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Bill Jasper-an Excellent Source for Information on Anti-Patriot Revolutionaries-Reports That Revolutionary Communist Party(RCP)Is One of the Anti-Patriot Revolutionary Groups Engaging In Violent Demonstrations Like in Charlottesville, VA and Berkeley, CA

Patriot Researcher Bill Jasper Reports That Jewish-Owned Newspaper The New York Times Runs Ads from Revolutionary Communist Party to Incite Mobs to Revolt Against President Trump

Today Is the Infamous Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2018, and Warren Buffet-a Billionaire Investor and Supporter of Demonratic Party-Explains How His Liberal Wife Changed His Political Views to Support " Doctor " King, How He Was " Inspired " By King's Speech at an Iowa College Entitled "Remaining Awake During a Revolution, " and How He Was Invited to That Speech By(No Surprise!)a Revolutionary Jew Named Joe Rosenfield

About 2 Weeks After the Idolatry of the 50-Years' Anniversary of Martin Luther King's Murder(It Was Not an Assassination!), John McManus at Calls a Spade a Spade: King Was " Dishonest to the Core," an " Enemy of Freedom and a Seriously Flawed Individual "

As the Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Day of Idolatry for Martin Luther King Jr. 2018 Begins the Day After This Post, More Details from King's Life Are Revealed in a Now-Declassified FBI File

No Surprise Here, Patriots: a Just-Released FBI Dossier Provides More Evidence That the Revolutionary Martin Luther King Jr.-a So-Called " Reverend-" Was a Serial Adulterer, Sexual Degenerate, Communist Supporter and Sympathizer, Inter Alia

The Funerals for Insane McCain and Aretha the Screamer Franklin Were Weaponized, for the Republicrat Establishment and Their Revolutionary Allies

US Senator Insane McCain, Like His " Good Friend " Edward Kennedy, Dies of Brain Cancer(and Now, Patriots, Let's Hope and Pray That Arizona's Governor Appoints a Real Patriot to Replace Him)

Another Victim of the " Me Too! " Revolution: Eric Schneiderman-the Revolutionary-Jew Attorney General of New York State-Resigns After 4 Ex-Girlfriends Accuse Him of Assault

How Typical of the Morons and Revolutionaries Running for Office as Demonrats in November: the Black-Female Demonratic Candidate for Governor of Georgia Is About $200,000 in Debt

Andrew Cuomo-the Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Governor of New York-Awards the Governor's Medal for Public Service to the Retiring President of Planned Parenthood-America's Largest Provider of Abortions

How Appropriate for a Corrupt, Revolutionary, Anti-Patriot Judiciary Establishment: Kimba(Nice Name)Wood-the Judge Presiding Over the Case of President Chump's Personal Lawyer Michael Cohen-Officiated at the Wedding in 2013 of Revolutionary Jew George Soros in the Radical-Rich New York City Suburb of Bedford, NY(Patriots: Is It a Co-Incidence That Demonratic Judge " Kimba " Was Picked to Preside Over the Case of the Lawyer of a Counter-Revolutionary President?)

Salomon Melgen-the Marano-Jew from Dominican Republic and Opthalmologist-Friend of Presumed Marano-Jew Robert Menendez(US Senator from the Garbage State)-Is Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison for Mistreating Patients and Defrauding Medicare of About $100 Million

Bad News, Patriots: US Department of Justice Changes Its Mind and Will Not Retry Demonratic US Senator Robert Menendez on Corruption Charges, After a Latino Federal Judge Dismisses Remaining Charges and the Prosecution Claims the Jewish Lawyers for Menendez and Co-Defendant Salomen Melgen-Both Presumed Marano-Jews from the Caribbean-" Racialized " the Case By Playing the Latino Race Card to the Jury(and It Ostensibly Worked)

Steve Wynn(Real Name: Stephen Weinberg)-a Billionaire Casino Tycoon-Resigns as Finance Chairman of Republican National Committee Amid Sexual-Harassment Allegations(Why Was This Guy Chosen in the First Place to Run the Finances at RNC? More Favoritism Towards Jews?)

Of the 16 Lawyers on " Special Counsel " Robert Mueller's Team Investigating Alleged Collusion of Republican President Trump with Russia's Government, Not One Is a Republican, Even Though " Special Counsel " Robert Mueller Is a Republican

Emails Obtained and Released By WikiLeaks Show Anti-Patriot Networks NBC and CNN and Anti-Patriot Newspaper The Washington Post Collaborated with Democratic National Committee(DNC)to Help Hillary the Witch Defeat Donald the Chump

Is CIA(Criminals in Action)Murdering Russian Diplomats and Other Officials in Their Attempt, Along with the Deep State, to Start a Major War Between America and Russia?

" The Deep State " Has Become " A Prime Enemy of America "

The Anti-Patriots, Leftist Radicals, Globalists and Revolutionaries at 10 " News " Magazines Use Their Covers to Incite Their Readers and Followers to Revolt Against President Chump

Anti-Patriot Demonratic Party Revolutionaries Are Now Waging Political Warfare By Getting Revolutionary Judges to Rule Congressional Districts That Vote Republican Are " Unconstitutional "

Jeffrey Flaky Flake and Insane McCain-the 2 US Republicon Senators from Arizona-Defend Their " Good Friends-" the Radical Demonrats Who Dominate the Establishment News Media-and Attack President Trump(Flake from the Floor of US Senate, Where His Audience Was Only 2 Senators(Both Radical Demonrats!)and McCain from Anti-Patriot Newspaper The Washington Post!)

Why Patriot Roy Moore Lost the Election for US Senate in the Patriot State of Alabama to Anti-Patriot Douglas Jones

The Anti-Patriot Revolutionaries Are Waging Serious Political Warfare: The Washington Post Newspaper-Owned By Revolutionary Jew/ Founder and President Jeffrey Bezos-Launches a Smear Attack Against Patriot Roy Moore, Who's Running for US Senate in Alabama

Alfred Thomas-the First Black Chief of Charlottesville Police Department in Virginia-Suddenly Resigns After a Report Finds Gross Negligence on His Part at the Unite the Right Rally in August That Led to Violence

Here's Evidence That the Police and Revolutionary-Jew Mayor of Charlottesville Deliberately Caused and/or Allowed the Violence on Saturday Between White Nationalists/Southern Patriots and Revolutionaries

Battleground Charlottesville, VA: About 500 " White Nationalists " Battle Hundreds of Revolutionaries, Leaving One Female Revolutionary Dead and Dozens More Wounded on Both Sides

Anti-Patriot Revolutionary Polity US Conference of Mayors Forms a " Compact- " a Devil's Compact-with Anti-Patriot Jewish Group " Anti-Defamation League "

Patriots, Study the Face of the Revolutionary Mayor of New York City: the Day After a NYPD Cop Is Shot Dead on-Duty, Billy the Bum deBlasio Travels to Germany-the Land of His Paternal Ancestors(His Real Surname Is Wilhelm)-to Help Incite a Mob of "Protestors" at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Where 160 Police Have Been Hurt By the "Protestors"

Former President Boy George, Arrives in the Big Apple to Indirectly Attack President Chump and Patriot Activism, While Exalting the Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Establishment of Power He Still Serves By Claiming His Opponents Are Committing "Blasphemy Against the American Creed "

John Insane McCain-a Big Part of the Warmongering " Deep State " and Chairman of US Armed Services Committee in US Senate-Despite Suffering from Brain Cancer, Still Takes Time to Attack President Trump for Ending Support of Rebel Murderers in Syria

Portrait of a Revolutionary: When It Comes to the Son of Tiny Tim Kaine-US Senator from VA and Running Mate of Hillary the Witch in 2016-the Apple Hasn't Fallen Far from the Tree, as He's Arrested on Riot Charges at a Rally for President Chump in Minnesota

Bad News, Patriots, But No Surprise, Especially Coming from the Garbage State: US Demonratic Senator Bobby Menendez-the Rat-Face, Presumed Marrano Jew from Cuba-Warns His Opponents That He Won't Forget Them as His Corruption Trial Ends in a Mistrial

At the Corruption Trial of Robert Menendez-a US Senator from the Garbage State of New Jersey-a Jewish Lawyer for Co-Defendant Salomen Melgen Makes the Moronic Charge That Prosecutors Are Attacking All Latinos, Even Though Melgen Is a Jew from Dominican Republic and Menendez a Presumed Marano-Jew from Cuba! Ha, ha, ha!

Salomen Melgen-the Filthy Rich Jewish Doctor Involved in a Corruption Case with Presumed Marano-Jew Bobby Menendez(US Senator from the Garbage State of New Jersey)-Is Convicted on All 67 Counts of Medicare Fraud

And Who Testified on Behalf of Presumed Marrano-Jew Bobby Menendez: None Other Than Republicon US Senator Lizzy Graham from South Carolina!

The Face of Evil: Insane McCain Joins All 46 Demonrats, 2 Independents and 2 Feminist-Slob Republicans in US Senate to Prevent Repeal of Obamacare

While One Feminist Witch Seeks the Throne of the US Presidency, Another One Has Lost Her Throne and Is Now a Convicted Felon: Pennsylvania Attorney-General Kathleen Kane Wanted to Fight the "Old-Boys' Network" of the Previous Administration, But Fortunately for Patriots in PA and USA, She Hopefully Will Go to Prison

Trump the Chump: in His First Real Act of Betrayal of the Grassroots Patriots and Conservatives Who Worked to Get Him the Republican Presidential Nomination, He Endorses Coward Paul Lyin' Ryan and John Insane McCain for Re-Election as the Republican Nominees to Congress, Despite Both of Them Having Patriotic Opponents

The Ghost of Chandra Levy Returns to Washington, DC-District of Criminals: Her Fall-Guy Killer Is Released from Jail, and the Real Killer Remains at-Large

Donald Trump's Son-in-Law Jared Kushner-an Orthodox Jew Who Converted Trump's Daughter to the Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ Religion of Judaism-Is "Advising" Trump on Important Issues and Will Even Sit on a Transition Team If Trump Becomes President

Kenneth Starr-the "Independent Counsel" Who Investigated Billy & Hillary Clinton During Their Co-Presidency and Recently Fired as President of Baylor University -Now Has Nothing But Praise for Billy-and for Fellow Demonratic Presidents Lyndon Johnson and James Carter

President Destroyer Uses His Government Agency US Aid for International Development to Shove Sexual Depravity Down the Throats of People in Predominantly Muslim Bangladesh! And It Has Resulted in Murder

And Back Home In the Formerly Good Ol' USA, the Anti-Christ, Homo-Loving, Liberal-Fascist Legislators, Judges and Bureaucrats in Colorado Terrorize a Christian Baker for Refusing to Bake a Cake for a Homo Couple from Massachusetts

As I Suspected, Patriots, on a Recent Broadcast of Patriots Unite Now!, Donald Trump's Jewish Son-in-Law Jared Kushner-Owner of Liberal Newspaper The New York Observer-Is Advising Trump on His Presidential Campaign, Is a Friend of Rupert the Red Murdoch, and Even Converted Trump's Daughter Ivanka to Judaism Before They Got Married

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Makes a Deal-with the Spirit of Anti-Christ: in the Latest Example of a Betrayal and Sellout By a High-Ranking Member of the Republicon Establishment, He Vetoes a Bill That Would've Protected Those Who Refuse to Submit to the Aggression of the Radical "LGBT" Population

The Filthy Scum US Senate Kills Rand Paul's "Audit the Fed" Bill, Continuing to Protect and Empower the Jewish Counterfeiters and Moneychangers Running the Federal Reserve Board

The Self-Worship of the Republicrat Ruling Class in Washington, DC Gets More Sickening: a Bust Is Made in the Image of Snarling Nazi Richard Cheney and Is Placed in "Emancipation Hall"

Antonin Scalia-a Conservative Judge on US Supreme Court-Is Found Dead in His Room at a Texas Resort, Giving President Destroyer an Opportunity to Replace Him with an Anti-Patriot Revolutionary Before He Leaves Office in January 2017

Within 2 Weeks, the Former Speaker of New York Assembly(a Jewish Demoncrat)and the Former Majority Leader of New York Senate(a Greek Republicon)Are Convicted of Corruption Charges in Federal Court

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Retiring Republican House Speaker John Boy Boehner Kisses Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Wicked Witch from the West Pelosi on the Cheek While New Republican Speaker Paul Eddie Munster Ryan Rests His Hand on John Boy's Back, as If to Say, "That a Boy, John"

Patriots, if there's anything to make me break my long drought of not commenting on news items on this site, it's this very sickening but very telling photo of the sleazy creeps ruling America. Their masks are off, as John Boy smooches his "good friend" Nancy the Witch and Eddie Munster Ryan warmly approves by placing his hand on John Boy's back. It almost looks like a political ménage a trois! This great photo epitomizes the Republicrat establishment to a tee! Establishmentarian Boehner made sure that another anti-patriot establishmentarian like Ryan would succeed him. And all but 11 Republicon members in the House voted for him! And the Demoncratic leaders all love Pauley Ryan: an objectivist(meaning he's a follower of Jewish atheist, radical libertarian Alicia Rosenberg, known by her fake name of Ayn Rand-author of the novel Atlas Shrugged),  a worshipper of big business, a big spender who has never produced a balanced-budget plan as chairman of the budget committee, a supporter of amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens living on our soil and a friend of radical Puerto Rican congressman Luis Gutierrez, a "free trader," a bootlicker of US Chamber of Commerce, a former staffer for liberal Republicon congressman Jack Kemp and who volunteered for Boehner when he first ran for Congress from Ohio; in other words, patriots, Pauley Ryan is an anti-patriot piece of human garbage. The anti-patriot, anti-American Republicrat establishment has closed ranks and kept one of their own as Speaker of the House, although this is no surprise. They know how much the vast majority of Americans hate their rulership over us, and making Ryan the House Speaker is them returning their hate towards patriots, conservatives, tea partiers, government reformers, anti-war activists, counter-revolutionaries. What do we do about it? We get out of their establishment as much as possible, we get out and stay out of Republicon Party or Demoncratic Party and we urge our countrymen to get out and stay out too; we run for office ourselves or support independent candidates for office who'll seek to  get into office and bring the criminals and lawbreakers in the federal government to justice and run our country properly and humbly; and we ask Almighty God to help us and bring His judgment down upon this wicked stronghold of power in Washington, DC. In Christ's name. Amen.

While the Liberal-Fascist Establishment Polity and Media Praises "Civil-Rights Leader" Julian Bond, Bob Adelman at Exposes Him for the Neo-Marxist Revolutionary He Obviously Was

Alex Newman at Exposes Jewish Billionaire and Revolutionary George Soros and His Allies in President Destroyer's White House and Justice Department for Funding Violent Revolutionaries, Including a "Community Group" in Bronx, NY That Produced a Rap Video Supporting the Killing of Police Officers

Patriot Commentary, Wednesday, 5/27/2015, 0035 Hours: Patriots, it has been a difficult time these past 9 months or so for this patriot: great emotional sorrow leading probably to a mid-life crisis, topped off with a physical affliction that lasted for 6 weeks which started with the worst sore throat of my life, then a respiratory infection, then a severe allergic reaction to the made-in-India anti-biotic I was prescribed to take(the first time I've had an allergic reaction to an anti-biotic),then the worst suffering ever from Spring allergies, due mainly to a very high pollen count, poor air quality, and a Spring thus far with very high winds and very little rain. Praise, the LORD, the physical affliction has finally ended, for now anyway. Thanks to any of you patriots and Christian soldiers who listen to Patriots Unite Now! on WWCR on Wednesday, frequency 9.350, 1900-2000 EST if you've prayed for my healing and deliverance. I've devoted my remaining patriot energies to that broadcast over this worst time of trial in my life.  I can't remember the last time I've worked on this patriot site, but I hope to stay at it. I've cleaned this page up but have kept some older links and commentaries because of their importance to the patriot cause. Please listen to the PUN! broadcast as often as you can and spread the word about it too. The number of true-patriot broadcasts is few and far between. And for you praying patriots, please keep praying for this patriot and his service to the patriot cause and to the Christian moral order. More importantly, for you Christian prayer warriors, please pray for the Almighty's help in delivering us from the wicked in power over us, mainly those in the US government headquartered in Washington, District of Crime, Corruption and Carnality. I intend to soon join you in imprecating-i.e., asking the Almighty to bring His judgment and wrath upon the wicked Republicrat establishment of power headquartered in DC. Thanks.

A Perfect Marriage for the Corrupt Political and Christian Establishments: "Christian Conservative" Salem Communications Buys Up 4 Republican- Establishment Propaganda Outfits

Another High-Ranking Demoncratic Politician Has Fallen from His Throne: Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber Resigns Over Corruption Allegations(But His Successor Is a Female Bi-Sexual! Get a Load of That!)

New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver("Shelly" to His Many Admirers)Steps Down as Speaker After His Arrest By FBI on Corruption Charges

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Destroyer's Rule: for the First Time Ever, Most Members of the US Congress Are Millionaires

Another Record Gets Broken Under President Destroyer's Rule: Communist China-Red China-Now Owns a Record Amount of US Treasuries

Hell Has No Fury Like a Woman Scorned-Especially a Power-Drunk(No Pun Intended)One Who's the DA in Travis County, TX: She Was Convicted of Drunk Driving While Heading the State's "Public Integrity" Agency, Gov. Little Ricky Perry Asks Her to Resign from Public Integrity Unit(She Doesn't), and Then She Gets Him Indicted for Vetoing Funds for the Agency! But Wait! Little Ricky-a Huge Israel Worshipper Who Said Recently(I Paraphrase), " Let There Be No Light Between Israel and United States"-May Have Legal Problems Too

Christopher Ruddy-CEO of the Neo-Con Magazine Newsmax, Who Persistently Criticized Billy and Hillary Clinton When They Were Co-Presidents- Invites Billy to Speak at a Memorial Service for Neo-Conservative Billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife(Ruddy Even Praises Nelson Mandela)

Well, patriots, we've all heard the expression "A picture is worth a thousand words." And the photo of the 3 men leading off this article delineates the depravity and crassness of the neo-conservative movement in America(neo-con for short, with an emphasis on "con"). The face on neo-con Christopher Ruddy is that of a roly-poly, spoiled-brat clown, a graduate of globalist London School of Economics; the face on Billy Clinton is one of a sickly clown, possibly kept alive by drugs; but the face of H.Yale Gutnick is one of trickery and exploitation. The presumably Jewish H.Yale Gutnick is chairman of Scaife's media company, which means he controls what gets reported and what doesn't at Scaife-owned media; he also was Scaife's lawyer. And since the neo-cons have an Israel-first foreign policy and incredible bias towards Jews, Scaife's media will surely toe the neo-con line when it comes to issues dealing with Israel and America's Jewish population. Gutnick claims Billy and Scaife "shared a mutual love of America." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, the neocons probably have always loved Billy, and Hillary too. Notice the praise from Ruddy for Hillary and even for  communist Nelson Mandela! And notice the praise for Scaife from House Speaker John Boehner! John Boy had nothing but praise for Irving Kristol-the presumed founder and godfather of neo-conservatism-when he croaked a few years ago. So, patriots, the neo-cons are even worse and more dangerous than the liberal fascists who rule us: They pretend they're conservatives, they lie through their rotten teeth when they claim to be conservative, when they're actually anti-patriot, anti-Christ, Israel-worshipping neocons who want to destroy real conservatives and patriots more than the liberal fascists! Ruddy was approached by the Christian establishment during the Clinton years for his investigative reporting on the Clintons. I also met him and spoke with him at a forum on Vince Foster's bizarre death which never was the subject of a real homicide investigation. And the presumed reason why Ruddy never joined forces with the Christian establishment-specifically, the Republican-Protestant wing of the Christian establishment-is Ruddy was homosexual. This has never been confirmed to my knowledge, and I've never come across a report of Ruddy admitting it. Regardless, this lovely affair of Ruddy inviting Billy to speak at Scaife's memorial, of Scaife's Jewish lawyer running Scaife's media company, that lawyer claiming Billy loves America and Ruddy praising Mandela, is stark evidence why the neo-cons are a primary enemy of America. I urge you praying patriots and Christian soldiers to pray that they soon be fully exposed to all Americans so that the infamy they've universally deserved finally comes upon their heads.

Only in Crazy, Chaotic California: So Far This Year, a CA State Senator Has Been Convicted of Voter Fraud and Perjury; Another One Has Been Indicted on Charges of Bribery and Money Laundering; and Now FBI Has Arrested Another One for-Get This!-Gun Trafficking!(BTW, the First One Is Black, the Second One Is Mexican, and the Third One Is Chinese! Yippee! Diversity Rules the "Golden State!")

Another Anti-Patriot/Anti-American Federal Judge "Strikes Down" a State Voter-Identification Law, This Time in WI

Terry McAuliffe-a Hillary Clinton Operative-Is Sworn in as Virginia's New Governor, While It Rains and Thunders with Billy & Hillary Clinton in Attendance(and 10 Days Before, Billy the Red Nose Spoke at the Inauguration of New York City's New Mayor Billy de Blasio-Yet Another Hillary Operative)

Jeffrey Bezos-the Billionaire Jewish Founder and Owner of and Recent Owner of The Washington Post-Lands a $600 Million Contract to Perform Cloud Computing Services for CIA(Patriots, This Case Is Related to Marky Zuckerberg-Another Jewish Billionaire and Co-Founder of Facebook, Which I Believe Is Primarily a CIA Front, Like The Washington Post Under Jeffrey Bezos May Soon Become or Maybe Already Is)

President Destroyer Orders US Flags to Be Flown at Half-Staff-Even for an Entire Weekend-to Memorialize the Death of South African Revolutionary Nelson Mandela-a Demi-God of the Anti-White, Liberal-Fascist Political and Media Establishments in USA(Fortunately, Alex Newman at Exposes Mandela for What He Really Was)

The So-Called Grand Old Party(GOP)Keeps Showing It Isn't Grand at All: Fatso Christopher Christie Is Elected Chairman of Republican Governors' Association(RGA)

And a Freshman Republican Congressman from FL Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Possession and Admits He Suffers from the "Disease" of Alcoholism

How Appropriate:President Destroyer-Almost Certainly the Most Anti-Christian President in US History-Plays Golf at Liberal-Filthy Rich Martha's Vineyard with Larry David-the Jewish Comedian and Seinfeld Co-Creator Who Pissed on an Image of Christ During His TV Show Curb Your Enthusiasm

"Big Sis" Janet Napolitano-Secretary of US Dept.of Homeland Security-Will Soon Resign and Assume Another Position of Power as President of University of California,and the "Search Committee" That Selected Her Was Headed By Hollywood JAP Sherry Lansing-a Former CEO of Paramount Pictures(BTW,Big Sis Is Part-Jewish)

Here's the Mug Shot of Hollywood JAP Sherry Lansing Who Helped Lure Big Sis from DHS to Univ.of California-And She Looks Like US Sen.and Fellow JAP Dianne Frankenstein from California!

More Evidence That Facebook Is a CIA/US Intelligence Front:Max Kelly-Facebook's Chief Security Director-Left Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook to Work for Infamous National Security Agency(NSA)in 2010-and This News Isn't Given Wide Publicity Until Now,in 2013

American Election Law Is...Anti-American:US Supreme Court(SCOTUS)Rules in a 7-2 Decision That National Voter-Registration Act-Passed by a Democratic Congress and Signed into Law By President Billy Clinton in 1993-Forbids States(in This Case,AZ)to Require Proof of US Citizenship on Federal Voter-Registration Forms

Patriots,This Photo Is from the 2009 Funeral of the Fortunately Late Edward("Ted")Kennedy-and It Shows Boy George Seated Between Hillary the Bwitch and Mrs.Boy George Laura Bush-and Next to the Bwitch Is Billy Clinton with His Bulbous Red Nose-and in Front of All of Them Are President Destroyer and Mrs.Destroyer and Former President James Carter and Mrs.Carter(It's All One Big, Happy Family,with Only the Carters Scandal-Free)

At the "Dedication" of George W.Bush Presidential Library(A Boy George Library?! It's Impossible!),President Destroyer and Former Presidents Billy Clinton,Daddy Bush(in a Wheelchair Wearing Purple Socks)and Jimmy the Peanut Carter Have Nothing But Praise for Boy George(in Short,Patriots,This Is Another Sickening Extravaganza of the Lawless, Immoral,Anti-Patriot,Power-Loving Bi-Partisan Presidential Establishment in USA)

GOP Congressional Leaders John Bonehead Boehner(Speaker of US House of Representatives)and Mitch Miller McConnell(Minority Leader in US Senate)Appoint Pro-Amnesty/Cuban-American US Senator Marco Polo Rubio to Give the Republican(and Bi-Lingual)Response to President Abomination's State of the Union Address

Hollerin' Hillary Clinton Gets on Her Broom and Flys Out of Washington,DC's Office of Secretary of State,Replaced By Herman Munster Look-Alike John Kerry(So We Go from a Witch to a Frankenstein in the Office of US Secretary of State!)

For 5 Straight Days After the Idol Worship of King Abraham Lincoln,King Martin Luther King and King Obama at President Abomination's Inauguration Ceremony,an "Arctic Blast" Slams the Midwest,South and Northeast(An Arctic Blast or an Almighty God Blast?)

Jan.21st,in the Year of Our Lord 2013,Is a Day in America That'll Go Down in Infamy:President Abomination Is Sworn in for His Second Term,Placing His Hand on Abraham Lincoln's Bible and Martin Luther King's Bible,on the Neo-Pagan Holiday of Martin Luther King Jr.Day,in Front of the Idol Image of King at National Mall in a Stupendous Display of "Stagecraft"(Or Witchcraft!)

Dangerous Symbolism and Oath-Taking from President Abomination:When He's Sworn in for His Second Term,He'll Place His Evil Hand on 2 Bibles-the One Used By "Honest Abe" Lincoln When He Was Sworn in Way Back in 1861,and the "Traveling Bible" Used By Martin Luther King-and He'll Face the Huge Idol Image of King in Washington,DC When He Takes the Oath

Hi,patriots.The Abomination broke another record at his public coronation:he was the first president to use the word "gay" to describe homos:"...our gay brothers and sisters..." Thus said the Abomination in calling for "equality" for homos.And Mrs.Abomination wore a RED dress that her slobbish admirers in big media had nothing but adulation for.Mrs.Abomination and Hollerin' Hillary have frequently worn RED dresses at special occasions or major political events.RED:as in Communist RED.As in the RED of revolution.Blood-soaked revolution,like the RED flag of the Soviet and Chinese Red armies.Patriots,prepare for more coming out from the neo-bolsheviks in the Abomination administration and for the battles that beckon us this year and probably many more after that.

Hollerin' Hillary-Scheduled to Soon Testify Before Congress About What She Knows About the Killings of Ambassador Stevens et al in Benghazi,Libya-Supposedly Falls at Her Suburban,NY Home and Suffers a Concussion,Thereby Causing Cancellation of Her Scheduled Appearance Before Congress(How Convenient!)

Bob Adelmann at the Light from the Right Blog Asks a Very Important Question,Although It May Be Too Late in the Game:"What Makes Obama Tick?"(Patriots,This Is a Long Column.But It's Must-Reading! The Manchurian Candidate May Very Well Be in the White House! And This Ain't No Suspense Movie! This Is the Real McCoy!)

What Remarkable Symbolism This Photo Is of America's Corrupt,Immoral Political and Church Establishments!:Before the Abomination's Re-Election,Cardinal Timothy M.Dolan-Head of Archdiocese of New York and Chairman of US Conference of Catholic Bishops(USCCB)-Yuks It Up with Abomination and Mormon Mitt at Alfred E.Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York City,Even Sitting Between Them with Ultra-Liberal TV Commentator and Probable Drunk Christopher Matthews Seated Above Them,Yukking It Up Too!

The Abomination and Mormon Mitt Are a Hit at the Al Smith Dinner in New York City-One of the Sickening Slobfests Held By America's Corrupt Political and Religious Establishments During Every Presidential Campaign

Patriot Commentary:a safe and joyous Thanksgiving to all American patriots.As for this patriot,I'm not even getting out of my pjs today,but will be manning this post.I'll be adding some links to this page.I'll be covering and analyzing important news.I still urge patriots to fly their flags at half-staff for the rest of the year to symbolize and communicate with co-patriots the tyranny of liberal fascism that rules us from Washington,DC that was given even more power on Election Day.And of course,the Abomination will have 4 more years to launch his war against America and her resolute patriots.So while I hope the majority of you patriots take some R & R today and maybe tomorrow and the weekend,and we thank the Almighty for all He has given this land,I'll be holding the fort at this post throughout the day and evening.Sometimes fighting the patriot cause is a lonely fight,but it's one I'm committed to nonetheless,until America triumphs over her enemies or she falls to them.

More Post-Election Patriot Commentary: The bad news keeps rolling in for patriots.Here's an election summary:the Abomination was re-elected with 51% of the popular vote.Democrats gained a US Senate seat and as of now,4 US House seats.The anti-patriot Democratic Party also gained 4 state houses.And a combination of various anti-patriots via referenda passed homo marriage in 4 states,legalized pot smoking in CO and WA,passed in-state tuition for illegal immigrants in MD,and voted down a measure in FL to prohibit public money to fund abortions.The best that pathetic GOP could do was gain a governorship in NC.Moreover,voters elected the first practicing Hindu(a female,of course)to the US House(from Hawaii)and-Get this!-a female bi-sexual was elected to the House from AZ.Election Day 2012 will go down in the patriot history books as Black Tuesday.Patriots,let's start preparing now for the worst in 2013 and beyond.

More Patriot Post-Election Commentary:Come January 2013,US Senate will have its first open-lesbian as a member.Incredibly,Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin defeated 4-terms' former governor Tommy Thompson by about 4 points.I spoke with a patriot in WI this morning about how this happened,especially after the state voted to keep GOP governor Scott Walker in office at a recall election.She told me that Tommy started his campaign late and was in a tough primary.And neither he nor his primary opponents mentioned during their campaigns that Baldwin is an open flame.So,Tammy's in Love(a Debbie Reynolds' song)with some other dyke,and now she's going to Washington.She'll fit in very well,and her fellow senators and the pro-homo establishment media will be gushing all over her and her "gayness." I can see her and Hillary getting it on in Hillary's office! And it isn't amazing how 3 of the 4 states where voters legalized sodomy at the altar begin with the letter M:Maine,Maryland and Minnesota?
Here's what quoted The Abomination as saying recently:"George Bush and Karl Rove were smart enough to understand
the changing nature of America"(my emphasis). Abomination was alluding to hispandering so much that the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in US-about 80% of them latinos-should be given amnesty.I underlined his prediction on "...the changing nature of America" because that describes what he and his neo-bolsheviks want to do to our nation:change its nature,"remake America," by,among other means,establishing a Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on US soil.Abomination and his followers and servants will try to accomplish this mainly by "demographic change"-allowing millions upon millions of latinos to enter US-legally and/or illegally-and basically start taking over territory by force of sheer numbers.It's called La Conquista(La Reconquista in the Southwest).Yes,patriots,Boy George and Karl Rove-Boy George's Rasputin-got this ball rolling,but patriots stopped,time after time,their amnesty attempts.But they are comrades with Abomination on this objective to latinize much of US soil.Patriots,Remember the Alamo! Man the parapets! Load and lock!
Also,DJIA has plummted almost 400 points since Abomination's re-election and the anti-patriot Democratic national victory.Patriots,I weep for our country over what has happened and what lies ahead.But if we go down,we don't go down without a fight! Keep flying the USA flags at half-staff! American patriots are in great distress and will almost surely face even greater distress over the next few years! Patriots,let's prepare for the worst! May Almighty God deliver us from this evil and bring us and our country through!

Patriot Post-Election Commentary:More bad news for American patriots keeps rolling in from Tuesday's elections.After voters passed a referendum in 2009 in Maine to ban homo marriage,they returned in 2012 to pass it,52-48% ! The pro-homo forces must've pulled out big lawyers,guns and money(the title of a Warren Zevon song)to persuade enough voters to change their minds from last time and/or some more pro-homo voters have moved into the Pinetree State and tipped the edge for sodomite marriage.And in Maryland,patriots gathered enough signatures to overturn a homo-marriage law passed by the legislature and put it on the ballot earlier this year,only to have it passed by the voters by the same margin as in Maine.And the march of Sodom wafted over to Minnesota,where voters there voted down a state law that banned homo marriage.And in Washington State,homo marriage is also expected to be passed by a majority of voters.So,patriots,the spirit of Sodom triumphed mightily in USA on election day.And a majority of voters for the first time in Puerto Rico voted to become America's 51st state.This still needs to be approved by the US Congress,and the referendum is somewhat complicated;but this is another threat to patriots coming from Puerto Rico and the sell-outs in Washington who will try to make this Spanish-speaking island a US state.As for the election results,Abomination won by 2% and by about 100 electoral votes.The Democrats gained a US Senate seat and are now predicted to gain about 5 seats in US House of Representatives.The only GOP gain is a measly governorship in North Carolina.Patriots,for the most part,evil prevailed in our country on election day,and not just because anti-patriot GOP lost to anti-patriot Democratic Party.My next post on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary will expatiate on this topic of what could be the beginning of the end for our nation.

Patriot Election Report and Commentary:My fellow patriots,here's a basic Election Day summary:the Abomination has defeated Mormon Mitt and has been re-elected to a second term.The Republicans-the so-called Grand Old Party-aren't so grand anymore.In a presidential election that should've been a cake walk for the primary party opposing the Democrats,the best they did was probably pick up a handful of seats in US House of Representatives.And they'll probably lose a Senate seat! Incredible! And they couldn't beat the Abomination that has brought such desolation to our nation and will certainly try to bring even more in his second term?! Pathetic! Disgraceful! On the state level,they'll gain a governorship,maybe two.And maybe a state house or two.This repulsive GOP showing is not just a reflection on their ineffectiveness and stupidity and cowardice,but on a multitude of the voters too! In all the New England states,there will not be one non-Democratic US representative! Not one! And every one is a flaming anti-patriot,anti-Christ liberal! More polling data will be coming in over the next few days to determine just how this travesty occurred,and I'll save more of my patriot fire for then.I'm typing right now from the netbook that has been fixed and upgraded,thanks to Vinny at the local computer store.I've shelled out about $600 in computer repairs over the last 6 months,but the command center is up to snuff and firing away.I'll soon return to my usual Internet schedule of reading the news.I issue this patriot recommendation:on November 7th,in the Year of Our Lord 2012,I urge all American patriots to fly their flags at half-staff as a display of great distress and hardship upon our land with the wretched political system in power over us that gave voters yet another horrible Hobson's choice for president and continues to oppress us.Patriots,hang in there.Our fight has just begun,even though are backs are against the wall.And we're suppossed to get blasted with another bad storm today in New York City,November 7th.God's judgment yet again,especially with Abomination being willingly returned to the White House?

And yet another patriot notice!:I wasn't able to add an update to because of problems with the web host.But,I've decided that when the problems are corrected,I'll add one final post-election update and then take the site down early next year.With the help of the web host,I've removed the Startpage search engine on the home page and have replaced it with a search box that searches this site and the web.I've just tested it and it's working fine.My netbook's OS was corrupted,probably by AVG 2013 Anti-Virus.I should have it back by later this week with Windows 7 replacing Windows XP.So it should be going full blast and operating much more efficiently! Thanks to the local computer-repair shop! My Internet news-reading schedule should be back to normal by then.As for Election Day,it looks like the only candidate I'll be voting for is Virgil Goode-presidential candidate of Constitution Party;there's really no one else for this patriot to vote for this election.With either the Abomination's re-election or Mormon Mitt's election as president,patriots lose.But the congressional races are just as,if not even more,important than the presidential election.So,patriots,please vote if you have patriots and statesmen to vote for this Tuesday.

Here's How America's Racketeer Political Establishment Keeps Qualified Non-Republicrat Presidential Candidates Out of the Televised Debates

Patriots,there's no more shining example of how the Republicrats stack the deck come election time to present only their approved candidates to the voters than Commission on Presidential Debates.And there's no better proof of what a sleazy outfit this is with Frank J.Fahrenkopf its Republican chairman! He's a lobbyist for the casino industry! He works for the likes of ugly duckling Sheldon Adelson! He shills for an industry notoriously linked to the mob! And the Democratic chairman McCurry is a Billy Clinton hack! How are non-Republicrat candidates supposed to poll 15% nationally when they're virtually barred from national debates?! Patriots,breaking the Republicrat stranglehold on American politics will probably take an act of God.Let's hope and pray for that day,ASAP. 

The Maniacs in Control of California's Legislature Never Rest,But at Least Are Thwarted This Time:Democratic Governor Moonbeam Brown Vetoes a Bill That Would've Officially Recognized Children to Have More Than 2 Parents

The Ignorance,Partisanship and/or Immorality of Democratic Party:Only 15% of Democrats Believe That Most of the Current Economic News in America Is Bad

President Abomination Breaks Yet Another Record!:Fatso Benita Veliz Gives a Speech at Democratic National Convention-the First Time an Illegal Immigrant Addresses a National Convention of Either the Democrats or the Republicans

So Catcher's Mitt Romney Picks Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as His Running Mate-That's Paul Ryan,Not Ron Paul! It's a Bloody Headgame Being Played on Us!

Well,patriots,at least Mormon Mitt didn't pick neo-con warmonger Marco Rubio;hopefully "his star" fades far,far away.So why did Catcher's Mitt pick Ryan? As I imply in the link's headline,I firmly believe that Paul Ryan sounds much like Ron Paul,only their names are switched around.Establishment politicians or tycoons who drool for political power quite often play head games with our minds,using subliminal persuasion or symbolism so that they persuade us to think like them without us even realizing it.Mitt and his boys at Bain Capital and elsewhere know they'll need a sizable part of Ron Paul's voters to win in November.So choosing a running mate with a very similar name to Ron Paul will help get their votes,so the strategy probably goes.Also,Ryan is from Wisconsin-the state where the power of public-sector unions was dealt a serious blow(in many ways,for the good of Wisconsin and America,but not in all ways).Ryan also has a reformer reputation and has floated some occasional good ideas.But as this article by Joe Wolverton shows,he's still an establishment Republican-and he'll likely do the bidding of the Pentagon warmongers and the tycoons and buccaneers at Mormon Mitt's Bain Capital before he tries to serve the American people.Patriots,this is just more proof that we'll probably have no one to vote for in the presidential election.But we'll have choices in many congressional and local elections.

At the White House "Iftar"-a Ramadan Meal Started at the White House By Billy Clinton and Continued By Boy George and Now Abomination-the Current President-Obviously an Anti-Christ Pantheist-Has Nothing But Praise for Islam

Hi,patriots.I'm commenting for the first time in quite a while on this page,and here's a good reason why.The Abomination rises-at the White House-to celebrate Iftar-the meal that breaks the fast of the Muslim "holy" month of Ramadan.He lies that Islam has had a strong influence on Christian America when there's no evidence at all to even suggest that.And notice that Billy Clinton started this White House ritual and his successor Boy George continued the ritual that keeps going to the present day.It's all part of the Bush/Clinton dynasty that has ruled the White House and US foreign policy,I believe,since President Reagan was shot in 1981.With powerbitch Hillary as US Secretary of State,the Clinton/Bush dynasty remains in power over us.

Ah.How Nice-Very Nice:Next Week,President Abomination Will Unveil the Portraits of Boy George and Mrs.Boy George at the White House

A "Special Counsel" Report Finds "Intentional" Misconduct by US Justice Dept.Prosecutors During the Trial of Late US Senator Ted Stevens But,of Course,Recommends No Prosecution of the Government Lawyers at "Public Integrity Division"(Ha!)

And Here's One Big,Fat Reason Why Fatso New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Shouldn't Be Ordering Flags to Fly at Half-Staff at Whitney Houston's Funeral

Flags Are Usually Flown at Half-Staff at Public Buildings When Police Officers,Servicemen or Elected Officals Die(Usually While Serving Their Countrymen):But Now,Fatso New Jersey Governor Christopher Christie Will Order Flags Flown at Half-Staff for Whitney Houston-a "Pop Star" Who Drank and Drugged Herself to Death

Patriots,it's just this simple:Fatso Christie shouldn't be ordering flags to be flown at half-staff at Whitney Houston's funeral.She doesn't deserve that recognition.But in a culture that continues to idolize those who shouldn't be idolized,we shouldn't be that surprised.It's all a part of America's moral breakdown and worshipping talented human beings as if they are gods and goddesses walking amidst the everyday rabble.

Jewish-Liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Is Robbed By a Machete-Wielding Man at His Vacation Home...on the Island of Nevis in the Caribbean

What a riot this is,huh patriots?! Billy Clinton-appointed Jewish-liberal SCOTUS justice Stephen Breyer went to his vacation home far,far away from America to get away from it all and wound up threatened by a machete and coughing up a grand to the robber.Right at his vacation home! And what a co-incidence that Ruth Bader Ginsberg-one of the other 3 Jewish Supreme Court justices who looks like she just came out of a horror film as the lead witch-also decided to get away from America and head over to Egypt and Tunisia.She was reportedly involved in an "outreach program" to those countries at the request of Hollering Hillary's State Department(for what kind of outreach is unknown to me).And during a TV interview in Egypt,the witch stated she wouldn't recommend the US Constitution as a guide in writing a new constitution for Egypt,but would recommend the South African constitution.There we have it,patriots:what the communist African National Congress(ANC)did to South Africa,Ginsberg and her ilk want not just for Egypt and Tunisia,but for America too.Imagine a US Supreme Court justice trashing the US Constitution she has vowed to defend.So,2 of the 3 radical-liberal Jews on US Supreme Court recently went abroad-one to vacation and one to "outreach." One to Leeward Islands in the Caribbean,the other to the land of the pharoahs.One got robbed at machete-point and hopefully had his vacation ruined,while the other one was trashing our constitution in a Muslim nation right near Israel.So where's Elena Kagan-the remaining Jewish-liberal on SCOTUS? What a great gift for patriots if all 3 of these anti-patriot justices just left our country and stayed away,whether it's on the island of Nevis or in Egypt or Tunisia or,better yet,Israel.

Will a $10 Million Campaign Contribution from Jewish Billionaire/Casino Mogul Sheldon Adelson Enable Newty Gingrich to Become the Republican Presidential Nominee?

And Here's More on Sheldon Adelson-the Self-Proclaimed "Richest Jew in the World"

Patriots,here we have an example of a tycoon who obviously has no love for the land of his birth,but is devoted to his own ethnicity,even when they're living about halfway around the world.An American-Jew being concerned about Israel' security is one thing; but giving 10 mil of his own dough to a presidential candidate so he can commit one provocation after another against the Palestinians and the Arab/Muslim population living in or near Israel is not just unfair and unjust,but will continue to bring the American people into that Mid-East cauldron when it's really none of our damn business.This ugly,greedy creep Adelson should move to Israel-the nation and people he obviously cares first and foremost about.He lives in America probably just to have access to the corridors of power in Washington to empower and enrich Israel.How typical that this ingrate earns about 90% of his income from his casinos in Asia.And that he's financially enabling Newty Gingrich to stay in the GOP race is more proof of what a Israel Lobby sellout the fat elf masquerading as a conservative is.While patriots have major disagreements with Ron Paul,at least he's the only GOP presidential candidate left standing who's unafraid to stand up to Israel Lobby and, just as importantly,not lower himself to take their money.The New York Times has a lengthy investigative article on Newty's benefactor and empowerer Mr.Adelson,who his anti-patriot pal Gingrich probably affectionately calls "Shelly." I was going to post it on this page,but decided not to because of its length and the fact that we already know enough about "the richest Jew in the world" and what an enemy of America he is.

Finally,Thankfully,Mercifully,Wounded Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Will Resign from Congress

It took me about 7 articles to finally come across one like this which simply reports this news;the other ones were loaded with encomia for "Gabby." And not one of the articles mentioned that federal judge John Roll was one of the 6 killed by suspect Jared Loughner.It's like he never even existed.Gabby has gotten all the attention and encomia since the shootings in Arizona on that horrible day.So finally,in a decision that should've been made not too long after her being shot in the head,Gabby has called it quits so she can further her rehabilitation.She has deprived those she has represented of a voice and a vote in Congress,and that's because she obviously sought desperately to return to her seat of power.And the powers that be still haven't told us why Loughner committed the shootings.The liberal Gabby who has been falsely called a centrist was re-elected last time with only 48% of the vote and defeated her Tea Party challenger by only 1%.And this was in liberal Tuscon! So patriots have a chance to pick up this seat and also the new one to be created due to Arizona's larger population.It is miraculous that Gabby survived the shooting and continues to rehabilitate.Meanwhile,the mystery behind the shootings remains.

David Rubenstein-a Billionaire,an Adviser to Former President Carter,and a Co-Founder of Global Equity Firm Carlyle Group-Chips in a Cool $7.5 Million-Along with the Same Amount from Congress-to Repair the 555-Feet Obelisk Washington Monument

Fat-cat Rubenstein,who worked in the Carter administration,is presumably a Democrat,and co-founded fat-cat global equity firm Carlyle Group(where Daddy Bush,Henry Kissinger and even Osama bin Laden were on the board of directors),is so disturbed that Washington Monument-that hideous phallus of an obelisk that Freemasons erected in 1884 to honor fellow Mason George Washington-was greatly damaged by that earthquake a few months back,that he has decided to drop a cool $7.5 million of his own dough into its repair.And of course,Congress coughed up the same amount with our dough.Ruby has nothing else better to do with his billions than plunk down a few mill to repair one of Washington's most-corrupt symbols of idolatry and the worship of government power.That's probably why Ruby wants it fixed:it's a symbol and a monument to the citadel of power that has made him and his fellow Carlyle groupies incredibly rich.And the corrupt Congress-in debt a cool $15-plus trillion-also shares that attachment to power,so they spend our money and not their own to fix their pagan image.The only tax money that should be spent on Washington Monument is the cost to demolish it.That would be tax money well-spent.

And Now We Have Some Big-City Mayors Hopping on the Homosexual-Marriage Bandwagon

The push to legalize homosexual marriage and to exalt the sin of Sodom just gets more creative every day.Now we have a group of pro-homo mayors who'll try to use their power and influence to persuade states to legalize homo marriage and also to legitimize and normalize homosexuality in general.One would think that homosexuals are a multitude of America's population when they're only about 3% of the population.I believe this is one reason why we're probably living in the so-called "end times"-when the wickedness of man becomes so great that the Almighty finally has enough and brings down His judgment, just like the Bible says He did in the times of Noah when the great flood came and all died except Noah and his loved ones,kept safe in the Ark.Whether one believes that or not,America's moral breakdown continues pell mell,accelerated by anti-Christ lawmakers and government executives.

The Sleazy World of Illinois Politics:Former Democratic Governor Rod "Blago" Blagojevich Gets 14 Years in Prison for Corruption Convictions

How about this corrupt state of Illinois,especially the city ruled by Al Capone and his boys and their successors for so many years? Have things changed that much politically from the days of The Untouchables? I don't think so! "Blago" is the second consecutive IL governor to go to jail-a Democrat and a Republican! He's one of 4 governors in the Land of Lincoln in the last 40 years to go up the river! What a joke this state is! And most importantly,this perennial cycle of corruption won't stop unless patriots form a new political party that's totally and truly independent of the corrupt Democrat and Republican parties in IL.It's no guarantee that this'll end the corruption,but it's a reasonable option and strategy.Just vacillating between donkeys and elephants just re-arranges the chairs,changes the window dressing;it doesn't,it hasn't really changed the substance of the corrupt,power-driven politics of the Windy City and a great deal of the rest of IL.As far as Blago's sentence goes,I think it's a bit excessive;five-seven years would've sufficed for me.And this is the political climate and culture that President Abomination comes from,and Tony Rezkco-one of his top fundraisers-also was recently convicted on corruption charges and got several years in the pen.Maybe he and Blago can be cellmates! In the end,this was very good work by the US attorney in the Chicago area who conducted the investigation,prosecuted the case and earned a conviction.At least one corrupt IL politician is now out of the picture,for now anyway.

Talk About News Media Under-Reporting!:2 Bullets Hit the White House in a Possible Assassination Attempt on President Abomination,But It's Not Being Reported That Way

Patriots,this suspect has now been charged with attempted assassination of President Abomination.But the important question to ask here is:Who under-reported this shooting?: The White House? US Secret Service? US Capital Police? The major Washington,DC news media? Or a combination of all of these? This was first reported as a typical everyday shooting "near the White House" or "in the vicinity of the White House." I think it's obvious that the news of this shooting was deliberately downplayed so as not to frighten or panic the American public.But when the arrest of the suspect was finally made,they couldn't cover it up any more.This is more proof that the corrupt establishment of power in America is getting more scared,more worried of social upheaval and unrest.And the suspect claims Abomination is the Anti-Christ.Now isn't that interesting?

President Abomination's Legal Counsel Refuses to Comply with a Congressional Subpoena on the Solyndra Scandal

Hi,patriots.I'll be making some commentaries on this page on this Sunday evening,Nov.6th.As far as this story goes,should it surprise us? What happens to one of us if we deliberately defy a congressional subpoena? But the Abomination's "legal counsel" tells a committee of US House of Representatives to get lost.It's more proof that not only is Abomination and his gang anti-patriots,but are probably covering up criminal activity over the loan and preferential treatment to "green company" Solyndra.So how will the GOP committee chairman respond to Abomination's lawyer? Probably nothing.Just like Abomination,GOP is already running for re-election in 2012,and those who run the party are probably more concerned with their image and PR than with investigating  possible criminal activity in the White House.This wee scandal has already cost the taxpayers about $600 million.And just like the Fast & Furious gun sting with the Mexican drug cartels,it's more evidence that full-blown criminal activity is occurring in the US government,especially the White House.And that's to be expected,for the Bush/Clinton crime dynasty has run the White House,I believe,ever since Ronald Reagan got shot not too long after his election in 1980.That may have been the dynasty's first hard-core criminal act:attempted assassination of a US president.Green company Solyndra got about 600 mill and went south with the taxpayer loot,and more documentation may prove Abomination even more complicit in criminal activity.My prediction is GOP will just keep issuing subpoenas and Abomination will just keep stonewalling.I hope I'm wrong and something really comes of this to support the patriot cause.But with Washington,DC's track record ever since the Bush/Clinton dynasty seized the executive branch,it's easy to be pessimistic.But patriots musn't give up.We shouldn't sit back or just complain when criminals are in government over us!

And Here's a Photo of the 30-Feet-Tall Graven Image of Martin Luther King(Born Michael King)Glowering Over the Nation's Capital with His Arms Folded,in the Latest Display of American Idolatry

A Sign of the Times:a False Prophet(Joel Osteen),a False Politician(TX.Gov.Rick Perry)and a False Church(Lakewood Church)Celebrate Osteen's New Headquarters

Did Dandy Andy Cuomo Bribe the Sell-Out GOP Senators Who Voted to Legalize Homosexual Marriage?

Thanks to 4 Turncoat Republicans,the Senate in the Empire State Approves "Same-Sex Marriage"

In New York's State Senate,Legalizing the Sin of Sodom at the Marriage Altar May Hinge on 1 Vote

Another Pervert Congressman Resigns:This Time It's Democrat David Wu from Oregon

Human Rights Watch Urges Foreign Governments to Prosecute Boy George,Snarling Dick Cheney,Rummy Rumsfeld and Other Creatures in Boy George's Administration for War Crimes,Claiming the Abomination Administration Isn't Investigating the Crimes

Rupert Murdoch's Rag The News of the World Will Shut Down After This Sunday's Edition

More Sleazy Operations at a Rupert Murdoch-Owned Media Outlet,This Time at UK Tabloid News of the World

Patriot Notice:It's about 8 PM on the 4th of July 2011.I hope all you patriots are safe and sound and enjoying this day which celebrates America's political independence from King George of England,which began in 1776 when some brave men literally put their lives on the line by writing and promulgating the Declaration of Independence.But lest we forget as we celebrate this day and enjoy our day(s)off from our jobs,the Abomination in the White House is our present-day King George;he and his neo-bolshevik cabal seek America's destruction and the defeat of patriotism in our land.I urge you all to keep up the fight against our domestic enemies;it is they who are the primary enemy.Please,every one of us,do something-at least one thing-to fight the patriot cause.I believe we'll prevail if we stay together and all chip in to take our nation back from Abomination and the anti-American/anti-white/anti-Christ Diversity Gang he leads.But regardless,happy birthday to America!

Republican National Committee Appoints the Executive Director of the Homosexual Log Cabin Republicans to Its Finance Committee

Rod "Blago" Blagojevich-a Former Democratic Governor of the Ultra-Corrupt State of Illinois- Is Convicted in Federal Court on Numerous Corruption Charges

An Arrogant Pervert Has Fallen from Power:Monkey- Face Congressman Anthony Weiner Resigns from Congress

Another "Shirtless" Congressman-This Time the Married Jewish-Liberal Anthony Weiner from New York City-Admits He Lied Over Lewd Photos of Himself That He Sent to Numerous Women,But He Refuses to Resign

Hi,patriots.Get a load of this monkey-face Weiner! But what a contrast this case is with GOP congressman Chris Lee from New York,who almost immediately resigned after his shirtless photo to a paramour went public;and his seat was won by a Democrat in a heavily GOP district.But sleaze ball and sex pervert Weiner arrogantly announces he won't resign because he obviously loves his seat of power and doesn't want to leave it.He's a typical flaming liberal from the Big Apple.And that he has brought such disrepute on an already disreputable US House of Representatives is irrelevant to him.To her credit,Nancy Pelosi has announced she favors an ethics investigation into monkey-face.But one isn't needed,for he has already admitted he lied about the kinky photos,insulting everyone,himself included.But like a bunch of degenerates re-elect time after time Barney Frank-a homosexual Jewish congressman from the Bay State who admitted to running a homosexual prostitution ring out of his DC apartment-monkey-face Weiner would probably be re-elected too,although he could face a primary challenge,probably from a feminist Democrat.Anyway,shirtless congressman Anthony Weiner joins former shirtless congressman Chris Lee-both from the Empire State-as sterling examples of the type of lowlifes in the US Congress.

What This Patriot Predicted Would Happen Right After the 2010 Elections Has Happened:GOP House Speaker John Boehner-Mr.Weepy with the Perennial Suntan-Has a Golf Date with President Abomination on June 18th

I feared this,patriots! I just knew this eventually would happen sometime after the 2010 elections! The GOP speaker/avid golfer with the perennial suntan will yuk it up with Abomination on the links! So what's his purpose? What is Mr.Boehner-known in some circles as Mr.Weepy because of his frequent crying outbursts over certain political issues-trying to accomplish? And what about the Abomination? What is he trying to accomplish? Are they both trying to show us and the world that they seriously want to co-operate on America's fiscal dangers? What Boehner should do is simply tell the truth:Abomination doesn't really want to cut the deficits or the national debt,but wants to bankrupt us for his neo-bolshevik purposes! His actions show he wants to bleed us dry! And now they'll be all this media hoopla over their golf game,over who'll win or lose.What childish nonsense this is,while America is falling apart.And what a propaganda victory for Abomination and his gang if he beats the GOP Speaker of the House!

Very Nice:US Political and Defense Officials Roll Out the Red Carpet for Communist China's Military Leader,Giving Him a "Getting to Know You" Tour of US Military Bases.Very Nice.

Mostly Good News for Patriots:Michael "Gomer Pyle" Huckabee Won't Run for the GOP Presidential Nomination in 2012,as He Prepares to Move Into His $2.2 Million Beach-front Home in His New Home State of Florida

Shazam,shazam,shazam! The Gomer Pyle of contemporary US politics has decided to spare us and not seek the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.And why should he run? He's got it real nice,thanks to Rupert Murdoch and his guys and gals at Fox News Channel,giving Gomer his own TV show and making him a rich man who now moves away from his home state of Billy Clinton's Arkansas into his multi-million-dollars beach house in the Sunshine State.So the smooth-talking, establishment-GOP propagandist joins fat-face MS governor Haley Barbour in dropping out of the presidential race.This is great news for patriots,as 2 anti-patriot suck-ups for the corrupt GOP Beltway establishment probably realized the heat and scrutiny from patriots and Tea Partiers would make them too embarrassed and too uncomfortable.Good.However,Gomer will still be shazamming a lot of gullible people with his radio and TV propaganda,while Barbour may run for US Senate in the future.Still,this is,for now,a positive development for the patriot cause.

Patriots,Don't Rejoice That Canada Now Has a "Conservative" Majority in Parliament:Their Prime Minister and Leader Stephen Harper Is a Neo-Con

Just look at the insipid face of Canada's neo-con leader.Just look,patriots,at his governance.He won't lift a finger about the Great White North's liberal abortion laws,homosexual marriage;he even bragged about raising immigration levels even during recession.But he sure is a hawk on the War on Terror! and a bosom buddy of Israel's highly immoral government.He has even ordered Canadians to fight and die in Afghanistan.Here's a lesson for us,patriots:this is what the anti-patriot/anti-Christ neo-cons want to do in America,by making lapdog saps like Harper take over the leadership spots in GOP and extrude conservatives and patriots,or at least just ignore them.So now in Canada,there's no conservative party;there's a neo-conservative party(Harper's),and liberal and left-wing parties.And this is the fate that awaits us in America if the Tea Party allows itself to be co-opted by establishment Republicans and just becomes a fiscal-conservative movement and not a patriotic,anti-establishment movement.

Poor,Poor President Abomination:Despite All His Blatant Hispandering,His Approval Rating Among Latinos Hits a New Low at 47%

Conservative-Republican John Ensign-a US Senator from NV-Facing an Ethics Investigation,Will Resign from the Senate

Sidney Harman-the Recent Owner of Newsweek Magazine and Husband of Former CA Congresswoman Jane Harman-Kicks the Bucket from Leukemia at 92

The Laundry List of Convictions of Corrupt Former Government Officials Involved With Another "Off"(as in Madoff):Jack Abramoff

Yes,patriots,Christian soldiers,this "off"-a Russian name suffix meaning "son of"-was plying his evil trade about the same time the other "off"-Uncle Bernie Madoff-was plying his evil trade.Abramoff means son of Abram-father of the Hebrews.Indeed,Old Jack pleaded for some leniency at his trial so he could practice whatever form of Judaism he was practicing.One of his evil acts against Christians was taking money that was supposed to help evangelical groups and instead went to Jewish settlers in Israel.Notice all the corrupt former officials listed here who were part of Jack's evil schemes.A good patriot achievement in law enforcement has brought Abramoff and Madoff and their accomplices to justice.And this article is a thorough listing of the rogues gallery who've been brought to some justice for their crimes with Old Jack.But notice,patriots,how this case of sleazy government corruption has pretty much disappeared from the major stories;they want us to forget about Jack and his accomplices to protect their corrupt system.But at least these rogues have been exposed and brought to account.

Did High-Level Officials in US Dept.of Justice Knowingly and Willingly Arm Mexican Drug Cartels?

Hi,patriots.I've been away again for longer than I've wanted to with the commentaries.I remember when I fired this patriot site up almost 2 years ago,I almost always posted a commentary on the same day or the day after to most of the links on the Current News page.But there's just so much going on,with such frequency,rapidity and intensity,that it's literally impossible to keep up with everything I want to.Rest assured that I'm doing the best I can,at least most of the time.As for Operation Fast and Furious,or Operation Gunrunner,President Abomination isn't called what he is for nothing.Like the scripture quotes Christ as saying,"...the abomination that makes desolate." This is either another dangerous sting operation that may have run amok like the OKC bombing in 1995,or it was something else either by itself or in conjunction with Operation Gunrunner,like some anti-patriots or neo-bolsheviks in Abomination's Justice Dept.who deliberately want to assist the Mexican drug cartels for the purposes of sowing as much chaos as they can in our country so they can pick up the marbles after the smoke clears.Let's see if the GOP judiciary committee in the US House,which has oversight over DOJ,conducts a serious investigation into this caper.Real political warfare may be on America's front door,but this is a necessary and long overdue patriot fight.

Gerry "the Chin" Ferraro-the First Female Vice- Presidential Candidate and a Hardcore Feminazi- Dies at 75 from Blood Cancer and Is Praised By Daddy Bush and Sarah the Princess Palin

Are Some Republicans in the AZ Legislature Giving Up the Fight Against Illegal Immigration in Their State?

The Republican State Government in Mormon Utah Votes to Make Utah the First Sanctuary State for Illegal Immigrants.Patriots in Other States:Boycott Utah!

The Chairman of Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)Accuses Republicans of "Manufacturing Tension" Between Black Americans and Illegal Immigrants

Breathalyzer Machines Used By the Philadelphia,PA Police Dept.Gave Over 1,000 Incorrect Readings in DUI Cases

Thanks to some good work by a defense lawyer,hundreds,possibly thousands,of people wrongly convicted of "DUI" will be compensated;but probably in most of their cases,the damage has already been done.This soft-core liberal-fascist police state that has besieged America for about the last 20 years or so has given us these draconian DWI/DUI laws and checkpoints that have virtually terrified people about getting arrested for being .oooo1 over the blood-alcohol limit.A lot of people who were cold sober when given a test failed anyway because of these faulty calibrations in the Philly P.D..And it has probably happened in a lot of other places too,leading to restricted,suspended or revoked driver's licenses,mandatory DWI/DUI classes,inter alia.These laws and tests have gone way overboard,and it's time to rein a lot of them in to help roll back the liberal-fascist police state in our country.

Sarah the Princess Palin Makes Her First Trip to Israel-the Country She Calls "Our Ally"-and Meets With Prime Minister "Bibi" Netanyahu

A Female Judge in WI Blocks the Recently Passed Public-Unions Law from Taking Effect,Saying the Legislature Violated an Open-Meetings Law

2 Liberal "Reporters" Formerly at Time and The Washington Post Are Now Working for President Abomination and VP Biden.How Brazen of Them!

Barack Abomination Appoints the First Male/ First Out-of-the-Closet Homosexual to the Position of Social Secretary to the President & Mrs.Abomination

A Liberal Democratic Congressman from OR Thinks He's a Tiger!

The Widow of Murdered Pentagon Analyst John Wheeler Claims Her Husband Was Slain By a Hitman

President Abomination's "Army"

2 Liberal Moron US Senators-Including One of 2 Dicks in the Senate-Urge Major League Baseball to Ban Players from Chewing Smokeless Tobacco

What idiots and hypocrites these 2 clowns are:rat-face Lautenberg(about 90-years-old)and Tricky Dick Durbin-one of 2 Tricky Dicks in US Senate(the other being Tricky Dick Lugar from Indiana).With all the problems our country is dealing with,these 2 boobs take the time and effort to try and get smokeless tobacco banned in pro-baseball,claiming it sends a bad message to kids.And where have these long-term liberal senators been during the age of steroids in baseball?! Looking at all these bloated bodies and bloated heads on the diamond,doesn't that send a bad message?! Why haven't these sanctimonious liberal slobs called for a full-blown US Justice Dept.criminal investigation into the distribution,sale and use of illegal drugs in baseball?! But-Horrors!-smokeless tobacco! What a terrible message these brutes who chew it are sending to our youngens! Lousenberg and Tricky Dick are arrogant pansies! And,patriots,get a load of this:the commissioner(Selig),the union head(Weiner),the vice-president and maybe even the AP reporter of this article have Jewish surnames.In a country that's only about 2% Jewish? Oy vey! I forgot:And Sen.Lousenberg is Jewish! Oy,oy vey!

The Convicted Murderer of Congressional Intern Chandra Levy Is Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison:But Is He Really Guilty?

Patriots,I firmly believe this guy isn't guilty.Almost 10 years after Chandra Levy's murder,they come up with this guy to convict,even without a single witness and no DNA or forensic evidence.But the jury had 9 women on it,and this may have been one reason for this very suspicious conviction.The Condit/Levy affair was all the rage for day after day-and then 9-11 hit.And the sordid,mysterious murder was pretty much forgotten for a long time.The Levy case was a screw-up from day one,and I'm sure that a lot of ugly secrets were and remain covered up to this day.Gary Condit was a California congressman whom Levy worked for as an intern.At first the married Condit denied any sexual relationship with Levy,but eventually admitted he had one.He was subpoenaed to testify at the grand jury investigation into Levy's murder,but sent an aide instead who told the jury he was too busy to respond to the summons! The inept Washington,DC police force botched the investigation from the beginning.And yes,I'm close to convinced the real killer or killers are still on the loose.I also believe Levy was involved herself in something underhanded,or maybe knew something she wasn't supposed to know.Her murder is one of many,especially during the rule of the Bush/Clinton dynasty,that remains a deep,dark mystery.And this fall-guy conviction makes it even deeper and darker.It's more proof that District of Criminals is a dangerous,crime-infested place,where evil dwells.But,I forgot to write that the convict is an illegal immigrant!

A 2-Terms,Married Republican Congressman from New York State Abruptly Resigns Over a Craig's List Dalliance With a Woman in Maryland

How dumb can this guy be?! Going on Craig's List to solicit a babe,not thinking he would be outed? He probably had the immunity complex that afflicts so many in DC:"Nothing can happen to me! I'm a congressman!" Or is it possible he was set up for some reason? Anyway,this is another bad sign for the new GOP majority in the House.And this seat is probably now in-play.I think Mr.Lee had a pretty conservative voting record in the few years he had been in Congress.At least he had the decency to resign and hopefully pick up the pieces in his personal life and with his family.

More Evidence Emerges That "Western powers" in the Late 1990s(That Includes the Billy & Hillary Clinton Administration)"Knowingly Ignored" the Organized-Crime Acivities of the Albanian-Muslim Leaders They Supported in the Serbia-Kosovo War

Patriot-conservative magazine The New American( many articles and I believe at least one cover story on the thugs who ran KLA-Kosovo Liberation Army-during and after the Balkan wars in the late 1990s.The "Western powers" alluded to in this article on a Brussels-based website are mainly Billy & Hillary Clinton and Tough Tony Blair from UK.According to this NATO report,they "knowingly ignored" hard evidence that Mr.Thaci was a thug-a dope dealer,a smuggler of human organs and possibly even a murderer.But they supported him anyway for the sake of "stability." Corrupt governments love that word,for if things are stable,they stay in power,protected from the masses.The US/UK attack on the Serbian people was I think the biggest crime of the Billy & Hillary administration.They ordered their goon general Wesley Clarke to bomb Serbia and kill thousands of its civilians.And how fitting that "Ambassador" Richard Holbrooke-the one dispatched to the Balkans by Billy/Hillary who sided with the Muslims of Bosnia and Kosovo against the Orthodox Serbs,even though both sides were committing atrocities-recently died from a bursting heart vessel.He didn't know about Thaci being a thug and he didn't know about his secret backer who's still in parliament while Thaci is still Kosovo's prime minister? And who prevented former UN prosecutor Carla del Ponte from investigating Thaci and his gang over the organ-smuggling charges and for what reason(s)? The editors of The New American have been proven right for exposing Thaci and his thugs.And where was the MSM in America? They didn't know about Thaci either? Billy,Hillary,Holbrooke,Tough Tony are probably guilty of war crimes in the Balkans during that horrible civil war.And three of them can still be charged if more evidence like that cited in this article is produced.Patriots,this is another reminder that hard-core criminals occasionally get into governments.And in this case,they were supported by criminals in the US government.

Ho Hum,Ho Hum:Office of Special Counsel Finds the Boy George Administration Violated the Hatch Act From 2001 to 2007

One of the overt signs of a corrupt government is when high-ranking members of it violate its own laws and then go unpunished.Hatch Act makes a lot of sense in that it bars federal employees from using resources provided by the taxpayer to engage in political campaigns or in party operations or activities.The Boy George administration violated this act for almost the entire time they were in office,but we don't learn about it until 2 years after they leave office.And they don't have to worry about being booted from office for violating the act because they're not in office anymore.How convenient! This I think is the important question:During all the years that Boy George's boys and girls were violating Hatch Act,this so-called Office of Special Counsel didn't know about it? Come on!

The Appeals Court in the Land of Fruits & Nuts Sides With the Pro-Illegal-Immigrant San Francisco Government When It Released an Illegal Immigrant Who Later Murdered a Father and His 2 Sons

Of course the San Francisco government is liable! They're criminally negligent! They should've turned this mutt over to immigration agents as soon as they had him in custody! But the same type of radical anti-patriot Democrats who let him go in San Fran are the judges who absolved them of any liability or accountability.The city named after St.Francis is now Sodom By the Sea,and they call themselves a "sanctuary city." Sanctuary means a "sacred place." So,San Fran and about 40 other US cities are havens for invaders and lawbreakers! This may be hard for many Americans to stomach,but to us patriot realists,we know that enemies of America are in power over us.And this latest court decision covering up for pro-criminal lawmakers in San Fran is proof of that.

A Woman Murders a FBI Agent and Gets Only 16 Years in Prison!

Patriots,especially in FBI and law-enforcement in general,must be fuming over this sickening sentence.This crackshot-murderess takes the life of a FBI agent and gets only 16 years! While her husband,who didn't kill anyone,gets 25 years! And this is the first time I heard of this case.Some other reports I read basically sum up this case as an early-morning raid on a house to arrest a drug-dealer couple.They announced who they were and weren't let in by the husband,so they used a battering ram to break down the front door.When SA Hicks squeezed through the heavy doors,the murderess fired down on him from a stairway landing with a .38 and the bullet entered him from just above his vest.Murderess claimed that she didn't know they were lawmen and was just protecting her kids from trespassers.Bunk! Murderess and her husband were dope dealers! She even had coke in her system when she committed the murder! So how did this sick plea bargain give her such a hideously low sentence?! I smell a rat! I hope that patriots in FBI and US Justice Dept.(if there are any left in the Abomination Justice Dept.)appeal this joke of a sentence and get to the bottom of it.Maybe there was just a warped sense of compassion on a murderess with kids! Some mother!

Stanley Levison and Clarence Jones:the Men Behind Martin Luther King Jr.

Patriots,Christian soldiers,one of the signs of a nation imploding is when men are worshipped as demi-gods,and this is what has happened to America with Martin Luther King Jr.Day.Yes,King's activism helped end segregation in the South,and that was a good thing;segregation was a horrible injustice.But for a slew of reasons,this guy doesn't even come close to having a federal holiday named after him;it's outrageous and,I believe,blasphemous.I'll be blogging on King soon;there's just to much on his background to cover in this commentary.But this article on two of Mr.King's major operatives says much about him,especially Mr.Levison,who was King's speechwriter and a major fund-raiser for King's social activism.He supposedly left US Communist Party around 1956,but this has never been proven.And he joined the commies in the mid 1930s,when Uncle Joe Stalin had already murdered about 10 million Ukrainians in a forced famine that was organized and expedited by Jewish commissar Lazar Kaganovich(Kaganovich in Russian means Son of Kagan,as in Jewish Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan).And he was also murdering his political opponents in droves or imprisoning them in gulags.That's right:Martin King's speech-writer was in league with mass-murderer Uncle Joe Stalin.And there's a ton of FBI surveillance tapes on King that were ordered sealed for I believe 50 years by a federal judge,obviously to keep much unpleasant truth about King secret.Patriots,I hope none of you are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.Day.It was a sad day in our land when President Reagan,under Daddy Bush's pestering,signed the bill that made it a federal holiday.Celebrating the end of legal segregation? That's a good idea.But we don't need to idolize a man who has been turned into a demi-god and who Diversity Gang demands we worship him like the Roman emperors demanded the people they ruled to worship the pagan gods of the empire.

A Dept.of Homeland Security Memo Tries to Link New Century Foundation-Publisher of One of the Patriot Resources Listed on This Website-With the Tuscon,AZ Shooting Suspect

Patriots,here we have more evidence that President Abomination's administration is our enemy.So-called Department of Homeland Security was given to us by Boy George and the 2001/2002 Congress.And now it's run by Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano.This DHS memo tries to link New Century Foundation and its monthly newsletter American Renaissance to the maniacal Tuscon gunman.This is how neo-bolsheviks operate:they try to condemn entire groups of people and organizations by blaming them for crimes that they had absolutely nothing to do with.They do this to get as many people as possible to hate them and possibly commit violence against them and/or prosecute them in a star chamber.So they have this non-profit foundation under surveillance.And they may even have this obscure patriot site under surveillance too! Along with a lot of other patriot sites and conservative sites! Patriotism to these neo-bolsheviks is an enemy to be at first ignored,then maligned,and then fought against.I've subscribed to American Renaissance since it started publication about 21 years ago.When I fired this patriot site up about 2 years ago,I listed it on the list of information sources at this site's Patriot Resources page.While the language is occasionally rough and too generic and stereotypical in its commentaries on racial issues,it has never promoted or condoned violence,advocated hatred towards any race,and certainly isn't "anti-Semitic"-a fancy phrase meaning anti-Jewish.Its editor Jared Taylor has posted an excellent reply to this DHS memo on the website of Homeland Security? Baloney! Under anti-patriots Barack Abomination,Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano,Boy George Bush and alien-looking Michael Chertoff,it's primarily a Department of Anti-American Security!

Happy New Year,Illinois:a Lame-Duck Democratic State Legislature Passes the State's Largest-Ever Tax Increase With Less Than 12 Hours to Go in the Lame-Duck Session-and the Democratic Governor Breaks a Campaign Promise and Signs the Increase Into Law

Hey,patriots,get a load of this Democratic lame-duck General Assembly in Illinois! I spent,possibly wasted, about 2 hours this past Sunday looking for a report on this sleazy act which contained the important background information;this column on American was the best I could do.So here's what these low-life,2-legged-rat Democrats did in the Land of Lincoln:with only about 12 hours to go until a new state government was to be sworn in and a lot of incumbents were to leave,they passed the largest-ever tax increase on personal income and on businesses in Illinois history;and the governor signed it the next day,breaking his promise or deliberately lying during the election campaign not to sign a tax increase of more than 1%(the bill he signed contains a 2% increase).While GOP gained many seats in the November elections,they didn't get enough to take either state house.So the people of Illinois now know just how treacherous the average Democratic state legislator is and how corrupt the state Democratic Party is;and the state GOP is pretty bad too,but not as bad as the donkeys.Another positive to come from this despicable act is several GOP state lawmakers are considering banning lame-duck sessions.Bravo! I recommended the same bloody thing on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary around the time of the congressional lame-duck that passed a repeal of DADT and tried to pass an illegal-immigrant amnesty! These bastards in both parties can't be trusted with lame ducks! It provides them with a powerful weapon to assault patriots and the citizenry! Good luck to those GOP lawmakers in their patriot endeavor to ban lame ducks in Illinois and we need to do it in Congress too! Let's cheer them on! Go,patriots,in Illinois!

More Interesting Background on Wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

There's way too much on the Tuscon shootings to comment on here;it'll be covered in the next post on this site's blog A Patriot's Diary.It's pretty obvious by now that we're not being told the whole story,either on the crime scene or on the backgrounds of the shooter and some of his victims.The first comment on this article is very interesting,in that Giffords met Mark Kelly-her husband of 3 years-while participating with this group National Committee on US-China Relations.Here's a US Navy captain-pilot and NASA astronaut working with a US-China committee along with a US congresswoman? Notice,patriots,the internationalist educational background of the congresswoman,with her degree in Latin American studies and being a Fulbright scholar and sitting on an international committee.What's this committee's purpose? And why was federal judge Roll at that location? Was he making an appearance with Giffords? And is there a possible connection with the murder of Pentagon analyst John Wheeler III in Delaware,where the medical examiner hasn't yet revealed the cause of death? An interesting theory has been offered by William H.Kennedy( psycho-killer Jared Lee Loughner carried out a hit/attempted hit for a powerful Mexican drug cartel that may have wanted Giffords and Roll out of the picture for cracking down on the drug trade.Regardless,patriots,there's a lot more to the Tuscon massacre that we're not being told.I think the political/news-media establishment doesn't want to frighten us about these possibilities and is trying to keep us in the dark.Let's keep on this case and network with each other,so we can learn as much of the truth as possible about the horrible crime in Tuscon.

Some Interesting Background on Jewish Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Patriots,there's a lot to comment on concerning Ms.Giffords' background.I find it interesting how a reform Jew has the Scottish surname of Giffords-or Son of Gifford.And get a load of her chutzpah-a Yiddish word meaning "supreme self-confidence,gall,nerve"-in claiming that it's one's "best bet" to seek out a Jewish female to solve a problem.Oy vey! And here's a female rabbi heading the Reform temple she occasionally attends and being Gabrielle's "spiritual advisor." And of course,Ms.Giffords was quoted in an article as basically warning America that "we must" ensure Israel's "long-term security." I think I read that on one of the articles I've posted,but that quote may have been pulled from the article or I may have read it from another article.And get a load of this:She gets married for the first time about 3 years ago,to an Irishman with 2 kids from his first marriage,with the female rabbi officiating at the wedding! And this guy was a US Navy pilot and is now an astronaut! What a crazy world we're in! An Irishman Navy pilot/astronaut getting married to a Reform Jewish feminist in a Reform synagogue headed by a female rabbi! Patriots,while I'm not sadistic or cold-hearted enough to smile or rejoice at this attempted murder of Congresswoman Giffords and her serious wound from the hand of a young man who's obviously deranged,I'm not crying about it either.For she's another Jewish liberal-feminist in a position of power in our country,who has voted for amnesty for illegal immigrants(she majored in Latin American studies in college),vociferously opposes SB 1070,and voted for Obamacare.In other words,as a congresswoman from Arizona,she's an enemy of America and the Grand Canyon State.Of course,this doesn't in any way justify the horrible act perpetrated against her and the other victims.And my attitude may very well be ill-timed to express at this point,but I've chosen to express it after some thought.And there may well be a lot more on this shooting that hasn't been revealed yet.

Julian Assange Tells BBC That Several People Affiliated With Wikileaks Have Been Murdered

And More Good News:the Senate Fails to Proceed on Repealing the "Don't Ask,Don't Tell" Policy That Bans Open Homosexuals From Serving in US Armed Forces

But a Patriot Victory in the Senate Is Followed By a Patriot Defeat:Don't Ask/Don't Tell Is Repealed,Thus Opening the Door for Homosexuals to Enlist and Remain in US Armed Forces

Anti-patriots in US Senate were beavering away on a Saturday nonetheless to continue waging war on America.They failed with DREAM but prevailed with repealing DADT.Now,open flames can enlist in and stay in US Armed Forces-just another thing to try and destroy our country's military morale and try and destroy America's Christian morality.Tony Perkins at this Christian-establishment group Family Research Council is only partly right in claiming that Democrats were just pandering to homo activists.This is primarily about legitimizing and exalting the wicked sin of Sodom! And get a load of the photo accompanying the article of the 3 ugly men:Harry Reid,in between always-constipated-looking Uncle Joe Lieberman and light-bulb-head Carl Levin.All in the service of anti-Christ,in trying to stuff sodomy down the throats of a still-overwhelmingly-Christian people.Much of the US military comes from Dixie,and everyone knows that the Bible Belt will resist this attack on the military every way they can.If they fail or are prevented from opposing it or not complying with it,they'll probably leave the military.And those who want to enlist will be discouraged from doing so.What a dreadful thought:An all-homo US military! Maybe that's what our enemies want! Finally,ultra-liberal Senator Ron Wyden-another of the ugly ones-from Oregon was scheduled to be operated on for prostate cancer on the Monday right after this vote on Saturday was held.He rose to the Senate floor to urge the sin of Sodom be accepted in US Armed Forces,and of course,he also voted for DREAM.How sickeningly evil of this creep to vote for in the Senate on 2 anti-patriot bills just 2 days before his cancer operation.Yes,patriots,such is the evil of most in US Senate.And what a co-incidence that of the 4 senators I mentioned in this commentary,3 of them are Jewish.And they and the rest of the Jewish senators have,to my knowledge,nearly identical voting records,just like they voted on DREAM and DADT.But next year will be different;just how different we don't know as of now.

Bribery Charges Against Dick Cheney Are Dropped By the Nigerian Government in Exchange for a $250 Million Fine

Wow! What a cover-up! Here's the previous vice-president of United States about to be formally charged with bribery by a foreign government,and it barely gets a blip on the major-media radar screen;but The Telegraph in London,England runs a major story on it.Patriots,here's an example of MSM(Mainstream Media)covering up for America's corrupt political establishment by under-reporting this story or not reporting it at all.It looks like Cheney and Haliburton made a deal to make a nice lump-sum payment to the Nigerian government to forget the whole thing.Very nice.Thank God we have the Internet,so we can go outside the US MSM and get alternate national and international news and commentary.Cheney seems to have a thousand lives.

It's Official:Former Vice-President Cheney Is Charged With Bribery By the Government of Nigeria

Isn't this something:The previous US vice-president gets officially charged with bribery by an anti-corruption unit of Nigeria's government and it gets hardly any major-media coverage! Cheney would probably never face justice in America for all his hijinx because he's so powerful and well-connected.After all,he's a former CFR director and Boy George's right-hand man.Remember that "accident" when he was veep where his business associate got shot when they were on a hunting trip in Texas? Of course,getting his fat carcass which has suffered so many heart attacks that I lost count over to Nigeria for trial will be probably impossible.But that he has been exposed like this is important.I realize that Nigeria's government isn't the most-efficient and reliable out there,but they are supposedly trying to root out corruption.That's never easy in Africa.

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney Will Be Charged Next Week in Nigeria on Bribery Charges

PATRIOT ALERT:218 Anti-Patriots in the US House of Representatives Have Just Passed the DREAM Act Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants! Please Take Patriot Action Tomorrow When the Bill Goes to the US Senate Tomorrow Morning!

Well,patriots,if there's anything to kick my ass back into writing commentaries again on this Current News page,this is it! I'm back! Here we have this criminal,immoral,corrupt Congress-in a lame-duck session where about 60-80 "representatives" had nothing to fear over this vote because they're not returning to Congress in January-voting to give amnesty to about 2 million illegal immigrants.It was sickening to see that evil bitch Nancy Pelosi get on the House floor and urge passage of a pro-criminal bill.It was equally sickening to see Democrat majority leader Steny Hoyer slobbering over his good friends the illegal immigrants with a load of sentimental goo and claptrap.And he cited 2 Republicans who urged an amnesty vote:Michael Gerson-a CFR member and former speech writer for Boy George Bush-and Boy George's brother "Jeb"(John Ellis Bush),who,of course,is married to a Mexican woman,went to college in Mexico,and speaks Mexican-Spanish better than English.Patriots,make no mistake:these power-loving slobs are enemies of America,much more so than any Muslim "terrorist." And the GOP counterpart House leaders-presumptive Speaker and current minority leader John Boehner and presumptive majority leader and current minority whip Eric Cantor-were nowhere in sight during the debate.Maybe Boehner was working on his golf game while Cantor was in temple.Bill Gheen at ALIPAC US sent out an e-mail,claiming that GOP leaders may have sold us out by cutting an amnesty deal in exchange for President Abomination's surrender on the Boy George tax cuts.Patriots,this could be the beginning of the end for our once-great nation.This amnesty bill is scheduled to be voted on Thursday morning between 9:30 and 11:00.I implore you to contact your 2 US senators and urge them to vote NO! on this DREAM! If you don't know their Washington numbers,you can call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your senators by name.Or you can e-mail them by going to the senate website at and scroll down the roster of senators' names.I also recommend contacting the senate leaders.The Democrats Reid and Durbin are almost-certainly hopeless,but the GOP's McConnell and Kyl will at least listen and consider.McConnell is minority leader and his phone # is 202-224-3135.Kyl is minority whip and his # is 202-224-2708.The vote will be on "cloture," which means to end debate on a bill and proceed to a direct and final vote.60 votes are needed to invoke cloture.So all that patriots need is for 41 senators to vote No on cloture.Please,patriots,take the time to get involved.Our country is in danger of becoming like a south-of-the-border banana republic in about 10 years time.Yes,it's that late in the hour.Pray that the Almighty delivers us from this evil.

In England,Not Even the Royal Family Is Safe From Street Violence Over College-Tuition Rate Hikes

The thing feared most by establishment politicians and rulers is violence against them by the people they rule.Here we have a "royal couple" being attacked in their chauffeured automobile while going to theater in jolly ol'England.While it's always good when corrupt governments get a good scare thrown at them every once in a while,these riots are really pathetic.All this violence and mayhem because college tuition rises?! The anger is understandable,but not their methods in expressing that anger.It shows how much rage is pent-up in many college students,waiting for the slightest spark to set them off,thanks in large part to indoctrination and incitement from many of their professors.I think that what's important for US patriots to react to here is that the mother country's fiscal dangers are leading to social unrest and instability.And the same thing may be headed here,and I recommend we prepare for it.After all,the US government is in just as bad if not worse financial shape than London!

Has the Russian Government Restarted the Cold War?

Patriots,I think the answer to the question is yes.We had that Rusky spy ring busted up here a few months ago,treated rather cavalierly by the establishment media.We had the downing of the plane carrying Polish government officials in Russia which is looking more like the Ruskies shot it down(the Polish government is supposed to issue a report in January on the crash),a Wikileaks cable cites a US diplomat in Russia claiming that much of the Russian government is infiltrated or run by organized crime,and now we have an aide to a UK MP caught spying for Moscow.I think the bolsheviks,along with other professional criminals,are running the Russian government,to a large degree anyway.What do you think?

One Big Reason the Powers That Be(TPTB)Hate Wikileaks:It Exposes a Lot of Secrets and Dirty Laundry of Corrupt Governments

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Is Wanted By Interpol Over a Resurfacing Rape Allegation in Sweden

Patriots,I smell a rat.It's pretty obvious that TPTB in US,UK and other big-power governments are furious at Assange for exposing some of their dirty laundry.So they get a babe or two to charge him with rape or attempted rape.However,federal law may have been broken with some of the Wikileaks disclosures.If that's the case,then there should be prosecutions.But the US political establishment wants Assange's head on a platter not because he may have broken federal law(Congress and the White House does it all the time!),but because he has exposed a lot of their secrets that show them up to be liars,deceivers or adumbrators.There have been some reports that one of these babes is a CIA groupie.Who knows? This is the sordid world of powerful governments,international diplomacy and cloak-and-dagger operations.And at times it's difficult to know who's telling the truth and who's not.

Johnny Boy McCain Bids Farewell to His "Good Friend":Recently Defeated Ultra-Liberal Senator Russell Feingold

John Boy McCain veered right during the GOP primary to get re-elected and he toned down his support for illegal-immigrant amnesty.I doubt this was sincere,but he does want to stay in power.A great patriot victory on Nov.2nd was the defeat of ultra-liberal US senator Russell Feingold from Wisconsin;but John Boy is probably very sad that the man from the fine-gold business will soon be leaving the senate.He probably donated to his re-election campaign! I took a patriot action by e-mailing his DC office and recommending that if he's so sad over Feingold leaving,maybe he should leave the senate too and join his "good friend" in whatever anti-patriot venture they plan!

Hillary Clinton:Super-Spy

Dumb? Evil? Or Both?:Democrats in the US House Overwhelmingly Vote for Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader

Many times,dumbness and evil go together;sometimes dumbness is harmless and inconsequential.But it must be equal parts of dumbness and evil that motivated the vast majority of House Democrats to re-elect this egotistical,vainglorious broad Nancy Pelosi as their minority leader for the next Congress.Their party lost 63 House seats! Common sense says to change course,change the agenda,change the policy makers/decision makers,change the planners.But these reprobate Democrats are so beholden to their feminazi San Francisco leader that they're willing to sink with her ship if need be;and that's what they deserve.The Almighty willing,that's just what'll happen.Meanwhile,the 40+ Democrats who voted against her should get out of that party and either go independent,start another party or join another one.That'll really snag the Pelosi puss and her blind followers!

The Bush/Clinton Dynasty Lives on:Billy Clinton Praises Boy George's Book Decision Points

Here's another monotonous display of friendship and affection between members of the Bush/Clinton Dynasty.They must've made a deal that anytime one of them publishes a book or anything for public consumption,they must always praise each other's works.This is more proof that regardless of who runs for and/or becomes president,there's not much difference between them and they actually are quite buddy-buddy.That's how CFR/Skull & Bones/Trilateral Commission/Bilderbergers/World Economic Forum and other anti-American globalists have the game rigged.It's all part of the plan that Billy Clinton's mentor Carroll Quigley wrote about in his tome Tragedy & Hope.Patriots,don't support it,don't vote for it,and fight it with all your might! Please!

CVS-America's Largest Pharmacy Chain-Pays a $75 Million Fine for Failing to Monitor Sales of Cold Syrups Containing an Ingredient Used in Methamphetamine

For Once,US Senate Democrats Write a Patriot Economic Bill,But Republicans Vote It Down

Zoe Lofgren-an Idiot Democratic Congresswoman From California-Invites Stephen Colbert-an Idiot Comedian From Comedy Central-to Testify Before Congress on the Serious Issue of Immigration

A Patriot Commentator Calls Glenn Beck's Recent Propaganda Rally "Theater of the Absurd"

I give this patriot reviewer oodles of credit for sitting through this absurd theater and reporting on it so lucidly.Patriots,this was no patriot rally with Bombastic Beck and the Alaskan Princess leading the crowd.The reviewer pretty much wrote it all on this neo-con/endless-war propaganda rally.It was obviously a mass-gathering mind-control session.Ex-DJ and "ex" drunk Glenn Beck is being paid incredible amounts of money from Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News for a nefarious reason.And remember that the princess works for Fox too and Murdoch-owned Harper Collins published her recent best-selling book.I have to blog on this because there's too much to cover and explore,but I'll end this commentary on this note:Rabbi Lapin and Sarah Palin,together on stage.Look at how close their surnames are.Just turn around the first 3 letters and they have the same names! Did the organizers of the absurd theater arrange it this way? And as I've claimed before,I believe the princess is Jewish and possibly being prepared by her handlers to be a modern-day Queen Esther,leading the charge against the Muslim world-the contemporary Persians slain by Queen Esther and her entourage about 2,500 years ago.Sounds crazy? Maybe.But,Beck is crazy,and so is Murdoch.May the Almighty deliver us from their plans.

Another Republican Outs Himself:Boy George's 2004 Campaign Manager and Former Republican National Committee Chairman Kenneth Mehlman!

I knew this guy was a flame when I first saw a photo of him.So why did Boy George Bush-the darling of the evangelical community and a professed Methodist-pick Kenny Mehlman as his presidential campaign manager and then selected him to chair RNC-the Republican Party's #1 election organization? He didn't know he was homosexual? Come on! He had to know! And during the 2006 race for a US Senate seat in Connecticut-the Nutmeg State-Boy George and his boy Mehlman abandoned the GOP candidate in the race and endorsed and campaigned for Uncle Joe Lieberman,who switched to an Independent after he lost the Democratic primary.And a picture circulated throughout the state showing Boy George kissing his Uncle Joe on the forehead.Yuk!Yuk! They supported Joe probably because he's a hawk on the WOT!(War on Terror!).So now Mehlman comes out of the closet of the "family values" party.And what's most-sickening about this will be the total silence of the so-called "evangelical" community that's so beholden to the Republican Party that if Mehlman were a Democrat,they would never shut up about it.

The Same Pastor Who Counsels President Abomination and Calls Him "...a Devout Christian" Officiated at the Wedding of Boy George Bush's Daughter Jenna!

Interesting name,Kirbyjon.So he's a pastor whom President Abomination calls "regulary" for "inspiration." Inspiration for what? And here we have the same pastor who counsels the Abomination being picked to officiate at Jenna Bush's wedding! Ha,ha,ha! Was the Abomination at the wedding? An important question to ask is:Who invited Pastor Kirbyjon to officiate at a Bush-family wedding? I think it was Iron Lady Laura Bush.I think she's so liberal and feminist that she would vote for Abomination over her own husband if they're the major-party candidates in 2012!

The Seedy World of Democratic Party Politics in Chicago Continues,as "Blago" Gets Convicted on Only 1 of 24 Counts

When a man named Al Capone ruled a great deal of the Windy City back in the 1920s and '30s,his mob tried to "get to" at least one juror sitting on a jury that was trying one of his boys.I wonder if one of Blago's boys got to this holdout juror.Or another theory,the press has so far reported the holdout as a female retiree.It's possible that she's black and looks at President Abomination's boy Blago getting persecuted by the big,bad feds who are really after America's "first black president." And notice that some hot-shot Democrats like Harry Reid were subpoenaed by Blago's defense team but they never appeared;they obviously closed ranks to keep dirty laundry from getting hung out on the line.Meanwhile,this sleazy case is just one more example of sleazy Democrat-ruled Chicago in a the land of Lincoln where both the Democrats and Republicans seem equally corrupt.Let's see if the feds pursue Blago like they pursued one-time FBI informant/Internet-radio host Hal Turner,who was finally convicted after two hung juries.

A Former Tory Party Leader in United Kingdom Calls for a New Investigation Into the Alleged Suicide of Government Scientist David Kelly

Patriots and concerned citizens fed up with criminal politics and criminal government,this could be a breakthrough.None other than a former leader of UK'S Tory Party has called for a new investigation into the mysterious death of Dr.David Kelly-a government weapons expert in the government of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair who was found dead in the woods near his home from slit wrists not long after he leaked information on Iraq having no WMD.Of course,it's very common for the UK and US governments over the past 20-30 years or so to rule these strange deaths as suicides,even when the evidence indicates otherwise.It's a tough nut to crack these criminal governments in London,Washington,Moscow or anywhere else they operate.But one would think that with the freedoms we have in UK and US that criminals,especially murderers,will be discovered,prosecuted and brought to justice.But the cover-ups just continue,for whatever reasons.Let's hope that the truth about David Kelly and all the dead bodies that have turned up of people affiliated with the Washington,DC government ever since the Bush/Clinton dynasty began its rule in America,which I believe began the day then-President Ronald Reagan was shot,eventually comes to light,Lord willing.

Is Another "Gay" Republican Coming Out of the Closet? Skank Ann Coulter Will Host a "Gala"-a Gay Celebration-for Republican Homosexual Group GOProud

This bleached-blond,anorexic-looking horror Ann Coulter has been made into a celebrity and probably a millionaire mainly due,in my opinion,to Republican publishing house Regnery in Washington,DC.She masquerades as a conservative when she's actually a neo-conservative.She's a partisan Republican who believes the only evil in America must come from Democrats,just like a partisan Democrat believes the only evil in America comes from Republicans.How anyone can still fall for this dog-and-pony show amazes me.But there has been talk for many years among patriots and true conservatives that Coulter is a lesbian.And now her hosting the first annual convention of GOProud may out her.And let's see how much publicity this gets from neo-con-Republican talk-radio propagandists like Limbaugh,Hannity,Levin et al.Will Ann Coulter-a darling of the Muslim-hating neo-con-warmonger crowd-finally come out of the closet next month?

Moron Republicans in Connecticut Select Pro- Wrestling Queen Linda McMahon as Their Candidate for US Senate

And in the November election for US Senate in Connecticut-the Nutmeg State:In this corner,weighing in at about 155 the blue tights,Linda McMahon! And in this corner,weighing in at about 170 the purple tights,Ct.Attorney General Richard Blumenthal! Ding,ding! Patriots,this is the sickening show of a wrestling contest for the US Senate in Connecticut that a plurality of moron Republicans and a majority of moron Democrats have chosen to be their candidates.It can't get much more pathetic and sickening than this.But this is rich-liberal Connecticut-a state which is becoming even more immoral than its Bay State neighbor to the north.Rob Simmons is a Vietnam vet and former congressman,while Peter Schiff is an investment advisor who warned about our current recession back in 2006.That wrestling freak-show CEO McMahon was nominated with just under 50% of the GOP primary vote shows how insipid the GOP is in that state.She shouldn't have gotten 5% let alone almost 50%! And I wouldn't be surprised if the vast majority of her votes were from females,who mostly got some vicarious thrill and ego ride from a fellow female who spent $22 million just on the primary.That WWE is full of a bunch of egotistical,juiced-up freaks doesn't matter to voters like these;what they see is her power,wealth and stature somehow rubbing off on them if they vote for her.And the Democrat Blumenthal lied about serving in Vietnam.If anyone wants to see how corrupt and immoral the US Republicrat polity has become,just look at the wrestling match for the US Senate seat in the Nutmeg State come November.

The Newest US Supreme Court Justice Looks Like a Female Joseph Stalin Who Took a "Second Oath" After Getting Sworn in By Chief Justice Roberts

Juxtapose a photo of Uncle Joe with Elena Kagan and the resemblance is absolutely stunning.Here's one way President Abomination is "remaking America." He has selected and gotten confirmed two Supreme Court justices:this one is a Jewish female and the other is a Puerto Rican female.But if these beasts were conservative or even centrist,he wouldn't have appointed them.They are hard-core leftist radicals,and Sotomayor is obsessed with her race,ethnicity and gender.Their isn't much in Kagan's background to indicate an obsession with Jewish issues and causes;it's probably a given that she'll be there when needed.And remember,patriots,that Lazar Kaganovich was Uncle Joe Stalin's appointed mass-murderer of about 10-15 million Ukrainians in the forced famine in 1932/1933.The name-suffix "ovich" in Russian means "son of" like Mc or Mac in Scotch/Irish names means the same thing.So did neo-bolshevik President Abomination select her for the "Supreme" Court because,among other reasons,she may be a descendant of mass-murderer Kaganovich? And another thing these two latest cancers on the court have in common:they're both New Yorkers;Kagan's from Manhattan and Conquistador Sotomayor is from the Bronx.And now,in a nation that's mostly Protestant,there's not one Protestant on the court:it now has 6 Catholics and 3 Jews.So where's the screaming from Diversity Gang about "diversity" on the court?! Diversity is only desired by DG to empower "people of color" by increasing their numbers in position of authority and power.But the Abomination is on the road to "remaking America." That's for sure.Unless patriots stop him and his gang of thugs.

An Anti-Christ Federal Judge Rules California's Ban on Homosexual Marriage Is "Unconstitutional"

Is Vaughn Walker-the Federal Judge Who Ruled California's Ban on Homosexual Marriage Unconstitutional-a Homosexual Himself?

Now isn't this just a splendid co-incidence:The judge who was picked to rule on the constitutionality of a voter-approved ban on so-called "same-sex marriage" is probably a homosexual himself! So just how did he get picked for this case?! Congress needs to investigate the system used in the federal courts on how judges get picked for cases.The federal courts are under virtually no scrutiny by the elected representatives of the people.And that needs to change.So was this judge appointed by Ronald Reagan picked for this case deliberately because he's a flame? Besides, judges nowhere in the US Constitution have the right to void a state law by declaring it "unconstitutional." Any judge any time can declare any law he or she doesn't like to be "unconstitutional." It's time for Congress to start impeaching judges who think and act as if they can do whatever they want.

What Interesting Timing:the Federal Appeals Court to Decide on Judge Susan Bolton's Injunction on Arizona's Anti-Illegal-Immigration Law Schedule It for After Election Day in November

Federal judges are a big part of America's corrupt 2-parties polity.And federal-election time is sssssssssssso important to them! So the judges on this panel decided oh so conveniently to defer their ruling on Arizona's illegal-immigration law until right after the elections on November 2nd.What perfect timing! They don't want to rule on the constitutionality of this law before the elections because they ostensibly think their decision will affect voters' minds one way or the other.And isn't it amazing how a female Clinton-appointed judge was assigned this case?! Now how did that happen?! I smell a rat! The federal court system needs to be investigated by Congress for a lot of things,one of them being how judges are picked for cases.I think it's supposed to be some kind of rotation system,but it doesn't seem to be enforced because there's very little oversight from elected representatives.

Good News for Patriots and Conservatives:Boy George Bush Won't Campaign for Republicans in the Fall Elections

Boy George is looking more and more like Alfred E.Newman of Mad Magazine! But at least he's sane enough not to campaign for Republicans in the November elections! And it's probably true that Congressman Sessions from Texas-chairman of the GOP group in charge of fundraising for GOP candidates for the US House of Representatives-wants to return to the Boy George agenda if GOP retakes Congress next year.Is he just plumb dumb or evil or both?! We're cursed with the Abomination because we were cursed with 8 years of Boy George!

Anti-Smoking Fascists in Denville,NJ Ban Smoking in All Public Places.Including on Sidewalks!

I smoked a cigar around midnight last night on the front porch of the house I live in.A few times,I opened the front gate and stepped on the sidewalk and took a short stroll with the cigar.That's now illegal in health-fascist Denville,NJ ! Maybe the next anti-smoking law they pass will ban cigar or cigarette smoking on front porches too! Oh the smoke may waft over to some poor non-smoker who walks by and he or she may breath in a whiff of smoke and get a heart attack!

It's "You Scratch My Back,I'll Scratch Yours" Between 8 Congressmen and Wall Street Lobbyists-and It's the People Who Lose

Here's the brazenness of the wheeler-dealers masquerading as congressmen.And one of these wheeler-dealers is Uncle Joe Crowley-the joker who represents the congressional district I live in! It's business as usual for these guys:fund-raisers held for them by fat cats from Wall Street and then they run right back to the House floor to vote the way they were told to vote.Of course this looks like a quid pro quo,and that's illegal.But proving it in a corrupt town like Washington,District of Criminals isn't easy.But the Almighty willing,maybe,just maybe,something will finally blow the lid off this year or next and expose a lot of the filthy soup in our nation's capital.Patriots must unseat as many of these corrupt incumbents as possible and replace them with patriots and statesmen! Before it's too late!

Some Moron Federal Judges See Nothing Wrong With Saying the F word on Television

Maybe these judges are more than just morons.In the good old days of the Golden Age of Television,the Production Code was in effect.No one was allowed to say dirty words on broadcast TV,and that was right then and it's right now.But if you're some idiot judge or if you may have an agenda to help break down the US social order with profanity,vulgarity and licentiousness,then allowing dirty words on TV may serve an important purpose.And it's another front in America's culture war,right here in our homes,our neighborhoods,our schools,over the airwaves.The war we patriots fight is here on our soil,not "over there."

Rupert Murdoch-owned Book Publisher Zondervan Pushes Sarah the Princess Palin on Children Aged 9-12

"Get 'em while they're young" has been a mental tactic used by PR people,marketers or just plain old propagandists probably for a very long time.So it's no surprise that once again,Uncle Rupert Murdoch is again pushing Sarah Palin-his princess from Alaska masquerading as some kind of modern-day Joan of Arc-by the Christian book company he bought out about 10 years ago to publish a book on his princess for kids aged 9-12 to read.Moreover,Zondervan also published the book Sarah Palin:a New Kind of Leader.And,Uncle Rupert hired the princess to be a commentator for Fox News.So,patriots,as we connect the dots,we see that Murdoch and his fellow warmonger,pro-illegal-immigrant-amnesty neo-cons are pushing princess big time and they obviously want her to be the 2012 GOP presidential nominee.And get a load of the rather unattractive photo of her accompanying the article! I'll have to expatiate on the Alaskan princess on A Patriot's Diary.Yes,patriots,I firmly believe she's a very dangerous,power-loving woman.We need to show America that she's not the Joan of Arc that she has been packaged to appear as.

Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina-the Republican Candidate for the US Senate in California-Ends a Campaign Stop By Telling a Crowd of 20 People:"Muchas Gracias." Very Nice.

Carly Fiorina was chosen by most California Republican voters to be their candidate to oppose ultra-liberal Barbie Boxer in the US Senate in November.And the former Hewlett Packard honcho joins Meg Whitman-another very wealthy woman and E-bay founder chosen by the same GOP voters in California as their gubernatorial candidate-as they start to "hispander." With the Golden State virtually falling apart and on the verge of being reconquered by Mexico,California Republicans did have better choices for their gubernatorial and US Senate candidates in Steve Poizner and Tom Campbell,respectively.But they chose the babes, just like the decrepit GOP in Connecticut chose WWE freak-show executive Linda McMahon as their US Senate candidate.And then the South Carolina GOP nominated East Indian babe Nikki Haley to be their gubernatorial candidate,as sexually scandalized current governor Mark Sanford isn't running for re-election(I think he's term-limited).And as the trend seems to be going with a lot of establishment candidates,Nikki has reportedly had extra-marital affairs herself;she refuses to talk about the allegations.There's a dangerous pattern here,patriots,in Grand Old Party:female candidates are obviously getting elected primarily because they're female and they're loaded.I've seen election breakdowns by how classes of people voted in primaries and general elections over recent years with GOP voters,and I've recognized a gender gap with Republican voters-i.e.,more Republican females are voting for liberal or establishment candidates than male voters.This is probably why the likes of Whitman,Fiorina,McMahon and Haley have been nominated.Even in South Carolina! There's already an East Indian GOP governor in Louisiana.So maybe a lot of GOP voters in SC said,"Hey,why not one in South Carolina.So what if she may be an adulterer!" But back to California,the state may very well be cursed.And that's largely because bad people are in power over them.And even when voters have a rare chance to elect people who may try to turn things around,the voters go with status quo and gender favoritism.Auction gal Whitman and HP gal Fiorina(a woman I knew who worked for Fiorina-run HP called Carly "a bitch")have used the Nixon strategy so far:run to the right in the Republican primaries,and then run right back to "the center" in the general-election campaign.And that's why,now that they've secured their party's nominations,they're now saying "Muchas gracias" and hispandering on latino television networks.From the Book of Isaiah,chapter 3:12:"As for my people,children are their oppressors,and women rule over them."Something to think about ,patriots,as the Golden State continues to face near-total collapse.

Hillary Clinton's State Department Looks After "Trans-genders"

The bwitch Hollering Hillary Clinton is US Secretary of State because then-presidential candidate Barack Abomination probably made a deal with her : drop out of the race and I'll nominate you for Secretary of State.So the Bush/ Clinton dynasty remains in power over us,and has since 1981,after Reagan got shot.And now the bwitch who was almost unanimously confirmed by the US senate to be secretary of state travels to Equador and tells them her boss will sue a state of our Union over its anti-illegal-immigration law.Yes,Hillary Rodham Clinton-the former "First Lady" and co-president from 1993-2001 who should've been subpoenaed several times and brought before grand juries for all the criminal allegations against her and Billy-now shows for all of us that she cares more about a Latin American country in South America than the state of Arizona.When she's in Ecuador or virtually anywhere else south of the border,she feels more at home there than in Arizona;she probably deems the Grand Canyon State just a bunch of rednecks.And here she befriends her good friends the "trans-genders"- a disturbed group of people desperately seeking some sense of identity and purpose in their bewildering lives.But now Hillary has helped her friends to travel more easily.Maybe Hillary is a trans-gender herself!

Fat Boy "Conservative" Rush Limbaugh Marries for the Fourth Time and Pays Bi-sexual Musician Elton John $1 Million to Perform at the Wedding in Palm Beach,Florida

Even when I was still a registered Republican, fat boy Limbaugh rubbed me the wrong way.He always struck me as an entertainer first and maybe a political commentator later.His ephemeral television show back in the 1990s was idiotic,laughable, foolish.So here he is walking down the aisle for the fourth time-this from a clown who touts "family values"- and to top it off he invites fruitcake Elton John to perform at his lavish Palm Beach wedding with the likes of Karl Rove-the Rasputin of the Boy George administration-and spoiled brat Sean Hannity.Elton John about 2 months ago called Christ "...a compassionate gay man..." Of all the entertainers available,the fat boy who still holds millions of gullible conservatives enthralled invites this screwball to perform at his wedding.The man who Sir Elton mocked and slandered warned about false prophets dressed in sheep's clothing who are inwardly ravenous wolves and who'll reveal themselves by their "fruits"-i.e.,by their actions,the things they do,like the appearance of bad,rotting fruit on a tree.Fat boy Limbaugh has once again revealed his bad fruit.

The Wretched State of Politics in Pinko-Liberal Connecticut:Linda McMahon-Former CEO of Freak- Show World Wrestling Entertainment-Is Picked By the State Republican Party to Be Their US Senate Nominee

I think the Nutmeg State is stark-staring nuts! I also think that Connecticut has become the most-degenerate state in America,replacing Massachusetts.Just get a load of these moron Republicans electing the former CEO of the freak show World Wrestling Entertainment as their candidate for the US senate seat being vacated by ultra-liberal Democrat Christopher Dodd.The Nutmeg State,the last I heard,is ranked #1 in per-capita income in United States-i.e.,it's the wealthiest state in our land.What an incredible manifestation of our times that the richest state financially is probably the poorest politically.And these are the same Republicans who voted overwhelmingly in 2006 to re-elect ultra-liberal Uncle Joe Lieberman as an independent while spurning their own candidate after the Democrats gave Uncle Joe da boot in their primary! And not to be undone,of course,the Democrats in the Nutbag State picked Richard Blumenthal as their candidate for the same senate seat even after he was caught lying about serving in the military during the Vietnam war! Virtually every news article from the MSM euphemized "misstated" instead of lied when referring to Connecticut's attorney general trying to plump up his resume' for his senate run.Again,patriots,the political/news-media establishment shows itself to be corrupt,devious,insolent,immoral.The only Tea Party in the Nutmeg State is the corrupt,wealthy elites celebrating their crassness and support of an immoral polity.

The Mayor of Cancun,Mexico-a Favorite Vacation Spot for Millions of Americans-Is Formally Charged With Drug Trafficking

For about the past 20 years,Americans ever so desirous of vacationing to exotic places have gone to Cancun to spend their time-and their money.A lot of vacationers forget or maybe have never even thought about the fact that they're spending their money in another country and not in America when they vacation.I recommend Americans see more of America before heading south of the border,down Mexico way,or any other way for that matter.But the irony and symbolism of this story is stark:the mayor of the playpen for many US vacationers and travelers has been formally charged with drug trafficking.This type of corruption is common in Mexico and in other Latin American countries,one reason being the much-higher amounts of poverty down there compared to here and Canada.And how many of the Americans and Canadians who vacation in Cancun use drugs while they're there? Maybe that's one reason why they go there!

Is the Prime Minister of the Former British Colony of Jamaica an Accomplice of a Notorious Drug Dealer Who US Dept.of Justice Wants Extradited to Face Criminal Charges in America?

I like articles from the BBC website mainly because they're informative and concise.I just heard about 30 minutes ago a BBC World Service radio report on this story,and things are getting very nasty down in Jamaica.Notice,patriots,how almost-buried at the end of this article,it mentions that the island's prime minister may be an accomplice of this drug baron! I've written before on how high-ranking politicians in Latin America and in the Caribbean are probably either working with drug cartels or are letting them operate with impunity out of fear or because they're getting kickbacks or rewarded in some other way.Let's follow this case closely.Probably the vast majority of the drugs from Jamaica wind up in America and wind up causing bedlam in our society.

In Jamaica,Political Parties Work With Criminal Gangs in Ruling the Country

A Moron Judge in the Naked City Gives a Slap on the Wrist to a Steroid Doctor Whose Drug Dealing Caused the Deaths of at Least Two Men

Again,patriots,I'm behind in the commentaries.But better late than never.Here's more evidence why there's still rampant use of illegal drugs in pro-sports,especially baseball.This doctor who knowingly and willfully supplied illegal drugs to several clients could've gotten 30 years in prison and all he gets is probation and community service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So who's protecting whom? Why did this creep of a judge give such a lenient sentence? I've wrote it before and I'll write it again: the high and the mighty powers that be in this country are willing to tolerate illegal drug use in pro-sports because too many famous people("idols")would be brought down to Earth and arrested and charged if a real,thorough criminal investigation and prosecution were launched; another reason is protecting some fat cats who are making great deals of money off these sports and they don't want to spoil their fun.And some politicians may be involved too in some way or another.This sentence is a disgusting joke and it not only needs to be appealed,but the judge needs to be investigated as to why he gave such a lenient sentence.Some of this doctor's clients died over his illegal activity! Bravo to the patriots in law enforcement who dug up the evidence to at least get this creep of a doctor convicted and maybe nobody will visit him after his medical license is restored.

Look Who Republican Governor Christopher Christie's First Pick Was to Head New Jersey's Social Services for Children

Did Mr.Christie know this Janet Rosensweig worked for Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality? If he did,he still picked her to head the New Jersey agency dealing with kids?! Fortunately,some patriots in the Jersey legislature screamed and hollered until the governor deselected her.We may never know if Christie knew about Rosensweig and her pinko views on sexuality,but it's kind of hard to believe he didn't know.And this story hasn't received much publicity,even with a GOP governor picking someone as screwy as Janet Rosensweig.

Hawaii's Legislature Bans Requests for President Abomination's Birth Certificate

Patriots,isn't it interesting that Hawaii's governor Linda Lingle-a Republican-has been covering up for President Abomination ever since he started campaigning for president? While the Aloha State's legislature is Democratic,she has been just as emphatic as the Democrats in keeping the covers on Abomination's birth certificate.Notice the fine print in this story-from British Broadcasting Corporation,nonetheless-that Hawaii's government has only released computer-printout information on the Abomination's birth certificate;they refuse to show his actual certificate.Isn't it obvious that,once again,high officials in both the Democrat and Republican parties are hiding the truth? That if the truth showed the Abomination was born in Kenya and not Hawaii,it would be more proof of how lawless and corrupt the current Republicrat polity is in our country?

No Surprise,Patriots:Laura Bush Tells Larry King (Real Name:Lawrence Harvey Zeiger,and 7X Married)She Favors "Same-Sex Marriage" and Abortion

One of the bigger political con-jobs played on the American public over the last decade was that George W.Bush was a conservative.It was and still is an illusion! Just like a magician fools his audience with his legerdemain! I know the naive and the gullible will say something like,"That's George's wife; she doesn't speak for him." That may or may not be true.But would a real conservative marry a woman who has always given the impression that she's a liberal? I said from the first few years into his Texas governorship that Laura was not only a liberal but a registered Democrat.Her party registration has never been revealed,but we shouldn't be surprised if the next time she appears with her good friend Lawrence Zeiger on CNN she admits to it and even admits that she voted for Democrats more than Republicans.This dame with the steely eyes once claimed that her favorite film was The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas! Boy George and Loopy Laura hoodwinked a lot of gullible and dangerously uninformed Christian conservatives into thinking that they were with them.Laura has revealed her true political self.And judging from many of the comments by those who fell for the deception and voted for and supported the Bushes,this may finally wake them from their spell.So,conservatives,Christians,patriots should all give a big Thank you! to Laura for helping open the eyes of the deceived and misled.

In Liberal-Fascist America,So-called Child Protective Services Abduct Kids From Their Parents Because of Their Names

I was wondering what happened to the kids in this case that was broached about a year ago.These kids were kidnapped by CPS goons and placed in foster care in an undisclosed location because their idiot parents named them after Hitler or racist groups.Regardless,that's not illegal! What if the parents named their kids after other mass murderers like Ulyanov(Lenin),Bronstein(Trotsky),Stalin,Mao,Pol Pot,etc.? This child abduction smacks of an Anti-Defamation League operation.I wouldn't be surprised if they contacted higher-ups in the New Jersey government and urged them to kidnap these kids.As usual in this country and world that's getting more evil as I type,the innocent children suffer.In this case,they're stuck in the middle between parents who may have racial and/or ethnic hatreds,and a government kidnap- squad and judicial system that arbitrarily rips kids from their parents and hides them from them.Freedom is slowly but surely disintegrating in America.Patriots,we need to fight back! Now! Before it's too late!

GOP Sell-out Tricky Dick Armey Brings "His" Tea Party to Washington and Helps Write Another Bland Contract for America

Here's another GOP fat-cat infiltrator of the Tea Party:Tricky Dick Armey.The former majority leader in the US House was one of those "leaders" along with Newty Gingrich and Robert the Mummy Dole who buddied up constantly with their "good friends" the ultra-liberal Democrats,and that included Billy and Hillary Clinton.Tricky Dick is a big friend of the Amnesty Gang and one of these open-borders Republican fat-cats who has never met a so-called "free trade" treaty or an amnesty bill he hasn't loved.And notice this boring,bland piece of bilge Contract From America.Newty and Tricky Dick had their Contract With America-another boring,bland piece of bilge.Notice that half of the points in this "contract" are financial or economic issues.And that's what Tricky Dick is all about:Money,Money,Money! Money's all that matters! Tricky Dick Armey is an enemy of America!

More Sleaze From the Political Campaigning of Sarah the Princess Palin

The Alaska Princess and,more importantly,those behind the scenes running her show,continue to show themselves to be elitist creeps trying to co-opt the Tea Party and the populist,grass-roots anger and rebellion brewing in America.Two pieces of evidence,patriots, from this article to prove that claim.The Alaska Princess is scheduled to speak at this university in June,and the contract that her handlers drew up specified that "all" the questions posed to her from the audience must be "pre-screened" and asked by a "designated representative." How's that bit of shtick and elitism from a gal pretending to be just a plain ol' hockey mom?! Ha.ha,ha! It's all a big show! A big illusion! Like a magician performing his tricks on his gullible audience! She needs to be "prepped" before a question is asked of her.And,it needs to be asked by one of her operatives so it's asked in just the right way at the right time.The other piece of evidence is her speaking fee is to be kept secret.And that's because she's probably going to get a big, fat fee from some fat-cat,anti-conservative,anti-patriot,globalist Republicans who just want Boy George Bush's people to recapture Congress! God forbid! Tea Party patriots,it's time to protest the Alaska Princess wherever she appears! She's either a willing accomplice or a willing dupe for the neo-con,globalist cabal trying to take over the Tea Party!

With All the Filth and Corruption in Pro- Baseball,Two Moron Liberal-Democrat Congressmen Want to Ban Players on the Field From Using Smokeless Tobacco! This Is More Proof That a Bunch of Head Cases Are Ruling This Country!

Patriots,have you ever seen California congressman Henry Waxman? The man of wax with an egg for a head and flaring nostrils on his face?And it's no surprise that his ally in this holy cause of theirs is a pansy like Franky Pallone.With baseball chock-full of rampant drug use,drug dealing,foreignization of teams and grossly overpaid players,inter alia,these dopes don't want players chewin' tobacca! What are they smoking?!

Like His Fellow Liberal David Souter,US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Will Retire This Summer So President Abomination Gets the Chance to Replace Him.And Look at the Horror Who May Succeed Him! God Help Us!

Just like liberal sap David Souter waited till Barack Abomination was sworn in as president in January 2009 so he can replace him with another ultra-liberal(Sonia Sotomayor! Ugh!),now we have another liberal sap in John Paul Stevens-an 89-years-old,bow-tie-wearing codger-holding out maybe until his last breath so Abomination can replace him with another liberal.Patriots,this is sheer proof of what lovers of power ultra-liberal jurists are.Thurgood Marshall said he was finally resigning from the land's highest court because he was "falling apart." Yes,they'll wait until they're on death's door before they finally leave their seats of power,like Edward Kennedy staying in the senate even while suffering from brain cancer,or walking-death Arlen Specter still clinging to his senate seat from Pennsylvania even after several treatments for leukemia,or Ruth Bader Ginsburg(Double ugh!)running right back to her Supreme Court seat after a colon-cancer operation.These are some of the sick-in-body and sick-in-mind ego-maniacs who rule us in America.And get a load of the puss of Stevens's possible successor! And patriots,remember that justices Souter and Stevens were nominated by Republican presidents:Souter by daddy Bush,and Stevens by 33rd-degree Freemason Gerald Ford. 

Did the Ruskies Shoot Down the Plane That Crashed in Russia,Killing the President of Poland and Other Polish Officials and Citizens?

What a perfect way for one or more governments to bring down a nation:shoot down the plane carrying that nation's president and a multitude of its high-ranking officials.Poland's president and his entourage were going to attend a memorial service for the estimated 20,000 Polish army officers and soldiers murdered by Stalin's goon squads during WW2.The Soviet Reds covered up this slaughter for decades until they finally admitted it,and there seems to be a resurgence to some degree in Russia of the good old days under KGB and the commissars.Poland is one of the more-heroic nations on Earth,certainly in Europe.They were caught between two monsters in WW2-the Nazis and the Bolsheviks-and then were betrayed by the Allied powers at war's end by allowing "Uncle Joe" Stalin to oppress them and the rest of Eastern Europe.Archie Bunker put it perfectly when he told FDR lover Maude that her New Deal daddy handed over all of Eastern Europe to the Ruskies on a silver platter.Moving back to the present,patriots,this plane crash looks like it was no accident.Whether it was "former" KGB officer Vladimir Putin or other government powers in Europe,this to me looks like a shoot down.

Sarah the Princess Palin Stumps for Her Look-alike GOP Congresswoman Michelle Bachman

Hey,patriots,get a load of these two GOP princesses! They look like sisters! The much-more-dangerous one is Sarah the Princess Palin,who looks like she has been anointed by the anti-American GOP establishment to co-opt the Tea Party movement and turn it into a GOP propaganda arm.Congresswoman Bachman is no bargain either,despite occasionally making a patriot point or two.According to,she addressed Republican Jewish Coalition in Los Angeles about 6 weeks ago and told the attendees that if America didn't support Israel,right or wrong,then the Almighty will curse us.These dangerously deceived and misinformed "evangelicals" rip the Bible verse of Genesis 12:3 totally out of context to justify unconditional support for the government of Israel.I'll blog more on this because it gets a bit more detailed.Patriots in the Tea Party that was for the most part started up by Ron Paul during the 2008 presidential primaries,please get out and publicly denounce the princess from Alaska! There's even a photo of her in the regalia of a princess circulating on the web! "Sarah" means "Princess" in Hebrew! John McCain("McCain" means "Son of Cain"- the first murderer!)picked her only to help him get elected president! And now she's campaigning for him to get re-elected to the US Senate from Arizona! Save the Tea Party from the sell-out Rockefeller Republicans!

The Latest Shtick From Tree-hugging Environmentalists:"Earth Hour"

It's very interesting that those who managed Empire State Building about a year ago illuminated the building to recognize the communist conquest of China.And now it goes dark in some dumb ceremony devoted to Mother Earth.Climate change doesn't necessarily mean the end of the world! Climate change can be a good thing!

Candidate Barack Abomination Labeled the Mass Murder of Armenian Christians "Genocide." President Barack Abomination No Longer Calls It Genocide

Another lie or broken promise from Barack Abomination.Of course it was genocide in Armenia in 1915! But notice,patriots,how Hollering Hillary gets into the thick of this and tells us that Abomination's administration will do everything they can to stop cold the resolution.The Bush/Clinton dynasty still rules America! That's probably why the Abomination chose her as "his" secretary of state! So the brave Christian-Armenian people may have to work even harder to get the US government to acknowledge the mass murder.I'm not thrilled with these congressional resolutions.But there are dark reasons why there has been a cover-up all these years.Of course,the "War On Terror!" justifies almost anything as far as the warmonger Republicrat establishment goes.And with Turkey being an important geo-strategic asset,the neo-cons and Republicrats don't want to offend them,even if it means covering up for mass murder in the name of the defunct Ottoman Empire.

Business as Usual in Washington,District of Criminals:President Abomination's Justice Department Clears Boy George Bush Justice Dept.Lawyers for Approving Torture.And a Republican Congressman Calls Torture "Enhanced Interrogation Tactics"

Here's another example of the corrupt two political parties comprising the Republicrat establishment in the White House and Congress saying occasionally to each other:"You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." Or,"I'll watch your back if you watch mine." The so-called Office of Professional Responsibility(Ha!)in President Abomination's Justice Department has approved of the use of torture by US Department of Justice in the previous GOP administration on those suspected of terrorism.Boy George's attorney general Speedy Gonzalez,along with two assistants,reportedly authorized the barbaric practice of torture.And candidate Abomination opposed torture during the 2008 campaign and said a few days after his election that "We do not torture." So now that he has been in office for just over a year,things have changed:US Justice Dept.under his leadership has now winked at the torture approval of the previous GOP administration and will recommend no further action into the charges.This illustrates,patriots,once again,that the same bunch of globalist warmongers rule the White House,regardless of whether it's Democrat or GOP.And they cover for each other quite frequently,as in this case.And get a load of Texas GOP Congressman Lamar Smith,who has been great on the immigration issue,insulting everyone and making an absolute ass of himself by calling torture "enhanced interrogation tactics." The morally corrupt in Washington sure love to euphemize in trying to fool us and keep us ignorant.

It's Business as Usual In Washington,DC:a Justice Dept."Ethics"(Ha!)Lawyer Declares Torture Is Just "Poor Judgment"

This is one of many euphemisms used by corrupt government officials and those who either support them or cover up for them:"poor judgment" or "an error in judgment."Sleazy lawyers use this talk a lot too.Of course,any wrong or harmful choice is an error in judgment.But when this expression is used so often by the corrupt,it tries to convey this subliminal message to the gullible and the unsuspecting:no crime was committed;he just made an honest mistake.And this "report" came from US Dept.of Justice serving a president who campaigned in 2008 against torture! Maybe candidate Obama was honest about torture then,but things sure change once one goes from candidate to actually sitting in the Oval Office.Ever since Boy George Bush started waging his "War On Terror!," the US government and military seems to be operating like IDF(Israeli Defense Forces)and the Israeli intelligence service Mossad(meaning "deception" in Hebrew).America is still a predominantly Christian country.Torture is for barbarians,not Americans or any other civilized or moral people.

US "Secret Service" Arrests a Young Man for an Internet Poem That They Construe as a Threat Against President Abomination.Has the Neo- Bolshevik Police State Come To America?

Patriots,can we believe this is happening in our America?! A guy who writes a poem on a web page and he may get 15 years in the federal slammer?! Oh,but he may be a "white supremacist"! That makes a world of difference to the Diversity Gang goons in the so-called "Secret Service" who arrested this guy because they construe this poem as an invitation for someone to assassinate President Abomination! This is about the fourth arrest of someone under similar circumstances ever since Abomination was elected.If anyone else other than the Abomination was president,probably nothing would've happened to this suspect.Probably some in "Secret Service"(Why is it secret?)are overly paranoid that America's "first black president"(he's actually mulatto-half-white/half-black)is going to be assassinated by a "white supremacist." Patriots,I recommend we all be careful(I should talk!)in our patriot activism.There are a bunch of neo-bolsheviks and fanatics in the federal government and in federal law enforcement,as this ridiculous arrest verifies.But there are patriots in Washington too,and we need to network with them and support them whenever we can and with our countrymen who are being victimized by a US government veering ostensibly towards a neo-bolshevik police state.

Vice-President Biden Says "Washington Right Now Is Broken" and America Is In "Deep Trouble"

Patriots,I think it's very interesting that the country's vice-president would come right out and say this.I think President Abomination and his clique are enraged at Biden,while it's obviously true.However,either he didn't elaborate or the article didn't as to what he exactly meant by saying DC is "broken." I think he acknowledged that the government he has been a part of for about the last 20 years is now officially bankrupt and can't possibly pay off the $14.3 trillion national debt.But there may be other reasons why he used the word "broken." Regardless of his motive,it was quite courageous of him to admit it,and rather surprising.Let's see if he follows up and if he does,if the major media reports it.

Another Liberal-Democrat US Senator Won't Seek Re- election This Year

I've read about 10 articles on Evan Bye-Bye Bayh announcing he won't run for re-election this year,and every one calls him either a "centrist" or a "moderate." Balderdash! Evan Bayh hasn't fallen far from his daddy's tree.Birch Bayh was a flaming liberal when he was in the US Senate,and just because Evan maybe isn't as liberal as he was doesn't make him a centrist or a moderate;he's just not as liberal.And it's obvious that he "represents" a conservative state like Indiana which may very well be waking up to his phony centrism and realizing he's a liberal flame.And patriots,get a load of him saying that he's not driven by party ideology or partisanship.But then he says in his next breath that he'll support "whoever" the Democratic Party picks as his successor! If he was truly a centrist or a moderate,he wouldn't even think about saying something as totally contradictory as that.Regardless,Bayh-Bayh Birdie! Good riddance to him and more of his flaming anti-patriot liberals!

And On the Same Day,Another One Takes a Tumble In His Home

Patriots,is this incredible or what?! On the same day that liberal senator Bayh Bayh Birdie announces he won't run for re-election in November,his ultra-liberal colleague Frank Rat Face Lautenberg takes a nice tumble in his New Jersey home! Hopefully this will knock him out of the senate! But he's such an evil-minded,86-years-old liberal that it may take another tumble or two to really knock him out of one of the most anti-patriot legislative institutions in the land:the US Senate.

Ultra-liberal Senator Frank Lautenberg Has a Bleeding Ulcer-But He Can't Wait To Return To Washington

So Mr.Lautenberg has a bleeding ulcer and the treatment of it may have led to his losing conscious and his fall.But he can't wait to return to his seat of power in the anti-patriot US Senate.This reminds me of the news story about a year ago when US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg(Ugh!)was operated on for colon cancer and returned to her seat on the court on the same day! US Senator Arlen Specter-a Democrat-turned-Republican-and-back-to-a-Democrat-has had 3 cancer treatments and looks like walking death.The word "specter" means a visible,disembodied spirit! He looks like one! But he,like the other two aforementioned odious liberals,savors his power so much that he dreads the thought of being away from hit.But maybe the Almighty has other plans for Lautenberg,Ginsburg and Specter.

Sen.Lautenberg Has Stomach Cancer:He's the Third Liberal Democrat US Senator To Be Afflicted With Cancer Over the Past Year

The Commander of the Police Detail at the Globalist World Economic Forum In Switzerland Is Found Dead From "Suicide"

I've stayed at hotels in Washington,DC about 10 times over the past few years,most times right near the Capitol.With my background in big-city law enforcement,I can say with total certainty that it's rather easy for hired professional killers to take someone out at a hotel; the security is not that good.A lot of international big shots and power brokers attend this globalist confab.So if this police commander was taken out,what did he know and was he going to spill his guts?

A British "Lord" Covers Up Evidence In the Supposed Suicide of Dr.David Kelly-a Critic of the US/UK Attack On Iraq

Here they go again,patriots.Dr.Kelly provided BBC with information that disproved the British government's claim that Saddam Hussein had WMD.And he was found dead soon thereafter in the woods.Co-incidence? I believe this Lord Hutton is a Freemason;and when Freemasons are in high positions of power in government,they tend to cover things up that may implicate them in some illegality or immorality.This is like the coverup of the "suicide" of Billy Clinton's White House counsel Vincent Foster in 1993,where the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the crime-scene photos in the Foster case are to be kept sealed.Patriots,there's something rotten in Denmark! Dr.Kelly and Vincent Foster were almost certainly taken out! But to maintain the illusion that the powers that be running the UK/ US governments are as pure as the driven snow,who'd never dream of taking someone out in or out of government,they conceal evidence even to the point of keeping it from the public for 70 years! After everyone who may be implicated by the evidence is pushing up the daisies! Lord Hutton basically admitted that that was the reason why he ordered the evidence to be kept secret!

Patriots,this is a great power structure of lawlessness in Washington and London.To those of you who pray to the Almighty,pray He causes the truth to be known and those guilty of great crime, probably including murder,be brought to justice.Amen.

Moron Psychotic Glenn Beck Wants To French Kiss Texas Governor Rick Perry!

Leave it to a head case like Glenn Beck to suggest to GOP Texas governor Rick Perry that he's going to French kiss him! I wouldn't be surprised one bit if the married Beck goes both ways! Every time I see this guy on Rupert Murdoch's Fox News,he almost-always has bugged-out eyes,he's loud and hysterical,histrionic,hopped-up.Yes,I think he's on something! Or maybe he just boozes up before going on air;he supposedly is a "reformed" alcoholic.And he's a perfect fit for the warmonger neo-con Republicans at Fox News.So he got really enraged at Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina just for suggesting that a lot of people have damn good questions about the 9/11 attacks that've never been satisfactorily answered,such as:Why did FBI fly members of bin Laden's family out of the country right after the attacks? How did the government have files on all these 19 Arabs? If they were known terrorists,how did they enter our country and operate so freely? Here's my view of 9/11:I believe only some of the "official story"-not most of it.Lunatics like Beck and bimbos like Sarah the Princess Palin obviously want a major war to be waged against the Muslim world-a modern-day Crusade-and they're using 9/11 as justification for that major war.I'll be blogging on A Patriot's Diary on this vitally important issue.Meanwhile,let's see if Bombastic Beck French kisses his new love.

A Good Description of and a Warning On Sarah the Princess Palin

Patriots,It Didn't Take Long for Scott Brown To Disappoint Us:Like Sarah the Princess Palin,He'll Campaign for Juan McCain's Re-election This Year

Psalm 146 says to put not our trust in princes,or in the case of Sarah("Princess" in Hebrew)Palin,princesses.Scott Brown-the new US Senator from the People's Republic of Massachusetts-isn't in his seat a week before he announces that he'll campaign,along with the princess from Alaska,for John McCain's re-election this year to a US Senate seat from Arizona.He campaigned against amnesty in the Massachusetts special election,but now he'll work to get the GOP point-man for amnesty in the Senate re-elected.Who knows? Maybe McCain gave him a lot of money and support for his campaign.But there's one thing that Juan McCain,Princess Palin and Scott Brown have in common:they're all warmongers who want Americans to fight and die in endless wars in Southwest Asia,and that's probably why they want McCain-CFR member and militant globalist par excellence-to stay in power.Patriots,please,don't even think about supporting Juan McCain for re-election.He's very dangerous and may very well be a Manchurian candidate.

Michael Huckabee-the Warmonger Gomer Pyle of the Corrupt Republican Party-Grovels In Israel

Michael "Shazam! Shazam!" Huckabee is a perfect fit and propagandist for the corrupt Republican Party leadership that has now come very close to taking over the Tea Party movement.Gomer Pyle Huckabee-the entertainer,bass-playing,slick-talking GOP politician/Baptist preacher-sure knows who's buttering his bread.That's one reason why he travels to Israel and leads a delegation of pseudo-Christians and declares to members of Israel's government that he and his entourage vow virtual unconditional support to the non-Christian nation of Israel and keeps pounding the drums for a US attack on Iran.And this slick-talking false prophet even makes the absurd claim that Judaism-the religion of the Pharisees who got Christ killed-led to Christianity! And,Mikey has his own Sunday-night shew on Rupert Murdoch's Fox News.So what is former Arkansas governor Michael Hucksterby? He's a perfect,living-proof representation of America's corrupt political establishment and its corrupt Protestant-Christian establishment.He's an entertainer,charlatan,propagandist,warmonger,anti-Christ false prophet all rolled into one.And he and his fellow "evangelicals" send $75 million of their donors' money to Israel instead of using it to spread the Gospel.And where is that money going to?

Attention,All U.S.Patriots:Like I Warned Months Ago,Beware the Tea Party Movement !

Patriots,if you haven't done so yet, please read the penultimate paragraph of my September 14th,2009 blog post on A Patriot's Diary on the Tea Party movement.Notice the clues that a bunch of sleazy,greedy opportunists are running this so-called Tea Party Convention in Nashville.The ticket prices to attend are,get ready,$349 and $549.How nice of them not to charge $350 and $550! They're using typical sleazy and insulting professional-marketing psychology to rip people off and,more importantly,capture their allegiance for the anti-patriot GOP leadership! And their keynote speaker? None other than Sarah the Princess Palin,who'll get a cool hundred grand for a sappy,air-headed speech.And,an article in The Christian Science Monitor about a month ago called none other than former GOP congressman Tricky Dick Armey the leader of the Tea Party movement.Tricky Dick is an open-borders, pro-illegal-alien radical libertarian who obviously believes that every problem known to man can simply be solved with the right amount of money and things.He's a perfect leader for hijacking a genuine patriot movement or starting a fake one up.I wouldn't be surprised if some GOP leaders funded his fruitcake group Freedom Works and/or his work in the Tea Parties.The good news is there seems to be an awakening or a realization on the part of some patriots in the movement that they're being exploited and taken for a ride.Patriots,I think I just came up with a good idea:If you can, stage a patriot protest at the Tea Party Convention at Grand Ol' Opry Hotel ! Let's show the shysters and con artists who may be at the helm of the movement that we know what they're up to and we won't be taken for suckers!

America's Mother Country Is Getting Closer and Closer To Becoming an Official Police State Via Their "Public Order Act"

Sometimes good things come to America from across the pond,sometimes bad.It seems that "Great" Britain is becoming more and more of a police state.England has more security cameras in place per capita than anywhere else in the world.And here we have these two guys being given jail sentences of several years because they supposedly violated something called the Public Order Act.What a perfect name for a law from a government that George Orwell predicted could become a totalitarian state in 1984.Wannabe totalitarians love "order." They crave stability and the status quo because it keeps them protected and powerful while the unruly masses are kept in check all the time.As far as this case is concerned,the article doesn't specify the material published by those convicted which supposedly violated the law;it just gives generic descriptions.Any prosecutor can turn any kind of public criticism,no matter how truthful or accurate,into a threat against "public order" or the "public good." A law like this can be used to intimidate people into being afraid just to give their opinions or ideas on any given issue,especially on issues dealing with or touching on race,ethnicity or religion.Ireland passed a law about a month ago banning criticism of any religion! Fortunately,patriots,we still have the First Amendment and freedom in our land; but there are those who want that freedom removed or ignored.Hate-crimes laws are similar to this public-order act in UK.,and the Diversity Gang has gotten a lot of them passed here.Maybe we should fight these laws in the courts on constitutional grounds or,better yet,get them repealed.

And Heeeeeeere's Sarah! Sarah Palin-the GOP Joan of Arc-Comes To Rupert Murdoch's Fox News

I guess the first question we should ask now that neo-con central Fox News has hired Sarah the Princess Palin is:When will they make her wear a bathing suit on air and dye her hair blond? The princess is a stark example of patriots falling into a trap by opposing President Abomination and the Democrats and thinking that Palin and her fellow Republicans are the answer.She's either stupid or devious in calling Fox News "fair and balanced." Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News is about as fair and balanced as their bolshevik predecessors.They are warmongers,partisan-Republican neo-cons,sex maniacs,gossipmongers.Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are grossly overpaid GOP propagandists! So,Sarah the Princess fits right in with this crowd:a carnival of well-paid clowns and fools,but dangerous ones.

In Another Story From the Naked City,a Taxpayer-funded Guide Advises Heroin Users How To Inject Safely

Some people,very gullible and naive people,believe that a big-city government wouldn't dream of encouraging heroin users to inject safely;yet this is just what NYC Dept.of Health,with encouragement by Mayor Michael Bloomberg,has done.Any humane government agency would encourage junkies to get clean,but all they seem to be thinking about is it's less-costly for junkies to "safely" inject heroin into their bodies than for them to enter emergency rooms because they used needles improperly.The Big Apple? The Big Nuthouse!

President Abomination,Despite Fighting Two Aggressive Wars In Foreign Lands,Travels To Norway To Accept the Nobel Peace Prize!

Patriots,this is fascinating:On the day before President Abomination visits Norway to receive his $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize,a mysterious,still-unexplained light appeared in the night sky over the Land of the Midnight Sun! Like the Wise Men saw the star that guided them to the Christ child in Bethlehem,was this a biblical "sign and wonder" declaring the Anti-Christ's arrival?! Sorry,patriots,I couldn't resist this speculation! Just two links down from the link to this story on the Abomination's totally undeserved prize is the story on Norway's mysterious lights in the sky.Getting back to more-mundane things,Steven J.DuBord wrote an outstanding column in The New American magazine's The Last Word department(11/09/2009, Obama's Ignoble Peace Prize.This is must-reading for all patriots.To me the most important points from this column are:the Abomination was only president for about 2 weeks when he was nominated by the Nobel committee;and by accepting the monetary prize,he is probably violating the US Constitution,in that one who holds public office in America isn't supposed to acccept monetary awards from foreign governments.But to the Obama worshippers,this is all irrelevant;to them,he is a messiah,or THE Messiah.Let's be careful,patriots:Satan's seed may be in the White House!

A Biblical "Sign and Wonder" of the "Last Days" In Norway?

Today Is the Anniversary of the Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor On December 7th,1941.Since President Abomination Was Supposedly Born In Hawaii,Why Didn't He Attend Any of the Ceremonies?

President Abomination has no love for America of old;that's why he has been quoted several times as saying he wants to "remake America" or "renew America." The sneak attack on Pearl Harbor that killed thousands of US servicemen and brought us officially into WW2 is obviously unimportant to the Abomination and his handlers.And,FDR-according to Archie Bunker,the country's first creepin' socialist-is idolized by the Abomination,for FDR was an abomination himself who I'm convinced had some fore-knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl.I saw the night before the last 10 minutes or so of the Military Channel special The Last Days of WW2.What a sickening conclusion to see a grown man nearly on the brink of tears over the creeping socialist's death in 1944.FDR was also a 32nd degree Freemason and such an admirer of mass murderer Josef Stalin that he called him "Uncle Joe" and was the first US president to recognize the Soviet Union.As for the men who died at Pearl Harbor,they were heroes.They were volunteers;they gave their all,whether they were sent to their horrible deaths by a treacherous president or not.And maybe it's better that the current abomination in the White House,like the abomination who occupied it in 1941,didn't attend a memorial service for the victims:they would probably turn over in their graves.

Crime Families Stick Together:the Dad of Chelsea Clinton's Fiance Is an Ex-Con

A Convicted Cop-Killer Leftist Is Now President-Elect of Uruguay!

A FBI Sting Operation May Get NJ Governor-Elect Christopher Christie In Trouble

Here's another case of some FBI members of the Diversity Gang snooping around for all those white racists out there.So they were using this Hal Turner to try and incite them to mayhem.But as so often happens with sting operations,it got out of control.Mr.Turner is claiming that FBI told him to use death-threat language against federal judges on his Internet radio broadcast.Again, just like the horrible Randy Weaver case back in 1991/1992, federal agents obsessed with white racism went looking for someone to hang.The end result was Vicki Weaver's head getting blown-off by a FBI sniper-goon and a US Marshal getting killed.It was all totally unnecessary;that's why Randy Weaver was awarded about $3 million in compensation by the feds.And what's really interesting about this case is GOP governor-elect Christopher Christie was the US Justice who handled this case,and he has already been subpoenaed by Turner's defense lawyer.This case may have some very interesting developments.

Convicted Former Congressman William Jefferson Receives the Longest Prison Sentence Ever for a Member of Congress and the Sentencing Judge Calls Public Corruption In US a Cancer Needing Surgical Removal.Bravo! Get Out the Scalpels!

A patriot in a black robe on the federal bench?! Magnificent! He socked it to the former congressman from the Big Easy who stashed about 90 grand in his freezer and said at the sentencing that government corruption is a cancer.If America is to be saved from the hoodlums and traitors who rule us,we'll need judges like T.S.Ellis to cut out the cancer from our midst.

Virginia's Democratic Governor Declares a Statewide Emergency,and Then Hightails It To Arkansas for a Political Fundraiser

Apparently, Governor Kaine(this name is another form of the name "Cain," as in the Cain who slew his brother Abel)deems his DNC chairmanship more important than the welfare of the citizens of the state he's supposed to serve.And that's even after he declares a state of emergency! But his real emergency was attending a fundraiser for a Democrat in Arkansas! But he'll be leaving office come January, so he has nothing to fear politically,so he thinks.This is another example of party politicians who care more about their parties than their constituents.The Democrats keep showing themselves to be the donkeys they really are.And the elephants aren't much better.

Paul Craig Roberts-an Assistant Treasury Secretary In the Reagan Administration-Describes the Current US and UK Governments as Criminal and Corrupt

Patriots,Get a Load of This!:Disgraced Former NY Governor Spitzer-Who Resigned Over His Tryst With a Hooker About 30 Years His Junior-Gives a Lecture On What Topic at Harvard University? Why Ethics,Of Course!

How fitting this is:a corrupt political establishment chumming up with a corrupt university establishment.Eliot Spit-Shine Spitzer,who chummed up with la raza movement to try and grant driver licenses to illegal immigrants in New York State,beds down a young hooker while married with 3 daughters,and a Jewish foundation at President Abomination's "alma mater"(Latin for "fostering mother")honors him by inviting him to lecture on ethics! Talk about chutzpah! It seems like a lot of "machers" in high political office feel compelled to engage in extra-curricular activities,like GOP governor Mark Sanford in South Carolina and former GOP senator Larry Craig from Idaho, who went cruising for homo sex in a bathroom at a Minneapolis airport.It's a part of the depravity of so many who rule over us in the corrupt Republicrat system.Patriots, America is becoming more and more like Sodom and Gomorrah and ancient Rome.And if we don't try to change things politically by wiping the slate clean and starting fresh,our fate may well be that of the Sodomites and the Romans.

The President of Libertarian Think-Tank Cato Institute Urges Republicans to "...Throw Their Neo-conservative Wing Under the Bus." Run Over It Twice Just to Make Sure!

This is a positive sign that a major daily newspaper prints a column that execrates the neo-cons,who are probably the most-dangerous political group in US.Bravo to Mr.Crane at Cato Institute for writing this piece and bravo to The Los Angeles Times for printing it.

A "Debate" Between Boy George Bush and Billy Clinton Is Cancelled.A Photo of Them Looks Like They're About to Kiss Each Other!

The "Ethics Committee"(Ha!)In the US House of Representatives Operates Under "...a Vow of Secrecy"

Is the the US House "Ethics Committee" with its "vow of secrecy" like the secret society Order of Skull & Bones? In the 2004 presidential election,when Bonesman Republican Boy George Bush and Bonesman Democrat John Kerry were asked about their membership in that secret society at Yale University,they both responded by saying they can't talk about it; it's secret.So it's to be expected that another part of Washington's government practices secrecy,especially when it comes to investigations of their own members.The DC government is out of control; it needs to be replaced.And just swapping parties every 2 or 4 or 6 years or so won't cut it.The Democrats and the Republicans have created this monster that rules us and keep it breathing.The monster needs to be removed and encaged and statesmen and patriots must replace them.That'll be very difficult,but patriots must try with all they've got or we'll lose America.

What Bi-partisanship! A GOP Assemblywoman Drops Out of a 3-Way Congressional Race and Endorses the Democrat!

Florida's Republican Governor Embraces President Abomination,Literally

The corrupt Republicrat establishment rhetorically loves to ask,"Isn't bi-partisanship wonderful?" Sometimes it is;most of the time it's sickening.And Florida's GOP governor Charles Crist is a sickening individual.Did he have to stoop so low as to literally embrace the Abomination?! This is a sterling example of an establishment politician who's governor of a large state adulating the Abomination because he worships the office of US president.And this embrace dovetails with the Abomination appearing with Daddy Bush in Texas a few days ago to encourage Americans to commit to volunteerism.Volunteer to who? To their state! To the power establishment that they rule! Anyway,I'd love to find a photo of the embrace between Gov.Crist & President Abomination and post it on this site to illustrate just how phony and corrupt the 2-party polity in America is;it's, for the most part,a big sham,especially in the high offices like president and state governor.

France's Culture Minister Frederic Mitterand Is Into "Boys"

A Courageous Lawyer Uncovers Evidence of the Obvious Government Coverup in the Oklahoma City Bombing

The obvious coverup in the OKC bombing in 1995 is one of the many coverups and scandals left over from the Billy and Hillary Clinton criminal administration,among many others:the death of Vincent Foster,the deaths of possibly hundreds of people who were involved with the Clintons and many of whom were murdered or "suicided,"the slaughter at Waco,the downing of TWA 800,taking foreign money for presidential campaigns,and on and on and on;the Lewinsky affair was,I believe,a sideshow.Jesse Trentadue is a brave man for trying to learn the truth about more suspects involved in the OKC bombing.And thanks to a FOIA request,FBI has released "edited" tapes to him that may have shown other suspects entering or fleeing the Murrah building  at about the time the bomb went off or some other evidence.I'm convinced there was and still is a huge government coverup in this case,and with Billy and Hillary then in the White House,this shouldn't surprise us one bit.I believe the bombing was a government sting gone bad,and that's what they're covering up.And it's obvious that Jesse Trentadue's brother Kenneth was murdered in prison;he may have been "suicided" by a Clinton goon squad.Let's hope and pray the truth emerges,probably in a civil suit against the Clintons,FBI,BATFE and/or other government agencies.The worst that happened to Billy and Hillary was Billy losing his license for a few years to practice law in Arkansas.And that's because of a corrupt Republicrat system where they cover for each other every chance they get,especially when the crimes are committed from the White House.

FBI Denies Editing Tapes of the OKC Bombing

"The New" South Africa Sets Up an "Anti-corruption" Hotline.How About One for America?

When the white-minority government in South Africa came to an end,the Diversity Gang was ecstatic."The New South Africa is here!",they exclaimed.I'm not implying that apartheid was right,but I am implying that a country's society and living conditions should improve with a wholesale governmental change.Not only has that not happened in SA,but it has gotten much,much worse.And this story is one example among many of the horror story that has become South Africa since the Mandela Gang took over.But at least Jacob Zuma has acknowledged the corruption in government and infrastructure and is ostensibly trying to do something about it.And what a great idea to establish a national anti-corruption hotline! He should send that idea to President Abomination to set one up in America!

A Convicted Pal of Rod Blagojevich Is Found Dead.Suicide or Murder?

Blago's former chief fundraiser is found dead in an isolated location just before he's about to serve jail time.This is another strange death of someone who was close to a former powerful political figure(s).And remember the CEO of Freddie Mac who was found dead inside his home in the wee hours of the morning? And Deborah Jeane Palfry-the so-called Washington Madam who was found hung in an outdoor shed? Remember Dick Cheney's pal who was shot while they were hunting? These all can't be co-incidences! They can't all be suicides or accidents! It's the law of averages! People sometimes get taken out by people in government or who have access to government! Maybe this guy was going to spill his guts for an early release or lenient treatment.And  yes,he may have committed suicide.Meanwhile,I believe Blago is still maintaining his innocence re his impeachment and conviction..

Pastor and 2008 Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin Proclaims:"Maybe Obama Really Is the Manchurian Candidate"

Patriots,mark the calendar for Sunday,Sept.20th to see if the major media will cover the raising of the Red China flag at the White House.However,it's important to remember that World Net Daily sometimes can exaggerate on stories they report;they're big-time hawks on the so-called "War on Terror." I don't think the Abomination in the White House will be that stupid and brazen to fly the Chinese Communist flag at the White House.But the Abomination may very well test the patriot waters to see what outrage will generate from this flag waving.Again,remember this upcoming Sunday,September 20th.

President Abomination and Assembled Liberal Luminaries Worship One of Their Own:Walter Cronkite

One of the many disgusting behaviors of the corrupt political class,liberal or something else,is when they praise each other in one sickening way after another.Here we have President Abomination and other ultra-liberals in an unholy gathering,heaping hosannas on Walter Cronkite.And they continue to posthumously praise him because he carried water throughout his career as a "newsman" for the globalist,internationalist wing of the Democratic Party.Why else would all these liberal glitterati at this unholy gathering extol him? I believe the lesson to learn from this gooey lovefest for a propagandist masquerading as a newsman is never to put blind trust in any politician or famous person.Independent thinking is the way to go! And how many naive Americans really believed "And that's the way it is" just because Cronkite said it was?

Associated Press Reports that 15-30 Million Died in the Russian Gulag from 1918 to 1956.So Why Do We Hear So Little About These Victims But So Much About the Nazis' Victims?

I believe the reason we don't hear as much on the Russian mass-murder victims is because to the establishment powers running America,some people are more important than others.The Russian gulags murdered about 2 or 3 times as many people as the Nazis.In spite of this,pro-commie Hollywood has never made one major film,to my knowledge,on this mass murder;neither is there something comparable to so-called "Holocaust education" in our schools.
Here are some dirty secrets the establishment prefers America to be in the dark about.Vladimir Ulyanov("Lenin")designed the Gulag system;he replaced the tyranny of Tsar Nicholas with the even-worse tyranny of Bolshevism and its Red Terror.His comrade was Bronx-born David Lev Bronstein("Leon Trotsky").These men were Jewish,as was Lazar Kaganovich,who headed up the mass murder of an estimated 8-15 million Ukranians in the "Holodomor"-a Ukranian word for murder by starvation.So the establishment hopes that the ethnicity of these mass murderers be as quiet as possible,lest "anti-Semitism" rage throughout the nation.These beasts should be condemned for their crimes,not their ethnicity.Throw into this equation the fact that FDR-the country's "first creepin' socialist",per Archie Bunker-was the first US president to recognize the murderous USSR regime and even called Stalin "Uncle Joe." And he did this right after the start and during the Holodomor! He didn't know the Ukranians were being starved to death?! Hitler and Mussolini knew about it and condemned it! The US government shouldn't have given Uncle Joe one red cent during WW2.They should've done what Solzhenitsyn recommended:side neither with Hitler or Stalin and then fight the winner if they didn't kill each other off.FDR's siding with mass-murderer Stalin is one of the biggest black marks on US government policy during WW2.I'm sure the victims of the Red Terror,the gulags,the Holodomor would agree.

The Gulag Archipelago Is Now Required Reading In Russian High Schools.It Should Be In America Too!

Laura Bush Praises President Abomination,Says " I Think He is Doing a Good Job." Surprised?

Lovable Laura was palsy-walsy with Michelle Abomination about 6 weeks ago and had nothing but praise for her.And now she has nothing but praise for Barack Abomination.I'd bet dollars to donuts that lovable Laura is a registered Democrat.And what gives with her global literacy campaign? She should teach literacy to her husband! Charity begins at home! The Bush/Clinton dynasty continues to rule in the White House! Look at the gleam in her eyes in the photo accompanying the article.I think an evil spirit is inside that woman!

Ex-president Boy George Appoints a Neo-Con to Head His "Think Tank" at SMU

Boy George Bush founding a "think tank"? What an oxymoron that is! Here's a guy who could barely put two sentences together and probably never had an original idea in his whole life! But he and his handlers have founded George W.Bush Institute at Southern Methodist University(SMU).And true to form,he appoints James K.Glassman-a Jewish neo-conservative-to run it.That's tantamount to a Jew appointing a Baptist to head a think tank at a Jewish university.But here's Boy George-supposedly a Methodist with an institute named after him at a supposedly Methodist university-appointing someone who's not only not Methodist,but not even of the Christian faith.This isn't a knock,per se,against Mr.Glassman.He has some interesting perspectives on economics and finance that are worth heeding and considering;it's the probability that his being Jewish was a major consideration in his selection that's the bugaboo.
But maybe this isn't that big of a deal.For who in his or her right mind would visit George W.Bush Institute to expand and further develop one's thinking?

Israel's Previous Prime Minister is Indicted on Corruption Charges,as Crime In Israel's Government Becomes More Commonplace

I see parallels between America and Israel as far as political corruption goes.A large segment of the Israeli population is fed up with criminals in their government,and this has helped generate investigations and prosecutions of high-level officials;but this indictment is a first for a current or former Israeli prime minister.This is tantamount to a US president getting indicted! And there were a lot of rumors that Ehud Olmert launched those horrible attacks into Gaza last year to deflect attention from the investigations into his alleged criminality.The establishment in America always tries to make us believe that a US president or leader of a "friendly" nation would never do something like that.Remember Billy Clinton and his "wag the dog" attacks on Serbia? Many people in positions of great power at their disposal don't think like the average person;they have totally different standards of right and wrong and believe they're above the law and they'll justify their actions any which way they can.Like the Good Book says in Psalm 12:9:"In high place are the vilest of men." In other words,the worst kind of people are in positions of power in the nations they rule,and America today is no exception to that.Thank God we still have a Constitution and a well-armed population to help deter the federal government from waging total war against patriots and the country as a whole.

It Poured Heavy Rain at Kennedy's Funeral,But that Didn't Stop President Abomination from Calling "Teddy" the "Greatest Legislator of Our Time" and Cancer-stricken Senator Christopher Dodd from Claiming "...Our Teddy Changed America." He Certainly Did.

President Abomination claims "Teddy" was the " greatest legislator of our time." Cancer-stricken and scandal-scarred senator Christopher Dodd from Connecticut claims "...our Teddy changed America." How right he is.Notice he said "our" Teddy.Yes,Teddy was one of them-one of the arrogant,power-loving radical liberals out to not just change America,but,in the words of the Abomination,to "remake" America.And one way that Uncle Teddy and his gang are doing just that is via an immigration law that Teddy rammed through Congress along with his attorney-general brother "Bobby" in 1965.So for the past 40+ years,80-90% of the immigration into America hasn't come from Europe but from everywhere else.In other words,Teddy opened the floodgates to America becoming a Third World country.
Teddy suffered from minorityitis;he never met a minority he didn't like,and the majority could go to hell as far as he was concerned.
I'll blog more on this creature Edward Kennedy at A Patriot's Diary.But let us never forget Kennedy's real crime:his complicity in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.He obviously waited until the following morning to report the accident because he was drunk as a skunk when he drove his car into the water at Chappaquiddick and would've been arrested for drunk driving and charged with manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide.So he let her drown in his car which became her coffin.Any sane man,stone-cold drunk or sober,would've went screaming for help;but Uncle Ted thought only about saving his own ass and his political career.
Why do his admirers still worship him to this day? Aside from plain ignorance,they are just as immoral as their Uncle Ted.

Here's One Reason,Among Many Others,Why Patriots,Christians Should Shed No Tears Over Edward Kennedy's Death

Marc Solomon is an activist for various homosexual causes.He praises "Teddy" Bear Kennedy for legislating on behalf of "LGBT(Lesbian,Gay,Bi-sexual,Transgender) people,for immigrants, for people of color..." Patriots,that's the essence of Kennedy's wretched political life:he fought for everyone but the American majority.And  only from a state with a passel of ignorant or foolish or immoral voters such as the Bay State would he get re-elected time after time.While Kennedy died from brain cancer,he suffered from another deadly disease throughout his entire political life:minorityitis.As long as someone was any kind of minority,Teddy Bear Kennedy was there to kiss ass,bend over backwards,work for special laws and special programs for those always classified as victims and oppressees.This is how Teddy Bear enhanced his political power and his fat ego:he loved fighting for "his people." It's the essence of the contemporary Diversity Gang politician:special rights for "minorities,"and the occasional bone to everyone else.
Yes,I'll write it:I believe Kennedy came under God's judgement.The Bible is quite clear that the leaders of peoples and nations are judged differently than the people they rule;they're held to a higher standard.That's the Almighty's good sense,for bad leaders can destroy countries with bad laws and policies.Teddy and the dynasty he belonged to have certainly helped to destroy America.Should Teddy rest in peace? I don't think so.

Edward Kennedy-an Avowed Enemy of America-Has Died

There's way too much commentary to make on Edward "Teddy" Kennedy-again,another demi-god of a politician who was called by a folksy nickname.I'll blog on Kennedy's death at week's end.But,I'll write now that I'll shed no tears for this power-drunk man who helped pass a multitude of evil laws upon our nation,the worst being his helping to ram through along with his brother Robert the 1965 Immigration Reform Act,which helped launch the Third World invasion of America.And let's see if the encomium to follow will mention that he actually went to bed while Mary Jo Kopechne was under water.He didn't report the accident until the following morning! If he weren't who he was,Teddy would've landed in jail.But not only that,but the loonies in the People's Republic of Massachusetts kept re-electing him every 6 years! America is better off without Edward Kennedy in power in the US Senate.However,someone even worse than him may follow.

One Reason the Egg-head Liberal Governor of Wisconsin Won't Seek Re-election Next Year:His Legal Counsel Never Passed the Bar Exam!

Now isn't this typical of a contemporary establishment-liberal politician:His legal counsel never passed the bar exam! But maybe he doesn't need one:The egg-head is a lawyer himself and a former county prosecutor! So why and how did this "legal counsel" get her job? Regardless,good riddance to egg-head governor James Doyle.
Wisconsin is mostly a liberal state,with two ultra-liberal US senators Herbert Kohl and Russell Feingold(the latter's family must be in the business of fine gold).What's strange is that Tommy Thompson-a former multi-term  governor,popular,quasi-conservative,who helped generate welfare reform in Wisconsin which then spread throughout America-never ran for the US Senate,but he did take the job as secretary of Department of Health & Human Services(HHS)in the Boy George administration.He would probably beat rather easily the ultra-liberals Kohl or Feingold,but he has never run against them.Very interesting.

Boy George Bush's Attorney General Speedy Gonzalez-Now Teaching and Diversifying at Texas Tech-Deplores an Investigation into CIA Torture

Speedy Gonzalez probably doesn't want an investigation into CIA torture because he may have authorized it when he was US attorney general and may face charges! If America wants to project a moral image to the world,torture must be condemned regardless of who commits it.Torture is barbaric,anti-Christian;those who commit it should be punished.And isn't it interesting that Speedy was hired by Texas Tech to recruit and retain "minority" students-i.e.,diversify the school.Let's see if attorney general Eric Holder pursues this investigation.Don't hold your breath:the two parties cover for each other all the time.

Snarling Dick Cheney Claims That His Good Friend Scooter Libby(Real Name:Lewis Leibowitz)Deserves a Pardon

Like John Ellis Bush uses the folksy nickname "Jeb" to ingratiate himself with the masses,here we have another servant of the Bush/Clinton dynasty using a pseudonym-an Aw,shucks!,down-home,cutesy nickname-to help him gain influence and power.His real name is Lewis Leibowitz-known to his friends and accomplices as Scooter Libby.God knows how he came up with that name.Does he ride a scooter to work? Regardless of the name's origin,former vice-president and perpetual warmonger Dick Cheney has nothing but praise for this convicted criminal and urged  then-president Boy George Bush to pardon him instead of just commuting his sentence.No surprise here:rogues defend each other and come to each other's aid as often as they can.
Now for some background.Lewis Leibowitz is a lawyer who helped persuade then-President Billy Clinton to pardon criminal-fugitive Marc Rich,and Billy complied.Of course,the fact that Rich's bimbo wife Denise donated a load of dough to Billy's presidental library had something if not everything to do with this.But as so often happens with members of the Bush/Clinton dynasty,they elude justice.Leibowitz was convicted in the Valerie Pflame case,where her CIA identity was leaked to the media.And that Dick-former vp Cheney-has the temerity to praise him and admits he tried to get him pardoned.Even after Leibowitz's collusion with Billy Clinton re the Marc Rich pardon,Cheney hired him as his chief of staff when he became vice-president in 2001! And then he hired prune face Mary Matalin-wife of space-alien face and Democrat strategist James Carville-to be his political consultant! They're pigs in the same poke! Cheney wants his convict-friend Scooter Lewis Leibowitz Libby to get away with everything,just like CFR member and former CFR director Dick Cheney has gotten away with all the lies and false intelligence that put our servicemen into the quagmire of Iraq.The last heart attack Dick Cheney suffered I believe was his eighth.Eight heart attacks and the beast still lives! Satan himself must be sustaining him! I wouldn't be surprised if President Abomination pardons Leibowitz,under the persuasion of his chief of staff Rahm Israel Emanuel.

Boy George Bush's Blackwater Mercenaries Are Accused of Murder and Other High-level Crimes in Iraq

Blackwater operated as a virtual private army in Iraq.As disreputable organizations tend to do from time to time,they change their names.Blackwater is now known as Xe.Xe? What's that all about!? Erik Prince is obviously a prince of darkness.As one of the litigants stated in the court affidavit,the prince thinks he's a modern-day crusader,a convert to Roman Catholicism who's reportedly a member of the Catholic secret society Knights of Malta.He fits the profile I've written about before:not a neo-con,but a theo-con,a holy warrior who's out to terrorize the infidel Muslims, just like the Muslim extremists want to do the same to the non-Muslim infidels.There's an excellent article on him at Wikipedia;please read it.
The most-disturbing but wholly believable allegation in this affair:the prince either murdered or ordered the murder of people who were providing information on Blackwater's alleged criminal activities to various authorities.Patriots:let's pray that the truth emerge about this whole quagmire in Iraq and justice be meted out to the perpetrators.

A Columnist Calls the CIA "A Damned Murder Inc."

Former vp Dick Cheney ordered CIA to organize a hit squad and to keep it hidden from Congress,which is illegal according to this columnist.Mr.Cockburn relates how CIA planted a bomb in Lebanon to kill a Muslim cleric but wound up killing not the cleric but 80 innocent people.Is CIA and/or Mossad doing this in Iraq today,where a bomb today killed 29 people? Who's planting and detonating all these bombs in Iraq and killing all these innocent people? I believe that it's home-grown bombers and interloper bombers.As bad as "Saddam" was,bombs going off almost every week and killing scores of innocent people weren't commonplace under his regime.I'll say it again,with utter conviction:Boy George Bush and his handlers and conspirators wanted to conquer the nation of Iraq when they invaded in 2003.And they're still trying in 2009.

A Suspect in the New Jersey Corruption Sting is Found Dead:Natural Death,Suicide or Homicide?

Is it a co-incidence that this guy turns up dead just a few days after the corruption arrests in the so-called Garden State? This is another illusion that the powers that be cast on the American people:they are fantastic people in power over us;trust them to do right and never do wrong.Patriots,we all know that mafias or criminal gangs take people out occasionally;political mafias are no exception.It may be rare,but I firmly believe it happens and has happened before.If the federal government can start a war based on lies and false intelligence,should we be surprised if they take out a few people who they feel are a threat to their power and secrets if they think they'll start singing?

A Former Congressman is Convicted of Bribery.He Had $90,000 in "Lettuce" in His Freezer!

The Previous "First Lady" Kisses the Ass of the Present "First Lady"

Hey,patriots:Did you ever stop and think how elitist the term "First Lady" is? First Lady just because she's married to the president? How about just Mrs.Abomination just like everyone else? Or Mrs.Boy George Bush? Get a load of Laura in the photo showing her knees! Was she trying to get sexy with the photographer? This is a dame who said a while back that her favorite play is The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas!
Of course she praises the new "first lady." She belongs to the "club," like Laura stated.And get a load of the new commander of USS Texas claiming that the Bushes were tring to make "the world" a better place.How about making America a better place instead of trying to make the entire world a better place? He sounds like more of a hack for the Bush dynasty than a submarine commander.Still,I commend the commander for going under the water in a sub;that takes a lot of guts.

A Typical Stuffed-Shirt Republican Snob Bewails Grassroots Activists Seeking the Truth on President Abomination's Birthplace

Patriots:if you're disgusted like me at this pompous,stuffed-shirt think-tank Republican after reading his article typical of the corrupt political establishment in US,e-mail him to tell him your
He's sssssoo prim and proper! He's more concerned about pleasing the liberals at CQ Politics than showing common courtesy to grassroots conservatives.Look at his fat neck and fat face;that tells most of the story.

Another Powerful and Ultra-liberal US Senator Has Cancer

 US Senator Christopher Dodd-a Democrat from the pinko-rich state of Connecticut and chairman of the Banking Committee-is the next liberal senator to come down with cancer.He joins his great friend Edward Kennedy and Arlen Specter as fellow cancer sufferers.Dodd claimed he didn't know that those fat bonuses for executives were included in the bank bailout.He's banking committee chairman and he didn't know that?! He either lied or was admitting he didn't even read the bill that he voted on in committee and in the full senate! This is another common practice in degenerate Washington:A multitude of congressmen don't even read the bills they vote on! They rely on their staffs to do their thinking and their work for them! Dodd will be out of action from ruining America for a while,hopefully for as long a while as possible.If he's able to run for re-election next year,even the liberal voters in pinko Connecticut-the richest state per capita in America-may finally get rid of him.And if the GOP candidate is Rob Simmons-the same candidate the GOP betrayed in 2006 when they wanted Uncle Joe Lieberman to get re-elected-let's see how he gets treated this time.

Another Power-Drunk U.S.Senator Clings to Power Despite Being Afflicted with Cancer

Yesterday we learned that cancer-afflicted Edward Kennedy hasn't been in his seat of power in the US Senate for the past 3 months.Now we're reminded that Arlen Specter-a US senator from Pennsylvania-is seeking re-election next year despite his cancer affliction.The last few times I've seen him on tv,like just last week during conquistador Sonia Sotomayor's hearing,he looks like and sounds like walking death.What a co-incidence that the word "specter"means a visible,disembodied spirit.That's just what he looks like right now! Of course,he voted today along with every other judiciary-committee Democrat to approve of Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court.When I saw him question her,he was so obsessed with whether she would leave the Roe vs.Wade abortion decision untouched as a Supreme Court justice.Keeping abortion legal and a sacred right seems the most-important thing in America to the senator whose surname synonymizes with death.And now,even though he's dying like Kennedy,he still clings to his power.He says that he switched from the GOP to the Democrats because he won't win the GOP senate primary next year.That's probably true,but it's probably true too that he wanted the Democrats to get a de-facto filibuster-proof majority in the senate.He was another point man for Boy George Bush's illegal-alien amnesty bill,and it has been mentioned a few times that he's a 33rd-degree Freemason.Throughout his sordid political career,Arlen Specter has captured power and kept power by hook or by crook;time will tell if his craving for retaining his seat of power is cut short by something beyond his control.

Power-drunk Edward Kennedy-a "...very,very fine friend" of GOP senator Orrin Hatch-is Kept from the Health-Care Debate Due to Malignant Brain Cancer

It is sickening to see the extent that some men will go to stay in positions of power,especially political power.Here's Sen.Edward Kennedy-diagnosed with malignant brain cancer about a year ago-finally having the decency to at least leave his seat of power and deal with his affliction at home.Any sane,older man,upon learning he has malignant brain cancer,would retire from whatever position he was in to rest and try to convalesce with his family and friends.But to someone like Kennedy from one of the most-corrupt political dynasties in America,power is everything.I thought to myself that he'll probably die in his senate seat.But,he must be a lot sicker than I thought,for this article reveals he has been away from his seat of power for the last 3 months.Being away from political power must be killing him just as much as the cancer! He can't work to thrust a socialistic health system down our throats! And look at Republican senator Orrin Hatch kissing his ass,calling the ultra-liberal fiend from the People's Republic of Massachusetts his friend, just like Bush Foundation giving Kennedy a public-service award about 5 years ago.
Sorry,maybe I shouldn't feel this way or write what's coming,but I have very little sympathy for an enemy of America like Edward Kennedy.The sooner his suffering ends and he meets his Maker,the better we'll all be.

The Same Ol' GOP at Election Time:"Let's Campaign About Money"

The Grand Old Party is already preparing for the 2010 elections.This country may not be around next year the way we're going! And how typical of the GOP to run almost totally on economic issues.It seems they're already taking their orders from the champagne-swilling country-clubbers who think the only thing that matters come election time is money matters.I'll say it again:Patriots,get out of the Republican Party!

Sarah Palin Steps Down as Alaska Governor:Good Riddance!

John McCain picked this princess(Sarah in Hebrew means princess)almost certainly to get the female vote in the 2008 presidential election.Her selection was all image over substance.If she was really an outsider seeking to upset the corrupt polity ruling Washington,DC,
she never would've accepted the offer to be Juan McCain's running mate.And for you patriots who still think she may be presidential timber in 2012,start dealing with 2009 before you even consider 2012.For the way this country is being destroyed from within,we may lose our country by then!
Here's just one example of the hypocrisy and phony image of the princess from Alaska who was portrayed by the GOP as a modern-day Joan of Arc out to deliver us from those wicked Democrats.On the day she was scheduled to meet an anti-abortion group,she canceled that and instead met with Uncle Joe Lieberman-Mr.Constipation Face himself and warmonger par excellence for the warmongering wing of the Democratic Party.Uncle Joe reportedly "advised" the princess on what US foreign policy should be especially in the Middle East.And with so many near-brain-dead Republicans ga-ga over her selection,very few of them asked:What's an ultra-liberal like Uncle Joe Lieberman doing advising the 2008 GOP vice-presidential nominee?
It's probably because Uncle Joe is just as much a warmonger and an "Israel is always right!" fanatic as John McCain! And remember,patriots,Uncle Joe endorsed McCain! They're both members of the globalist cabal Council on Foreign Relations! They both belong to the same club that wields incredible power over our country from their headquarters Pratt House in New York City! CFR is one of The Prime Enemies of America!
I'll blog more on this over the Independence Day weekend.Patriots:Get out of the GOP!

More "Family Values" from the GOP

A Republican governor(Mark Sanford of S.Carolina)and a Republican US senator(John Ensign from Nevada)admit to adultery and resign from their leadership positions:Sanford as chairman of Republican Governors Assn.and Ensign as chairman of National Republican Senatorial Committee.It's too bad,but not that surprising.These men are conservative in a lot of areas.Regardless,it's more proof of a party that has exploited the votes and money of so-called "values voters" for a long time.Sanford should resign because he lied about his wherabouts and left the state without gubernatorial supervision or oversight.As far as Ensign goes,it's mostly a personal problem with his wife and family and it should be up to Nevadans on whether they want to re-elect him or not;he was right to resign his NRSC chairmanship.
Patriots,get a load of this: RGA appoints Haley Barbour to be their new chairman! Mr.Barbour was chairman of Republican National Committee(RNC)back in the mid-1990s when GOP took control of Congress for the first time in 40 years.Co-presidents Billy and Hillary Clinton were investigated for receiving foreign contributions for their 1996 re-election.It's illegal for sitting politicians or those seeking political office to receive foreign money.The Clintons skated,and Barbour was implicated too in this scandal;of course,he skated too.Barbour's hair went from brown to white very quickly.The Democrats kept regaining the seats they lost in the 1994 elections,setting the stage for their taking back Congress in 2006.So what do these geniuses at RGA do:They pick Barbour as their new chairman to replace the disgraced Mark Sanford! Moreover,the GOP is trying to renew its image after losing the 2008 elections.And they are trying to do that by picking three re-treads from the Boy George administration to head up the renewal! Including that bimbo Dana Perino! It's almost as if they want to empower the Democrats!
Patriots:I urge you to get out of the Republican Party! I did in 1996.
While there are individual Republicans who deserve our support,those running the party at the top of the pyramid are concerned about preserving their own power and prestige.And every time patriots try to scale that pyramid and topple the sell-outs at the top,they'll keep on getting pushed down to the bottom.That's where the neo-cons and Rockefeller Republicans running the party want conservatives and patriots to stay:on the bottom.Patriots should become independents or join the Constitution Party or start up their own party.There are too many rotten apples in the GOP barrel.Patriots need a new barrel!

One of the few positives I thought would come to America from Barack Abomination's election was an official end to the Bush/Clinton dynasty that has ruled our land since Daddy Bush entered the White House in 1981 as Reagan's vp.I thought wrong.Abomination and Hillary must've made a deal during the very close Democratic presidential primary last year:Abomination wins the primary and makes Hillary his secretary of state.Thus the Bush/Clinton dynasty continues in the White House!
Hillary the Witch-who held a seance in the White House when she was co-president to conjure the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt-escaped scot-free from all her alleged crimes and immoralities because the corrupt Republicrat system protected her from investigation and eventual prosecution.And even though she has virtually no foreign-policy experience,she gets confirmed by the corrupt US Senate with only 2 senators voting no! Those 2 were James Demint from S.Carolina and David Vitter from Louisiana.
Conquistador Sonia Sotomayor breaks her ankle and Hillary the Witch breaks her elbow.Is God bringing His judgement down on these Jezebels?

And speaking of witches,Nancy Pelosi-speaker of the US House of Representatives-gave a speech at St.Anthony's Church in the city of Saint Francis on March 18th.She was giving a pep talk to illegal aliens and their supporters in the church.She called immigration-enforcement raids "un-American." But here's the kicker from this vain broad who,while pushing 60,still takes the time to put brown streaks in her hair:She apologized to the audience for not being able to speak Spanish! Get a load of that!
For more info on this story and other important news on immigration from a patriot perspective,it's available in the May issue of Immigration Report,published by FAIR(Federation for American Immigration Reform) newsletter,published 10 times annually,is very informative and helpful in fighting the patriot cause against the amnesty gang,illegal immigration and out-of-control legal immigration.

Bad News for Patriots:Cro-Magnon Liberal Al Franken is Now a US Senator from Minnesota

While patriots don't lament that much the loss of Norman Coleman from the US Senate,having an absolute clown like Al Franken in that chamber is again more proof of a nation slowly(?)but surely committing suicide.The Democrats,technically,now have 60 seats in the Senate,meaning that Republicans can't filibuster a bill and hold it up for lengthy debate;evil liberal law can now sail through Congress with much less opposition.However,the donkeys actually have only 58 senators:Uncle Joe Lieberman and Bernard Sanders are registerd Independents.But since they vote most of the time with the donkeys,this is like giving them a 60-seat majority.It's going to be interesting to see how this turns out.Moreover,Arlen Specter(the word "specter" means a visible or disembodied spirit)just switched back to the Democrats so that the party he left to run for the Senate in 1980 could have their 60-seat majority.I'll be blogging more on this subject at week's end on A Patriot's Diary.

Why Did Boy George's Justice Dept.Prosecute Fellow Republican Ted Stevens?

That's the kind of question that Republican dolts are afraid to ask.And why was Sen.Stevens brought to trial and convicted in a kangaroo trial right before he ran for re-election? Why hasn't the major media asked these questions? Let's hope the US Justice Dept.attorneys who wrongfully prosecuted Sen.Stevens be brought to real justice.

Is a Federal Court Trying to Protect Some Powerful and Famous People from Exposure in the Elliot Spitzer Scandal?

Former NY governor Spitzer got caught with his pants down by patronizing the prostitution service Emperors Club.Now isn't that appropriate? A governor of the Empire State must've considered himself an emperor by copulating with a prostitute working for Emperors Club.
I called the governor who resigned in disgrace over this squalid affair "Spit-shine Spitzer" because he tried to ram a law through the state legislature that would've granted driver's licenses to illegal aliens;he was very buddy-buddy with a lot of latino politicians and was ostensibly trying to advance some kind of race-based agenda.He even met secretly with some of them in Puerto Rico to plan this and even barred reporters from the meeting.Regardless of spit-shine,I think there's a lot more to the story than this married man with 3 kids getting caught with a hooker about 25 years his junior.The boys on Wall Street didn't think too highly of him because as NY attorney general,he was digging up dirt that the boys wanted hidden.So he started stepping on the wrong toes and possibly they set out to get him in one way or another.
As far as this court decision goes,law enforcement officials who were on this case have a list of some of the patrons of Emperors Club.The New York Times sued to have the list made public,but this appellate court said no.It's obvious that they're protecting some big shots who are on that list! Maybe a judge or two is on that list! So here we have another case of high-level officials in the political and judicial establishment covering up for their fellow big shots.Christ said there's nothing conceled that won't be revealed.I hope there's an appeal in this case.There are some patriots in this corrupt establishment,so hopefully by bringing as much legal and political action as possible,the truth will emerge from under the rocks.

Yahoo and McClatchy Editors Protect the Abomination-and the Corrupt Political Establishment-By Calling "Birthers" Naughty Names

One of the tactics that establishment hacks and boot-lickers engage in to protect establishment bigshots is to call people ugly names who try to learn the truth about those bigshots.I believe President Abomination either wasn't born in US or didn't become a citizen after he returned from Indonesia.This is the second story on Yahoo News ridiculing people who seek real proof that Abomination is qualified to be president;the US Constitution says a president must be born in America.Even if they had evidence that the "birthers" are right,defenders of the Abomination and the corrupt political establishment he heads would probably ignore it or bury it.Best-selling author and former CBS correspondent Bernard Goldberg on The O'Reilly Factor referred to "...the Chicago mafia inside the White House"(,7/30/2009).Mafias do what they can to protect their territories and their power.While the evidence is far from conclusive on Abomination's birthplace,the major media and the political establishment don't want to find the real truth.For if it is true that the Abomination is a foreigner,they'll view it as a threat to their power establishment.Remember the 1960s folk song Don't Let the Rain Come Down?:"This crooked little man in his crooked little house." The crooks in power are trying to prop up their crooked little houses.

Just how "Great" is Great Britain now?

There's one major difference between the corrupt political establishment in UK and the one in USA:the Brits have 3 corrupt establishment parties and US has 2.According to Col.Barry Turner-a Brit recently interviewed on Dr.Stan Monteith's Radio Liberty broadcast-UK's alternative parties are gaining in popularity among the British electorate,parties like UKIP and BNP.What a blessing for patriots in America if a scandal like the one rocking Britain's den-of-thieves government rocks Washington,DC(District of Criminals).Hope and pray for that day!

Corrupt governments are highly unlikely to investigate themselves and bring lawbreakers in those corrupt governments to justice.

Important But Depressing Voter Information for Election Year 2008

I say "depressing" because in a joke of an election that offered voters the Hobson's choice of Barack Abomination and Juan McCain-Son of Cain(the first murderer)-63% of those eligible voted.There should've been a massive boycott of that joke of an election! But,because,we had "this historic moment," this unforgettable moment in time,the first "African-American" presidential candidate(he's actually half-white/half-black),voters,especially young voters(18-24)and black voters,came out for the "historic moment." Barack Hussein Abomination-who almost certainly isn't US-born and thus ineligible to be president-is in the White House because of his mixed-race ancestry,even though the political and media establishment continues to mischaracterize him as "African-American." And,McCain is a light-bulb head with white strands of hair on top if it! This is the travesty that the so-called Grand Old Party nominated for the presidency?!
I haven't voted in about 10 years.That's nothing to boast about,but I'll no longer vote for "the lesser of two evils."That's still voting for evil! I'll only vote for patriots.And if I have to wait and wait,I will.

Bush's Treasury Secretary "Hank" Paulson Admits He Threatened the Chief Executive of Bank of America If He Backed Out of a Deal

I ended the previous commentary by warning about our nation becoming a liberal-fascist tyranny;here's an example.Just look at Paulson! He doesn't look human! What's the US Treasury Secretary doing basically telling a major bank's CEO to accept a deal or I'll fire you?! That's fascism! But these neo-fascists play these games when they provide taxpayer money to the companies and then exert control over them.And there should be no tears for Kenneth Lewis at Bank of America,for under his leadership,BOA decided to give loans and credit cards to illegal aliens! Maybe they got what they deserved! I had a BOA Master Card that I haven't used since they started assisting illegal aliens.I e-mailed and phoned the company and told the agents that I won't be using that card unless BOA stops enabling lawbreakers.This is one weapon that patriots can use on the threats to our land,and I'll be blogging on the subject of patriot activism in a few days.

Thanks,Washington,DC(District of Criminals):The US National Debt is $11.5 Trillion!

The Projected US Budget Deficit for 2009:Almost $2 Trillion!What Great Change from President Abomination!

Holy Moly! The Glorified Counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve Get Subpoenaed by Congress!

California Momentarily Averts Bankruptcy But Still Has Major Financial Concerns

Miracles can happen:Even in ultra-liberal California,the state government can close a budget gap without raising taxes! This is promising news,but the so-called Golden State is far from out of the woods.They still have IOUs to settle and will have to borow $10.5 billion just to keep government operations going.They dug themselves into this pit with reckless borrowing,spending and over-taxing;the system collapsed under its own waste and mismanagement.We'll see if they stay afloat.

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