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A Patriot Victory, for Now Anyway: Revolutionary Jew Howie Schultz Leaves Starbucks-the Chain Stores Selling Grossly Overpriced Coffee While Promoting Jewish Revolutionism(Don't Let Your Guard Down, Patriots: He'll Probably Return Somewhere Else to Incite Revolution)

Revolutionary Jew Howie Schultz-Chairman of Starbucks(the Chain of Coffee Shops That Charges Almost 5 Bucks for a Lousy Cup of Coffee)-Closes All HIs US Stores for an Afternoon, to Subject His Employees to " Unconscious Bias " Training(i.e., White People Are Racist and Need " Re-Education ")

Because of One Incident at a Philadelphia Store, Starbucks-a Bigtime Revolutionary Corporation Whose Executive Chairman Is Revolutionary Jew Howard Schultz-Will Close All Its Company-Owned Stores for an Afternoon in May for a " Racial Bias Education Program," and They're Hiring Revolutionary Mulatto Eric Holder, Revolutionary Jew Jonathan Greenblatt at Anti-Defamation League, and Revolutionary Outfit NAACP to Do the Dirty Work(Patriots: Boycott Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

How Appropriate: " Reverend " Jesse Jackson-a Typical Anti-White " African-American " Revolutionary Who Has Been Inciting American Blacks to Revolt Ever Since the 1960s-Is Afflicted with Parkinson's Disease, Which He Has Been Obviously Hiding from the Public Since His Diagnosis in 2015

On This Columbus Day 2017, James Kirkpatrick Warns That the War on Columbus Is Mainly a War Against White People in America and Not on Columbus Himself

"Racial-Discipline Quotas"-the Latest Act of War on America from the Liberal Fascists Ruling Over Us-Creates Chaos and Mayhem in St. Paul, MN Public Schools(and That's Just What Neo-Marxist Revolutionaries Like President Destroyer and Hillary the Witch Want)

Oh What Has Happened to California: Klansmen Peacefully Protesting About Immigration in Anaheim("My Home" in German)Are Savagely Attacked, Resulting in 3 Stabbing Victims and Other Injuries and Multiple Arrests

The Ol' Switcheroo Trick: 3 Black Students at University of Albany in New York Cry "Racism!" Was Committed Against Them on a City Bus, But They Faked the Whole Thing, and They've Been Arrested

Liberal-Fascist USA Today Gets a Black-Female "Social Justice" Liberal Fascist to Crow About All the DIVERSITY Commercials During Stupid Bowl(Not Super Bowl)

The Anti-Patriot, Anti-American, Anti-White Morons on the Faculty at Brown University in Liberal-Fascist Rhode Island Change the Name of "Columbus Day" to "Indigenous People's Day"

The Race War on Whites in USA Has Gotten More Savage and Psychotic: a White Woman in Jacksonville, FL May Get 5 Years in Federal Prison for Lying to Federal Agents About Placing an Image of a Rebel Flag on the Desk of a Black Co-Worker About a Week After the Charleston, SC Church Killings

And Here's More Racism Against Whites, This Time Overt Discrimination: a White Woman Is Fired By a Black Woman Named "Latisha"(Nice Name!)at a University in Missouri, But She Takes Patriot Action and Wins a Lawsuit Awarding Her Millions of Dollars in Damages(and the Lawsuit Finds Blatant Racism Against Other White Faculty at the University)

Because a White Prosecutor Declined to Prosecute 2 White Policemen in a Tragic Shooting Death of a Black Boy in Cleveland, OH, About 100 People Protest the the Prosecutor's House

Patriots, Add Sam's Club to the Patriot Boycott List: It's Black-Female CEO Rosalind "Roz" Brewer Admits to Anti-Patriot/Anti-Christ/Anti-White Network CNN That She Discriminates Against Whites and Men(Also Boycott Sam's Club's Parent Company Walmart, Whose CEO Defends His "Roz")

Liberal Fascist Harry Reid-Majority Leader in US Senate-Warns the Owner of the Washington Redskins Football Team That If He Doesn't Change the Team's Name, "...It Is Just a Matter of Time Until He Is Forced to Do the Right Thing"(If Those Aren't the Words and the Threats of a Demented Liberal Fascist, Then Nothing Is)

Sheer Proof That 50 of the 53 Democrats in US Senate Are a Bunch of Liberal-Fascist Morons: They Send a Letter to the Commissioner of National Football League, Urging Him to Force the Owner of Washington Redskins to Change the Team's Name, Alleging It's "Racist"

President Destroyer Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to JAP-Feminist Pioneer Gloria Steinem, in Addition to Homosexual Socialist Bayard Rustin, Race-Baiting Gorgon Oprah Winfrey, and Fortunately Former US GOP Senator Tricky Dick Lugar(There's Only One Dick Left in the Senate: Tricky Dick Durbin from IL)

Washed-Up Windbag Oprah Winfrey Reveals More Anti-White Hatred, Telling a BBC Reporter That "Older People" Who She Accuses of Racism "...Just Have to Die"

As America Keeps "Going Global," So Do Her Graduate Schools:First-Time Enrollment in Graduate Schools Rises 8% for Foreigners While It Rises Only 1% for Americans,and While the Rates Increased for American Non-Whites,the Rate Dropped for Whites(So What It Looks Like Here,Patriots,Is Anti-American/Anti-White Discrimination at US Graduate Schools!)

Bobby Rush-a Black Congressman from Chicago,IL-Refers to US Sen.Mark Kirk's Idea to Crack Down on Chicago Gang Violence as That of an "Elitist White Boy"

More Anti-White Hatred from a Big Media(BM)Reporter,Who Just Happens to Be a White Female(and 40 Miles of Bad Road to Boot):Lois Romano Calls NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre,"...a Tired...Old White Guy"

The Editors at The New York Times Express Their Racial Hatred of America's White Population By Claiming Those Who Oppose Amnesty for About 12 Million Illegal Immigrants Are "...White-Culture Alarmists"

Ultra-Liberal US Senator Thomas Harkin from IA-Referring to Clint Eastwood's Speech at Republican National Convention-Calls the Actor " Old,Angry White Man"(Why Did the Moron Democrat Have to Describe Him as "White"?)

A Female Reporter at Mortimer Zuckerman-Owned New York Daily News Praises the Efforts of Some Non- White Activist Groups-Latino,Black,Asian-Trying to Reconfigure New York City's Legislative Districts

Here's One Reason Why Banks Aren't Lending Like They Used to:Race Racketeers Eric Holder and Thomas Perez at US Department of Justice

At the Richmond,VA Office Building of the Glorified Counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve Board,They Recognize LGBT(Lesbian,Gay,Bi- Sexual,Trans-Gender)Month By Flying High the Rainbow Flag

Atlanta Braves Pitching Coach Roger McDowell Is Fined and Suspended By MLB for "Homophobia" and "...Will Be Required to Complete "Sensitivity Training"

Here's Why the Tax Deadline Was Extended to April 18th This Year:"Emancipation Day"-for Slaves,That Is

An Unholy Alliance Between Latinos and Jews Is "Formalizing Their Alliance" in San Antone,TX

How this article dovetails with this site's layout! Patriots,look at the left column on the home page,and we see the page Israel Lobby right above the page La Conquista.Both these political movements based on racial and ethnic empowerment are now doing what Congressional Hispanic Caucus(CHC)and Congressional Black Caucus(CBC)are doing:"formalizing an alliance" of racial and/or ethnic minorities against the white majority.Get a load of this arrogant moron Cisneros being quoted as saying " people,the latino people." What would happen to any well-known white man in public life who used those words to describe "his people"? Diversity Gang would call for his scalp,that's what! And notice this new gang will work for "immigration reform"-i.e.,amnesty for illegal immigrants-"protection for Israel"-i.e.,supporting everything Israel's government does except when they don't kill enough Arabs or Muslims-"combatting racism"-i.e.,condemning attacks against latinos and Jews while shrugging their shoulders when whites and maybe even blacks are victims of racial attacks.Senor Cisneros is using his power as a Univison(One Vision)board member to advance La Conquista,and now he enlists the aid of Jewish wealth,influence and rabbinical power to further that anti-patriot,anti-American,anti-Anglo cause.And get a load of the photo with the elf Newty Gingrich looking into the inside of that Bible! Judging by his visage,it looks like he's looking at a check inside that Bible and saying to the rabbi,"That's not enough." What a power-loving slob Gingrich is.He was a Protestant,now he's a Catholic,but he's reportedly a high-ranking Freemason.He's itching so badly to return to the corridors of power in Washington ,that he'll probably sell his soul to return there,if he hasn't sold it already.And get a load of this guy David Brog-a Jew-being executive director of judaizer mega-church pastor John Hagee's activist group Christians United for Israel! That's tantamount to a Baptist heading an Orthodox-Jewish group! And get a load of this article's author:Abe Levy! Honest Abe! Patriots,this story is just too much! But this proves the accuracy of my observation and claim that certain latinos,blacks and Jews in positions of power and influence are formalizing their anti-patriot,anti-American,anti-white alliance.But isn't it curious how Senor Cisneros and the good rabbi didn't invite blacks to this "conference"? Blacks were slaves in this country,not latinos! Anyway,while this alliance may well cause repression and possibly violence in our land,it's a very weak,unstable and unreliable one,only held together by their hatred of whites,and it probably won't last.

Diversity Gang Holds a "White Privilege Summit 2011" at Augustana College in Rock Island,IL

Greetings,patriots! I've never been this far behind on the commentaries mainly because there's just so much going on that it hards for one patriot to stay ahead of it all.But here we have Diversity Gang(DG)in full operational attack mode,holding their "Summit" to see how much they can out-hate whites.From pinko colleges like this and "summits" like this is where we get DG politicians and their anti-Christ neo-pagan religion of multi-culturalism.And we have none other than Morris Sleaze of so-called Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC)as this summit's "featured speaker." Once again,old Morris Sleaze is exposed for just being another typical anti-white slob who,no matter what the state of the races is in this country,will still incite impressionable,ignorant and impassioned college students with paranoia,resentment,haughty appeals to "social justice," and at times plain racial hatred of whites.Here's more living proof that DG may very well be Public Enemy #1 in America(especially at colleges and universities),right behind the neo-cons.There,patriots,I'm back with the commentaries.I'll try and knock off a few more before bedtime.

Even in Calgary,Alberta in Canada,Diversity Gang "Anti-Racism" Protesters Take to the Streets

Down Under,a 12-Years-Long Diversity Gang Project Investigates How "Racist" White Australians Are

The Hate-Crimes Gang in President Abomination's Justice Dept.Get Convictions of 2 Young White Men in the Beating Death of a Latino Illegal Immigrant in PA,and They're Sentenced to 9 Years in Federal Prison

More Proof That Diversity Gang,Especially at Colleges and Universities,Is Anti-Christian

Howard Dean-a Former Governor of Vermont and a Former Chairman of Democratic National Committee-Claims the Tea Party Is the "Last Gasp" of White People Who Are 55 and Older

Patriots,we should thank Howard Dean for his honesty.I've believed for a long time that he's a typical anti-white/anti-Christ Diversity Gang moron,and hear we can listen to and read just how much he hates the "old America." And notice too how he uses the phrase "the last gasp" to describe the Tea Party.That's the same phrase that was used by La Raza conquistador Arturo Torres-a former chairman of the California Democratic Party-when he said that when California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 187 to end public benefits for illegal immigrants,it was "The last gasp of white America in California." It's highly unlikely that Dean thought this term up on his own,but was just using Torres's warning.And while Arturo gave California that warning about 15 years ago,Howie Dean gives it to the rest of America today,and it goes something like this:Diversity Gang is going to make America mostly non-white and non-Christian;get used to it.Notice his Diversity Gang language about college students at school with different races,different religions and different "sexual orientations." There we have it,patriots:DG hates whites,Christianity and heterosexuality;that's why they support the anti-American immigration policy that has kept legal immigration from Europe to no more than 20% annually for about the last 40 years and actually encouraged illegal immigration,especially from south of the border,for about the last 30 years.And,Howie is the type of radical-liberal moron who's running the Democratic Party nationally,although they haven't totally taken over in the South and Midwest;but they sure as hell rule with an iron hand in the Northeast and on the West Coast.Patriots,please forward this link to this story and video from The Christian Science Monitor to as many co-patriots as possible.It reveals what I believe is America's public enemy #1:Diversity Gang!

Jerry Brown-Democratic governor-elect of California-Keeps GOP governor Schwarzenegger's Budget Director Ana Matosantos-a Lesbian Whose Name in English Means "Kill Saints"! How Much More Anti-Christ Can One Get Than That!

What a co-incidence that Moonbeam Brown will keep a killer of saints as his budget director when he re-enters the Golden State's capitol in January.What a co-incidence that GOP governor The Arnold would appoint a lesbian Democrat as his budget director.What a co-incidence that Moonbeam would retain her even though California has staved off bankruptcy the last few years only due to Washington's "stimulus" money.I don't know how long patriots in California can hold out,but I applaud them for fighting as long as they have.But the anti-patriots/anti-Christs in that state are so entrenched,so powerful,patriots may have to abandon California and seek refuge like Christians fleeing those who want to kill saints.Indeed,World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah recently wrote on that website that the people ruling California are "insane." And most of the voters are insane too,or just as evil as their rulers.I would've posted Farah's article,but he's one of these Muslim-hating,warmongering,Israel-is-always-right fanatics that I just couldn't stomach posting it because the page was loaded with a lot of his ugly propaganda.But he's right that California is ruled by fruits and nuts.And like the Good Book says what'll happen in the end times,evil men will get worse and worse.

Commenting on the Recent Elections,an AOL News Columnist Blames Retired Whites for "Blocking Social Change." Patriot Warning:Her Facial Photo Accompanying the Column Is 10 Miles of Bad Road

I wonder if this gargoyle is Mary Cheney's girlfriend.Mary is former veep Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter and is an AOL executive.Some anti-patriot ultra-liberals,feminazis and homosexuals/lesbians are foaming mad that the Democrats got routed nationally at the last elections.So they're looking to blame or execrate some group for that defeat which they think will block or at least stall "social change"-meaning forced legalization of homosexual marriage and other homosexual rights like legally adopting children.And what other group than middle-to-older-age whites to demonize? That's perfect! Right up their alley! So this anti-white beast at AOL blames whites about 55 and older for stalling the homo-rights agenda and other anti-Christ causes and goals.Great job,you guys! That's the way to fight back against anti-patriots and anti-Americans like Ms.Stone!Keep it up! But we'll probably see a lot more of this when the next Congress is sworn in.Get ready,patriots,for a rumble or two in 2011!

A White-Female History Professor at New York City's Brooklyn College Complains About a "Lily-White" Faculty Committee

Globalist Moron Billy Clinton Wants to Empower Women and Girls With His Clinton Global Initiative

The "New" South Africa:Its Polygamous President Jacob Zuma Has His 22nd Child

I posted this link to this South Africa story to demonstrate the warped,immoral views and goals of Diversity Gang.They all wanted the white-devil government of apartheid to be removed-------regardless of its replacement.So they got communist-dominated African National Congress,and now they got this fat slob Jacob Zuma and his harem and his 22 children.In short,the paganism and backwardness of so much of black Africa is now ruling South Africa's government.While there have been improvements with unjust apartheid eliminated,the country is becoming a basket case and far worse than it was even under apartheid.But since Diversity Gang is filled with venom against racism,real or imagined,committed by whites,they don't look past the time when the evil whites are removed from power;just "getting them" and performing "social justice" is what matters.So,South Africa has a polygamous president who can't even support his own children-all 22 of them-because there are just too many of them,even for a tribal king and national president.I think Diversity Gang wants something like this to happen in America and throughout the Western world.And if patriots don't fight them,they may well succeed.

"Diversity" Brings Strife Between Blacks and Mexicans on Staten Island,NY

A Moron Diversity Gang Reporter at Associated Press Sympathizes With the Racist Mass-Murderer in Manchester,CT Obviously Because the Murderer Was Black and the Victims White

Probably the biggest evil belief of Diversity Gang is that only whites commit inter-racial murders based on racism while blacks and other non-whites either can't or don't.Racist murder to this bunch of morons is reserved only to whites.It's tough to stomach this moron DG reporter at AP ostensibly trying to pin the blame on Omar Thornton's racist murders of 8 people on the victims themselves just because they were white and some of them may have called him a bad name! His sources for his claim that "racism" drove poor Omar off the cliff were two ex-girlfriends,both of whom,interestingly enough,are white.Notice that the moron AP reporter cites no real evidence whatsoever that poor Omar was racially harassed.And even if he was,that gives him the right to murder 8 people and wound 2 others?! Diversity Gang says,if prodded,yes;the poor darlings and victims of white racism had no other choice but to vent their resentment and rage.The simple truth is that Omar was caught red-handed stealing from his employer and he had an obvious racial hatred of whites or at least the whites who worked at that plant.And no Diversity Gang propaganda or brainwashing attempts can change that,to use Prince Albert Gore's phrase,inconvenient truth.

5 of 13 Stabbing Victims Since Late May in Flint,MI Are Homicides.And Since the Victims Are "African-American" and the Suspect Is "White," CNN Reports That the Attacks May Be Racially Motivated

Not much commentary is needed here except to refer to the above commentary.If the suspect were black or latino and the victims white,would the CNN reporter(I believe she's black)be so quick to allege "racism" as the motive behind these attacks? Regardless of motive or purpose in this case and the Manchester,CT murders,this is more of a stark reminder that America is falling apart and headed for a cauldron of violence and rampant violent crime.And if a lot of it becomes racial conflict,we can be headed for that fall a lot sooner than we may think.

Diversity Gang in Raleigh,NC Goes on the Warpath at a School Board Meeting,19 Arrested

This criminal disruption by Diversity Gang members in North Carolina shows how rabid they are.They can't discuss rationally and cogently their views;they have to riot.Regardless of the harm caused by the school-integration policies of this particular NC school district,they'll defend it,even if it means resorting to criminal acts.Let's hope this school board sticks to its guns and fights back against Diversity Gang and the Integration Forever mob.

More "Diversity" on NYPD Ostensibly Means More Criminal Cops

Another Moron in Congress,This One Is "...Focused on Gender Restroom Parity..." No Kidding

I reported and wrote on two clowns in Congress who want MLB to ban ballplayers from chewing tobacco.Now we have another clown wanting gender parity for bathroom access.Of course,all 3 of these clowns are ultra-liberal Democrats.And this one has the beautiful first name of Edolphus.What kind of a dumb name is that?! Yet he comes from a district where the neo-bolshevik Democrat Party machine that runs virtually every metropolis in this country dominates the political atmosphere and candidacies,with virtually no real opposition.I believe only an act of God can break this stranglehold of dark power in this land.A good place for the Almighty to start if He decides to take action would be the congressional district of Edolphus Townes(nice name).With all the serious problems and crises in America,that this boob would even think about making a law like this shows that the US Congress is full of people who are "stark-staring nuts"(Ralph Kramden's response to Alice for her suggestion of hiring a maid).

More "Diversity" Brings More Criminal Cops to NYPD, as the So-called "Big Apple" Continues to Reflect a Corrupt Drug Culture Common in Latin America

Patriots,crime fighters,this is the second latino member of NYPD over the last 2 weeks to be arrested and charged with robbing dope dealers for their money and their drugs.This Jorge looks like he's Puerto Rican,but I've known very few Puerto Ricans here in NYC with the first name of Jorge.Regardless,he robbed $4 million from dealers and used some of it to remodel his home in Yonkers-the metropolis immediately north of NYC.And notice how his neighbors told the New York Post reporters that he and his amigos would throw their animal parties almost every weekend,sometimes until 3 a.m.,without any consideration for those living nearby.Of all the cultural practices common among Caribbean latinos like Puerto Ricans and Dominicans living here in the New York-area,it's their horribly loud music at their horribly loud parties that sicken me the most.It's a living hell for those of us who have to endure it until uniform police arrive and order them to stop.And since drug use and drug dealing is so rampant and pervasive throughout Latin America,especially in the Caribbean and Mexico,we can expect more migrants and immigrants from south of the border to bring their drug-dealing ways and wars with them.And some members of the gangs will join police departments to infiltrate them to gain access to intelligence and heavy weapons to aid their gang activity! This is one of the many consequences of the dirtbags in the US government allowing this tidal wave of legal and illegal immigration to pour into New York and the rest of America from Latin America.And it's probably going to get a lot worse before any improvement is seen.America's war is right here on our soil,not in Afghanistan or Pakistan Or Iraq.And since our police commissioner Raymond Kelly is thrilled with "Diversity," we'll see more cops who are really criminals hired for NYPD and this city where I live will become more like a drug-ridden,lawless metropolis south of the border.

No Surprise From President Abomination:He Picks Another Female Ultra-Liberal From New York City for the US Supreme Court,Only This One Is Jewish,Not Puerto Rican Like Conquistador Sotomayor

With President Abomination's Pick of a Liberal Jewish Woman to Replace John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court,the New Court Will Symbolize What the Abomination Meant When He Promised to "Remake America"

Patriots,I just knew that President Abomination was just posturing when he was "interviewing" other candidates to replace liberal fruitcake John Paul Stevens on US Supreme Court.Indeed,if you search this site from the home page, you'll see a past article on this gorgon Elena Kagan being Abomination's choice from the very beginning.Indeed,it may have been part of the plan between Abomination,Stevens,Abomination's chief of staff Rahm Israel Emanuel,et al.So the Abomination who couldn't even bear to admit being half-white on his Census form has vowed to "remake America." Patriots,this is the real enemy we need to defend ourselves against,not some jerk who can't even detonate a crude bomb in Times Square! Kagan may be descended from Lazar Kaganovich-Stalin's mass-murderer who ordered the death from starvation of millions of Ukrainians in 1932/1933! The name suffix"ovich" is Russian for "son of," like Mc or Mac in Scotch/Irish names means son of.So the abomination has picked two radical-liberal New York City females-one Puerto Rican,one Jewish-to replace two liberal Protestants on the Supreme Court.And in a country that has always been mostly Protestant,there'll be no Protestants on the court! Not one! This patriot is non-denominational,so I'm not rooting for Protestants,per se.What angers me is that Abomination and the rest of his Diversity Gang cabal want to make America a minority-rule country! That's what he obviously means when he urges a remaking or transforming of America! There'll probably be three Jews-all of them ultra-liberal-on the court.And this country is no more than 2% Jewish! Oy vey! And get this,patriots:Why hasn't America's first "African-American" president picked a black person for the court?! Why has he picked so few blacks for cabinet positions? The Abominations knows who butters his bread.He has obviously appointed latinos and Jews to positions of power and policy-making way out of proportion to their numbers in our population.I've expatiated on this latest assault on our country,and I'll blog on it more probably some time next week.But,I got to close with this:Kagan has never even been a judge! Ha,ha,ha! What a joke! And she may be a lesbian!

What "Diversity" Has Helped Bring to NYPD:a Cop and Some of His In-Laws Allegedly Rob Drug Dealers

This is another corollary of more immigration into America from Latin America.Since most of the drugs entering our nation come from south of the border,down Mexico way,there's going to be more police corruption involving criminal cops either working with drug gangs and dealers or shaking them down for their money and/or the drugs they're selling.And get a load of this moose under arrest.It looks like he has been confiscating steroids from the dealers he allegedly has been robbing! Moreover,in a police department recently praised by its commissioner for its "Diversity," background checks on police applicants have reportedly not been as thorough as they used to be.Again,patriots,the Diversity Gang is driven by an obsession with "people of color" and try to implement policies that primarily increase the power of "diversity" despite the harmful consequences.So let's prepare ourselves for cops who, just like many of them south of the border,are actually criminals who've joined police departments in America so they can gain access to weapons,drugs and,most importantly,intelligence and inside operations.

More Morale Busters for the US Military:Babes on Subs in 2012

President Abomination is a big-time feminist.So it angers him that the silent service has always been comprised of male volunteers who are very brave men indeed.So the Abomination's hacks in the Navy Department are probably just doing his bidding,since they're more politicians now than they are sailors.And it's pretty sickening to read this AP reporter who's not going to go deep gushing over babes on subs.Common sense says there's no need for babes on subs.The silent service dealt a heavy blow to Japan's Imperial Navy during WW2,and it was all-male then and it should stay all-male now.US Navy and the other branches of the armed services are there primarily to protect America and her citizens from aggression.And if some like the Abomination want to experiment with the lives of our servicemen and their combat readiness,they should be stopped.And it's important to remember too,patriots,that Congress is constitutionally authorized to regulate the armed services and could've stopped this dangerous plan from being implemented.But the neo-bolshevik Democrat majority let it slide without even a debate.Those jerks are more concerned about ballplayers chewing tobacco than those serving us on submarines,even though some of those subs carry nuclear weapons.

Britain's Prime Minister Forgets His Mike Is Off and Calls a Woman "Bigoted" Just for Asking a Question on Immigration

How wonderful that this liberal prime minister tripped himself up by forgetting to turn his mike off.And this is a wonderful revelation of the arrogance and hatred for the working class-especially,like in this case,the white working class-that the ruling elites in UK,and US,have towards people who just ask legitimate,totally understandable questions on governmental immigration policy and guidelines.This vampire-looking/vampire-sounding Gordon Brown calls a British woman "bigoted" just for asking about the multitude of immigrants in her area:"Where are they flocking from?" What a riot of a question! I think only a Brit would use the word "flocking" to describe immigration into the area of UK where she lives.It may have been an act of God that the vampire prime minister forgot to turn off his mike, for now he has shamed himself and exposed the arrogant elitism of his party and UK'S ruling establishment.And their elections are in just a few days.The Good Book says pride goes before a fall.Mr.Brown and his corrupt party are probably headed for quite a mighty fall very soon.Hopefully it lasts and hopefully the Brits get a really new government instead of the game of musical chairs that corrupt polities frequently engage in.At least they have a viable third party in UK.

The NBC Affiliate in Denver,CO Reports That the Murder of a White Man By the Street Gang Denver Crips Was Racially Motivated

Patriots,I know this is tiring and redundant.But this is more evidence that the Diversity Gang in the major news media would've had a fit if the murder victim in this case were a "person of color" and the suspect were a plain ol' white guy-a "white supremacist."It would be national news.Even though the Denver NBC affiliate reported this,this case received no substantial coverage nationwide.And that's because the Diversity Gang producers and editors in newsrooms across the nation didn't want it to get national publicity.It's blatant racial favoritism:Diversity Gang has one standard for "people of color" and another standard for whites-the colorless people.Their hearts bleed when non-whites are victimized by "hate crimes," but barely shrug their shoulders when whites are murdered in cold blood even when racial animus was a factor in the crime.This is one of the bad fruits of about 40 years of DG inculcation in America's major colleges and universities-so-called "higher education."

An Anti-patriot Infiltrates Tea Party Groups Because the Moron Believes Most of the Members Are,of Course,"Homophobes,Racists Or Morons"

Good ol' Jason Levin sounds like a card-carrying member of the Diversity Gang.Whenever he sees a crowd of mostly white people protesting publicly about something,his bigotry and paranoia make him conclude that they must be racists and homophobes,which means he thinks Tea Party patriots hate "people of color" and homosexuals.I wouldn't be surprised if he's a flame himself.But the real Tea Party-i.e.,the patriot Tea Party-not only has to watch out for Diversity Gang infiltrators like Jason Levin and his ugly ilk,but also the ugly ilk of anti-patriot Republicans like Tricky Dick Armey and Sarah the Princess Palin and Newty Gingrich! They just want to put Bush Republicans back into power in Washington! Patriots in the Tea Party and their supporters,we mustn't let that happen!

Jewish Comedian Robin Williams Calls Australians "...Basically English Rednecks" While Australia's Liberal Prime Minister Suggests He Go to Alabama to Find Rednecks

What would've happened if this comedian wasn't Jewish and called Jews an ugly name akin to the anti-white racial epithet "rednecks"? Or if he were white and called blacks or latinos an ugly name? It probably would mean the end of his or her professional career! But a Jewish liberal comedian-the idiotic character Mork in Mork & Mindy-calls Aussies "English rednecks" and there's barely a blip from the major media.Mork slammed the Brits and the Aussies in one nice shot.It reminds me of Larry David-another Jewish comedian and Seinfeld writer-urinating on an image of Christ in his moron show Curb Your Enthusiasm.I only came across this latest bit of anti-Christ garbage from Hollywood when I read a letter to the editor in the newspaper Catholic New York.To the Diversity Gang morons running the major news media and entertainment media in America,some people are obviously more important than others.Meanwhile,I recommend a boycott of Robin Williams,whether he apologizes or not.

The Half-white/Half-black-African President Abomination Claims He's Only African-American on His 2010 Census Form

Too bad for President Abomination: No matter how much he tries to deny it,he's still half-white! This is more proof of just how anti-white he is! And let's remember and never forget that for 20 long years,he and Mrs.Abomination were members of Jeremiah Wright's "church" of black-liberation theology-a pseudo-religious movement founded by James Cone who once stated that if the Almighty isn't anti-white,then Mr.Cone wants nothing to do with Him.And the major news media still covers for this guy and the Abomination.And so does the GOP leadership,like Johnny McCain did during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Due To a Typical Diversity-Gang Boondoggle,Half of Kansas City's Public Schools May Close

The Diversity Gang hates mostly white school systems and so-called racial inequalities in schools;they want to create some black magic to try and make all the races perform the same in schools.So a Diversity Gang judge ordered the Kansas City, system to spend $2 billion(!)on swimming pools and fancy gimmickry in the schools to achieve a "racial balance" and "close the gap" between white and black students.Not only has this been a miserable failure and a terrible waste of taxpayer money,but now a proposal comes to close half the city's public schools because the system is nearly broke.This is what the Diversity Gang is capable of doing.Patriots,we must fight this gang wherever they try to harm us.No surrender!

Diversity High:Violence Between Latino and Black Students at a Long Island,NY High School Leaves 8 Injured

The national news media hasn't given the attention to latino violence that it would give to white or white violence.The Diversity Gang is in a bind when two non-white groups fight each other.They must ask themselves,Who do we support? If it's white on non-white,they reflexively come down on the non-white side,unless it's totally indefensible.But latino Maybe this'll make them introspect a bit.The more-important issue is that the immigration policies of the US government has allowed and assisted and encouraged a Spanish-speaking nation to engender on US soil.Thanks to legal and illegal immigration and latinos being the only race in America who are growing their population via birth rates,latinos are now America's number-one minority group,at about 15% of the population,while blacks are about 12%.With American blacks and latinos speaking many different Spanish dialects going to school together and at times living in close proximity to each other,it's no surprise that melees break out occasionally.America has historically had occasional problems with white and black getting along;now it's white and latino and black getting along.And the Asian population is growing too.Thanks to out-of-control immigration,America's on the road to a tower of babel.

The Diversity Gang Is On the Warpath at University of California

The anti-white Diversity Gang rules probably the vast majority of America's major colleges and universities.Even though it has already been revealed that black comedian Jiggaboo Jones(no joke-that's his stage name)and an unidentified "minority"student staged some of these pranks,Diversity Gang students,school administrators,pandering politicians like California governor Arnold the Bloviator,and journalists have sounded like they're foaming from their mouths.Anytime there's the slightest manifestation of "Racism!," the Diversity Gang goes rabid.Of course,they've been indoctrinated to believe that only white people are racist.If similar pranks were committed by "minorities"against whites or Asians,the Diversity Gang doesn't go rabid.They either ignore it,deny it,minimize it,or justify it as the last resort.It's ridiculous and laughable that they keep using the word "minority"in describing these "victims" in a state that hasn't had a majority population in about 10 years;but truth matters little to the Diversity Gang.

Another Nail In the Coffin of America's Military:President Abomination's Navy Brass Want the Fairer Sex On Submarines

I'm getting closer to renaming President Abomination to President Destroyer.He's very pro-feminist,so his hack of a Navy secretary intends to order babes on subs.Of course,these arrogant leftist Democrats didn't consult with the brave men who serve on subs about this;they just want to force an illusion on all of us that there are hardly any differences between men and women.The Abomination has come very close to destroying US Treasury;now it's obvious he's trying to destroy the morale of the US armed forces.Patriots,it's very important to know that Congress is constitutionally authorized to regulate the US army and navy;they have final say over whether to allow this.So if you're outraged at this latest feminazi assault on those who serve in uniform under the seas,please contact your US representatives and urge them to oppose babes on subs.

Feminazis In New York Fire Department Want More Unqualified Females To Be Hired

First a group of black firemen on NYFD-probably the best fire department in the world-file a lawsuit in federal court claiming the department and the city government intentionally kept blacks off the fire department.They don't have a shred of evidence,but they do have a Diversity Gang judge who has ruled,for now,in their favor;the moron judge is waiting to see how the city government will "redress" the lack of black firemen on NYFD.Now the misanthropic feminazis in the department are squalling that the 30 or so firewomen on NYFD are being harassed.The blacks who sued just want more of their kind on the fire department,whether they're qualified or not;and the feminazis just want more of their sex in a fire uniform too.These selfish jerks care about nobody but themselves and care little about the public's safety.I witnessed and worked on fire scenes in the South Bronx when I was on NYPD in the mid-80s.Fires aren't fun to fight,especially when people are involved.Those hired to serve on a big-city fire department should be the strongest and the smartest among the applicants,so that the best opportunity to save lives and property is achieved.It's that simple.Hopefully the New York City government fights to the end these selfish morons in the Vulcan Society and the firefems and any Diversity Gang judge who want to destroy the best fire department in the world and jeopardize the public's safety just so more people of a particular race or sex become firemen.

New York Fire Department Is Under Attack From the Anti-White Diversity Gang

The black firemen who brought this lawsuit claiming racial discrimination just want more of their kind on New York Fire Department-probably the best fire-fighting agency in the world.So they grabbed a Diversity Gang lawyer to sue in federal court,and a Diversity Gang judge was assigned to hear the case,and of course he ruled in their favor.The Diversity Gang in this city called The Big Apple and elsewhere have tried this trick quite often.No one is stopping anyone from taking the NYFD test and passing it; it's a basic test to help determine whether someone has the mental skills along with the physical skills to be a NYC fireman.If NYFD were 90% "people of color," the Diversity Gang wouldn't shrug a shoulder.But any department that is overwhelmingly white,like NYFD,is marked for forced integration,regardless of the consequences and regardless of what they'll have to do to make it more non-white.Patriots,this is one major reason why the Diversity Gang is such a menace to America:they'll even jeopardize the safety of the public just to discriminate against qualified whites while promoting blatant racial favoritism to the other races.Let's hope the city government appeals and fights this to the end.

A Woman Murders Her "White Supremacist" Husband In His Sleep,and She Walks Away Scot-free

Get a load of the photo showing the murderess exulting over getting away with murder! But the Diversity Gang member Associated Press tells us that the murder victim was a "white supremacist." And the defendant claimed the "battered woman" defense.So in the contemporary America ruled by the anti-Christ Diversity Gang,it's permissible to murder a man in his sleep just because he allegedly was a racist and a wife-beater.And what about if the husband had murdered the wife in her sleep because she was a racist or husband-beater? The defendant's release and the positive coverage of the murder of her husband,despite his alleged roguishness,proves the Diversity Gang is anti-white,anti-Christian and anti-male,in that order of priority.

In the City of Angels,a Diversity Gang Theater Producer/Director Is Stabbed To Death,Apparently During Rough Homosexual Sex With a Mexican National

What a fitting way for a full-fledged member of the Diversity Gang to go: allegedly murdered during rough homosexual sex by a Mexican national.This murder is similar to the death in New York City of ABC radio news announcer George Weber,who actually solicited homo sex over the website Craigslist.He got his sex,and he got stabbed to death too by his partner.This case has been shoved under the rug by the NYC media for an obvious reason:An ABC on-air news reader prowling for homo sado-masochism over the Internet! And another interesting snippet to this case is a photo was taken and published on the Web of Weber smiling into the camera with smiling Mayor Michael Bloomberg standing right next to him.Hmmmmm.Were they,er, friends? But back to this theater producer/director in LA.The Diversity Gang is obsessed with the murder of Emmet Till-a black teenager who harassed a white woman in Ole Miss and was later found murdered.And this producer/director had just made yet another play on this murder,milking it for every drop he can get out of it to browbeat white Americans with the perennial charge of "Racism!." So this guy was into racial diversity and,ostensibly,sexual diversity.And he gave his life for it.Pathetic.Tragic.

President Abomination Appoints a "Transgender" Female To US Commerce Dept.! This Is Too Much!

President Abomination is obviously a sexual weirdo.This is what America has degenerated to:A president who appoints a woman who changed from being a man to a post in US Commerce Dept.! And I've already reported on Kevin Jennings(I believe that's a pseudonym)-the Abomination's "czar" for safe/drug-free schools.Jennings is a flaming,militant homo who was exposed as such in an article by William F.Jasper in a recent issue of The New American magazine( the Abomination's friends in major media have covered up this flame's background.And the Abomination declared June to be Gay Lesbian Bi-sexual Transgender Month.And now we have a "transgender" working at our Commerce a senior adviser.Maybe the Abomination is a transgender too! Or maybe he's bi! Regardless,sexual depravity and insanity is now official presidential policy.May the Almighty help us and deliver us from this evil.

Human Sacrifice Is a Reality In Present-day Uganda

A Hindu Doctor From India,Under the Influence of the Diversity Gang,Plants a Bomb at a Doctor's House In Arkansas,Causing Severe Burns and the Loss of an Eye

In the Old Sod,It's Now Illegal To Say Anything "Abusive" About Any Religion

The Death of an Illegal Immigrant In Shenandoah,PA Has the Amnesty Gang/Diversity Gang Demanding Justice

A "Holiday Gift Guide" at The New York Times Is Designed for "People of Color"

Patriots,can we imagine the brazenness and gall of the writer and editor(s) at The New York Times-the Old Gray Lady-for publishing such blatant racial appeals to "people of color"? This may be a boon to the patriot cause when the Diversity Gang shows their true colors and obvious preferences for almost all things non-white.I think even some liberals sympathetic to the Diversity Gang are starting to get ticked off at them.Maybe these anti-white/ anti-Christian/anti-male ideologues are starting to really hang themselves with their own rope.

Did the Denver,Co.Police Dept.Cover Up Racially Motivated Attacks By Blacks Against Whites and Latinos?

Here's another case where the Diversity Gang in the Denver police dept.or those intimidated by the Diversity Gang kept the cat in the bag over these inter-racial assaults.But if the assailants were white and the victims non-white,Holy cats!,the Diversity Gang and the Hate-Crimes Gang would've descended on Denver like a horde of locusts! This is more proof,patriots,that the Diversity Gang believes some victims are more important than others;it's pure racial favoritism towards "people of color." Bravo to those at the WABC TV affiliate in Denver for digging up the facts on this case and reporting it.

A Diversity-Gang Minister "Apologizes" To an American Injun Tribe for Something That Happened About 400 Years Ago In New Amsterdam(Now New York City)

This Collegiate Church ran an ad recently in the Rupert Murdoch-owned Bronx Times Reporter,bragging about how much they celebrate "Diversity." So how appropriate that one of this church's ministers "reconciles" with an Injun tribe because about 400 years ago,some Dutch settlers in then-New Amsterdam and now New York City weren't so nice to the Lenapes.But of course,in typical Diversity Gang fashion,crimes against the settlers are ignored or not even recognized; the Diversity Gang once again reveals its anti-white sentiments.The section of the Bronx that I live in is called Throggs Neck,named after Dutch settler William Throckmorton.He was killed by Injuns! But this idiot minister doesn't care about that.And get a load of this "minister!" Look at his face and get a load of that rug on top of his head! Was he scalped?! I can see the evil in his contorted face! More importantly than his ugliness and self-aggrandizement is that more churches are getting taken over by the anti-Christ Diversity Gang.They preach the neo-pagan religion of Diversity,not biblical Christianity.Meanwhile,Pastor Chase feels so good about himself,now that he thinks he has atoned for the sins of his ancestors.

And Now the Leftist Diversity-Gang Government In Peru "Apologizes" To Its Afro-Peruvian Population

Two Indicted Males Can Get 15 Years In Jail for Hitting a Transgender Woman/Man In the Head With a Belt Buckle!

Patriots,here's a case indicative of the evil minds of the Diversity Gang.A tutti-frutti trans-gender female is now empowered with special rights and special laws just because of his/her sexual deviancy or identity crisis.The female in this case who was a male was assaulted by being hit in the head with a belt buckle and roughed up a bit; granted,a crime was committed.But the Diversity Gang doesn't consider this a typical,everyday assault; no,this is a special victim,a special assault,a so-called "hate crime." Because the indictees yelled out some anti-trans-gender comments before and/or during the assault,they can get up to 15 years in jail if convicted! 15 years for what's really just a misdemeanor assault! If the average Joe or Jane was cursed at and hit with a belt buckle,the suspects would be charged with simple assault charges,maybe aggravated assault.But the anti-Christ Diversity Gang exalts sexual absurdity and sexual madness; that's why they've legislated extraordinarily excessive sentences to be handed down to "hate criminals," proving that in their depraved minds,some crime victims and some people are more important than others.Let's hope that if this case goes to trial,that the jury doesn't convict these criminals on the so-called "hate crimes" charges and just convicts for an assault; this is one way to fight back against the Diversity Gang and their wicked laws of privilege for some at the expense of others and especially of free speech.

What Mandela and His African National Congress Have Brought To South Africa:50 Daily Murders and One of the World's Highest Rates of Violent Crime

Another Brutal Black-On-White Homicide.But the Morons In the Diversity Gang Will Say This Wasn't a "Hate Crime"

If the rapist/murderer in this case were white and his victime black or latino,the Diversity Gang and their fellow goons the Hate-Crimes Gang would be screaming "Racism!" Why did this 2-legged animal have to brutalize this young,attractive woman? Why did those 2-legged animals have to brutalize those two young white kids in Knoxville,TN? It had to be racial hatred! But the Diversity Gang and the Hate-Crimes Gang probably just shrug and sigh when whites are victimized by such unspeakably heinous crimes;their lack of outrage and anger proves it.

Re the Fort Hood Shootings,It Looks Like Jessica Lynch Redux

Remember, patriots,when US Army and the big media portrayed Jessica Lynch as a modern-day female Audie Murphy,mowing down Iraqis and getting wounded in action? It was all an illusion,crafted by politically correct Army bureacrats and their media lackeys to give the impression that GI Jane is just as tough and brave and gung-ho as GI Joe.While the female police sergeant at Ft.Hood did respond and engage the shooter,she lost the shootout and the male sergeant probably saved her life and the lives of others by wounding the shooter! There's a hero here,not a heroine! I'm pleasantly surprised that the neo-feminist The New York Times ran this story which may start to set the record straight as to what really happened at Ft.Hood on that hideous day.

President Abomination's Civil Rights Prosecutor Shakes Down the Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Basketball Team for a Record Payout of $2.73 Million

Well,patriots,it didn't take long for Senor Thomas Perez-President Abomination's pick to head the so-called Civil Rights Division at US Dept.of Justice-to sue somebody for not renting homes or apartments to "people of color." It was a bad and dangerous move that the real-estate mogul who was targeted by Perez didn't fight the aggression in court.Even though there was no substantial evidence to prove racial discrimination,they caved in because they thought it would be too expensive to litigate.And that's all the Diversity Gang has to hear when they start planning to forcibly integrate neighborhoods-i.e., predominantly white neighborhoods.We can expect more suits like this from the Abomination's integration hatchet-man.Patriots,don't submit without a fight! Please!

Even After the Fort Hood Massacre Committed By a Muslim Army Officer,President Abomination Still Praises "Diversity"

The Abomination's religion is obviously Diversity,although he may very well be a Muslim.He just had to say America is chock-full of Muslims,Hindus,blah,blah,blah.Even after this mass murder! But this is what the fanatical followers of Diversity-the Diversity Gang-feel compelled to do every chance they get,whether it's a time to rejoice or a time to mourn.It's the anti-Christ false religion and diabolical movement and ideology that may very well bring America to her knees,if patriots fail to resist it,that is.

A Diversity-Gang Moron at NBC New York Celebrates "People of Color" Becoming a Majority On New York City Council

The # 1 characteristic of the Diversity Gang is they're anti-white.They actually celebrate when whites become a minority anywhere,anytime! And they like to use this moronic term "people of color" to describe non-whites.In other words,we plain ol' white people have no color! A pox on the Diversity Gang!

Thanks to Multi-culturalism & "Diversity," Bobbies In London,England,for the First Time, May Soon Carry Firearms On Routine Patrol Due to a Rise In Gang Violence and Shootings.And They Have Strict Gun Control In UK!

Leftist Thugs-Called "Anti-fascist Protestors" By a Moron MSNBC Editor-Trespass a BBC Building to Prevent an Appearance By the leader of BNP-Called a "White Supremacist" Party By the Same MSNBC Moron Editor

President Abomination's Navy Brass Wants Females On Submarines

The Abomination's navy brass wants females on subs.And the Abomination is planning on ending the Don't Ask/ Don't Tell policy on homos in the military.Now the Diversity Gang and the feminazis want to destroy morale and esprit de corps in the Silent Service-a branch with a distinguished record,especially during WW2.America doesn't need females on subs.Subs aren't in service to provide equal opportunity and job opportunities;they're supposed to have the most-able-bodied men to man them and defend us in the event of attack.As usual,the ones making or planning to make the orders won't have to work under them;it'll be the poor enlisted man who'll have to fight and possibly die alongside people who are being used as pawns by Diversity Gang/ feminazi social engineers.Hopefully,some men with you know what will stand up to these morons and prevent this latest attempt to destroy another detail of the US Armed Forces.

The Abomination Wins the Nobel Peace Prize! Is He the Anti-Christ?

Some Christian patriots and Bible-prophecy students believe President Abomination may be the Anti-Christ; they may be right.The honors and worship bestowed on him is tremendously irrational,and this is one example.He hasn't even finished his first term,and he gets the Nobel Peace Prize.Where has this man brought peace?! He has brought more war to Afghanistan and now Pakistan! But idolatry blinds people to reality as they admire the image of a man who they think is bigger than life.This will be covered in much-greater detail on my next post on my blog A Patriot's Diary.While the Abomination may or may not be the Anti-Christ,he certainly has the characteristics.

Two US Senators "Apologize" to American Injuns

Leave It to a Female Judge In Texas to Try to Over-ride the Will of the People On Banning Homo Marriage

Right after reading this story's headline,I just knew that this pro-homo Texas judge was female.I just knew it! I believe it's part of a feminist rebellion against Christian moral law and a society undergirded by a Christian conscience and ethos.And get a load of her arrogant pro-homo comments cited at the article's end! This gorgon should be impeached, forthwith.She has no legal standing to make a decision  like this that blatantly violates the will of the people in Texas when they voted to ban homo marriage.

Billy Clinton Claims the "Vast Right-wing Conspiracy" Isn't as Powerful as Before Because "America Has Changed Demographically..."

When allegations were made against Billy Clinton during his co-presidency with Hillary,he and she complained about people conspiring against them;but it's still okay for them to accuse people of conspiracy.Here,Billy says the "right-wing conspiracy" isn't as strong as it was when he and Hillary were in the White House is because America's "demographics"have changed.What the moron was afraid to say explicitly is that America has become less white.Therefore,the less whites in America,the less opposition towards the Clintons and his fellow radical liberals will be.This is one major reason why he and his Clinton Global Initiative and his fellow CFR globalists favor Washington's immigration policy that keeps immigration from Europe low while keeping it high from everywhere else;it's the old racial-displacement game that tyrants and social engineers have employed throughout history.But at least the ex-pres admitted his relief and joy at America's changing demographics.And did you get a load of Billy's big red nose in the article's accompanying photo? If that's not the nose of a big-time coke snorter,I don't know what is.

The Anti-white/Anti-bourgeois Diversity Gang Prevails In Westchester County,NY:"Fair Housing" Is On the Way.Run for the Hills or Fight to the Last Man?

The Diversity Gang hates predominantly white neighborhoods,so they do whatever they can to place low-income housing in them so more "people of color" move in.They know a lot of these people are "Section 8"- people with low-incomes who rely on taxpayer money to defray costs for housing and other expenses.And with a lot of Section 8 people comes criminal activity and other misbehaviors.So the Diversity Gang goes to court to bring misery to middle-class/upper-class neighborhoods;it's pure class warfare and race warfare.Westchester County,NY is due north of New York City and has become more and more liberal Democrat over the years.I believe Democrats outnumber Republicans in the county.So maybe all these upper-class/rich liberals will get what they deserve when Section 8 comes to their neighborhoods.However,I doubt Section 8 will come to the town of Chappaqua in Westchester County, for that's where Billy and Hillary Clinton and a lot of their supporters live.

A So-called "Hate Crimes" Suspect Gives Church-goers Some Good Advice

The goon squad at so-called Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC)and the Diversity Gang in general are probably very disappointed that a blond-haired white kid didn't commit this so-called "hate crime" at a latino church.This should be a case of criminal mischief and criminal trespass.But because this crime was committed in a church with a predominantly latino population,the hate-crimes ideologues and troublemakers say this is a special crime directed at a special group.In short,that's what the Diversity Gang and their hate-crimes squad are all about:some people are more-important than others.
As far as the suspect's advice to the congregants at this church:Beautiful! If more church-goers would take his advice,it'll put a lot of charlatan preachers out of business;they'll have to work for a living instead of preying on the ignorance,superstition and/or good hearts but gullible minds of their flocks.

The Diversity Gang Is In a Pickle: Dominicans Attack Mexicans In the Bronx

Yes,patriots,the Diversity Gang is tormented when members of an ethnic group attack members of another group who are members of the same minority race.In this case,latino Dominicans attacked latino Mexicans.The Diversity Gang,the Amnesty Gang,and the militant latino movement in US(exemplified best ,in my opinion,by the race-based activist group National Council of la Raza)are doing their best to unite all latino groups to empower la raza(the race.)This won't be easy,because Latin America is quite diverse racially,ethnically and culturally.But in their zeal to oppose Anglo-America and take everything they can from our country,racial unity among Puerto Ricans,Dominicans,Cubans,Mexicans,Venezuelans,inter alia is their goal.So these ostensibly race-based and/or ethnic-based assaults by Dominicans-mostly a black/mixed-race ethnic group-against Mexicans-mostly a mestizo and/or Central American Indian people-creates a problem for the latino movement's united front.New York Daily News is ostensibly a Diversity Gang newspaper,and it's a bit surprising they gave these attacks  prominent coverage.However,I think the attacks are being condemned by the paper and the politicians cited not primarily because of the criminal acts,but because this doesn't unify and helps divide la raza-i.e.,latinos living in America.Let's see if there's serious follow-up on these crimes.

A Bimbo Babe at MSNBC Claims President Abomination- "...a Man of Color..." - is Threatened By "...White People...with Guns"

One reason I can't stomach tv news is because of the plastic-faced bimbos who are probably frustrated actresses masquerading as tv reporters or anchorwomen.This appears to be one such bimbo,who wants to show how prim and proper she is by calling President Abomination "...a man of color..."(what a moronic phrase that is)threatened by the ubiquitous white racist.The bimbo stultified herself bigtime because the white racist she thought she was describing on a tv clip was a black man supporting the Second Amendment! Ha! Ha! Ha! What a riot that is! But the bimbo shouldn't worry her pretty little head, for there'll be plenty more opportunities for her to condemn all those white racists out there threatening the "man of color."

Like the Wichita Massacre of a Few Years Back,the Major Media Again Covers Up a Sickening Black-on-White Multiple Homicide

I only knew about this savage crime by reading the newsletter American Renaissance( we have another case where the national media barely reported on these mutilations and murders of two white young adults by a group of black men.Almost the same kind of savage multiple homicide occurred in Wichita,Kansas about 7 years ago,only in that case,4 whites were murdered by two black brothers with the surname Carr.They were convicted and sentenced to death.This was a huge story in the Kansas-area press but was virtually blacked-out in the national media.Columnist Michelle Malkin wrote a lengthy piece on the horrible crime and the subsequent national cover-up.At least this time,AP and the news editors at Yahoo! News ran this story near the trial's end.Patriots,we all know that if the defendants were white and the victims black or latino,we would never hear the end of this case.It would've been covered from day one to the final day of the case.Every Diversity Gang politician and journalist would be beating his or her chest about the evils of white racism have still not been eliminated in the land and we need to do a lot more to root this evil from our midst.But there are no tears or remorse and there's no "outrage" for these young white kids who were tortured and raped in the most savage way before they were finally murdered.No Hollywood movie about this like they made the movie on homo Matthew Shepherd.American Renaissance reported that the victims may have been looking to buy drugs,and that may be true.Regardless,they didn't deserve that fate.I'll blog more on this wicked double-standard practiced by the Diversity Gang at the end of the week because there's a lot more detail that needs to be covered.Meanwhile,please continue to follow this case and every time the Diversity Gang in the major media starts wailing about a white kid who said something nasty to a non-white kid somewhere in the country,tell them about the unspeakable and sub-human massacres in Knoxville and Wichita.

Like Sotomayor,a Moron Federal Judge Rules New York Fire Dept.Discriminated Against "People of Color"

What a co-incidence! About 2 weeks ago the US Supreme Court rules in favor of the white firemen and one latino fireman who were denied job promotions simply because of their racial background.Now we have a moron Diversity Gang judge who rules that "people of color" were discriminated against.Why?Because they didn't pass the test! So now the Diversity Gang will make FDNY hire "people of color" whether they're morons like this federal judge or not.And,patriots,don't you love this moronic anti-white phrase from the Diversity Gang:people of color? That means white people have no color! And hardly anyone challenges them because our land is full of cowards and gutless wonders!
FDNY is one of the best fire-fighting departments in the world.It has been heavily Irish-American throughout its history,and now it's about 90% white.So the Diversity Gang says that's unacceptable,even though if it were 90% non-white(excuse me,people of color),they wouldn't bat an eye.That's the essence of TDG:They're anti-white!
As far as passing or failing the NYFD test,no one is stopping anyone from preparing for and taking that test;it's open to anyone and everyone.That moron judge and the anti-white morons who brought the suit would've claimed any reason and found any reason just to get more "people of color" on NYFD, just like their comrades did when I was on NYPD back in the mid 1980s.TDG destroys almost everything it touches;let us see how long it takes for them to ruin possibly the world's greatest fire department just so more "people of color" can become "firefighters" and more people who don't have color are denied jobs in that department.

A Brutal Racial Attack Against a White Family,and the Diversity-Gang-Controlled National Media Blacks Out the Story.How Typical!

Patriots,this is more proof that the Diversity Gang hates whites,as a group.There are individual whites who they like and tolerate,but the white population of America is viewed as "Racist!" by these brainwashed fanatics and their vile ideology that only whites are racist.We know what the reaction would be if the attackers in this case were white and the victims black or latino or Jewish.It would be all over the news!We wouldn't be able to escape it! My Yahoo! is my main daily news source,and the liberal editors at their news department failed to carry one story on this attack on the RSS feeds I have,which numbers about 40 feeds.Matt Drudge reported the story on his site,but almost all the links to this story I see so far are from "underground" news sites and alternate sources.This is one reason why so-called "hate-crimes" laws are so evil:they'll primarily be used against whites and Christians,because the Diversity Gang believes and teaches that only those groups,almost all the time,commit hate crimes.I'll blog on this over the weekend on A Patriot's Diary.

The Abomination Administration Wants to Diversify Westchester County,NY

The Diversity Gang in the Abomination administration doesn't like all the predominantly white neighborhoods in Westchester County,NY-the county immediately north of NYC.The Diversity Gang hates things that are mostly white;things that are mostly latino,mostly black are just fine with them.So they will start planning on putting low-income latinos and blacks in middle-class/upper-class mostly white neighborhoods to "diversify" them.In other words,whites need "diversity,"but so-called "people of color" don't.It's just another form of anti-white racism thta the Diversity Gang is notorious for.
Westchester County,the last I heard,has more registered Democrats than Republicans.A lot of Manhattan liberals have moved there over the years.And these are the types of voters who put Diversity Gang politicans like Barack Abomination and Edward the Swimmer Kennedy into positions of great power to socially engineer our neighborhoods,cities and counties;maybe they'll be getting a dose of their own medicine.So over time,these neighborhoods marked by the Diversity Gang at Housing and Urban Development will gradually experience more crime,more run-down conditions,more public nuisances,more conflict-all in the glorious name of DIVERSITY.
Billy and Hillary Clinton live in exclusive, filthy rich,liberal Chappaqua,where you probably can't touch a house for less than a million bucks.Will the Diversity Gang put low-income housing-euphemistically known as Section 8-into Chappaqua? Ha!

The Diversity Gang Dumbs Down U.S.Naval Academy

The Diversity Gang has been practicing race favoritism for about the past 40 years,and they'll keep practicing it as long as they have the power and ability at their disposal.In this case,a brave professor at US Naval Academy has exposed his Diversity Gang bosses who have one standard for white applicants and another standard for non-whites.
This has been happening for way too long because not enough people have spoken out against it,like Prof.Fleming has.Preventing qualified people from entering schools and/or getting jobs or promotions because they're white is wrong,racist and a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.And when these people are denied what's due them,all of society suffers.People who are more knowledgable and more skilled than others deserve the positions they apply for because they've earned the opportunity and they can use the positions they should get hired for to serve others and the society at large.But the Diversity Gang cares only about the raw power of race politics.I'll extensively blog on this over the weekend.
Patriots:If you're discriminated against because of whatever race you are,fight back! Just like the firemen did in New Haven,CT!

A NYC Public Radio Station Celebrates "Diversity" at NYPD

The biggest problem with this moronic story is there's no white-majority here in New York City;there's no race that's a majority.So why does the moronic reporter exult that this NYPD class is loaded with "minority"groups when whites are a minority just like everyone else in the city? When he celebrates the "diversity" of this NYPD graduating class,he's celebrating that there are much-fewer whites than in the past.When the Diversity Gang complains that something isn't "diverse"enough,they mean it's too white and needs more "people of color"-another moronic,insulting,anti-white phrase from the Diversity Gang.I give a lot of credit to the members of NYPD who have to deal with this and all the other problems associated with "Big Apple"policing.I experienced this as a member of that department from early 1982 to the middle of 1985.I don't miss it.

Yes:The Diversity Gang Threatens America

This anti-white screed from Mr.Levin is more evidence of the tunnel-vision hate from a member of The Diversity Gang.He was a "scholar" at Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the so-called "Holocaust" museum in Washington.This center probably teaches its scholars how to hate Germans and other European peoples even more than they do now.
Notice how this Jewish professor cites the cases of men with Polish and German surnames as "haters." He's fighting the Nazis 65 years ex post facto.And of course,he cites probably his favorite ethno-fanatic groups:the so-called ADL(Anti-Defamation League)and SPLC(Southern Poverty Law Center).There's one belief that unites Mr.Levin and the leaders of these Jewish activist groups:the only people who commit "hate crimes" are white.And we'll probably never hear them complain about a Jew committing a hate crime.
Mr.Levin is a Holocaust Avenger,forever fighting the Nazis.And if he can't find one,he'll fabricate one.There'll be more about this topic on this website's blog A Patriot's Diary.
How pathetic that would put this moronic screed on its website.How typical that this is an editorial masquerading as news.As for the murder of the security guard,his killer,if convicted,should receive the death penalty.

A Patriot Pastor Warns About the "Hate Bill" and Provides Some Important and Relevant History

Patriot Alert:The "Hate Crimes" Gang is on the Warpath!

Left-wing US attorney general Eric Holder-a re-tread from the Billy & Hillary administration-speaks in DC(District of Criminals)to a pinko group called,get this,Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights & Urban Affairs.Holder bases his proposal for tougher "hate crimes"legislation at the federal level partly on a report from another pinko group:Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund.And here is the real chilling threat coming from the goonish attorney general:"We will not tolerate...the threat of violence,masquerading as political activism."Do you get that,patriots? If the hate crimes gang dislikes patriotic and/or conservative activism,the #1 man at US Justice Dept."...will not tolerate"it! In other words,he'll prosecute us! If you oppose illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens,you're guilty of hate crime.Remember the report a wee bit ago from Department of Homeland Security(DHS)about "the right-wing extremists"? Why not left-wing extremists? Because the Obama Gang are left-wing extremists! They oppose "their"enemies,not America's real enemies.
Why is the Hate Crimes Gang so enraged? Because one of their own-notorious abortionist George Tiller-was murdered.They're enraged that a murderer took out another murderer! They love one murderer but hate the other! And now they're trying to blame anti-abortion activists for Tiller's murder.USA Today even ran a story implying that very thing a few days after Tiller's murder.And now they have a murder of a black man in the so-called "Holocaust"Museum.This is tailor-made for the Hate Crimes Gang! It's almost like a Hollywood script! And notorious groups like so-called Anti-Defamation League(ADL)and Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC)are pounding the drums for special laws and special prosections that favor certain racial and ethnic groups and now homosexuals and transgenders.And it's their old-standby enemy-the white race-who are to be hit with these Bolshevik laws.
Patriots, for more information and background on the Hate Crimes Gang and their allies,please log on to Pastor Ted Pike's website at Ted has been fighting these thugs and their threats for many years.He deserves our support and our prayers.

Patriots:This is What the Hate Crimes Gang Wants to Do in America.They Hate Free Speech!

Notice how this Israeli newspaper doesn't provide much information as to what exactly these two men wrote in their leaflets or on the Internet.They got years in prison for voicing their opinions! To us in America,this is totalitarianism.Now,if the article was more specific,and if the writings were inciting people to commit wanton violence,then some sort of civil action can be taken.But,I believe the Hate Crimes Gang trace their beginnings to Bolshevik Russia.Raw power is what motivates them,and they don't care how they get it and how they use it.Indeed,they revel in lawlessness and a form of domestic terrorism to get their way.They can use so-called hate-crime laws to prosecute people just because they don't like what they say or write.If a patriot or concerned citizen speaks out against an immigration policy,they'll say they're anti-immigrant and should be prosecuted.Of course in this case in UK,they really stepped on the wrong toes by joking about the so-called "Holocaust." So,for joking about THE HOLOCAUST,two men go to prison for over 7 years! For crudity and lousy taste,they go to prison for over 7 years! What if they joked about the mass murder in Bolshevik Russia? Would that have earned them these long sentences? Again,it's favoritism for so-called "protected groups."
The US Senate may vote on a "hate-crimes" bill this Wednesday! Patriots,please contact your senators and tell them "No to dictatorship in America!" by voting NO! on the so-called hate-crimes bill! God help us to defeat these tyrants!

An Immigrant-Patriot Exposes the Self-proclaimed Anti-haters

Yes,patriots,I think the Almighty gets involved sometimes and foils the plans of the wicked and powerful.Former Florida governor John Ellis Bush-who uses the nickname "Jeb" because that's such an Aw,shucks!,down-home name compared to the sophisticated John Ellis Bush-was on a mission for his globalist friends at Council on Foreign Relations(CFR)to push an amnesty plan.But maybe the Good Lord brought his plane down and foiled his evil plan! Hallelujah!
John Ellis Bush is married to a Mexican woman,he went to college in Mexico,and typical for a member of the Bush dynasty,he speaks Spanish better than English! So,since 80% of the illegal aliens in America are latino and most of them are Mexican,of course he wants amnesty for them.He's on their side! He also had or still has a junkie daughter.Does any partiot know the latest on her situation?
John Ellis Bush should move to Mexico;it's that nation that obviously commands his love and affection.

The California Prison Riot was Sparked by Racial Tensions Between Latinos and Blacks

The political establishment and the major national media like to keep the racial violence between latinos and blacks in LA as quiet as possible.The Los Angeles Times has reported the truth on what sparked the riots at this prison,but the powers that be will probably start blaming other things like over-crowding and lack of educational opportunities or something else.And the national media normally doesn't cover this like they would if it were white-on-black or white-on-latino.When a crime is committed against a latino immigrant,the major media almost tries to stop the world to give that as much attention and publicity as they want.Let's see if there's any real follow-up on this situation and on the riot itself.

The Diversity Gang in New Mexico Fines Christian Photographers

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