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And Back Home in America, in the Capital City of Hartford, CT, 400 Students from Puerto Rico Inundate the Public Schools, Straining Resources

While the President of New York Federal Reserve Bank Sends a Jet Full of Cash Down to the US "Commonwealth " of Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico, the Governor of Puerto Rico Threatens America That " Millions " of His People Will Move to America If He Doesn't Get a Massive Aid Package from American Taxpayers

Because the US Government Has Never Solved Its Puerto Rico Problem, Puerto Rican Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost, as Hundreds of Thousands of Them Flee Their Hurricane-Ravaged Island-Nation and Head for Florida and New York City(May God Almighty Protect All American Patriots in This Incredibly Perilous Time)

Patriot Notice, 10/1/2017, 2331 Hours: Patriots, those of us living in the New York City-area and in south Florida are in imminent danger due to a predicted mass exodus of Puerto Ricans fleeing their hurricane-ravaged island rife with poverty, squalor, crime, drugs, welfarism, sloth, anti-Americanism and other social ills. Among this mass exodus will certainly be those who'll terrorize our communities and neighborhoods. I've warned numerous times on this patriot site and on the Patriots Unite Now! broadcast that this nightmare scenario will likely occur soon; for whatever reason(s), Puerto Ricans will flee their island and simply move to US because the US government has never solved our Puerto Rico problem: never giving it its long-overdue independence and continuing to grant it " commonwealth " status, which means they can come to our soil in unlimited numbers anytime they want, no questions asked. And many bring their Puerto Rican flags, their crude version of Spanish, their mixed-race background, their blasting and horrible music, inter alia. And they also vote overwhelmingly for Demonrats, which also make them a serious political threat. This is the price we're paying for never solving our Puerto Rico problem. I urge all you patriots to prepare yourselves for Puerto Rican invasion and conquest; it has already happened to the Bronx and will happen elsewhere when they arrive in large numbers. Certainly not all PRs will bring trouble to our shores, but many will. It's all part of La Conquista! Patriots, let's all pray for our country, that the Almighty will protect us all from this human tidal wave from an island that brings, for the most part, nothing but trouble to our shores. President Trump has been strong and truthful in telling it like it is, with all the ingratitude and slothfulness and anti-Americanism on the so-called  " Rich Port. " It was a backwater even before Hurricane Maria ripped into it, obviously judgment from the Most High God.

For the First Time Ever, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Issues a Travel Warning to an American City(But It's Miami! Which Is Really No Longer an American City, But a Caribbean-Latino Ghetto!)

Maria Elena Salinas-a US-Born Mexican News Announcer for Spanish-Language TV Network Univison-Is Invited to Give the Commencement Address at College of Communications at California State University at Fullerton, But Encounters Patriot Resistance When She Speaks in Mexican-Spanish, Speaks Only to Her Fellow Latinos in the Audience, and, Of Course, Attacks Donald Trump(Bravo to California Patriots at Cal State at Fullerton!)

Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput Addresses CALL(Catholic Association of Latino Leaders)in Houston, TX, and Tells Them "Demography Is Destiny"(Thanks to Immigration and Higher Birth Rates, Latinos Comprise About Half of People in America Aged 14-34-the So-Called Millennials)

Sell-Outs: the Current and Previous CEOs of US-Based, Spanish-Language TV Network Univision(One Vision)Are Italian-Americans Who Don't Speak Spanish, and the Previous Owner of Univision Is Italian-American and the Current Owner Is an Egyptian-Born Jew! What a Riot This Is as La Conquista Keeps Marching on American Soil!

President Destroyer's Liberal-Fascist "Equal Employment Opportunity Commission"(EEOC)Sues a Company for Simply Requiring English Be Spoken on the Job

Another Gift to USA from the "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico: a Cocaine-Smuggling Ring, Using "Day Care" Facilities as a Front

And Since We're on the Topic of Sleazy, Degenerate, Anti-American Pro-Baseball, Jewish-Owned Radio Station WFAN-an All-Sports Station in New York City-Signs a Contract to Broadcast New York Yankees' Games in Spanish with Spanish-Language Radio Station WADO, Which Is Owned By Univision-a Spanish-Language, Also Jewish-Owned Network- in Another Attempt to Empower America's Latino Population and Force an Official Spanish-Language Nation on US Soil

A Middle-School Principal Near Houston, TX Gets Fired for Instructing Her Students Not to Speak Spanish in School(Another Victory for La Conquista, Even in the State Where Texas Patriots Fought and Died at the Alamo)

In Anti-White, Liberal-Fascist Contemporary USA, White Cops Are Sentenced to Federal Prison for Several Years......for "Harassing" Latinos(in This Case, in Filthy Rich, Democratic-Dominated Connecticut-the NUTmeg State)

A Female "Reporter," Presumably Mexican, at The San Francisco Chronicle, Celebrates Latinos Surpassing Whites in California, Even Citing an Activist, Presumably Jewish, Who "Advocates for Communities of Color"

Stephen Legomsky-an Appointee of President Destroyer-Hires a Platoon of Anti-Patriot, Leftist Female Lawyers at US Dept. of Homeland Security to Aid and Abet La Conquista and Work for Amnesty for 12 Million Illegal Immigrants

About 200 Members of Amnesty Gang March to the House of Kris Kobach-the Anti-Illegal-Immigration,Crime-Fighting Secretary of State in Kansas-in an Act of Pure Intimidation and Menacing

Democratic US Senator Timothy Kaine from VA,to Drum Up Support for the Senate's Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Bill,Requests and Is Granted "Unanimous Consent" to Deliver a Speech on the Senate Spanish(He Was a Catholic Missionary to Honduras)

Anti-Patriots Prevail in Anti-Patriot Colorado:Pruneface Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper(Nice Name)Signs into Law,In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants(So Now,Students Who Aren't Supposed to Be Living or Going to School in America Will Pay College Tuition in CO at About 3 Times Less the Rate Than American Students from Other States! How's That for How Anti-American and Pro-Illegal-Immigrant the Centennial State Has Become?)

The Anti-Patriots in US Senate-After Many Tries in the 21st Century-Have Voted to Grant Amnesty to the Estimated 11 Million Illegal Immigrants in America(Here's the Roll Call of the 68 Anti-Patriots and/or Cowards Who Voted to Side with President Destroyer in Destroying America)

Patriots,I've been on the front lines in the patriot war against Amnesty Gang for about 15 years.We've held the fort all these years,but now the enemy has scaled the walls and may soon take the fort.Once again,so-called Grand Old Party has sold America out.And this may be the biggest sellout of all.Both GOP senators from patriot state Tennessee voted with the likes of Woodchuck Schumer and Dianne Frankenstein to pass an illegal-immigrant amnesty for President Destroyer.This is the kind of anti-patriot scum in Republican Party that takes patriot,conservative money with one hand and votes anti-patriot,anti-conservative with the other.The bill will soon go to US House of Representatives,and I believe it has a 50-50 chance of passing.But regardless of whether the fight is over or not,I urge all patriots and those considering joining our cause to get out of Republican Party! Not one penny more to Republican National Committee or any national GOP organization! Only give to patriot Republicans! If amnesty passes,America will officially become at least a bi-lingual nation and then will become majority latino.And all we have to do is look south of the border to see what a nightmare that would be for all of us.As far as US Senate goes,it has shown once again that it's an anti-American,anti-patriotic,anti-Christ corrupt bunch of bastards.I urge prayer for the Almighty's judgment on that house of ill-repute.And as for the equally evil Democratic Party,every single Democratic senator voted for amnesty.And that's probably because "their" president-President Destroyer-pushed this amnesty and not Republican Boy George.I urge prayer for the Almighty's judgment on first Democratic Party and then GOP.Patriots,it's now do or die.We need the heavy artillery.And there's no better heavy artillery than getting help from the Man Upstairs.

Moron Vice-President Joseph Biden Warns America That Latinos Are "...the Center of This Nation's Future" and They "Must Be Courted"(Patriots:Remember the Alamo!)

Julia Preston-a Reporter at Staunchly Pro-Illegal-Immigration/Pro-Latin Lobby/Pro-La Conquista Newspaper The New York Times-Gives an Ultimatum to Anti-Amnesty Congressmen:Pass Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants,"Or Else"

From Puerto Rico to Nueva York,with Love:Lawmen Bust 6 Puerto Ricans in New York City's Crowne Plaza Hotel for Possessing 100 Lbs.of Cocaine

The Ugly Face of Puerto Rican Political Extremism and Fanaticism-in Living Color:a Puerto Rican Delegate from Bronx,NY to Democratic National Convention Tells a Reporter She'd Like to Kill Mormon Mitt Romney,Waving Her Puerto Rican Flag Throughout the Interview and Wearing a Dumb Hat Promoting Statehood for Puerto Rico(God Forbid!)

And More Drugs Come to America from Her Puerto Rico "Commonwealth":a Puerto Rican Mailwoman in Secaucus,NJ and Her Boyfriend Are Arrested for Possessing Cocaine with Intent to Distribute,with the Coke Mailed to Her via US Postal Service from Dealers in Dorado,Puerto Rico

More Great News from America's "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico:13 Members of "The Butchers" Are Indicted on Various Charges,Including Shipping Pot to Texas to Buy Weapons and Ammo

La Conquista Uses Pizza as a War Strategy!: for 3 Hours on June 5th,Dallas,TX-Based Pizza Patron Will Give Free Pizza to Anyone Who Orders in Espanol

Univision and ABC News Will Provide in 2013 a TV Network...Just for "Hispanics"

Latino "Community Leaders" in New York City "Are Demanding" Another Congressional District Just to Serve Their Fellow Latinos-and Their Cause Is Supported By a White Politician with the Title of "Public Advocate"(An Advocate for Which Part of the Public?)

Yes,patriots,La Conquista is literally on the march.This is a march mainly of the Puerto Rican/Dominican wing of La Conquista,as they demand another position of power in the federal government for one of their own.We can only imagine how much Diversity Gang would foam at the mouth if a group of white activists made such a demand in this city I've lived in all my life.After all,whites are a minority just like every other race in the Big Apple.But even when whites are a minority like everyone else,the Diversity Gang polity,like this Lenin look-alike William De Blasio-the city's "Public Advocate"-still shows racial favoritism to latinos,blacks and lastly to asians.Patriots,let's prepare ourselves to oppose and fight back against these La Conquista fanatics;they are drunk with racial empowerment.

County Commissioners Fight the Patriot Cause in Frederick County,MD By Voting to Make English the County's Official Language

Well,patriots,this is a welcome relief from the previous story on latino activists demanding another congressional seat just for them.Bravo to these county commissioners in MD for taking a stand for our language against La Conquista's language or various dialects or versions of their language.Notice the only commissioner to vote no on this pro-English measure has the Spanish surname of Herrera.He called making English the county's official language,"nasty." If he dislikes English so much,he can return to where he or his relatives came from.

Hispandering from the Democratic Party Continues:They Pick Antonio Villaraigosa-La Conquista Mayor of Los Angeles-as Chairman of the 2012 Democratic National Convention(Perfecto!)

Patriots,don't be surprised if monkey-face Antonio gives a bi-lingual speech at the convention.And also don't be surprised if GOP hispanders at its convention.Hispandering continues its popularity among elites in politics,media and big business.

Ay Caramba! La Conquista Marches on!:of the 2.3 Million Jobs Created in 2011 in USA,60% Were Filled By Latinos,Even Though They're Only 15% of the Labor Force

Patriots,the original article on this story is on notoriously liberal was going to post the link to their article but I just couldn't,because HuffPo hispanders with a Latino department; and the webpage featuring the article is loaded with Diversity Gang ads and other drivel.This was good research at that brought this article to our attention,but I find the ad for the book White Identity a distraction,and a possible turn-off to new readers.Substituting the word "European" for "White" would've made for a better title.Anyway,what's really important here is most of the new jobs last year were filled by America's largest minority group who are only 15% of the labor force and about the same in the general population.This should make us all bellow out what Ralph Kramden bellowed out when he came home from work and saw Carlos Sanchez doing the mamba with about 8 women living in the apartment building:"What's goin' on here?!" But that was Brooklyn,NY 1955.Today is 2012,and what's happening here is obviously a great,radical transformation of American society, just what the Abomination and his comrades want.

Thanks Greatly to Uncontrolled Immigration from South of the Border and a Depressed Housing Market,Forbes Magazine Ranks Miami,FL as "The Most-Miserable City" in USA.Congratulations to Miami-America's Premiere Latin-American City!

Jackie Gleason used to say frequently from about 1955-1965 that "The Miami Beach audience is the greatest audience in the world." If "The Great One" were still alive today,I doubt he'd say that about Miami today.And while Miami is still technically in USA,it's actually a Caribbean-Latin city,with all its drugs,underwater homes,high crime,poverty,fatherless homes,government corruption.And if the US government doesn't soon start implementing immigration policies like those proposed in UK,Miami may well be a microcosm of what'll happen to a great deal of the rest of America,thanks to out-of-control immigration,legal and illegal.Patriots,time is running out.Just ask a patriot who grew up in Miami and had to flee if time is running out or not on America.

On the Issue of the "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico Possibly Becoming America's 51st State(God Forbid!),Catcher's Mitt Romney Promises That Island's Governor:Whatever Puerto Rico Wants,Puerto Rico Gets-And Who Cares What Americans Want?

Patriots,Catcher's Mitt Romney has been very good during the primaries so far on the illegal-immigration issue.But that's about the only issue that Mormon Mitt has been consistently good on.So here he panders to his amigo Luis Fortuno-governor of the Spanish-speaking island of Puerto Rico-by promising him that if he becomes president,he'll gladly acquiesce to whatever a majority or plurality of Puerto Rican voters decide on whether to become a state(what Mormon Mitt wants),remain a "commonwealth" or become independent.But the Catcher's Mitt won't consult with the American people who'll have to live with the dire consequences of Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state! How nice of Mormon Mitt! So here's just another presidential candidate selling out America to foreign interests or foreign powers.And he's also hard to trust on the illegal-immigration issue;he may just be playing politics for the GOP conservative vote in the primaries and caucuses.This site has a ton of articles on what a mess Puerto Rico is.Can we imagine how much worse it'll be for America if it becomes a state?! The patriot cause is to simply declare that island independent! The federal government can do that tomorrow if they wanted to! So,patriots,we can scratch off Romney from the list of who we can vote for to go to the White House,although there are many other issues that disqualify Mormon Mitt. 

President Abomination and His FBI Swoop Down on East Haven,CT and Arrest 4 Cops for Allegedly Harassing Illegal-Immigrant Latinos

Patriots,it's obvious that Abomination is using the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in America as a fifth column.This obviously has political overtones,as he's pandering for the latino vote by marching into East Haven to lock up 4 cops on what looks like so far,circumstantial evidence.Abomination and his Diversity Gang goons Eric Holder and  Thomas Perez have even gone after AZ sheriff Joe Arpaio because he's tough on illegal immigrants.And they've sued AZ,AL and UT because those states enacted laws and policies to crack down on illegal immigration.So here we have another stark example,my fellow Americans,that Abomination and his gang at Department of Injustice are a bunch of ideological goons who not only support latino illegal immigrants,but actively support them and seek to empower them.Once again,the Abomination makes war against the American people,especially against patriots who fight back against him and his gang.But fight back we must! And get a load of the lawyer-Catholic nun,working for the "non-profit" that helped file the charges against the cops.This screwball probably has more sympathy for the illegal-immigrant drunk driver who killed a nun in Virginia about 2 years ago than for the nun!

Prepping for Re-Election,President Abomination Appoints Latino Activist Cecilia Munoz-Formerly of National Council of La Raza(The Race)-to Replace Melony Barnes as Head of Domestic Policy Council

Cain Velasquez-a Mexican-American with "Brown Pride" Tattooed on His Body-Loses His UFC Championship Title

Cain Velasquez is a California-born Mexican-American who graduated from an Arizona college.But his pride is obviously with his "brown" race.Even though Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC)isn't a mainstream sport(not yet,thank the Lord),the liberal sports media would throw a fit if a UFC fighter had "White Pride" tattooed on his chest.But this is the typical anti-white Diversity Gang double-standard that only whites who take pride in their race are guilty of "Racism!" while a latino who not only takes pride in his race but brags about it is just peachy keen.So a white Brazilian brings down brown-pride Cain in less than 2 minutes.La Conquista and La Raza took a heavy blow! I love it! The patriot cause has won a battle! But it took a Brazilian to fight and win a patriot battle on US soil! That's good and bad news.And as far as UFC goes,I think it's pretty barbaric.Like the Romans throwing Christians to the lions.

The Anti-Patriot/Anti-American Federal Government in Washington,DC-Via "Voting Rights Act"-Wants to Destroy America's Identity as an English-speaking Nation

NY1-a Staunchly Pro-La Conquista Television Station in New York City-Celebrates an "Hispanic Pride" Parade Up 5th Ave..They Sure as Hell Wouldn't Celebrate a European Pride Parade!

More California Dreamin' from the Anti-Patriots Who Rule the Once-Golden State:Illegal Immigrants Are Now Eligible for In-State College Tuition

Calling All American Patriots:Boycott Proctor & Gamble! In Their Anti-Patriot Greed,They're Aiding and Abetting La Conquista!

A Latino AP Reporter,Along with Some "Religious" Groups,Comes to the Aid of Illegal Immigrants in New Mexico

Hi,patriots.Get a load of this AP pro-illegal-immigrant propaganda piece masquerading as a news story.This presumably Mexican-American reporter has come to the aid of his fellow Mexicanos who are in New Mexico illegally,out of pure ethnic solidarity.And he enlists the support of all these ultra-liberal pseudo-church groups who also are pro-illegal-immigrant,ripping Bible verses and teachings out of context to justify illegal entry into our country,not just New Mexico.It's also an egotistical and a misplaced craving for compassion,a lusting after good works,like Christ condemning the Pharisees for blowing trumpets in the synagogue to draw praise from men.I urge patriots to go to Senor Russell Contreras's Twitter page that's written on the bottom page of this article and tweet him with patriot fire.Or do what I did by getting his e-mail address on his Twitter page and give him patriot fire that way.He answered my e-mail by asking me to inform him of any anti-illegal-immigration protests in NM and that he'll cover them.That was nice of the guy who's AP's "minority affairs" writer.I doubt he can be trusted to write a balanced account of any anti-illegal protest,but you never know.Bravo to the female Mexican-American governor in NM for cracking down on driver licenses being granted to illegal immigrants.

A 57-Years-Old Radio Station in Tampa,FL with a Largely Black-American Audience,Falls to La Conquista

President Abomination's Immigration Authorities Release 2 Illegal Immigrants from Detention in Georgia as Part of Their New Policy to Allow Illegal Immigrants to Stay in America Unless They've Committed Other Serious Crimes

Anti-amnesty patriots,I'm sure the Abomination picked Georgia to release these invaders because the Peach State enacted a strong anti-illegal-immigration law just a few months ago.This executive act directly or indirectly tells Georgia:make all the laws you want,but I'm not deporting these people unless they've committed other felony crimes while in America.In other words,patriots,Abomination is allowing anyone to enter our country without any permission to stay here.And he'll even give them work permits! This is another way the Abomination wages war against the American people and the patriot cause! Here's another ground for patriots in Congress to impeach him! He has also thrown a bone dripping with bloody red meat to La Conquista,Amnesty Gang and Latin Lobby to try and get most of the latino vote if he runs for re-election in 2012. The Abomination rises! Here's one big reason why this site is called Patriots Unite Now!.

The 2012 Elections Are 15 Months Away,Yet Democratic National Committee(DNC)and Republican National Committee(RNC)Are Already Hispandering

It's bad enough that the corrupt establishment Republicrats are already campaigning for elections that are over a year away;but that they're hispandering too is just another anti-patriot attack on America.And get a load of this:the ugly,the odious Karl Rove-the Rasputin of the Boy George administration,who probably should've went to jail over the Valerie Pflame case-beat the Democrats to the hispandering table by first airing an hispandering ad.But that's Rasputin Rove for us:do anything for political power,no matter how anti-patriot or anti-American it is.Patriots,please,don't give money to RNC or any national GOP organization! They'll just use us! And be very careful about any GOP or conservative group that solicits to fight "Obama and the Democrats." Research them all before you give any support,because there are a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing out there,waiting to pounce on patriots and take their money and,more importantly,their minds.

12 Are Shot at a Car Show in Kent,WA That's Brazen Enough to Call Itself "La Raza"

Patriots,isn't this a riot! The latinos who brazenly call their car show La Raza(The Race)can't even have a show without a shootout! What a race! More importantly,are the reporters on this story ignorant of the meaning of the term La Raza? Or do they think it's no big deal for latino car-show sponsors to call their show The Race but if whites called it that,they'd be "racists"?

Corruption and Bribery Is Rampant Along the US Southern Border,and It's One Big Reason Why We Have a Big Problem with Illegal Drugs and Illegal Immigration

51 Members of a Latino Street Gang Are Indicted in a Federal Court in CA for Allegedly Terrorizing Blacks in the City of Azuza

Patriot Lawmen Bust Up Yet Another Drug Operation Out of the US "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico

Good job from the patriot lawmen who have broken up yet another drug ring out of the US "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico.What an albatross around the neck of America,this continual granting of commonwealth status to this Spanish-speaking island-nation.On this ground alone should PR be given their independence and the albatross be loosed from the necks of American patriots.Because PR is very similar to a state,they have no customs stations to inspect cargo or shipments from that island that are coming into America.That's one big reason why many drug cartels move their drug shipments into PR and thence to America to help ruin as many lives as possible through drug use and drug addiction.Independence for Puerto Rico-the so-called "island of enchantment"!

Amnesty Gang in US Senate Returns with Their Wet DREAM

In Maryland,Anti-Patriot/Pro-La Conquista Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley Signs a Bill Rewarding Illegal-Immigrant Students with In- State Tuition Rates-But Patriot Resistance Is Building to Overturn the Law

Officials at US Dept.of Education,US Dept.of Justice,an AP Reporter and the Odious Southern Poverty Law Center Run to the Aid of Illegal- Immigrant Children

Patriots,this is the first commentary on this page in about a week.A lot has been going on.Like Spring cleaning! Especially after the worst Winter I've ever experienced in southeast Bronx! Anyway,here we have Amnesty Gang at the James Carter-created US Dept.of Education and President Abomination's Justice Dept.,along with their anti-patriot/pro-illegal-immigrant allies at SPLC and AP,basically warning patriots in school districts throughout the land that if they try to keep illegal-immigrant kids out of schools,Amnesty Gang goons will come after them.Notice the name of the SPLC lawyer suing a district in NC:Gerri Katzerman.She's probably no North Carolinian,but a Jewish New Yorker trying to empower Latino invaders in a state that Diversity Gang/Amnesty Gang hasn't totally conquered yet.And the AP reporter with what reads like a Spanish surname is part of this gang trying to attack school districts who are fed up with tax money educating kids..........who aren't supposed to be in our country! That's what this is all about! They're not supposed to be here! It doesn't matter if they're kids or old farts! And they're not violating any law if they simply request proof of citizenship or legal residency to enroll kids in US schools.They can admit them if they're here illegally,and then notify federal immigration authorities(ICE)of their illegal presence in the country.That's not discriminating against people on a "national origin" basis,but simply making sure that only students legally in the country are supported by our tax dollars and taught by our teachers! But,Amnesty Gang and Diversity Gang and La Conquista are sworn enemies of America,they hate patriotism,and they support illegal immigration because it's promoting La Conquista and more crime and destabilization in our nation.Patriots,let's hope these school districts hold their ground,keep doing what they're doing,and fight these bastards at Dept.of Education,Justice Dept.,SPLC and AP who are waging war against the American people with their constant threats of lawsuits,fines,criminal penalties and other forms of persecution! Patriots,this is war! Right here on our soil,in our schools,towns,cities and counties and states! Hold your ground and fight back! Time is running out to fight the patriot cause and prevail against America's enemies!

Another US Record Is Broken,This One Thanks to La Conquista:for the First Time,Latinos Outnumber Blacks in Most US Metropolitan Areas

A Latino Activist-Minister Claims Latinos Will Be the "Lifeguards of Christianity in America in the 21st Century," as America's White Population Drops from 69% to 64% Since 2000 and the Latino Population Skyrockets 43% Since 2000

Five Goats Are Apprehended Wandering the Streets in Paterson,NJ

An "Hispanic" "Contributor" to Makes a Bold Threat to American Patriots:"United States Is Becoming an Hispanic Country." Calling All American Patriots:Remember the Alamo!

Another Horror Story from America's "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico

La Conquista Marches on:There Are 800 Radio Stations in America Broadcasting in Spanish.Ay Caramba!

March 6th,2011 Is the 175th Anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo-the Battle Which Led to Texas Independence in 1836-While the Lone Star State Today Is Once Again Facing Conquest from Mexico

Patriots in Texas,and in the rest of America:Remember the Alamo! Never forget the 179 who gave their lives for Texas freedom and keeping the tyranny of Mexican dictatorship out of the US Southwest! Get a load of this reporter with the Anglo surname of Forsyth,taking the side of Mexican brutal dictator Santa Ana and demonizing the Texas heroes! And,La Reconquista foot soldiers are going to use events like this to delegitimize Texas and try to bring it back under Mexican rule! This is what happens when a sell-out government in Washington and even in Texas's capital of Austin allows and encourages millions of legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico to enter Texas over the past 25 years or so! And the Boy George presidency was the biggest offender! And it's important to note,patriots,that Thompson Reuters news service-which employs Mr.Forsyth to write a propaganda article like this-is,according to a recent article in The New American magazine(,a CFR(Council on Foreign Relations)corporate sponsor.CFR and its globalist allies can't wait for the day when the US southern border disappears and Texas and the rest of the Southwest and eventually all of America is absorbed by Latin America.Again,patriots in Texas,never forget Travis and Bowie and Crockett and the sacrifice that they and their fellow defenders made! They fought and died so Texas would be free! Don't let their sacrifice be in vain! We may have to fight another Alamo in our times! Load and lock!

Associated Press "Hispanic Affairs" Writer Laura Wides Munoz Reports That JEB(John Ellis Bush)Is Leading the Republican Hispandering Charge at "Hispanic Action Network"

To you patriots who are regular readers of this site,Laura Wides Munoz is no stranger.Officially she's "Hispanic Affairs Writer" for liberal news service Associated Press.Actually,she's nothing but a propagandist for the anti-American/anti-patriot La Conquista movement.In this piece of agitprop,she cites all these La Conquista attack groups and activist groups who are trying to plant a Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on our soil.And how interesting that she cited this liberal Jew Simon Rosenberg and his obscure organization to warn us that America is becoming a mostly-non-white country,as if this is a fait accompli and not because of anti-patriot immigration policies out of Washington that aid and abet La Conquista.Patriots should ask Simon:How would you like it if your fellow Jews in Israel were in danger of becoming a minority due to Arab immigration into Israel? And,Senora Munoz lies about Republicans having no choice but to hispander if they want to win the presidency in 2012,as if the only votes that'll matter in 2012 and after that are latino votes.Latinos account for only about 8% of the national vote! GOP trounced the Dems last November without any blatant hispandering and still got about 40% of the latino vote! Patriots,beware Senora Laura Wides Munoz and the La Conquista Republicans! They'll try to take over GOP and expel patriots and conservatives who oppose them and expose them!

In Redlands,CA,2 Black Teenagers Are Slain and 2 Are Wounded in What Appears to Be Another Incident of Racially Motivated Violence Committed By Latino Gang Members Against Blacks.Where's NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus?

I'll answer my question,patriots:because the black power-establishment in this country wants a racial alliance with their "brown brothers and sisters" against the dreaded white man.Even when their own people are murdered in cold blood by latino hit men! That's how demented they are! American blacks,especially in southern California,are being sold out by those blacks who rule them in a somewhat similar fashion to the African blacks whose tribal chiefs sold them into slavery.Jesse Lee Petersen is a black minister in the Los Angeles-area who said pretty much the same thing in an interview with The New American magazine a few years ago.If the alleged killers in this case were white,the feds would be there in a flash.But since the suspects are latinos,the "hate crimes" gang in Washington will gladly let the local police handle this,which they should anyway.Race-based murders of blacks by latino gang members has been occurring in Los Angeles and its environs for many years now,I'll say about 10-15 years.And it's one of the dirty little secrets that the national political/news-media establishment wants to keep as under the table as possible.

GOP Congressman Lamar Smith-Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee-Chickens Out By Passing Over Anti-Illegal-Immigration Hawk Steve King to Chair the Immigration Subcommittee

Well,patriots,here we have it:the first real surrender to Amnesty Gang and La Conquista.I won't call this a betrayal,but a surrender is I think accurate.Mr.Smith ostensibly didn't want to endure the wrath of the aforementioned anti-patriot movements and appointed Mr.Gallegly over Mr.King.It's SOP in Congress for the ranking minority member on a congressional committee to become chairman if that party becomes the majority in a future Congress;so Mr.Smith bypassed King to appoint Gallegly.And the kicker to this is that Smith is from Texas-the state on the front lines of La Reconquista-while Mr.King is way up in Iowa,far from La Reconquista! One would think that Smith would love to have an anti-ilegal-immigration champion like Steve King as subcommittee chairman.Maybe with the Lone Star State so huge,Lamar thinks he can hide somewhere if Mexico does indeed reconquer Texas.This may have been a purely political move to throw La Raza,Amnesty Gang and La Conquista off his back,but it's still a surrender,nonetheless.

Former Republican House Speaker Newty Gingrich- CFR Member,Globalist,RINO,Fake Conservative,Thrice Married-Addresses a Latino Advocacy Group and Recommends Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

And Yet More Hispandering From Newty Gingrich,and Also From Fox News Latino and Fake-Conservative Heritage Foundation

Patriots,I hope this convinces every conservative out there that tutti-frutti Newty Gingrich is an anti-patriot.He has never been a conservative;so now he's an official GOP hispanderer.And now Rupert Murdoch's Fox News has gone Latino,along with pseudo-conservative Heritage Foundation.Patriots,this is one reason I fired this site up on Memorial Day weekend about 3 years ago:to expose the wolves in sheep's clothing who pretend to be patriots but are anti-patriots.Newty cares more about changing the world to his liking than protecting and improving America.

Is a "Tequila Party"-a Latino Version of the Tea Party-Arising in America?

A Tequila Party? I love it! But they should have their tequila party south of the border and not here in our country! So let the invaders and conquistadors have their party and get drunk on tequila.And then,while the illegal immigrants from south of the border are taking their siestas,we can put them on trains or planes back to whence they came.So let's hope that they leave the anti-patriot Democrat Party and form the anti-American Tequila Party,split their vote,and more anti-patriots can be removed from elected government.

Immigration Turncoat Lou Dobbs Joins Rupert Murdoch's Fox Business Network

How inviting of Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox Business Channel to hire amnesty turncoat Lou Dobbs.Murdoch "testified" before Congress about 2 months ago with fellow liberal-globalist tycoon Mayor Michael Bloomberg to urge an amnesty for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in our nation.And now Fox(as in "sly as a fox")has Fox Latino.Dobbs still hasn't come clean on why he folded,and maybe we'll never know.But it looks obvious to me that he made some deal under the table.Anyway,patriots,let's boycott Fox Business Channel.

In Denair,California,Officials at a Middle School Force a Student to Remove an American Flag From the Bicycle He Rides to School

Patriots,this shows us what we're up against,when a student is ordered to not fly Old Glory when going to school.How many more students are going to be ordered to not display our flag because some latinos may get offended or angry? Or it may cause race riots? Thanks to this SNAFU go to the federal government for allowing and encouraging a tidal wave of immigration from south of the border over about the past 30 years.

Jamie Vargas-a New York City-born Dominican Singer Traveling From Dominican Republic to America-Is Hospitalized Due to Heroin Pellets Exploding in His Stomach

A 101-Years-Old Woman in Texas-an Infant When She Was Brought to America From Mexico-Finally Becomes a US Citizen...and Doesn't Speak English

The Latest Executive Order From President Abomination:White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics

More Trouble for America From the "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico

Times Are Tough in Castro's "Worker's Paradise"

Fidel and his gang of thugs who took over Cuba from thug Batista called it "worker's paradise." Their experiment in typical Marxist control of a nation's economy and society may finally be crumbling after 50 long years.But these huge job cuts probably happened only because Fidel was near death and doesn't have the mental faculties he once had.His brother Raul has faced the reality that Cuba's government simply doesn't have the money to pay all these state workers;the illusion of a worker's paradise in Cuba is finally disintegrating.Hallelujah! However,patriots,if these thousands of unemployed Cubans can't get jobs,Florida is only 90 miles away.And that's a big concern for us,not just in the Sunshine State but anywhere else in our land.Florida or the US "commonwealth" of Puerto Rico will probably be the places they try to enter first,many probably illegally.So while this economic realism is eventually beneficial to Cuba,it could pose a major problem for America,especially Florida.Let's keep our eyes and ears peeled on this situation.

The Latest Film From Anti-American/Anti-White/Anti- Christ Hollywood Incites Mexicans to Kill Whites and Retake the American Southwest

This "film" has even opened up in the US "commonwealth" of Puerto Rico.So it appears that the writer/producer/director of Machete wants Puerto Ricans to unite with their blood brothers the Mexicans and put the gringo to the machete.It's part of the united front that La Raza(The Race)movement is trying to forge in America.And how interesting that Troublesome Studios produced this film and it's being distributed by Rupert Murdoch-owned Twentieth Century Fox.Get a load of the cute reviews given this inciteful war-propaganda film.It proves the anti-white racism of Diversity Gang:If this film urged whites to attack latinos or blacks,or Jews,they would be screaming their ugly heads off! And get a load of the warning from this patriot reviewer about seeing this film in a safe neighborhood and not around a group of latinos.And is it a co-incidence that LAPD had to quell riots by latinos for 3 days right around the time this Marxist-uprising film premiered? Patriots,please prepare for domestic strife in the land;the police can't be everywhere.This is what the sell-outs in Washington have not only allowed,but encouraged,to enter and take root in our country.I'll blog more on this sometime this week.

More Headaches for America From the "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico

Patriots,isn't this a riot.A job in Ohio is taken by a woman from the "commonwealth" of Puerto Rico,moving from there to Ohio like a New Yorker moving to New Jersey.If there's one shining example of how the US government betrays us,it's continuing to grant this Spanish-speaking island far away in the Caribbean commonwealth status,which gives all its nearly 4 million people the legal right to move anywhere in America and apply for jobs and services with virtually no restrictions or limitations.Being a life-long Bronx,NY resident,I know first-hand how dangerous and harmful this ridiculous policy is.But once again,that's Washington for us:they put the interests of Puerto Ricans living in Puerto Rico ahead of our interests.We get no major benefits from this harmful relationship,as PR has one major headache after another that shouldn't be the headaches of the American people.And now we have this new headache of a crime ring forging birth certificates and passports,as people from other nations in the area try to claim US citizenship(Puerto Ricans on the island are granted US citizenship)and sneak into our country via PR.This is bloody nuts! As I've written before,the patriot rally cry on this issue is crystal-clear:US out of Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico out of US!

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Intends to Add a DREAM Amnesty to a Defense Bill Next Week

Harry Reid was described by his Tea Party opponent in November as the illegal immigrant's best friend.Amnesty gangster Reid has supported virtually every amnesty bill proposed in Congress.I think he's trying to sneak DREAM through because the votes aren't there to pass a comprehensive amnesty,so he's trying a sneaky piecemeal approach.And the smug sap realizes his party may lose congressional control next year,so while they have the numbers,he may try to stab America in the back with his DREAM.Patriots,please contact your 2 US senators and urge them to vote No! on Harry's DREAM! And contact Harry too and let him know that we know what he and his Amnesty gang are up to.

One-Way Harry's DREAM Dies in the Senate,for Now,Along With Allowing Homos in the Military

Good News for Patriots:Militant Latino Activist Mario Obledo-Who Once Predicted That California Will Become an "Hispanic" State and Those Who Don't Like That Should Leave-Dies of a Heart Attack

Billy Clinton sure knew what he was doing when he give this militant conquistador the nation's highest civilian honor.And when Jerry Moonbeam Brown appointed him to his gubernatorial cabinet,he sure knew what he was doing.Too bad for a conquistador like Obledo that he didn't live to see the day when the Mexican flag flies over California's capitol in Sacramento and our flag comes down.And that day may soon come to the Golden State and other states in the land because we have sellouts and virtual traitors like Billy and Hillary Clinton in power over us.And time is running out for patriots to remove these anti-patriots from power and replace them with patriots and real statesmen.

A Scandal-Scarred Puerto Rican State Senator in Bronx,NY Claims La Raza Will Unite to Fight for Him and "God Is in Me"

Hey,patriots,doesn't this ugly creep Espada look like Chavez down in Venezuela? I posted this link because of the article's closing paragraph,where Senor Espada claims he's going to unite with Mexicanos,Puertoriquenos and Dominicanos(in English,that's Mexicans,Puerto Ricans and Dominicans)to keep Italian-American Andrew Cuomo-the New York State attorney general who's a Democrat like Pedro-from prosecuting him over corruption charges.This is the essence of La Conquista and La Raza political movement:try to unite all latino groups living in America under one umbrella to oppose mainly the white-majority population in America,but everyone else too.Since Latin America is very diverse,with many different ethnicities,societies,cultures and Spanish dialects,this racial unity if achieved is almost certainly to be ephemeral.But the biggest laugh from this slob Pedro Espada is while he is enamored with La Raza(Spanish for "The Race"),he lives outside his Bronx district in the lily-white suburb of Mamaroneck! Ha,ha,ha!

President Abomination Gets Right Back to Work After the July 4th Weekend:His Justice Dept.Sues Arizona Over Its Anti-Illegal-Immigration Law

What perfect timing President Abomination picked for his Dept.of Justice to sue Arizona over its anti-illegal-immigration law:The very day after the official July 4th holiday! A master stroke of symbolism and head gaming from the Abomination! As if this lawsuit against the sovereign state of Arizona is related to US Independence Day! Yes,patriots,it's obvious it was planned this way.The Abomination and his gang are big on subliminal symbolism and persuasion,as have been the minds of tyrants and would-be tyrants throughout history.Hear ye,hear ye! Patriots throughout this land:We must come to the aid of Arizona! Their legislators have performed patriotic feats by passing SB 1070 and other laws trying to stop Amnesty Gang and Diversity Gang in their tracks.A legal-defense fund has been set up by Gov.Brewer to defend the bill in federal court.It has so far received about half a million dollars in contributions from about 9,000 patriots throughout the land.This is the essence of patriot activism! Defending the patriot cause against anti-patriot,criminal government! Let's give the Abomination and his band of anti-patriot revolutionaries the fight they may very well want!

President Abomination Calls for an Illegal- Immigrant Amnesty in a Speech at an Interesting Location:School of International Service at American University

Like real-estate agents frequently stress the importance of "location,location,location" when it comes to selling houses or commercial properties,location is very important to high and mighty politicians in deciding where to make a public speech or appearance,especially when they have an agenda that they're determined to empower.So,President Abomination and his handlers and operators chose American University(sounds nice,but it's a typical Diversity Gang "university",to my knowledge)for his latest pro-illegal-immigrant amnesty speech.But more importantly than this universal "school of higher education" is the school within the school that was specifically chosen by Abomination and his jackals:School of International Service.What a perfect venue for an internationalist to give a pro-illegal-immigrant amnesty speech! What genius! There's the subliminal symbolism and persuasion,patriots! A pro-lawbreaker speech from an internationalist-globalist president at a university(as in "universal")and at an international school all at the same time! Just beautiful! Let's give Abomination and his team some credit here! But what's really important to recognize,patriots,is that these globalists are running both the Democrat and Republican parties.We need to doff them and replace them with patriots or we are left with no choice but to start up a patriot party or two.As for an Amnesty Gang update,there's the possibility of Abomination trying to bypass Congress and grant an amnesty via executive order,or trying to pass smaller amnesties like the so-called DREAM act(they love their acronyms)and a farm-worker amnesty(an AgJobs bill).Patriots,let's be ready for their illegal-immigrant amnesties wherever and whenever Amnesty Gang attempts them.

New York City Money Bags Mayor Michael Bloomberg Joins Forces With Other Fat Cat Tycoons Like Rupert Murdoch as They Plan to Get Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

The Amnesty Gang is not just in Washington,District of Criminals; they're in big-business board rooms.And that Aussie Rupert Murdoch-owner of Fox News and many other media enterprises-has joined hands with billionaire Bloomberg and other filthy rich tycoons at Disney and Hewlett Packard is no surprise,although a lot of conservatives unaware of Murdoch's background and motivations will be surprised.Murdoch is a globalist,like Bloomberg.This reminds me of Thomas Jefferson saying long ago that the merchant has no country; in other words,generally speaking,his only love and affection is for his wealth and his power and for the wealth and power of his associates.America needs an amnesty for the land's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants like we need another trillion dollars added to our national debt or another immoral war in southwest Asia.But if one is concerned almost totally with economics, profit margins,cheap labor,the worship of money and wealth,then by ducky adding millions of people to our employment rolls,even with near-double-digit unemployment and 20%under-employment,it makes all the sense in the world.And since these tycoons are globalists,they have no allegiance to America and see no difference between an American and an Ethiopian.To them,our country is just a big playground for their games.Illegal-immigrant amnesty is the latest game they and their allies in politics and the anti-Christ Christian establishment are playing on we the people.Patriots need to not only not play their game,but break it up like coppers breaking up a crap game.And for you patriots who still think that Fox News is serving the patriot cause,I hope you now reconsider,now that Uncle Rupert has officially joined Amnesty Gang.

Another Problem Brought to America Due to Out-of- Control Immigration and Migration From Latin America:the Hybrid Language of Spanglish

The threats and attacks from La Conquista sure keep this patriot busy on this site."Spanglish" is another symptom of a nation bifurcating linguistically and culturally,in that a large percentage of the latino population just can't let go of the Spanish dialects they've left behind in their origin lands,even in many cases into the second and third generations.This is one major reason why immigration from Latin America is totally different than immigration from Europe and from other parts of the world as well.All the European non-English-speaking immigrants to America learned English,gladly.And the next generation was speaking English in the home and not a hybrid like Spanglish.Again,patriots,we need to recognize that a Spanglish-speaking nation is already extant on our soil and it awaits formal recognition from the sell-out,pro-La Conquista government in Washington,DC.We only need to look to California to see our not-far-away future and decide whether we want this to befall other states and entire areas of our country or fight to prevent it.

President Abomination's Justice Department Monitors Election Sites in Middlesex County,NJ to Ensure Spanish-speaking Voters Are Assisted in Their Language

Here's another weapon used by the forces of La Conquista:force voting districts with at least 5% of voters speaking Spanish to provide Spanish-language services and literature.This is mandated by the so-called "Voting Rights Act," which mandates non-English voter services and materials in any voting district if at least 5% of voters speak a non-English language.There's one big problem with this sell-out,anti-American law.Only American citizens are allowed to vote in US elections.And when an immigrant tries to become an American citizen,he or she must pass an English-proficiency test to prove he or she can read,write and speak English.So what's going on here?! What's going on is Diversity Gang,Amnesty Gang,La Conquista are trying to empower primarily Spanish-speaking latinos but other groups too so they don't have to learn our language to vote or even work or live in America.They're trying to create a tower of babel and destroy the common language that has unified Americans throughout her history.President Teddy Roosevelt said America has room for only one language,and that language is English.So President Abomination's "civil rights" enforcers are acting like the commissars they are in Middlesex County,NJ to make sure Espanol is readily available.My ultra-liberal congressman Joseph Crowley recently mailed out a "constituent guide" in English and Spanish here in Bronx,NY.Ay caramba! Here's another war patriots are fighting in America on our soil:protecting and preserving our language from Diversity Gang,Amnesty Gang and La Conquista.

Thanks to Out-of-Control Immigration and Unequal Birth Rates,Latinos Will Be the Largest Racial Group in California in About 5 Years

This data remind me of latino activist Mario Obledo warning California and the rest of America that in the near-future,the Golden State will become an "Hispanic" state,and anyone who doesn't like that should leave;"Go back to Europe," I heard him say on a radio broadcast.And then-president Billy Clinton awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom! That's the highest civilian award a president can bestow on someone! And Billy's and Hillary's news-media friends kept this as quiet as they could.So here we have it,patriots:thanks to a bunch of sell-outs in Congress and the Oval Office,America's most-populous state and the world's eighth-largest economy is getting closer and closer to the day when the Mexican empire re-conquers it via huge waves of immigration and high birth rates.Indeed,a Californian wrote an article just a few days ago on patriot website declaring that he has virtually given up and is preparing himself for rule from Mexico City.This may very well happen,and I'm sure Billy Clinton and Boy George Bush and Barack Abomination will salute the Mexican flag if it does indeed soon fly over California's capitol in Sacramento.The big question for patriots is:Do we fight to keep California in America or do we raise the white flag and retreat to nearby states and continue the battle from there while defending those states from la reconquista?

A Latino Ad Agency in Miami,Florida Wants to Help Protect Illegal Immigrants in Arizona By Selling Them "Gringo Masks"

"Gringo Masks"? Patriots,can we imagine the "outrage" if a white ad agency made "Bean People" masks? The origin of the word "gringo" is debatable,but it's epithetical,just like spic,nigger or gook.But there's little "outrage" from MSM because they probably believe that latinos should have racial solidarity with fellow latinos whether they're illegal immigrants or not."Viva la Raza!" That's their rallying cry.I remember the Diversity Gang "outrage" when the illegal-alien Halloween costume came out last year  along with the song Illegals in My Yard-a satire on Jose Feliciano's song Feliz Navidad.Yes,Diversity Gang is very selective when it comes to "outrage" and their opposition to "intolerance." The Gringo Masks are more proof of that.

Another Present to America From Mexico:Ultra-Pure Heroin

Here's another way to invade,destroy and conquer a nation:selling raw heroin to people,especially young people,which eventually leads in many cases to the destruction of minds, families and communities.So in addition to millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico into America,now we're getting "ultra-pure"(raw)heroin being pushed in our schools and on our streets from Mexican crime gangs.More merry things for America from south of the border,down Mexico way.And this is more justification for a serious reduction of immigration into US from Mexico.

Phyllis Schlafly Exposes More Treachery From Washington,DC:Greasing the Skids for Puerto Rican Statehood,With 39 Republicans Voting For It

First we get President Abomination and his neo-bolshevik congressional allies trying to resurrect an amnesty for America's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants-80% of them latino-and now another scheme to try to make the Latin American Spanish-speaking island of Puerto Rico our 51st state.La Conquista marches on! Those in power aiding and abetting la conquista want to add millions of latinos to the US population,thus increasing their voting power to benefit the Democratic Party and spreading latino culture throughout our land.So why would 39 Republicans,including its minority whip Eric Cantor,vote for this bill which,if,God forbid,it leads to Puerto Rico statehood,vote "aye" when it'll almost certainly bring 6 more ultra-liberal Democrats to the US Congress? They're either dumb(a very good possibility)or they want this latinization of America to march on.Either way,patriots,I recommend we get ready for the new America that President Abomination and his neo-bolsheviks in Congress are preparing for us.

More Threats From La Conquista Front:the Sell-out US Government Is Trying to Make Puerto Rico the 51st State

More Threats From La Conquista Front,From Radical Union SEIU to the "Progressive" America's Future Now! Conference

Patriots,it behooves us to remember that "progressive" forces always work hard for acquiring power and/or expanding power by force of numbers-i.e.,affecting great change and upheaval in a society by enabling millions of people from very different cultures and backgrounds to enter our country and then getting the vast majority of them to vote for neo-bolshevik Democratic politicians.That's what Elisio(nice name)Medina means by implementing "immigration reform." Again,80% of the illegals are latinos,so an amnesty will add about 10 million more latinos to our population.And the current amnesty bills circulating in Congress will allow them to bring in their spouses and children-so-called "family re-unification." The "progressives" love power through numbers.Big numbers.And this is one big reason why patriots must keep exclaiming:NO AMNESTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Amnesty Gang Is Playing Hardball

Patriots,anti-amnesty activists,I think we'll need to prepare ourselves for the possibility of major civil disturbances and unrest from the Amnesty Gang and their aiders and abettors.They are protesting and threatening and harassing federal agents because they're just doing their jobs by arresting people illegally in our country! Amnesty Gang is a virtual fifth column in the land,and radical anti-American power brokers are using them to stir the pot of domestic strife and possibly even racial conflict.This is what the executive branch of the US government has allowed to develop in our land on our soil;and Congress hasn't held them accountable for this failure to protect us from invasion and the unlawful entry of millions of people into our country.Patriots,we need to fumigate Washington,DC!

Mexican-born Jose Gomez Is Chosen as the New Archbishop for Los Angeles

Patriots need to ask themselves:With the appointment of Mexican-born Go-Go Gomez as the new Catholic archbishop of Los Angeles,is la reconquista(the re-conquest)of the City of Angels for the Mexican empire near completion? True to form,Senor Gomez spoke to his new flock in Mexican-Spanish and will work for "comprehensive immigration reform"-i.e.,an amnesty for illegal immigrants,80% of them latino,and most of them,Mexican.So why did Pope Benedict move Go-Go from San Antone,Texas to LA,California? Of course,he won't give the real reason.I believe Catholic prelates in the "unholy alliance" that Wisconsin congressman James Sensenbrenner cited when he fought Boy George Bush's amnesty plan back in 2006 are going to use Senor Gomez to further their amnesty plans and help bring Catholic Mexico back into power in LA and thence the rest of the American Southwest.I'll blog more on this on A Patriot's Diary.In the meantime,patriots,Remember the Alamo! Let's not let the sacrifice of Bowie and Travis and Crockett and the rest of the 179 to be in vain!

Report From La Conquista Front:US-born Latinos In Chicago,Illinois Are "Living in Two Worlds"

Patriots,this article is more proof that there's a Spanish-speaking Latin American nation that has taken root on our soil.This is what the sell-outs and rogues in the federal government have allowed to enter our country over about the last 30 years or so:people who were given the privilege of coming to America and becoming US citizens,but for the most part are here just to make money,avail themselves of all the goodies America offers,and yet maintain their love and affection for countries south of the border.This is the major reason why immigration from Latin America and migration from the so-called US "commonwealth" of Puerto Rico should be kept to a minimum.But latinos(they're not hispanics-who are European)are now the largest minority group in our country,at about 15% of the population;they surpassed blacks(at about 12% of the population)about 3 years ago.So we need to tell these conquistadors and ingrates "living in two worlds" on our soil:No way,Jose! If you don't like our language,our culture,our people,go home! Comprende?

And Here's One Way the Diversity Gang Running the US Government Is Waging War Against the American People:By Aiding and Abetting La Conquista(The Conquest)

The so-called Voting Rights Act was passed by mainly a bunch of neo-bolshevik Democrats and it mandates that if a voting district has a certain percentage of the population speaking a non-English language or languages,then the election-board officials in that area must provide ballots and other voting information in those languages.Of course,with latinos now the largest minority group in America and with most of them speaking any of several dialects of Spanish,this law and its enforcement aids and abets the imposition of La Conquista(The Conquest)on our soil.It's all part of the plan to officially create a Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on US soil.One is already extant,but the Diversity Gang ruling us from Washington wants to make it official.This is so obvious for any clearheaded patriot to see.

Just Another Reason Among Many Others Why the US Government Should Grant Puerto Rico Independence

Sometime this year the US government will hold a referendum in Puerto Rico to see where its people stand on keeping its current "commonwealth" status with US,becoming a state or going independent.Their is a sizable,vociferous and sometimes-violent minority in Puerto Rico who hate the US flag flying over their capitol and want independence.The American people need Puerto Rico to be a commonwealth or God forbid a state of USA like we need another war in Southwest Asia.If patriots served us in DC,they'd grant this Spanish-speaking Latin American island its independence ASAP before more terrorists or independence fighters try to get it by force.

Pro-Amnesty/Pro-La Conquista Senator Charles Schumer Meets His New Friend:Lou Dobbs

So now that screwball Lou Dobbs favors amnesty for America's estimated 12 million illegal aliens,pro-amnesty US senator Woodchuck Schumer meets him and has nothing praise for the former CNN host.What's important to remember,patriots,is that Woodchuck is the senate point-man for amnesty.He's a big-time radical liberal who's a big promoter of La Conquista("The Conquest" in Spanish)and racial empowerment for America's latino population.I just e-mailed the Woodchuck's office about his liaison with Dobbsy and I urge patriots to do the same,or contact his office another way.Let his staff know that we know what he and his new comrade are up to and we're ready for another fight to stop amnesty and La Conquista.So what happened to Dobbsy? It could be many reasons,which I'll explore on my next post on A Patriot's Diary. 

Catholic Prelates and Academics Plan 2 Separate Churches In America:One American and English-Speaking,the Other Latin American and Spanish-Speaking

Patriots,most of the links I've posted on this Christmas Eve & Christmas Day(by the way,Merry Christmas)deal with La Conquista.We're getting hit with this threat on many fronts:politically, from big business,academia,news media,and even leadership in the Christian establishment.This Catholic conference sponsored by Jesuit-run Fordham University in the Bronx,NY is gearing up their church and America for a Latino Spanish-speaking nation on our soil;it's that simple.And the latino Msgr.(I believe he's Mexican-American)quoted at the end of this article claims that his fellow latinos are ostensibly special people because they speak their various dialects of Spanish in their homes when all other non-English-speaking immigrants learned English,became Americans and speak English as their primary language at home and everywhere else.Apparently with most latinos in US,it's the other way around.Patriots,we may be facing serious conflict in the near-future,right here on our soil to defend it from conquest.Let's be ready for it.

A Hilarious Satire On Jose Feliciano's "Feliz Navidad" Has the Diversity Gang at Associated Press and a NYC All-News Radio Station in a Tizzy! Listen To This Riot of a Video After Clicking This Link!

Patriots,get a load of these Diversity Gang morons calling this video satire "racist." It satirizes illegal aliens-people who are criminals because they've illegally entered our country and stay here;it doesn't satirize an entire race of people like the morons at AP,all-news NYC radio station 1010 WINS and No Way Jose Feliciano claim.And get a load too of Human Events caving in to apologize and crawling away like a whipped dog.This is more proof that Human Events isn't a conservative publication,like the ignoramuses in this article claim;it's a "Republican" publication.And get a load too of No Way Jose claiming his native Puerto Rico is a "wonderful culture." While I've never been to that island,I've lived in the Bronx long enough to know that there's very little that's wonderful about Puerto Rican culture! They speak the most-unpleasant dialect of Spanish I've ever heard,their popular music(salsa)is the most-hellish musical sound I've ever heard,the island suffers chronic poverty and unemployment even with the US government sending about $12 billion of our tax money down there every year,inter alia.Patriots,enjoy and pass on The Illegal Alien Christmas Song! It's a riot!

In South Florida,a Latino Illegal Alien Murders Another Latino for Speaking English and Not Spanish

Patriots,this murder may well be a microcosm of a larger conflict between English-speaking latinos and Spanish-speaking latinos.There are latinos like this illegal alien who hate English so much that they only speak it when they have to,i.e.,when they need to make money.And they consider English-speaking latinos traitors.I've personally witnessed this,and I've heard of many other similar occasions;but never to the point where someone is murdered over it.And this is what the Amnesty Gang,the Diversity Gang and La Conquista movement wants to inflict on America? Yes.And this is why immigration into America from Latin America should be minimal and why amnesty for illegal aliens would be tantamout to a criminal act that aids and abets lawbreaking and an invasion and conquest of our land.

Man the Parapets,Patriots:President Abomination's "Civil Rights" Goon Is On the Warpath

Senor Perez is one of 48 latinos appointed by President Abomination to his cabinet.And he has been given funds to hire 102 staffers for the so-called "civil-rights division" of US Justice Dept..And it isn't typical how appalled he is that Boy George's Justice Dept.didn't go on the warpath looking for white scalps.And how typical he cited the James Byrd dragging death a few years ago,where race was never proven to be a factor in that murder.But because it was whites who murdered a black man,that makes it a so-called "hate crime." But the whites brutally murdered by blacks and latinos,Senor Perez and the rest of his Diversity Gang could care less.Just look at the ugly head and puss on this guy! What about the illegal-alien latino who murdered the Italian-American dad and his two sons near San Francisco a while back?! What about their civil rights and the"hate crime" against them?! Patriots,the Diversity Gang is unquestionably anti-white.And they'll use their positions of power to implement their anti-white/anti-American policies when they see fit.Please,get ready to oppose them when they start going on the warpath.

Associated Press Has an "Hispanic Affairs Writer"-and She Cheerleads for La Raza

So the news service Associated Press has an "Hispanic Affairs Writer"? And why not a Black Affairs Writer or a White Affairs Writer or an Asian Affairs Writer? Because AP is "hispandering." This is blatant racial pandering to latinos, just like corporations pander by providing Spanish-language services and signs and ads to encourage latinos not to learn or speak English.Patriots,it's all part of the plan to officially establish a Spanish-speaking Latin American nation on US soil.This hispandering is why Michael Gomer Pyle Huckabee is supporting Cuban-American Marco Rubio for the GOP nomination for a US Senate seat in Florida.The Hucksterby claims he supports Senor Rubio because he represents "the future" of America.Again,he's alluding to the aforementioned Latin American nation on US soil.And get a load of President Abomination-the so-called "African-American"president.He has appointed 48 latinos to his cabinet.But he has appointed hardly any blacks! I count only two:the surgeon general and the trade representative.The Abomination is racially empowering latinos and ethnically empowering Jews.

A Survey Reveals Only One Quarter of Latinos In America Call Themselves American

Comprende, patriots? I would've hoped that the figure would be a third to a half of latinos calling themselves Americans.But it's only a quarter! According to this survey,72% of latinos living in America identify themselves as Dominican,Cuban,Mexican,"hispanic," among other racial and ethnic identities.Their love, pride and affection is south of the border, proving that America to most of these conquistadors is just a place to make mucho dinero and live better lives.This is why a page on this site is entitled La Conquista(The Conquest).And with 80% of the illegal aliens in America being latino,that's why the Amnesty Gang wants to make them citizens: it'll add about 10 million latinos to America's population.This is what the traitors in DC have allowed to enter our country and eventually conquer parts of it.Patriots: Resist la conquista! Remember the Alamo!

Here's Why the Catholic Church Collaborator in the Amnesty Gang Wants an Illegal-Alien Amnesty

A great deal of the hierarchy in the US Catholic Church wants amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in America;about 80% of them are latino.About one-third of US Catholics are latino.So adding about 10 million more latinos to our population will add millions more parishioners and,of course,donors to the Catholic Church.It's so transparent that that's why they want amnesty!
Patriots,get a load of this Pedro Moreno Garcia.He's a Nuyorican-a Puerto Rican either born in or who grew up in New York City.And he has worked for the Catholic Church for 15 years by "serving" in so-called "Hispanic" ministry.What he actually is doing is empowering latinos and their various dialects of Spanish.One proof of that is his getting a Spanish-langauge page added to the newspaper of the diocese where he works.And this Missouri church has separate masses in English and Spanish.Now doesn't that unite people in the spirit of Christ? This is what ostensibly the Catholic and the political hierarchy wants to happen to the rest of America:the official creation of a bi-lingual/bi-cultural nation,one English-speaking and the other Spanish-speaking.And read how the CNN reporter takes the side of the latinos,especially at the article's conclusion.CNN is really pushing this latino nation,especially with the likes of their special series Latino In America and their resident conquistador-propagandist Soledad O'Brien.Nice name!!!!!!!!!!!! Of all the applicants out there,why did CNN hire this half-Irish/half-Afro-Cuban woman-a daughter of parents who were apparently ardent Catholics? You think she would have the smarts to change her surname to either her husband's name or her mama's name.Soledad O'Brien? Give me a break! CNN's president of its US division is Jonathan Klein.I firmly believe he's a big-time neo-con,very pro-"War On Terror!." And a lot of neo-cons or others who support their agenda,like New York Daily News owner Mortimer Zuckerman,practice blatant race favoritism towards latinos.It is brazen,it is in our faces,it is undeniable.And that's why Senora Soledad O'Brien was probably hired by CNN:apart from being a token latina(With the surname O'Brien!),she's a prominent member of the vanguard of the conquista movement for la raza.Despite some good info and reporting from CNN,especially CNN Money,it may be time for patriots to begin calling for a boycott of CNN.What do you think,patriots? I wonder if Senora Soledad's daddy Mr.O'Brien was drunk when he got married.

About 25,000 Public Workers in the US "Commonwealth" of Puerto Rico Have Either Been Fired Or Will Soon Be Laid Off.Will They All Come to the American Mainland?

And Here's Another Big Reason Why Puerto Rico Shouldn't Be a US Commonwealth and Should Be Granted Independence

If one needs proof that the US government is at war with the American people,it's them continuing to grant so-called commonwealth status to the Spanish-speaking island of Puerto Rico.I can attest to the nightmare of this policy by being a life-long resident of Bronx County,NY.But one of the reasons,among many others,why this harmful relationship between US and PR should end and Puerto Rico be granted independence is what's reported in this article about drug dealers favoring Puerto Rico as a smuggling and transport center for shipping drugs to America because there are no US Customs inspection stations on the island and the dealers can ship the drugs to America just as if they were shipping them from New York to New Jersey! Isn't this "commonwealth' status just ducky for the American people?! This important topic is too much for this news commentary,so I'll blog on it maybe this weekend.The gist of the problem is:all the approximately 4 million people living in Puerto Rico can move to America tomorrow-and there's nothing legally the US government can do to stop it.Again,it would be just like 4 million people leaving California to move to Arizona.What madness! Only about one quarter of Puerto Ricans speak English even though English must be taught in their schools! And with a large Puerto Rican population in New York City,much of that in the Bronx,I witness aggressive Puerto Rican culture almost daily:Puerto Rican flags ubiquitously on display,about 10 AM/FM radio stations broadcasting in quasi-Spanish,ads in public places in Spanish only,and more.Next year the US government will hold a non-binding referendum on that island to see if their voters want statehood,commonwealth status or independence.The patriot rallying cry for next year and every year on this question is simple:US,Out of Puerto Rico! Puerto Rico,Out of US!

The Amnesty Gang-Led By Illinois Puerto Rican Congressman Luis Gutierrez-Is On the March Again

New York Daily News has got to be one of the bigger pro-illegal-alien newspapers in US.It's owned by Mortimer Zuckerman,who owns too US News & World Report magazine.Daily News is an hispandering newspaper; that's probably why they employ this columnist Albor(nice name)Ruiz to push for an amnesty.And that's why Congressman Luis Gutierrez is given such nice publicity.He's the de facto leader of the Amnesty Gang in Congress,and even though his fellow Puerto Ricans have the legal right to move to the US mainland with no restrictions and in unlimited amounts, he wants all latinos south of the border to come here the same way.And there have been a few reports that he was in the Latin Kings street gang.Maybe he still is! NY Daily News,Albor(nice name)Ruiz,Mortimer Zuckerman,Luis Gutierrez,et al-these are members of the Amnesty Gang.They are a criminal enterprise who want to aid and abet lawbreakers and invaders,and patriots must give all they got to stop them and bring them to justice if they do pass,God forbid,an illegal-alien amnesty.

US Senator Juan McCain Keeps on Hispandering

Juan McCain-the joke of a GOP presidential candidate last year-is still hispandering by trying to warn everyone that  his party faces virtual extinction if they don't hispander.Now for one very important fact:the latino share of the national vote is only about 8%.I'll say it again:8%! So why are so many well-known Republicans acting as if the latino vote is 80% of the national vote? One reason is obviously just blatant race-pandering.But here's what I firmly believe is another,much more important reason:Juan McCain-Son of Cain(the first murderer)-cited the "growing" latino population and is looking forward to the day when an official Spanish-speaking nation is established on US soil.He probably wouldn't bat an eye if the Mexican flag flew over the Phoenix state capitol or the Puerto Rican flag flew over the New York state capitol or the Cuban flag flew over the Florida state capitol.His CFR masters would just love it if that day arrives,sooner than later.McCain and his fellow GOP power brokers should be more concerned about the white vote-about 75-80% of the electorate-than the 8% latino vote.But to the power-drunk political establishment,race pandering to whites is racist,but race pandering to latinos is promoting diversity.McCain announced today he won't be voting for conquistador Sonia Sotomayor.That's a bit of a pleasant surprise,but he knows that his vote is mostly symbolic and he just claimed that,rightly so,she'll be an activist judge;he didn't mention all the latino activist groups she's affiliated with or has been affiliated with.As Doctor Stan Monteith said to me on his radio broadcast during the 2008 presidential election:"John McCain has no integrity." And how fitting that Randy Pullen-chairman of the GOP in Arizona-has already announced he'll be backing McCain for re-election next year.To you patriots in the front-line state of Arizona,tell Pullen to go sit on a cactus.Find a patriot senate candidate in 2010.Even if the Democrats nominate a centrist-conservative candidate(unlikely),vote for him or her.Don't even think about voting for the Son of Cain.And tell him to go sit on the same cactus as Pullen.

A "Wise Latina" Now Has a Criminal Record

Another legacy given to America by the "hispandering" Daddy Bush!
The "kinder,gentler"president gave us the grossly unqualified,race-obsessed conquistador Sonia Sotomayor.And about the same time,he gave us Antonia Novello-the first "hispanic"(actually,she's Puerto Rican)US surgeon general who then went on to be picked by another hispandering politician named George to head the NY State health dept..This,co-patriots,can't be just co-incidence.The Bush/Clinton dynasty wants to empower latinos! They're brazen about it!
But at least this particular "wise latina" has been disgraced.One important question:Was Novello rushed through the medical establishment to became a doctor like conquistador Sotomayor was rushed through the legal establishment and made a lawyer,thanks to the racist policies of affirmative action? She's probably an"affirmative-action baby,"to use Sotomayor's term.
Moreover,Dr.Novello could've received 12 years in the clink but gets a slap in the wrist! This sounds all-too-familiar.Doesn't it,patriots?

Arrests and Convictions of US Law-Enforcement Officers Along the Southern Border Skyrocket

The Plaid-Shirt Republican Will Vote for Conquistador Sonia Sotomayor

Lamar Alexander was the GOP presidential-primary candidate who wore a plaid shirt to some of his campaign appearances.That was his shtick while he made an absolute ass of himself:give the impression that he's just a good ol' boy.It was just an illusion! That's what GOP and Democrat bigwigs do as a common ploy:create illusions about themselves and try to make the hoi polloi believe the illusions.
Alexander is probably thinking about running for president again;he's thinking about the exaggerated latino vote,which is only about 8% of the electorate.And by his own words,he believes the president-even the Abomination-should be able to appoint whomever he wants to the Supreme Court and the senate should rubber stamp it;again,he's thinking about being president himself in 4 years,so he'll want that power if it comes to him,just like he wants it for the Abomination now.It's another case of the ego of a power-grasping politician.I can see him right now getting his plaid shirt out of the closet.  

Patriots,the inevitable bad news has occurred:CONQUISTADOR SONIA SOTOMAYOR HAS BEEN CONFIRMED TO THE US SUPREME COURT.The vote was a disgusting 68-31.Every single Democrat voted for the "wise latina," and 9 moron Republicans voted for her too.The only GOP surprise vote was Christopher Bond from Missouri.So the swine-flesh-eating ,pig face Sotomayor is now a US Supreme Court justice;it's just another curse on our nation.The US Senate is a contemptible body of lawmakers.They've overlooked or shrugged their shoulders at all the baggage of this wise latina and showed pure race favoritism in confirming her.And they did it on the last day of their session before going on "recess"-their taxpayer-paid vacation.Nice sleazy trick.This is one reason I pray that the Almighty brings his judgement on that wicked elitist group who continue to wage war against the American people.
We did what we could,patriots,and now we'll have to dust ourselves off and fight the next battle;and they'll be plenty more.We hope for some good to come from this evil that has been perpetrated against our land today.Remember:the wise latina has a serious case of diabetes.Maybe she'll get a diabetic attack from all the swine flesh she has wolfed down over the years and kick the bucket.Or,like the Good Book says,there's more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 just men.I doubt this'll happen because she's so full of racial and ethnic power and pride,but miracles can happen.I'll soon be moving all the links and commentaries on the wise latina Supreme Court justice to the Saved News and Patriot Commentary page on this website.Patriots:weep for America,but get angry too and stay in the fight,as dismal and dark things are right now.

GOP senators Cornyn and Hatch are to be applauded for publicly declaring they won't be voting for Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court justice.They gave good reasons why they won't be voting for this militant,grossly unqualified nominee.And bravo to the conservative legal activist who described perfectly Republican senator Lindsey Graham for the opportunistic goofball and neurotic that he is.And I'm starting more and more to believe that Lindsey Graham is a closet Log Cabin Republican;he has got the Mark Foley look in his eyes.
Graham's easy re-election last year parallels the re-election of Bush family friend Uncle Joe Lieberman to the US Senate from Connecticut.In the Democrat primary for Lieberman's seat in 2006,Ned LaMont defeated warmonger Uncle Joe.But that wasn't the end for Uncle Joe's political career;he ran as an independent,and Kenneth Mehlman-who,like Lieberman,is Jewish and then was chairman of Republican National Committee(RNC)and reputedly a homosexual-virtually abandoned the Republican candidate in that senate race and threw quiet support to Uncle Joe.The LaMont campaign even distributed a photo of Boy George Bush kissing Lieberman on the forehead! And the morons in Connecticut re-elected their Uncle Joe! While he barely got a majority vote,he still wormed his way to stay in power.Thanks largely to idiot Republican voters in Connecticut! The GOP candidate only got about 10% of the vote!
Now it was the Democrats' time to return the favor,I guess,this time in South Carolina.The Democrat nominee who challenged goofball Lindsey Graham was Bob Conley,who can be descibed as a Ron Paul Democrat:anti-Iraq War,anti-amnesty for illegal aliens,anti-NAFTA,inter alia.So just like the GOP virtually ignored their senate candidate in Connecticut,the Democrats did the same in South Carolina.I remember reading a SC voter who said he didn't even hear of Bob Conley!That's what the Democrats-especially under the Democratic National Senatorial Committee chairmanship of New York senator Charles Schumer-obviously did to their candidate.They wanted Republican Lindsey Graham re-elected because he's pro-war,pro-illegal-alien amnesty,etc..And there was no critical commentary like this in the major media,to my knowledge.The political and media powers-that-be want the people as ignorant and uninformed as possible,so they can put and keep the creeps they want in positions of power.Patriots,please,do what you can to expose them!

The Real Reason Behind the Postponed Vote on Conquistador Sotomayor:Is She Implicated in Bankruptcy Fraud?

I haven't come across anything in the major media about this report on Sotomayor possibly implicated in bankruptcy fraud and then lying about her involvement in the case.The impression given as to why the judiciary committee vote was postponed for at least a week is that committee chairman Patrick Leahy was just acquiescing to the requests of some Republicans.So this may be a problem for the pro-Sotomayor Democrats and their liberal-Republican allies who just want to play race favoritism and approve her.Patriots,please stay in contact with as many senators as possible on the judiciary committee.Remind them of the political and legal consequences if they vote to confirm a judge to the Supreme Court who may be implicated in a criminal case and also lied about it to the committee.

Maine's Other Feminist-Republican Senator Chimes In for Conquistador Sotomayor

Olympia "Snow Job" Snowe-a Republican US senator from the state of Maine-declares she'll vote for conquistador Sonia Sotomayor.And now we get Susan Collins-Maine's other Republican senator-joining her fellow feminist-Republican in declaring her support for President Abomination's Supreme Court nominee;they probably planned it this way.And why are 2 Republican senators so ga-ga over Sotomayor-the nominee of a Democrat president?Because she's a militant feminist just like they are! If women were denied job promotions like the firemen in New Haven,CT were,would liberal-feminist senators Snowe Job and Ms.Tom Collins vote to confirm a judge who ruled against the white firemen-i.e.,would they vote to confirm a judge who discriminated against women?Of course they wouldn't! But discrimination against white firemen? Big deal,say feminist ideologues like these two senators from Maine;all they see is a feminist Puerto Rican empowered on the Supreme Court.And in their disturbed minds,some of that glory will rub off on them when they vote to confirm their amiga probably sometime in August.All the race-based groups that Sotomayor belongs to or once belonged to matters nothing to them,but it would be if Sotomayor were white. 
And,patriots,look at the horrors in the US Senate from the northern-corner states of the contiguous US-Maine and Washington-and California:Republicans Snowe and Collins from Maine,Democrats Murray and Cantwell from Washington,Feinstein and Boxer from California.These states are cursed! The whole country is cursed! Look at these godless women in power over us! And women just as godless are voting for them! We should face this fact and other ugly realities in contemporary American political life.How can any man in his right mind even think for one second about voting for one of these creatures?! More women vote than men,and this may be one reason,especially in the ultra-liberal anti-Christ Northeast and Northwest,why we get the likes of Dianne Frankenstein in California and Maria Cantwell(she can't be well)in Washington.Patriots,God help us.These misfits and their collaborators will turn America into a modern-day Babylon if we don't fight them.

No Surprise:3 Republican Senators Praise Their Amiga Sonia Sotomayor

Three misfit Republicans praise conquistador Sonia Sotomayor as Barack Abomination's nominee for the Supreme Court seat vacated by liberal fruitcake David Souter,who was nominated for the Supreme Court by Daddy Bush,just like Sotomayor was nominated for the federal bench by Daddy Bush.
Melquiades(nice name)Martinez,of course,praised his co-racialist Sotomayor;he's Cuban-born and -raised,she's Puerto Rican.He was one of Bush's amnesty boys in the senate trying to ram an illegal-alien- amnesty through-the bill that the arrogant Boy George Bush promised reporters,"I'll see you at the bill signing." Snag on him! How sweet it is when the arrogant's plans and promises are foiled! Thank God! Melquiades,known affectionately as Mel,decided not to seek re-election to the senate seat he now holds from Florida because he took such heat from Florida patriots over his support for amnesty that there were even death threats against him.I'm not defending or advocating that,of course.But it must've frightened the tamales out of him! Moreover,Boy George's brother John Ellis Bush(like Senor Martinez,known affectionately as "Jeb"-J-E-B)also decided not to seek Melqy's seat.Daddy Bush admitted that the Bush name isn't popular now,so it's  unwise to run for office.But,I'll bet dollars to donuts that the Bushes will attempt a comeback,because there are plenty of dopes out there who still think the Bush dynasty is divine.
Dick Luger is one of two Dicks in the senate,the other being Dick Durbin from Illinois.The Dick from Indiana is a jug-headed CFR-member globalist who almost always works against patriot interests and causes and serves his globalist masters at CFR.Unfortunately,he's not up for re-election till 2012.And it's no surprise that the Democrats hardly ever mount a serious challenge against him:they like him;he's on their side.
As for Olympia Snowe-another pro-amnesty Republican from the state of Maine(another state that the ghosts of the witches of Salem have ostensibly taken over)-she praises Sotomayor because she's female,feminist,a racially conscious latina("a wise latina"),and will almost certainly be an ultra-liberal justice;so Sotomayor is right up Snowe's alley.Olympia Snowe:a first name named after a Greek goddess,and a last name named after Winter's snow.
Patriots in Florida:don't waste your time on Martinez.
"       "        Indiana and Maine:contact the Dick from Indiana and the goddess snow-job from Maine and inform them you will work to expose their agendas and you'll never vote for them if they seek re-election.

Pro-amnesty/Pro-Sotomayor GOP Senator Martinez Resigns.Good Riddance!

How fitting that Cuban-born Melquiades Martinez voted for his amiga Sonia Sotomayor in what was probably his last official vote as a US senator before resigning.Good riddance to the pro-illegal-alien Melqy Martinez ! Maybe he should return to Cuba and try to liberate the island of his birth and childhood!
Senor Martinez is an interesting study into the attitudes of probably the vast majority of latino politicians in America.America let him in when he was 15.He settled in Florida and became a  successful trial lawyer.He was elected to the US Senate in 2004.And apart from his diligence to grant amnesty to the estimated 12-20 million illegal aliens in America,80% of them latinos,what does he probably consider one of his great political accomplishments? He was the first US senator to give a speech on the senate floor in Spanish.Caramba!
He's leaving the senate probably because he knows he has little chance of getting re-elected because of his unpopularity in Florida over his amnesty proposals and other misadventures.And a website I was on a few days ago lists him as being a member of the Catholic secret society Knights of Malta.So this may explain his support for amnesty:since the vast majority of the illegal aliens are latinos,and since the majority of them are Catholic,giving citizenship to millions of illegals will add millions more to the Catholic Church in America.
Hopefully,Sr.Martinez returns to his native Cuba and helps improve things there in Castro's paradise instead of trying to latinize United States,like his compadres are trying to do with more and more zeal.

The Supreme Court Rules That White Firemen Were Discriminated Against,Over-ruling Conquistador Sotomayor

Patriots,get a load of Ruth Bader Ginsburg-that Supreme Court Justice and Wicked Witch of the West look-alike who ran right back to her position of power right after an operation to treat her colon cancer-justifying anti-white racism and discrimination by claiming that the New Haven Fire Dept.didn't have enough "people of color" on its department for about the last 40 years,so that justifies keeping white firemen from being promoted! As if they had something to do with it when they had absolutely nothing to do with it! While the firemen have received due justice,the fact that the decision was 5-4 is sickening.The Wicked Witch Ginsburg and her fellow anti-white justices have no proof whatsoever that New Haven FD practiced racial discrimination against anybody;they just assume that if there aren't enough "people of color" in a fire department officer ranks,that means there's discrimination.They have no evidence! No proof! What morons they are!
And it's poetic justice of a sort that Conquistador Sonia Sotomayor sat on the appeals-court panel that refused to hear this case.To her biased,racist mind,whites are only perpetrators of discrimination,not victims.
Bravo to these firemen who retaliated against illegal discrimination against them and  against the city of New Haven too,for when qualified people are passed over due to racial discrimination or any other discrimination,everyone suffers.There's a lesson for us here,patriots:Fight back when you are wronged or slapped in the face! Persist to the end if you have to,just like these firemen did,all the way to the Supreme Court!

Sotomayor la Conquistador

Get a Load of the Puss on Sotomayor!

Notice the links with the puffy titles on Sotomayor that the Diversity Gang editors at Newsday juxtapose with the article.Just look at the evil on the puss of this "wise latina"! And of course she rules against white cops and firemen:She's anti-white! She's obviously a member in good standing of La Conquista-a militant,aggressive,arrogant Latino political and social movement that seeks conquest on American soil! That's why Barack Abomination picked her for the Supreme Court! That's why Charles Schumer-the Democratic US Senator from New York referred to as "that Jew" by a Republican politician in Arkansas-is pushing her nomination.Mr.Schumer,even though he's from Brooklyn,spoke at a farewell ceremony for former Bronx borough president Adolfo Carrion Jr.,who was picked by Abomination to be his director of urban affairs.Senor Carrion head of NALEO-National Assn.of Latino Elected Officials.When Adolfo was sworn in as a New York City councilman about 10 years ago,he sang the Puerto Rican national anthem.Moreover,Cecilia Munoz-a former veep at National Council of la Raza(the Race)-now serves the Abomination as director of inter-governmental affairs.
This is racial empowerment of latinos! It's as if the Diversity Gang wants a civil war on American soil! Patriots unite!

Judge Sotomayor was appointed to the federal bench by Daddy Bush in 1991 upon Democratic Senator Patrick Moynihan's recommendation! What lovely bi-partisanship! A liberal Republican president confers with a liberal Democratic senator from New York to make a race-obsessed latina a federal judge.And now the same unholy gaggle of liberal Democrats and Republicans want her to sit on the nation's highest court!
A life-long Bronx boy like me easily sniffs out Sonja Sotomayor for what she is.She's a current or former member of these race-based/ethnic-based groups:Puerto Rican Bar Assn.,Hispanic National Bar Assn.,Assn.of Judges of Hispanic Heritage.And according to the recent Legislative Update from the patriots at FAIR(,
she also had or still has ties to Latino Justice(formerly Puerto Rican Legal Defense & Education Fund)and National Council of la Raza(the Race).Can anyone imagine the outcry if a white judge belonged to all these race-based groups? The Diversity Gang would try to hang him or her! This all dovetails with the Abomination administration's goal to empower the latino population in America.They obviously want to create a Spanish-speaking nation on American soil!
Patriots unite!Remember the Alamo! Fight to the end the nomination of Senora Sotomayor to the US Supreme Court!

Pat Buchanan on Sotomayor the Conquistador:"...her academic career appears to have been a fraud from beginning to end..."

Sotomayor Admits it:She's an "Affirmative-Action Baby"

Sotomayor the Conquistador admitted about 20 years ago that if she weren't latina,her low test scores would have kept her out of Princeton and Yale.But because of The Diversity Gang,she gets admitted on the basis of her race,and maybe her gender too.If a white person gets admitted to an Ivy League school because of his race,the Diversity Gang says that's racist.When a latino gets admitted because of his race,that's good because it promotes Diversity.What moronic slobs they are! But such is the anti-white,and anti-Asian,racism of the Diversity Gang.Asians don't need quotas and having low test scores rewarded to get admitted to various schools.
Also,Sotomayor the Conquistador spoke Spanish(more accurately,the Puerto Rican dialect of Spanish)to some people in the courtroom.She's born and raised in the Bronx,like me,yet she speaks fluent Puerto Rican.I'm half-Italian,but I just know a few Italian words.The Conquistador only speaks English when she feels like she has to.Her Senate testimony is scheduled to begin on July 13th.Patriots:Contact your US senators and urge them to vote "No!" on Conquistador Sotomayor!

Sotomayor la Conquistador Leaves the Secret Society Belizean Grove

This patriot website strives to ask the really important questions-something the major media rarely do.Why did conquistador Sotomayor leave Belizean Grove? Image.She probably left for the same reason Abomination left Jeremiah Wright's church right before the presidential election:image.Abomination and Mrs.Abomination were members of that black-liberation-theology church for 20 years;they obviously were quite comfortable there and had to agree with the bulk of Wright's rants.So to give the impression that they no longer agree with Wright,they leave that church.It was all a ploy! And so is Sotomayor's leaving the women-only group Belizean Grove-named after the Central American nation of Belize.She also is concerned that her membership in this elite-snob group may have gotten her in some trouble with ABA(American Bar Assn.)guidelines about not joining groups that practice discrimination.
I doubt the Bronx-born conquistador will leave all the race-based/ethnic-based groups she belongs to.Patriots:please keep the watch on Sotomayor.And keep the heat on the US Senate;her confirmation hearings are scheduled to begin on July 13th.
Neo-con/theo-con George Weigel writes a regular column entitled The Catholic Difference.He has written a good column on Sotomayor's character deficiencies and unfitness to sit on the Supreme Court or any other court.I read the column in the 6/18 edition of the semi-monthly newspaper Catholic New York.The column isn't available on the paper's website but may be available on a neo-con/theo-con can be right sometimes.I'll never forget what I read a few years ago:it doesn't matter who's right;what matters is what's right.This particular column in entitled Judging Justices,Catholic and Otherwise.

2 Republican Senators Publicly Announce They Won't Vote for Sotomayor and a Conservative Activist Hits the Mark on Mushy Republican Lindsey Graham

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