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Nimrata " Nikki " Haley-President Chump's US Ambassador to UN and a Frustrated Cover Girl-Has Her Speech Interrupted at University of Houston By Hecklers for Her Cavalier Dismissal of the Savage Israeli Killing and Wounding of Palestinian Protestors on the Gaza Border, and Barely a Whimper of Reporting on This Incident By the Establishment Media

Israel Lobby Gets a Bloody Kansas: a Law Refusing State Contracts to Kansans Who Boycott Products Made in Israel Is Declared Unconstitutional By a Federal Judge(And None Other Than ACLU Represented the Plaintiff Challenging the Law! Amazing!)

Warnings from the Mother Country: Prince Charles and Nigel Farage-Former Leader of United Kingdom Independence Party(UKIP)-Warn Us About the Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby in America(Bloody Good Show, Ol' Boys!)

On His First Day on the Job as President Chump's National Security Adviser, Neocon-Jew Warmonger John " I am the Walrus " Bolton Stands Behind the President, as If He's Watching Every Word the President Says, After Yet Another Ostensible False-Flag Chemical-Weapon Attack By Syria on Its Own People(Patriots: It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again!)

The Danger Facing America and the Middle East with John " I am the Walrus " Bolton as President Chump's National Security Adviser

Patriot Commentary, 4/3/2018, 1722 Hours:    Patriots, we have until April 9th to try and keep John Bolton-a warmongering, neocon Jew-from becoming National Security Advisor. This was a terrible decision by President Chump. Please call the White House Comment Line at 202-456-1111 and urge the operator to inform the president not to appoint The Walrus and appoint a patriot!

This Thursday, June 8th, 2017, Is the 50th Anniversary of the Savage Attack By Israeli Military Forces on USS Liberty, Which Killed 34 American Sailors and Wounded 170 More

After " Months of Silence from Family and Police, " the Lawyer for Jewish Power Couple Bernard & Honey Sherman, Found Strangled to Death in Their Toronto, Canada Mansion Last December, Offers a $10 Million Reward for Information Leading to an Arrest of Suspects

The Police in Toronto, Canada Determine That Jewish Power-Couple Bernard & Honey Sherman Were Murdered, Their Bodies Discovered in Their Ugly Mansion in a " Targeted Killing "

Yet More Intrigue and Suspicion in the Deaths of Jewish Power-Couple Bernard & Honey Sherman in Toronto, Canada

Kurt Nimmo at Does a Great Job Exposing Rafael Teddy Bear Cruz for the Neo-Con, Israel Lobby, Phony Conservative That He Is

Jack Kenny at Exposes Phony Conservative Rafael "Ted" Cruz-a US Senator from Texas But Also an Obvious Anti-Patriot Israel Worshipper

Well, patriots, Bravo to Jack Kenny! It takes guts to publicly take on Israel Lobby and high-powered Jewish zealotry, but that's what Jack has done. Patriots, please pass this link on to as many patriots and Christian soldiers as possible. Get a load of the super-rich "Zionists" and globalists and rogues and other anti-patriot trash at this Zionist Organization of America(ZOA)dinner: ugly puss Sheldon Adelson-the billionaire casino mogul; Bernard Marcus-co-founder of Home Depot(Patriots: Boycott Home Depot!); retiring Israel-worshipping congresswoman Michelle Bachmann; loudmouth televangelist John Hagee; leftist ACLU lawyer Alan Dershowitz; a globalist Jewish moneychanger, inter alia. What a wild bunch of anti-patriot Zionists, Jewish zealots and Israel worshippers! And there's Teddy Bear Cruz yukking it up with them, even sitting next to ugly creep Shelly Adelson. Remember, patriots, Teddy flew to Israel twice after his election and personally met with Israeli prime minister "Bibi" Netanyahu. Cruz is obviously in power in US Senate from Texas to make sure that the Bible Belt state always unconditionally supports Israel's government and extreme Zionism. May more patriots expose the likes of phony conservatives like Teddy Bear Cruz.

Rafael "Ted" Cruz-a US Senator from TX and an Ardent Israel Worshipper-Tells an Audience Gathered for the Purpose of Defending Christians in the Middle East:"If You Will Not Stand with Israel and the Jews, Then I Will Not Stand with You"

John Boy Boehner-Speaker of US House of Representatives and a Big Supporter of Israel Lobby and the "War on Terror!"-Wasn't Impressed with President Destroyer's State of the Union Address Because He Was "Barely Discussing Terrorism," Invites His Good Friend-Israeli Prime Minister "Bibi" Netanyahu-to Give a Speech Before a Joint Session of Congress in March

President Destroyer Keeps Serving Israel Lobby: He Nominates Stanley Fischer-an African-Born Jew with US and Israeli Citizenship and Having Just Finished an 8-Years' Reign as Governor at Bank of Israel-to Be Number-2 Man at the Counterfeiting Operation Known as Federal Reserve Board

NYPD Opens a Branch Israel! Oy Vey!

US Officials Admit:"Ally" Israel Is a "Spy Threat" to America

And Here's More Detail on the Latest Sell-Out By the US Congress to Israel Lobby:USIESC(United States-Israel Enhanced Security Co-operation Act),Written in US House of Representatives By None Other Than Eric Cantor-the Jewish Majority Leader in the House-Has Passed the House and Will Soon Be Voted on in US Senate

What Else Is New with the Bastards and Cowards and Sell-Outs Who Rule America from the Nation's Capitol?: "US Senate Mulls Unprecedented Aid to Israel"

In "Accepting the Neo-Con Torch" from Life-Long Liberal Democrat Uncle Joe Lieberman,Marco Rubio-a GOP US Senator from Florida But Born in Cuba and a Possible Vice-Presidential Candidate-Declares to Neo-Conservative Brookings Institution That He's a Typical Globalist Warmonger,Under the Influence of Jewish Neo-Con Robert Kagan

Sheldon Adelson-the Self-Proclaimed "Richest Jew in the World"-with Newty Gingrich's Presidential Campaign Floundering,Now Pumps $5 Million into Congressional Leadership Fund-a GOP "Super Pac" Supported by House Speaker John Boehner

The Intelligence Agency of America's "Ally" Israel Now Impersonates CIA Agents.They Don't Call It "Mossad"(Hebrew for "Deception")for Nothing!

And Now It's the Turn of Another GOP Presidential Candidate-This Time Herman Cain-to Cozy Up to Israel Lobby,as a Jewish Couple from NYC Ghostwrites His Campaign Memoir and Arranged His Trip to Israel Earlier This Year

At Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans This Past June,All the GOP Presidential Candidates Sucked Up to Israel Lobby Except Ron Paul

The Rabbi Behind Rick Perry's Throne

Little Ricky is pandering to 2 voting blocs here:the TV evangelist vote(a la Osteen,Hagee,Crouch,Copeland,Stone,et al)and the Jewish vote.And he just traveled to the Big Apple to attend a fundraiser with Jewish economist David Malpass-a neocon who,fortunately for patriots,ran in the 2010 GOP primary with another Jewish neo-con(Bruce Blakeman)for a US Senate seat in New York.They split the GOP establishment vote,and the remainder went to nominally conservative Joe Diogaurdi,who secured the nomination but was routed in the general election.So,Little Ricky Perry is playing all his establishment cards,and he wants America to get more embroiled in the Middle East because to his biased mind,the government of Israel can do no wrong.And for that time when even Little Ricky can't defend Israel's government,he'll ignore it or cover it up,even when they spy on US classified information.Ricky claims to be one with the evangelicals,while he schmoozes with a high-powered,ethnic-driven rabbi.But this is normal duplicity for a desperate man who seeks greater power and glory than he already has.

Jewish-American Scientist Stewart Nozette Pleads Guilty to Spying for Israeli Intelligence When He Worked for the US Government

Patriots,I reported on this case about a year ago.And it's more proof that Israel's government is no ally of our country;they wouldn't be spying on us if they were.This is the only report in the mainstream press that I've come across on this story,and it comes from liberal/left National Public Radio(NPR).Good for them.Israel Lobby is probably doing everything they can to keep this story as quiet as possible,to keep the myth in our minds that Israel's government is an ally of United States.Good work by patriots at FBI for catching yet another spy Israel's corrupt government.And it looks like Mr.Nozette is going to get 13 years in the federal pen.This case is proof,patriots,that Israel Lobby is beatable.

On June 8th,1967,34 US Sailors Were Brutally Killed Aboard USS Liberty By Members of Israeli Defense Forces-and the Cover-Up Continues to This Day By the US Government and Its Lapdog News Media

Dominique Strauss-Kahn(Or Khan or Cohen?)-the French-Jewish Socialist and Managing Director of International Monetary Fund(IMF)-Is Arrested on a Paris-bound Plane on Charges of Sexual Assault in a New York City Hotel

So how did this French-Jewish socialist get to become managing director of International Monetary Fund(IMF)? This guy is probably the #1 money man on Earth.And get a load of his name:a French first name(Dominic in English),a German-Jewish surname and an Arabic or a Muslim surname! What a mixed-up guy! But he sure has a lot of power and a sleazy reputation of sexual impropriety.So what was he doing in the Big Apple? And right near Times Square? And what great timing that he was whisked off that Air France plane only 10 minutes before take-off to gay Paree.If he got airborne and back to his native France,President Abomination's government would've had to negotiate with the French on extraditing him,if there's an extradition treaty between US and France.I think this rogue did attack this maid,but every man is innocent until proven guilty,even a rat-faced socialist moneybags like Strauss-Khan.Or maybe he was set up for a fall because he was intending to run for the presidency of France next year.Time will tell.But patriots don't need the likes of a power-mad socialist to head IMF,and we don't need IMF either.

A Rabbinical Authority in Israel-"America's Ally"- Warns His Countrymen:"There Is an Extremely Serious Crime Problem in Israel.Gangs Control Many of Our Neighborhoods...a General Lawlessness...Pervades Our Society"

At NASDAQ-the Former Hunting Grounds for Uncle Bernie Madoff-CEO Greifeld Hires Lee Shavel as CFO to Replace Adena Friedman,Who Recently Quit NASDAQ to Join Carlyle Group(It's All in the Family)

Sidney Lumet-the Jewish Director of Notorious Propaganda Films Serpico and Network-Dies of Lymphoma at Age 86

I was very naive about Lumet's film Serpcio when I first saw the cut version a few years before I joined NYPD in 1982-about 10 years after Frank Serpico left the job.I saw the uncut version about a year ago,and what a piece of ugly garbage it is.Almost every other line of dialogue is "F... this" and "F... that" and it's full of anti-Irish,anti-Catholic,anti-NYPD bias and hate.And that's no wonder,for almost the entire production crew was Hollywood Jewish,like Lumet.And they obviously had an agenda.This gross film never would've made it to the theaters if the Production Code was still in effect,which shut down in 1965 and allowed anti-Christ slobs like Lumet to spew their filth into movie theaters.Another one of his garbage films was Dog Day Afternoon which,like Serpico,had Al Pacino as the lead player who robs a bank to pay for his boyfriend's sex-change operation! Aw,schucks! I missed that one! Network was another one of his garbage films and the most-boring film I ever sat through.But his fawning critics loved it! And while 12 Angry Men isn't garbage(this was made in Production Code-era 1957),it still has anti-white bias.And that's why conquistador Sonia Sotomayor credits this film which sympathizes with a latino defendant with helping to shape her "affirmative-action baby" legal career.He protected blacklisted screenwriters probably because he was a commie himself or a Red sympathizer;and 4 women were stupid or immoral enough to marry him.It's too bad for America that this ugly rat lived to 86,but he died from lymphoma and may he not rest in peace.And it'll be up to the Almighty to have mercy on his wretched soul.

President Abomination Continues to Empower Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby With His Selection of a Jewish Congresswoman from Florida to Chair the Most- Powerful Unelected Leadership Position in the Democratic Party

Patriots,the pattern continues.The first "African-American" president keeps showing ethnic favoritism to Jews and to Jewish power by picking this JAP transplant from New York with a suntan.Of all the choices Abomination could've made,why else did he select her? Yes,he's probably licking the boots of his Jewish masters who've greatly assisted his rise to political power,odious men like Saul Alinsky-author of Rules for Radicals(which he dedicated to Lucifer,no kidding)-David Axelrod,Rahm Emanuel-who was Abomination's chief of staff before he either resigned or was fired and eventually went on to become mayor of the corrupt city of Chicago in the corrupt state of Illinois.So now a liberal Jewish-female congresswoman heads Democratic National Committee-the fund-raising group which decides which Democratic candidates to recruit and support and which ones to avoid-and Steven Israel-a liberal Jewish congressman from Long Island,NY-heads Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee(DCCC)-the committee which decides which Democratic candidates to support and which ones not to support for Us House of Representatives.Steve Israel! What a perfect name and candidate for Israel Lobby! Patriots,this is what the anti-patriot/anti-Christ/warmonger Democratic Party has degenerated to.And it's probably going to get a lot worse as the 2012 elections loom;and US servicemen will continue to be sent to fight and kill and die in one Muslim country after another as long as Israel Lobby continues to be given such disproportionate power over the US government,although the Lobby isn't the only group responsible for these immoral wars in Afghanistan,Iraq,Pakistan and elsewhere.Praying patriots,pray that America is delivered from the evil of Abomination and his unholy alliance with Israel Lobby.

Warmonger Neo-Con Par Excellence Billy Kristol on President Abomination Taking America Into War in Libya:"Good for Him"

And the Goon Squad Mossad of"Our Ally Israel" Kidnaps a Palestinian Engineer in Ukraine and Brings Him to an Israeli Prison

Some Anti-Christ Jews in the Minnesota Legislature Want to Ban Christian Prayers That Occasionally Open Legislative Sessions

This Is Mostly Good News,Patriots:Israel Lobby Congresswoman Jane Harman Will Soon Resign from Congress

Patriots,I say mostly good news because while this very wealthy liberal member of Israel Lobby looks like she'll be leaving Congress,she'll be in another very influential position to affect the laws and policies of the US government.Isn't this interesting?:Boy George cancels a visit to Switzerland to speak at an Israel Lobby function that was scheduled to be held in a hotel named after globalist-warmonger president Woodrow Wilson(And a Democrat!),and here is Jewish congresswoman Harman announcing her imminent resignation from Congress to become president of Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington,DC! Woodrow Wilson is back from the dead! Yes,patriots,his spirit of involving our country in unnecessary foreign wars like WW1 and using bloody war to "make the world safe for democracy" and turning our republic into an empire rules the neo-con cabal who helped get America involved in the morasses of Iraq and Afghanistan,and they're looking for more violence and bloodshed in other countries too.The former president of "the Wilson Center" is former Indiana congressman Lee Hamilton-a member of Council on Foreign Relations(CFR)and co-chairman of the "independent" 9-11 Commission.Boy George appointed the committee chairmen! It wasn't independent! And both the GOP chairman-former New Jersey governor Thomas Kean-and Hamilton are CFR members! And get a load of the arrogance and chutzphah of Janey,calling those who vote for her in the congressional district she represents as "...the smartest constituents on Earth" and "...shaping and leading the Wilson Center is a thrilling new challenge." This broad loves power.Her husband Sidney Harman is about 27 years her senior,and "bought" Newsweek magazine from the Jewish ultra-liberals who own The Washington Post for $1.And,Janey was overheard on a FBI wiretap trying to influence the sentencing of 2 indicted AIPAC(American-Israel Public Affairs Committee)lobbyists who were accused of passing classified information to Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin.Of course,the power of Israel Lobby being what it is,nothing happened to Janey because nothing happened to the AIPAC lobbyists,for US Dept.of Justice decided not to prosecute them.How convenient and how fitting for the corrupt,lawless government in District of Creeps/District of Criminals.And Mrs.Harman is no Blue Dog! She's a flaming liberal who probably calls herself a Blue Dog or a moderate or a centrist because she supports the Boy George-led War on Terror! because it wages war against Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East and Near East! And this power-loving JAP(Jewish-American Princess)probably hates being a member of the minority party in the House;her power is curtailed somewhat.Overall,she's leaving a position of legislative power,and that's a blessing for America.However,her "shaping and leading" the globalist,anti-American sovereignty,New World Order Wilson Center will enable her to snuggle up with major power-brokers in our country and throughout the world,and that's a curse on America.

Former President Boy George Cancels His Appearance for a Jewish Charity In Geneva,Switzerland Due to Threatened Protests and Calls for His Arrest on Torture Allegations

More Background on Boy George's Cancellation of His Scheduled Switzerland Appearance for United Israel Appeal

Well,patriots,we have a load of dynamite here.Poor Boy George-the self-declared president of war and torture-had to cancel his appearance in Switzerland for an Israel Lobby group.What a perfect location for the globalist Boy George and warmonger Israel Lobby to hold their gay affair:Wilson Hotel! What a perfect,appropriate choice! The hotel named after DEMOCRAT president Woodrow Wilson-the globalist who got America into WW1 to "make the world safe for democracy." Boy George and the rest of his neo-con cabal are continuing where Woody left off.This warmonger cabal deliberately chose this venue named after Wilson;the selection of place names and venues are used to send messages,mostly subliminal,to the masses and their fellow cabalists.Bravo to these activist groups like Amnesty International for pursuing Boy George for the war criminal he probably is;and it's great to see a branch of Israel Lobby get a black eye.Israel Lobby is now holding their propaganda events and ethnic-nationalist celebrations in Switzerland.I pray on one day a week that the criminal Bush/Clinton dynasty which still rules our country be exposed and brought to justice.Just maybe,the Almighty willing,justice is coming to Boy George.I'm also beginning to believe more and more that Boy George is Jewish(ethnically speaking)and his Methodist Church affiliation is just an illusion.He looks Jewish!

The Incoming Jewish-Republican Chairwoman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee Is Called a "Ferocious Wolf" By Fidel Castro

At St.George Ferry Terminal in New York City,a Jewish Spokesman at NYC Dept.of Transportation Defends the Removal of a Creche While Allowing a Menorah

Patriots,Christian soldiers,get a load of the testicles on these anti-Christ morons at New York City Dept.of Transportation! Lying that a menorah isn't a Jewish religious symbol! Of course it is! Rabbis light them in temples during Hanukhah! But these people are so anti-Christ that they'll lie through their teeth to keep a display of Christ's birth out of public view! And did you get a load of the surname of the DOT spokesman cited in the article? Solomonow.That means Son of Solomon.He's Jewish,and he defends the removal of the creche while claiming the pagan Christmas tree is tantamount to the creche.And like the similar anti-Christ act in Boca Raton,FL found at the link to the article below this article,there seems to be a coordinated attack on the Christ in Christmas coming from Jews in decision-making positions in agencies of city and state governments.I know,Christian patriots,that Christ wasn't born on Dec.25th and Christmas is a bloody pagan holiday,but that's not the point;what is the point is that blatant favoritism towards Jews and blatant aggression against Christians is occurring more and more in America at Christmas time.Also here in NYC,creches can't be displayed in public schools while menorahs can.And that decision was made when the school commissioner was Joel Klein(who's now a vice-president at,no surprise,Rupert Murdoch's anti-Christ News Corp.)and the mayor was Michael Bloomberg.Co-incidence? Onward Christian Soldiers! Go to the NYC DOT website at and let them know you won't stand for such blatant anti-Christ bigotry and blatant ethnic favoritism towards Jews during "the holidays" at a taxpayer-owned and taxpayer-operated facility! A facility named after St.George!

And at Christmas Time in Boca Raton,FL,Christ Is Out But a Menorah Is in at City Hall

When GOP Takes Majority-Control in the US House of Representatives in January,Israel Lobby Will Still Chair the Foreign Affairs Committee:Howard Berman-a Jewish Liberal Democrat From California-Will Be Replaced By Ileana Ros Lehtinen-a Jewish Liberal Republican From Florida.Amazing.

Here's some bad news from the GOP takeover of the US House:this power-mad ethno-fanatic Lehtinen taking over as chairwoman of the foreign-affairs committee.She's quite an interesting study,this Ileana:her mama's family are Turkish Jews,and according to current rabbinic law,if the mother's Jewish,the child's Jewish.Of course,biological law says she's half-Jewish,no matter what some rabbis say.She was raised Catholic in her native Cuba,but now claims to be Episcopalian.Regardless,she'll probably continue defending Israel's government no matter how many immoral or criminal acts it commits,and she's also a big-time amnesty supporter because 80% of the illegal immigrants are from south of the border.So now a Cuban Jew will chair the foreign affairs committee in US House of Representatives.and her actions show her allegiances and affections will be to Israel and Latin America,and not to United States.And this is one characteristic of Israel Lobby/Jewish Lobby.

A Virginia Congressman Is Set to Become the Highest- Ranking Jewish Congressman in US History.And He's From a Family of Cantors! Oy Vey!

Is Tea Party Senate Candidate Rand Paul Caving in to the Warmonger/Ethno-Fanatic Neo-cons?

Rupert Murdoch-Owner of Fox News Channel,New York Post,The Wall Street Journal,Blah,Blah,Blah- Accepts a Leadership Award From Anti-Defamation League and Declares There's an "Ongoing War Against the Jews"

Did Pennsylvania's Former Director of Homeland Security Hire a Mossad Outfit to Spy on Pennsylvania Citizens?

TV Commentator Rick Sanchez Gets Fired From CNN for Suggesting That Many TV Networks Are Run By Jews

European Union's Trade Minister Says "...the Jewish Lobby on Capitol Hill...Is the Best Organized Lobby That Exists There"

How amazing it is that the trade minister of the 27-nations European Union speaks this simple,virtually undeniable truth while the average minister or public official in America is too gutless to utter it publicly.Professors Mearsheimer and Walt(both of them are Jewish)call it The Israel Lobby,while this minister called it The Jewish Lobby.I believe it's pretty much the same thing:Jews in America and Jews in Israel who twist the arms of our elected representatives in DC to pass laws and enact policies that benefit Israel and worldwide Jewry in general,even when those laws and policies harm the American people and the people of other nations.I believe the minister is right in claiming that it's the best-organized lobby in American government.Indeed,with the US Jewish population at only 2-3%,Israel Lobby's/Jewish Lobby's influence on American government and society is far too disproportionate.I pray this changes.

Israel's Government Will Deport the Children of Hundreds of Legal Immigrants

As much as I'm a staunch opponent of massive immigration into America,I don't support deporting the children of people legally in the country.I posted this link to the article on this intended policy of the Israeli government to see the reaction to it from the Jewish members of the US Congress.There are about 60 Jews in Congress-even though Jews are only about 2% of the US population-and almost all of them have supported amnesty proposals for America's illegal-immigrant population.Almost all of them think the US government should just keep letting in millions upon millions of immigrants into our country regardless of the harm it's doing.So let's see their opinions on this latest proposal from Israel's government and what their opinion is on the estimated half-million illegal immigrants living in Israel-a nation that so many Jewish congressmen must think is America's 51st state.

Some Jewish Activists Are Mad at Glenn Beck

I'm no fan of Glenn Beck.I think he's a neurotic ego-tripper who acts like he's doped up or loaded up when he's on TV.But now he's got some fanatical Jewish activists made at him because they disagree with some of his political views.And get a load of the power of Rabbi Gutow(nice name):he writes a letter to Uncle Rupert Murdoch,and he and other Jewish activists get a closed-door meeting with fat slob Fox News executive Roger Ailes and Fox senior vice-president Joel Cheatwood(another nice name).And now we can add three more Jewish activist organizations to what may be about 3 million other Jewish activist organizations in America:Jewish Funds for Justice(What justice?),Zionist Organization of America,and Jewish Council on Public Affairs.This is just more proof of the power and aggressiveness of Israel Lobby in America.And now,poor loudmouth Glenn Beck may be in their cross hairs.

The 91-Years-Old Husband of a Jewish Congresswoman From California Is the New Owner of Newsweek Magazine

Another More-Detailed Article on the New Owner of Newsweek,Accompanied By a Very Revealing Photo

Get a load of the photo of this 91-years-old "mocher"(I think that's how you spell the Yiddish word for a big shot with money)with his JAP(Jewish-American Princess)congresswoman-wife with the California suntan wearing the strapless dress.Oy vey! So sexy! This is the same California congresswoman who was overheard by FBI agents trying to influence the possible sentencing of 2 lobbyists then under indictment for spying who were working for American-Israel Public Affairs Committee(AIPAC)but President Abomination's Justice Dept.chose not to prosecute them.And she got away scot-free.That's how powerful Israel Lobby is.And now her husband-who looks about 30 years her senior-is the new owner of Newsweek magazine.And get a load of Sidney's claim that Mrs.Sidney won't influence him while running Newsweek.She'll probably being telling him what to do every minute of the day! And why did this JAP marry such an older man? She didn't marry Sidney.She married Sidney's wealth and power! And Mrs.Sidney sits on the Homeland Security Committee in the US House.So she'll probably be feeding writers and editors at Newsweek with interesting information.And how interesting that other potential buyers were turned down by the previous owners,who are Jewish too,because they feared a change in "editorial direction." In other words,a magazine that reports and comments on news from a liberal-Jewish perspective doesn't want to sell to new owners who wouldn't continue that perspective.Patriots,this is all about control of as many American minds as possible.And they ostensibly waited for the right people-a Jewish millionaire married to an ultra-liberal Jewish congresswoman who's hawkish on the so-called War on Terror!-to take over Newsweek.To the patriots in the field of mass media who are thinking about selling your enterprises:please be careful who you sell to;you may make irretrievable,very dangerous mistakes.

The Israel Lobby in Action in America

Patriots,did you get a load of the sign displaying the title of the Jewish activist group where Israeli prime minister Benny Netanyahu spoke before? Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.Does any other ethnic group in this country or maybe anywhere else for that matter have an activist group with such a long-winded title as that?! The last I heard,Morty Zuckerman- a real-estate tycoon who owns New York Daily News and US News & World Report-is or was recently head of this ethnic-based group.And we have the usual suspects belonging to this latest creation of the Israel Lobby in America:The Weekly Standard editor Billy Kristol-always with that sinister smile;bugged-out-eyes warmonger theo-con Gary Bauer.Israel Lobby is frothing at the mouth at President Abomination because he has occasionally uttered some criticism at Israel's government,as if that's tantamount to blasphemy.So this propaganda outfit is going to try to brainwash as many Americans as possible going into the Fall elections so that any candidate who doesn't swear hosannas to Israel Lobby and Israel's government and doesn't blindly support their "War on Terror!" will be demonized.Patriots,I pray hard that we fight Israel Lobby.Fight them we must.The Almighty willing,they'll be defeated.I'll blog more on this imperative subject in the next week or two.

More Unnecessary Death Caused By America's "Ally" in the Middle East

It's too early to learn the truth about who fired first or who started this skirmish;indeed,we may never learn the truth.But what did cause these deaths is the barbaric blockade imposed on Gaza by the governments of Israel-and Egypt.Now isn't it interesting that Muslim Egypt is blockading their fellow Muslims in Gaza along with Jewish Israel? It seems that these two governments want to slowly but surely eradicate Gaza's Palestinians! This 4-years blockade won't even allow cement into Gaza so they can rebuild homes destroyed by Israeli Defense Forces during Operation Cast Lead! Get a load of that lovely title for a military incursion that killed about 1,400 people,two-thirds of whom were civilians?! Patriots,as I said before and it needs to be restated,the government of Israel is no ally of ours and is showing itself to be more thuggish and vicious.And let's watch how Israel Lobby in Congress and MSM goes rabid in defense of this latest aggressive act from their co-ethnics in Tel Aviv.

Israel's Defense Minister Says "...Iran Is Not an Immediate Threat..." to Israel

How amazing this is,patriots! Israel's defense minister-a highly decorated soldier-tells Israel Radio that Iran is no immediate threat to Israel,only that they may be a future threat.Notice how this comment from Ehud Barak was virtually blacked out in the US news media? All we keep getting from the warmonger press is Iran is virtually about to drop the bomb on Tel Aviv! I think the Israel Lobby is more powerful in America than in Israel! This article was reported in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz! If it weren't for fear of public anger over a US attack on Iran-a country that poses absolutely no threat to America-Washington probably would've attacked Iran already.The neo-cons,the Israel Lobby,the war hawks,the empire builders,the theo-cons,the Muslim haters,the paranoiacs-this motley bunch wants Iran invaded and conquered just like they did to Iraq.And the costs in US blood and treasure means very little to them.Because their thoughts and deeds are evil.Israel is more than capable of defending herself against Iran or any other nation in that part of the world.They have one of the best air forces in the world and a nuclear arsenal to boot.If they want to pre-emptively attack Iran,that's up to them.America shouldn't join them.

While Israel's Government and Its American Supporters Keep Squalling About Iran's Nuclear Possibilities,Israel Is the World's 6th-largest Nuclear Power

For about the last 4 years,there has been one demand after another for the US military to attack Iran over its alleged nuclear-weapons program.After the National Intelligence Estimate concluded that Iran stopped pursuing nuclear-weapons development in 2003,the warmonger neo-cons who used the same playbook to get the US military to attack Iraq had their bubble burst at least for a while.But they roared back and are trying to get either the Israelis,the Americans or both of them to attack Iran over its nuclear "threat." So here we have Jane's-a highly respected  research organization that publishes several military journals-claiming that Israel possesses at least 100 nuclear weapons.Patriots need to ask and demand an answer to this:Why is it no problem for Israel's government to possess a nuclear arsenal but it's almost as if it's the end of the world if Iran's government seeks to develop nuclear power? 

The Brits Give Da Boot to an Israeli "Diplomat"

Bravo to the Brits for kicking out the Mossad chief in London! Jolly good! How amazing,though,how powerful the Israel Lobby is in America,that even when Israel's government is caught spying on America-like the Jewish-American scientist arrested a few months ago for passing classified data to an Israeli-owned front company-no one from their government is disciplined.This Mossad agent was expelled over the forging of passports used in the murder of the alleged Hamas operative in Dubai a few weeks ago.The forging of passports seems to be a common Mossad practice.They did it in New Zealand in 2005,resulting in the expulsion of Israel's ambassador to New Zealand and the arrest and conviction of several Mossad agents.And again to demonstrate the Israel Lobby's enormous power and clout in America,there was hardly any coverage of this in American MSM(main-stream media).And,patriots,let's not forget President Abomination's Justice Dept.deciding not to prosecute the former AIPAC lobbyists who were indicted for acquiring classified intelligence from Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin,who got 10 years in the federal clink while the AIPACers walked away.Due to the Israel Lobby not having nearly the amount of power in UK that they have in US,they weren't able to prevent the Mossad agent's expulsion in London.Let's hope this patriot action from the Brits leads to more exposure of Mossad and the Israel Lobby and proper action taken against them when they commit crimes or espionage.

The US Government Continues To Support the Oppressive and Radical Government of Israel

Patriots,this is the government in Tel Aviv that just evicted Palestinians from their own homes and moved Jews in! It was a form of ethnic cleansing! This is the government that is now a virtual one-party state! And the US government gives this government about $3 billion of our tax money every year?! Plus about 7-10 billion in loan guarantees?! Such is the power of the Israel Lobby on the US government.I pray that their stranglehold breaks.

What a Co-incidence:Israeli Agents Are Suspected of Taking Out a Hamas Official......In His Hotel Room

A Photo Collection of the Professional Hit Squad Suspected of Murdering a Hamas Official In His Hotel Room In Dubai

Patriots,get a load of the mugs of these professional killers.Most of them don't look human! And regardless of whether the murder victim was guilty of what he was accused of,these goons either work for Mossad("Deception" in Hebrew)or are professional hit men who were hired By Mossad.I wonder if some of the US-taxpayer aid that goes to Israel every year pays for these contract hits.These goons may have regular day jobs where they act like everyone else,and then don their killing suits when their night jobs call.If Mossad,CIA,MI5 or any other spy agency can take someone out in a hotel room like this,they'll do it to anybody.

Harassment and Threats Helps Drive Irish Tenor Ronan Tynan From the Naked City

Irish tenor Ronan Tynan must've joked about some pretty powerful Jewish women in the Naked City.They must've complained either directly to the Jewish owners of the New York Yankees baseball team and/or some Jewish strong-arm lobbies like Anti-Defamation League.If Tynan joked about any other ethnic group,would he have been fired from his job at Yankee Stadium and gotten threatening e-mails and even death threats?! So,what I like to summarize as the Israel Lobby or,more specifically in this case,harassment and threats from Jews who hounded a world-famous Irish Catholic performer,made his life so miserable and uncomfortable that they made him move to Beantown.And it was pathetic of Mr.Tynan to try and propitiate these thugs by singing for ADL.I hope he learned his lesson.I don't think the Israel Lobby is as powerful in Boston as it is in New York.I doubt,however,that Mr.Tynan will sing our national anthem at Boston Red Sox games:That team is Jewish-owned too!

A Catholic Bishop In Poland Describes the Power of the Holocaust Industry In America and Elsewhere

Bravo to this Catholic bishop and The Scotsman newspaper for reporting his opinions on what American professor Norman Finkelstein has called in the title of his book The Holocaust Industry.I find that only Catholic prelates have the guts to speak out against this ethno-fanatical movement,which I believe is part of the overall movement that I call The Israel Lobby.The Israel Lobby is the title of a book by professors John J.Mearsheimer and Stephen M.Walt(both of whom are Jewish-Americans),published in 2007.I have the book in my personal library but haven't read it yet.From the umpteen reviews I've read,it's thrust is that the Israel Lobby has too much influence and power on the US government,especially its foreign policy towards Israel and the Middle East in general.And this brave bishop in Poland has delineated the power of a wing of the Israel Lobby:the Holocaust Industry.And the reason why most Americans won't read or hear his comments is probably because so much of the major news media in America is Jewish-owned and they don't want Americans to consider the points he made.And the media not Jewish-owned is in many instances cowardly and fearful when it comes to deciding on whether to report on something like this or not.Patriots,let's thank the Almighty for the Internet,by which I came across this article on the Christian-news website,which they posted from the website for The Scotsman newspaper,and which I posted on

Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Claims Israel Receives Preferential Treatment and Benefits From a Double Standard

Patriots,I believe the Saudi foreign minister is right.The Israel Lobby in America and its international allies have created a double standard when it comes to actions and policies of the Israeli government and military.Remember all the coverage over the war crimes committed in Bosnia? The major media were following that issue day after day after day.But a UN report authored by a South African-Jewish jurist that produced strong evidence that war crimes were committed by IDF(Israeli Defense Forces)during the recent attack on Gaza has now all but disappeared from the major media.Horrible crimes were allegedly committed,like ambulances being blown up,schools attacked,surrendering civilians shot down like dogs.And this report alleges that war crimes were comitted by Palestinians too.But the Israel Lobby is so powerful in America that even when these stories get major press,they drop from the airwaves and pages very soon.But what's very ironic about the Israel Lobby is that it's more powerful in America,where Jews are no more than 3% of our population,than in the nation of Israel,where Jews are about 80% of the population! Get a load of that!

Here's the Type of News That the Israel Lobby Helps Cover Up In America

Israel's Government Admits To Organ Harvesting In the 1990s

More Specifics On Israel's Organ-Harvesting Scandal

Paul Craig Roberts-an Assistant Secretary of US Treasury In the Reagan Administration-Lashes Out at the Israel Lobby

Tzipi(Nice Name)Livni-Israel's Foreign Minister During Israel's Attack On Gaza Last Year-Has a Price On Her Head In Britain Over That Attack

Cuban-born Jewish Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen-Obviously a Member of the Israel Lobby-Is In a Rage Over Jerusalem

Talk about advocacy journalism! One would think the Israel Lobby wrote it! This is a puff-piece for Ileana Ros-Lehtinen-a Cuban-born Jew who represents a largely Cuban area in Miami,FL-who calls Israel an "ally" of America.She's either lying or mistaken,for America has never had a defense treaty of any kind with Israel.And isn't it amazing that she's the Republican minority chairwoman on the US House foreign-relations committee,while Democrat Howard Berman-a Jewish congressman from California-is chairman of that committee.This committee is very influential when it comes to deciding what US foreign policy should be,especially towards Israel.And what's the US government's policy towards Israel going to be when the majority and minority chairmen of its foreign-relations committee are Jewish,even though our country is no more than 3% Jewish? And the chairmen of the foreign-relations committee and the armed services committee in the US senate are Jewish:John Kerry from MA and Carl Levin from MI.Patriots,the Israel Lobby wants America to fight for and defend Israel even when their government is wrong! Their government was caught a few months ago trying to steal classified information from us! Getting back to Congresswoman Lehtinen,it's obvious she cares more about Jerusalem than Washington or probably even Miami.Since that's probably the case,that's where she should live, permanently.

Patriot-Pastor Ted Pike Warns America About So-called Anti-Defamation League

Patriot-pastor Ted Pike is one of the few Christian activists in America who has the guts to publicly defend America's Christian majority and their faith against militant Jewish groups like ADL and SPLC which obviously have an anti-white/anti-Christian agenda.These two groups in particular are proud members and defenders of the Diversity Gang and the corrupt political/major-media establishment.Pike routinely and eloquently exposes the gutless flabs,the quasi-larcenists,the celebrity preachers and other assorted charlatans in the anti-Christ Christian establishment who are ostensibly so intimidated and controlled by these modern-day pharisees.To you praying patriots, please pray for pastor Ted Pike and support him as much as you can.He may soon be targeted for persecution of some kind.

In the Nation of Israel,It's Illegal to Preach the Gospel To Children and Teenagers.And an Anti-Christ Rabbi Wants the Law Enforced Against Some Missionaries

Another Israeli Spy Ring Is Uncovered In America

The US political and media establishments almost always portray the government in Israel as an American ally; this case,among others,proves otherwise.This Jewish-American scientist allegedly provided classified data to an Israeli company owned and operated by the Israeli government.Why is that government spying on our government if they're an ally? And remember,patriots,that President Abomination's Justice Dept.decided not to prosecute the AIPAC(American Israel Public Affairs Committee)lobbyists who were indicted also for passing classified info to the Israeli government.The Abomination probably didn't want some secrets to be revealed in a trial that may have forced top Bush administration officials to testify.So we probably have another case where a president of one party helps to cover up the misdeeds of a previous president of the other party, just like Boy George covered up for Billy & Hillary Clinton.Bravo to the FBI patriots who made the arrest on this alleged spy.And let's hope and pray that the truth emerges and justice prevails.

While Neo-cons Keep Clamoring for an Attack On Iran for Allegedly Trying to Develop Nuclear Weapons,President Abomination Decides to Keep Israel's Nuclear Arsenal "Secret"

A British Judge Rules Against Prosecuting Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak for War Crimes Because of "...Immunity Tendered to Senior Foreign Officials"

So according to the British courts,as long as someone is a "senior foreign official," he can get away with anything because he has immunity.And it doesn't hurt Ehud Barak that he's defense minister of the nation of Israel.Regardless of the nation or nations involved,it's the immunity granted by British courts to big shots that's virtually an act of protecting the powerful and the positioned,regardless of the allegations against them.Here in The States,we may have a sitting president who may very well not be a native-born citizen,making him ineligible to be president!

An International Conference "Expresses Concerns About the Israeli Nuclear Capabilities"

In addition to the book The Israel Lobby by professors Mearsheimer and Walt and other similar disclosures and exhortations,this vote divulging a concern over Israel's nuclear capabilities is quite appropriate.It brings into the public discussion the fact that Israel's government possesses nuclear weapons and has never signed the nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty(NPT).I remember when former US senator Phil Gramm-a Republican from Texas-got all in a huff when presidential candidate Ron Paul mentioned Israel's nuclear arsenal during one of the debates in 2008.Mr.Gramm chided him for revealing something to a mass audience that should be top-secret.In a nutshell,Israel's government gets away with things that other nations don't get away with.Why all the rage over Iran's alleged attempt to nuclearize its arsenal while rarely is the same rage expressed over Israel's already-nuclearized arsenal? Again,it's obviously favoritism.and that favoritism doesn't serve America's interests and certainly not her safety and security.The patriot cause would be served by being neutral in the Middle East and not blindly supporting the government of Israel almost every single time the occasion arises.

Supertramp Madonna Brings Her "Sticky & Sweet" Tour to Israel,Opens Her Show with "Candy Shop",and Claims She's "...Supercharged with Energy"

The apostate Catholic who now calls herself Esther after a Jewish queen whose name means "star of hope" has her Sticky & Sweet tour warmly received in Israel.She'll meet Prime Minister Netanyahu and has already met the opposition leader of Israel's parliament the Knesset.50,000 Israelis paid a lot of money to see her open her show with the song Candy Shop.How appropriate.Virtually every aspect of this freak's act is sexual.She gets "...supercharged with energy" when she's in Israel.What kind of energy? Probably energy from Satan! Why is she meeting with Netanyahu? He was involved in a messy divorce a few years back.The name of Madonna's publicity agent in the early days of her anti-Catholic/anti-Christian slutty shtick was Liz Rosenberg.Is there a connection here?
I believe Oprah Winfrey is false prophetess # 1 in the world.The modern-day Queen Esther-formerly named Madonna-is # 2.

Supertramp Madonna Visits Holy Sites in Israel,Will Meet Prime Minister Netanyahu and Changes Her Name to Esther-"Star of Hope" in Hebrew

The Material Girl-the apostate Catholic who has debauched probably millions of females of all ages with her slutty dress,dances and songs-practices cabala,or Jewish mysticism.How appropriate that this ego-maniac now wants to be called Esther,for that name means "Star of Hope" in Hebrew.She's so full of herself,she must think she's a star of hope! Morevover,a book in the Bible is named after Queen Esther,who helped save Jews from a massacre by Persians(present-day Iranians),but the Persians wound up getting massacred.It's not one of the better books in the Bible;it almost glorifies genocide.So,supertramp Madonna/ Esther now deems herself a star and a queen.Is she setting herself up for a fall or what?!
It's very interesting that prime minister Netanyahu is meeting the supertramp.Culture Wars magazine a few issues ago  reported on Netanyahu testifying before the US Congress as to what action to take against Iran.One of his recommendations was to broadcast trash tv shows like Beverly Hills 90210 into Iran.How typical that he wants his Hollywood friends to subvert Iran's society with sex-crazed dialogue and sexually active teenagers on tv shows.That's what his friends have been doing to America for about the past 30 years! And look what it has done to our families and our homes and our society! So,the new Queen Esther of Italian ethnicity may be his weapon to use against nations and societies he considers too prudish for his neo-con tastes.
Remember the link I posted on this site to the story on the stage that collapsed in France where Esther was supposed to perform? Maybe she's in for a rude awakening when,or if,she performs in the modern-day land of Judah.

Irving Kristol-the "Godfather of Neo-conservatism"-Is Dead.Hopefully,Neo-conservatism Dies with Him!

More Background on Perpetual Neo-con Revolutionary Irving Kristol

GOP Minority Leader John Boehner-the Always- Suntanned Congressman Who Looks Like He's from Florida and Not Ohio-Has Nothing But Praise for Neo-con Irving Kristol

Boy George Bush,Dick Cheney Et Al Have Nothing But Praise for Neo-con Godfather Irving Kristol

There's a lot of information on neo-con godfather Irving Kristol in the posted links here.But notice how whenever it's mentioned,Irving's time as a Trotskyite quickly breaks into the next part of the reported biographical information.A Trotskyite was/is a follower of Leon Trotsky,whose real name was David Lev Bronstein.He was a mass murderer who,along with his comrade Vladimir Ulyanov(Lenin),liquidated about 10 million Russians from 1917 to about 1923 in the Red Terror.So,Irving Kristol,so admired and worshipped by the likes of Boy George Bush,Dick Cheney and Golden Boy congressman John Boehner,was a follower and devotee of a mass murderer!What about if he was a follower of Hitler? And notice how he admitted that he was always a "neo" of something-i.e.,he was always destroying something and replacing it with his new ideas and plans,hence the use of the Greek prefix "neo"-meaning a new creation that totally replaces its predecessor.The neo-cons replaced real conservatives,and this is,I firmly believe,the main reason America was lied into Iraq and will be fighting there and elsewhere in that region for a long time unless the neo-cons are exposed and brought to justice.They were Bolshevik revolutionaries in the past;now they're warmongers,committed to perpetual war in the area of the Middle East.And they still control the Republican Party and have huge influence on the Democrats too.Patriots need to rid our government at all levels of their pernicious power and influence.Irving Kristol left a terrible legacy for America,but it's not one that can't be exposed to the light of truth and decency.

A Jewish Congressman,a Jewish Baseball Commissioner and a Jewish Sports Network President Get a Start-time Change for a Yankees-Red Sox Game.Oy Vey!

This is a stark example of the growing and disproportionate power of the Jewish Lobby/ Israel Lobby in America;they're getting more and more brazen in their demands and their actions.This country is no more than 3% Jewish,but one wouldn't think so after coming across a news story like this one.Congressman Weiner doesn't even represent the Bronx! But he decided to take it upon himself to write to Jewish baseball commissioner Alan(Bud)Selig,who then conferred with ESPN president Bodenheimer,to get the start-time of a Yankees game changed to 1pm so Jewish fans can get home before sundown on Yom Kippur.What happens if the game goes to extra innings?! Will they postpone the game until the next day?! Whose country is this?! This is more proof that America's national pastime has been stolen from us!

America Now Has its First Jewish Commander of United States Air Force

As far as President Abomination's appointments to his cabinet and to other federal posts go,he seems to be showing favoritism to one race and one ethnic group:the race is latinos and the ethnic group is Jews.He has appointed very few blacks! Get a load of that! I think it's obvious he picked Gen.Schwartz because he's Jewish.Again,the Diversity Gang is ego-driven and power-loving.They love to "break barriers" and "overcome" and "fight for a good cause." They are always trying to set the world on fire! This is the antithesis of what the lead singer of The Ink Spots sang about 60 years ago but still holds true today:"I don't want to set the world on fire.I just want to start a flame in your heart." The simple things in life like man falling in love with woman is too banal for them.So,President Abomination appoints the first Jewish Secretary of US Air Force.And here is the general already in Israel,planning and plotting God knows what.As Dr.Ron Paul stated during one of the GOP presidential-primary debates last year and in a lengthy speech on the floor of the US House of Representatives,the neo-cons have hijacked US foreign policy and our military.They have an Israel-first foreign policy,not a US-first foreign policy.They,as a whole,are political and ideological descendants of mass-murderer and world revolutionary David Lev Bronstein,who was born and raised in the Bronx,NY  and changed his name to Trotsky when he unleashed with Lenin the Red Terror across Russia.These maniacs love war and revolution.I've seen some of them on tv and have read some of their writings.They are smooth talkers who give the impression that they're such sophisticated ,well-educated people.And they are:sophisticated,well-educated warmongers and ethno-fanatics and lovers of bloody revolution.This gang led our guys into Iraq by using one lie after another,the most-prominent being Iraq's WMD.And they've gotten away with it, for now anyway.So let us see what America's first Jewish Air Force secretary tries to accomplish.

Instead of Hillary and Obama Persuading the Israeli Government to Stop Persecuting the Palestinians in Gaza,They Send 200 Million US Tax Dollars to the Palestinian Government

Obese Apostate John Hagee and His Unholy Gathering

John Hagee fits the biblical description of a false prophet to a tee.His religion isn't the Gospel of Christ,but a worship of the nation-state of Israel and the tribe of Judah.To him and the ethno-fanatics gathered at this conference,the only time Israel's government is wrong is when they don't kill enough Arabs.Jewish activist groups like ADL and SPLC who obviously care only about Jews and,maybe,other "underprivileged groups" are never criticized for their ethno-crazed activism and bullying.Eric Cantor will be at this Christians United for Israel conference.He's the only Jewish Republican member of Congress and ran,no surprise,unopposed for the post of minority whip in the US House of Representatives.More ethnic favoritism towards the tribe.That's what this is,patriots,I believe,as painful as it may be to admit.I state this belief primarily because many of these influential Jews in positions of power in our country and their non-Jewish allies are in favor of continuing to order American servicemen to die in the Mid-East and its environs to make Israel more secure(that's what they think will happen,anyway).This is one of many curses on our land.For you praying patriots,pray our people are delivered from the likes of JohnHagee,Gary Bauer and other warmonger ethno-fanatic theo-cons like them.

The Washington Post Reviews a Book on the Attack on USS Liberty-a Crime Which Remains Covered-up to This Day

Just over 2 years ago was the 40th anniversary of the brutal attack on USS Liberty.That anniversary was virtually blacked out by major media,probably because they want everyone to be either ignorant of it or to forget about it.The attack by members of the Israeli navy and air force was obviously deliberate and unprovoked.The perpetrators haven't been brought to justice because there was never a real investigation as to who ordered the attack and why.But there were 3 enemies of America in the US government and military who were either responsible for the attack and/or helped cover it up:President Lyndon Johnson,Defense Secretary Robert MacNamara(fortunately he croaked a few days ago)and Admiral John McCain Sr.-daddy of US Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain.
Should patriots wonder at all why this act of murder of 34 US sailors was covered up when these odious men were the ones who had the authority to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice?

Patriots,Here's More Evidence Why So Much of the Arab and Muslim World is Enraged at the US Government

As long as the US government continues to look the other way when Israel's government and military commits brutal acts against its Arab neighbors and even at times supports such brutality,the animosity towards those controlling our federal government will continue and that is almost certainly a major reason for America's reputation being tarnished in the Middle East and in the Arab/Muslim world.We should be mediators and only side with those governments who are morally in the right.It's right to condemn terrorism committed by Muslim extremists-and it's also right to condemn terrorism committed by members of Israel's government and military.

Favoritism Towards Certain Jews Continues at US Dept.of Justice

Patriots:please bear with me as I connect the dots.About 6 weeks ago,
US Dept.of Justice decided not to prosecute 2 men under indictment since 2005 for spying for Israel.These 2 men were lobbyists for AIPAC-American-Israel Public Affairs Committee.Larry Franklin was a Pentagon analyst who gave classified information to the 2 lobbyists.He got 10 years in prison.But the Jewish lobbyists(actually,spies)who received that information got off scot-free!
The next dot to connect is Ben-Ami Kadish.He's a Jewish-American who was indicted for spying for Israel when he worked for the US Army.About a month ago,a federal judge gave him a $50,000 fine! For spying against America! The judge claimed that Justice Dept.informed him that they decided not to pursue the serious charges against Mr.Kadish.
Now we get the same corrupt,sell-out Justice Dept.claiming there's no investigation into California congresswoman Jane Harman,who was wiretapped by either FBI or some other federal law-enforcement/
national-security agency.The investigation into her was launched because she was discussing the case of the AIPAC spies with someone who wanted her to try and get leniency if they were convicted,just like Larry Franklin was.But the corrupt bastards at President Abomination's Justice Dept.beat that person to the punch and decided to drop the charges against Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman.
So,patriots,to finish connecting the dots,patriots at FBI and/or other agencies do good work and arrest 3 Jewish-Americans caught spying for Israel;they all get indicted.Two of them have the charges dropped against them,the other gets a slap on the wrist,and a Jewish congresswoman gets away with possibly conspiring to get the AIPAC spies a light sentence if they were to get convicted;all this courtesy of Barack Abomination's Justice Dept. within a span of about 2 months.
But there's probably more than ethnic favoritism involved here.If the AIPAC spies went to trial,some high officials in the Boy George administration may have been forced to testify.And that may have brought to light a lot of dirty laundry that the lawless government in DC(District of Criminals)wants to stay dirty and hidden instead of being washed and hung out to dry.Condelezza(nice name)Rice may have been subpoenaed,along with the directors of FBI,CIA,DIA et al;and Dick Cheney may have joined the witness list too.
There has been little follow-up on the AIPAC case in the major media,and that's probably because so much of it is Jewish-owned and/or operated,and/or on Israel's side the vast majority of the time,regardless of morality.
Patriots,America should be neutral in Mid-East affairs.Israel is not and never has been a formal ally of our nation.Nor should any other nation in that precarious part of the world be an ally.Their problems are primarily theirs,not ours! I urge patriots to contact the chairmen of the judiciary committees in the US House and Senate and inform them that the dropped charges and lenient sentence and dropped investigation aforementioned is a form of treason being committed in our nation and is another reason why America needs to be delivered from the corrupt,lawless government ruling us.
Finally,patriots:Beware of Rahm Israel Emanuel! He's Barack Abomination's chief of staff,whose daddy was a member of the Israeli terrorist group Irgun during the 1948 Israeli-Arab War.I believe he has had a big say in all this corruption.

Is it a co-incidence that a woman with the surname of Grossman wrote this article for USA Today on such a controversial subject? And notice that ethno-fanatic Abraham Foxman-director of the notorious so-called Anti-defamation League- was called upon for comment.Nixon and Graham weren't talking about threats from an entire ethnic group or tribe of people;they were talking about certain members-maybe just a few hundred-of that group who they believed were trouble-makers.There'll be more on this subject in The Prime Enemies of America page on this website in the next week or so,under The Israel Lobby,The Neo-cons,and Hollywood.

Nixon and Billy Graham discussed the "Synagogue of Satan"

The Mother Country Elects its First Jewish Speaker of the House of Commons

The Corpses of 20 People Murdered By Stalin's Goons Are Uncovered in a Church.More Media Cover-up for "Uncle Joe"

I came across this article on the website of the newspaper The Scotsman.The mass-murder victims of Uncle Joe Stalin are ostensibly less-important than other mass-murder victims before and during WW2,at least when it comes to the teaching of history and its political applications in America.

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