter in Quincy,PA:Fighting Over Child Custody,a Man Shoots Dead His Estranged Wife,Her Boyfriend and His Mom

There Are Many Questions to Be Asked After a Madman Shoots 12 People Dead,Wounds 38 and Surrenders to Police without a Fight in Aurora,CO

More Bad News Out of Wisconsin,Only Much More Horrible:a Divorced Dad Confesses to Murdering His 3 Young Daughters

The Largest Police-Corruption Bust in US History and It Involves Protecting Drug Dealers and It Occurs-What Else Is New?-on the US "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico

4 People Are Shot(1 Critically)Outside an Auto-Parts' Store in Salinas,CA

A Former School Prinicipal Flips Out Near Tampa,FL,Kills 2 and Wounds 9 Others,Using a Knife,a Hammer and a Car

Patriot Notice: Today is June 14th,Flag Day.If you have the chance,please fly our flag,wherever you can.Show all the invaders and anti-patriots throughout our land that America is still our country.We in New York City and its environs are just getting over the indignity and aggression of ubiquitous Puerto Rican flags a few weeks before and on the day of National Puerto Rican Day Parade.And it's a great relief and joy to see neighborhood patriot Dave Sabatino flying Old Glory nice and high next to his corner house,so everyone traveling along the service road of Bruckner Expressway and on Interstate 95 can see it bright and clear.Our flag still flies! Even in latino-majority Bronx,NY! Please,patriots,fly and/or display our flag today!

In Sacramento,CA,4 Are Shot Dead and the Suspect Is Critically Wounded During a "Home Invasion"

During a Fight Over a Woman at a Pool Party in Auburn,AL,3 Are Shot Dead,3 Are Wounded(1 Critically)

In Springfield,MA,a New York City "Corrections Officer," While Fighting with His Girlfriend,Shoots Dead a Policeman,Critically Wounds His Girlfriend and Then-What Else Is New?-Shoots Himself Dead

At a Barbecue in a "Generally Peaceful" Park Near Sacramento,CA,1 Is Shot Dead and 3 Are Wounded

A Gunman in Seattle,WA Kills 4,Critically Wounds 2,Then-What Else Is New?-Takes His Own Life

And a Gunman in Indianapolis Kills 1 Man,Shoots 3 Women and Then-What Else Is New?-Shoots Himself Dead

A Mom,Her 3 Kids,and the Dad of the Kids Are Found Dead in an AITF(All in the Family)Multiple Homicide-Suicide in Salem and Cottage Grove,OR

What Better Way to Celebrate the End of a Pro-Basketball Game in USA?:8 People Are Shot(1 Critically)in Oklahoma City After a Lakers-Thunder Playoff Game

3 Shot Dead,3 Wounded,in 2 Separate Shootings in Louisville,KY

More All-in-the-Family Multiple Homicide-Suicide:a 33-Years-Old Mom in Port St.John,FL Shoots Dead Her 4 Kids and Then Shoots Herself Dead

A Drug Deal on Staten Island,NY Goes Violent:1 Man Is Shot Dead,3 Wounded(1 Critically)

In Dalton,GA,a Young Man Shoots Dead His Dad and His Brother and Seriously Wounds His Mom in the Latest AITF(All in the Family)Multiple Homicide

The Police Chief of Greenland,NH-Just 8 Days from Retirement-Is Shot Dead Trying to Serve a Search Warrant for Drugs,While 4 Detectives Get Wounded and the 2 Suspects Are Found Shot Dead from Either Murder-Suicide or Double-Homicide

Rahm Emanuel's Gangland Chicago:in the First Quarter of 2012,Homicides Are Up 60%(120 Victims),and Non-Fatal Shootings Are Up 37%(490 Victims)

3 Are Shot Dead,2 Wounded,in Tulsa,OK

Not Even a Christian University Is Safe from America's Scourge of Multiple Homicide:7 Are Shot Dead,3 Wounded,at Oikos University in Oakland,CA

"A War Zone" in Miami:2 Are Shot Dead,14 Are Wounded,as Mourners File Out of a Funeral Parlor

Patriots,this seems to be the latest tactic of these Third World crime gangs who are festering in many of America's major cities,although Miami is really a Latin American city and no longer an American city:they waylay mourners leaving a wake or a funeral service of a slain member of a rival gang and then shoot as many of them as they can,probably to send them a message that they're next if they keep fighting the rival gang over turf,drugs or other things.They commit this tactic even though there are certainly innocent people at these wakes or funerals who have nothing to do with crime gangs! But this is the backward Third World culture that anti-American immigration policies have allowed and encouraged to take over Miami,FL-the city that Forbes magazine recently designated as "the most-miserable city in America." Congratulations to Miami.The French surnames of the deceased and some of the victims probably indicate that they're Haitian,and the shooters are TBD.Miami vice keeps rolling in what probably used to be America's most-beautiful tropical city,but now it's most miserable,thanks mostly to the federal government in Washington,DC.

5 People Are Found Slain Inside a House in San Francisco

While the Big Media Run By Diversity Gang Keeps Hammering Away on Trayvon Martin's Death,a Black Man Shoots 2 Dead and Wounds 2 Others in a Tire Store in Durham,NC(Yet America Knows Very Little About These Murders)

Yes,patriots,the anti-white,Diversity Gang big media may very well have their Rodney King case of the 21st century.They've tried with many other cases since the LA riots back in the nineties that resulted in about 100 people killed and billions of dollars in property damage-all because black hoodlum Rodney King got an excessive beating from several white cops that resulted in no serious injuries to King.For almost every day leading up to the trials of the cops charged in that beating,big TV ran dark video of the beating,obviously trying their best to incite blacks to riot and attack whites.Their plan succeeded,and LA has probably never fully recovered.So while cops aren't directly involved in this case,Diversity Gang media is playing up Trayvon(nice name)Martin's death because he was a black teenager shot by a neighborhood vigilante who the media thought was white,but it turned out he's a mixed-race man with the German-Jewish surname of Zimmerman.Already we have marches and demonstrations across the country,even "hoodie" protests and vigils in honor of Trayvon.The radicals in charge of news reporting at many a network-TV station are beavering away for the next round of black insurrection and possible racial conflict between whites and blacks.Patriots,especially in Florida,please be prepared for the worst and don't let what happened to so many people during the Rodney King riots and uprisings happen to you.As far as this case goes,Mr.Zimmerman has explaining to do.And it'll just take a police investigation and a grand jury to determine the facts and bring criminal charges if necessary.

Over the Weekend,"a Bloodbath of Violence" Hit the Windy City:9 Murders,37 Shootings

More Parents Murdering Their Children and Then Themselves:a 37-Years-Old Mother Shoots Dead Her 3 Young Children and Then,of Course,Shoots Herself Dead,at a Resort in Missouri

5 Teenagers Are Shot(2 of Them Critically)in a Business District on St.Patrick's Day in Indianapolis

Even the Elderly Are Suspected in Multiple Homicide:an 83-Years-Old Man Is Arrested for Shooting Dead 3 People in Oak Hill,West Virginia

More Horrible AITF(All in the Family)Multiple-Homicide/Suicide:a Dad and His 2 Sons(Both Under 5-Years-Old)Are Found Dead Inside a House in Glendale,AZ

The Crime Wave Keeps Rolling Across USA:a Man Stabs 4 People,Critically Wounding 3 of Them,Inside a College Building in Columbus,OH-the 5th Violent Attack on People in Public Places Over the Past Week

2 Are Shot Dead,7 Are Wounded,at a Psychiatric Clinic at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

At Clubhouse Music Venue Near Phoenix,AZ,14 People Are Shot(2 Are Seriously Wounded)Just Moments Before the "Rapper" Nippsy Hustle(Great Name!)Went on Stage(What a Great Shew!)

Police Find 2 Teenagers and a 31-Years-Old Man Shot Dead Inside a Home in Modesto,CA

A 17-Years-Old Male Shoots 3 Students Dead,Wounds 2 Others,in a High-School Cafeteria Near Cleveland,OH

Patriots,no location seems to be safe from America's crime wave.State parks,health spas,churches,hair salons...even school cafeterias.I think we should all pray for protection every day before we leave our homes and head out into modern-day America,wherever we go,whatever we do.

At Karma Lounge in Downtown Jackson,TN,1 Clubber Is Shot Dead,18 Are Shot and Wounded,and 2 Are Injured By Trampling

John Lennon sang,"Instant Karma's gonna get you." How fitting that is for these clubbers at a joint named after a goofy Hindu-Buddhistic philosophy:21 people shot or trampled,and one of them is dead.This is what passes for fun times in an America getting madder by the  day. 

Multiple-Homicide/Suicide Now Comes to a Health Spa in Suburban Atlanta,GA:5 Are Shot Dead

America Now Has Killers Who Are 11-Years-Old

America's All-in-the-Family Multiple Homicides Get Even More Ghastly:a Man in Washington State Uses Gas to Blow Up His House and Kills His 2 Young Kids and Himself(He and His Wife Were Going Through a Bitter Divorce)

Patriots,we don't know all the details re this ghastly crime.Again,the young innocents have their lives horrifically destroyed by a maniac.But let's recognize all the harmful circumstances surrounding this crime:divorce,family strife,young kids caught between feuding parents,and possibly even kiddie porn.But the evil Establishment in our country says we shouldn't worry about these things:the President Abomination administration has just reported the unemployment rate dropped from 8.5% to 8.3%.All is welll again.

More All-in-the-Family Multiple Homicide-Suicide:a Husband Shoots Dead His Wife,Their 2 Young Kids and Then-of Course-Himself in De Pere,WI(the Couple Had Filed for Divorce)

5 People Are Found Shot to Death Inside a House in Birmingham,AL

More "Sweet Sixteen" Mayhem:in Antioch,CA,5 Teens and a Young Adult Are Shot(3 Are in Serious Condition)at a Birthday Party for a 16-Years-Old Girl

Hi,patriots.Today is Monday,Jan.23rd.I'm starting to catch up on a lot of things and will be commenting on some of these current news items,and I'll start on the next blog post tomorrow or the next day.I've updated a bit the Patriot Resources page.As far as more "Sweet Sixteen" mayhem goes,maybe police will have to provide "Special Attention"(that's the term we used on NYPD back in the '80s and I think it's still used)to a location holding one of these stupid parties.What a backward subculture exists in America now,where a girl turning 16 is celebrated like the end of a war.Here's more evidence that America is turning into a Third World country.

"The Power of Meth":a 23-Years-Old Senorita in Fresno,CA Shoots Dead Her 2 Young Kids(Including One Who Was 17-Months-Old),Her Boyfriend's Cousin,and Then-What Else?-Kills Herself in a Drug-Induced Madness.Will This Wave of Homicidal Horror Ever Stop?!

 A belated happy new year,patriots! Things have settled down very much,now with Christmas and New Year's over.I've also done a lot of uncluttering,organizing and tidying up.I've selected the stories for the next post on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary and it should be finished and uploaded in the next few days.The post will cover almost all of the items on this page,so there probably won't be commentaries on most of the items covered on the upcoming post.

As far as this sickening multiple homicide-suicide goes,it looks like the adults involved were drug dealers,although the article doesn't mention it.There was 8 grand,drugs and guns in the apartment(evidence indicating that drug dealing and drug use were occurring out of and in that apartment).The unmarried senorita with 2 kids must've used the meth for a drug trip,and then some demon(s)may have entered her,persuading her to shoot dead her kids,her cousin,attempt to murder the father(not her husband)of her kids,and then kill herself.Yes,the lawman was quoted as saying he knows "...the power of meth." Or maybe he doesn't know.For who knows what happens to a person's mind when under meth's influence? Anyway,more innocent kids are slaughtered in America's murder mill.And who knows how long it'll continue and how much more our society can take before it collapses.

Violence Rages in The Big Easy,as Mayor Mitch Landrieu Declares "...a Battle for the Heart and Soul of New Orleans"

More Workplace Slaughter:a Man Shoots Dead 3 Co- Workers,Critically Shoots Another,and Then Attempts Suicide at a Lumber Yard Near Chapel Hill,NC

One Lawman Is Shot Dead,5 Others Are Wounded,While Serving a Search Warrant for Drugs on an Iraq War Veteran in Ogden,UT

4 People Are Found Shot to Death at a Home on an Upscale Island Near San Diego,CA Just a Few Hours into the New Year,Apparently Victims of a Multiple Homicide-Suicide

3 Men,4 Women Are Found Shot to Death on Christmas Morning in a Suburban Apartment Near Fort Worth,TX

It's All in the Family Near Rochester,NY:a Woman Shotguns to Death Her Dad,Her 10-Years-Old Daughter and,to Complete the All-Too-Common Pattern,Herself

Sixteen Candles!:One Teenager Is Shot Dead and 7 Other Young People Are Wounded at a "Sweet Sixteen" Birthday Party Near Pittsburgh,PA

Five People,Including 3 Children,Are Found Shot to Death Inside a Home in Emington,IL

A Utility-Company Employee in Irwindale,CA Shoots 2 Co-Workers Dead,Wounds 2 More and Then.....Kills Himself.What Else Is New in Contemporary America?

All-in-the-Family Multiple Homicide-Suicide in Bayonne,NJ:a 28-Years-Old Man Shoots Dead His Estranged Wife,Her Boyfriend and His 14-Months- Old Son,and Then Himself

Twenty-eight-years old "Adepso"(Where do they get these hideous names from?)shoots dead his 26-years-old wife named "Kenia"(Where do they get these names from?),her "boyfriend" and his 14-months-old son,and then himself.Dominican all-in-the-family slaughter comes to Bayonne,NJ.These family slaughters seem to be occurring among all 4 of the racial groups in America-whites,latinos,blacks,orientals-but,as with virtually all social pathologies,they're occurring much more often among latinos and blacks.And get a load of the first name of the employer who Kenia worked for:Jihad.That's Arabic for "holy war." Maybe they all worked for Al-Qaida! And note,patriots,that this savage slaughter occurred in a stable,middle-class neighborhood of Bayonne,NJ-just a stone's throw across Upper New York Bay from the Big Apple.America's wave of multiple homicide knows no bounds.

And a Woman Who Recently Moved from Ohio to Laredo,TX,After Being Denied Welfare Benefits,Shoots and Critically Wounds Her 12- Years-Old Daughter and Her 10-Years-Old Son,and Then Shoots Herself Dead

The 2 kids shot by this maniac have died from their wounds.This is one of these grim,horrible murders of the young where it influences us to give up on the human race.Just imagine,patriots,a woman about 40-years-old shooting dead her 2 young kids because she was denied food stamps! Can anyone deny after so many of these sickening,heart-wrenching homicides that our country is going out of its mind?! And once again,probably out of guilt,the murderer/murderess takes his or her own life.This patriot site has been up about 2 1/2 years,and this homicide pattern is pretty much the same and it's festering:a man or woman kills members of his or her own family-and sometimes those outside the family(totally innocent people)-and then commits suicide.Patriots,something evil in the land is causing this to happen so often and so spread out throughout the country.As songwriter/singer Don McLean of American Pie fame sings in his song Orphans of Wealth:"It's the face of America dying."

Family Slaughter in Bay City,TX:a 24-Years-Old Man Shoots Dead His 4 Kids,Critically Wounds His Wife,Then Follows the All-Too-Common Script By Killing Himself

The woman quoted at the article's conclusion was wrong:these "things" are happening in small cities in America,they're happening in big cities,they're happening in suburbs,they're happening in the country and the heartland;they're happening all over.The madness is spreading like a contagious disease.And notice how this senora who worked only at a Mexican restaurant and whose husband was only 24-years-old already had 4 bambinos-ages 2,3,4,5.One every year.This is one major reason why latinos are growing in population in America:they're simply out-breeding the other races.I know this may well be ill-timed at such horrible tragedy of the innocent being slaughtered,but I believe it's a serious problem for America.Notice also,patriots,that the story doesn't tell us what job,if any,the senora's murderer-husband had.Why did they fight so often? Could they afford those children? The financial pressures of child-rearing today are much more severe and intense than in the simpler times in America's past.This may have been a factor in these ghastly murders.Again,it's the face of America dying.

More Great News from America's "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico:Due Mainly to Drug Wars,the Island Is Set to Break the Record for Annual Homicides

Hi,patriots,on this Sunday evening that wraps up the Thanksgiving weekend.I'm regularly behind schedule on the commentaries on this page,and that's just because the patriot cause and other issues are preventing me from commenting more frequently.I should be making more commentaries now with the colder months soon to arrive here in the Big Apple.But here it is,November 27th,2011.And I'll be cutting the grass and chopping up the leaves with the mower one more time for this year! I've never cut the grass this late in the year! I think it's a riot! Anyway,as far as this latest news on the deteriorating situation on the US government's "commonwealth" of Puerto Rico,it's bad enough that the homicide rate will soon break the annual record,and the scourge of drug gangs rages on,like in corrupt Mexico.But what's worst about this ungroovy situation for American patriots is that all of the island's estimated 4 million people can simply pack their bags, jump on boats or planes,and head to our shores without any immigration constraints;they can move hear just like a New Yorker moving to New Jersey.What madness! More proof that the US government is the primary enemy of American patriots! But the former Puerto Rican police chief gave a chilling warning for us,even though that island is far away from us:"This is a generation that is going to be very hard to straighten out." Very hard,indeed,patriots.And many of that generation who are plying their trade of mayhem in the streets of San Juan may wind up on the streets of New York or Miami or Boston or Philly or Chicago or another large or small city very soon,thanks to the sellouts in Washington who refuse to protect our borders and manage immigration to controllable levels,or migration in the case of Puerto Rico.  

A Woman in Greensboro,NC Shoots Dead Her Young Son and Niece,Critically Wounds Another Young Son and a Young Nephew,Critically Wounds 2 Other People,and Then Takes Her Own Life

Well,patriots,I guess the lull in all-in-the-family multiple homicides was bound to end sooner or later.It has been about 6 weeks since the last such horror story of a parent taking the lives of his or her children,sometimes other people,and then taking his or her own life.When more parents keep murdering their own young children,can the murder of the nation be far behind?

According to National Gang Intelligence Center,There Are 33,000 Crime Gangs in America,with an Estimated 1.4 Million Members

If President Abomination follows through on his announcement to bring the boys home from Iraq at year's end,maybe he can use them here to fight all these crime gangs! 33,000! An "estimated" 1.4 million members! This isn't an army,but a sub-nation of criminals on our soil! And a lot of it is because of the criminally negligent thugs in the federal government and their open-borders immigration laws and policies of about the last 30 years! I'm 100% certain that if they protected us by enacting patriotic,sensible immigration laws instead of pandering to big-business lobbies,Diversity Gang,Amnesty Gang,etc.,that our gang problem would be much-less numerous and much-less severe,especially the drug gangs.But at least some patriots in FBI and other law-enforcement agencies are gathering the data and informing us of just how dangerous the situation is and that it's growing.And it'll continue to grow if anti-patriots ruling us from Washington continue to wage war against us via out-of-control immigration,both legal and illegal.

In the NYC Suburb of Cross River,a Man Kills His Wife and 2 Young Children,and Then Himself

More Slaughter in California:6 Are Slain,3 Wounded at a Hair Salon in Seal Beach,Near San Diego

In What May Be a Racially Motivated Attack,a Gunman Kills 3 and Wounds 7 at a Worksite in Cupertino,CA

5 People Are Found Dead in Southern Indiana in a Suspected Drug-Related Multiple Homicide

Another All-in-the-Family Multiple-Homicide/ Suicide:Husband,Wife,Babysitter Are Found Dead Inside Their Home Near Minneapolis,MN

Outside "Club Elite" Near Tampa Bay,FL,2 Are Shot Dead and 22 Wounded(2 Critically).Now That's an Elite Club,Alright!

3 Shot Dead,1 Critically Wounded in Motor City

A Rifleman Shoots 5 Dead Near Morgantown,W.V.,Seriously Wounds an Elderly Woman in PA and a Man Back in W.V.,and Then Kills Himself in KY

This is the third multiple-homicide committed by a rifleman on the same day,leaving 13 dead.And all 3 of the riflemen killed themselves after they committed their murders.What a bizarre co-incidence that is.And what about the murders of the National Guardsman and the National Guardswoman in Carson City? Were they targeted because of the uniforms they were wearing? I can't help but think,patriots,that there may be more to all these horrible multiple-homicides than just randomness.

And Yet Another Multiple-Homicide By a Rifleman- the Third Reported on This Site on the Same Day:a Man at a Campground in Upstate NY,Shoots Dead His 2 Young Daughters(the Girls Had Different Mothers)and,Just Like the Other 2 Riflemen Shootings on This Day After Labor Day,Then Kills Himself

On Labor Day Evening in Brooklyn,NY-the NYC Borough That Ed Norton Called in 1955 "The Garden Spot of the World" in an Episode of The Honeymooners-3 People Are Shot Dead and 2 Policemen Are Wounded a Few Hours After West-Indian Day Parade Winds Down,Part of a Holiday Weekend in The Big Apple Where About 50 People Were Shot

In Carson City,NV,a Rifleman Shoots Dead 3 People,Including 2 Uniformed National Guard Troops (a Male and a Female),Wounds 6 More,and Then Kills Himself

A "Live-In Boyfriend" Allegedly Kills His Girlfriend and Her 2 Teenage Children in Lawrence,MA

Patriots,get a load of some of the names of these latino victims:Milka and Sachary! Were they named after milk and saccharine?! I cite cases like this yet again because one of the signs of the backward subculture within certain parts of the latino and black populations in America is the hideous names given to some children,like these two names.And also yet again,the murdered children weren't the children of the "live-in' boyfriend-another sign of the aforementioned backward subculture of out-of-wedlock births,matriarchal homes,fatherless homes.The "Great Society" of the despicable low-life president Lyndon Johnson continues to reveal its awful consequences.

It's House-Party Time in New York City!:8 Are Shot,1 Critically,at a House Party in the Bronx

Patriots,get a load of the time of these house-party shootings:Almost 4 AM! These party animals were still partying-in a backyard-at 4 in the morning! With no concern for disturbing the peace and quiet and sleep of their neighbors! Barbarians! And this neighborhood in the northeast Bronx has a lot of Jamaicans,so i think this was a Jamaican all-night house party.It may be hard-to-believe for most patriots to believe that people would misbehave like this,in addition of course to the mad shootings,but it happens constantly in multi-cultural New York City.Like The Lovin' Spoonful sang about back in the 60s:" Hot time,Summer in the City!" And these shootings and the party are probably drug-related.These warm-weather house parties have become such a menace in NYC that the city's 311 website now has a page devoted just to reporting the locations and specifics on these parties to try and prevent violence like this from occurring.

Over a 48-Hours Period in Jacksonville,FL,2 Shootings Leave 3 Dead and 12 Wounded,11 of Them at a Birthday Party(Happy,Happy Birthday,Baby!)

In the Midst of Hurricane Irene,a US Army Captain Shoots Dead His Ex-Wife,Her Boyfriend,and Her Boyfriend's Son in VA,and Then Shoots Dead His Ex- Mother in Law and Then Himself in PA(a "Custody Battle" Was a Motive for the Killings)

A Virginia Man Is Arrested for the Murders of His Wife and Her 3 Children Who Were Found Dead in a Burning Apartment

Here's the third story on this page on America's housing crisis,now into its fourth year.The so-called "American Dream"-spouted by one sanctimonious politician after another looking to curry favor with voters-is becoming more out-of-reach for us.Vance Packard wrote a book way back in 1972 entitled A Nation of Strangers.Someone may now write a book entitled A Nation of Renters.For an assortment of reasons-not enough money saved for down payments,little or no mortgage financing available,bad credit histories or work histories,unable to make mortgage payments,etc.-Americans are becoming poorer and more-dependent on landlords and landowners,and many have no or little property of their own.The other stories on this page are late mortgage payments 8x above the average,and 20% of houses in Baltimore,MD selling for less than $20,000.And "they" say the recession ended in June 2009?! This resembles a depression,not a recession!

At a "Unity in the Park" Music Festival in Cleveland,OH,1 Person Is Shot Dead and 3 Are Wounded During a Melee.Some Unity!

In What Looks Like Another "Family Dispute" Multiple-Homicide/Suicide,5 Are Shot Dead,4 Wounded,and the Suspect Kills Himself at a Roller Rink in Grand Prairie,TX

And 2 Shootings in FL(At Where Else? A House Party!)and WA(At Where Else? A Nightclub!)Leave 16 Wounded,5 Seriously

Another Midnight-Mob Attack on a Convenience Store,This Time in North Dallas,TX

While I've reported and commented on this latest front of America's crime wave,the mobbers now picking the bewitching hour is a new twist.This is at least the third report of a midnight mobbing of a convenience store that I've come across since mobbing began in force about 6 months ago.My neighbor is apparently aware of mobbing,and she said that some store owners and clerks literally lock the front doors of the stores when they see a mob about to attack.That's a pretty good idea,for the moment.But the mutts will keep returning or hit another store that doesn't lock up.The root problem here,patriots,is that there's a huge,growing underclass(the mobbers reported on have almost all been black),mainly in our big cities,that are inclined to and eventually resort to rampant lawlessness and violence.And we need to prepare ourselves for it.It's all part of the war being waged on our soil by various rogues and miscreants,who are probably being incited and possibly controlled by revolutionaries operating secretly and behind the scenes.

In What Looks Like Yet Another All-in-the-Family Multiple-Homicide/Suicide,a 29-Years-Old Mom and Her 3 Daughters Are Shot to Death in Their Home Outside New Orleans,LA

All-in-the-Family Slaughter Arrives in Wheatland,WY:a Dad Shoots Dead His 3 Young Kids,an Adult Relative,and Wounds His Wife

And a Triple-Murder/Suicide Comes to Canton,GA

More Nightclub Mayhem,This Time in Seattle,WA,as Dozens of Fights Break Out in the Streets After Closing Time at an "All-Black Party"

The American Slaughterhouse Keeps Firing Away:7 Are Slain in Grand Rapids,MI

In 5 Hours on Independence Day Evening in Beantown,MA,13 People Are Shot or Stabbed in 5 Different Neighborhoods,and 4 of Them Die

And in Rahm Emanuel's Corrupt Windy City,28 Shootings and Stabbings Over the Independence-Day Weekend Leave 5 Dead and 23 Wounded

2 Shot Dead,3 Wounded in a Vacation Home Near Philadelphia,PA

In Metro-Atlanta,GA,3 Separate Shootings Leave 2 Dead and 5 Wounded in the Wee Hours of a Wednesday Morning

In a 3-Hours Period in Richmond,CA(Near Sacramento),3 Are Shot Dead and 3 Are Wounded

A SWAT Team Raids an "After-Hours" Club in South Minneapolis,MN,Arresting About 80 People and Confiscating Guns and an Assortment of Illegal Drugs

2 Employees,2 Customers Are Shot Dead in a Pharmacy on Long Island,NY

It's Party Time in the East New York Section of Brooklyn,NY!:1 Man Is Shot Dead and 8 People Are Wounded.Isn't That a Fun Party?!

Join the Party and Join the Fun!:5 Are Shot,1 Seriously,at Yet Another "House Party" in Brooklyn,NY-Just a Few Blocks from the Party a Night Before!

Yet Another All in the Family Multiple- Homicide:in Dexter,ME,a Man Shotguns to Death His Estranged Wife and Their 2 Kids,and Then Takes His Own Life(a Custody Battle May Have Been a Motive)

3 Women and 1 Man Are Found Shot to Death at Research Triangle Park in Durham,NC

An Insurance Agent Near New Orleans,LA Shoots Dead 2 Unarmed State Investigators,Then Takes His Own Life

5 Are Shot Dead in Yuma,AZ,and the County Courthouse and Some Schools Are Locked Down

Life Must Be Cheap in the Garden State's Largest City:a 2-Legged Beast with the First Name of "Rasul," Enraged That His Relative or Girlfriend Got Into a Fight with Another Girl-Allegedly Commits a Carjacking and Kills a Man(an Off-Duty Newark Cop)and Wounds 2 Other People in an Eatery,While Missing His Intended Target

In What Appears to Be Yet Another All-in-the- Family Multiple Homicide-Suicide in America,4 Family Members Are Found Slain in a Suburban St.Louis Home

In What Looks Like Another All-in-the-Family Multiple Homicide-Suicide,a Husband,His Wife and Their 2 Young Daughters Are Found Dead at Their Home in San Diego,CA

A Convenience Store in Las Vegas Gets "Mobbed"

Here we go again,patriots in law enforcement.This patriot site first reported on this latest lovely development in America's crime wave about 2 months ago.That "mobbing" occurred in the Gopher State.And just like this one in Las Vegas(The Meadows),a mob of young blacks raided a convenience store and just started taking items off the shelves and running away without paying.This isn't easy for civilization to defend itself against.And the "mobbers" are plying their trade mostly at chain convenience stores.What about when they start mobbing department stores?

5 Are Dead,Including 2 Young Kids,in a Family- Related Multiple-Homicide/Suicide in Idaho

4 Are Slain in Rural OH,and the Suspect-a Relative of the Victims-Is Later Killed in a Shootout with Police

Another Lawman Is Shot Dead,This Time Near Dallas,TX

A Mad Mother Kills Herself and 3 of Her Young Children By Driving Her Minivan Into Hudson River Near Newburgh,NY

Another Cop Is Killed in the Line of Duty,This Time in Trumann,AR

Happy,Happy Birthday,Baby:2 Are Shot Dead,8 Wounded at an 18th Birthday Party Outside the City of Brotherly Love

The Tune Weavers came out with that hit birthday song about 50 years ago.I wonder if before this maniac shot all these teenagers and young adults,he blurted the song title out at them.And once again,these birthday revelers are probably black,many of them brought to the party via Facebook.What's with these lunatics shooting each other at birthday parties or house parties?! Is this their idea of celebrating birthdays?! Is it just random,mindless violence or a lust to kill? And notice,patriots,how the mayor hit on a big part of the problem when he was told by a 13-years-old girl at the party that her mama didn't care she was out so late at the party.As the family goes,so goes the nation.With the black out-of-wedlock birthrate at about 70%,no wonder there's so much more of these horrible crimes found among their population than other races! The corrupt polity rarely talks about this today,so it was beneficial that the mayor cited this very serious problem of unsupervised,neglected kids.And of course,the problem affects all races,but it's just worse among blacks and latinos because of the much-higher rates of out-of-wedlock births.It'll be a yeoman's task to turn this problem around,but it needs to start sometime,somewhere.Maybe the mayor's comment will get the ball rolling,before more of this party mayhem continues and more innocent lives are lost.

A Young Man Shoots to Death 2 Young-Adult Employees of a Brooklyn Park,MN Food Market and Then Takes His Own Life

More mindless death among young people.One reason America is so screwed up is because its churches are screwed up.The reporter cites the female pastor of-get a load of this title for a church-Mosaic United Methodist Church,coming on the scene to share the grief;and of course we had the perfunctory "grief counselors" arriving at the crime scene.The female pastor is probably a feminist who "pastors" a "diverse" congregation-hence the word "Mosaic" in the church's title.This is what anti-Christ,Diversity Gang multi-culturalism has helped bring to our land:ghoulish homicides,especially among teenagers and young people,and then they give us feminist pseudo-pastors and grief counselors to add insult to injury and death.Like I ask in an above commentary,What's causing all these horrible crimes among the young?! The corrupt Establishment refuses to ask this question let alone provide real answers because they don't want us to ask that question because they're protecting their establishment of power and control!

The Life and Death of a Bronx Career Criminal

A 21-Years-Old Career Criminal Is Arrested for Allegedly Murdering His Mom and 2 Of Her Other Children Near Atlanta,GA

Patriots,is it a co-incidence that this horrible weather tore through the Peach State and the Carolinas right around the time of these horrible murders near Atlanta? Or is the Almighty shaking His mighty hand at America for all the horrible violence being committed in our land? From the Book of Genesis,chapter 6:11:"The Earth also was corrupt before God,and the Earth was filled with violence."

Another Brutal Homicide-This One of a 400 Lbs.Man- at the Bronx Housing Project Named After Conquistador Sonia Sotomayor

Another Front in America's Crime Wave:Mob Robbers

Another Cop Is Killed in the Line of Duty,This Time in Chattanooga,TN

More Gruesome,Grisly Murder in USA:the Bodies of 2 Young Kids Are Found in a Canal in Delray Beach,FL

In Burlington,CO,a 12-Years-Old Boy Is Arrested for Shooting to Death a Married Couple and Critically Wounding Their 2 Young Children,and All the Victims Are Related to the Suspect

Yet Another Cop Is Killed in the Line of Duty,and Another Is Wounded,This Time in Athens,GA

I've never lived through so many killings of cops in the line of duty in such a short span of time.Again,patriots,this indicates just more rage,lawlessness and barbarism in the land.The men in blue are the first line of defense between safety and chaos.All these horrible cop shootings are another bad sign in America's steady deterioration.

And Another Cop Is Killed in the Line of Duty,This One in Fond du Lac,WI,and Another Is Seriously Wounded

Another Cop Is Killed in the Line of Duty,This One in Sandusky,OH

2 Deputy Sheriffs Are Shot Dead,2 Seriously Wounded in Southwest VA

Another Shooting Death of a Law-Enforcement Officer:a Deputy Marshal Is Shot Dead,Another Marshal and a Police Officer Are Wounded,But at Least the Suspect Carlos Boles Is Taken Out

Another St.Petersburg,FL Cop Is Killed On-Duty,This One By a 16-Years-Old

A Man Believed to Be an Illegal Immigrant Is Under Arrest for Allegedly Stabbing to Death His 2 Young Sons in Lawrenceville,GA

A Young Man Stabs to Death His Stepfather,His Girlfriend and Her Mother in Brooklyn,NY

This maniac has also been charged with running down and killing a man with a stolen car,and he was supposedly high on "angel dust." More drug-crazed murder terrorizing our country.

An "Undocumented Worker" Murders 3 People in Manassas,VA

2 Shot Dead,2 Seriously Wounded in Eastern MO

Another "House Party" Murder,This One at 4:30 AM on a Sunday in Queens,NY

More on the "House Party" Murder

Another "House Party" murder.And there's a link to another one below,at a fraternity house in Youngstown,OH.A stupid birthday party ostensibly for young adults in a black-middle-class neighborhood,still raging on at 4 o'clock in the morning! In the dead of Winter! And judging by the names in the Youngstown shooting,the victims and perpetrators are,once again,black.The victim in this incident was from Jamaica.There's too much partying in the Caribbean and among Caribbeans living in America,especially the latinos like Puerto Ricans and Dominicans.Maybe the weather is just too nice down there that contributes to a party-animal culture.And notice that this was the second deadly shooting on this block within a year in a Queens,NY neighborhood named after St.Alban.And a 26-years-old woman is dead for being in the wrong place at the wrong time,because a lot of the people at these house parties don't know when to stop boozing and drugging and dancing and screaming and acting like brats,at times without consideration for their neighbors,like the witness cited in the article describing the party as "raucous" and like the "4th of July." Patriots,we can now add another segment to America's crime wave:rowdy,cacophonous house parties that sometimes lead to homicide.I recommend that if you live in a neighborhood and one of these animal parties starts to fire up,get on the blower and call the cops with as much specific information as possible.And don't give in or give up;allowing party animals like this to harass and abuse their neighbors is one ingredient that leads to the destruction of neighborhoods.Force them to move;don't let them force you to move.

A Shooting at a "House Party" in a Fraternity House in Northeast Ohio Leaves 1 Dead,11 Wounded

Patriots,the only thing I'll add here to the house-party commentary above is the description of the neighborhood where the frat house is located as one that used to have elegant houses.In other words,another American neighborhood has been lost,this one probably due to economic hardship.

America's Wave of Savage Murder Moves Into North Dakota:4 Shot Dead in Minot and the Killer Is Still on the Loose

Patriots,there's a huge US Air Force base in Minot.And remember a few years ago,nuclear weapons were transported from this base to Louisiana and the snarling one Dick Cheney may have been the one who ordered the transport,possibly for shipment to the Middle East war theater.Are these murders related in some way to some secret military matters? In the span of just a few weeks,Pentagon analyst John Wheeler III,the murders of her own children by the wife of an army-intelligence colonel,all these horrible killings of police officers,and now these horrible murders.Is there a connection?

In Tampa Palms,FL,the Wife of a US Military- Intelligence Officer Is Charged With Murdering Her 2 Teenage Children Because They Were "Mouthy"

Here's another ghastly trend that seems to be growing across the land:mothers who murder their own children.So what drove this madwoman to shoot to death her teenage son and daughter? I've seen one photo of her so far and her visage resembles a wacko,to be sure.But her husband is a US Army colonel in the intelligence division.Does this have anything to do with these horrible all-in-the-family murders? Is there a connection with the strange murder of Pentagon analyst John Wheeler III in Delaware? Patriots,strange things are going on in our country.

2 More Cops Are Shot Dead,This Time in St.Petersburg,FL,Increasing the Number of Police Deaths to 14 for 2011;and 11 More Have Been Shot and Wounded in the Last 24 Hours

4 Cops,Including the Precinct Commanding Officer,Are Shot and Wounded Inside a Detroit,MI Police Station While the Suspect Is Killed By Police

2 Deputies Are Shot and Wounded,a Suspect and an Unknown Victim Are Killed,in Front of a Walmart in Port Orchard,WA

Patriots,especially in law enforcement,I can't remember over the course of my entire life,such a horrible spate of shootings of police in a span of about only 10 days.This could be another warning sign that America is rapidly descending into mass lawlessness and barbarousness.And it's more proof that we need to devote our time,efforts,money and resources to fighting all these nightmares afflicting us on our own soil and not the phantom enemies in Afghanistan,Iraq,Pakistan and elsewhere!

A Mother and Her 3 Young Children Are Found Shot Dead in Their House in Southern Indiana

An Apparent Drug-Related Triple-Homicide in Gary,IN

A horrible couple of days in the Hoosier State:7 homicide victims,including 3 kids.Gary-Michael Jackson's hometown-is in the north of the state and Austin is in the south.According to a recent article in Culture Wars magazine(one of this site's Patriot Resources),Gary is a drug hub for northern Indiana and Chicago,IL.Drug gangsters are getting more and more vicious and grisly in their operations,as they resort to incredible savagery to defend their profits and power.And the killings in Austin look like a deranged mother taking the lives of her own young kids and trying to burn the house down after the murders(a kind of catharsis for a psychotic mind).America has become a much-more-violent country,and the multiple homicides are getting more grisly and more bizarre.

2 Cops Are Killed,1 Wounded,and a Suspect Is Killed in a Miami,FL Shootout

This is the first 4-members police team I've come across to arrest a wanted man comprised of 2 men/2 women.One male cop and one female cop are dead,the other female is wounded,while the remaining male takes out the suspect.This caps 4 shooting-deaths of police officers in about the last 7 days:these 2 in Miami,the one in Lakewood,NJ and the one in Livonia,MI.Moreover,CNN reported about an hour before this commentary that 4 cops were shot inside a Detroit,MI police station.Fortunately,none of them were seriously wounded.A female sergeant was hit by shotgun blasts but was saved by her bullet-proof vest,while the shooter was killed presumably by a cop.Patriots in law enforcement,it seems to be getting a lot worse out there in the streets.Thanks for your service and be safe.Meanwhile,all other patriots should be supporting them any way they can,for they are the first line of defense between social order and lawless anarchy.

The Last 2 Days in the City of Angels:2 Students Are Shot When a Gun Accidentally Discharges in a School,a 16-Years-Old Student Is Shot on the Way Home from School,and 9 Campuses Are Locked Down After a School Policeman Is Shot

"Crime-Ridden" Camden,NJ-Right Across Delaware River from Philadelphia-Lays Off About Half Its Police Force,One-Third Its Firemen and About One- Quarter Its Government Workers

Patriots,this is one dangerous consequence of fiscal irresponsibility by government officials.Poverty-stricken,crime-ridden Camden,NJ,which gave us the 2-legged beast who allegedly murdered a cop in Lakewood,NJ just a few days ago,will now lose half its cops and about a third of its firemen.This is part of a dangerous trend in the land where city halls are laying off cops because they simply don't have the money to pay their salaries.It's scary to think that there may come a time when wherever we live,police forces are so reduced that we may have to wait a good deal before help arrives when a serious crime is in progress or has just been completed.And if there's any city in NJ or in US that doesn't need a police cut,it's Camden.Newark,NJ also just laid off about 170 cops.America is becoming a much less-safe place,and less police will probably make it much worse.And if the economy keeps slipping,there'll be less tax money generated to pay for more cops.It's all a vicious cycle and more evidence that America's infrastructure is more endangered every day and are main threats are domestic,not foreign.

"I Like the Nightlife,Baby!":6 Shot,2 Killed Outside a Baltimore Nightclub,and One of Those Killed Was a Policeman

The first part of the headlined link is a lyric from the song Let's Go! by rock group The Cars back around 1977.I don't think they were talking about this kind of nightlife,where a bunch of idiots get drunk and/or stoned at a club that blasts horrible music horribly loud and where sexual passion and big egos are the name of the game.Baltimore is another American city that's falling apart,with the possible exception of the waterfront area that was revitalized sometime ago.I've passed through parts of Baltimore on Amtrak when heading down to Washington,and it's quite a depressing sight,looking at the urban plight and abandoned and semi-abandoned tenements and row houses.And it's always a horrible tragedy when a cop is killed by friendly fire.Maybe Baltimore will start cracking down on these "clubs." So many of them are nothing but breeding grounds for violence and mayhem.

And America's Wave of Savage Murder Travels Down to the "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico as 5 People,Including a 25-Years-Old Irish-American Girl From Seattle,WA,Are Burned to Death

So what's the motive here for this savage crime? This article and two others I've read don't say or won't say.Here's my theory:the crazy uncle didn't like the idea of his Puerto Rican nephew marrying an Irish-Americano,and he decided to prevent them from marrying by killing them with fire.The US media gives very little if any publicity to a strong anti-American sentiment in Puerto Rico-the so-called Commonwealth that's described as "the land of enchantment" on the back of its US coin.Well it was wasn't very enchanting for Jesus or Kate and the other 3 murder victims.And this horrible multiple-homicide is another illustration of the ridiculous relationship between America and the Latin American,Spanish-speaking island of Puerto Rico.Jesus was probably born in PR,moved to Seattle to take a job,and then planned to marry Kate.And because PR is almost the 51st State right behind Israel,they were legally able to just jump on a plane or boat and head down to PR to visit his relatives.Just like Jesus shouldn't have been allowed to move to Seattle and get a job without abiding by immigration rules and procedures,there shouldn't be unrestricted travel between US and PR.More nonsense courtesy of the US government! Independence for Puerto Rico!

A Multiple-Homicide in Tuscon,AZ Leaves 6 Dead,18 Wounded-and 2 of the Wounded Are Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Federal Judge John Roll

Judge Roll has died from his wounds.There has been a lot of inaccurate reporting on Ms.Giffords,calling her a centrist or a moderate.She's a liberal with an occasional maverick streak.Anyway,this shooting may lead to some serious government crackdowns on patriot and conservative organizations.This guy obviously is deranged.I'll blog a lot more on this shooting and its repercussions.

In Meridian,MS,a Father Shoots to Death His Wife,Her 2 Young Sons,and Then Kills Himself

Another Multiple-Homicide/Suicide:4 Shot Dead in Missouri

And While We're Still in the Show Me State,4 Are Shot in St.Louis-Recently Ranked America's Most- Dangerous City-in a Gang-Related Shooting Outside a Funeral Home While a Service Is Being Held.America's Crime Wave Doesn't Even Respect the Dead!

A Multiple-Homicide in Columbus,OH:a Live-in Boyfriend Kills His Girlfriend,One of Her Young Children,and the Child They Had Together

And 3 Are Found Murdered in a House in E.Hartford,CT

More "House Party" Mayhem:1 Dead,2 Wounded on Long Island,NY

The Multiple-Homicides,With Child Victims,Keep Coming:a 28-Years-Old Mother and Her 3 Kids Are Found Slain in Their Tallahassee,FL Home

Another Triple-Homicide,This One in Central Ohio

It Looks Like Another All-in-the-Family Multiple- Homicide/Suicide,This Time in Erie,PA:a Father,Mother and 2 Young Kids Are Found Shot to Death Inside a Home

Another "House Party" Murder

Another All-in-the-Family Multiple-Homicide/ Suicide:a Husband,Wife and Their 8-Years-Old Daughter Are Shot Dead in Fountain Valley,CA

3 Shot Dead,1 Wounded in Central Missouri

3 Shot Dead,1 Wounded in Fort Worth,TX

Yet Another Multiple-Homicide/Suicide:3 Shot Dead in New Jersey

And the Multiple Homicides Keep Coming:4 Shot Dead (Including a 3-Years-Old),1 Wounded in Beantown

More Fun at a Big-City "House Party":8 Shot,3 Stabbed,1 Dead in the City of Angels

More House-Party Fun:5 Shot,1 Dead in East Orange,NJ

More Murder and Mayhem in America:a 30-Years-Old Army Recruiter Shoots Dead a Mom and Her 2 Young Sons in Tennessee

Another All-in-the-Family Multiple-Homicide/ Suicide:4 Shot Dead,1 Wounded in Seattle

Another Horrible Twist in America's Crime Wave:Real- Estate Agents Robbed and Murdered While Showing Houses and Apartment Buildings in Northeastern Ohio

We're Havin' a Party:5 Shot,1 Stabbed at a "House Party" in Detroit

"We're havin' a party.Everybody's swayin'.Dancin' to the music on the radio.So listen,Mr.DJ,keep those records playin'.'Cause I'm havin' such a good time,dancin' with my baby." So sang the great Sam Cooke back in the 1950s with his song We're Having a Party.It seems like parties today in some parts of America-so-called "house parties" anyway-wind up with shootings and stabbings.The NYPD borough commander here in the Bronx just a few months ago at a local forum stated that in just one weekend when he was patrolling,there were 3 shootings related to house parties.So when America was a much-saner place when Sam Cooke sang his party song,parties were about singing and dancing and having a good time with one's baby.Now in Nutsville 2010 in a much-crazier America,parties are about shootings and stabbings.And more often than not,most of these party shootings seem to occur mostly among latinos and blacks.This wild party was held in Detroit-a city which has been betrayed by America's ruling class and now resembles a bombed-out WW2 city in Europe.Patriots,if you live in a big city like me,be on the lookout for "house parties" in your neighborhood.You may here shots fired before the night is over.

A Man Kills 5 and Then Takes His Own Life in Kentucky

In a Span of About 2 Weeks in Sin City,USA,10 Are Dead From 5 Murder-Suicides

What a microcosm of contemporary American society.In a city with the Spanish name of Las Vegas(The Meadows in English)that's almost-affectionately called Sin City for all its gambling casinos,prostitution and other hedonistic attractions,5 murder-suicides are committed over about 14 days.This is another aspect of the horrific crimes that are sweeping America as more desperate people turn on their fellow man and then on themselves.Murder-suicides are one of the more ghastly crimes known to man,for after the murderer takes another's life,he then takes his own either out of guilt or wanting to join his victims in the world beyond.And it's more evidence that America is slowly but surely killing itself.
Note:patriots,I'm way behind on the commentaries.They should be fully updated by tomorrow,9/13/2010.Thanks for your patience.

More Multiple-Homicides:a Gunman in Arizona Kills 5,Including His Ex-Girlfriend,and Then Himself

3 Shot Dead in West Hollywood,CA

Another All-in-the-Family Multiple-Homicide:an Iraq- War Vet Kills His Pregnant Wife,Their Infant Daughter,Their 3 Dogs and Then Himself

War can do terrible things to a man's mind and soul.While it hasn't yet been revealed what motivated these horrible murders,I'm almost-sure that his war experiences had something to do with it.So we now have 3 more casualties to add(6 if we count the dogs)to the immoral,unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.But these casualties won't be counted by the Pentagon,but they're casualties nonetheless.The horrors of war.

Another Mother Murders Her Own Children

Another Multiple-Homicide,This One in Buffalo,NY:4 Shot Dead,4 Wounded

2 Women and 2 Children Are Murdered in Maryland Over Pot

What drug dealing and use-even when it's just pot-can lead to in contemporary America:2 young kids murdered over pot.How much more proof do we need that America is on the eve of destruction? These horror stories aren't just occurring every once in a while;they're occurring often,and sometimes with greater amounts of cruelty and savagery.Patriots,I recommend we prepare ourselves for the worst in our country.

In a Span of About 8 Hours on a Late Friday Night/ Early Saturday Morning in Bronx,NY,9 Separate Shootings Leave 2 Dead and 14 Wounded

While US servicemen are fighting and dying about 8,000 miles away in Afghanistan and Iraq,about 8 miles from where I live a few skirmishes were fought on a hot Summer Friday night into an early Saturday morning.One of these skirmishes was at a "house party"-at 3 in the morning on the sixth floor of an apartment building.Maybe someone in the building got fed up with all the loud noise and vented his rage like Omar Thornton supposedly did in Manchester,CT;see the commentary below on the Omar murders.What has happened to this borough-home of the Bronx Bombers-that I was born and raised in and still live in?! The answer is for my blog A Patriot's Diary.But "demographics" has,I'm convinced,a lot to do with it.

Another Horrible Multiple-Homicide,and This One May Have Been Racially Motivated

Poor Omar lost his job because he was caught stealing and he may have been the recipient of a racial joke every now and then.So in his demented mind,he thought 8 innocent people deserved to die.But they may have all been white,and he may have thought they deserved to die because of their race.Let's see if there's follow-up on this savage slaughter and if indeed all the victims were white.And here's another multiple homicide where the murderer kills himself after murdering many others.And it's another part of America's horrible crime wave that gets worse and worse by the day while Americans keep fighting and dying thousands of miles away in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Another Brutal Attack Against Children,This Time in Ultra-Rich Bedford,NY Right Near Martha Stewart's 153-Acres Estate

So many of the rich and famous living in their opulent suburbs far away from the mass of humanity many times think a horrible crime like this would never happen where they live.Especially a flaming liberal like Martha Stewart on her 153-acres estate.What does she do with all that land?! Stare at it?! And what motivated the babysitter to commit this sick act? Maybe TPTB will tell us,maybe not.Anyway,America's crime wave has rolled into the wealthiest of communities where so many of its people think only the working classes deal with such terrible crime.

A 14-Years-Old "Man of the House" Murders His Two Sisters By Slitting Their Throats and His Brother,Mother and Himself By Setting Their Home on Fire

Another report has emerged since I posted this link that the mother was involved too in this horrific multiple homicide;more details are emerging as to who actually committed the murders.Meanwhile,a 14-years-old boy was the man of the house! Where's the real daddy?! I'll bet dollars to donuts that this 32-years-old female was never married and every one of those dead kids had a different father.This is the matriarchal underground culture among the black and some of the latino population in the country which barely gets a mention in this story.But the tangible tragedy here is that a teenager,his 3 siblings and their mom are dead in a bizarre,horrible multiple homicide.And it's another one of those horrible multiple homicides becoming all-too-prevalent in America today.

It Was the Mother Who Murdered Her Family and Herself

Is California Headed for Revolution and Chaos?

I believe the Golden State is headed for at least severe social disruption which may lead to revolution and chaos.And it's not just this one head-case who shot it out with cops.The state government is bankrupt,there are an estimated 3 million illegal immigrants in the state,more people are leaving California than moving in,there's serious racial tension primarily between latinos and blacks,there's a large gang presence in several of its big cities-even to the point where gang members outnumber the cops about 5 to 1.Plus we can throw in anti-Christ Babylonian Hollywood and all the fruits and nuts living in the state,and we have all the required ingredients for social unrest,to put it mildly.So,patriots in the Golden State:hold out as long as you can;the deck is stacked against you.But like Christ said,all things are possible with the Almighty.Hang in there.Stick together and fight together.Prepare for the worst.And be ready to scram to a haven if you have to.You may be too decent and patriotic for California.

A Gunman Kills 2,Wounds 4,Then Kills Himself in Albuquerque,New Mexico

In a Bronx,NY Housing Project Named After Conquistador US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor,a 15-Years-Old Male Stabs to Death His Mom's Boyfriend Over Cable Television

Usually it takes many years before establishment politicians in love with themselves name a bridge or building or something similar after one of their own.But it took barely a year for TPTB in Bronx,NY to name a housing project after Conquistador Sonia Sotomayor-the joke of a US Supreme Court justice who grew up in this very project and was nominated by President Abomination obviously because she's a radical-liberal female Puerto Rican.I've already elaborated on the sickening injustice to America that this beast is now a Supreme Court justice,and one can search this website to learn of her background,her views and her statements.But get a load of this murder in the project named after Conquistador Sonia:a 15-years-old male stabs to death his mama's 26-years-old boyfriend over the cable-television set-up in the apartment.The Diversity Gang slobs who want their conquistador Sotomayor's name to be exalted care more about her power and fame than about the people living in the poorest borough in America.The joke's on us.All of us.

A Maniac Stabs to Death 4 People in a Town About 60 Miles North of the City of Brotherly Love

In the City of Angels,a Man Kills 2,Wounds 2 and Kills Himself in Another All-in-the-Family Multiple Homicide

4 Family Members Are Found Slain in Winchester,MA With the Husband of One of the Victims Sought as a Suspect

The Half-Brother of a Former Major League Baseball Pitcher From Cuba(El Duque)Murders His Wife,Three Other Women,and Wounds Three Others Before Killing Himself in Hialeah,Florida's Worst Case of Multiple Homicide

A Wild Woman Stabs 4 in a West Hollywood,CA Target Department Store

New Jersey State Police Discover the Body of a 3- Months-Old Girl Whose Father Allegedly Threw Her Off a Bridge

Imagine being the state trooper making this grisly discovery? That trooper will never forget looking at the corpse of a 3-months-old girl.Murders like this happening throughout America are more proof that a large portion of this country's population are nuts and getting more nuts.Killing infant kids is a sign of a nation collapsing.

Patriots,I've finally caught up on the commentaries.Please check out the rest of them on this page,even though the news stories are a bit dated.Thanks.

Drug Lords From Mexico and Columbia Peddle Their Poison to America's Suburban Teenagers

Here's a way to wage war against a country without using armed soldiers:sell drugs to its teenagers;in other words,destroy the minds and eventually the lives of a nation's young.And that's just what these drug gangs from south of the border are trying to do,enriching themselves in the process.And have you noticed,patriots,how President Abomination has been virtually silent on America's drug scourge?

A Man in Chicago Claims Allah Told Him to Kill His Wife,Infant Son and 2 Other Young Relatives.And He Did

A 19-Years-Old Female in Jersey City,NJ,Along With 2 Accomplices of the Same Age,Murder a Young Couple Because She "...Just Wanted to Feel What It Was Like to Shoot Somebody"

Patriots,I've fallen behind on the commentaries mainly because I've been fighting the patriot cause over the last few days by meeting with legislative aides and the chairmen of local political parties and their aides.It's almost 1 am as I type,so I'll comment on this story before I wrap up until updating the commentaries tomorrow.

This double-homicide is what's being called a "curiosity kill" or "thrill kill"-i.e.,killing another human being just to see what the feeling is like or how much of a thrill it is.This is how depraved American society has become.A young couple are dead because some 2-legged beast wanted to see how she'd feel after she shot somebody.So now that she got her wish and now that she has committed a capital crime along with two accomplices,I'd like to ask her what Robert Zimmerman(Bob Dylan)asked in the title of one of his songs:"How does it feel?"

4 Are Shot Dead,2 Wounded,in a Los Angeles Restaurant

After Attending New York International Auto Show,"Wilding" Youth and Young Adults Shoot 4 People in Manhattan,52 Are Arrested

A 7-Years-Old Girl Is Gang-raped in Trenton,NJ,While Her Older Sister Gets Paid By the Rapists

A 7-years-old girl gang-raped,and the rape was arranged by her sister.What gets into the minds of maniacs to rape a girl this young? I say it's all the gratuitous sex in films,tv shows and in music.And these horror stories of biblical proportions,of science-fiction horror films,are probably going to keep happening and get worse because the spirit of anti-Christ has been set loose on American society.

9 People Are Shot in the Nation's Capital,5 With Life-threatening Injuries

4 of the Shooting Victims in DC Die From Their Wounds

A Danish-born Model-Sexually Assaulted 6 Years Ago In New York's Central Park-Kills Her Boyfriend,Torches Her House and Then Kills Herself

This beautiful young woman must've been so traumatized from a barbaric sexual assault that she never recovered from it mentally and emotionally.I doubt this was reported as an inter-racial hate crime! Tito(nice name)Rodriguez sexually attacking a beautiful blond from Denmark.It would've been swift justice if her dog bit his nuts off! As is so often the case in this dark, fallen world,one evil act leads to another.A woman just walking her dog in a park gets sexually attacked,and 6 years later she kills her boyfriend and herself and burns their home to the ground.Sounds like an Edgar Allan Poe horror story,only this was all too real.

A Lovely Way To Spend an Evening in Gary,Indiana:8 Teenage Males Are Shot After a Concert at a Roller Rink

A 12-Years-Old Mugger In the Naked City Robs a Mother Pushing a Baby Stroller On a Sidewalk

They start young now.Don't they? A 12-years-old mugger! Oh,I know the Diversity Gang and the Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow gang instantly respond that there has always been juvenile crime.But the best response to that superficial,cavalier claim is that the amount and frequency of it has skyrocketed.Indeed,a child mugging a mother pushing a baby stroller doesn't even faze a lot if not most of America anymore;we've been so jaded and inured to the crime wave.What would've been a major crime story about 30-40 years ago now gets a light mention.And it's probably going to get worse before it gets any better.Patriots,I've warned about this before:let's prepare ourselves for America's crime wave.

All In the Family:a Quadruple Homicide-Suicide In Queens,New York

A Man,Separated From His Wife,Kills Their 7-Years- Old Son and Then Himself

2 Teenage Males Are Shot Inside a Church In Richmond,CA

More evidence of a nation in the midst of a mad wave of crime is when crimes are committed against churches and inside churches.Eleven churches in East Texas have been set afire over about the past 2 weeks,and now we have 2 teenagers shot inside a church in Richmond,CA-the same city where a few months ago,a bunch of goons allegedly raped a teenage girl while others watched and didn't call police.We can add to this horrible mix the horrible homicides in Huntsville,AL,where the female professor took out 3 and wounded 3 and where a teenage student was stabbed to death by another student right in the middle school they attended.This may have been an inter-racial murder,because all the Huntsville police department has heretofore admitted to is that it was "gang-related." Patriots,the war we're fighting is here,not "over there." Be prepared to defend yourselves against the mad crime wave terrorizing our land.

America's Mad Crime Wave Rages On:Now a 4-Months- Old Baby Boy Gets Murdered By a Psycho Who Used a Medieval Battle Ax

Did bad pot drive this maniac to kill and attack with an ax? Was he on something else? He said he didn't remember anything after he committed his attacks.For you patriots who believe in supernatural power,maybe this maniac was demon-possessed.Regardless of what motivated this murderer,it's another sign that America is going nuts.And the war we should be fighting is right here on our own soil for our own lives and our own families.

Multiple Homicide at University of Alabama at Huntsville:3 Dead,3 Wounded,Shot By a Female Faculty Member

More Murder & Mayhem In the Naked City:a Boyfriend Kills His 22-Year-Old Girlfriend and Her 5-Year-Old and Two-Year-Old Daughters

Let's look at the victims here: a 22-year-old young woman who had two kids-her first one at 17-gets murdered by her boyfriend.So who was the father or who were the fathers of the two murdered girls? There are a lot of teenage girls and young women in the so-called "inner cities" who start copulating at an early age and either don't use birth control,use it improperly if they do use it,or who want to have babies out-of-wedlock.These horrible multiple homicides result from bringing kids into the world almost like stray cats do.No love,no affection-just raw sexual pleasure without thought for the consequences.And now we're all living with those consequences.

The US Body Count Continues:8 Shot Dead In Appomattox,VA

5 Are Shot Dead In a Small Town In Texas

A Man Kills Two and Then Takes His Own Life In a Domestic Dispute In Minnesota

2 Shot Dead,3 Critically Wounded In Kennesaw,GA.A Witness Said the Suspect Looked "...All Drugged Up"

4 Shot Dead,5 Wounded In a St.Louis Factory

3 Shot Dead In a Somali Foodmarket In Minneapolis

Christmas Eve Horror In North Little Rock,Arkansas:a Salvation Army Major Is Murdered In Front of a Salvation Army Center In Front of His Adopted Children

Another Multiple-Homicide:Near Salt Lake City,UT,a Man Shoots Dead His Estranged Wife and Their Two Young Sons and Then Shoots Himself Dead

Another Multiple Homicide and Again It's Over Drugs:In the Big Apple,the Suspect Shoots 3 Dead Before Falling To His Death

In a Case of an Apparent Multiple Homicide and a Suicide,a Child-Custody Battle Results In the Shooting Deaths of a 38-Year-Old Female Lawyer and Her Mom and Two Young Daughters

More Detail On the Man Wrongfully Convicted and Imprisoned for Rape In the Empire State

A lot more needs to be said over this case that I first reported and commented on a few days ago.Most important is that,on very little evidence,this innocent man got convicted by a bunch of retards on a jury and possibly some retard prosecutors.It somewhat reminds me of a case when I was on NYPD and I gave grand-jury testimony on a rape case.There were two female prosecutors I dealt with,one of whom I think thought of herself as Marilyn Monroe.Long story short:the grand jury refused to indict because there was no strong evidence.But if a complainant can put on a good act like this bitch Biurney(nice name)Peguaro did,that can fool enough retards on a jury to convict.That's the main danger and injustice here:that the New York State court system even prosecuted this case in the first place.And if it happened to Bill McCaffrey,it can happen to anyone.What hasn't been mentioned in the reports is a possible racial angle.Biurney is latina,I think Cuban;she's from Union City,NJ,which has a large Cuban population.So maybe she wanted to persecute a burly Irishman,especially after he,who I think was married at the time of this incident,picked her up in the Inwood section of Manhattan,which has a large Dominican population;maybe he was looking for some sexual adventure with a latina.If that's the case,he got burned;that's what frequently happens when we play with fire.But thank God he's a free man again,and hopefully Senora Biurney does the same time in prison that he did.

In Missouri,a 15-Year-Old Girl Kills a 9-Year-Old Girl Because"...She Wanted To Know What It Felt Like To Kill Someone"

Outside Pittsburgh,PA,a Squabble Over Drug Money Leads To Two Homicide Victims,One of Them a Policeman

Two more people murdered over drugs.One of the dead was either a dope user or dealer,or both,who owed the suspect $500.When he didn't cough up,the suspect killed him.And then he went outside the house and killed a cop outside in his car who apparently didn't prepare himself well.So the scourge of drug use continues to devastate America.Where's the war on drugs and the gangs who deal it?! This is really tearing us apart,not some towel-head in the Middle East who has probably been dead for several years!

I Think This Is a Crime That Only a Member of the Fairer Sex Would Commit

No, I'm not a misogynist.But these types of lies against men seem to be growing.Here's a man who had 3 years of his life stolen from him by a selfish,evil-minded witch,who now has seen the light of her evil and will pay for it.As I've written about before on this website and on my blog A Patriot's Diary,as Americans continue to fall away from a basic Christian conscience and morality,heinous crimes like this will rise exponentially.Whatever denomination one belongs to or doesn't belong to,this young woman apparently had rejected her Catholic faith when she made this ugly allegation that landed this innocent man in prison.A return to this faith led her to confess her crime,and if she hadn't rejected it in the past,she probably wouldn't have committed the crime that may put her in jail for several years.

Another 2-legged Beast Bites the Dust

This 2-legged beast ostensibly took his own life,while the one in Seattle was taken out by a quick-thinking cop.It's some consolation,or maybe a sense of relief,that these two beasts received justice and will no longer harm civilized society.However, patriots,there are more of these beasts out there.The Diversity Gang has been running the show in our land for about the past 40 years,and they've corrupted millions of minds and ruined millions of lives.They've sown a lot of bad seed and have corrupted a lot of good seed,and they got their start in our schools,especially colleges and universities and graduate schools.Then their disciples go into politics,law,business,teaching,the arts,even the churches.I'm convinced they're primarily responsible for the crime wave we're in and for unleashing monsters on us.Two of these monsters are finished,but there'll be more to deal with.

Another Multiple Homicide:a Suspect Is Sought for the Murders of His Two Daughters and Their Mothers Near Madison,WI

The brutal murders of 2 mothers and their daughters is bad enough; what's bad too is that the suspect fathered these 2 daughters out-of-wedlock.And these are just the ones we know about;he may have other out-of-wedlock kids.This immoral way of bringing kids into the world is all-too-common among American blacks or,as the Diversity Gang likes to call them,"African-Americans." The illegitimacy rate is about 70% among blacks; that's far and away the highest rate of births to unmarried people among America's other racial groups:whites,latinos,asians.I mention this because I'm convinced this leads to high crime rates and other social pathologies.It reminds me of a black guy in the South Bronx who was murdered a few years ago,about 35-years-old,and they lost count with how many kids he had,all out-of-wedlock.Some family member was cited in the article I read as guessing he had about 12 kids! There are several reasons for the crime wave gripping America;bringing children into the world like dogs having puppies is one major reason.

A Brave Seattle Patrolman Takes Out the 2-legged Beast Who Murdered 4 Cops Near Tacoma,WA

When Michael Huckabee-the Gomer Pyle of Republican Party Politics-Was Arkansas Governor,He Commuted the Sentence of the Suspect In the Murder of 4 Police Officers Near Tacoma,WA

Shazam,shazam,shazam! That's what comes to mind every time I see or hear Southern Baptist preacher/ former Arkansas governor and 2008 GOP presidential-primary candidate Michael Huckabee.The smooth-talking Gomer Pyle of the GOP first drew patriot ire across the land when he called some Arkansas state senators racist for sponsoring bills to crack down on illegal immigrants in the Razorback State.This self-aggrandizing clown supported illegal-alien amnesty because he wanted to compensate for African slavery in America! No joke! This Gomer Pyle look-alike and act-alike is a typical George W.Bush Republican:liberal on most things,and a hawk on the "War On Terror!." His flower-child message of "Jesus loves everybody" doesn't apply when he wants to bomb Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan and other Muslim nations to kingdom come.But he has sure fooled a lot of gullible,ignorant,thoughtless people simply by occasionally invoking the name of Jesus.And how appropriate he has his own show on neo-con central Fox News! He's perfect for that network! But now the sanctimonious Hucksterby has his image tarnished because as governor,he commuted the sentence of hard-core criminal Maurice Clemmons-the prime suspect in the murders of 4 police officers near Tacoma,WA a few days ago.Will Michael Shazam! Hucksterby have any compunction of just what he has done?! I don't think so;he's too full of himself.But maybe his future political ambitions have been ruined due to his sick attempt to preen himself in the eyes of his admirers by letting a beast like Clemmons out of jail.

4 Uniformed Police Officers Are Shot Dead Near Tacoma,WA,and This Is the Only Article I've Yet Read To Report the Suspect Is a Black Man

The Crime Madness Rages On:4 Are Shot In Madison,WI,Including 2 Children

Amid a Bitter Divorce,a Husband/Father Kills His Wife and 2 Teenage Daughters

In Paterson,NJ,2 Are Shot Dead,Including a 7-Year-Old Boy,and 2 Are Wounded,Including a Child

Night Life In New Haven,CT:1 Stabbed to Death,1 Seriously Wounded and One More Wounded

Another Multiple-Homicide:4 Are Murdered In Jupiter,Florida On Thanksgiving Day

Another Multiple Homicide,and the Victims and the Suspects Are All "Hispanic"

The victims and the suspects in this multiple homicide are not "Hispanic;" Latinos is a less-inaccurate name for the Mexicans,Puerto Ricans,Dominicans,Cubans et al living in US or in Latin America.Hispanics are from "Hispania"-a region in Europe comprised primarily of the nations of Spain and Portugal.Hence they're European;the vast majority of Latinos aren't.And these murders follow the murders about 2 weeks ago in Mount Airy,NC also involving Latinos.And the suspect is an illegal alien.I won't be surprised if the suspects in this case and/or the victims are here illegally too.This is what the US government continues to import into America in unprecedented numbers:crime,violence,and eventual revolution.

There Are 8 Million Stories In the Naked City,and This Is One of Them

The Murderous,Insane Narcotics Underworld

Yet Another Multiple Homicide:4 Are Dead In Texas

El Salvador Crime Gang MS-13 Orders a Contract Hit On a US Federal Agent

Operation Rotten Apple Flushes Out Dope Dealers In Two Bronx,NY Housing Projects,53 Arrested

Yes,New York City has become a "rotten apple." But this is another commendable job by law enforcement to drive dope dealers from housing projects.What a terrifying thought that dope dealers virtually took over two housing projects.It's more evidence that America is in the midst of a drug crisis.And both the government in Washington and a large chunk of our population are primarily responsible for it.

The Body Count In the Cleveland House of Horrors Is Now 11

Not Even Andy Griffith's Mayberry Is Safe Anymore!

And the Multiple-homicide Suspect In Sheriff Taylor's Mayberry Is:An Illegal Alien!

Another Guilty Verdict In a Barbaric Black-On-White Double Homicide Virtually Blacked Out By the National Major Media

A Woman Afflicted With AIDS and Hepatitis and Driving Under the Influence of Heroin,Cocaine and Booze Crashes Her Vehicle,Killing Two Young Girls Who Were Riding With Her

A 15-Year-Old Boy Stabs His 14-Year-Old Brother to Death Over Loud Music

A 15-Year-Old Girl Is Gang-raped On the Grounds of a California High School

G-Men Bust About 700 On Child-Prostitution Charges

Here's another bane on American society and on our kids:Child prostitution! America is becoming more and more like a Third World country! 700 people arrested on child-prostitution charges! What kind of lowlife forces innocent children into prostitution? Where are the parents or guardians? Just how pervasive is this abomination in America? Will the Abomination appoint a czar to investigate and adjudicate this horrible crime against children? I'm sure there are several reasons for this social disease,but I'm convinced the major reason is a large part of the American populace has drifted away from a simple,old-fashioned morality and way of life that it has led to Pandora's box being opened.Rampant drug use is probably another cause of child prostitution:when parents are junkies,their kids are secondary and their drugs are primary;that's how satanic illegal drugs are on the mind and soul.Patriots,America's war is right on our soil.Our nation is collapsing right in front of our own eyes.If we don't try to change her course,we may lose America for good.

1,200 Are Arrested in US for Involvement With Mexican Drug Cartel La Familia.Will CNN's Latino Shill Soledad O'Brien(Nice Name Combination!)Report On This?

Can we believe this, patriots? One thousand,two hundred people arrested on suspicion of dealing drugs for the Mexican cartel La Familia! 1,200! Great work by the patriots in law enforcement who conducted and executed this operation! I wouldn't be surprised if high-level politicians in Mexico are involved in some capacity.And maybe some in America too! And these arrests are another indication that various enemies of America and of civilization itself are waging war against us on our soil.I wonder if Soledad O'Brien at CNN's Latino In America series will cover La Familia.

More Drug Violence In the US " Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico:7 Shot Dead,20 Wounded

Drug-related violence and multiple homicides continue to terrorize Latin America,and it could easily spread to America.The rampant poverty and joblessness south of the border is a major reason for the pervasiveness of drug selling and use.And thanks to the US government continuing to grant so-called commonwealth status to the Latin American island of Puerto Rico,drugs from there easily make it to America because there are no customs facilities down there to inspect outbound shipments.Patriots,this is insanity! Puerto Rico isn't the 51st state and God forbid it ever becomes that! Until a miracle happens and US gets out of Puerto Rico once and for all, US customs stations should be set up down there to confiscate drugs intended for America.After all,one third of the drugs entering America arrive from the Caribbean! And get a load of the moron who wrote this AP article calling an 8-month-old baby a fetus! An 8-month-old baby is called a fetus?! Anyway,the patriot rallying cry in response to this multiple homicide in PR: US,Out of Puerto Rico! Puerto Rico,out of US !.

A Mother in LA Shoots Her Two Sons:1 Dead,the Other Is Critical

AG Holder,Education Secretary Duncan Address Violence Among Public-High-school Students.Will These Liberals Just Demand More Government Programs and More Government Money?

Yet Another Multiple Homicide:4 Are Dead In Maryland

Another Multiple Homicide:5 Slain In a House In Central Illinois

A Suspect In the Murders of 4 People In Virginia May Have Been Influenced By a New Death-music:Horror-core Rap

Two Teenage Girls Revel In Satanism,the Mother of One of Them Drives Them to a Satanic Festival,and Now They're All Dead

To paraphrase what the murdered teacher/musician was cited as saying at one time:music is powerful.I know that all too well,having played guitar for the past 30 years and having assembled a sizable music library and listening to music almost daily my whole life.While music can be a powerful source for good,it can be a powerful source for evil too.The relativistic,Diversity Gang drivel that we should all be "open-minded" when it comes to all types of music is an ignorant and a dangerous deception.I remember going out with a girl when we were both in our mid-20s.She graduated from a typical "liberal arts" college in New Jersey and said to me one time that you really can't call any music "bad." So what about horrorcore? Here's so-called music that celebrates sadism and narrates the joy a murderer sees upon watching his victim gasping out his or her last breath.Horrorcore joins rap,hip-hop,heavy metal,salsa and other musical genres that aren't just bad,but evil.Music should uplift our lives and our spirits;like all art,it seeks beauty and truth in life.And those times when it focuses on the inevitable sadness that comes to all people at one time or another,it's to teach a valuable,unforgettable lesson.America has a big problem with wretched music,and in this case in Virginia,it actually led to multiple homicide.

5 Kids and Their Mom Are Found Dead In a House In Naples,Florida

The deceased mom from Haiti was with her husband for 10 years but married for only 2,according to another article I read on this case.Her husband looks like the prime suspect.One scary aspect of this multiple homicide,like the one in Virginia which is reported on this website right after this story,is that the officer in charge of the investigation refuses to divulge the method of homicide;the murders must be so horrifying and gruesome that he probably doesn't want to terrify people,especially when children are the victims.This is one of the more-unpleasant aspects of police work:the officers on the scenes of these murders will probably never forget what they've seen.As far as the Florida killings go,the family was a so-called "welfare family"-meaning what I've written about previously concerning women having children they can't or neglect to support.Instead of fighting the so-called "War on Terror!", America should be fighting a war to save our culture and our society from total collapse before it's too late.

A Special-Education Teacher In Texas Is Murdered In a Classroom By a 16-Year-Old Student

The Mayor of Rockford,Illinois Says a Black Male In Rockford Is More Likely to Get Arrested Than Graduate from High School

6 Are Shot with a Shotgun in Paterson,NJ-a City That Recently Considered a Curfew

I posted a link on this website to an article on Paterson's mayor considering a curfew due to skyrocketing crime.Ostensibly one wasn't declared,for this shooting was at 3:30 am,interestingly enough,near a street named after Rosa Parks-one of the idols of the Diversity Gang.The story only says the injuries aren't life-threatening,but someone may now be missing a finger or will walk with a limp for the rest of his or her life.If the curfew was declared,this shooting probably wouldn't have happened.So the hometown of great American comedian Lou Costello is in the grip of a crime wave-something I doubt was the case when he was growing up there.And nearby Newark is under curfew.How many more Patersons and Newarks will the rest of America have to contend with?

20 Shots Are Fired In Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn:2 Dead,1 Wounded

A Nice Finish to an All-night Barbecue in Brooklyn,NY Celebrating the West Indian Day Parade:2 Shot Dead,1 Seriously Wounded

This parade draws an estimated 2-3 million people.2-3 million people for an ethno-cultural parade! The West Indian Parade in New York City is notorious almost every year for violence,either before,during and/or after the parade;this year the violence and death was after the parade.The situation was pretty much the same even about 25 years ago when I was on NYPD.As the French say:the more things change,the more they stay the same.

More Multiple Homicides in America:4 Dead in Louisiana

A Curfew Is In Effect In New Jersey's Largest City and Two Policemen Arrive at an Inescapable Conclusion

Here we have two cities in the so-called Garden State(Ha!)either under curfew or still debating curfew.In Newark,no one is allowed outside from 11pm to 5:30 am! And nearby Paterson is debating a similar curfew for the remainder of Summer.The curfews are in place or being proposed due to out-of-control crime.This is just one of the many curses on America.
The most-important point in this story is made by the men in the trenches:the two policemen cited at the article's end,who claimed that lack of parental supervision is largely responsible for the crime wave in Newark,NJ.From my experience as a NYPD officer who worked in the South Bronx,I was saying then and I'm saying the same thing now:lack of a normal-i.e.,monogamous-family life is the main reason for the high crime levels in cities like Newark.Governments at all levels and society in general should do everything possible to discourage out-of-wedlock births and non-monogamous households.

America's Crime Wave Gets More Insane By the Day:a 10-year-old Boy Fatally Shoots His Father in the Head

Americans at War in Afghanistan? The War is Right Here !: 7 Found Slain,2 Critically Wounded in Georgia

Happy Birthday in Brentwood,Long Island,NY:4 People Shot,One is Critically Wounded

Are Crime Gangs in America a Fifth Column?

More Multiple Shootings in a Major American City.America's Real War is Right Here on Our Soil!

America's Savage Crime-Wave Continues,with Help from a Moron Judge

This murder victim may very well still be alive if a moron judge hadn't granted bail to this psycho;he granted bail even though the suspect was under investigation for the murders of two other people.And get a load of the King County prosecutor who didn't even criticize his judge-pal.We can add this horrific murder to the recent shootings of 12 people in Miami,Fl. and the shooting of 7 students in Detroit and the shooting of 10 people in Baltimore and see that America is in the grip of a crime wave,especially in many of her big cities.I can't wait for one of those reports,bragging about crime being down,just like the disclosure that LAPD was fudging crime data to make it appear that crime was down in LA.

The Crime Wave in America Continues:4 Shot Dead Near Pittsburgh,PA

Another Shooting with Multiple Victims:2 Dead,3 Wounded in Buffalo,NY

A Family Feud Leaves 3 Dead on Long Island,NY

A Mother-Drunk on Booze and High on Pot-Drives the Wrong Way on a Parkway 30 Miles North of NYC and Kills 8,Including Herself

It's hard to believe,isn't it,that a mother in her 30s would do something like this.Was she an alcoholic or a chronic pot smoker? Living in a working-class suburb of NYC and returning from a camping trip,she chooses to wolf down vodka and smoke weed just a few hours before or possibly even during the accident,and now she's dead,along with the 7 innocent people she killed,which included one of her own children and 3 nieces;her young son was the only survivor.Let's see if we learn more about Diane Schuler as to why she committed these murders.Yes,I agree with the family member of one of the victims:this wasn't an accident;this was murder.And it's more evidence that there's a great sickness of mind throughout the country that needs to be addressed in one way or another.

More Consequences of Women's Lib

Detroit-Once Called the "Arsenal of Democracy"-is Falling Apart

7 teenagers shot at a bus stop after school;3 of them in critical condition.Detroit-"Motortown",or "Motown"- is fast approaching the status of a Third World city.A good deal of the blame rests with,as usual,the US government,forcing all those regulations and demands on automakers that helped run them into the ground and unemploy thousands of workers in Detroit and its environs.A former mayor was recently convicted in criminal court,Detroit congressman John Conyers's Detroit councilwoman-wife has just pled guilty to felony charges in federal court,the average price for a house is just under $6,000(!),and now this.I think only a miracle will save Detroit.
It's another sign,patriots,that our beloved America is being ruined from within by corrupt leaders and legislators and policymakers.And,I may add,by a multitude of our people who support these corrupt people and their destructive policies and behavior.

The Crime Wave Keeps Rolling:3 Brothers Shot Dead in Wisconsin

America's Crime-wave Continues:the Mayor of Paterson,NJ-Hometown of Great American Comedian Lou Costello-Proposes a Curfew in Response to Violent Crime

A city in the so-called Garden State with a population of about 150,000 people is on the verge of declaring a curfew for the remainder of Summer.The mayor says that most of the violent crime is gang-related and he advises residents to stay indooors at night and not to hang out even in front of their own houses.This is tantamount to a war zone! And the Diversity Gang-controlled major media is keeping as quiet as possible that almost all of these major street gangs that are terrorizing parts of cities and towns across America are latino or black gangs,like MS-13,Latin Kings,Bloods,Crips,etc..There are more gang members in LA than the number of officers on LAPD.Many of these gangs are heavily involved in the drug trade.Just imagine,patriots,if these gangs keep growing and get more powerful.We have a serious problem here,and it's more proof that America's war is on her own soil and not in the sandpits of Iraq,Afghanistan,etc..

Uncle Bernie Madoff Gets 150 Years and Nobody Asks the $99,000 Question:What Did He Do with All That Money?

While Uncle Bernie is certainly guilty,I think a lot of the powers that be are using him as a fall guy.He claims he acted alone,but that's hard to believe,considering all the money involved.And if it weren't for whistleblower Harry Markopolos(that surname may be mispelled),
Uncle Bernie may never have been caught.Where was SEC? Where were the agencies who should've known,eventually,about Bernie's larcenies? I smell a rat.
And what sweet justice that former congressman Tom Tancredo lost about $1.1 million to his Uncle Bernie.Tancredo was nothing less than heroic in opposing the Amnesty Gang and America's illegal-immigration crisis,in addition to our government's insane immigration policies.But sometime ago,he decided to throw in his lot with the warmonger neo-cons.During the 2008 GOP presidential primary,cand-
idate Tancredo had a gleam in his eyes when he answered a questioner about taking action against Iran.It looked like he had visions of US planes dropping bombs on that country and the dead bodies piling up.While the war he fought opposing amnesty and immoral levels of immigration clearly proves that that's a war America is fighting right on her own soil,he wanted and probably still wants Americans to keep dying in lands that pose no threat to us.But the neo-cons want Americans to keep dying "over there" because it suits their agenda and their goals,not America's.
Finally,Tancred was a French crusader about a millenium ago.I wonder if he traveled to Italy,had the letter o added to the end of his name,and thus was born the name Tancredo.Is former congressman Tancredo descended from Tancred and does he want another crusade to begin against the Muslim world?
Patriots,the Muslim world has legitimate grievances against the US government.Killing or wounding innocent people through terrorism is wrong and contemptible,and the perpetrators should be punished fully.
But if DC(District of Criminals)would stop taking sides and sucking up so much to AIPAC and the Israel Lobby as a whole,things would probably change for the better.Likewise,our government shouldn't side with Muslim terrorists or selfish lobbyists either who only have their own interests in mind.

Professor Jonathan Sarna at Brandeis University is cited in the June 22nd issue of The New American magazine,p.9,as claiming that "The American Jewish community has probably lost 30% of its wealth"-thanks to Uncle Bernie.Fred Wilpon-owner of the New York Mets baseball team-reportedly lost 300-500 million dollars to Bernie.

Finally,Thanks to NPR and a Former Federal Prosecutor,the $99,000 Question is Asked on the Uncle Bernie Madoff Scandal

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